Eighties Contest Results, 1997
To celebrate the 2nd Continuous year of ChuckyG's Eighties web pages, I ran a small contest. These questions were way too hard for the average eighties addicts I found. If I run another contest next year, I'll make them easier. I thought I would get a lot of responses, and I wanted to see the questions difficult enough so no one person could get them all right.

The Questions!

  1. Name the founding member of Duran Duran who produced Kajagoogoo's first album.
  2. What was Chris Hamill's stage name?
  3. Axl Rose was an anagram for what phrase?
  4. Which eighties album, that sold 20 million plus copies, featured Vincent Price?
  5. Which Aerosmith song was re-made by Run D.M.C.?
  6. Who sang the theme song to the "Breakfast Club"?
  7. What were the B-52's named after? (Hint, it's not a plane)
  8. Which eighties musician got sued by a music related company for using their name as part of his pseudonym?
  9. Chrissie Hynde was in which early eighties group?
  10. After The Fire made "Der Kommissar" popular, but which eighties musician performed it originally?
  11. What show was "Whatcha talkin' 'bout Willis?" a standard catch phrase?
  12. Which sitcom helped launch Michael J. Fox's career by portraying him as a money-grubbing teenager?
  13. Which city did Crocket and Tubbs spend most of their time in?
  14. Complete this phrase: "Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, Get ..." (three words)
  15. Which eighties sitcom featured Tom Hanks in drag on a regular basis?
  16. Name the sitcom that featured John Hirsch, Andy Kaufman, Tony Danza and Danny Devito.
  17. David Hasselhof spent most of his time driving a car on which eighties tv show?
  18. What does ALF stand for?
  19. Soleil Moon Frye was the real name of which young eighties sitcom star, whose character name was also the title of the show?
  20. Which eighties cartoon ended with the phrase: "And knowing is half the battle?"
  21. Who got slimmed first in Ghostbusters?
  22. Which eighties movie features a DJ named Adrian Cronauer?
  23. Which movie had a device known as a flux-capacitor?
  24. What cult-fav eighties movie features John Lithgow from another dimension?
  25. Which movie is the line "Snakes, I hate snakes" from?
  26. Which city was Axel Foley a cop in?
  27. John McClane was fighting terrorists in a skyrise in which eighties movie?
  28. Complete this quote: "I feel the need... the need for " (one word).
  29. Who inspired the geek in Breakfast Club to use the name the Breakfast Club to sign his letter at the end of the film (also read at the beginning of the film)?
  30. In "Sixteen Candles", what did the geek need to get to prove he had sex (which he got from Molly Ringwald)?
  31. Which computer manufacturer in 1984 advertised their new computer during the Super Bowl, and never re-used the commercial?
  32. If the left ear is the right ear, what's the right ear?
  33. Which eighties fashion accessory consisted of a saftey pin and small beads?
  34. What to manufacture made the must have toy, Cabbage Patch Kids?
  35. Which Olympics did the US boycott?
  36. What was the name of the nuclear missle defense system Reagan proposed?
  37. Was Ollie North ever found guilty?
  38. Which character of the "Bloom County" comic strip ran for president even though he was dead at the time?
  39. What was the first name of the baby girl who fell down the well?
  40. What was the board game introduced in the eighties which featured six categories of questions and little pie shaped pieces you had to collect?

Follow-up Questions

  1. What was the name of the rich boy that Andie was asked to go to the senior prom with in the movie "Pretty in Pink"?
  2. Who sang the song "Cry" which was the first video on Mtv to use morphing technology through the entire video?
  3. What song (and by what artist) is the following lines from:
    "So never judge a book by its cover,
    Or who you're gonna love by your lover,
    Love put me wise to her love in disguise,
    She had the body of a Venus,
    Lord imagine my surprise!

  4. George Michael was one half of Wham!, name the other half.
  5. Who was the famous individual who originated the catch phrase "Just Say No"
  6. What is the song "Pass the Dutchie" about? (HINT, it's not marijuana, that's what the original song was about that they copied)
  7. Spaceman Spiff was a charcter on which eighties cartoon strip?
  8. What was the name of the first "portable" computer?
  9. (Since I screwed up the "Breakfast Club" question) What was the reason each of them was in detention?
  10. Pick a random number between 1 and 10. This question only counts if there is a tie between answers 1 - 9.

The Answers

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