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Take off eh? Bob and Doug McKenzie to return in cartoon form

Posted by ChuckyG, April 29, 2008
Fans of the movie Strange Brew and SCTV will be happy to hear the duo have reunited and are going to be animated for an upcoming cartoon version of their characters. Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis are going to be doing the voices as well, no lame imitations!

The Bob and Doug characters launched as a two-minute skit on the Canadian Broadcasting Corp's sketch-comedy series SCTV in 1980, in part to mock federal government rules that require the public broadcaster to air identifiably "Canadian content" in its homegrown TV shows.

Full story at Yahoo News

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Purple segmented fuzzy caterpillar or worm that is nearly 3 feet long (I still have one), and has a one eye noise maker on each end. We found it in a toy store near Niagara falls around 1989. It bends all around and is poseable, and only has one eye on each end of the worm, the eyes are noise makers. Really cool toy!
Submitted by unknown41.shtml. Added to the site on April 05, 2014
Spring rocking horse
Plastic horses on springs that you ride. Made by Blazon, Flexible Flyer, Wonder, Radio Flyer, and Hedstrom.
Submitted by springrockinghorse0.shtml. Added to the site on April 05, 2014
Radio Flyer
Although the red wagon companies has classics in a few different decades, one toy became the nation's top selling wagon of the 1980s and that was the wooden town and country wagon that most 80s kids memories about. http://www.radioflyer.com/town-and-country-wagon.html http://www.radioflyerlink.com/apps/history/heritage1980.asp
Submitted by radioflyer0.shtml. Added to the site on April 05, 2014
knight 2000
its a kitt toy car from knight rider tv show
Submitted by knight20000.shtml. Added to the site on April 05, 2014
When I see our parents generation now as the "elderly" or "old people" that are over age 65. They were interviewing this really old looking man in his 70s on the news the other day about his time serving in a war, automatically I just flashed into thinking that grandpa here must have served in World War II or perhaps Korea (1940s-early 50s), as those were the wars the elderly folks served in when I was younger. Nope, to my surprise he served in the Vietnam War (1960s-70s),...which was my parents generation of protestors, hippies and draft dodgers. I just felt really old. I'm going to feel really old when older look people show up in the news one day and say they served in some war in the 80s, 90s or 2000s.
Submitted by Mike. Added to the site on April 05, 2014
**SIGH** I was a teen in the'80's. In my typical Gemini non-conforming, non-committal & completely eclectic ways, I had hard-core Punk friends, MOD friends, New Wave, POP, even Country, and of course the ever loving Big-Haired Head-Banger chick wearing leopard print spandex & stilettos friends. I absolutely adored (and still do) everything about each group. They will always be a part of who I am. --Today, I mostly relate to the Rock & Roll Head-Banger me. Back in '98, I worked at SGI. (At least I don't have to explain who SGI was on here! hahaha!!) 'Suffragette City' came on the radio, & I said "Oh, I LOVE David Bowie!!" The intern looked at me like I was one of the Spiders From Mars, and said "who's that?" I said "Ummm, David Bowie, you know, Ziggy Stardust... the Spiders from Mars??? No..." She's still has this strange look on her face, then she says, "Oh, that dude with the hair, & spandex...He did that movie with the Muppets, with the crystal balls, THAT guy, right?!" Yeah, I did a "**FACEPALM**" before it was ever a "thing" LOL! Now, now I just feel old because my 19 year old daughter (who much prefers the '80's, herself and is in love with Bowie. Must be the accent. LOL!) is about to turn me into a grandmother! But, I will be one of the coolest grandmas around!! ;)
Submitted by Adrienne. Added to the site on April 05, 2014
You remember how back in the 80s a car that had power windows, automatic locks, cruise control, an alarm system and airbags were considered a luxury to show off to people. I remember in the 80s I thought a car that had cruise control, power windows and automatic locks were so ridiculously cool. Heck even in the 90s, it was still something of a luxury to brag to others that your car had all that stuff. Even in the late 90s, I thought it was a big deal when a car had a CD player. Today in 2014, these things are standard on basically all cars, plus ofcourse even newer technologies like Bluetooth communications and satellite GPS. Try explaining to kids today how basic and no frills most cars of the 80s and 90s were and they'll look at you like you grew up riding horses and wagons.
Submitted by Brad. Added to the site on April 05, 2014
Human beings are strange. The cosmos is crazy old, the Earth is over 4.5 billion years old, but we'll call 5 or 10 years ago "another era". 20 or 30 years ago "a period in history". "What's a record?" "Who are the Ghostbusters?" "Like, omg, you remember the 1980s!!?? You were driving in the 90s? Eaauu!"
Submitted by Britney. Added to the site on April 05, 2014
Getting older is like being a reverse time traveler. You're always traveling into the future and meeting people that didn't grow up with the stuff you did. It's weird as hell and you understand what generations of people went through before you. Even when you meet a really young adult in the 18-21 age range, they will usually be unaware of what happened 10 years ago beyond some basic pop culture.
Submitted by Steve. Added to the site on April 05, 2014
When you were in high school or college (this was actually the 90s or even early 2000s), Jay Leno was still considered "the new" younger host of The Tonight Show, instead of the older guy he became by the 2010s. On top of that, you remember watching Johnny Carson's Tonight Show in the 80s and when Leno was the Monday night guest host.
Submitted by Brad. Added to the site on April 05, 2014