Reasons for Children of the 80s to Feel Old

I was watching Daria last night on Mtv, and one of the characters had commented "It's hard to believe someone born in the 80s could have such a 50s opinion." It then dawned on me, there are kids entering college now that were only born in the eighties. Kids who aren't old enough to remember when records were the majority of albums sold in music stores, kids not old enough to remember the death of disco (ok, so that's a FORTUNATE thing). So here's a list of things that make me feel fairly old even though I'm only 25 years old.

So here they are: The Reasons for Children of the 80s to Feel Old

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The members of the "Backstreet Boys" were most likely born in the eighties.
People start calling you "sir" or "miss" (actually, that makes anyone feel old)
You don't get carded when ordering a beer (and you feel really old when the other people in your group do)
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers's first album is now over 20 years old.
The "little girl" in E.T. - The Extraterrestrial is now old enough to drink and flash David Letterman.
Some of the special effects in Return of the Jedi actually look pretty low tech to you now, even though you remember being blown away by them when you first watched them.
Conversation I had with an 18 year old cousin:
  • "How can 'Du Hast' become popular? It's in German"
  • "'99 Luftbaloons' did in 1982, and so did 'Rock Me Amadeus' a year or two later"
  • "How should I know that. I wasn't even born yet."
Technically she was born by that time, but way too young to remember when it came out. Talk about making me feel old.
Working in a stores mask dept. at Halloween in '93. These two kids, approx. 13-15, picked up one of our masks and were commenting on how cool it was and that they thought it looked familiar. I said to them "Yeah, its like the mask on the cover of Quiet Riot's Metal Health album. Too bad we don't have a red leather straight jacket too." The kids looked at each other then back to me, then one of them, totally straight "Quiet who?" The first day in my life I ever felt old. It's just been downhill from there.
Telling a junior at work I didn't like the new cover version of Bananarama's hit "Cruel Summer," and her saying to me that she didn't know it was a cover!!! Same goes for that song which samples the Dream Academy's "Life in a Northern Town." (sigh)
While being the "guardian" while their mother was on her honeymoon, I was driving around in 1994 with my cousins (born in 1980 and 1981) when "Don't Stand So Close To Me" came on the radio. I had a moment of nostalgia and shouted, "It's THE POLICE" and they both shouted, "Where? Where?" as they were looking for a cop car....
I went to Tower Records to find an '80's music cd, and the store attendant told me that "most of those cd's are in the oldies section".
Several big name bands that I listened to in highschool are making their comeback tour together and are playing at a local club with an occupancy of under 400. Tickets are available at the door the night of the show.
I am 28 and work with mostly high school age kids and someone at my job got a new funky hair-do. The boss at work is 33, and we both agreed the girl's hair was exactly like Pat Benatar or Joan Jett. None of the HS kids knew what we were talking about!!! They all said, "Who's Pat Benatar?" I just about died!
I saw a Commodore 64 in a basement the other day. It looked ancient!
The fact the hardly any of our cartoons are on tv anymore; and seeing The Smurfs on the Cartoon Network.
I was babysitting my little cousin, she was watching re-runs of Mork and Mindy on Nick at Night's Tv Land. When I realized what she was watching I exclaimed, "That was my favorite show when I was little!!" My cousin looked at me in horror and said that Tv land only ran classic old shows and that if I saw the orginal episodes I must be really old.
You listen to your all-time favorite music on an oldies station. "Wasn't that our prom theme?"
You remember when JAWS came out the first time.
You go to rent "The Princess Bride" at Blockbuster and the clerk says, "Is that a new one? I've never heard of it."
You remember when loading a computer game involved a cassette or floppy drive and a nap to pass the time.
In the video shop the other day I noticed that the DVD section was getting bigger. This reminded me of when I was a child and the video shop had Beta videos "Upstairs" and the "VHS" cassestes downstairs. I wonder will VHS outshine another competitor or will people in 10 years time be kicking themselves when they get the CDs, CD roms and DVD disks all mixed up - as they all look the same?
While I was working in a car wash, I overheard a mother talking to her son about car/cell phones. The son was amazed to learn that people didn't always have car phones, and that they used to have cords. He was serious too.
I was network administrator at a university, and asked out one of the girls at the college to a Chicago concert. I mentioned, during the lull before the concert, something about REO Speedwagon. She had never heard of them. I thought that the guy in the seat next to us was going to have a heart attack . . .
When you look at your cd collection and they're all "Greatest Hits".
Hearing REM's The One I Love, a song popular when I was a college freshmam (the year being 1987) being played on a Classic Rock station
My 15 year old cousin was having a sleepover. My aunt and I were chaperones. We brought over "The Breakfast Club", thinking they would enjoy-after going nuts over "She's All That" Not only did they NOT relate to any of the movies emotional angst, but they were quite bored with it and make jokes about the way Molly Ringwald dressed. That made me feel old, but also mad! They just don't know what the real teen stuff is!
I was in a christian book store when a couple of teenagers who were looking at some CD's made a slight noise when they came upon the Stryper CD. I realized the noise they were making was laughter when they talked about how old the band was. Needless to say, it made this 31 year old feel ancient.
I feel old when I talk to the 20 somethings at work about...... the days before videos and I used to take photos of fav bands off the tv....... buying records, using the oven to heat food because microwaves were not around yet.....seeing latest movies at the Drive Inn (Dusk to Dawn's were great) At my first job they has mobile phones as big as bricks with a black box attached with a cord which was carried around.....fax machines as big as a large photocopiers you had to dial the number and "yell" at the person at the other end to "I want to send a fax" (calling for OZ to Japan was the pits!) Telex machines were state of the art. One PC at work to be shared amongst 20 people. They had floppy disks the size of LP records..............mmmmm I feel OLD!
In Communications class, my friends (all almost 19), and I (just turned 19), where talking about 1980s commercials that we were gonna use on our project. The scary part was, all the commercials aired in 1986, and for some reason, we knew them all. I mentioned the commercials to someone else in high school last year, and she had absolutely no idea what I was talking about, and she's the same age as me. Scary!!!!
At my brother's best friend's graduation party, which was 4 days before our high school graduation, one of my brother's friends bought over the old Nintendo console, and a few games, Contra and Super Mario 1, 2, and 3. All the kids at the party that were over 15 were playing, while the little kids had absolutely no idea what we were playing!!! Another thing about that party, we put on a compilation with ELO (Electric Light Orchestra's "Black Days, White Nights," which was in Billy Madison, and George Harrison's "I've Got My mind Set on You", amongst other songs from the 80s. Not only were we listening, we were actually singing along!!!! Once again, the little ones had no idea what were were listening to, and thought us older kids were strange. That sure made me feel old!!!!
My boss told me his daughters didn't know how to run a record player.
Early this year in 2001, I bought the Superman DVD pack. Being 25, I grew up with the Christopher Reeve movies, and I used to work at this Best Buy only about 4 years earlier when I was 21, which to me wasn't that long ago. When the kid at the counter saw what I was buying he said "Suuuuperman" in a saracatic way. Still I erroneously figured he was my age or at least around my age, 20 or above. So I said, "Yeah dude, they're really cool especially the first one, got a directors commentary and everything, you should check it out". The guy put his little scanning gizmo down on the counter hard, looked up to the ceiling and rolled his eyes, then continued to scan with a laugh and said, "Uhhhh, well Superman is a bit before my time, it was some kind of '80s thing. The only Superman I know is that Lois & Clark series. I was only born in '83" This 17 or 18 year old then gave me the bag in a disgusted way. There I was buying a Superman DVD pack, 25 years old and this 17 or 18 year old kid treated me like a 50 year old man buy a Beatles CD. This was a DEATH BLOW to my gut. This was the first time I ever felt seriously old, I've been feeling bad ever since. Realizing that later in this new '00 decade I will turn 30 and a 10 high school year reunion isn't that far away has me &%^*#$%% bricks too.
I turned on the Tv the other day and i put on QVC to see what they were selling and they had Rainbow Bright and Popples on and they talked about them as if they were new. If they only knew that I still have my Rainbow Bright dolls, Alf dolls, and popples sitting on my self in my room still.
I was watching a "Sesame Street" video with the little kids I took care of at the day care center I worked at during the summer. Born in 1982, I grew up on "Sesame Street." My little guys, as young as 3, where watching and knew all of the characters, whn all of a sudden, the Count came on the screen. Me and the girl I was working with were like "Oh look! the Count!" A four year old girl turned around to us and said, "Who's that?" God, was I shocked!!!!! I found out that the Count was only recently bought back, but the tape was from '86, so the kids naturally wouldnt know who that was since the tape was made at least ten years before these guys where born!
Realizing that your witness to seeing the 70's coming around the second time when you thought you left it far behind in 81.
I am 31, and was telling a younger co-worker about Fancy Ass Quick Zip jeans and how my girlfriend used to wear them when we were teens. He did'nt know what I was talking about!
The first time it occured to me that I was getting older was when I went into a store to buy a bottle of wine, and noticed that the cards that say "You had to have been born after this date to purchase alcohol or cigarettes..." and BOTH of the dates are in the 80's.
I felt old when I told a new hire at work that he would have to get rid of the Fonzie sideburns. He replies "who is Fonzie?".
While watching TNT you find out one of your all time favorite movies is now one of their "New Classics".
You remember when the most controversial show on TV was "The Simpsons"!
...reading this list! I didn't even know there WAS a cover of Bananarama's "Cruel Summer"!
I decided to go back to college for an electronics engineering degree, and in the main corridor is a glassed in display of some old technology devices. One of the items in there is the model of computer i used when i was a teen.
The fact that Eddie Murphy used to sing! My students didn't believe me, so I had to get out the song(on one of my many retro 80's cd collections) and play it for them
Watching action movies at the cinema and recognising so many stunts copied from the '80s. Any stunts with trucks seem to be taken straight from Licence To Kill (1989). Also seeing 'big' '80s stars in minor, walk-on roles.
A couple of months ago my 13 year old sister asked me "Wasn't Bon Jovi back in your day?" I was listening to him even before she was conceived!
When movies like "Fright Night" are being shown on American Movie Classics!
I was christmas shopping last year, and as I was passing by a group of three teenage girls, I overheard one of them commenting on a dress in one of the shop windows, "That looks really old, I mean really, really old, like from the eighties old." Now, I'm only 30, but it really does make you feel old. it is hard to think of the eighties as "a long time ago".
Hearing songs like "Rapture" by Blondie and "Magic" by The Cars being called "classics" or "oldies" because they are now 15 to 20 years old, and I remember hearing them when they were new, or seeing some of them as "Sneak Preview Video" on MTV. Of course, that was when MTV showed videos... Also, having my friends daughter, who is only 14, saying "Wow, you bought that record and it only had one song on it ???", refering to my 45 RPM records form the 1980's. Heck, I'm only 30, does that make me ancient ??
My little sister & I were talking about being left out of things, & somehow I got "I think we're alone now" stuck in my head. I started singing & she got the queerest look on her face. To this day, "Who's Tiffany?" is still ringing in my ears!
My daughter didn't know what a "record player" was and I had to explain, "It lets you play these things that look like big, black cd's."
One day at work I mentioned John Lennon and a coworker looked at me and straight faced said "He was one of those Beatles guys, right?" I could have died.
Reading this 80's message borad and realising you can relate to EVERYTHING on the list
When I use to work in Pediatrics, I tried to cheer up this little boy who just got his arm casted. When I told him he could still play games at the arcade, he replied, "what's an arcade?"
Realizing that now, in the year 2002 for Cripes sake, stone-washed jeans, big belts, and off-the-shoulder shirts are in style again! I mean, reviving clothes from the fifties and sixties is one thing, but the eighties? Jeez! Can't they wait twenty years or so before they...oh wait...never mind...
Alot of my co-workers are in there early to mid 20's. I am 33 now and a former metal head, they are all going to an N'Sync concert. I'd rather die or actually go to a Judas Priest concert.
Realising with astonishment, that kids born at the start of the 80's decades can now vote, drink, and get into over-21's clubs!
Every once in awhile someone, always younger than myself, will call me "sir" or "mister". Sheesh...!
when u go in to stores and EVERYTHING from when you were a child and growing up is now considered RETRO... i.e: rainbow brite, strawberry shortcake, pound puppies (the original), jem & the holograms. then when u ask the kids who r wearing this stuff about it they have no clue and only like it cause its "retro"
I was having to force my 10 y/o little brother to watch Back to the Future,(that's bad enough as it is, but wait...). When it was over, he asked, "what was up with those funny clothes?" "That's what they wore when Dad was growing up," I said. "No, at the beginning, before he gets in the car..." Yikes.
I was making a comment to a friend (born in '70, like I was) and her little half sister (born in '82) started talking about mullets. I mentioned that Jehrri Curls were the black peoples' version of mullets, and she looked all confused and said " who is Jerry Curl"? 'Nuff said. I felt downright geriatric!
These kids don't know who Fraggle Rock, Garbage Pail Kids, and He-Man and She-Ra, the list goes on. We are now in the "millenium" generation, so that makes us X'ers feel old automatically.
Beta machines...thats all I gotta say...lmao.
Reading everyone else's posts. I need a time machine. Listen to Eddie Money's (I wanna go back) song, close your eyes and just imagine. It's great.
Watching television and seeing a Nissan ad use the Smith's "How Soon is Now" to sell a car. How appalling that the anthem of my college angst was shamelessly used for a commercial!
You remember 22 cent stamps.
I worked at a Domino's Pizza as a delivery driver and this 14-year old phone girl says her favorite song is "sweet dreams" by Marilyn Manson. We laughed and told her it was the Eurythmics and she says "Im rythmic?" Another time she had some Bob Marley incense and she didnt even know who Bob Marley was!
When I look at the photos in the picture gallery and thinking that I am look at my parents generation when I think... whoa! This is my generation!
I didn't feel too old when 80s music came out on those TV commercial compilation collections; I still didn't feel too old when 80s music started being called "oldies"; but I started checking into the AARP when Wilson Phillips, a 90s group, became "oldies"!!! When the generation AFTER the 80s becomes oldies, the children of the 80s are in trouble.
My nephew and I were at the comic book store and he asked me if they made comics when I was a kid and I told him of course. He then looked at me and said but not spiderman because he is a new guy.
I had my first "I'm getting OLD!" attack when my little brother, eleven years younger than me, asked, "Vinyl means RECORDS, right?" Another bizarre moment was when a young coworker came into our office with headphones on and singing along. I caught "Kiss Me" and exclaimed with glee, "'Kiss Me' by Tin Tin!" She looked at me with great puzzlement and I said, "Kiss me, your love is better than wine? -It's from the Eighties." She said no, it was by some other current band (that I now can't remember the name of). I remember realizing that there are kids who don't remember when there were no scanners at the stores, when there were no personal calculators, when red LED display watches were state of the art (and now they're collectors items), when there were no ATM machines. And the biggest shocker was kids wearing fashions of the 70s when that decade is an embarassment to me. Polyester leisure suits? GACK! I also noticed myself bemoaning the fact that they don't make music like they used to.
You know what an ATARI game is.
You can remember all the hoopla over "Cabbage Patch Kids"
when you remember that crazy scary man on Captain Kangaroo with the weird body suit painted like internal organs called Slim Goodbody. Bad enough to remember that, but most people today are like " Captain Who?"
No one knows what Garbage Pail Kids are/were. When I hear "What's the movie RAD about?" or "Michael Jackson used to look different?"
I was at a Tag Sale and overheard a 10 year old girl say to her mother, "what's that mommie?" while pointing at a Cassette Tape . . .The Mother replied, "Thats what we had before CD's"
I was talking to another Monte Carlo SS owner about how many i have had . . .i said "yeah i guess i have had a monte carlo since i got my license in 1992" he replied "1992!!! i was only 7 "
The fact that my first crush was Steve Guttenberg.
Looking at my high school photos and seeing everyone with their hair "pumped up" a mile high (at least)!!
Realizing that they have made a sitcom about the 80's!
I came across a kid the other day who did not want to believe that turntables or "record players" as I called them were commonplace. He seemed to think that those turntables were meant for DJ's. He must of been around 14 or 15!
I told a 17-year old co-worker of mine that "when you are older and you get out in the world...." I stopped myself right there!
Last night I stopped by my local grocery store to pick up some things, including a six-pack. The clerk who was checking me out was new so he didn't know me. He scanned the beer and then looked at me and said "Ma'am, I hate to do this but can I see your ID?" Of course I happily handed it to him, assuring him that I love being carded. He then looked at my card and said "Wow! I was way off there! I thought you were a lot younger than that!" (I am only 30) Then he said "I didn't mean it like that...." I was just laughing at him and told him that he made my day. The whole situation was just too funny.
I can remember the days of "Sesame Street" when Elmo wasn't the most hyped character--Big Bird was.
I am 31 and am a school counselor. I felt VERY old, when I learned that our high school students had NO idea how to dial a rotary phone.
I was born in 80 - the reigning years of My Little Pony and Rainbow Bright. A few months ago, I was talking to my 7-year-old niece and had brought over some coloring books. "Hey look Kayleigh," I said holding up a picture of a pony. "This almost looks like My Little Pony!" Kayleigh's response? "You have a pony?!"
My Mom was cleaning out some closets, and my 16 year old nephew and I were helping her. He found an old VCR in the closet and asked if he could have it, and if it still worked. We plugged it in, and for sure, it worked fine. He asked for the remote, and when my Mom found the old CORDED remote, I thought he was gonna laugh us out of the room!!! I remember when we bought that VCR brand new!!
I was dating a guy who I knew was younger than me, but apparently, I didn't know how much younger. One day, I was listening to a CD and he came in and asked who I was listening to. I replied, "Crowded House, DUH, where were YOU in 1983?!" he simply replied, "Kindergarten"...
When I realized that I could actually remember, very vividly, things that happened over 20 years ago. Or seeing that Raiders of the lost ark is now considered a classic. Or how no one remembers Loverboy. How depressing!!!!!!!
My a friend and I were were watching Transfromers: The Movie, the movie that is required watching for all '80s kids, and we showed it to his little brother who was born in 1991. This kid who wasn't even alive in the '80s, thought it was "old and boring". This really made us feel really really old and terrible, since we thought Transformers would be cool forever.
When I was a teen in the 80's, Duran Duran was my ultimate favorite band. I saw them in an interview on MTV the other day, and did they ever look old! Made me feel old, too, since I know Nick Rhodes is 9 years older than me!
When you start surfing the internet for 80s sites. THAT's when you feel old.
You find events that you remember not only in the last chapter of the history textbooks that are currently being used but in the NEXT TO LAST as well (seeing one's infancy, childhood, and the first half of one's adolescence now considered 'history' DOES make one feel old)
When recently preparing for a dance recital (I was the only 25 yr old in amongst 14-16 yr olds), the teacher had picked "White Wedding" for our song. I was pretty happy about that. They asked who did it. She said "Billy Idol". "Who??" and one girl pipes up.."Oh my god, My DAD has that tape!" That was the first moment I realized that I was not cool anymore.
You've seen the Pilot of Cheers both on the original airdate and on Nick at Night.
Kids will never know who Pee-Wee Herman and "Pee-Wee's Playhouse" was. Instead, they'll be exposed to mindless junk like "Pokemon." For shame!
I hear songs on the radio (new songs) and I remember the baseline of the new song being a popular song that I loved in the 80s, like hearing Bruce Hornsby and the Range "That's Just the Way It Is" as the baseline of a TuPac Shakur song or hearing "Faith" by George Michael being redone by Limp Bizkit.
It makes me feel old when I mention the TV show Fraggle Rock to a little kid and they look at me like I'm crazy and say, "Fraggle WHAT?!"
When I was looking around in an antique store and spotted quite a few toys I used to play with when I was little. (I'm only 29!)
I was @ Disney World for my college Spring Break this past March. My best friend and I went to see the Indiana Jones Stunt Show @ MGM, and I can guarantee that all the little kids in the audience had no clue that this was a movie at one time. I bet none of them even know who Harrison Ford is!
"Caddyshack" is considered a comedy "classic".
You say "Gag me with a spoon", and your friends look at you funny.
You remember when they had blank cassette tapes and a portable tape recorder.
Whenever I visit my relatives in Georgia, and my first cousins are now grandparents.
Mention "PicturePages" to any kid now. They will look at you like you've grown another head!
I channel-surfed by PBS the other day, and stopped short when I noticed reading rainbow was on. A quick glance made me realize that the episode was not recent--and the tell-tale credits told me why--the episode originally aired in 1983!!!!!
scanning the radio stations the other night and the dj said, "we will be right back with more of.......the ancient eighties!!!" ancient???? i can accept "dated", even "classic".....but ancient???!!!
You wax poetic about how you could retrieve files from cabinets instead of a computer.
I feel old when I scanned through this page and realized that EVEN people born in the early '80s are starting to feel old themselves.
When I mention Beta movies to my little brothers friends and they ask, "What's Beta?"
When I describe vinyl records to my younger sibling as "really big CD's."
I put an old tape of Jem on for my younger sibling and his friend. I told them that this was a really cool show and what I watched when I was their age, etc. And they fell asleep!
Growing up, I used to think "oldies" were the '50s, '60s and '70s. That was what "oldies" was to me and anyone else around my age. Anything before the '80s was old. But now in the post-2000 years, finding out that the '80s music and that the '80s pop culture are considered oldies makes me feel REALLY old. I never thought a decade I remember being part of would ever be considered old, but just a decade whose time is passed. People my age affectionatley called the '80s old school. But the kids now don't even think of it as old school, to them it's RETRO. It's oldies to them. I try and rationalize this and try to feel better by reminding myself that for most of the '80s I was in elementary school and a little kid, but I realize that the day the '90s will be considered "oldies" is not far away. I dread the day my teen years and very early 20 years of the 1990s will be seen as oldies,......shoot, it's probably already beginning to happen to the '90s. *sigh*
This one drove me really nuts... the other day I was at a play rehearsal and someone mentioned Cyndi Lauper and a girl next to me went "Who the heck is Cyndi Lauper?" This made me feel sooo old for some reason.
I'm 23 years old, and I was listening to a favorite from my middle school years in the very late '80s. I was listening to Young MC's "Bust a Move" song from 1989, which always brings back great memories of 6th grade. My next door neighbor's 15 year old son was with me and he said "hey I heard that song before! My teacher listens to it a lot." Sigh. His teacher listens to it a lot. Not his 20 something year old teacher. But his 33 year old teacher. I did the math and yup, his teacher would have been a 19 year old teenager or 20 in 1989. I realized then that none of my '80s music (and probably my early '90s stuff too), is considered cool anymore. I wanted to check into the old folks home right then and there.
I am 29, my son is 9. We were scanning channels on TV one night. I stopped when I saw the Jackson 5. I said, "Look! There's Michael Jackson!" He said, "Where?" I said, "That little black boy with the red jacket." My son said, in all seriousness, "Mom, Michael Jackson is NOT black." He really thought I was out of my mind. I started laughing and could not stop.
I'm 33. When I was in high school, music was everything. Pop radio still flourished. Now it's all "Alternative". Alternative to what? Pop is dead. I once made the mistake of telling a teeny-something from the '90's I wanted to be a rock star when I was his age. His response was "Why?". I guess when you resample the latest resample for a hip-hop compilation, it makes sense, but geez, how bout a little creativity?
I was at a music shop discussing some of the great rappers of the '80s with the store manager. We discussed all the famous and controversial rappers of the '80s and even early '90s such as Ice Cube, Ice T, and 2 Live Crew. One of the young clerks who was about 16 or 17 heard our conversation and asked us in complete seriousness, "Whose Ice Cube?" He was serious, he really never heard of Ice Cube, and no he didn't know who the others were either. This made me feel so damn old, and I'm only 23. But I knew at that moment that I was no longer part of the youth culture of America.
A couple of years ago, Def Leppard was coming to my town and I was pumped to get tickets. I was so excited I called for tickets during my 3rd hour high school English class while my students were working on their assignmnent. One of my students asked who I was going to see and when I told him, he said with a confused look on his face, "Who is Death Leppard?" That's when I realized I was old and out of touch with the music scene.
When you can remember when Nick at Nite consisted of Mr.Ed, Father Knows Best, The Dick Van Dyke Show, My Favorite Martian, and Dennis the Menace and thinking then that Nick at Nite was only for shows that were OLD. Now Nick at Nite consists of Cheers, Cosby Show, All in the Family, and Family Ties. Shows I remember watching when they were brand new! And knowing that today's kids must think of Nick at Nite now the same way we thought of Nick at Nite in the 80s. Talk about feeling old!
I feel old when I hear about high school students having "'80s Dress up Days". I'm only 26 years old, but that make me feel sooooo OLD. These teenage kids are dressing up in clothes I grew up in! I remember when I was growing up in the '80s and early-mid '90s, we only had dress up days for the '50s, '60s and '70s. The '80s were too recent and too modern to start having dress up days back in 1994. Yet starting around 1999,(sheesh the '90s weren't even over) the kids have been having dress up days for the '80s!!! My God people tell me I'm in a bad nightmare! I guess I have no choice but to accept this. Where's my cane and walker?
While at the Wherehouse, I mentioned several cartoons & shows(that I grew up with; He Man, Heathcliff,Smurfs,Pee Wee Herman,etc.) to some younger kids and they looked at me like I was from Mars. Also...Some of my peers believe that a lot of meterial from several rappers, Limp Bizcuit (re did George Michael's Faith), Alien Ant Farm (re did M.J.'s Smooth Criminal) and...even B.S.'s wretched cover of Joan Jett's "I Love Rock N' Roll" are original!!! Geez! And I'm only 18 years old. Fortunately,A subsitute teacher said I have great taste in music while we were in a conversation. (about school,goals,pop culture, etc.) Well, she told me that she grew up in the 80s and was into New Editon, The Cure, Def Leppard, and Debbie (now "Deborah" which I told her and,NO OFFENSE, she probably felt a bit left off) Gibson...I thought it was great. (I also like new wave, rock...any generation (execpt 'new metal'), and pop. (except for the crude pop on Mtv today) I can't believe that some of my peers have no idea on who Deborah Gibson, REM, or even The Clash are!!!!
Talk about a nostalgia trip...I was in Target in late March, and I saw that the "Popple" was revived!! The Popple?! I loved this toy! I played with it when I was little, but I'm sure any kid who is young now would have NO CLUE what this toy was!
The Turner Classic Movie Channel is now playing movies like Urban Cowboy, Endless Love, and Grease! Movies we grew up on are now on the Classic Channel!!!
Realizing that younger people have different names! In the 80's there were like a trillion Jessica's and Jennifer's and Christina's!! Now it's all these weird names like Haley and Madison!
