Glossary of Eighties Terms

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This page is an attempt to define in non-eighties speak, the various terms that the eighties gave us. I've attempted to make the definitions look like a real dictionary would define them. I welcome submissisions to this page, and encourage simple definitions (and especially examples like the ones here). I use the word hip a lot, since I notice dictionaries usually do when trying to define something that is cool.


3rd Base
The bases, known from their dating origins She is totally 3rd base You would totally get to third base with her. water boy- kiss (no tongue) 1st base= Kiss with tongue 2nd- Felt up, Fingered Handjob 3rd- Oral sex Home run - Intercourse
information (get the 411)
google: get the 411
The best; awesome; terrific.
When something was even better than that it was deemed "Bulk ace" (I'm not sure if this was just an Australian term.)
(1)Noun A stupid or unaware person; moron, dim-wit.
Origin: term implies that there is nothing but air in the subject's head. ("He's confused again. What an airhead!") Unrenounced to popular belief, Valley Girls did not invent this word. It was used to describe them.
Totally pumped or psyched about something.
Ash People
(1)Noun Kids who wore all black. I guess we used it before getting around to using "goth."
Best Friends Forever.
How you would sign a note to a girlfriend. B.F.F.
Bag, to talk down on a person. That dude is one lame nerd. Baggin, don't be baggin on me, I've had a rough day.
Used a lot in the Valley. I grew up in Van Vuys in the 80's.
'Bag Your Face!'
whatever! Shut up!
I own a retro wholesale company and I recently came across a button that said this. It was definately from the 80's. Thought you might enjoy!
Cool, or spectacular.
Barf Me Out
(1)Excl. You might of heard this come from a Valley Girl after you've said something offensive to her. Also used to describe something you do not particularly like.
See Also: Make Me Barf, Gross Me Out, Gross Me Out the Door, Grodie.
noun; a term for a marijuana cigarette, as in "Denis and I shared a bean on the Texada Ferry."
1. a girl, often a "skate betty"

2. a bitch, as in, "She's such a betty, I hate her."

As an 80's girl myself, it's fun to look back and remember those silly, "awesome" days.
Big Time
As in "Did you get that raise you were looking for at work, Dude?" Oh yeah. Big Time! Also the title of a Peter Gabriel tune from that era.
(1)Noun The use of bimbo would of been too outdated for use in the 80's. Bimbette would be used instead of calling a girl a "slut". Also used to describe a girl who is stupid.
See Also: Airhead, Nerd, McFly, Geek, Dweeb.
Bitch'n (Bitchin')
Like rad something very cool, "That Cyndi Lauper Record Is Bitch'n!"
Bite Me!
(1)Excl. Kiss my ass.
Bite Me
Means buzz off or go away, ie. "You're such a geek!" "Like, bite me, dude!"
Heard it the first time in the eighties, but then again, was a teenager and learned a lot of new expressions obviously...
Bite me
"Your such a poser" "Bite Me!"
A fat person.
Post punk new wave fad famous for getting away from the black wardrobe.
Don't be a bogart dude, as in don't hog it up. opposite of sharing.
(1)Noun A Bohemian or artist. From the late 80's this word emerged. Probably from the Soho art district in Manhattan.
Used in the Molly Ringwald movie Sixteen Candles. I believe it's an even dumber, larger kind of jock. I remember it being used in school quite often. Even after moving to a different state.
It means that something is good.
Example: "That outfit is bombdigity! or "the bomb."
(1)Adj. Something favorable.
See Also: Wicked, Way Cool, Trippendicular, Totally Tubular, Totally Awesome, The Joint, Rippen, Major, Killer, Def, Cool, Cool Beans, Bitchin', Bad, Awesome.
Book (Book-It)
To leave a place in a hurry or abruptly. Also known as 'jamming' (to jam).
Example: "We had to book on over to the south side and book on back in record time."
Leave, get out
As in "I gotta book." "Let's book outta here." "Where's Jason?" "He booked."
To run and get away from a scene. We have to "book" it before we are late to phys ed.
Generic, not the real thing;
Cold stone's ice cream is bootleg, it's nothing compared to thrifty's ice cream.
