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These are the latest quizzes available on our newest site, amIwrong that will appeal to 80's fanatics.




Quizzes About The Eighties
The following are quizzes that have been on the website since it began. You can print them out and try them at parties, etc.
  • Interactive Quizzes

    There is a seperate section for quizzes that are scored, these interactive quizzes don't require you to keep track of your answers and they're all multiple choice.
More Quizzes Now at amIwrong
I've spun off the quiz portion of the site, and created a whole new site with thousands of quizzes. You can also submit your own quizzes and see how well you can stump others. Here's a list of some of the 1980s quizzes from that site, with the number of quizzes available for each section.
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