I was with some people preparing to go see Phantom Menace. We were all talking about our first time seeing Star Wars. This one guy hadn't said anything, and I asked him when he'd first seen it. He said, "On video. I was one year old." I laughed. I know I shouldn't have, but all my life I'd been hearing from baby boomers about Beatles this and Woodstock that, and I finally got to say *I* was there and someone else *wasn't*! Woohoo!
i was born in 1982 and the fact that jem, he-man, she-ra, captain n,and many of the cartoons i watched when i was younger are now considered old and dated makes me feel old.(sigh, not all of us who came around in 1982 are clueless about the decade we were born in and kids today have never had a weekday or saturday morning in front of the tv filled with cartoons or a good one i should say,i pity them all having to be subjected to that pokemon, digimon, and powerpuff girls garbage!!!!)
You know your a child of the 80s when somebody says the word President and Ronald Reagan comes to mind.
Mentioning the New Monkees and no one around you even knows who the original Monkees were.
I'm not quite sure why the 80's make me feel old? Perhaps it's because I was a goofy little kid and all of the things that made me the happiest kid in the world are no longer around like My Little Ponies and Gobots and Transformers, The A-Team and other stuff like that. I'm only 25 so I'm sure I'll be telling my kids and grandkids some of the things that I've experienced when I was younger.
Seeing '80s music videos on a network called VH1 CLASSIC. Classic? Couldn't they just call it VH1 '80s? Calling those videos, even the stuff from 1989 "classic" makes it sound so......ancient.
A 16 year old girl I work with was playing music trivia with me one day. One of the questions was about Duran Duran. She asked who they were. She had never heard of them before! Also, in one of my classes last fall I heard someone ask who Bon Jovi was! I couldn't believe it. I'm 24.
You go to fan sites with message boards devoted to '80s shows like Knight Rider, A-Team, Miami Vice or Dukes of Hazzard, and you find out that they are surprisingly dominated by teenagers and children. Therefore you are one of the few people there that actually remembers when these shows originally aired.
You realize that most of the teenagers of today look at Madonna the same way a lot of us thought of Cher back in the '80s, - - just a goofy middle aged female pop singer from a long time ago that refuses to act her age.
Five years ago, when I was a 22-year-old middle school teacher, a student came to me and said, "Ms. D., guess what I found out? Daisy Dukes were actually named after a person on TV named Daisy Duke!!" *sigh*
I was listening to our oldies radio station out here, which I remember being OLDIES (50'2, 60's) they were playing 80's music!!
You can remember at least one of the original Star Wars movies when they first came out in the theater, like "Return of the Jedi" from 1983. You also find yourself telling people of high school age, and even college age, all about the Star Wars craze that lasted into the mid '80s.
Have you seen the new, anorexic My Little Ponies?! Where have the pudgy cute ones gotten to? Garage sales and ebay... what is this world coming to?
Hanging out with my girlfriend's little sister and one of her friends. They just graduated high school, and I suddenly realized that when they were born, I was going through puberty. And a few years ago, with a different (and older) girlfriend, when I said,"remember when there was no internet, just BBS's?" And of course she said, "No."
Duran Duran's origional line up reforming and they are all now in their 40's....still great though
The BABIES that played Michelle Tanner on the TV show Full House, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, turned 16 this year. Them and everyone close to their age, (born in 1986 and 1987) are out there driving around on the highway with you. People their age won't remember anything from the '80s, and it's unlikely they even remember much from the early 1990s. Early '90s grunge bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam are complete nostalgia to them. Feel old yet?
Showing my younger Brother's mates my "Garbage Pail Kids" collection.
I have found some weird things in my dresser drawers: Pound Puppies Birth Certificates, Cabbage Patch Doll Birth Certificates, Cricket's Care Center ad and Care Booklet, Cricket tapes and clothing, and an old Cricket book called "Around the World With Cricket," which came with a tape. I happened to glance through the book, and there was a Russian flag in it, and it said "USSR"!! The book was dated 1986, and I cracked up!
Reading Teddy Ruxpin's Adventure books. Better yet, finding Teddy Ruxpin in perfect condition 10 years after you haven't played with him, and the weird part is that he probably works perfectly.
You can remember when those cheap, home made looking, early '80s music videos with budgets of 5 dollars were actually considered cool.
I'm 29 yo. I remember some 'theme' parties that I used to go called 'The 50s party'or 'the 60's party'... I'd just realize I'm old when I saw on a bulletin board (dude! bulletin boards) an ad saying: "This saturday come on and enjoy the 80s party...". Later, some teens from my street began to ask me questions like how to dress, how to dance 80s music and stuff...When I began to 'teach' them...they laughed as hell... :-)
You remember those ridiculous two-piece VCRs that weighed like 400 pounds and had a wired remote with a 3 inch cord.
You can remember when Michael Jackson was a Black guy that may have been shy and a little eccentric, but basically acted and looked normal, instead of being the carnival like freak show he has been since the late '80s.
You knew who ALF and Mr. T were years before they became pitch men for various commercials in the '00s.
When Drew Barrymore stopped looking cute(as in a child)and started looking good...
The legal young adult men and women entering college this year, as well as your local Army reserve, were born in the year 1984. The freshmen class entering high school this year, will consist of kids born in 1988. Forget the '80s, these people probably won't even remember a whole lot before 1996.
when I looked through a soap opera magazine for past and present photo's together. most of the photo's that are "the past" are from the middle 1980's.
I'm 25 and I feel old even around people my own age sometimes because I still listen mostly to cassette tapes. A 19-year-old guy saw them once and said, "You still listen to 8-tracks?!" ... I don't think I'll be giving up my non-DVD-playing VHS recorder either - most of my videos are "old" and out of print!
When you still remember that to get 30 men on Contra, the code was ( up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start ) and to get 99 men in Super Mario Brothers you had to jump on the turtle shells at the end of world 6.
You can remember when Eddie Murphy was one of the biggest A-list stars in Hollywood, and did films other then children's comedies like Dr. Dolittle, Nutty Proffesor, Shrek and the PJs.
People your age can now sleep with someone 8, 9 or 10+ years younger, and they will no longer be be breaking any laws.
When my kids are watching Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, and its the episode where he goes to a movie studio to watch some of the filming of "The Incredible Hulk". My kids don't even know who "The Incredible Hulk" was. Also, when we go to a toy store and I tell my kids, "They have so much more cooler toys now then they did when I was a kid." And I realize my Dad said the same exact thing to me when I was a kid!
Tom Cruise is 40 years old.
Hanging out at the main "Back to the Future" website always makes me feel old. Most everyone there are a bunch of teenage kids born after 1983 and they have no memories of when the first film came out in 1985, or even the second and third one in '89 and '90!! I have to explain ALL the little in jokes and pop culture quirks about the 1980s in that triology of films to them, makes me feel like a total geezer and I'm only 23.
I must say that I laughed a great deal when I read all the comments posted here, as I can relate to all of them. A few things make me feel older as I am 33 and I was a teen in the 80's. I would have to say not getting carded when you purchase booze or a biggie ... seeing the kids I babysat when I was 16 all grown up and having kids of their own ... or just finishing high school or close to it,I say to my young son I wish I had those cool toys like you have when I was your age, while the statement is true it makes one feel old nonetheless. Another one is when I hear about the local night spots (clubs) doing a retro 80's night and the best 80's hairstyle and clothes wins a prize!! Wow I can recall hearing about 'retro' nights for bars when I was younger, But it was the 50's 60's and swingin 70's , ahhh how times have changed LOL!
You can tell if something is from the early '80s, mid '80s, or late '80s. You also remember the distinct pop cultural (fashion, music, movies) as well as political differences between the late '80s and early '90s. I've noticed that most kids born in the '80s, see no difference between the late '80s and early '90s....and in some cases even mid '90s. My younger cousins think everything up to around 1995/'96 were the Eighties. It's all the '80s to them.
the other day i dug out a box of books from when i was a kid, it was full of those mickey mouse and time life encylopedia learing books. My very young sisters wanted me to read to them, so i did...only i quickly found that they were rather outdated, "Children living in the Soviet City of Lenningrad like to...." or, "These children are looking at the Berlin wall".. i felt soooo old!! lol
I grew up thinking the '50s, and '60s, and even the '70s, were soooooo freaking barbaric and backwards. Not just in terms of the low grade tech of those decades, but also looking at the barbaric social problems of each decade. So it's hard to believe that the children and teenage kids of today most probably look at the '80s the same way we always thought of those other decades. I always thought of both the '80s and '90s as being modern times! The '80s getting the retro treatment makes me feel so OLD!!!
My 15 year old cousin, who was born in 1987 and stands a towering 6'3, asked me to teach him to drive recently. I felt ancient and a sudden feeling of terror overtook me when I realized people in his age group are driving. I remember holding him in my arms when he was just a baby. It was a surreal expereince knowing that this grown looking man who was born in '87, is now beginning to drive cars.
CNN did a news report on the history of hip hop a while back. They talked about how hip hop was fresh and new enough that the children of today can still think of it as "theirs", and old enough for "adults" to appreciate and enjoy. When it got to what about hip hop the adults can enjoy, it didn't zero in on stuff from the '70s as I was expecting, but instead it flashed on graffiti that said "Public Enemy" with "1989" written next to it. Something about that little clip really disturbed me and made me feel just terrible. I guess it's just hard to believe that pop culture from '89, even the hard core gangsta rap, is music that is so alien to the kids of today and that it's only for the "adults". Watching that made me realize how disassociated even the very late '80s are from the current youth culture. And it is if it's only something that the "adults", the "grown ups", or worse....the "parents" of the world can appreciate.
Once when I was on another message board, this kid born in the mid '80s posted a thread asking who Boy George was. Everyone got a good laugh out of it and told him it's best he never find out. Still, you could just feel everyone on that bulletin board who was born before 1981 collectively feel old at the freakin' same time.
Madonna is now a smooth middleaged skank with a decent stylist/s instead of a young skank with no taste and too much body hair. Turtlenecks and flares that were considered nerdy in the 80's are now all the rage, while tops with shoulder pads you could land a chopper on and acid wash jeans are filling the racks in opp' shops.
I'm 30 (and my parents would have said I'm no longer to be trusted--heh!). Recently, my 7-year-old daughter told me her new favorite TV show is "The Cosby Show" (courtesy Nick at Nite--gee, thanks!). When I told her I watched that show when I was a kid, and that the girl who plays Vanessa is about my age, my daughter looked at me like I'd lost my mind. "This is a new show, Mom," she said. "I haven't ever even seen it before." The other night, my daughter wanted to watch a movie. I told her to go ahead and put the "video" in. She promptly corrected me: It's a DEE VEE DEE, Mom. Finally, as if The Gap commercials weren't enough to make me sit up and notice my mortality, it seems, lately, all the ad execs (who must be my age, and should certainly know better than to demean our generation's culture just for a few bucks) are using 80's music in their spots. The worst part? I recognize the songs and the target market doesn't. Ouch, that smarts.
I'm a 24 year old undergrad, and the kids I go to college with are so damn young. I began to really feel my age when I found a flyer on my car that said, "'80s RETRO Night Next Saturday!". Now I wasn't even that old back in the '80s, I was born in 1978 so I was only 11 when the decade ended, but I experienced it enough for something like this to make me feel like a really old man. Most of these 18 and 19 year old college kids have little or no memory of the '80s, and I know if I go to the party, I'm bound to be one of the few people there that actually remembers when the 1980s were popular the first time around.
Ever talk to these teenage kids that don't know what an Atari 2600 was? It's like talking to people that don't know what that thing we call oxygen is. I can understand these teenagers not knowing what the Pong video game from the '70s was, but it's just plain wrong to not know what an Atari is.
Paula Abdul is a 40 year old woman, Madonna is 44, and Cyndi Lauper is 49. Amazingly, all three of them have defied the laws of ageing and are still hot. Middle aged hotties, but still hotties nonetheless
Listening to Pop Goes The World by Men Without Hats and realizing it's a different world, and you are completely alone in wishing things were back the way they once were.
The best thing about being 36 is I can legally date women half my age.
You know that "Mr. T" isn't a cleaning detergent.
Bon Jovi officially became a geriatric rock band this year when the youngest and most famous member Jon turned 40. Yes, Bon Jovi is now thought of as an old folks nostalgia group in the same way most of us thought of The Rolling Stones, KISS and Aerosmith.
Hearing and seeing '80s songs used as jingles for commercials makes me feel OLD!!! I know a lot of people think that it's great to have '80s songs back and used like that, but to me and many of my friends, it's just another depressing sign that the '80s have become an old timers decade. For instance when I was growing up if I heard some Beatles song used in a Toyota commercial, I didn't immediately start thinking how cool this group from the '60s or '70s were. Likewise these days I can't ever watch Bananarama's "Venus" video without thinking of Gillette shaving gel for women.
When I was surfing the Internet looking for 80 nostalgia stuff, I found a site that told how you could tell if you're stuck in the 80's. One of the signs was looking for Snorks whenever you go to the beach. I read this aloud to my fiance, whose 7 yr old son piped up, "What are Snorks? Are they like seashells??"
You can now run for President.
Isaiah Thomas is the Indiana Pacers head coach, and the only thing people here will talk about is how he won the 1981 title for Indiana University.
Trying to justify to my 10 year old son why he must wear elbow pads, knee pads, wrist pads and a helmet to ride his skateboard. When I was a kid, there was no such thing as protection! Just, here you go kid, have fun. Same with seatbelts -- no one ever used them back in the day.
my memory of the 80's was when i got my First P.C. it was a 386sx 10mhz 1mb ram 2mb disk drive (hard drive) 512k graphics card and no sound card but it has MS-DOS 4.0 on it and i had police-quest, kings quest and space quest on it all made by SIERRA i had the machine in 1989 and my dad bought me the games in the same year and i have still got the machine today (still in running order)
"VH-1 Classic", the best channel in the world to find '80s music videos. Yes they are really called classics now. And brace yourselves...occasionaly I've seen them throw some early '90s videos in there. So '90s kids beware, you're not safe from the "classic monster" either.
You realize that the Fonz, Bo, Luke, and Daisy Duke can now become AARP members (oh well, Daisy still has a couple more years to go, but close enough anyway).
Novelty stores like Spencer's Gifts, Claire's, Tic Tac Toe (a Spencer-esque store in Freehold Raceway Mall, Freehold, New Jersey) and such have nostalgic items in the form of pens, keychains, small stuffed animals, notebooks, folders, charm necklaces, and such. For instance, in Claire's yesterday, they had a Care Bears SNAP BRACELET! Can you believe it?! I also saw pens of the Smurfs, Popples, Rainbow Brite, Care Bears, Kermit and Miss Piggy (I have Kermit), Strawberry Shortcake and My Little Pony, as well as printed pocket folders and small notebooks of these characters. I'm glad that companies are catering to our generation with nostalgia items, because it certainly is working. Nevertheless, I feel old looking at the items, because little folks (the kiddies) have no clue who any of these characters are (except for the Muppets).
These days I've been sounding a lot like the old Saturday Night Live "Grumpy Old Man" skit that Dana Carvey used to do many years ago. You remember how it went, "Back in MY DAY, blah blah blah...and that's the way it was and WE LIKED IT!"
Trying to explain to an 8 year old that Star Wars Episode 1 is NOT the first Star Wars movie and that E.T. actually came out when I was in kindergarten. Then getting that look that only children can give before the comment, "E.T. must be really old if you were in kindergaten when it came out."
You hear 80s music being played on oldies stations.
What makes me feel old is knowing that any history text book in all the elementary, high schools, and colleges in the world now feature a section in the back about the '80s and '90s. The two decades I grew up in are being "studied" as "history". Well at least most of these kids know about the 1990s. In only a few years from now there will be kids around that will view both the '80s and '90s as ancient history. Now that's something to ponder, this whole thing only gets worse!
I'm sitting at my computer complaining because it takes so long for a program to load (about 10 seconds), and then I remembered when it used to take 20-30 MINUTES to load a program from a tape drive on the Atari 7800! (Remember the old 'load the tape and push play'?)
These younger MTV-watching kids don't remember the 80s MTV like I did. I may have been born in 1982, but I can vividly remember the mid-80s MTV, when Tiffany, Duran Duran, Menudo, Billy Idol, possibly some Billy Joel and even George Harrison were in constant rotation in music videos. Now I'm lucky if I see that stuff on VH1!
There's no more TGIF on ABC. I certainly can't complain when "America's Funniest Home Videos" and "Whose Line is it Anyway?" are on Friday nights now, but TGIF made it all the better to be an 80s kid.
I'm a video game collector, and my collection consists of largely Atari 2600 and 5200 games. We all know that Atari was GOD back in the early 80s before the market crash in '83-'84 Recently, a few of my young cousins came over, and when confronted with my huge collection referred to Atari as "that 80's company that did Pac-Man or something, right?" Damn, did I feel old.
A few days ago at work, I was singing "I Love Rock n' Roll". A co-worker comes up to me and says,"Oh, Britney Spears!" Me: "No, Joan Jett." She says,"Who's that?" WOW, did I feel old!
You have very clear and vivid memories of Reagan's first term in office.
The Snuggle Bear had a cocky attitude now. Remember how he was cute and fell into a pile of clothes and had this sweet little voice. Now he talks like he's the all-mighty bear, and says he's still snuggly soft. Yuck, not with that attitude he's not.
I was listening to the radio the other day. As I was changing the stations the song "Flashdance (What A Feeling)" by Irene Cara was playing on an oldies station that normally plays songs from the 60's and 70's. Now they are playing 80's. What??? I remember when Irene Cara sang Flashdance on Solid Gold.
They just reissued a few of the Generation 1 line of Transformer toys from the '80s. Optimus Prime, Hot Rod and Ultra Magnus are back, but the ads call them "classic toys". Hearing that makes me feel terrible. Obviously these toys are marketed at adults that grew up with them, but there will be plenty of kids that weren't even alive in the '80s that will play with them. I can only imagine how ancient they must think they are.
I was born in the mid '70s, so anyone born beyond the very early '80s makes me feel like an old geezer.
I don't feel old, I'm only in my mid-20's, and there's lots of 80's nostalgia on TV these days. Of course it reminds me of when I was a kid but it also reminds me of just how lucky I was to have grown up in such a great decade. From 1980 on through to 1989 was a great time to be a kid and I know that from now on I'll always remember the decades that I grew up in. It was a great time to be young and it still is a great time to be young. :)
I graduated high school in 1993, so I went to high school in the years of 1989-'93. During that time the late '80s were always going Out of Style and the '90s were coming in. Now in 2002 hearing about the '80s coming Back in Style definately leaves me with mixed and surreal feelings. What I used to think of as old school back in high school has become "retro".
They are playing The Cosby Show on TVLand, you know the station for OLD TV shows like Mary Tyler Moore? LOL
My mom and I were talking about "The Goonies" today after spotting a T-shirt at the mall. We got on the subject of when me and my twin brother saw the movie (when it was released in the summer of 1985, I was 2 1/2), which was after its video release, which was after I turned 3. I have ben a "Goonies" fan since, and bought the video of it last year (in a clamshell case!). I still know kids my age who NEVER saw the Goonies! I even know someone who never heard of it!!!!
You see nicknames on the internet with the year of your high school graduation, like "Jennifer1989". Unfortunately you find out that the people with these years in their names didn't graduate high school or college with you back then, instead they were being BORN in that year. When that happens, talk about just feeling mercilessly old and embarrassed!!
Going into convenience stores and seeing the little sign next to the register that reads "you must have been born before such-and-such date to purchase alcohol"...and the date is 1981!
I can't believe that the kids born in 1985, 1986 and '87 are these big teenagers driving cars and stuff. I was watching a high school football scrimage game recently, and all I could think of was how these huge looking guys were too young to remember, or maybe weren't even around for say the Challenger explosion, the break dancing phenomenon, and most of the kid crazes of the '80s like Transformers, He-Man, Knight Rider, and Garbage Pail Kids. It's also bizzare when you realize that these people were only in elementary school just 3-5 years ago. Looking at these teenagers makes me feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone.
You can remember when Michael Jackson's "Thriller" album came out.
I was looking to download some G1 Transformers cartoons off of Kazaa when I came across a few episodes of Beast Wars. Beast Wars was a sequel to the original '80s Transformers cartoon and was popular in the mid-late '90s. Here was the description that was written in by some bratty kid,--"Forget the old 1980s Transformers. We are too young to remember those. Star getting Beast Wars they are so much better. Beast Wars WAY BETTER". What that punk wrote was pure sacrilege against Transfomers and the '80s. He wouldn't even have his little Beast Wars if it wasn't for the Generation 1 cartoon. But reading that also made me deal with the unpleasant fact that not everything I grew up with will be loved by the next generation. It also forced me to come to terms with the nasty fact that our generation doesn't "own" the Transformer franchise or any of these '80s characters, as they are constantly updated and reinvented. Even He-Man got a new cartoon for the 2000s. '80s toons have indeed become generational. But in the end WE know that most of them had their origins in the '80s.
You read these entertainment magazines and discover that a lot of today's hottest stars were born in the 80s.
Going to a nightclub after a night of bar-hopping, and being told "You won't like the music in there man - you're too old". I am 29.
I just turned 24 and the teenagers around where I live think I'm the ultimate old school guy. I think they even nicknamed me "old school". I don't know why though, I don't listen to or watch anything old school around them. But I'm 24 years old, so that makes me old school to them.
Found my old 8-bit Nintendo in the attic the other day. Still works, the graphics aren't as good as what's around now, but it's still fun and just as cool as ever.
Two things actually come to mind that make me feel old. 1) You can change a needle in a record player and 2) You remember the little plastic piece you use to put in the center of your 45 to make it fit on a record player (if your's didn't come with the adapter). I am 32 and my fiancee' is 24. I was actually doing ok reading these until my fiancee' commented, "Wow, you know what's weird is that you remember not having things like MTV or cable television and when I was born, they were just coming out". I reached for the Geritol at that point.
Hearing about a decade I grew up in (obviously the '80s), coming BACK in style makes me feel weird. I've never experienced such a thing before, it's just so odd. I wasn't around in the '50s and '60s so seeing them being treated as retro decades didn't bother me. Those decades were always old as hell retro decades as far as I was concerned. I was born in the late '70s, but I have zero memory of it, so the '70s retro in the '90s never bothered me that much. But the '80s, yes yes this makes me feel old. I remember all the stuff that's supposedly coming back in style and being played as "retro" at the night clubs.
If you listen to these teenagers today talk about their memories of the late '80s/early-mid '90s teen show "Saved by the Bell", they think of it with fond memories but in the same super nostalgic, super old school way that many of us here would talk about something from the early-mid '80s like "Joanie Loves Chachi" or maybe "Facts of Life". LOL Hey C'est La Vie.
Fonzie is 57, Richie Cunningham is 48, and Potsie and Ralph are both 50.
Knight Rider (1982), Dukes of Hazzard (1979), Greatest American Hero (1981), and A-Team (1982) are all 20 or more years old. Miami Vice and Transformers (both from 1984), ain't that far behind either since they're 18 years old. And I remember watching ALL of them when they were brand new in the '80s.
Man I can't believe Nick at Nite is airing The Cosby Show, Cheers, ALF and Family Ties. I grew up thinking Nick at Nite was funky late night retro channel that was made so that all the older people could sit back and watch the shows they grew up with in the '50s, '60s and '70s. And now Nick at Nite plays '80s shows!? Gawd, that means that now WE ARE the "older people"!!! Ugghhh...
I felt a sincere loss when Gordon on Sesame Street died. I'm only 18, but my 8 year old cousin could barely remember him.
Anyone remember when Nick Jr was actually cartoons? I mean cartoons drawn by people? David the Gnome, Maya the Bee, The Adventures of the Little Koala, anyone? And who could forget the puppets of Eureka's Castle? What are we letting our children watch these days?
Nick at Nite and TV Land airing '80s shows definately makes me feel OLD. I always thought those kind of channels were for stuff like I Love Lucy, Leave it to Beaver, The Honeymooners, Partridge Family, and Brady Bunch. And I thought that was always how it was going to be. When those channels start airing stuff you remember watching in first run, whoa that's when you know you're no longer just being young forever but it hits you that you CAN get old and you are getting OLDER. Right now I'm still extremely youthful and in my 20s, but I realize that things will never go back to the way it used to be pre-2000. The illusion that I will be a young kid forever has been shattered.
What makes me feel old? Reading the messages of people in their early and mid 20's reflecting back on the 80's and saying how they feel old. Geez, they cant possibly remember much before 1985.
remembering there was a time when a guy wearing an orange mesh half shirt with a matching pair of parachute pants was concidered cool...
When you start watching more VH-1 then MTV. Remember VH-1? It was the channel that used to be for the old people!
Nearly every big female pop singer around now, was born somewhere in the '80s. Shakira is the only one that comes to mind as someone that was born before 1980.
Michael Knight is 50 years old, and KITT is a 20 year old Trans Am.
You still remember the theme song to The Greatest American Hero. Remember he lost his alien instruction book and couldn't fly that little red suit. "Believe it or Not, I'm walking on air, I never thought I could feel so free-eee, flyin' away on a wing and a prayer, who could it be? Believe it or not it's just me....."
knowing that my nephew who was born in 82 when i was in 7th grade is turning twenty years old next month!
I'm 26 and I'm still not used to the idea of an "'80s retro" party or dance. I always thought stuff like that was only done for the '50s, '60s and '70s. Decades I was never really part of. At least that's how it used to be. This is going to get some getting used to, but by the time I'm used it, they'll probably come out with '90s retro dances. Eeek!
You can remember before 1987 when there was just one Star Trek series around and it was all about Kirk and Spock. Today there are 5 different Trek shows out there.
You find yourself telling "When-I-was-your-age" stories to today's teens.
You remember when Reagan was shot in 1981.
You remember watching the TV show "Thirtysomething" back in the '80s and thinking that was a show for crusty older people, or as you thought back then, the "adults". Back in the '80s people in their 30s were SOOOOO OLD and "grown up" like your mom and dad.
I was in Kay-Bee Toy Store after work today, and I found a large, boxed nederheart Care Bear sitting on a rack at a selling price of $16.99. Included in the package was a Wish Bear rubber keychain (I have the Wish Bear plush keychain), and a videocassette--"Tenderheart's Birthday Surprise." Oh, come on! What 3-year old is gonna want that?! The chances of a 20 year old buying it are so much higher, ESPECIALLY if a rare video is involved!!!
These kids today have no idea what Super Pursuit Mode is. For shame! Get into a car with any self respecting Child of the '80s and yell out "time for Super Pursuit Mode!", (especially when you are late or in a hurry) and they all instantly know what you are talking about.