Excellent, superior. As in, "That is totally boss"
Means to get out of here, leave " let's bounce, it's getting late"
Boy Toy
(1)Noun A word to describe a cute guy used as a toy for older woman. Madonna invented this one with her "Boy Toy" belt on her 1984 Like a Virgin album.
Brand New
To describe someone. cool, classic and a generally all-round unarguably great person.
Most used by popular group/jocks, usually to describe one another.
adj. British slang for great or wonderful, brilliant.
I've heard this from Jem (1985-1988) episode "Beauty and the Rock Promoter", which involes the bands doing a rock opera of French fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast" in London, England.
(1)Noun. Marijuana or Pot. Gnarly buds, Dude!" Mostly used by stoner and surfer stereotypes.
Skater (1)Noun. used to identify someone who acts like they're working hard, but they are hardly working. ie. "Dude, you're such a skater!"
noun; a term for a marijuana cigarette, as in "This Bud's for you."
When someone is acting out or doing something stupid. Man "YOU Be Buggin"
Loosing one's mind
(1)Adj. Very good.
Also used with Mega: "That skirt is mega bulk."

See Also: Way Cool, Totally Awesome, The Joint, Radical, Killer, Kickin', Gnarly, Excellent, Dope

[adj.] very, as in "Didja see the new Smash Hits? The John Taylor page is bulk good."
"like, gag me with a spoon" = gross, yuk. From Moon Unit Zappa's Valley Girl song.
Not cool. Used in place of 'bullshit'. Ex: "That's so not fair. It's bunk!"
See also: Bogus, Heinous.
Totally boring (or "Bullsh*t")
not fun
Black Urban Professional.
See also: Yuppie.
"Burn" is synonymous with "face". "burn" was used to apply dramatic emphasis to the fact someone was proven wrong on an issue that had been hotly debated and contested. it was also used to annoying and harassing effect over trivial matters of the day to the point where it lost all meaning.
Usually preceded by "you got" as in you got burned or by "ooooooh" as in ooooooh, burrrrrn!!!
Burn Out
A druggie; someone who smokes cigarettes/doesnt care about themselves i.e. in general a loser/derogatory term
basically a term used in my local highschool; perhaps it was termed by region and not universal
It means that something is nice. Usually in reference to an item of clothing, sneakers.
When something is butter that means its smooth. So if someone is wearing a nice pair of sneakers they are referenced as being butter. They look smooth on you.
Butt Ugly
(1)Adj. Unattractive to the sight.
Can you relate?
Do you get it - do you understand
Cappin' (Cap)
~Needs definition~
Abreviation for "Compact Disc". A disc that stores and plays audio information, music, or video games.
These came out in 1983, but really took off in the late 1990's. Today, 2005, almost everything is on CD.
no duh! yah! of course! Why not. yah :-( Can be said with different emotions "you got an F on the test?!" "Cheeuh.."
"Wanna go to the party tonight?" "Cheeuh!" has many different spellings but all sound the same: "chee-uh"
(1)Noun Money.
Chill (Take a Chill Pill)
Basically, it means to cool off when someone gets angry.
Another popular saying that means the same thing: "Cool your jets."
(1)Adj. Extremely cool.
Noun; a fatly rolled marijuana cigarette "...woo man, that's a chonger."
Chonies or Chones
Underwear. Short for "calzones"
Spanish origin
Another knock off of the word "Cool" It can be used as a single word expression, or in conjunction. This word is especially usful when said slowly. "Cluuuuuutch!"
(1)Noun Big, all-American boy. Meant as a word of praise. Usually used by mid-80's preppy girls.
Cold Lampin'
As in the Public Enemy song 'Cold Lampin' with Flava': "I'm lampin', I'm lampin', I'm cold cold lampin'."
Cold = A very bad fine sexy woman. "She was Cold". Derived from "Cold Blooded" an term that might of originated in the 70's.
Cool Out
Phrase. calm down
The first time I heard this phrase was in the 1986 jem episode "old meets new", when former guitarist and band leader bobby bailey of bobby bailey and the tornadoes (a play on bill haley and his comets) starts booing jem and the holograms' remake of "rock 'n roll is forever".
Noun, adj. Started off meaning a punk or new wave look. Later, any slightly avant-garde fashions or hair or music. Mainly Illinois/midwest.
ex. "I love your fluorescent socks, they look awesome with your Gloria Vanderbilts, but aren't you worried they kinda make you look like a cornchip?"
Couch Potato
(1)Noun Someone who sits in front of the TV on their couch or sofa. With the boom of cable, MTV and home video, more people parked their butts on their couches. Hence the term couch potato.
Surf term,get ready here we go/up for the challenge.
rightous:something really good
Exclamation. Similar to radical or cool. Example: "I got tickets for Van Halen on Saturday"! "Crucial"!
Not that I can think of.
adj. Jealous
Somthing that is cool or hip. Ex: "This party is gunna be crunk."
To descibe a married couple. Dual Income No Kids
Dag Spanky!
Can also just say "Dag!", like "Dag! she's ugly!"
That sucks!!!
Damn Skippy!
Excl. Similar to "You bet your a**!" Strong affirmation or agreement.
"Dancin' With Mr. Brownstone"
To use herion; mexican rocks
Popularized by the Guns N' Roses song, "Mr. Brownstone."
Really good
"that weed {marijuana} was dank."
Wickedly cool
Deep Shit
(1)Col. Expression meaning you are in trouble.
"We are in deep shit!"
Smart, kinda preppy, but not overly nerdy.
A dumb person or loser
Used for joking around with friends
Dick Year
(1)Adj. A very long time. Ie. "I havn't seen you in a dick year"
Cool, awsome, radical, basically something very good
Example:That grill is Diesel
Dip (1)Verb. to eavesdrop on another's conversation and interject inappropriately.
Dis is short for disrespect. To publically humiliate someone.
(1)Noun A less harsh way of describing a person who is not very smart.
Doobie (Doobage)
Marijuana cigarette; joint.
Adjective. In agreement.
i.e. "I am down with going to Burger Chef tonight."
Doy (Doi)
(1)Interj. Short for "No duh" or "no doy".
See: No Shit Sherlock, Duh
This is for your "clique" section. They dressed all in black, partied hard, were too cool for the cool crowd.
Short for dynamite; a response to something one is looking forward to.
The new REO Speedwagon album is going to be so dyno!!
Eat My Shorts
Phrase used as a comeback. Heavily in use in the 80's and also used on TV's 'The Simpsons'. If someone was to put you down in anyway, you can reply with this phrase.
Phrase gained earlier popularity from it's use by John Bender (Nelson Judd) in 'The Breakfast Club' (1985) ~Editor
Exo Skeleton
(1)Adj./Intensifier: Enthusiastic approval or agreement. Congruity.
F*ck you, Watson
A comeback to the "No shit, Sherlock" response.
I edited it because I didn't know what sort of language you didn't want on the site. I don't know how popular the was, but my friends and I used it all the time.
Comes from volleyball or more specifically, beach volleyball. Someone is "faced" when a member of the opposing team smashes the ball down and it hits them directly, you guessed it, in the face. It is a moment of complete domination for the offensive player and a moment of complete humiliation for the player who was faced or was the recipient of the "face shot".
Lived in the OC (Fountain Valley/Huntington Beach) in the late 70's and early 80's.
Face or Facial
Hmmm, how to define this....when someone has been insulted, or maybe proven wrong...or you made someone feel stupid.
a synonym for "Moded" in you just got humiliated or someone won an argument or event you say to the loser, "Moded!!" or "you just got faced!"....or just "Face!" (I grew up in Orange County, California in the 80's ...specifically Irvine and it seemed pretty widely used)
It's basically Fantastic and Fabuluos put together it's something that is sarcastically good!
Also I just wanted to say how amazing it was to see how many of these words are still used today. I'm 13 and i use alot of these words and it just surprises me!!!!!
Noun. A thick marijuana cigarette that is usally rolled poorly, resulting in the center being much larger than the outsides. "Dude, check out this Fatty I rolled!"
Short for "favorite".
A teenage girl's term. Used in teen fan magazines and magazines for teen girls (i.e. "Seventeen", "'Teen", etc.)
(1)Adj. Cute or a hottie. Used like, "He is so fine."
See Bodacious.
An openly flamboyant gay man.
Somethihng amazing eg. "that was the flange babay!", "that really hit the flange like a cat in a zoo!"