I feel really old whenever one of these kids born in the '80s talk about their memories of the '80s and they invariably talk about something from the very late late '80s and/or early-mid '90s. Yes even the mid '90s! I hate that, that is so freaking annoying to me that these kids call the first half of the '90s the Eighties. I understand that that's all they can remember, but dammit that time wasn't the real '80s! I've come to the conclusion that there's no way anyone born after 1981 can have any *concrete* memories of the real '80s. The real '80s being everything that happened in the years of 1980-'87. Anything that happened after 1987 was the phase out time, but that's the only '80s these kids can remember. I always tell these kids born from 1982 and onwards that Vanilla Ice, Wayne's World, Saved by the Bell, and Hammer were not the part of the REAL '80s, but they never seem to get it. LOL
You know you feel old when you still think that KITT and Doc Brown's DeLorean were cool cars, no matter how dated they really are.
You remember the days when a lot of people said Michael Jordan would never win a single NBA championship because he was the ultimate scorer, and not enough of a team player. You also remember the first Air Jordans that came out in the mid '80s, back when everyone was just startin' to wanna "be like Mike".
You know you're well past your prime if you know who J.J. Jackson, Nina Blackwood, Martha Quinn, Mark Goodman and Alan Hunter are. Even worse!!! You still remember Pete Townshend doing those "I WANT MY MTV" Promos!
As someone who spent most of the '80s on a playground and being a literal "child", sometimes I feel bad when I realize that the requirements for being part of the Youth Culture have changed slightly and I don't really fit into them anymore. I was born in 1975, so I'm 27 years old and while I know I'm by no means an "old guy", I have been feeling kinda bad lately. I know I'm far from being old of course, but still the harsh realities of getting older have been on my mind the past couple of years. I mean in just 3 years I will be at that age where I can no longer be trusted anymore. That sucks! It seemed like for the longest time the only requirements for being a kid or a Youth was that you weren't alive for, or at least can't remember things like the Vietnam War, the Beatles, the Moon Landing, Nixon/Watergate, the Bicennetinal, Disco, etc, etc. You know, traditional Baby Boomer stuff like that. Infact I don't even think my own solid memories go beyond the very early '80s. MTV came out when I was 5 or 6 and I'm not sure if I even remember that. But these days the requirements for being a Youth have been expanded on somewhat and it seems you have to have at the very least been born under the Reagan Presidency to qualify as a real "youth",...whatever youth means ofcourse. I realize that when it comes to the '80s I'm more Goonies then Breakfast Club, but when you realize that you can cleary remember the stuff that happened 20 years ago, the world is just never the same again. Ever. The unthinkable is happening, we are now becoming the grown ups.
When the kids that were born when you were in 4th, 5th and 6th grade (and ofcourse beyond that) start driving, THAT's when you know you are getting older. When you see those kids that are that far apart in age from you starting to drive and are obviously looking physically like full grown adults, it's like WTF is happening to the world.
thinking back to my beautiful first bicycle... deep purple banana seat, silver and purple sparklie streamers haning from the handlebars, big rear view mirror, my newly "uncovered" Rice Krispies tire spoke noise maker "click, click clicking" away as I peddled down the street by myself (with no fears of being attacked or bothered) on my way to gymnastics to practice in my rainbow leotard hoping that I could one day become an Olympic Star like Nadia or Olga.... my only fear, That I wouldn't be home in time to catch "Battle of the Network Stars" or "The Muppet Show"... you never know who might be on, Leif Garrett, Eric Estrada, Tom Selleck, Tom Hanks dressed as a girl ...
You know who Mr. Miyagi is. You also know how to do the "crane technique". Remember, if do right no can defend.
Here's something to make you feel old, you realize you can still remember the code that took you directly to Mike Tyson on the NES version of "Punch Out!". 007-373-5963 will always be etched into your brain. And every kid had the same strategy, just don't let Tyson's powerful upper cuts hit you during those first few moments. If he landed any other blow you were still ok, but if you got hit by an upper cut you were dead.
A 23-year old co-worker had never heard of the song "Valley Girl" or Moon Unit Zappa!!!
You remember when Michael Jackson first did the moonwalk while singing "Billie Jean" on the Motown 25 year Special back in 1983.
Cable channels such as American Movie Classics and Turner Classic Movies play a lot of '80s films now. Hey remember when AMC and TCM only played OLD MOVIES from the '50s, '60s, and '70s? I tuned into AMC the other day expecting to see Elvis in one his bad surfer comedies, or maybey the Beatles in "A Hard Day's Night", but instead I see "Good Morning Vietnam" from 1988, and an heavy assortment of other '80s films.
I recently went to Kings Island. I can remember when The Beast first came out. I was born in 1970. I remember how much I used to love it. Now, after riding it a few times on our last time there, my back is telling me that I am,not only feeling old,but getting old.
Remember that whiny, bratty, know-it-all kid that played Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation? Well he's 30 years old now.
When you mention the Gulf War and when Bush Sr was President to a teen and they don't remember the war and don't remember another Bush was already in the White House before. When people call you maam. When one of your first crushes was on Simon LeBon of Duran and you finally meet him and he's an old lush. When kids born in '81 whine about feeling old already. That the Olsen twins can legally drive now and can pose for Playboy in less than two years. When kids refer to Nirvana as a classic band.
When you act respectful towards people you're sure are older adults and then find out that theyre YOUR age.
You remember thinking how much cooler the 8-bit Nintendo was over the Atari 2600 and it's box figure like characters. I even remember Atari tried to get rid of their left over stock in the mid-late '80s with a really stupid commercial that all but admitted their defeat to Nintento and Sega,---"Get Atari!, It's Under 50 bucks! It's Under 50 bucks!!"
When the teenagers that hang around outside of gas stations or convience stores ask you to go buy them cigarettes and beer. But instead of saying "Hey dude" as in they think of you as older but still a youthful peer, they call you, "Hey mister, hey mister, SIR can you buy me some..."
When you hear the teenagers of today, or anyone 21 and under really, talk about Beverly Hills 90210 (a '90s show!) like it was the Brady Bunch or something. I was talking with some people that were fans of 90210 and grew up with the show like I did, but they were all in 1st grade when it came on!
You're old enough to be a parent of a teenager. Now isn't THAT scary?!!
Nearly half of the kids born in the '80s are legal adults now. Scary isn't it? And the the worst part is, the people born in the early '80s aren't even kids anymore, they are young adults in every sense of the word. I've seen 20 year olds born in 1982 bitch about the teenagers around now, as well as complain about the music and pop culture of today. Sheesh that made me feel really old, as I was bitching about the people born in '82 just a year or two ago when THEY were still teens!
All of us Generation Xers born in the 1970s will turn 30 sometime in the '00s. Some are already there. 'Nuff said about feelin' OLD. Seems like only yesterday we were the no good punks, brats, and slackers of the world, and now we have to be the responsible adults (or at least attempt to act the part) that Generation Y looks to for leadership and guidance.
All the original atari games fit on ONE playstation 2 disc!!!
You remember that when you were growing up you had several teachers in school that were pregnant in the '80s. And then you realize with uneasiness that the babies those teachers were carrying are now driving, in high school or in college.
You remember when Magic Johnson wasn't just that old retired ball player with HIV. Remember when how they used to always have the Magic vs. Jordan debates?
I'm the only one at my work that can remember the Pet Shop Boys.
When you hear music from the early-mid 1990s like Nirvana and Pearl Jam called "old bands" by these teenagers around now, then you know all your '80s stuff is just ancient history.
You remember playing video games back in the '80s and thinking how cool it was just to be able to control what the characters on the screen were doing.
Your driving habits mellow out. For example, you notice yourself not driving as fast as you used to.
You shock yourself by saying phrases like, "Seems like only yesterday..."
If you see someone you knew back in the 80s for the first time since then, you're shocked to discover that they don't look like the same person anymore. Especially if they were little kids back then, you're twice as surprised to see how much they have changed since they've become adults themselves. Afterwards, you're asking yourself, "Where does time go?"
If you can remember clearly the heart and soul of the Eighties, which was the 1980-'87 time. Most of these kids around now at best can only remember 1989 and then of course the early '90s.
Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras are called "the old men of tennis" now. They are 32 and 31. Remember when they were both ultra hip and super cool teenage tennis stars in the '80s and early '90s? They used to look like hearthrobs hawking Nikes and Reeboks even back in 1994. Now they both look like someone's balding dad.
The computer lab at my high school upgraded all their computers to Apple IIe's from Commodore 64's back in 1982. I was in 10th grade then, and these the top of the line systems back then. They were great!! I mentioned this to my 13 year old cousin and she had NO idea what they were. She thought Apple only made the Mac and "what's a Commodore?"
That it's 2002, and I was talking about 1996's Macarena dance with a friend while we were in a mall and a 16 year old check out clerk heard our conversation and says, "Oh yeah the Macarena, whoa that was totally 5th grade". Yikes. Further proof that the '80s being treated as retro nostalgia may actually be the least of our worries.
Looking at my Duran Duran posters, magazine clippings and "records", my 10 y/o daughter. Her eyes widened, "Big CDs, but we have any CD Player that big". Of course, laughs from the "Older" relatives. The only good thing my girls love hearing my "Old" stories of concerts and fun in the Eighties.
Hearing- "Mom, what did the Berlin Wall look like?"
Have you been finding yourself walking around trying to convince yourself and others that we get a grace period and people still might be considered semi-cool up to the age 35?
Reading some of the comments posted here from a bunch of whiny 23 and 24 year olds complaining about feeling old because they can remember the '80s and they feel the heat of 30 makes ME feel like a real old timer. I gradutated high school in 1980. Yes 1980! I bet none of you whipper snappers can beat that, I'm really a '70s kid who finished high school in the '80s. I'm older then every single '80s high school graduate. For most of the '80s I was in my 20s. So when I read through these posts I can't believe that there are even several comments from 19 year olds on here saying how they feel old because some Seamse Street actor they loved back in the '80s is dead now, or something stupid like that. If you're a teenager, in your 20s, or hell if you're just anyone 35 and under, and you're sitting here wasting time complaining about feeling old, then you'll have a heart attack when you get to 50. What comes after turning 25? 26. And what comes after turning 30? 31. And what comes after turning 40? 41. And so on. Get the point? It's life, and worrying about it won't magically keep it from happening.
It was when my 9 yr old (now) started kindergarten,she was excited when I pick her up on her first day and school and had me go with her for she could show me these really big black CDs-"She said Look Mommy my teacher played these Big Black Cd's for music time" all I could was laugh,that's when I realized I know I am a 80's child-we had records and 8-tracks.
I once had to explain to some teenagers what the whole New Coke vs. Classic Coke deal was. I told them what New Coke tasted like. They were actually alive when that happened, but were way too young to remember it.
When you see 20 year olds born in 1982 act so mature and grown up, and critisize the teens around now. If people born in '82 are that adult like and no longer act like kids, all that does is remind you how old you've gotten.
When they call THE coolest music EVER ( 80's )retro. 'Retro' is something that my dad listens to. That was when I first realized that I am getting older.
I'm 25 and an undergrad in college. I had a conversation with a fellow student about something I did at a big campus party at this same college 5 years ago in 1997 when I was about 19, 20 years old. Her reply: "1997!!! OMG!! I was like only like 12 or 13 years old back then! OMG you were here in 1997!?" Sigh. As you can tell, there is no point in even discussing anything that happened in the '80s with these kids.
My cultural references are lost on the early twenties girls who work for me. I made both a "Rocky Horror" joke and an Iggy Pop reference. Blank looks. I can also sing along to a lot of the musak at work.
I no longer like to put the year of my birth in any of my internet handles or email addys.
I remember when I used to ask my parents what the '50s, '60s, and '70s were like. I now realize what an annoying brat I was treating my parents time like ancient history, because I'm sick of these kids around today asking me what the '80s were like.
When I was a kid growing up in the late 70s and early 80s, I often thought about the late 50s and the 60s--when my parents were young and before I came along. And back then, that was like 20 or 25 years ago. Today, when you think about 20 years ago, where does that put you? IN THE 80S! YIKES!!
You're shocked to realize that toddlers (2, 3, and 4-year-olds) from the 80s are now driving--and some even have their own cars!
Often times I'll find myself thinking, "That wasn't so long ago..." - then I'll realize it was 10-15 years ago! But, I think the worst was when a radio station, Sunny 99 in Houston (which is what our parents always listened to for "soft rock") played The Cure!!!!
We didnt even have the COOL atari's- I had the kind that you plugged the cartridge into the keyboard and if that wasnt enough, you had to program a game yourself...some personal fave's- Donkey Kong, Pacman, Roundup...
When all your favorite toys are suddenly appearing at stores in the retro section...strawberry shortcake, my little ponies, transformers...
when you have to use your birth year to clock in at my job, and you see some 1986's and even 1987!!!!!!!!!
I'm 26 years old, and while I know I am still young as hell, a part of me also knows that the reality is that I am getting older very quickly. This was really driven home the other day when my 60 year old father complimented me on what a good and cautious driver I became. I remember the days not too long ago when both my father and mother hated to drive with me, and hung to the side of the car doors for dear life when I was a teenage speed demon on the highway. To get complented on what a good driver you've become by your 60 year old dad makes me feel a lot of weird and bizzare things, and I'll tell you that it sure as hell doesn't make you feel young.
Think these kids born in the '80s are making you feel old? Well in just a few years (2005-2007) you'll see the kids born in 1990 and 1991 hitting the highway. I can handle kids born in the '80s, but I'm not sure if I can ever handle seeing some teenager or young adult tell me that they were born in the 1990s. That's definately going to be beyond freaking for any Child of the '80s no matter what our age. Just imagine looking at teens and young adults who were not even alive in the '80s, and who you could biologicaly be a parent of.
What Are Some Things That Happened On December 21, 1987?
Molly Ringwald is 34 years old. And those two Corey kids, Corey Haim and Corey Feldman are both like 32 and 31 years old respectively.
The "little girl" from E.T.-The Extra-Terrestrial, Drew Barrymore, is now 27 years old. The kid who played Kevin Arnold on "The Wonder Years", Fred Savage, is now 26 years old. I believe his dorky friend Paul is also 26. And get this, that nerdy Steve Urkel kid from "Family Matters", Jaleel White, is also 26 years old. Puts things into perspective seeing these former late '80s and early-mid '90s pre-teen and teen stars get so mature into adulthood don't it?
A couple of the hottest teen shows of the 1990s, "Beverly Hills 90210" and "Saved by the Bell", had their class gradutuate high school in 1993. Next year it will be a 10 year high school reunion for those kids. Whoa, if '90s high schoolers are going through 10 year reunions, then all it does is just push us former '80s teens that much further into creeping towards middle age. *sigh*
If you have fairly concrete memories of anything that happened somewhere in the 1980 to 1987 time frame, which is generally thought of as the true '80s or real '80s, then you're probably feeling the pressure of getting old and just not as young as you used to be. Lot of the teenagers and very very early 20 somethings around today say they remember the '80s but they seem to only remember the time after 1987, and then they just go ahead and write in the early 1990s as being the '80s. Everyone that was part of the genuine '80s knows that anything that happened after 1987 wasn't really the '80s. So if you have somewhat solid memoires of the real '80s, then you know you're getting old.
When people 9 or 10 years younger then you start driving. It's just too bizzare.
If you're 26 like me, and you see a lot of the people just 4 or 5 years older then you going bald and looking positively middle aged. You sit back and ponder at the bizzareness of how these same people were the ultimate in cool back in the late '80s and early '90s.
I saw a commercial for skin care saying, "you're approaching your 30s...", and then it showed a model with her age give as 27. My God, I'm 27. :( I didn't need to be reminded that I'm approaching THAT age.
When Madonna went from a skanky fringe player to an accepted part of the mainstream in the late '90s, I think all the children of the '80s knew they got older.
It seems like I'm the only one at my college that can remember when "Return of the Jedi" and "Ghostbusters" came out in 1983 and 1984.
When people talk about stuff that happened 20 years ago, and it hits you that they are no longer talking about the Baby Boomer decades like the '50s, '60s or '70s, but now they are talking about something from the early '80s.....and you realize with terror that you can actually remember what happened back then. Yes it's true, break dancing, moonwalking, Knight Rider, A-Team, and Atari was 20 damn years ago.
BETA TAPES i have airplaine and conan the barbarion as well as many others Sony intraduces the BETAmax in the 80's and JVC intraduced the vhs and i was cheaper and thats why it outsold the beta even though thats what the news media use still to this day in 2002....the quality is just that good and my friends GF is just now 21 and shes didnt even know what a beta was!!
In response to Barry: "Okay MTV experts, I'm trying to pull the name of a song out of the "gray matter" and I'm just not getting it done. Early onset senility or one too many party nights. I don't know the band or the song title, but the video, probably early 80s, dealt with old movies, "The Maltese Falcon" mainly and the video ended with a line like" Very magnanamous Mr Cairo". Nothing like next to no information, but that's all I can remember. It came out about the time Men at Work were popular but I don't think it was one of their recordings. Any help would be appreciated and I will get back on track to the "Why I like the 80s" question soon. I promise. Thanks, Barry." The song is Friends of Mr. Cairo from the album of the same title, by Vangelis and Jon Anderson (formerly of YES). Here is a link to a sampling of the song from
Realizing that years that used to sound highly 'futuristic' are getting deeper and deeper into the past... 1997 was 5 years ago and even 2000 (which still conjures up images of very futuristic robots in my mind) is two years into the past!
I have a famous birthday!!! On October 19, 1987, the stock market plummeted!!! I was 5 on that day! It scares me that in a few weeks, it will be the 15th year since that happened!! I'm only gonna be 20. Jeez.
Last Thursday night, my family's friends had to go to Back to School Night for their two children (their son, Vito, is almost 5 in Pre-K, and their daughter, Vicky, is 7 in 2nd grade), so I was babysitting. We were having a snack, and Vito asks me how old I am. I said, "I'm 19, but I'll be 20 soon." Vito then asks "Is that old, Allison?" Before I could feel really old, Vicky asks "Does that mean you're an adult when you're 20, Allison?" The realization that I was no longer a kid come October 19 hit me like a ton of bricks, and these two precious kids, whom I love dearly, made me realize it!
Spaceship Earth at Epcot Center in Disney World (opened in 1982) talks of technologial advances that will be possible in the millenium. This attraction is so primitive, and the fact that it breaks down every time I have been on it doesn't exactly comfort me about what's to come in the future. You think that with all the advances they claim there will be, they could try making that attraction work a little better. Yikes.
I think everyone that grew up in the 1980s, whether as children and/or teenagers, were bound to start feeling old when 2000 came and the Millenium switched over. It's no longer the 1990s when the '80s were old but still sorta modern, and *most* people that were born in the '80s were still a bunch of under 16 year old kids, and the kids born in the early '90s were still going to day care not middle school;.....but now it's the 2000s and it was unavoidable that we would all start to feel old and bemoan getting older.
Even the 1986 movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" is now considered a classic.
You remember when K-Mart, Wal-Mart and Fred Myer sold only clothes, house items, toys and electronics.
I'm 24, and I hate to admit this but I was actually walking around thinking and acting like I was still some kind of "kid" or goofy teenager right up till a few months ago. It was only when I realized that people 10 years younger then me are entering high school this year in 2002, that it harshly sunk into me that I am no longer part of the youth culture. I'm still young, but knowing you are not really part of the youth culture anymore is a tough thing to accept. I thought that was going to be a part of me forever. And yes, hearing a lot of the toys and music from the '80s being called "retro" makes me feel very aged, and I wasn't even that old in the '80s. I was floored when I heard The Cure and Erasure on an oldies station.
Some of us are already planning our retirement.
When you meet people you are certain are a good 6-10 years older then you, but instead they turn out to be YOUNGER then you. No not the same age, but younger. I'm 29, and I was certain this guy in one of my tech classes was older then me and I wouldn't be the oldest one there, but he turned out to be only 20 years old. I wanted to die when he told me was only in 3rd grade when I graduated high school!
Seeing the new versions of He-Man, Transformers and other shows on Tv and thinking about how much worse they are than the ones I saw as a kid.
Believe it or not, it really makes me feel old when someone calls me "Sir". And even though I'm thirtysomething, it also makes me feel old when someone calls me a "man". I much rather prefer "guy", and even "boy" doesn't sound too childish for me, because I still feel like a teenager!
You see a lot of 80s stuff for sale in antique shops.
I can handle the '80's being treated as nostalgia, but I don't think I can EVER get used to these kids today talking about Pearl Jam like it was ancient history. When the early and mid 1990's are looked at as being ultra old skool by the current youth culture, that's when you know there's no point in kidding yourself that the '80's are still hip or fresh.
I knew I was getting old when it dawned on me that I can remember very clearly, what was going on in the world back in 1982 and that was 20 years ago. Granted I was an extremely young elementary school child back in 1982, but still, I was fully concious and can remember vividly what was happening that year. Sigh.
Knight Rider just had it's 20th Anniversary. Next year it will be 20 years for The A-Team and Punky Brewster. Well it will be 19 years for Punky, but that's enough to make anyone who grew up back then and watched these shows in their original run feel geriatric.
My favourite Saturday morning cartoons were temporarily abandoned due to Challenger blowing up. An event my peers know very little about.
Sprite Lemonade used to be called LEED lemonade until about 1990 in Australia anyway...
You incite near violence upon mentioning that George 'The Animal' Steele and the Junk Yard Dog would tear apart the likes of The Rock and Triple H. Oh and in those days (did I just say that?) the wrestlers never had to give the fans any phoney attitude, we respected out of sheer terror..
Whenever I hear about shootings at schools, I am reminded of the fist fights that broke out in my high school in the 80s. I never saw anyone with a gun, even though our school had one of the worst records of bad behavior in the state.
I bet the vast majority people in the United States armed forces don't remember the '80's very well, or in some cases, not at all. Think about that, the bulk of the people defending your country can barely remember the '80's, if it all. I mean if most of the MEN and WOMEN in the military are born in the '80's and in that 18-22 range, then while they were around back then, they are likely not to remember most of the stuff that happened in the decade save for maybey a few cartoons. Not a thought that would make most of us feel like spring chickens that's for sure. Infact just typing all that made me feel awful. I think I need a drink.
I still remember being a kid back in the late '80's and how futuristic the year 1991 used to sound to me. Hell the whole 1990's used to sound very futuristic, it was the near future like in the movie "Robocop". But now the '90's are all the old school past, and the '80's are being treated as retro fun in the same way the '60's and '70's were for so many years.
Being a child and was taken to go see ET in theater's and then now when the re-release came out I was taking my younger daughter to go see it.
I always feel OLD when I see the former teenagers of the '80's, who are now in their 30's, insisting on practicing "clique maintenance", which is putting down the kids of the late '90's and present, as well as putting down the overall world of the late '90's and present, just to make their own little clique feel better. Yeah, you guys in your 30's just keep fooling yourselves and keep pretending like you didn't act as stupid as these kids do now. Those of us who are still in our 20's now and were children back in the '80's remember very clearly how the teenagers and early 20 somethings of the '80's acted. I had older brothers and sisters, and I remember how freaking wild and crazy the teenagers and young adults of the Eighties were. I hate to say this but you guys were probably 10 times worse then these kids today. But I know you'll never admit it.
Proof that we're all getting a little bit older...a VERY familiar face of the 1980s, Chevy Chase, who did the two greatest "Vacation" movies in the 1980s (the original and Christmas, European was ok), not to mention the stint @ Betty Ford, turned 59 today. Yikes, this makes me feel old. I grew up watching Chevy Chase in the 1980s!
The Dust On My Tape Collection, My Slap And Bangle Bracelets...along With My Pink Huffy Bike Remind Me That Those Days Are Really Gone. And They've Been Gone For A Long Time. Our Generation Remembers How Scary The 'gremlins' Were, We Remember When The Incredible Hulk, Spider-man And Wonder Woman Were Real T.v. Shows With Real People. We Remember The Facts Of Life, 'v' And Knightrider. Magnum P.i. And The Dukes Of Hazard. We Remember When High-waters Were Cool, And The More Neon, The Better. It's Strange...i Was Walking Through The Mall Last Summer And I Saw A Young Girl With A "made In The 80's" Shirt On. And I Think That's When It Really Hit Me...i Was Born In The 70's. We Said The 'pledge Of Allegiance' Every Morning Before We Started School. I Know The Words To The National Anthem. I Loved 'tears For Fears' And I Thought Michael Jackson Was Cool. Make Up Was Tinkerbell With The Peel Off Nail Polish. I Just Don't Know Where The Time Went?? (and I Don't Mean Morris Day)
Ever since the year 2000 finally came, I've realized that the people in their 30's are looking younger and younger to me every year. Infact I know this has definately been true for all of us that spent our childhood back in the 1980's.
You guys think it's so bad that these kids can't remember the 1980's? Get real, try talking about the first half of the 1990's with these people. Hey NEWS FLASH to everyone here: To the undergrad kids I go to college with, anything that happened before 1997 is nothing but elementary and middle school nostalgia. I embarrasingly gave my age away one day in an economics class when I started talking about what I was doing in 1993 and didn't mention anything about being in an elementary class room or being out on a play ground playing with Power Rangers.
Ok - I must admit, this is the year that made me feel old. After looking at several magazines and realizing that certain fashion statements were making a comeback I got a little freaked out. Remember when we had jean jackets and purses (made of jean) and we had buttons (pins) all over them? I can remember Duran Duran, Culture Club, Michael Jackson, all sorts of them! I even had a necklace that was about 1 inch long and shaped like a glove with rhinestones in it! I guess the kicker is the E.T. re- release. I have the ORIGINAL album soundtrack (yes the record)in a box set with a pull out "poster" of Michael Jackson and E.T. And yes, I took my 5 year old to see it in the theater this year and cried like a baby the whole time!
Ralph Macchio, who played teenager Daniel LaRusso in "The Karate Kid", is now 41 years old. Michael J. Fox, also known as teenager Marty McFly and teenager Alex P. Keaton, is himself 41 years old. I grew up with Ralph and Mike as Daniel and Marty/Alex back in the 1980's, so it's very hard for me to believe that these two actors are now a couple of middle aged men.
It finally makes PERFECT SENSE to me why insurance companies are hard on us guys until we hit the age of 24. I used to always wonder why they picked 24 and not 21, 22 or 23. When I turned 24 I realized I was a mortal man and not some immortal demi-God like I thought I was before, and thus started driving a little more carefully and not as reckless as before. When you turn 24 and go into your mid 20's it hits you like a ton of bricks that 30 is only 5 or 6 years away. I mean I went from 18 to 24 in 6 years and that went by VERY FAST. So I'm really scared now, but age 24---yeah, that finally makes sense to me why the insurance people pick that age. I think 24 is the age everyone realizes, male or female, that they we are mortal beings that do GET OLD.
You saw the "Simpsons Christmas Special:Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire" in when it first aired December 1989, and you've seen the reruns many times since.
You can clearly remember when the "Simpsons" was really corny looking and sounding--especially Homer's voice. The animation was primitive, but now it looks and sounds much better--and its gotten funnier too! Not that it never was...
My age group was 6 and 7 years old in December 1989 when the pilot episode of "The Simpsons" premired on FOX. Now, we're all 19 and some are almost 20, and we're still "Simpsons" fans! It proves that it stands the test of time.
You can remember when the most controversial program on television was "The Simpsons," yet you can't remember anything from the 90s.
You remember when FOX was a fledgling network, and how shows like "The Simpsons," "In Living Color," and Married with Children" saved the network. Now, the fledgling network is UPN, and we all know the only thing holding them up is "Enterprise," which I won't even begin to watch.
You saw the pilot for "The Wonder Years" in 1988 and you've seen it again in syndication (it now airs on ABC Family) in recent times.
You realize that they don't make many "family values" sitcoms like "Family Ties" and "Cosby," or nostalgic dramas like "The Wonder Years" like they used to.
You remember when Kevin Arnold first kissed Winnie Cooper on "The Wonder Years."
Watching the kids you used to babysit for graduate from high school.... having someone ask you "Who's Richard Dreyfuss?"... telling people about the ban on slap bracelets... Cabbage Patch kids costing an arm and a leg to buy and their horses (which is still in my parents' attic) which now cost next to nothing.... jelly shoes... watching Cheers and The Cosby Show on TV Land... my mother refusing to get our Atari fixed, hence never getting any other sort of game system.... remembering the ORIGINAL Goonies with the octopus already in the film without having to go buy the DVD... watching the He-Man & She-Ra Christmas Special... telling kids that Power Rangers were a rip off of Voltron... being the only person in a room of over 100 who knew the theme song from Dallas... singing Def Leppard's Pour Some Sugar On Me in the back of the bus on the way to/from school.... having kids tell me they were born after 1990.... watching Knight Ride & The A-Team every Saturday afternoon as a family tradition.... being the only person who cheered when someone announced they had attended a Styx/REO Speedwagon concert... having someone next to me think that the MacGuyver theme was the theme from ER... seeing a very small selection of cassette tapes in the music stores... hearing "Who's Downtown Julie Brown?", "Remote Control...isn't that a part for your TV?"... watching The West Wing thinking that's the bad boyfriend from Adventures in Babysitting!
If you mention "The Transformers" to the kids around today, they only know about that stupid Beast Wars cartoon. Hardly any of these kids know of the Generation 1 series from the '80's. Beast Wars sucks anyway. Who wants to see Optimus Prime turn into some kind of ape? And Megatron transforms into a rat? Please.
When the children and young teens of today think "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" was strictly a '90's cartoon, but you remember watching the show when it first started in the '80's.
I don't think I'll ever get used to stuff like New Kids on the Block, Debbie Gibson, Paula Abdul, Bon Jovi, and Milli Vanilli being called "retro". I remember all that when it happened the first time around. Well maybey I can handle it happening to Milli Vanilli, those guys were a joke.
The '80's? A lot of kids today treat the '90's, yes even the late '90's, as being really really old school.
The Class of 1992 just had our 10 year high school reunion. I'm still not used to being this old. Yeah I know, by the time I get used to it, I'll be even older.
I'll tell you what makes me feel old---When I was in junior high in the late '80's, I remember very clearly teachers lecturing us on how things in the world were so much better back in the '50's and '60's and how back in those days children were safe to go out and play and they didn't have to lock their doors at night or anything like that. They'd also insist on telling us how well mannered and respectful kids were to the adults of the time. Most of the teachers and parents would talk about how awful things were in the then present of 1988, 1989 how rotten us kids were and how the '80's were all glitzy MTV style and so little substance. To them we were the worst kids that ever walked God's green Earth. And for them the '60's had music that meant something and lyrics that were about something while the '80's were a soulless corporate abomination. Since none of us 12, 13 year old 7th graders in 1989 were around in the '50's, '60's or even much of the '70's, we couldn't disprove any of the adults utopia nonsense and took their word that it was really that perfect and holy back in those days. Fast forward to 2002, well these days you see a lot of us that were growing up back in the 1980's (especially the slightly older crowd that actually graduated high school sometime in the Eighties) say the EXACT SAME stuff, except instead of the '60's, people talk about how great it all was in the '80's and how terrible the world is in the '90's and 2000's. I got to tell all of you, I never thought anyone around my age or of my generation would spout out that same utopia B.S., and things like that make me feel like a real old timer. Who would have thought that Generation Xers would start acting just like our Baby Boomer parents?
I just saw 1989's "Batman" with Michael Keaton on the American Movie Classics channel. Jeez louise I remember seeing that movie when it came out in the theater for the first time in the Eighties.
Nick at Nite is already airing one series from the 1990's. It's "Coach". And you thought it was bad seeing '80's shows on Nick at Nite.
This one doesn't have to do directly with the Eighties, but it will make anyone who grew up in the '80s and/or '90's feel VERY old. Be warned that you will feel beyond old after you hear this story. This year in 2002 my younger cousins graduated high school and I was at their graduation party and made a comment about a 2001 Weird Al Yankovic song that mentioned singer Eddie Vedder. Everyone one these kids, every one of them, asked me who Eddie Vedder was. Seriously. Anyway after I explained to them that Vedder was the lead singer of the 1990's grunge band Pearl Jam, (like that was such a long time ago or something!) one of them said, "Oh yeah I heard about those guys". I couldn't believe it. I just could not believe it. I'd more then perfectly understand if these kids didn't know Eighties icons like Eddie Van Halen, Bon Jovi, Axel Rose and/or groups like Guns N' Roses,...but not knowing Eddie Veddder and Pearl Jam? We are talking about the '90's here, and these kids of the class of 2002 had no idea who Eddie Vedder was and only the vaguest notion of Pearl Jam. I had to remind myself that they were in elementary school still learning to read and write during Pearl Jam's heyday in the early-mid '90's, and perhaps the Power Rangers held more appeal to these kids then whatever was being played on the radio. Puts things into perspective about how old us Generation Xers have gotten doesn't it? It's official, we Xers are NOT in control of the youth culture anymore.
There are kids in junior high (ok ok MIDDLE SCHOOL!) now that weren't even ALIVE during the 1980's. Yes the 6th, 7th, and I think 8th graders of today were born in the '90's. I was born in the '70's and I know what I used to think of the '60's. Chew on that thought.
i remember when all i wanted for Xams was flourescent slouch slocks and too watch thundercats all day whilst drooling over jason Donovan. And i was sooo cool when i got my Atari with 2 yes 2 joysticks and PONG!
I've been watching "America's Funniest Home Videos" since the late '80s. Sad thing is, I still remember the Bob Saget era too well.
You know you're feeling old when you think the older male actors of the 1980s are looking good to you. Case in point, I'm almost 20 and I think Tom Selleck during "Magnum PI" is good-looking, and he's in his late 50s!
I remember when EVERYONE and their kid sister had a "Baby On Board" sign in their window. My mom even had the "Twins on Board" sign. Now, every time I see a bumper sticker that says "DRIVE CAREFULLY...THIS IS MY MOMMY (DADDY/GRANDMA/GRANDPA)!", I have nostalgia moments.
I just saw "Scooby-Doo" this weekend (rent it if you haven't seen it--it's a GREAT movie!!)when 2 weird thoughts occured to me when I saw this. 1)The actors in the movie (Freddie Prinze Jr., Sarah Michelle Gellar, Matthew Lillard, and Linda Cardellini) were only kids in the 1980s, when Scooby-Doo cartoons in reruns were popular. 2)I remembered that dumb "A Pup Named Scooby Doo" cartoon from 1988 that was really unwatchable, and did no justice to the original series.
I think it's definately true that we as an entire generation knew our day as keepers of the youth culture was up, or perhaps knew it was rapidly coming to an end, once the Millenium came. I know I started to feel really old for the very first time in my life when the year 2000 actually happened and I moved into my mid 20's. When you consider that the very oldest Generation Xers that were born in 1965 turned 35 in 2000, yeah collectively we all certainly got older.
Enthusiastically proclaiming your old crush on Billy Idol and having a (current) high school student ask you, "Who's that?"
Remembering M.C. Hammers lookalike bright pants being sold at flea markets. How bright and wacky they were. I think they were called parachute pants bec. they were so baggy and had the elastic band on the end of the pants.
When you hear "Hungry Like the Wolf" from Duran Duran as musak in the elevator........
I really started to feel old when I received the notice for my 20-year high school reunion, which will be held in November of THIS YEAR! It sort of makes me feel old, but then I realize that I'm one of the youngest 38 year-olds that I know! All of my friend's moms growing up seemed so frumpy and mom-like; I still feel so young and hip! Of course, it will be fun to go to the reunion to see who got bald and fat.....!
The worst thing in the world to realize is that this all just get WORSE. Feeling old and getting older while the kids coming out of high school get younger and younger, man it all just gets worse and keeps getting worse. It's not like this is a bad dream or something temporary that will go away. We're in this forever and this only gets worse, and that is a terrible thing to think about. Just when you feel that you've gotten used to the 18 and 19 year old kids born in 1983, you realize that the kids currently in middle school were born in 1991. Gawd, I'll never get used to kids born in the '90's.
Getting my 20th High School Reunion notice in the mail!!!! Sheesh, I still feel so young (even though my oldest daughter is almost 12!), and I still think 38 is a young age, but the realization that I've been out of high school for 20 YEARS has finally hit me! I'm definitely going, though, if only to see how folks have changed, and if the popular cliques are still all stuck together, etc!
I remember playing Asteroids on Atari and thinking that it was so cool. Now you see a game that simple and think how lame it looks. Tempest and Joust (remember the ostriches that had eggs when you hit them?) were my favorite games at the arcade. The thing we did for fun in the 80's was to go to the roller skating rink. Remember 'couples skate only'? If you weren't out there skating with some cutie, it made you feel like a real loser. But, most of all, I remember saying the Pledge of Allegiance every morning before class. Nobody made a big deal about their kids saying "under God". Makes me sad how things have changed. We have lost sight of the fact that we should be PROUD to say the Pledge of Allegiance, and it doesn't have anything to do with whatever god, if any, a person worships. When did everyone get so hung up on things??!!
I just got Comcast Digital Cable today (Comcast of Toms River, NJ). Anyways, there is a channel devoted to old Nickelodeon game shows, an 80s music station, Classic VH1 (80s videos), and a new wave music station. I was watching Double Dare, and it was from 1987. I felt instantly old, since I used to watch Double Dare all the time!
Does anyone remember a game show called "Finders Keepers," or "I'm Telling"?? If you do, we can feel old together!
I was watching an episode of "Quantum Leap" last Friday night, and the episode ("Moments to Live") took place in 1985. Two things made me feel instantly old after watching the episode: when Sam (Scott Bakula) tries to call on the pay phone, it costs him 25 cents, and when he dials for help, Al (Dean Stockwell) tells him that there wasn't 911 in 1985--you had to call the operator and be connected to the police. Yikes, pay phones cost 35 cents now, and 911 is firmly established. I felt old right then!
A frightening thought for me as a 26 year old, is knowing that people in their early 40's are now my equals. The people in very early middle age are no longer old enough to be my parents, and I can't use the term "older adults" to describe them anymore. Infact that crowd is closer to my age then they are to my parents who are in their late 50's/early 60's. That for me, very disturbing.
You keep telling your cousin's kids "when I was your age" stories and you think that you're sounding more and more like your grandmother everyday.
Seeing the Jimmy Neutron (balloon?) in the 2001 Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.
The first Ghostbusters movie is 18 years old, and the sequel is 13 years old.
I turned 20 on October 19th. 'Nuff said.
All last week, I was falling asleep with my TV on late at night (I usually go to bed at 1 am on school nights). One morning last week, my mom commented that I must be getting old because I don't stay awake quite as late some nights as I was always able to. I reminded her that I was only 19, but she DECIDED she needed to remind me that I was almost 20. Thanks mom. I now feel old because of you!
Horror movies of recent years don't necessarily pack any sort of punch that fazes me, yet "Pet Sematary," an 80s horror flick, terrified me.
For our generation, "playing" didn't mean playing video games, it meant actually venturing out the back door and doing something outside.
My mom's photo albums of me and my brother's pictures, from newborn to about 5 yrs. old, put together between 1982 and 1988, are now yellowing. My mom since bought new albums, but the pictures are aged-looking. That's enough to make me feel old.
You can remember a time when everyone and their brother did not own a cell phone...
We find ourselves criticizing the lifestyles of today's youth. We're like, "We didn't do it that way when WE were teenagers!"
When I talk about cartoons like Teddy Ruxpin, Ewoks, My Little Pony, She-Ra and He-man, Jem and the holograms, and realize that they are no longer on air. Have, in fact been gone for quite a while. And think "they were so much better than what we have now"
The look people give me when I say that I still watch my "Goonies" and "PeeWee's Big Adventure" videos.
Walking into a "vintage store" and finding my hot pink "RAD" shirt less bright and at $45 bucks.
I dont get excited about new video games anymore with "better graphics". Id rather just enjoy my NES with tetris. Now how can you improve that?
I am 21. I knew I was old when I came to the realization that I was searching these 80s websites for Halloween costume ideas. Not really because I wanted a refresher on the style, but more because I have thought of about every excuse for feeling old that is on the list AND I remember when I dressed up as a hippie because it was so old and funny. Now I am doing that to my beloved 80s.
Listening to 80s music and having a teenager ask me who the artist is because it was before she was born.....that makes me feel old. And, the clothes I wore as a child that I hated are now the new fashion.
The bigger stuffed Care Bears in American Greetings Stores are appealing.
Funny, when I mention "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure" to anyone around my age, we all just kinda sigh and collectively feel old together. Wow.
I can remember when computers were no biggie, and my elementary school didn't start teaching us how to use them until 3rd grade (for me, that was 1991). today, 2-year old kids are playing computer games to learn math, while we were mesmerized by programs like Sim City and Kid Pix!!!!
The kids today aren't fazed by disasterous elements on video games, yet my 6th grade class (in 1995) cheered when Godzilla attacked a city on the original "Sim City," the epitome of all 80s kids video games!
Remember the days when their was no World Wide Web? And the days when the internet was not as easily accessible to the public? Why back in my day of the 1980's, (and even most of the 90's) only the military, some colleges/universities, and a few office buildings were hooked up to the internet. And back in my day, anyone who said "www" had a stuttering problem. And that's the way it was back in the 80's and most of the 90's,....and we liked it dammit!
My best friends daughter graduating from high school and the kids at our old school looking at me like I'm an (ackkkkk) adult. also looking at an 80's web page full of reasons why I should feel old helps a lot. lol.
Myself and my 9 year old girl were on a jet flight, and she had the airline's headphones on. I asked her what she was listening to. she said "The Beatles" and handed me the headset. I listened and replied, "Honey, that's the Beach Boys." she blithely took the set and said, "Whatever, it's all the same." I fear ther's no hope for her....
When I heard Michael Jackson's "Rock with You" on the oldies station that I turn to for my daily Beatles fix. It also makes me feel old that my boyfriend and I are doing an 80's theme for Halloween and I have most of the wardrobe still buried away in the closet. (I'm lying... I still wear some or at least would like too!!!) It also makes me feel old when my sister's friends come over (definitely 80's children too) and they are wearing the clothes and MULLETS that all my younger friends make fun of... it's like 'totally tubular' and 'I pity the fool' who doesn't know how 'awesome' and 'bodacious' the 80's really were. So to all those teeny boppers out there 'take a chill pill' and 'gag me with a spoon'!!! Psyche... and just one more thing, 'smooth move exlax'.
One of my profs in college who looked to be in his mid-late 30's was saddened by the tragic death of Jam Master Jay of Run-DMC. I'm 27, and only myself and about 4 or 5 other people in our class of 60 knew who Run DMC were. The 18-21 year olds in the class were like "Huh? Who were they? Did they come out before M.C. Hammer and Vanilla Ice in the early 90's?" Well me and the other children of the 80's explained to these dumb kids that Run DMC were the pioneers of hip hop and the first mainstream rap group. But we might as well have been talking about Elvis and the Beatles to these kids. This one 18 year old girl was so stupid, she actually thought Michael Jackson invented hip hop!
Since the beginning of the new millennium my favorite oldies station started playing 80's songs too. Great. The next thing is when my friends are making fun out of those cacadoo-look hairdos and padded shoulders when passing through old issues of Bravo! (that's a German teen-magazine that started in 70's and is kind of a cult in nearly whole Europe). They just say, God! look at those hairdos and I usually approve although I don't really get what's wrong with them.
I was watching "JAG" a few weeks ago with my mom, and I noticed something, that made me feel old immediately. When I saw that Bud Roberts was played by Patrick Laborteaux, who played a buffed jock in both "Summer School" and "Heathers" (two goodies), I was like "Wow! He got FAT!" Then I realized how old those movies are and just shut up right there.
OH God! Anyone feels old when they can remember when 'Snickers' bars were called 'Marathon', or when 'Capri-Sun' was new. I remember 'Neighbours' when it was first on in the '80s (including the original theme tune), and the various bands I listen to are treated with distain/confusion by anyone more than a year older than me. Also, the Classic Car magazines are full of my favourite '80s cars - I can remember when they pretty much drew the line at the mid '70s. The scariest thing of all, though, is the fact that I'm only 19.
I was born in 1977 and this year was the first that cars made in that year can be considered classics.
Ralph Macchio, the great Karate Kid himself, is 41 today. That makes us all feel just a little bit older right now.
Does anyone remember "Out of Control"?? If you do, we can all feel old together!
I can remember when CDs were new and videos were ludicrously expensive - now they're positively giving them away since DVDs came in. I can remember getting our FIRST video player/recorder. A load of kids shows I grew up with have become weird adult cults. What'll really get you is if you can remember when Formula 1 racing cars looked different - when Benneton-Ford, McLaren-Honda and Lotus won all the time and Ferrari weren't very good. If you can remember Gerhardt Berger, Nigel Mansell, Ayrton Senna, Mario Andretti, Alain Prost and Emerson Fittipaldi, you're damn old. Can you remember when Damon Hill, Michael Schumacher and Mikka Hakkinen were new to the sport? Two of them have retired now. And I'm still only 18.
Wang Chung's "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" gets me more revved up than any current party songs do.
I came to the realization that a better majority of guys in 80s Teen flicks were all pimply with crooked teech, while the guys of today's teen flicks have nice teeth and clear skin. When did Clearasil come into existence, and where braces unpopular in the 80s?
Can you remember when Airwolf was the fastest and smoothest helicopter out there. When Nikes were just Nikes, without the Air 80-83 NBA without Jordan. The GE Walkman that was as big as a VCR, not to mention the the introduction of VHS. Please lord bring the 80's back. Slick Rick, Run DMC (rest in peace Jay), Africa Bambada, LL, and Moe Dee, do I miss it? You're damn right.
I'll tell you what made me feel old, one day when my best friend and I went to the movie store, We asked a teenager working at the store if he had the movie "St. Elmos Fire"? and he turned and looked at us and said "who stars in it? I've never heard of that one" My best friend and I just busted out laughing. But in reality we felt pretty old
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! -Also, Michael Douglass and the Sheens in Wall Street.
I was watching an episode of one of the newer shows and they had taken their daughter to see Blink 182 in concert, they had mentioned it was much better than back in the day when they went to State Fairs to see REO Speedwagon and Journey... I laughed hysiterically and felt sooo old.
Every time someone mentions the World Hockey League and the Indianapolis Racers' up and coming star---Wayne Gretzky, who now owns Team Canada!
You remember growing up in the 80's, the most magical decade of sports. Especially concerning basketball. For instance you remember vividly the Showtime L.A. Lakers and the Larry Bird Boston Celtics. Back in the day you could put money on Magic, Kareem, Worthy, Scott, and Cooper going up against Bird, Mchale, Parish, Johnson and Ainge nearly every year. You clearly remember Kareem's sky hook. You remember Dr. J retiring. You remember Isiah Thomas, Joe Dumars and the Bad Boys from Detroit. You remember when Magic willed himself to repeat over Isiah. And you remember when people said that no good gold chain wearing young punk Michael Jordan would never win an NBA championship, because all he does is score and he isn't the leader that Magic and Larry are.
You used to feel kinda old around people born in 1980, but hey now you realize that people born in 1980 aren't that bad afterall. When you got teenagers running around born in 1988, and pre-teens on the net born in 1992, it suddenly dawns on you that people born in 1980 really aren't much younger then you.
I was baby-sitting for my parent's friends 2 children (7 yrs. old and almost 5 yrs. old). Their son, the 5 yr old, was playing "Crazy Taxi," and the cool graphics made me feel incredibly old, because I used to get excited playing on my old Nintendo with the ancient 8-bit graphics. Oh boy...
I felt old when I was surfing through a Yahoo group and saw Pamela Anderson listed as an "MILF". I laughed at that and instantly felt old, because those of us that were teenagers back in 1995 or so--back during the height of Baywatch would never have considered Pamela Anderson as an MILF because she was within 10 or 11 years of our age and wasn't even close to being old enough to be considered a "mom" in our eyes. But for the teenagers today in 2002, Pamela Anderson is now about 33 or 34 years old, so yeah I guess from their point of view they think of her as old enough to be a "hot mom". LOL. I bet the kids today think Debbie Gibson and Tiffany as old enough to be an MILF, after all they both have to be about 32 now. I can only imagine what it will be like when the day comes that teenage boys think of women my age like Sarah Michelle Gellar or Jennifer Love Hewitt as an MILF. LOL.
The 1990's are definately nostalgia to all the children of the world, and to most teenage kids out there as well. So just try talking about the 80's to them and see what kind of reaction you get.
You go into HMV (record store, I don't know whether you have it in the US), and ask for a band from the 80s, to which you get something upon the lines of "they must be getting on a bit now", "haven't they split up", "one of them's dead now", "that'll be under 'general'". You find that the store staff will have mis-filed a lot of stuff; ie you'll find Whitesnake and Guns 'n' Roses under 'pop'. One advantage of this, of course, is that all your favourite CDs are now $5.99 each. (Make that $6). Now, the majority of my collection seems to be from 1984-1988
I would have to say that a huge thing growing up was the WWF. I still remember watching the match between Ricky the Dragon steamboat and the Machoman Randy Savage when the Machoman jumped off of the top rope and came down on the Dragon's throat with the bell... Not to mention the first 5+ Wrestlemania's. A little while ago, I made a list of the WWF wrestlers that I remembered from my era of watching ('84 to '91) and came up with too many to put here, but these websites are money.
I was in walmart not to long ago and i saw a kid he was about 15 0r 16 and he was holding an arubix cube anh he and his friend couldn't figure out what you were supposed to do with it, I can remember spending about a week trying to figure the damn thing out and now the kids who buy them go on the web and figure out how to do it in about 5 min.
I was shopping with my 12 year old neice, she said 'Antie Pooh this is so cool, can I get it?' It was a "Madonna Wanna-be 80's skirt with the lace at the bottom, I had one just like it when I was 12. Now that made me feel old!
I feel old whenever these kids today think something from the early 1990's like Fresh Prince of Bel-Air were the 80's. I always thought the differences b/w the early 90's and the actual 80's were were plainly obvious. Plainly obvious to those of us that knew the entire decade of the 80's anyway. If you can easily tell the difference between 1990-1991/'92 and the real 1980's, then you know you're not the spring chicken you used to be.
I guess today's kids look at 33-rpm record albums like we looked at those old 78-rpm records. That would make us feel old, as well.
I think a lot of us here are really angry, especially those of us that were literal children back in the 80's because were falsely led to believe by the media that all the technology and modern living that we grew up with in the 80's and 90's would somehow magically keep us from suffering the same cruel fate that awaits every mortal human being. We were a bunch of young punks and slackers that thought we were so damn cool in late 20th century, but we were nothing special afterall, just another generation passing through humanity. I'm 26 years old, and while I enjoy being an adult, I am not looking forward to being a "grown up" in the least bit. But sadly I know I am firmly on my way to being one. :(
I first started to feel old in 1999. Some of it had to do with the youth pop culture changing in that year with all the teeny pop such as Britney Spears and N'Sync. But I know a lot of me feeling old had to do with the new group of kids that were born in the '80s (Generation Y) that started emerging in 1999 with their own views of the 1980s and the first half of the '90s. '99 was when I first heard about the '80s being called "retro" and hearing about '80s themed dances and '80s fashion days being done at schools and what not. Before 1999 I never heard about such things. It was then in '99 that I knew that the '80s were no longer recent enough to still be cool, but now old enough to be called "retro". And since the retro label applied to the whole decade, not just the early and middle part, but also the late '80s and probably the early 1990s too, I started to feel positively ancient. I was 25 in 1999.
I'm a fan of the "Scooby-Doo" movie that came out this year, and I used to watch the late 60s-early 70s cartoon during the 80s. What makes me feel old is that there is a NEW Scooby cartoon on the WB now. Wow.
The telephones we used as teenagers still had cords attached to them! And some of us even used those now-nearly-obsolete rotary dial phones!!
Ok, this is up to interpretation. I was baby-sitting about 2 Saturdays ago (11/9/02). I was talking with the 7-year old girl, who I have mentioned before as making me, the baby-sitter, feel old. Well, we were talking about the game show "Double Dare." I mentioned how it is an old game show, knowing there was a revival about 2 years ago of the same concept. Still following? Good. Well, when I mentioned the original, not the revival, she goes "Oh ok! I like Double Dare 2000." I said, "There's an older version of it too." She then says "Double Dare 2000 is old." Oh no. Then, she asks, "But is the old one as old as you, Allison?" Oh no, not only did I feel absolutely DATED at that point, she added fuel to the fire and ASKED me if the "old" one was as old as me! I just checked Internet Movie Database, and the original series began on October 6, 1986, which is actually 13 days before my birthday. I was almost 4 then. Oh god, is 20 old? Does anyone else feel old over this story?