Cool, awesome
That outfit is so flash
For Cear
Seriously or really example :"dude, I saw jenny kissing dave in the gym!" "for cear?"
It went from seriously, to cereal, to for real, to for cear
Freaked Out (Freak Out)
~Needs definition~
(1)noun- a hottie who likes to have fun. example: "that girl sheila is a freak!"
Freakin'(1)verb - grinding someone on the dance floor. example: "roxanne and I were freakin' on the dance floor."
A beer. "I totally need a freddy"
Fresh One
To get hit or punched. "Do you want a fresh one?"
Adjective: Extremely.
Comes form the word "fuck" and can be used negatively or positively.
"F*cking" + "Ugly" = "Fugly".
You remember!
Gal Pal
(1)Noun A spin on 'boy toy', used to describe a guy's girlfriend or a girl's girlfriend. Also used to describe a woman who is not openly gay.
avid video game player
This term is prevalent in '80s and '90's video game magazines like Electronic Gaming Monthly, Video Games and Computer Entertaiment.
Get Bent
Get lost,or leave me alone
Get Real
Disbelief or disdain.
This was a commonly used when someone was doing or saying something nowhere near believable, or simply acting uncool.
An object or a person who is glamorous. Either for positive or negative use.
"Dude, that shirt is totally glam!"
someone who likes the cure skinny puppy & ministry
1) teeth (noun) 2) smile (noun) 3)bombard with questions (verb)
i.e. 1:"Yo check out his grill...he got all gold teeth!" 2: "What's so funny? Why you got that big grill?" 3. "Yo Ma, I just got home, what's with the 20 questions? Stop grilling me."
Ex: "Lets go back to my place for some grindage."
Computer genius. In 'WarGames', Mathew Broderick played a hacker.
(1)Noun Someone who sports a 'mullet' or a really big permed 'mall' hair doo.
Very cool; up-to-date or current in style.
Has 3 different meanings Hardcore punk. The punk of the eighties associated with mohawk haircuts and apocaliptic lyrics Hardcore pornography Showing everything including penetration and oral sex. Hardcore - Extreme
Can either mean cold, or someone who's really hot, as in "How was that Trig test?" "Oh, harsh, man! Dr. Barnes is tough!" or " did you see that new babe in Physics?" "Yeah, she's way harsh, man!"
I first heard this term back in 1983 on the West Coast, so its' usage may have been somewhat regionalized.
Head Banger
Fan of heavy metal music.
(1) noun: A person seen as a quite uncool. A nerd. Taken from an 80's Burger King campaign, where contestants had to "Find Herb" (2) verb: To steal from a person seen as easy prey.
Group of kids that like heavy metal music
1) someone who listened to rock and dressed the part 2) pot smoker... usually stinks of cigarettes
Hi Guy
(1)Excl. When something outrages or unusual occurs. (2)Excl. When you don't agree with one's actions
Also, one may just use the word "Hi!"
Very cool; in style.
A close, or best, friend. Variations include: Homey, Homeboy, Homesteak, Homechicken, Homebread, Homeslice.
noun. Female form of homeboy, a close female friend.
I'm thinking if homeboy came out in the 80s, then homegirl should have followed suit, but I don't remember seeing either word until the 90s.
The dope smoker in high-school. Sometimes wears an army surplus jacket.
Loser, jerk.
verb: to totally smoke up an encloses space as in "Lets hotbox the van, Dude."
Noun. surfer.
I've heard this one on Beverly Hills Teens (1987-88), usually in reference to the surfer dude radley.
To display extreme enthusiasm, excitement, anger or distress.
We used this alot, "Omigod, I was at the mall buying back to school clothes and I went totally house." Or you could say, "Did you hear? Sara and Jane were fighting in the bathroom and Sara went totally house on her!"
Cool, awesome. Ex: "That shirt is icy".
I Kid You Not
I am not lying or making this up.
correct me if i'm wrong, but i think this is from the 80's
(Adj.) Describes someone who is stupid, does stupid, uncool, dorky, or sometimes disgusting things (listen to "You Be Illin'" by Run-DMC)
Some lyrics from "You Be Illin'" by Run-DMC: (For) dinner, you ate it, there is none left It was salty, with butter and it was def You proceeded to eat it cos you was in the mood But holmes you did not read it was a can of dog food! You be illin'
I'm Sure (I'm So Sure)
Something stupid; disbelief. Ex: "That wierdo tried picking up on me" Response: "Like omigod, I am so sure!"
In the Mix
The JAM!
So some friends and you are at a breakdancing competition. After one dancer does a particularly good combo of headspins and freezes he finally finishes up with a backflip. You say to your friend "That homeboys moves are the JAM!" (the emphasis is always on the word "JAM" so as it is louder and more funky than the rest of the sentence). We at the 80's Revival Company feel it is very close to the phrase "That's the s#*t". But since s#*t isn't really a good thing and JAM is, whether it be a Jam band, actual jam for your samich, or any other jam, we are sticking with JAM.
Since the 80's style is back in fashion, the 80's Revival Company has charged itself with completing a sociological experiment to the max. We have several key members placed in highly trendy or influential locations and businesses in order to spread the terminology of the 80's. "Rad" and "The JAM!" are two of the first installments and have been placed throughout with our affiliates. *Editor - Very interesting...
Jams (Songs, Music)
(1)Noun. a collection of songs. ie. "That radio station plays my favorite jams". (2)Noun. a collection of music cassettes or albums. ie. "Are you brining your jams to the party"?
(1)Verb. To leave, usually abruptly. ie. "We're running late. Let's jam now."
I have to leave, or I'm outta here.
Dude, this party sucks so I'm gonna "Jet".
A boring, not-so-hip girl. From the 70s and 80s show 'Happy Days', specifically, Joanie Cunningham (Erin Moran), the unhip girl of the 50s.
A person who plays team sports
to act crazy or stupid.
"Man, are you juiced or something?" this word was created when people started saying "have you been drinking too much juice?" (juice meaning alcohol).
Steriod user or usage or stealing someones money over a period of time
Keep Diggin' Watson
Reply to "no shit sherlock"; defensive reply after having their own stupidity called out.
Can also mean not enough information is obvious so keep looking
Kick Ass
Awesome or excellent
Dude, that Ozzy concert kicked-ass!
A kicker is a hick; a cowboy. they drive trucks with grill gaurds and wear wrangler jeans.
Kick Rocks
Go Away. Get lost.
Pair or shoes.
Kirk Out
To really freak out, get super angry or crazy about something
Example "my dad caught me sneaking out last night and totally kirked out on me"
Refers to punkers, New Wavers, or anyone else "not normal". "Oh, man, check out the mohawk on that koozbane over there!"
Origins: a sketch on the Muppet Show, Koozbane was an alien planet often visited by Kermit.
Used to describe something or someone who is not cool or unacceptable.
Later/Later Days
See Ya Around
Later Days and Better Lays
Phrase when you are saying goodbye to someone.
It means legitimate, legal, honest, or a sure deal, or the real McCoy.
(1)Noun(Acronym for: mansion, apartment, shack, house.) An elementary/middle school game that provided random futures. Example: "Last night I played MASH with Susie and I got Johnny as a husband!"
An adjective; or sometimes used as a superlative.
Example: " that party last night was mad cool"
Mall maggots are kids who hang out at the mall because they can't dream up anything better to do.
Usage: "Man, Woodfield is crawling with mall-magots."
Mall Chick
Girl who spends most of her time at the mall. Common meeting place of 80s youth.
(1)Verb To make out.
(1)descriptive adjective. Makes anything more than it was. i.e. "That was a mass cool Scorpions concert last weekend!"
It ment that something was good, fantastic, excellent etc.
Adjective used to describe someone or something stupid or screwed up.
The Mods
Social Group not included in your list. Rode vespas, wore peg leg pants, thin ties, suits, emulated the Mods of the 60's. Clean cut "Modern" style. Listened to "The Jam".
As in "mold." A person who does something or a situation that is embarrassingly wrong or stupid. "You're molded!" "That was so molded."
Can't believe that wasn't already on this list. This term, whilst originating in the 80s, may have continued on into the 90s.
Cool; nice; neat.
Most Definately
Definite response or yes.
Ei. "do you like Duran Duran?" "most definately!"