I'm 28 and feel old when I read this board and see that kids born in the 80's now feel old. I was born in 1974...UHHHHHHHHHHHH
I am technically a child of the 80's (b. 1985) and I remember things like Coke II, Wayne's World, Muppet babies, Maserati Biturbos, those corny Blow-Pop commercials, smurfs. I am not old, but i do recall things like the original Thundercats, He-Man, Captain Planet, and when the cool toys were those radio control hovercrafts, you know just plain, basic fun, none of that new age computerized, electronic toy crap that little kids now play with. I was raised on simple things like those plastic donuts that you stack (baby toys), not electronic gizmos that hook up to the internet. That's the problem with today, in order to have fun, you have to go on the internet. I am proud of the 80's and am not ashamed, embarrassed, or considered weird when i mention things from the 80's. I am actually old enough to remember those Apple IIe's with the external 5.25" drive and the Black-and-green monitor. I can't help myself but I have to say it; Those were the days. BTW does anyone remember when there weren't a thousand brands of water, There was actually a candy bar called a Mars Bar. Sad, weird news: 7up is making a new drink called dnL (7up upside down) does anybody remember that little red dot character from 7up, or even The California Raisins?
I was driving around with my 11 year old cousin and we came across a roadblock. I joked with him that if KITT (from Knight Rider) were here we could simply turbo boost over everything and land on the other side street. The kid said, "Whose KITT and what's a turbo boost?" Talk about makin' a guy feel old.
Hardly any of these teenagers nowadays know who Punky Brewster or Mr. T were!! And they think ALF is just the 10-10-2-20 salesmen!
You know one day all you guys in your 20's that keep saying you feel old will look back at this list and realize what a bunch of whiny, good for nothing young punks you all were/are. That will happen the day you really do become OLD and look back on all these silly comments about feeling old you people keep posting here. And the vast majority of you here seem to be under the age of 35. In my opinion, I don't think anyone under 35, or probably anyone under 40 really, has any buisness whatsoever to complain about "feeling old". I'm 42, I was born in 1960 and spent the entire 1980's in my 20s, so I'm sure I know the decade a lot more intimately then most of you guys. And I certainly don't consider myself old.
I'm a 25 year old Child of the 80s (I was a literal young child back then) and yeah I admit I think about being a 30 year old a lot. I can see it on the horizon, creeping up behind me in the rear view mirror. There's no way around being a "grown up" and the change in social status that happens when you reach that age. It seems you're an adult from 18-29, but 30 demands you to be a crusty old, untrustworthy, grown up. I'm Chinese and in our culture we call people over that age "uncles and aunties". It sucks, but I guess it's life.
Seeing Guns n Roses on the 2002 MTV Awards!! I remember seeing Axl in skin-tight pants, no shirt, bike pants, and of course that he's this pudgy middle aged guy in baggy clothes...still kind of cute but noticably OLDER!
I went to a store last year and asked a worker for Underoos since they are coming back in for kids and they had no idea what i was talking about
I was born in the 70's, and I too feel old when I see these kids (heh, they're not even kids anymore!) born in the early 80's complaining about feeling old. And I just want to scream when I see a teenager born in the mid 80's saying they feel old. In my opinion, if you're 23 or under, then you really have no buisness to complain about feeling old. If you're 24 and up, then you have the right to say you feel old. Because 24 is when you realize you only have a measley 6 years left till being a 30 year old, and 24 is usually the age everyone realizes that they are losing touch with the youth culture. So all you guys 23 and under, just shut up about feeling old. Seriously, just shut up till you at least get to 24, and let us real geezers vent about feeling old. Anyways, us over 23 year olds are usually feelin' old because of you guys born in the 80's. lol
I'm 26, and I still can't get used to how close I am to being a 30 year old. Even at 26, when I hear or read someone say they are 30, I start to automatically think about how old they are and how they must be a crusty old grown up fart that can't take loud music or whatever. And they're only 4 years older then me! They were the high school seniors when I was in 8th grade!!
I'm 25, and I'm not worried about being 30 as much as I am worried about waking up one day and realizing that I am actually OLDER then 30. When I get to 31, I'll just be that much closer to being middle aged.
I don't like how life is mapped out for us ahead of time. It's like we have so little choice in leading our leaves. You go from 15 to 25 over night. By then you probably have gotten through some kind of school, while you have a quarter life crisis and fear 30, then get a job--get a mortage, then get a wife and 2 kids, and maybey a dog and cat to go with it all. Then go through a mid life crisis,--go bald---get old and then go somewhere and die. I hate that. It's all so....boring.
I was born in 1985 and so were most of my friends, and whenever i say something like "ooh, remember Fraggle Rock!?!?!" they're like "What???" and i'm like "how do you NOT know it?" It's crazy how i know more about the 80's than my friends do.
You remember those cheap little black and white TV's with the huge knobs that were still around in the 80's.
Being 23 and remembering the hypercolor t-shirts and the neon craze. When photocopiers only had one color....PURPLE.
Biologically speaking, you are at least old enough to be the parent of some kid born in the late 80's. Biologically of course, not socially.
It's 2002 and I'm still wondering where the all hoverboards, flying cars, Mr. Fusions, and Nikes that lace themselves are? Ok that doesn't happen till Doc takes the DeLeorean to 2015, but still. And let's hope that the Autobot Matrix of Leadership is around when the planet eater Unicron arrives with Galvatron and the Decepticons in 2005.
I'd definately say it's time to feel like a geezer if you can vividly remember that 80's 80's time. If you vividly remember stuff from 1980 to 1987 then you know you got a little older. These kids born in the 80's think they really know the decade because they can remember what happened when they were 3 years old on December 31, 1989. That's like some kid born in 1994 insisting they know the 90's because they remember Britney Spears, N'SYNC and Pokemon from December 31, 1999.
I just want to say that I also thought that "retro" parties or other events with "retro" infront of it were only done for decades like the 50s and 60s. Even when it was done for the 70s during the 90s I felt a little bad,....and I was born in the 70s! Seeing retro parties and/or dress up days done for the 80s is bizzare.
I was born in the early 70's so I remember every bit of the 80's and frankly, I miss the way entertainment or rather movies and music back then. It was all about fun and breaking out of that shell. I can watch those movies a hundred times and watch them again and still enjoy them. BUT, we are not talking about that. When was the first moment I felt old? I was watching some program in the middle of the night (you know late night TV)lol anyway this infomercial comes on wanting to sell get this classic rock. Ok, my idea of classic rock is 60's and 70's you know Hendrix, zepplin, NOT freaking Ratt, Motley Crue, Skid row. That was the first time I felt old, I was so upset I called my mother. She of course laughed at me and says "well it happens to the best of us." Pathetic I know. LOL ;>
You remember being ticked off when Coy and Vance replaced Bo and Duke on "The Dukes of Hazzard". The show was never the same after that.
You remember how cool it was just to have a computer with a color monitor!
You actually remember Duran Duran's "Rio" album and the video for the song from way back in 1982. Gosh, 20 years ago! That video was so freaking cool back then, but unfortunately it looks really cheesy and dated now.
You remember when 80's heavy metal groups/artists like Judas Priest and Ozzy Osbourne were considered a bad influenced on the youth of America. These days Ozzy is so mainstream he's being invited to White House diners. Isn't this the same mad man that urinated on the Alamo and bit the head off a bat?
You remember when Nike Air shoes were brand new.
I felt old when I saw the new "little people" They are not little people. They have arms and legs. I remember when little people had no arms and legs and if you put them in your mouth you chooked on them. Now the liitle people are Chuby PC looking. Oh what happened to my little people toys.
You're old enough to remember that Mr. T never said "I pity the fool!" on The A-Team. That line came from Rocky III.
So many of these late 90's/early 00's teenagers keep putting down the 1980's and calling them "the ugly 80's" or something stupid like that. All the while these kids think they are so cool when they running around in their ugly ass bell bottoms, platform shoes and other stupid 70's clothes that they found at the Salvation Army. These kids have no idea how we 80's kids were MORTIFIED by the 1970's during the 80's. You couldn't even give 70's clothes away to be burned in the 80's. These kids don't realize that the basic casual dress around now is still an 80's style anyway. A t-shirt with jeans and sneakers? That's dressing 80's.
In my 2 years in the 80's, I don't remember much but I do remember post 80's stff like Captain Planet and Power Rangers. Some of the 80's stuff I liked was Rainbow Brite. I hated tube socks and polka dot my mother made me wear. Just thinking back on it makes me cringe. eww!!
This isn't 80s---but you can now order Nirvana CDs through a 1-800 number. Nirvana is 90s and it seems like yesterday they were so raw and cutting edge, and when 90s music starts be advertised on 1-800 numbers late at night, it doesn't bode well for the status of the 80s.
I just saw Debbie Gibson's "Shake Your Love" video on VH1. Boy has it aged badly. This was the ultimate cool video back in 1987 or whenever, but now it looks like a g*d d*mn neon nightmare. I mean there is neon just thrown around everywhere. Lots of 80s videos are guilty of going overboard with the neon.
You remember those little pink MUSCLE MEN toys.
You actually remember the names those low quality syndicated sitcoms that were around in the mid-late 80s like "Small Wonder", "Out of This World" and "Charles in Charge".
You realize with horror that you can now remember when people over 35 were hip and cool teenagers back in the early-mid 80's, and people in their early 40's were super cool 20 somethings.
The cast of "The Goonies" are all over the age of 30.
I miss the days when the crusty old fart decades were the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Now it's the 80s, and quickly becoming the 90s too. Getting older SUCKS.
2000's====Generation Xers born from 1970 to 1980 dealing with issues of feeling old, losing youth, and no longer being the punk kids, brats, and slackers we were in the 80's and 90's. Hey we had to become the grown ups you couldn't trust sooner or later.
You remember when the "sleeper hold" was a brand new type of wrestling move.
At the college I go to, anytime I start talking about things I did before the late 1990s, say 1997/1998, I automatically give my age away. Most of these kids didn't even START high school till 1996 or '97.
You at least started to go through puberty (or were well in the middle of it) by the late 80's.
Reading over these comments, it's amazing how many of them I can relate to. The world has never been the same for me since 2000, I turned 24 that year and I'm glad I'm not the only one who marks the changing of the Millenium as a growing up rite of passage for many in our generation. It seemed like for us life was one way in the 80's and most of the 90's, that life being that of being like "kids". And in the post 2000 years, it's been another, more adult life and learning with sad dismay that generation gaps can actually run two ways and youth is temporary.
Hearing a "retro pop station" advertise itself as playing music "from the eighties and early nineties"... a sharp contrast from the 80s, when "mix" stations like WMIX played music from the "sixties, seventies, and eighties"
Discovering that according to the Killer List of Videogames, there is only one machine of one of your favorite 80s video games (Rally Bike) left in the entire United States of America for public use!
When you meet kids born in 1990 or after. Those kids weren't even alive in the 80s!!
Im 25 and I'm starting to feel old. I have realized that I've been out of high school for nearly 8 years. I have also caught myself saying " When I was your age " to younger kids. When did I stop being a kid. I went from one day worshiping NKOTB to turning off the radio when that Justin Timberlake song comes on. Sometimes I still have these urges to look at teen magazines, but then I feel like I'm some kind of freak because Im 25 and I'm too old to read them.
For all that's sacred, I'm trying not to remember the neon nightmare videos!
I was bored one night and was looking up 80's stuff on Ebay. It's crazy to think my old Rainbow Brite, Cabbage Patch Kids, Care Bears, Gloworms, My Little Pony, etc. are all worth money now. I get annoyed when I see stores like Hot Topic (supposedly a "punk" store) selling shirts with these characters on it. I know I'm getting old because I get so annoyed when I see high school kids wearing these shirts. I don't know about you, but when I was little and these characters first came out, I would have been mortified to wear them on a shirt to school. They were ok to play with, but not to wear.
When you say, "Hey do you remember this...(insert movie, song, actor,etc)? and getting an answer of "Who?" from your 17 year old co-worker. Oh and the fact that the Care Bears are coming back and are 20 years old!!!! :)
Seeing 1987's movie The Princess Bride on video or on TV. I remember when that movie first came out in theaters when I was 4. I rememeber being so thrilled by the medieval setting.
I collect Care Bear stuff (keychains on my purse and book bag for college classes), but I don't think I would have actually worn the shirts. Maybe now, but not then.
Was just watching David Letterman, and he introduced his musical guest with, "they're one of the biggest bands in the world and they've been playing together for OVER 20 YEARS..." I expected The Rolling Stones or some other old geezer group to come out. But it was Bon Jovi on Letterman! I did the math and yeah, 20 years ago equals 1982. Bon Jovi has been playing together for that long and then some. And I hate to say this, but Bon Jovi does look like a middle age group still trying to be hip and cool.
Sean Astin, who played Mikey Walsh, the "unofficial leader" of The Goonies, is now a married father of two.
These young kids born in 1990 and beyond don't know who the original Ghostbusters were!! And for the love of God, they don't even know who Slimer is! It's just wrong not to know who Slimer is.
We has a snow day in New Jersey today (we got about 4-6 inches, but the roads were horrendous), so I had off of college today. I was watching the Nickelodeon Games and Sports Channel (Comcast Digital Cable channel 133, if anyone else gets Comcast Digital). Anyways, there was a game show on called "Think Fast," in which kids had to figure out how the picture clues were related to each other, and went on to the locker room round at the end, where they had to match the occupants of each locker. Damn, not only was the show dumb, but this black kid had an afro, and a girl had big hair. And this kids were ANNOYING!!! Were all 80s kids on game shows this aggravating??
Does no one remember vinyl?
I was born in 86 and I still remember Slimer and the Glow Worm I use to play with and My Little Pony. But I still remember these bright colored dangly ear rings that were shaped into neck ties.
This Christmas is all about nostalgia. I bought Scooby-Doo wrapping paper ($2.99 @ Target--great price!), as well as Winnie the Pooh wrapping paper, A big Care Bear (Funshine) for my boyfriend's 11-month old goddaughter, a Care Bear beanie (Friend) for one of my friends, a My Little Pony boxed keychain for a co-worker who LOVES My Little Pony, as well as a Scooby and Shaggy ornament for my boyfriend, a tin with three Strawberry Shortcake ornaments for my best friend, among the tons of other things I bought everyone else.
I went to see Kenny Loggins in concert the other night. (He was great!) I was going on and on to my friend about how I saw him in concert back in the 80s, before "Footloose" even came out. And my friend says, "That's, like, 20 years ago."
I remember how I took the Nickelodeon Studios tour @ Universal Studios, Orlando, FL in 1990, and stood on the "Double Dare" set. Now, I watch the show on Nickelodeon GAS and feel incredibly old when I realize that I have stood on that set.
Cabbage Patch Dolls cost $60 now. Remember when they were in high demand and still cost at least $30, and your parents had to hide the doll and lock the car when they got you one for Christmas that first year they were made?
You still have those Christmas Muppet Babies that McDonald's sold as a promotional item in 1988.
According to Ladies Home Journal, Care Bears are popular among Tweens. Tweens?! Oh come on, 22 year olds are gonna grab them before 11 year olds do!
All the bellbottoms(flares) the kids are wearing these days. Everywhere with fringe, embroidery, and even rocket inserts. I remember swearing I wouldn't be caught dead in them in the 80's "eww, how grody! They look so lame pegged!" Now I caught myself oggling a pair in the mall. Hiphuggers they were even. The SHAME!
I was born in 1984 and my brother in 82 I had big hear and he had a tail in the back of his head, I was devoted to My little poney rainblowbright popples care bears Smirfs woozles theMupet babys Snorckles punckey bruster pound puppys and strawberry shortcake. I owned a glow worm and an atarie. My brother watched heman and he had the power. We owned snap braclets and neon colored bycical shorts, and they were cool. I wore my hair in a sidee poney tail and thought the you cant do that on telavistion was riscue. The neetest thing in the world was a tape recorder and listend to new kids on the block. All and All the fact that all the stuff that was cool when I was a kid is makeing a come back scares me. these kids walk around with rainbow bright on there shirt and sure as anything they have never seen a single episode. But they are cool again. Walk into any tredy store and right there next to sponge bob is strawberry short cake. its scary that at 18 I feel old,but being retro cant be all bad. guess its time to break out my MC hammer lunch box and neon polcadoted shirts.
Even as recently as 1997, 1998, not everyone in America had a cell phone like now in 2002. In '98, a family had one cell phone, now every member of the family has their own cell phone. Now it's a don't leave home without it thing and we can't imagine not having a cell phone with us. And back in the 80's and even early 90's, cell phones were only for doctors, lawyers and the super rich. There are children around now that can't believe there was a time where not everyone had a cell phone.
So many stupid kids around now don't know that ALF is from the 80s. They think he was just made up for our commericials today.
My treasured "Cabbage Patch Kids" bed blanket that I've had since I was almost 3. I may have had to cut off the yellow satiny material that ran along one side of it, but if ANYONE even attempts to toss it, I'll scream. I'm 20, and that's just sad. And old.
i was born in '83 and my friends and i all had older cousins who emulate the 80's child thing better than we do. but i still remember having mountains of cabbage patch dolls and care bears underneath my christmas tree. i said "neato" and have documentation on home movies. I wore banana curls in my hair every day to school. but the thing that makes me feel really old is i talk to kids that don't remember the original SNICK on saturday nights; they have no clue what roundhouse and clarrissa explains it all are about. and no one else remembers zoobilee zoo on tlc. what has the world come to?
We are the new old school.
Chalk me up as another 20 something Gen Xer who grew up in the 80's and feels a lot older then I should be feeling at my age. Hey if we all feel this aged and bad now, can you imagine what it will be like when we get to 40, 50 or 60?
To see what has become of people I adored in the 80s makes me feel really old. Rob Lowe - former member of the brat-pack and bad boy of the 80s - has become a dedicated husband and father. Madonna is nowadays more housewife and mother than sex-symbol. And what about all the others? What has become of them?
You have this dire need to analyze every Christmas cartoon that airs on TV. Admit it. You do it too. And, as a result, you feel that much older.
I am a month from turning 21 (born in 1982) and I have said, "I'm so old" since I was 18. I have always loved the oldies (50's and 60's) music and love the 70's style. Now I listen to the music from the 80's and love it. I personally can not remember very much of the things I did in the 80's but I loved to watch cartoons with my brother (born in 1978). We watched everything from Thundercats to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as well as the Monkees. Then I also watched things from Jem to the Popples. Today I am in college and the teenagers and the really bad cartoons they play today get on the nerves. I talk to and hang around the people in there 30's, and some that have kids my age, so I am so assumed to be older than I am. I was even told straight out by a 21-year-old girl after I told her how old I was, " Oh I thought you were a lot older than me." I see the people I graduated with getting married and with their own kids. So yes, I feel old to say the least. And I am only 20.
When you remember who Gary Gnew (or Gnu?)from the great space coaster, Denny Terio from Dance Fever, Marlo and the fantastic machine, and the tv shows Buck Rodgers and Battlestar Galactica all too well.
Ok, my boyfriend, who is 20 like me, makes me feel old. He mocks me about my treasured "Cabbage Patch Kids" blanket, the one I mentioned that made me feel old. Who cares that I've had it since 1985, which is when I got my "big girl bed." It's a blanket, and I'm keepin' it!
I felt really old twice the other day. First when I cought my husband letting our daughter play with my My little ponys and said..."honey do you know how old those are, they are probably worth a lot on Ebay.". Then latter that day I was talking with my stepsons mom about what to get him for christmas.She says he likes he-man...I'm thinking how dose an 8 year old even know who he-man is.We go christmas shopping latter that evening and what do I find at wal-mart... He-man action figures!!! But instead of the ones I remember this one looks like a backstreet boy on steriods.It was sad to see how they have basterdizes one of my favorite childhood toys.Whats next singing dancing computer chip filled carebears or pop princess rainbow bright?
I feel old when I turn on the television on Saturday mornings, and instead of 6 hours of cartoons, there's nothing on but infomercials for things that never work, and news about who's doing what to who in the world. What ever happened to Rubik The Amazing Cube, Scooby Doo/Captain Caveman, School House Rock and In The News???
as an 18 year old high school senior, I feel old. I was born october 25th 1984, and I feel old!!! why because when I where a G.I. Joe shirt, or a He-Man shirt, or any shirt that has to do with something from the 80's(Except for my Hulkamania one) little 7th, 8th, and 9th graders ask me what they are, if they are new punk bands or any thing else...OHMYGOD!!! I try to realize that they are younger than me, but for christ sake, even people in my classes don't even know what a record is, or even eight track(70's I know, but still). Something is wrong with the world, especially when kids don't know what pac-man is!!!!
The ATARI thing makes me feel old. I'm a big brother to kids around 4-12 years old, and these little brats have never heard of ATARI, Pac-Man, records, the original 8 bit Nintendo, Super Mario, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, or anything else from the 1980's.
If you vividly remember more then just the late 80's. Seriously, for you guys born after 1980, the years of 1988 and 1989 really don't count. So don't sweat feeling old if all you can remember is 1989. And the early 90's weren't the 80's. Most of you kids born in the 80's are far too young to be able to remember the meat and potatoes (or real) part of the 1980's.
Seeing Madonna as a middle aged mother is jacked up. She's lost a lot of her looks too. These days Madonna looks like Skeletor from He-Man. Someone made the comment that kids today probably look at Madonna the way a lot of us Gen Xers looked at Cher back in 1989 (a weird over the hill middle aged chick), and I think that is kinda on target. Though Madonna has a lot more oomph and success behind her then Cher ever did.
When I see former 80's stars like Lisa Lisa and Mia Sara look so old and haggardly. It's disturbing and just reminds us how mortal we all are. I saw a movie the other day that had the girl from TOP GUN, and she looks like someone's grandma now.
When people talk about "the good ol' days", "oldies", and "Retro products" and you find out they are not talking about Elvis, the Beatles, Disco, or anything else from the 50's, 60's, or 70's, but....ouch...they are talking about 80's. And here's worse news, occasionaly I've even heard the early 1990's thought of in the same way.
You know you're old when you remember what shows aired on TGIF.
The realization that Saturday morning cartoon blocks are vast wastelands of awful animated programs and news programs. I mean, the big networks (CBS, NBC, and ABC) aren't even trying anymore. CBS recycles kids programming from Nickelodeon, and ABC shows Disney channel cartoons. NBC doesn't even show cartoons anymore-it's now devoting 3 hours to the Today Show. And it's not even the good Today show--Al Roker isn't on Saturday mornings! Then it shows those corny teenybopper shows that I NEVER watched when I was in that age bracket.
When everything I grew up with in the 80's is in antique stores or billed as "retro". When you see Bon Jovi and Madonna as middle aged parents and Michael Jordan as a middle aged man on his last legs. When no one can remember who Erasure were. When you see that the members of New Kids on the Block are all over the age of 30. When kids today already call stuff from the 90's like Pearl Jam and 2pac "the old people's music".
I don't like how people who were too young to really remember most of the 80's have this stupid idea in their head that every fad, fashion and slang phrase associated with the Eighties were all happening at the same time. This one teenager asked me if people were still wearing leg warmers and Michael Jackson's red and black "Thriller" jacket from 1983 back in the early 1990s. Holy sh*t, no sane person was wearing leg warmers or that ugly looking jacket after like 1985 or something. Not unless you wanted to get shot anyway. In fact, by the late 80s no one was really "acting" like they were still in the 80s. Who the heck was walking around saying something as corny as "totally radical!" or "fer sure!" in 1989? But for kids that weren't old enough back then, or weren't even around back then, these little details are lost on a lot of them. They think everything was happening at the same time.
Josh Brolin (Brandon Walsh in "The Goonies") is in his mid-thirties and now plays a United States Senator on a mid-season TV drama.
You know you're aged when the "body-switching/body-experience" genre that was prominent in '80s feature films is making a big comeback, 14 years after we kissed the decade good-bye.
Remember those hyper color t-shirts that would change color with the temperature (or if you breathed on them)? Ha, I saw them advertised as "retro" at a garage sale.
We have an all-80s format radio station here in Indianapolis. All they play is the same old Madonna crap over and over again. I was an avid radio listener in the 80s, and I swear to god that there are more than 2 Prince songs, too. Not that I ever want to hear another Prince song, because I am still burned out on them, but damn it, the freak made the charts with more than Let's go Crazy & 1999, right? Granted, once upon a time, MTV was mainstream and after ZZ Top released Eliminator, pop music went to total shite. MTV quit even having good videos to crappy songs. Then MTV became the abomination it is today, with that 90s Real World crap and all the other lame-ass shows it runs...VH-1 used to be an alternative...NO MORE! I find myself listening the 80s station on Comcast Digital Cable TV, just to get some variety. Well, got to go, as I'm attending a "Back to the Future Trilogy" DVD release party. Cheers everyone, may you never be caught in leg-warmers, wearing white-framed sunglasses, or Photoshopping yourself into a Boy George video still!! :^D
When you look back comics from the Eighties and just tell yourself that comics aren't made as good as they were back then. The stories, art, the paper stock were just perfect. Also, when you listen to the music of the time period. Metal was still underground, heavy and full of anger. Motorhead, Metallica (with Cliff Burton), Anthrax (with Joey Belladonna), Judas Priest, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, King Crimson, Ozzy Osbourne, ect. I long for the halcyon days of yore.
Like what some others have said , I feel old when my best friends don't remember shows like He-man and She-ra, or Jem and Fraggle Rock , but how i know i'm old is when i hear a band do a cover of the Fraggle Rock theme song , and get this it was playing in Hot Topic.
I don't know if the cable companies agreed this christmas 2002 week in some kind of "retro 80's season". I mean, films like "Mystic Pizza" (A. Gish, Julia Roberts), "Gotcha!" (Linda Fiorentino), "St. Elmo's Fire", "Breakfast Club", "Maybe Baby" and "Pretty in Pink" (both Molly Ringwald's), are charged of that fabulous and full of dreams 80's decade. Without a doubt, that kind of films can make you cry. Those films makes me feel old (but happy to see Molly Ringwald again!!!)
Are we "Children of Blank Decade" because we were born in it or because we truly grew up in it and remember it in high detail? You know I can actually understand people born in 1980, 1981 and even 1982 saying they grew up in the 80s. I can understand that because people born in the early 80s actually have some kind of a case for having grown up in the 80s. But it's pretty fucked up when you see some 13 year old kid born in 1989 insisting he grew up in the 1980s and is a "Child of the 80s".
When you're explaining to teens that Cliff Burton was the original Metallica bassist and not Jason Newsted.
Three words: 1990-born teenagers!
Because it's now 2003. We are nearly into the mid 00's.
Haha, I forgot that 2003 marks the first year that we have young teenagers around that were actually born in the 90s. 1990 born 13 year olds wouldn't even know much about the 1990s save for the very very late 90s and something stupid like Pokemon or Power Rangers. I bet those kids think everything about the 90s happened in 1998 and 1999. And since 1990 born teenagers weren't even ALIVE in the 80s, that decade would be as old to them as Elvis and the Beatles are to the rest of us.