Most Triumphant
Exclamation. meaning excellent or above average. Example: "I was there when Steve Vai ripped into his most triumphant guitar solo"!
Not that I can think of.
Used when leaving a social situation in a hurry. "Look at the time, I gotta motor" basically, "I am so busy and in such a rush, I must leave now. Can also be heard in the movie "Heathers".
Not that that great. dissaproving & not to your liking.
Describe an object with it as an adjective, or group of people "Mungs" as a noun.
dork, nerd, etc. used when someone does something stupid.
Tattle tale or sell out. "Don't narc me out man." "He told the teacher, he's a narc."
New Wave
A type of heavily synthesized pop music performed by groups like A Flock of Seagulls, Duran Duran, The Busboys, Thompson Twins and Eurasure. A form of disco that had an essence of the future. This spun off people who dressed "new wave". Lots of mouse or gel in the hair, makeup on the face, loud colors, etc.
Nice Head
An insult relating to someones physical appearence often hairstyle
often made from a speeding car so the person recieving the insult was unable to react.Usualy made by athletic types aimed at punk rockers and new wavers
No Can Do
Taken from the Hall & Oates 80s song 'I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)' meaning, "I can't do it" or "it can't be done."
"No Doy."
Excl. A variation of "No shit, Sherlock." Late in the decade, "doy" was used seperately as well, but "no doy" is the original utterance.
No Fake
For real?
As in "no foolin'"
Someone who looked like a nerd that acted like a geek started in 1982
Domino's Pizza took it farther and made it a small guy in red jumpsuit with bunny style ears (later 80's)
A new person to a game; a loser.
(1) Verb To 'one up' somebody. To 'brown nose.' To take something that rightfully belongs to someone else. This terms usage was limited mostly to the corporate world. ie. "I was up for a promotion, but Stan 'Norvilled' me out of it!"
Unsure as to the origins of this, but it seems that in the late 80's or early 90's Deborah Norville got promoted to a position as a Morning Talk Show Host on one of the Major Networks, when the general cocensus was, the position should have gone to someone else (Jane Pauley, perhaps?) The term was in circulation very briefly, but still seems worth taking note of.
Suffix you affix to a word to describe the whole spectrum of the meaning. "He is a Dweeb-o-rama". Meaning, you are describing someone that is every sense of that word.
Extremely ugly.
Phrase. Wonderful, excellent
This was Jem star (1985-1988) Kimber Benton's catchphrase.
Out The Door
A suffix used at the end of a phrase. "Gag me out the door." Meaning, something gagged them so much they had to leave the room.
adj. A person with a voracious (and often humongous) appetite; one that will eat EVERYTHING *edible* in sight!
When Pac-Man gained popularity quickly in the US, the termed blossomed to describe anyone who had really healthy eating habits (and never rejected anything set in front of him!)
If you got hit by something, you would say it "pegged" you (i.e., When we were playing dodgeball, I got pegged in the head.)
Verb: to peg. the act of pegging you pants to make them as tight as you possibly could around you calf but specifically at your ankle.
Ex: the jeans were haneous until I pegged 'em.
Pencil You In
To tentatively set an appointment with someone. If you were not sure you will make the appointment, you would say, "I'll pencil you in, just in case something comes up".
Pencil You In
To tentively set an appointment with someone. If you were not sure you will make the appointment, you would say, "I'll pencil you in, just in case something comes up".
Girl who would wear her hair as high as possible.
a.k.a. "Hairbear"
A group/gang of friends.
adj. Excellent, first-class
I've heard this one on Beverly Hills Teens (1987-88), usually in reference to the surfer dude Radley.
Anything that was "in style" at the time. i.e. "Those Vans (the sneakers) are really proper."
The Punks
Social Group hanging on to 70's punk scene with a vengance. Wore plaid peg leg pants with buckles and straps, combat boots, brightly colored hair usually spiked in some manner, ripped Punk Band T-Shirt of choice- preferably not washed in ages, Leather, dog chains, piercings and generally walked around with a pissed off appearance. Sid Vicious was their hero and the Sex Pistols were the music of choice. Additionally listened to early Clash, Black Flag, The Circle Jerks, and The Dead Kennedy's to name a few.
Putt (pronounced like putt in golf) means that something was bad in a boring and unexciting kind of way if you know what I mean. For example, it would not be considered putt if a family member was injured or died or something really horrible happened. A day MAY be considered putt if it starts with you burning the toast for breakfast, and then you step into a mudpuddle on your way to your car, and then you get into an elevator going up when you want to go down. Here's a sentence: That hike in the cold rain was mad putt.
Rabbit Died
A pregnancy.
To throw up.
I graduated in '83 and we used to say it was nice rappin' with ya which meant it was nice talking to you. My father thought I was wrapping presents with my friends!!
(1)Adj. Something that's"oh,snap,those Cross Colors are raw!"
A word used to describe people of the upperclass
Used in Pretty in Pink to describe Blane and his friends because they have money
Same as awesome or cool.
Stub of marijuana cigarette (joint) after it is smoked down.
Road Pizza
Road kill. A dead animal on the road.
~Needs definition~
Police officer. See Five O.
Rude Boy (Mod)
Revivalist Subcultures popular in the eighties based on rivivals of the fashion and music of the sixties
Rush (Head Rush)
Big thrill. "That roller coaster was such a head rush!"
Making out
Picking up chicks
Ex. You're pretty schweet.
When asked how much, you reply, "Just a scoshe." Meaning just a little bit.
Very 80's valley girl talk.
Out on the prowl, usually on a Friday or Saturday night. Probably comes from the phrase, "Scraping the bottom of the barrel".
Krista and I were out scrapin' last night and we didn't find anything good.
It was something that was said when someone would mess up
(You would say this when someone was moded)
An undesirable person. Scumbag in the 80s did not mean condom.
If you you were wrong aout something o had over in a argument than that person would say to you "arr you got shelled"
Shibby (Shib)
Cool; "Dude that was so shibby! Let's go do some of that shib stuff again!"
Shit Happens
I remember the first bumper sticker for this around 86.
Shiz Nits (Schiznick)
It means that it's 'the shits'. Meaning good.
Example: "Dude, that movie was the "shiz nits".
A virtuoso performance in hard rock music, skateboarding, or surfing.
"Eddie Van Halen shredded that solo." "Dude, did you see him shred that wave?"
Shut Up!
Not believable.
Cool. Ex: "That new skatepark is sick!"
Sike (Psych)
Something you say when someone tries to give you five and you move your hand out of the way (sometimes, sliding it past the side of your head!)
Revivalist music based on a reggae style dance beat. Example English beat Madness.
The eighties saw many revivalist subcultures such as mod based on the Who fans of the sixties
(N) a girl who is always all over popular guys.
(n) See freak. "If you wanna know what a skeezer is, it's a girl who's on my jock cause I'm in showbiz" -- LL Cool J.
A new haircut, usually short and hidden under a hat
"Dude, why is Barney wearing a hat?" "Because his mom made him get a skitch!"
Punk teens throwing themselves while "dancing", trying to harm either themselves or others for enjoyment. The same sort of dancing resides today in mosh pits.
Snuff and Eye Jammy
'Snuff' is to punch someone. 'Eye Jammy' is the resulting black eye.
So (Year)
(1)Phrase. To be hopelessly passe' or out of style. ie. "That hairstyle is so 87."
a type of handshake involving the hitting of fists
Space Cadet
One who's not with what is going on. Disoriented. Their head is in space.
See also: Airhead, Ditz.
Another word for "bud", "mate", "friend", e.g. "Hey there Spangler!"
Overly excited. An exaggeration of being excited.
Spiffy (Spiff)
cool, awsome
To wear an article of clothing or to wear your hair a certain way.
"That guy is sportin' the new Air Jordans!" or "That guy is sportin' a new skitch." (see new vocab word for "skitch")
Totally in love, infatuated.
"Dude, she's like so SPRUNG on me it isn't funny."
Totally awsome, used in place of "sweet" or "cool"
Besides the fact that its the single most coolest word ever?....No
(1)adj. referring a person as preppy, usually a disco, stereotypical, egocentric, etc. Mainly used by the metal heads (time of KISS incl. 70's) ex. "that disco-queen was totally stella"

(2)Noun. see preppy or prep.

Step Off
Back up off me, don't get in my face.
A very good looking guy.
Not nerdy or geeky at all.