When children and teenagers, (and even some older teenagers whose parents had them when they were very young) tell you that their parents come from "the 80s generation". Didn't it seem like yesterday that the Gen X youth of America only had parents from either the 50s generation, the 60s generation, or the 70s generation? Now kids talk about how their parents were teenagers in the 80s? Sigh.
Watching VH-1's "I Love the 80s" special as they went through the decade year by year brought back some great memories and I loved it so much. But I have to admit it did make me feel a bit aged. And I'm still only in my 20s.
I was talking to my 9 years younger boyfriend about a Police concert I had been watching on one of my old videotapes and what a good bass player Sting was... and he says "Sting was with the Police?" AHHHHHHHH!
My uncle grew up in the 60s and 70s, and I remember when I was a young child in the 80s, people his age thought the 1980s years were very futurstic sounding. They had a hard time dealing with the way a year like 1983 sounded, the same way a lot of us now have a hard time with the way 2003 or any other 2000's years sounds.
A lot of teenagers around now in 2003 don't even remember or know much about the 90s before 1997 or 1998. So it's odd that a lot of you guys are so upset that the youth of America is clueless about the 80s.
trapper keeper remember that??
'Party like its 1999' seemed so far away, now it seems so long ago.
I think I can reluctantly accept the 80s being called "retro", "classic" and "oldies". It makes me feel old, though I think I can handle it. But I'll NEVER in a billion years get used to the same thing happening to the 90s. I mean it's one thing when some teenager asks you what an ATARI was and who Bon Jovi, Run DMC, and Guns N' Roses were, but it's quite another when some kid can't remember Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Ice Cube, Super Nintendo, or anything else from the early-mid 1990s.
I would like to know why kids born IN the 80's consider themselves children of the eighties or GenXrs. GenXrs are born between 1970 and 1980. If you weren't alive to see and appreciate the first video on MTV or to be able to watch videos on MTV when there was nothing else on TV or when cable was introduced with a cord that went from the remote control to the main box on the TV, then, I'm sorry, you were born in the eighties, you are not a child of the eighties.
I feel old when I see 18 and 20 year olds on this message board complaining about how they feel old (no offense)!
Let me second the notion that it is [expletive] up for all these 18 year olds on this board to be complaining about feeling old. Holy crap, there is even some 15 and 16 year olds on here saying they feel old!!! OK, I can understand an 18 year old feeling old because they lost their "minor" status, I remember when I was 18 I was feeling a little bad about being a legal adult too. But dammit, you are NOT old if you are 18!! In 2003, if you were born after 1980, you have no buisness to complain about feeling aged and feeling out of touch with the Youth Culture!!!
When kids tell me they listened to New Kids on the Block and Paula Abdul when they were in pre-school and kindergarden. When teenagers can barely remember who early 90s stars like Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vedder were.
No one can remember the group ASIA. Kids today think Hall & Oates (Oh oh, here she comes, she's a Maneater) were a breakfast cereal.
I was born in 1985 and can still remember watching cartoons on saturday morning, and listining to my dads dire straits records. I hate when kids my age say 80's music is all crappy, and nothing good ever came from the 80's. If they wanna look at some crap music, turn on any radio station today. MTV and muchmusic(CAN) are airing music videos that have nothing but sex in them. What happened to storyline in a music video, or something crazy like a guy bursting through a brick wall playing guitar. I wish i would have been older for the 80's because it sure beats being a teenager now.
I rather enjoy staying up after midnight to watch N@N's "Modern TV Classics", Particularly "Cheers" and "Cosby, but why is "Family Ties" on so late now? I once realized that if N@N could buy the broadcast rights to "Night Court" off A&E, they could completely recreate the NBC '80s Thursday night lineup. Now that no any of this "Scrubs" or "Will & Grace" garbage, would be MUST-SEE-TV!
Oh please people. Don't think you're so high and mighty if you were born between 1970 & 1980..guess that doesn't make YOU Children of the Eighties either... So I was born in 1985 and was only around for 5 years of the 80s. You know, at least I can truly embrace the spirit of the 80s...Do you think that you're special just because you were fortunate enough to be born before 1980? You talk about us children born IN the 80s like we were too young and dumb to know what was going on. Maybe you were dumb and paid no attention to stuff when you were younger, but the same can't be said for the rest of us. Long live the TRUE children of the 80s.
The "Brat-Pack" (Emilio Estevez, Alley Sheedy, Demi Moore, Keifer Sutherland, Judd Nelson, and so on...) are all looking alot older and now take on roles as parents and very responsible people. Gone are the days of carefree times and playful worry free days. It really sux to have to grow up!!!!
Seeing Sean Astin on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" last week and realizing he still looks like he did in "The Goonies," sans braces.
Because everyone born in the 1970's will turn 30 sometime in the 2000's. This horrible threat was obviously not around for us Generation Xers back in the 80's and 90's. Back then we were the punk kids who were up to no good, and most importantly---we were immortal. Not anymore. Not since the year 2000 came. A few Gen Xer souls have already crossed over into the world of the damned and can't be trusted anymore. (i.e., the terrible universe of the "grown ups") Alas, this is everyone's unfortnate fate, and there is nothing we can do about it.
I babysit for kids who are now getting into the Care Bears. I watched them when they were first created! And, I wish everyone on this board would shut up about younger kids not being allowed to feel old. It doesn't matter what age you are, it matters what age you identify with. Grow up, and let people feel how they want to feel.
You want to know why '90s kids remember the '80s? - because there WAS no '90s culture - GenX was anti-culture, and everything else was just market-driven labels and pasing crazes (remember Tamagotchis and clutch-equipped yo-yos) so when kids try and remember something cultural, the 80s is their first reference point!
Hey I'm still in my 20s but a lot of teenagers and children over 11 already think of me as a "grown up"/non-cool person/older dude.
I grew up to Jem and the Holograms, Carebears, Astroboy, The Wuzzles, The Popples, Strawberry Shortcake and many other classic tv kid shows. The garbage they play now (Pokemon? Give me a break...!) is just dumb and often violent! Where did all the good children shows go???
Everything above! I was born in 1970 so I don't really consider myself an eighties "child"...if I could go back to any decade, it would be that. I didn't read it all but what I read brought back some memories. You're only 25-you are far from old. I remember buying 45's of all of the hit songs from 84 and 85...cassettes and yes, even albums. I remember when Adam what's his name was the hottest VJ on MTV and when alligator shirts were cool. In my day, if you didn't dress right you weren't accepted and the tacky alligator and Adidas and parachute pants were the in thing. But I would have to say that the biggest 80s thing was Duran Duran. I named my son Nigel after the bass player. If you weren't into the new british bands and were asking "who's this Madonna person", then you just weren't hip. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
So much is made about Gen X and growing up in the 1980s. I've always wondered if I was a Gen Xer or a Gen Yer. From what I understand, Xers were born in the 60s and early 70s, and Yers were born in the late 70s and the 80s. I graduated high school in 1993 and am 27 years old and was I obviously born in 1975, so it appears I am right at the cross roads of the X and Y generations. I'm obviously old enough to know the 80s intimately, but for most of the decade I was playing with Transformers, Voltron, and G.I. Joe---not out on the town doing the teenage/young adult thing, though I loved middle school life in the late 80s. Agewise I think I am closer in age to more Yers, then Xers, but since I have things in common with both, I consider myself Generation X-Y. lol. I loved Nirvana and Pearl Jam as a teenager, but overall I tend to prefer the 80s over the 90s or OOs, (the 80s as a whole just had more magic and charsima in my opinion) so I guess that gives me a strong or perhaps stronger Xer half. :) Anyway the 80s rule!
What about the "Superbowl Shuffle"? I still have it recorded from the radio on a cassette tape somewhere!
Remember when MTV showed music videos? All day? Good songs? I don't remember the start of it in '81, not because I'm only 24 now, but we didn't even have cable until 1983 or 84!! But I did have a crush on Madonna, and waited all day for MTV to play "Material Girl." Still have my original tape of her "Like A Virgin" album...
Remember how cool '80s kids game shows like "Finders Keepers" and "Double Dare" were?
I feel old every time I watch "Double Dare," because I would have given anything to run the obstacle course at the end of the show.
Im 34 years old andcoach a basketball team at my Church. My star player was born Palm Sunday 1985...he is now the age I was then...sheese.
I was listening to the radio the other day, and a middle school/junior high girl called in and asked some questions about the 80s on the stations "All 80s request Hour". Anyway, the DJ asked her what year she was born in. The girl said she was born in 1991. Born in 1991!!! I felt so miserably old when I heard that!
Um watching Older music videos. They look different that the newer ones. Also there a WHOLE lot better, Like the wall!
I was born in the 1970's, and I don't feel the same way in the present 2000's that I did growing up in the 80's and 90's either. I agree that it is jarring knowing we are becoming/or already have become "the adults". It did seem like we were going to be the "kids" of the world forever.
I was talking about U2 with a co-worker, and he said "Yeah, I remember when they won all those Grammy's for Joshua Tree and they accepted their awards from a pub in Dublin." I said, "Yeah, I thought that was really cool--they were all drunk!" And he said, "I had to ask my mom why they were acting funny. I was only 5 and had never seen a drunk person before!" I slunk away after admitting I had been a senior in college that year. Later, he asked me if Joshua Tree was their first album. Sheesh!
Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z,---What-ev-er. All I know is I love the 80s and I hated the 90s and it's stupid grunge and alternative music. Not taking a bath was a fashion statement? Yuck. And of all the decades to bring back into style, the 90s had to pick the embarrassing 70s. The 70s with it's stupid bell bottoms and ugly grunge asthetic. Why couldn't we have brought back the Roaring 20s or noir look of the 40s? And now we're already into 2003 and it seems the 00s are to be nothing but a boring rerun of the 1990s. Long live the 80s.
The people that live next door to me have kids that were born in the 90's, so when I play some of my old NKOTB or Paula Abdul songs from 1989 they treat it as if it's as ancient as Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry. I guess I can't blame these kids, they were born in the 90's, so they weren't even alive in 1989.
I bought my one year old daughter a care bear with a care bear video this year, and I got upset because the video was messed up so I couldn't watch it. My bed room was done in care bears when I was little. I was born in '81 and i remember alot from the '80s, so this messageboard made me feel old.
I think the webmaster of this site should rename this page and it should get very specific and be called "Reasons for People who actually GREW UP in the 80s to Feel Old". That way there's no debate on what "Child of the 80s" means, since it obviously means a vastly different set of things to a whole assortment of different people born from as geriatricly early as 1955 to being born as laughbaly late as 1989. And curiously all these various age groups wave the banner of "Child of the 80s".
When what I listened to as "alternative" in the 80s became mainstream top 40 and I found myself listening to classical music instead.
Some time ago I heard "We're Not Gonna Take It" by Twisted Sister on the radio... as a jingle for a cold medicine commercial.
Being born in '84 makes me wonder whether i am a child of the 80s or not, more perhaps one of the late 80s early 90s, but as odd as it sounds i have alway felt that i belonged to the 80s more than the 90s, since the fashion was better back then, the music was totally awesome, and even the films, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, the Goonies and Labyrinth have stuck in my mind and every time i watch them it just takes me back to the 80s. Some earlier comments posted indeed mirror my own reason for feeling old, the fact that 1990 was 13 years ago and teenagers born then will have never lived in the 80s, not know much about the music, or even care, unless of course it happens to have been covered, (and totally destroyed in the process), and then they think that's the original version, just think of Atomic Kitten destroying 'Eternal Flame'! And what makes me feel older still for anyone else living in England, anyone out there remember T-Bag, Knightmare, Wacaday, Dogtanian or TV-am even? And my cousins who were born mostly between '88 and '94 have never heard of these much cherished programmes that us 80s kids grew up with whether we liked it or not! They thought that the '90s started in '97/'98, since they grew up with Power Rangers, GMTV, Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends (but nothing like the one i remember as a kid)...the 80s will return one day in a massive comeback surely, you only have to look at the music now to realise most of it's copied or covered, and they are fast running out of ideas. Oh and one last thing any one out there remember Betamax?
My sister, who was born in 1987, is in the 10th grade and talking about college........I used to change her diapers. My cousin, who was born in 1986, is 8 months pregnant Most of the people who had kids when we were in high school have kids who are in elementary school. Someone had mentioned something about the EPCOT Center. I remeber when I was a little girl we went to EPCOT when it first opened. When I returned with my sister and cousin in 1998, the park looked so....OLD. I even compared pictures and they looked the same, just different people. Alot of my classmates who are undergrad students do not remember Care Bears (that I might buy again b/c my mother threw them away), Trapper Keepers, Pocket Rockers, New Edition, Captain EO (w/Michael Jackson), or when McDonald's used to be good. When I mention things like that, they look at me real funny, but I just laugh it off.
Daniel Radcliffe is a pre-teen idol !!! When I was a 10 year-old girl, Harry Potter wasn't born... Even Elijah Wood is too young for me. If your childhood's dream guy was Noah Hathaway (The Neverending Story), you're sure quite old !
Hearing such songs as Spandeau Ballet's "True" and Double's "The Captain of her Heart" on the radio at the grocery store.
EPCOT Center in Walt Disney World is as old as me.
There's this girl at the store I worked in during the summer that I didn't like. She is only 2 years younger than me, and she had no clue who Phil Collins or Genesis were!
When I started working in this one store during the summer, the cover of the Bryan Adams song "Heaven" was on our CD. I was one of the youngest kids, yet everyone older than me had no idea that Bryan Adams originally sang the song.
When we were talking about Huey Lewis and the News at my old summer job. I was with 3 people who were in their 20s, and we were enjoying talking about his music.
Children's game shows from the 1980s. They feel so dated.
I live in south Jersey, and we get the Philedelphia Fox Affiliate (FOX 29). I remember when they used to film game shows in Philly that were so low-rent and junky, and watching them on Nickelodeon's Games and Sports Network, they look cheap compared to Nickelodeon's old game shows.
Thinking back to songs like "99 Luftballoons" and "1999" and others that were about the possibility of nuclear war. It's hard to remember that feeling. What really drives it home are everytime I watch one of the many 80s music videos I have on tape and see the New York skyline and the World Trade Center towers. It's amazing how many videos those buildings were in. It seems so long ago that we were young and lived in a carefree world. the thing that really drove home my age (33), was watching my 6-year-old daughter at a recent school skating party and how she and the older kids rollerskated to songs from the 80s, some of the same songs I once skated to. I pray that her teen-age years are filled with so much fun and great music as mine were. For me, the 80s spanned junior high, senior high and a couple years of college. They will forever be the most memorable years of my life. I would do anything I could to bring back the creativity and joy that made the music of that era so enjoyable.
This one kid that was born in 1992 asked me a whole bunch of never ending stupid questions about the 80s. His questions are stupid because they went like this---"Did you have McDonald's back in the 80s? Did you have Quarter Pounders and Whoppers back then? Did you guys have freeways and space shuttles back in the 80s? When you were a little kid in the 80s did you go to Chuck E Cheeses back in THOSE DAYS??" Those are just flat out stupid questions, this kid acted like we barely had electricty and running water in the 80s. Anyway I had this deep, gnawing feeling of OLD when this little brat just went on and on with those type of questions. To top it off, he told me he had never seen the Generation 1 Transformers cartoon from the 1980s!!. AND he said Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, NKOTB, and Debbie Gibson is stuff his parents listens to. Talk about making you feel a billion years old.
Some friends of the family has a daughter that just turned 13 years old. She was born 1990!! She wasn't even alive in the 80's!!!!!! And she really doesn't know the 90's that well either! THIS is one of those kiddies you hear about that has no clue who Pearl Jam were.
I was born in '65, so I can honestly say I grew up in the 80's. What makes me feel really old is when you see the kids you used to babysit having kids. When you listen to music that was very popular then and realize that the artists were most likely your age then. And could very well be your parents ages.
This one really bugged me... one day I was at school, and I was listening to a CD of songs from the show Kids Incorporated when a couple of seniors came up to me and were like "oh cool!" and so we're all talking about Kids Incorporated, when some girl says "Are they a new group?" I wanted to SMACK her!
Me and my friend went to a bar the other day, and there was a sign that said "We card Under 25". It quietly sank into us that we were both over 25. I'm 27, and my friend is 25. It doesn't seem that long ago that it was the mid 90s and we were some punk 19 year olds trying to get into bars like this. But......I have to admit, it DID feel good to still be carded. When you no longer resent being carded, and start to LIKE being carded at places like this, (because you still look possibly under 21 or 25) you know you're no longer a kid and you are AGING.
I bought Game Boy Advance at the beginning of January. One thing that makes me feel old is that GBA soups up alot of the old NES and SNES games we played as youngsters.
Playing "Super Mario Bros. 2" on Game Boy Advance (now called "Super Mario Bros. Advance"). The graphics are spruced up a little, but NOW the characters have voices! And they are SO aggravating! It's so bad, I have to play the game with no volume, because I wanna strangle Toad!
On Saturday, I was watching "Scooby Universe" (a 3-hour block of "Scooby-Doo" cartoons) on Cartoon Network. It showed "Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?" "Scooby and Scrappy-Doo" "13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo," "A Pup Named Scooby-Doo," and one of the cartoon movies. I grew up watching these cartoons, but "13 Ghosts," and "Pup," the two '80s versions, are REALLY dumb. You knew it was from the 1980s, because of the animation style.
My girlfriend and I went to a bar last weekend to see a band and to socialize with some coworkers. They had a DJ playing before the band came on and he decided to play a game where he would play the beginnings of TV shows from the 80's and give away prizes to those who knew. The first one was easy, it was the mind-numbing clapping of Tic-Tac-Dough. I won a free drink. The next song...Sanford and Son Theme. My lady won a t-shirt. Next...the theme from What's Happening. I won a gift certificate to the restaurant. Are you getting my picture here. Not one other person in the bar knew any of these shows and we started getting those stares and whispers you gave to older people when you turned 21. The sad part is we're only 28 and 26. Then I remembered, those that are 21 were born in 1981.
how much was a car in the 80's?
This past end of year I was vacationing with my sister and her husband on a condo full of teenagers running golf cars like crazy. A couple friend of my brother-in-law had their 3 17-21 daghters staying with us, and one of them was really friendly, so I tought I could talk to her, as friends of course. I asked her name and she replied "17 sr.". Sr!!!! I the realized that although I'm only 26, I'm an old man old to anyone aged 23 or less...
I just want to say that I'm only 25, far from old, but I too already get "Sired" by teenagers. It's unreal, as I keep thinking that it wasn't THAT long ago that I was still a teenage kid. I might be able to swallow this "Sirring" if it was only younger teenagers doing it. Younger teenagers are really younger then me, so I guess I can understand them calling me "Sir". But when they are older teenagers who are 19 and only about 6 years younger then me starting up with this "Sir" crap, I realize that they do look at me as not quite their peer, but instead as some kind of older dude. I guess they figure since I'm 25 and now closer to 30 then 20, I deserve to get "sirred", or if I was female, "ma'amed".
For the people of you remember....YOU'RE IN THE MIX ON 102.7 B M X !!!!!!!!!!!!!
You know it's weird how time goes by so damn fast and perspectives on life change in such short periods. To me it wasn't that long ago that it was the early-mid 1990s and the 70s were the "retro" decade of the moment. (hey the 70s are still retro popular) And in the early-mid 90s all of us that were born in the 1970s were the stupid teenagers that were clueless about the 70s. But it's not 1993 anymore, instead it's 2003. So now we are the NEW OLD school that blushes with embarrasment when the 1980s is thought of as the retro decade, and the 1990s have become a faded memory of youth.
I think all of us that were born in the 70s, and spent mainly our childhood in the 80s are learning very harshly that generation gaps can infact run two ways. I know for me before the year 2000, generation gaps were a one way street. I was young and everyone else was old---that's how it was for me in the 80s and 90s. The old people talked about the 50s and 60s or before, and the slightly older people went on about the 70s. I thought it was going to be that way FOREVER!! Now there are teenagers and obviously children around that don't know anything about the 80s, or even the first half of the 90s. So now the shoe is on the other foot. In the post-2000 years, generation gaps are no longer a one way street, and it's a bit of a different story for our generation. And right now I am still only 26, so it's a depressing feeling knowing that this whole thing about getting old just keeps getting worse.
For some bizzare reason, in 2003 it's no longer cool being the same age as the kids on "Saved by the Bell" or "Beverly Hills 90210", i.e. the high school Class of 1993. lol, I'm not old, I'm only 27, but the other day my 13 year old cousin was watching SBTB, and I said "Hey I'm the same age as those kids, I graduated high school back in '93". She looked at me in terror. I think I used to give those kind of looks to people who told me they were around for the Beatles or something.
Holy sh*t! I just saw the 8 bit Nintendo and Sega systems from the 80s in an ANTIQUE shop! They had some of those old 80s Nintendo games there too, like Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, Legend of Zelda and Afterburn. I thought Nintendo came out in 1985? I guess these people didn't want to wait the official 20 years you are supposed to to declare it an "antique".
Michael Jordan is 40 years old.
My cousin married her husband on October 18, 1986. That same year, he bought her a new car--a 1986 Hyundai, when they first were bought over from Korea. It only cost $3000. Most used cars cost more than the '86 Hyundai!
My family's microwave bit the dust, so we bought a new one--same make, but with all the bells and whistles. The beauty part was that it only cost my dad about $140. The sad thing is, our first microwave was from 1988 and cost $300.
November 2, 2002 was our 14th year in our house. We moved in exactly 2 weeks after my 6th birthday. It almost scares me that I grew up in this house for that many years. The pictures of how it's changed over the last 14 years really add to that "old" feeling.
i was born in 84 and well.......what really makes me feel old is when people, including my 7 year old brother, says what's a smirf? whos Alf? oh only 18 but i feel like im 50
Getting older SUCKS. Period. It's no fun getting older after you reach the age of 20 or 21. It's not like how it is when you are 15 and everyone is so pumped up and looking forward to being 16.
I was just listening to the radio, and these girls called in and said something about being in high school and how their "Class of '06 Rules" or something like that. Class of 2006!!?? Oh man. I feel so old hearing/thinking about that. Kids that will graduate high school in '06 are already out of diapers, in high school and old enough to call the radio station!? And if they're going to graduate in '06, that means those girls were born in...gulp....1988.
LOL, they are airing DIE HARD on one of those "classic" movie channels. I never thought one of those classic channels would air a film where the trademark phrase was "Yippie-kay-yay motherf**ker!!"
Ozzy Osbourne is a father figure now with his show "The Osbournes". And he's a worn out looking old codger at that. Ozzy is now more mainstream than Madonna.
It is indeed surreal how things change so fast because I never heard of the 80s being thought of as a "Retro" or "Classic" decade until around 1999/2000. I never heard of 80s club nights or 80s dress up days at schools before that Millenium time either. Before 1999 (or maybey '98 at the EARLIEST) the very idea of the 80s being looked at in that retro way was downright silly since the decade was still way too recent. It would be like throwing a 90s retro party now. The decade was old school through most of the 90s, but it wasn't retro. But since 1999,......that has obviously changed.
When almost all of my favorite songs are being covered, and even worse when some are being covered by groups who weren't even a thought when those songs were first released!
I was talking to my 15 year old sister about watching the Berlin wall come down on t.v. and she looked at me and said "What is the Berlin wall?" That truly made me feel old!
You watched the movie "The Wedding Singer" which was supposed to be set in 1985 and thought to yourself, "hey that didn't happen in 1985!"
ok- so i was only born in 1988- i dont consider myself a child of the 80s but i STILL know wat Fraggle rock and know that hall & oats isnt a cereal. i wish i was old enough to get the full expierience of the 80s. i think the only thing the 90s had for kids was power rangers and barney (which sadly i did watch). im allowed to enjoy the 80s once in a while!(bty- i ahve bon jovis Slippery When wet cd and love it)
To your horror, you realize that you can actually remember what happened 20 years ago---back in 1982/1983. Remember when 20 years ago meant the 60s or 70s? Not anymore, 20 years ago no longer means the Beatles or Disco. Now 20 years ago means ATARI, Mr. T, Smurfs, Duran Duran, Wham, and Knight Rider.
It seems like just yesterday that it was the early 1990's and the media made such a big deal about the Older Generation Xers born in the 60s entering the work force (out of college I mean). Remember how brutal it was for that Older Xer crowd (who were then young 20 somethings) to come out of college and be forced to get "McJobs" during that early 90s economic recession?
Had the Pac-Man pattern memorized, I've seen the stuff they put inside Stretch Armstrong, I took the stickers off of my Rubik's Cube, Watched MTV all afternoon, my first love was Daisy Duke In them cut off jeans, A space shuttle fell out of the sky, Big hair and parachute pants. Sums it all up. Nineteen Something Written By: Chris DuBois & David Lee Performed By: Mark Wills
A 5 year old kid recently asked me if I had Star Wars movies when I was growing up in the 80s. He thinks that Star Wars is something brand new and only for his generation! Hahaha. What's funnier is that he asked me if I we had Transformers growing up in the 80s, now that one was something that almost made me fall over. Ah kids, whether they are children or teenagers, they always think what they are doing or what they have is totally brand new and original.
On a beautiful spring day, Dad pulled into the driveway in a brand spankin' new 1980 Datsun 210 (for you younger folks, Nissan took over Datsun). The car cost 4,400. At the time, I believe my favorite show was "Mork and Mindy", the movies were hyping up the release of "The Empire Strikes Back", and I was the unofficial neighborhood champion of Atari Missile Command (I could flip the score back to zero several times per game). Now I'm 28 and I was thrilled when my friend downloaded emulators so that I could play Missile Command again. I had to explain to my little cousin that what Roman was holding in "The Great Outdoors" IS a cell phone. My Generation 1 Transformers are worth something on E-bay and they now have these miniature mp.3 players that you can hold in one hand which stores what used to be a cabinet of records. I grew up following the career of Eddie Murray who was just elected to the baseball Hall of Fame, many times watching in person at "Two Buck Nite" at Baltimore's Memorial Stadium. The standing room tickets at Yuppie Yards are $5! So is a beer! I feel sorry for my 19-month old nephew who has to grow up watching the crap they call cartoons on TV now. Luckily when he is a little older I still have a couple of "Transformers" episodes on tape, complete with commercials for Cabbage Patch Kids and a blurb about how they were going to talk about the new Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev on the news that evening. The other memory should hit home...with all the terrorism scare, did you ever do a "duck-and-cover" drill in elementary school? Like a school desk would save you from being fried in a nuclear blast!
Guns N Roses "Appetite For Destruction" and Bon Jovi's "Slippery When Wet" are now played on classic rock stations.
Being the oldest person at a rock concert. I'm 30 and my boyfriend is 27. We took my teenaged sisters (16 and 14) to go see Blink 182 and Green Day (big mistake) and we were practically the only two in line for beer because NO ONE ELSE THERE WAS OLD ENOUGH TO DRINK YET. Then, to make things worse, the guy selling the beer (who was barely old enough to drink himself), when we started to take out our i.d.'s tells us " I don't need to see i.d's, you're old."
On Saturday morning, one of my rituals is to lay in bed until 10:30 or 11 and flip through the channels (plus, I live in New Jersey, and the subzero temps have been enough to keep me there-BRRRRR!). I went by a channel that was airing...oh jeez, I can't believe I'm saying this...a REVIVED version of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." OH NO! WHY is there a remake of the Ninja Turtles? Worse yet, I spotted the action action figures in Suncoast video. I thought they were just bringing them back as nostalgia. Oh crap.
Seeing the pictures from a January 1983 blizzard that looked very similar to Winter Storm '96, which took place exactly 13 years later. Difference was, I was 3 months old in January '83, and 13 in January '96!
My old elementary school makes me feel old. My school district has two elementary schools: the primary school and the intermediate school. I started school in 1988, and so much has changed about it--the name (formerly Little Egg Harbor Primary School, now George J. Mitchell Primary School), the grades that occupy it (1988-Special Ed Pre-school, Kindergarten through 6th, now Pre-K through 2nd), the intermediate school exists (it didn't until 9/1990), and the size. It accomodated 600 kids in 1988, now it accomodates over 1000 children, has 4 playgrounds (as opposed to the dinky one we had until 2nd grade, before they built the cool playground, and BEFORE they built the other two cooler playgrounds). And my parent's friend's two kids go there, and ask me about what it USED to look like. Oh no.
My best friend, whose a year older than me, told me she used to have a Commodore 64 when she was little. I laughed in her face!
My boyfriend (20 like me) has a 30-year old friend who is married, and him and his wife have a 1-year old daughter (my boyfriend's goddaughter). I bought the baby a Care Bear for Christmas (Funshine Bear). Now, every time I'm at their apartment with my boyfriend, she walks into the room with the bear and hugs it in front of me. Makes me wanna cry every time.
My boyfriend's friend (who is 30) found his old Coleco Vision in the basement of his parent's house, and tortued his wife (who's 29) with it. Apparently, it still works.
Jerry Rice is 40 years old.
School House Rock celebrates 30 year anniversary!
At least I feel a little younger knowing that stuff like Modern English and Talking heads is still "New Wave"
I was born in 1978, and I am not looking forward to turning 25 this year. Knowing I am now closer to 30 then 20 is hard to take. I feel very old when kids tell me they weren't around for the 80s, and I feel even older when kids can't remember the early 90s. I remember all of this that you guys are talking about, which makes me feel even older ofcourse.
I found my Nintendo Gameboy from 1989 that I had as a kid. My BLACK AND WHITE Gameboy from 1989. Yes it was in B&W and it had no color. If kids today saw this thing, they'd laugh their heads off at us.
You watch the current Miller Light commercial with the two models catfighting and stripping in the large water fountain with your buddies. When you harken back to the 80's Miller Light ad featuring Bob Uecker, Paul Horning, Mickey Spillane and his 'Doll' (Lee Meredith); none of your buddies remember who any of those people were.
The old Nintendo games like Super Mario and Duck Hunt are in antique stores!!?? Oh boy that does make me feel old!
This isn't 80s,---but I was just looking through my video collection and it dawned on me that the movie "Jurassic Park" (1993) is now 10 years old! And 90s Grunge is even older!
I overheard a couple of teenagers talking about 1995 like it was ancient history. If they think 1995 is that old, what do you think they will think about the 80s?
Have you ever talked to these kids born in the 90s? Try it. Man it is weird getting their perspective on life and what they think about the time we grew up in--both the 80s and the 90s. But be warned now, you'll FEEL VERY OLD talking to kids born in the 90s. I mean you may have been doing something cool back in 1991, while these kids were just being born.
I don't understand how these kids born in the 80's can be so damn ignorant about the decade. I was born in 1977 and I am not completely clueless about what went on in the 70's.
Yes I remember the early-mid 1990's. At that time those of us born in the 70's were the teenagers that marveled at the "retro" 1970s, and the older Xers born in the 60's were the 20 somethings. And if I remember correctly, the older Xers would get REALLY MAD at us if we dared say that the early 80's looked like the 70s. Sound familiar guys? Now a lot of us born in the 70s seem a bit annoyed with these kids born in the 80s because they call the early 90s or even mid 90s "the 80s". Ha ha, it is funny how everything always comes full circle and repeats itself.
Seeing today's video games. I remember playing Pitfall,Breakout, and the original Mario Bros., you almost have to have a college degree just to figure out these new video games!
i am 34 and i remember going to all the high school dances and now my daughter is 16 and going oh my i feel so old at times the 80s were the best!!
I went to go look at a 69 camaro the other day, that the owner said was "all origional".I looked at the car with the thought of whaat needed to be replaced.the garaged cream puff had rotted bushings,cracked pint&vynyl,and needed a complete restoration.since the car and I are both 32 years old,I felt rather dated and wished the car looked better.
Because even the 1990's seem like a long time ago now. 1999 was so far away, but now it's already 4 YEARS AGO!
My 9 year old nephew told me that his school teaches the "history" of the 80s and 90s.
You actually REMEMBER New Years Day, January 1st, 1980.
I was talking to my friends about old tv shows and I brought up Airwolf and they said what is that? I felt very old at that moment as I can remember watching Airwolf and Hunter on saturday nights at my grandma's old house.
1. the kids i baby sit for (9 and 6) were watching cartoon network and he-man was on, i was like "wow i loved that when i was your age!" i got some funny looks from them and a "this is new" 2. on of the kids at the pre school brought in ET and was talking about it and i said i watched it when i was close to his age and he told me "no you didn't, this just came out"
You remember when we didn't need "an All 80s radio station", because it actually WAS the 1980's.
For anyone who lives in Houston, TX.......Hey remember when 93Q (92.9) wasn't some stupid redneck country station, but instead the hip alternative to 104.1? 92.9 was THE station of Houston back in the 80s. And remember when 96.5 was called "Energy 96.5" instead of the easy listening "Mix 96.5" it is today?
I've also met kids who think E.T. is brand new!! They don't know E.T. is over 20 years old and that he is from 1982. But kids always think that, they think everything around is brand new and original and no one ever did what they are doing.
My brother found the Nintendo "Duck Hunt" gun when he was cleaning out his desk drawer. I remember we used to play that religiously when we were 6 years old, like we were pro assasins or something. Of course, this was back when video game violence was somewhat tame.
Seeing peoples reactions in public while I'm wearing my High Tops.
Seeing shows like 'I Love the 80s' on vh1, and knowing that in 20 years it'll be called 'I love the 2000s'.
I was born in December 1983 so I remember bits and pieces of the late 80's and of course the 90's. I'm 19 and I can remember the music, I only remember from 1987 on and I remember how synthesized it all sounded, the fashions on my dad (long hair)and mom (she had the big hair, big sunglasses and pastel colored shirts)and how square and boxy the cars were then. I remember when carebears were popular lol. It makes me feel old when I listen to music from the year I was born and look at cars from that year and how much it's changed! I'm still young but it's amazing that so much has changed since then. I got a Nintendo in 1990 so I kinda missed the boat. I also remember when untied shoes were popular, having stuff buzzed into your hair and of course the flourescent colors of the early 90's. The music still rocks though!!
Telling anyone under 21 what a bad ass Michael Jordan was back in the 80s. The 80s was when Jordan was the "flying through the air, gold chain wearin', dunkin' over anyone, bad motho'". In the 90s Jordan became the somewhat more boring, outside shooting/fadeaway mainstream dude that won a lot of championships. These under 21 kids can't remember or weren't around for the real Michael Jordan, and they can't remember when Jordan had to take all that abuse from the media in the 80s for being nothing but a scorer and not a champion. And it gets worse, kids even younger, say under 13 only know Jordan as an old guy that can still ball really good.
Remember when the series "Family Ties" came out in 1982? It was a show about conservative 80's kids raised by Reaganomics dealing with their ultra liberal but still crusty old fart parents who were a couple of goofball Children of the 60's. In the 80's the 60's were some 13-20+ years ago. Now it's 2003 and....oh no. Oh No!!
Back in the 1980's, most of the youth of America definately thought that the 1960's were a barbaric time filled with sh*tty folky ballad type "oldies rock" and cheap ass technicolor "classic movies". Not many kids in the Eighties gave a flying f*ck who John Lennon or Davey Jones were. So guys it was only inevitable that by the 2000's the same attitude of cold hearted indifference and/or ignorance would be adopted by kids now in regards to the 80's. Pop culture is generational. Sometime starting around 2009-2012, you can bet your life that the same thing will happen to the 1990's. Most kids now can't even remember much before 1995/'96, so it's already starting with the 90's.
You remember what KITT stands for. (Knight Industries Two-Thousand) You're probably a real old fart if you remember what KARR stands for.
Kirk Cameron, teenage heartthrob/moron Mike Seaver from "Growing Pains", is now 32 years old!! And his stupid friend Boner is 33!!
All the original kids from "The Cosby Show" except little Rudy are in their 30's. Rudy and Bud are now 23 or 24 I believe. But how weird is it to think that the actors who played Theo and Cockroach are now 30 something year old men?
Hearing a song on a 80's station and knowing the song is older now then you first heard it!
You remember how back in the 80's you couldn't even give away 70's clothes like platform shoes, baggy pants, grunge wear, leisure suits, and bell bottoms. Hell even homeless people wouldn't wear 70's clothes in the 80's. The 1970's garb are clothes that became retro fashionable in the 1990s and for some reason still are hanging around and fashionable today. Kids today have no idea what a joke they would be thought of if they wore their faggy hippie looking 70's clothes in the 80's.
You remember when Ronald Reagan won the Presidency over Jimmy Carter in 1980.
Seeing the Atari 2600, the Commodore 64, and the 80's Nintendo and Sega video game systems in antique stores.
Isn't Emmanuel Lewis (Webster) like 45 years old now?
Ohhhhhhh guys getting older does suck! I was born in 1976 so I turn 27 later this year. I can't believe I'm this freaking close to being a 30 year old. :( Feels like just yesterday I was sitting in a high school and it was 1994. It's not fair how time goes by so fast. And yes I do remember what happened 20+ years ago in the early 80's. :(
For me? Anyone born after 1981/'82 makes me feel pretty old. I can tolerate people born in the Early 80's, but kids born in the Mid-Late 80's, and obviously any kid born in the 90's makes me feel ancient as hell. I'm 26.
When I heard that Sylvester Stallone wants to do a "Rocky VI" with his Rocky Balboa character rematching with Ivan Drago, the steroid taking Russian boxer from the 1985 film "Rocky IV". Man if they did another Rocky film now in 2003, Rocky and Drago would both qualify for AARP and be wearing depends in their boxer shorts. Not to mention that a Rocky-Drago fight today is bound to be the biggest joke in the history of cinema. Who the hell wants to watch that?
If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and you wanted to hire The A-Team today, would have to go look for them in a nursing home. Or maybe Florida.
Madonna's first album MADONNA from 1983 with such famous hits as "Holiday" and "Lucky Star" is now 20 freakin' years old. Her LIKE A VIRGIN album celebrates it's 20th anniversary next year. Remember what you used to think of albums that were 15-20+ years old?
Well, I sure feel old when I have to tell people "when I was your age" stories. I'm sure it gets tiresome after 10 minutes of hearing it.
I mourn the loss of my youth all the time, and I am very embarrased to be as old as I am and still trying to figure out what I want to do with my life.
I couldn't help but watch "Scooby and the Reluctant Warewolf" on Saturday night on the Cartoon Network. Yikes, I remember seeing that movie when I was 6 or 7.
I bought a reprint of the original "Goonies" movie poster for $15. Was it worth it? Well, to see a teen-age Josh Brolin dangling from a cliff, ABSOLUTELY!!
Strawberry Shortcake is making a comeback. A COMEBACK. When she debuted, I was too old to play with her.
Two things make me feel old, 1 when I hire someone who wasn't even I middle school when I graduated high school and 2 when my employees only know Mr. T as "Mr 1-800-COLLECT" and not as B.A. Barakus. The realy bad thing is I was only born in December of 1979 so I'm "only" 23!!!
Seeing the original Nintendo deck in thrift stores for about $10.00 and games for it about 2 - 5 dollars. When the Nintendo deck was about $100.00 and the games were about $15.00 - $25.00. Seeing a big 8 ball (original) on E bay. Seeing classic songs on cd that are multi music groups on a cd. Seeing my old school after the changes. Along with the drive in theaters closed down. Those were the days. When Nintendo was starting to take off that was 8 bit now the graphics are 64 bit. Went fron 8 bit to 16 bit to 32 bit to 64 bit and to 64 bit plus. Seeing the game boys in color. Looking at my gamepro older magazines with the classic game systems in it. Using this computer when there use to be a Comodore 64 out. But on the bright side the classic games like Rubix Cube is found at Toys R Us. Needs to replace the white center sticker with the white one that has no web address on it to make the original. Seeing the 8 ball with a ring on it at K mart. The music is avalible on cd now and mp3.
Soon 'The 90's' will be considered a dance theme, It already came up as an idea for 'spirit week'.
I was born in 82, only wishing I was a teen then, so I could've worn the cool threads. Until now my friend and I can wear 80's clothes. We liked the music since we were kids, so why not dress the part? I own check vans, plastic bracelets, blazers, bright fishnets and doc martens. My friend is way worse. What makes me feel old? That we have to dig big time in VINTAGE shops for the fossil-ized 80's clothes. It's funny how my now adult family members regret their Madonna phase, and I envy it.
You actually remember who "that other guy from WHAM!" was. You know, the dude that hardly anyone ever remembers. (Yes you're right his name was Andrew Ridgeley)
I was talking about our memories of the space shuttle Challenger explosion from 1986 in a coffee shop with a bunch of strangers who were gathering around on the TV in shock because we had just seen the horrible news of the recent shuttle Columbia disaster. Anyway this one dude that I would have never guessed was a young teenager (because he was so tall and old looking) just stood there without saying anything. Finally he spoke up and said, "Well, I wasn't alive in 1986". He wasn't alive in 1986. I've NEVER felt so old in my life. It's such a new feeling and experience. And yes I'm still in my 20s.
"90's Spirit Week/Dress Up Day" in the schools. Is that for real? Hahaha. I didn't think it would happen this soon to the 90's. Ofcourse kids now could just show up dressed like they are today and say they are pretending to be 90's teenagers and not many people would know the difference.
The 1982 Pontiac Trans-Am that was used for the body of KITT in Knight Rider would be a gas guzzling jalopy by present day standards. Children today would probably laugh at KITT's "futuristic dashboard" and his cheap Atari styled onboard computer graphics.
Watching people that used to be teenagers and/or young adults in the 1980's and 1990's becoming just as UPTIGHT and ANAL as their Baby Boomer parents. How many times have you heard former punk rocker 80's kids, and even grungy slacker 90's kids talking about how "much simpler" it was back in the day? Everyday former kids of the 80s & 90s complain more and more about how much more awful the world is today and how much more terrible the kids of today are. "These kids today do nothing but hang out at the mall, shoot each other at school and play video games blah blah blah." OR "What about the children!? My God what about the children!!?? Has anyone thought how this will affect the children!!???" That's the same overreactive crap the Boomers gave us, and the same way they have been acting for the past two or three decades now. Now Gen Xers are starting to act the same way, especially those that are 25 and above. And as of this writing, everyone is still in their 20s and 30s, so we're breaking the anal barrier even faster then the Baby Boomers, who seemed to hold out on becoming stick in the mud old farts till at least middle age. I guess it was inevitable and comes with adulthood. It's happened to every other generation since humanity existed. The Woodstock generation was attacked frequently in the 80's and 90's for becoming crusty old sell outs;---Late 20th century kids/MTV Generation beware, all that crap you gave the Boomers is coming back to haunt you.
Your kid brother ask's you "what's Pacman?"
When you start to get older then the cops handing out traffic citations. I was just given a speeding ticket by a rookie cop born in 1982. This police officer was only 7 years old when the TV show COPs started in 1989! Hell this cop was still in middle school back in the mid 1990's! I never thought that cops would actually get younger then me, I always thought they would stay looking like middle age fat asses that can't run.
Do you find yourself listening to your city's ALL 80's STATION more than the stations that play the current Top 40?
You remember when the space shuttle Columbia was brand new and first launched in 1981.
Watching "The Love Connection" on Game Show Network.
Remembering the days when "People's Court" was presided over by Judge Joesph Wapner, not Judge Ed Koch (although I think he is very humorous), Judge Jerry Shendilin (Judy's hubby), or Judge Marilyn Milian (the current judge).
I think TV Land and Sci-Fi are attempting to go back in time to the '80s. During my semester break several weeks ago, I came across "Knight Rider" on Sci-Fi @ 5 pm every afternoon, and "MacGuyver" every afternoon.
You feel old when you remember William Daniels as the voice of "KITT" on "Knight Rider" rather than who most kids think of him as, "Mr. Feeny" from "Boy Meets World." I'll admit it, I watched both.
In 10th Grade 4 years ago, we were watching a special about politics that aired on NBC in 1988. You know how dated it was? Mario Cuomo (former Governor of NY) and Thomas Kean (former governor of my home state, NJ) presided over it, and it was supposed to be a special about the Declaration of Inependence, with all of the Founding Fathers as current politicians making the rounds on current TV shows to talk about it. They showed up on "Donohue." My whole class thought this was hysterical.
I am 29 and I was talking to two coworkers who are 24 and 23. One of them said that she loved buying shoes and she had more pairs than she could count. I said "Oh, you're a regular Imelda Marcos!" Both of them gave me blank looks and said "Who's Imelda Marcos?"
This is the year that kids born in 1987 (which is often considered to be in the LATE eighties!) turn legal and obtain their driver's licenses; similarly I noticed that one of the airline security guards was wearing a driver's license around her neck and the year of birth wasn't 1963 as I initially thought but rather 19 *8* 3!
Recently a 13 year old girl born in 1990 asked me what it was like growing up in the 80s. Keep in mind she was born in 1990, so she wasn't even alive back then. It took me several seconds to respond, because I just kept thinking about how it used to always be me asking those kind of questions about the 50s, 60s or 70s.
Some of my favorite tv shows from when I was younger are now refered to as "cult classics" like You Cant Do That On Television
Gee,----I remember so clearly being a 12 year old in 7th grade back in 1988, and MY CLASS was watching a documentary from 1979 about the Three Mile Island nuclear accident. I'm not sure, but I think I remember Phil Donahue being in this one too. Donahue is like Geraldo, they both seem to get around on these kind of docs. I remember MY WHOLE CLASS of 7th graders laughing hysterically at that late 70s special back in 1988. We had no idea that while we were laughing at that thing, Donahue was making yet another documentary in that very same year with Mario Cuomo, that would later be laughed at by 15 year old 10th graders in 1998!!
George Michael is 40 years old.
Remember the mens fashion statment of the 80s? Shoes with no socks. Made ten times worse if you did it with penny loafers. God I HATED that trend. That and rolling up and cuffing your jeans. That hideous Don Johnson inspired fad died out sometime in 1988, much to my relief.
Besides being dead, there is nothing worse in this world then getting OLDER.
MacGyver is 53 years old. Maybey he can make a bomb out of his dentures and diapers?
You remember when George Michael wasn't a middle aged bathroom pervert.
You don't like going to the mall as much as you used to. Now you feel so old everytime you go to a mall because the crowd is mostly 21 and under. The mall/Galleria used to be your favorite hang out place, but now it's just a place to guy buy things, avoid the teenagers, and then leave as soon as possible.
In my Intro to Communications class at college,we joked around about how the most violent video game used to be "Duck Hunt," which was tame compared to the games that little kids play now.
My brother and I were watching "Hollywood Knights" in 11th grade on a tape my dad taped it on during the mid-80s. Before the movie, there was a disclaimer about how the movie was rated R, and would only be shown at night. Yikes. Now they show those kind of movies at 9 in the morning, and "Hollywood Knights" isn't that bad!
You remember when Bud Light was called Budweiser Light.
I'm an officer in the US Army and some of the soldiers who come into my unit were born the year I graduated high school.
Remember how cool it was to find out they made a "Super Mario Bros. 3"?
Remember that Michael Jackson/Pepsi commercial from the late 80s with the little boy chasing Michael around and he finally catches up to him and they drink a Pepsi together? Some boy chasing Michael Jackson, oh that takes on a whole different meaning today...
You're the only one in a college class of 40 that knows who the Spuds MacKenzie Budweiser dog was!!! He was kinda like the 80s version of the little Taco Bell chiwawa dog. But Spuds was cooler.
You're one of those 24/25++ year olds that keeps trying to fool yourself that you are still a solid part of the Youth Culture of the 2000's.
I actually graduated high school in the 1980's! Think how old I feel!
I'm sick of teenagers asking me what clothes to recommend they wear for their "80s Spirit Day" or whatever they do. Usually they totally f*ck it up and wear a bizzare amalagam of clothes, mixing up stuff from 1981, 1985 and 1989 all together.
Almost half of us born in the 70's are no longer considered cool anymore.
I was born in the 70's, and I was a child in the 80's and a teenager in the early-mid 1990's. I remember back then the 20 somethings and 30 somethings would wax nostalgic about the 1970's and I was like "WTF are these people making a big deal about?". Beyond the Bee Gees, ABBA, and some episodes of CHiPs and Charlies Angels, I really didn't know much about the 70s. OK I knew what mood rings and 8 tracks were, but I was always telling them "yeah I was born back then and I hardly know jack about what you guys are talking about". I HATE IT that now when I think back to the 80's, teenagers today act the SAME WAY I did 10 years ago when I was a teen in the early and mid 90's. Ugghhh.....
None of us are Peter Pan. We all have to grow up and become the no fun adults.
MTV just did a special on the 90's grunge band Nirvana. MTV also called them a "classic band".
I have a really younger cousin born in 1991. She's 12 years old and she has never heard of the "New Kids on the Block".
You remember exactly what you did on Spring Break 1983.
One of my greatest memories of childhood is getting the 8 bit Nintendo back in the Christmas of 1987. I still remember my father popping the hood of his trunk and showing it to me a couple of days before Xmas. I was the most popular kid in my neighborhood when I had that thing. Nintendo was like Heaven to us back in the mid-late 80's. That first Nintendo Entertainment System made the ATARI 2600 from just a few years before look like something out of the 1950's overnight. Remember the commercials for the NES? What memories.
I'm 25, and it's an awkward age to be at when you are in your mid or even late 20s. I'm too old to hang around teenagers or try and pretend to be some kind of rebellious adolescent, but on the other side of it, a lot of adults 35 and over still see me as some kind of "kid". Heck at work *everyone* over 40 calls me "the kid".
I'm 26 and I guess I'm an "older college student" because in one of my classes I overheard these kids around the ages of 18-21 talking about going to their first night club and getting into bars and stuff for the first time. Christ I am SOOOOOOOO beyond that sh!t. Listening to them made me feel so old.
You remember when VHS movies cost $89 or more, and a VCR cost you around $1,000. And you remember that Beta tapes were actually far SUPERIOR to VHS tapes in terms of picture and sound, but bad marketing killed the format.
You can remember when your PARENTS were the age YOU are NOW.
You're OLDER then most of the guys that play Pro Sports. This is especially true in regards to the NBA, where most of the guys have been getting really young in the past few years because they enter the league straight out of high school and are in that 18-23 range. I still remember clear as day when guys like Charles Barkley were telling people my age that he's not "a role model". And now here I am at age 27 older then most of the guys in the NBA & NHL, and about the average age of a typical NFL player or Major Leaguer.
When I was little, thinking that in 2000, we would all become a flying space-age Jetson society. Well here I am, a junior in high school DRIVING, not flying to school everyday.
I was born in 1977 and I have realized that teenagers today look at the late 80s and early-mid 90s the same way I looked at the late 70s and early-mid 80s when I was *their* age.
You remember when Nightline first came out in 1980, and when CNN Headline News was brand new in 1982.
You remember the big deal made about Sally Ride being the first female American astronaut back in 1983.
The movie "Short Circut" is now shown on the American Movie Classics station. The same station the shows Audrey Hepburn movies, black and white movies, and technicolor movies.
I'm 24. I told my boss (who's in her early/mid 50's) that I am going to try out for the National Women's Football Association within the next two years (after I train). She told me I should do it soon because I was pushing 30! I was like wait until I'm 26 and pass the quater century mark before you tell me I'm pushing 30. I told one of my mentors (in her early 40's) what my boss said and she told I should try out sooner because most people retire from football (and most sports) by the time they are my age!
Everytime I watch the Cartoon Network, and realize that you can almost tell what cartoons were on in the'80s...the animation style is a giveaway. Gee, they didn't look that strange when they first aired!
I'm a die-hard Saturday Night Live fan, and it makes me feel old when I watch "NBC All Night" every Saturday night @ 2 am, and they show classic episodes of "SNL." Normally, this wouldn't be a problem, but the "classics" they run were from the mid-'80s (which are "classics," but in a different way). Classics?! I was little during the mid-80s. Does that mean I'm classic too!
I gave my boyfriend's goddaughter the Care Bears video that came with my new Care Bear. It was copyrighted 1988!
Hey I'm 26 and I don't like it when people tell me I'm "pushing 30". Someone told me I was pushing 30 last year when I was 25 and I hated it too! I almost fell over in shock. I told them that I ain't pushing anything till I'm 29, 39, 49, 59, etc, etc. Till I get to that last year, don't tell me I'm "pushing" the next age decade while I still got 4, 5 or 6 years to go.
I'm 27 1/2 years old. :( I was born in 1975 and it's 2003. :( :( I graduated high school in 1993 and it's 2003. :( :( You figure out what I'm so sad about!! :( I don't think I'll ever get used to being in my 30's. How the hell did I go from being a no good punk misunderstood 90210 teenager to being this OLD so fast? It's like it all happened in a blink of an eye, and it's not fair!
I think back that I was 15 eleven years ago, i can't believe it was that long ago. I can remember it like it was yesterday, I have been out of school almost eight years. Time really flys, I also have two children never thought that would happen.
Showing kids 13 and under NKOTB albums from the late 80's, and they act the way I did when people showed me 70's pre-teen slop done by The Osmonds. Donnie and Marie...shudder.