When something bad happens,objects, machines or persons etc. who do not perform well or fail..
Example: "this song sucks!" or,"that just sucks!"
whats going on?
the words are so funny!!!
(1)Excl A greeting. Short for "What's Up?" meaning: "How ya doin'?" "Hey, S'up?" "S'Up?"
(1)Adj. Very good. ""Raiders of the Lost Ark" was a sweet movie!"

(2)Excl. Very good. "Dude, I just scored some tickets for U2!" "Sweet!"

Noun: The practice of dunking another (geeky) person's head in the toilet and flushing. "Dude, I totally gave that geek a swirly!" "No way!" "Way, dude..." "Awesome!"
Hard Hitting, Powerful, Cool
"That dude is tagging."
Take a Red!
Excl. "Stop right there!" Maybe even "Don't you dare (go on doing or saying something!")
In the mid-eighties my 'Val' from Claremont, LA used to say this to me all the time, often followed by the term "bucko" or - if she was REALLY mad - "buckwheat"
idiot. (abbreviation of retard)
Used jokingly when a friend has said or done something stupid. ie, "I wrecked into a parked car the other day." "You're such a tard."
Shoes/flip flops
They were considered beach/around the house shoes. Now everybody weres them everywhere.
Really cool.
noun. British slang for wannabe.
This was Jem star (1985-1988) and Misfits saxophonist Sheila "Jetta" Burns' old band, The Tinkerbillies, done as an inside joke since she's British.
Expression of approval.
See also: Bodacious, Bitchin', Boss, Cool.
To The Curb
Expression used when something is disapproved of ex: "did you see what she is wearing? that outfit is "to the curb."
Tough (Tuff)
Awesome; cool. Ex: "That car is tuff."
Somone who mindlessly follows fashion
Verb, Acting in an unbelievable manner. Often, someone who was on acid is described as "trippin" That guy was trippin.
"Man that dude was trippin hard"
Means Cool or sweet
Term used to describe 'chilling out' or taking it easy. Derived from the word vegetable or someone who is paralyzed. A couch potato would be a veg.
It's a short way of saying thats 'very cool', etc.
From the film Heathers. They always say "thats very"
Awesome; cool. Ex. "That song wails"; "your new outfit wails".
A person who would like to be like someone else. Usually a pop star or a person in the public eye. There were lots of 'Madonna wannabes' in the mid-80s.
(1)Adj. Weird and or disturbing. ie. "That movie was just warped"
could be used for the same definition as "Twisted" : see "warped"
a waste of space, a loser. Emilio Estevez calls Judd Nelson a wastoid in The Breakfast Club.
(1)Noun. Someone who was into the whole New Wave/Goth scene. See also Batcaver.
I haven't met too many people outside of BC in Canada who recognize this one, so maybe it's a regional thing. Just like before coming here, I'd never heard the term Batcaver. :)
Whatchu Talking Bout?
An expression popularized from the 80's TV show 'Different Strokes'.
What's Crackalackin'?
What's goin on. What's happening. Rhetorical greeting.
Where's the Beef!
Expression used to show one is being ripped off or shorted. "Yo, my Fribble is only half full - dude, where's the beef?"
Refers back to a Burger King commercial where a little old lady gets a hamburger at a competitor's fast food place and exclaims, "Where's the beef?" after seeing the inadequate size of her burger.
Where's the Beef?
Just a correction on your description of "Where's the Beef".....this originated from a Wendy's commercial (not Burger King)
Where's the beef?
Promotion of a meat product
A word you use when all other words fail you.
A step above radical or tubular.
Someone that is freaking out.
"That dude is wiggin'."
See: Awesome, Bad, Bitchin', Bombdigity, Bomb, Bonus, Bulk, Choice, Crunk, Cool, Grouse.
Similar to "awesome", it's used in place of "cool". Yar can be used as a sentence in itself. If you see something that you find impressive, you might say "that's cool" or "whoa, that's awesome" or just plain "yar"!
A very 80's way of saying hello.
Something u should have not done
Yikes! I left my car door unlocked
You Know It
I agree
Only the fly girls and homeboys say it
'Za & Brew
(1)College slang for pizza and beer.
A major geek: "Steve Urkel is such a zeek!"
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