Yo I gets purbed, keeps it real, and NEVER CRY about the past if it was still the 80s (dont get me wrong I love the 80s fa treal) no DVDS VCDS MP3S or weak MTV so you see we, all are adults now and and its time ta get serious couse its real serious out here, and I know my true 80s people feel me out there. Lets listen to our 80s music and keep changing the world on the D.L. couse I didnt understand my father and I pray I will understand my son. One. One.
OK, here's a major cultural one for you - I'm a university student, so you would expect me and my fellow students to be into things like rebellion through grunge, punk and Marxism... No. It seems that the children of the '80s are rebelling through monetarism and their own '80s retro - yes, like it or not, it seems that the typical 'student' politics of your parents (ie Socialism) is seen as a bit old-fashioned - to rebel against them, the children of the '80s adopt '80s financial values! And you can remember when your parents complained no end about Thatcher and Reagan.
I love the eighties !!! I was born in 1978 and the 80's, it's all my childhood, the first time I saw "Thriller" on TV I was terrified (I was only 4 or 5 years old). And after I was the fan #1 of Madonna. And the song of Jermaine Jackson and Pia zadora "when the rain begins to fall" magnifique!!! coucou Vanessa, je suis sur un site americain et si les gens lisent ce message tout le monde va nous connaitre. Vive le Havre et Alphonse Brown
I decided to go to college as a "mature student". I'm 27, born in '76. My classmates are all born in the 80's - they make me feel old! I will say "Do you remember that Cheers/Cosby Show/Family Ties episode?" and they look at me like I'm crazy! Plus, I just realised that when I'm really really old, my extrememly popular name - Jennifer - will likely be an "old lady" name like Vera or Wilma or Mildred are today! (no offense to people with those names!)
When I was younger, I always heard about how pens will write by themselves in the year 2000. That was in 1988 or 1989. Well, it's 2003, and I'm still getting writer's cramp, thanks to phony predictions!
I was watching VH1 Classic the other night, and the Lionel Richie music "Dancing on the Ceiling" came on. I never realized how corny and dated it really is!
My brother has the movie "Donnie Darko," which takes place in 1988 (it's really from 2001). The movie was about a prophetical bunny rabbit puppet that said the world would end on October 31, 1988. Drew Barrymore plays a teacher in it. Please. We all know what Drew Barrymore was REALLY doing in 1988, and it didn't involve teaching.
My boyfriend is 23 and he's already going bald.
Josh Brolin is 35.
Do you ever get pissed off with these kids that think every fashion, fad and trend of the 80's were going on at the same time? During every year? I know some kids that think we were walking around saying stuff like "Totally radical!" while at the same time break dancing and moonwalking IN 1989! 1989!! If they were really there, they would know that none of that crap was going on in 1989. Hardly anyone was using the already outdated stereotypical "80's lingo" in 1989, and my God NO ONE was breakdancing or moonwalking back then!
Like has been said many times, the 2000's are the end of our youth. And things will never go back to the way it was for us in the 80's and 90's.
That teeenage skater punk Tony Hawk is now 35 years old and a married father of two.
The mother on the Disney Channel sitcom "That's Raven" (or something like that title, starring Raven Simone... "Olivia" from "The Cosby Show", 1988/1992)is about the same age as most of the original Cosby kids. (around the mid 30's) That would make some people who grew up in the 1980's old. For myself, I'm 19,most of mypeers(age range of 17/20) would look at me weird when I talk about 80's music (new wave,glam rock, pop,etc.) and especially several early '90's artists! (Does anybody remember Toad The Wet Sprocket,Bel Biv DeVoe,Sonic Youth...I know they were around in the 80's, but they inspired many 90's alternative bands, Digital Underground, etc.)Younger relative who are teens and children (13 and under) would look at me strange when I let them watch a "Debbie Gibson" tape (When they asked me about pop singers that came before Mandy Moore...) or listen to pop music from the 1980's up to the mid '90's like If I was from another planet. Heck, Deborah Gibson isn't even old when it comes to age, she's the same age as Jennifer Lopez and Beck. Her music may be called old, but she had more talent than most of today's teen queens. New Order,Depeche Mode,Devo,etc. , in my opinion,are 100% better than Moby. Alice In Chains and Nirvana wrote more prolific songs than Puddle Of Mud.Not to mention that there's more better acts from the 1980's and 1990's than now. Now is mostly "very cliche" rappers, Lolita-esque teen queens,bland pop, and irratating rap metal. (back to the young children)They also believe that He-Man,Care Bears, and Transformers are "new", in which I used to like He-Man long before they were even born. I read some posts below and it stated that my generation looks at 5 (or less) yearstheres ago as ancient. Semi-true. I don't consider 1995 "ancient". And I would basically refer the 1980's and early 1990's as "Before my time". I recently saw a music video countdown show on BET, while clicking channels, and thet played a hip hop video from 1997 for "Old Skool Joint of the Day", in which I believe is too soon to be consider as "old school". Basically music videos became very dark during the early 1990's and adult films induring the late 1990's. I collect 80's music video collections on tape/DVD and recorded 80's videos from tv. I also collect music CDs and records in general. Current "video" review: Debbie, NOW DEBORAH... BROADWAY DIVA/SINGER, cira 1987 looks cuter and actually wore clothes compared to Britney Spears' "Dirty" video.
I hate getting older.
Most of the military troops sent to Iraq were born in the 80's, and most of them can barely remember the first time we went to Iraq during the Gulf War back in 1991. A lot of young cops out there handing out tickets were born in the 80's. The nurse that gave me a shot today was born in the 80's. The assitant store manager at my Wal-Mart was born in the 80's. I drove by a young homeless dude today that was probably born in the 80's. Jesus just thinking about all this makes me feel so old I need to go down a bottle of whiskey.
Anyone follow F1? Remember when Ayrton Senna won that rain-lashed Monaco GP in '84, and when he died in a massive crash at Monza in the early '90s? - People talk about him now like my dad talks about Juan Manuel Fangio, and that makes me feel old.
Remember back 8, 9, 10 years ago around 1992, 1993, 1994/'95 and people thought that a lot of us born in the 70's were a bunch of annoying little punk teens? Not something that would make us all instantly feel better about getting older and losing youth I know, but just something I thought I would point out. Everyone has to go through this. Before the very late 90's, like 1999, most of us born in the 70's used to be the ones that were the annoying kids that were walking around telling people that such and such music or movies were before *our time*. Hell back in 1995 I was 19 years old and the one talking about how I considered anything before 1982 before *my* time. Sigh.
Well I don't remember when my parents where my age, but some months ago I realized I could remember when my parents were my brother-in-law's age. It's something that plays weird in my head, since I'm on a peer level with my brother-in-law. I recently turned 26 (born in 1977) and my brother-in-law who is 9 years older then me is about to be 35. I remember back in 1983 when I was 6 years old my folks who were born in 1947 were around 35/36. Back then I thought them being 35 meant they were so old!!
When the Press of Atlantic City did a write-up on "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", because it is a classic. NOOO!!!!!!
When my Politics professor did an impression of Ferris Bueller's teacher. It dawned on everyone how old we are, and how old that movie is!
Those annoying little kids three to five years younger than you, whom you've always seen as babies or very young children and who got nowhere near the "80s experience" you did, are now mature-looking adolescents or even adults!
I remember back in 1981 when owning a VCR was such a big deal. I remember thinking how cool it was to be able to record TV shows and have them to watch over and over! And watching a recently released movie over and over? Pure magic.
I was born in 1975 and I used to think anyone born after 1980 was a little kid or baby. My "baby sister" turned 21 this past January, she was born in 1982 and I can remember my parents bringing her home from the hospital!!! I remember when most kids born in the 80's would just lay around and sh*t everywhere. When my sister turned 21 all I could think was if she just turned 21....Good Lord how old am I!!? Going to be 28 later this year....SIGH. I have a young cousin born in 1987, he's starting to drive and I remember when he was born I was in 6th grade!! So it's still odd for me to get used to all the grown up getting kids born in the 80's, especially deep in the 80's----MUCH LESS any kid born in the 90's. I mean it's one thing to deal with kids born in the 80's who are younger siblings to you, it's quite ANOTHER dealing with children born in the 90's who you could biologically be a parent of.
Talking to my friend and saying "remember when shows like Knight Rider, A-Team, and Airwolf came out?" and he's like, "yeah over 20 years ago". I'm like, holy crap he's right! They all came out around 1982/'83!
Why is Michael Jackson always used as a sign post for getting old in different decades? I remember when I was growing up in the 80's, I had teachers in school that would say I made THEM feel old because I wasn't around or couldn't remember when Michael Jackson was a little boy and/or a member of "The Jackson 5". Back then I didn't know anything about Michael's life and work pre-80's. Now I'm well into my 20s and people my age are teaching in school and asking kids, "Do you remember when Michael Jackson was a Black guy that was still kinda normal and not such a train wreck weirdo?" Just a funny thing I noticed...
I'm 25 years old and it never dawned on me that I was an "older college student", (for an undergrad) until I visited my university guidance counselor and she,--apparently shocked by how long ago I graduated high school made a Freudian slip and said, "Oh yeah I remember looking through your records, you were the one that graduated high school way back in 1976..." I couldn't believe she said that and I immediately yelled out "1976! My God it was 1996!". Come on on now, wouldn't *most* of the students in college today still be 90's high school grads? Anyway that little exchange demonstrated to me that she thought of me as an older college student who graduated high school years and years ago, and it didn't matter of it was 1996 or 1976. I was an older college student and my age and high school graduation year must have really stood out compared to the other students she reviews. And unfortunately I guess I am an older student with all these kids coming out of high school in the 2000's. I felt so terrible that day. :(
When i look at teenage girls and realize that its wrong because even though i feel 17, im really 27 and no one whos cool these days remembers when it was cool to were torn levi's,or to listen to guns&roses. I feel old when i look around and i cant find anyone who looks my age, then i realize there are people all around me who are my age but they are mostly all getting fat and look tired and worn out with the beginning sighns of wrinkles under there eyes. Seems like just yesterday when i was in the hip generation/now all i can do is dream about the good times and do the same boring things every day. I truely miss feeling care free,with the whole world ahead of me and a million choises at my disposal.
You remember when the only swear words allowed on American TV were "damn" and "hell". And if the words "crap" or "ass" were ever allowed, then there was like a big 1 1/2 minute parental warning infront of the program and inbetween every commercial.
Going to leisure centres and pool/bowling halls built in the mid-to-late '80s, and not only thinking how dated they seem, but that you remember them being built. I'm from the UK, and we've got one near where I live (Manchester) that feels like a set from Miami Vice, trying to make it cool using loads of fake palm trees and the lobby area is panelled in black with blue and red diagonal stripes running through it. There's this 'leisure square' called 'Grand Central' (no-one would dare use that name nowadays in fear of sounding cheesy). I remember when it was first built it looked so futuristic and cool, but now it's all run down and all the outlets have changed hands countless times. Makes me remember the '80s as a much brighter, nicer time.
There was a case study done on Michael Jackson in 1997, and it was done in 4 stages. The 2nd and 3rd stages were during the 1980s, and the 3rd stage demonstrated that he was getting strange. Wow. Michael Jackson has been getting weird since the 1980s????! Yikes.
Not one day goes by that I don't think about getting older, or marvel at the speed of it all and how it feels like overnight I went from being a Grunge wearing high school kid in 1994 to now being just 3 years shy of being a 30 year old. I always heard about how life goes by superfast when you get to be 16 or 17, and how you can go from being 16 to 30 in a blink of an eye, but I never understood it or even believed it until I started to see it happening to me. Anytime I hear children or teenage kids talking about how they don't remember the 80's or the early-mid 1990's, I feel like an old man that literally comes from a different century.
Reading through these posts reminded me of an incident a couple of years ago. I'm 32 and I graduated high school in 1988. When I turned 30 back in 2000, my uncle who is 53 came up to me and said, "So Mike you're 30 now eh? How do you feel?" I told him that I don't feel any different and I feel the same way I did when I was 15. He leaned up against me with a gleam in his eye and whispered, "Yeah so do I". Scary isn't it? I always thought you were supposed to feel really different as you get older, sure you get more mature and change as a person, but you basically FEEL the same way you did when you were 15 or 16.
What about the children!? Good Lord has someone thought about how this will effect the children!!?? We've got to think about the children!!!
Kids born in the 90's.
Kids born in the 90's.
Watching an episode of "Family Double Dare" on Nickelodeon Games and Sports, and seeing Jaleel White (Steve Urkel on "Family Matters") and Candace Cameron (DJ Tanner on "Full House") acting as members of the families who were contestants on the show. The bad thing is, they were only 13 years old. Neither had gone through puberty yet!
Candace Cameron (DJ Tanner on "Full House") is now married, with a child.
I found out that Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie Tanner on "Full House") is now 20 and married. Yikes, she's the same age as me and she's MARRIED?!
remember when food from McDonalds came in styrofoam?
remember the Mario and Zelda cereal that came in the same box?
The radio station you listen to has a slogan, "We play the best Old Skool jams from the 80's and 90's!!" Christ when you hear that, talk about just wanting to check into a retirement home. I mean it's only 2003, not 2033. They act like they're catering to a senior citizen crowd, and including the 90's in their slogan makes you feel even worse.
It simply is not cool to be a Generation Xer the way it was 10 years ago, or even 5 years ago. My newspaper did a piece on a new trend called "Hipsters", and all they did was talk about how this new youth movment is relevant to the Generation Y crowd that loves clubbing and partying. Zero mention of Gen X. One of the guys in the article that was trying to undestand Hipsters was certainly NOT OLD at all, he was 31 but he sounded the way Baby Boomers did years ago. It used to be that anything dealing with youth was always and soley about Gen Xers. Not anymore.
You remember the motto for the Nintendo NES game console in 1987. "Now your playing with power! Super Power!"
You remember the "New Coke".
On "VH1 Where Are They Now",a few months ago, it featured "Baby Jessica" McClure (who fell into a well in 1987) She's now 16 years old with braces. (She's about 3 or 4 years younger than me) That would make most people feel old, no offense. Even the '90's generation is already feeling old. R&B singer Brandy is now married and has a child. I remember when she was only 15 around the mid 1990's. (I'm not a fan of her,but many of my peers were.) And my cousin (who was in her teens) used to let me watch Fox and cable television (when MTV actually played videos,Disney aired old Disney movies and shows...not like a Nickelodeon clone it is today,Nickelodeon had game shows/better cartoons and shows,and Nick at Nite aired actual old shows instead of NBC sitcoms from the '80's I loath...till this day, I was more into Fox and probably forced to watch MTV. My cousin claimed that I liked some videos...Who cares, I like '80's music now any ways) and my cousin (Now reaching 30, not a bad age because J. Lo,Nicole Kidman,the cast of "Friends",etc. are in their 30's.) doesn't allow her kids to watch TV. Even strange, she was a fan of rap and pop acts that were controversial at the time, but now dissapprove acts like: Eminem, Marilyn Manson, and even today's Lolita-esque teen queens! (Inwhich I don't mind.) I've been to some retail stores and I never have been stared at or made rude remarks by any employee for buying a video/DVD of CD/LP relating to the 1980's. Well I witnessed some people in their 20's/30's with a positive remark. Well that would make some people feel better about themselves, I guess. One time at some mall, I met two women (around their late 20's/early 30's)sitting on a table talking. They actually smiled and noticed my DVD in my transparent plastic bag. (From where I brought. The DVD was "Pure 80's The DVD") We basically talked and one of the women looked a bit bemused like If I was a teen in the '80's with a handful of pop culture knowledge from the 1970's. We basically talked for about 10 minutes. (They were drinking coffee.) It went fairly well. I told them about my favorite acts from the '80's as well some "guilty pleasures". They probably expected me to say that the DVD was for somebody else or something like that. I have friends of my own age. Even stranger, most of my peers would wear ripped/acid wash jeans and headbands and consider the look as "new". Recently I read a message board about NYLA, Britney's now defunt/ill fated bistro, and noticed that a fan with "J. Lo" fan (or something similar)written in his/her E-mail address and wrote some mames of the celebs that showed up at the opening. The preson wrote "Dowager teen queen Deborah Gibson" in the list of names. I checked uo the dictionary and "dowager" is a dignified elderly woman. Elderly? She's the same age as J. Lo. (I assume that the person is a Jennifer Lopez fan) The person could've atleast written "former teenqueen", "Broadway actress", or "Singer/Stage actress" instead of an "elderly" woman. I bet the J. Lo fan doesn't know her age. (J. Lo or Deb Gibson) Well, I saw a picture of Deb (at the premier of NYLA)a few months ago and she doesn't even look old. She still looks great. Yes, we all tend to feel old. 20 years from now when today's younger children (Born after 1990) are in their late teens/early 20's, young children, from the future, will ask them about how it was like in the '90's/early 2000's and endless questions about TRL, Pokaman,Harry Potter,etc. Not to mention making crude remarks about the music and fashion from their youth. About today's versions of He Man and Transformers. An updated cartoon called "Alvin & The Chipmunks", based on "The Alvin Show", probably made children of the 60's feel old because the animation on "The Alvin Show" was far worse compared to the newer version in the 1980's. Does anybody remember "Foofur" ? (A cartoon about a blue dog and his canine friends in a house...) That cartoon was original,but not a lot of my peers remember it. I actually made my aunt, who grew up in the 1970's, feel old when I shun her disco albums. I don't consider people over 25 "old", it's not the age that makes the person "young", It's how they feel in their heart. Old is basically when a person becomes more wiser and mature. Final comment: Last year, VH1 Rock Show,unfortunately now defunct, played videos from Nirvana, Soundgarden, Van Halen(David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar eras), Guns N' Roses,etc. At least I taped a lot of videos and was a heck of a lot better than than the mere 2 (or less) hours of "videos" on MTV now! Only if MTV 2 replaces MTV and VH1 Classic replaces VH1.
I'm 24 and I HATE the 18 and 19 year old kids in a freshmen accounting class that I am forced to take because of my job. These kids are loud, obnoxious, not serious about anything, and are still in that teenage/high school menatlity. I have left all that behind and am more mature so even though I am just 24, I stand out as an old man with them.
I first started to feel old when I got to 24/25, because I was in my mid 20s and still an undergrad in college. I was instantly labeled an "older student" when it felt like just yesterday I was still 18/19 and a typical college kid. Miserable feeling when it changes on you like that.
Levi's stopped making their 512's !!!
Christ, most of you are mere children. It's pathetic that a person who might live to be, say 85, would choose to spend 2/3 or more of his life classifying himself as "old." I think I'll start considering myself old at 80.
When "Married with Children" is looked at as good wholesome family fun by some people. I remember when parents hated that show for being so raunchy and sleazy. Actually it's still sleazy, but I guess because it comes from the 80's its looked at as being OK and gets a free pass. Kinda like how Madonna is still a skank, but because she comes from the 80's she's alright now.
I was watching 'Scarface' the other day, just thinking how cool everything about that movie was: the storyline, the music, the cars, the various scenes etc, and how, despite the fact that it was about drug dealers, it would be really great (if a little tasteless) to live like that. Then my younger cousin came in and spoiled it all by saying "urgh! that music's rubbish, and so's that car, and Al Pacino looks really stupid". Then I thought about the 'cool to be ultra normal' cult that seemed to spring up in the late '90s, and knowing that my idea of cool, even if it was dated, was certainly a lot more exciting than this 'current' generation's.
While I was only born in January of 1980, I do feel older at times. Items that I still own from the eighties bring up "What's that" questions in most people my own age let alone any younger people. Atari, 45rpm records, Jem & the Holograms, neon clothes. I may be young but you can pick me out of a crowd. Individual and stuck in the 80s!!! I wish I would have been older to enjoy it more.
Axl Rose is 40. Ferris Bueller (Matthew Broderick) is 40. I was 15 when the Challenger went down. I remember the American Bicentennial! I remember Madonna on American Bandstand saying she wanted to "Rule the World". We got to listen to BOn Jovi's Slippery When Wet in 7th grade social studies. Airwolf rocked hard! (still does). Miami Vice was the ultimate in cool.
Axl Rose is 40. Ferris Bueller (Matthew Broderick) is 40. I was 15 when the Challenger went down. I remember the American Bicentennial! I remember Madonna on American Bandstand saying she wanted to "Rule the World". We got to listen to BOn Jovi's Slippery When Wet in 7th grade social studies. Airwolf rocked hard! (still does). Miami Vice was the ultimate in cool. Remember the high tops with the Pump? I remember AC/DC's Back in Black in 1980, I was 9! The first portable cd boomboxes were about 20 pounds and would run one cd before the batteries went dead! The first cd I ever heard/saw was Ratt "Invasion of Your Privacy". CD's came in huge cardboard wrappers so they were about 2 feet long! We had arguments about what was better, cd's or chrome tapes! Gas cost 75/80 cents a gallon. Hair bands were kick-ass, not nightclub burning idiots like Great White are now. (one of my first concerts was Great White, Scorpions, and Mr. Big). Metallica played music worthy of their name, not country rock! The original Rubik's Cube (I used to pull it apart and put it back together the right way). Asteroids would keep me up all night. The movies! Aliens, Predator, The Terminator, all John Hughes films, cheesy special effects. No Internet! Just Say NO! Reagon getting shot. Those Legionarre hats with Ozzy Osbourne or Def Leppard on them. Van Halen's 1984. Def Leppard's Pyromania. Remember when the drummer (Rick Savage) had both arms? Remember when Led Zeppelin broke up because John Bonham died? I was 9 when John Lennon was killed. I remember John Travolta's first film career! I remember his tv career! I cheered when the Berlin Wall came down! I cried when MASH went off the air. I remember the cool hospital and lawer dramas, St. Elsewhere and L.A. Law! NKOTB were horrible! I remember when the Columbia first flew, I watched it in my 4th grade class! Then we watched the original He-Man! I remember Mount Saint Helens blowing up, I was 8! I remember the Iranian hostage crisis. I remember the beginning of AIDS. I could go on forever.
I can totally relate to a comment made in that really long paragraph that some 80's kids loved all the controversial musical acts and performers back then, but dissaprove of the same stuff today. That is SO TRUE. I still remember back in 1989 a girl in an english class of mine made a big fuss about not being able to watch R-rated movies and parents being over-protective. She said something like "Hello!!? OMG, like we live in an R rated world!" She also wrote this long essay about her dissaproval of the bad treatment the then controversial rap group 2 LIVE CREW was getting for their "Me So Horny" song. She went on and on about how it was wrong that they were arrested and and busted at a nightclub for playing that song. Ofcourse she was a kid then. I'll bet you a billion dollars that if I met her today, she probably would talk about how there's too much violence in the media or how Eminem is destroying the children or some crazy sh*t like that. And I'll bet all the kids that hated Tipper Gore and her Parental Advsiroy crusade back in 1985, think it's a great idea today. Watching former 80's kids, my own peers, become crusty old farts is weird thing for me.
You remember being impressed the first time you saw Rambo's knife...
I'd say about half the celebrities around today were still in high school or less back in 1996. Britney Spears was 14 back then. That's only 6-7 years ago. Ain't no way that anyone cool is really remembering the 1980's in great detail when things are like that.
I just can't believe how many much older then me actors (at least I thought!) turned out to really be around MY AGE when I looked up their stats. It bothers me the hell out of me that all these older looking people are the same age as me. (mid-late 20's) These celebrities like Christian Bale, Joaquin Phoenix, Giovanni Ribsi, Tiffany Amber Theissen, Melissa Joan Hart, and Reese Whitherspoon are all looking much older then they really are. Or maybey me and my friends are just babyfaced and still looking 18 or 19 and stuck back in 1995 when these actors aged normally and are looking their or I should say OUR true age. I don't know. I thought Christian Bale was about 39 when he did "American Psycho", so I was shocked to find out he was really only 25 when he made that film. Even celebrities around my age that were known for their kid roles like Fred Savage (Kevin on Wonder Years), Solei Moon Frye (Punky Brewster), and Jaleel White (Urkel) look like they're freakin' 10 years older then they really are!! Urkel looks close to middle age now. Shoot Sarah Michelle Gellar looks silly playing a youth on Buffy these days. And the 27 year old Tiger Woods is clearly GOING BALD. The only celebrities I notice close to my age that still have that "youthful kid look" are Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire. Just more of a painful reminder that I'm getting older and that the 80's are now a freaking retro decade and that Pearl Jam became a forgotten 90's grunge band.
When I was a kid growing up I used to think people in their 30's were middle aged, and anyone 40 and over was old. Now that I'm 26 years old, that line of thinking has obviously changed. Folks in their early 40's are looking young to me. And I'm always yelling at teenagers that think 30 is old, trying to convince them (or myself) otherwise. (sigh)
There's a club in Plesantville, Atlantic County, New Jersey that as a "Back in the Day" night every Saturday. Wanna know how they define "Back in the Day"???? By playing all the hits from the 70's, 80's, AND 90's. WHAT?! I almost threw the newspaper I found this in on the ground.
Seeing the models of the houses from the TV shows "The Golden Girls" and "Empty Nest" on the Disney-MGM Studios Backlot Tour.
I am 25 years old. I would say that I am "only 25", but I feel really stupid saying that, cause I feel so old when I see teenagers and me being this close to 30. Though I bet when I'm 45 I'll walk around saying, "hey I'm only 45".
Everyone growing up thinks that 30's are middle aged and 40 and above is old. For some mysterious reason, people start to rethink all that when they get into their mid 20's. lol
I was reading through the comments and I noticed some of us that were early and/or mid 90's teens are a little annoyed at kid's today thinking that the early 90's were "the 80's". I don't even bother correcting teenagers that think the early 1990's were the 80's. When I was 16 in 1992 I remember people in their 20's would come down on us really hard for saying we thought the early 80's were a holdover of the 70's. Hey we all remember how that was! How many times did we get threatened with bodily harm for saying that? And how many times did we have to hear that "Disco was dead by 1980!!!"?? Did them telling us that disco was dead by 1980 change our view of 1980? They were ready to KILL US for thinking that the early 80's had a 70ish look. I had an older cousin that shouted by head off once when I said that I thought Duran Duran's 1981 videos looked like they were from the 70's. I didn't understand what they were talking about as a 16 year old in 1992, cause I was way too young in the late 70's/early 80's to get where they were coming from when they were talking about that time. So I don't expect any of these current teenagers to understand why the early 90's or mid 90's weren't the 80's. It's pointless to try and tell them that the "real 80's" were over by 1987, they're not going to understand what in the hell you are talking about. As far as they are concerned, every fad and fashion of the 80's WAS still going on in 1989. Hell that's what I thought about 1979. When they think that the early 90's were the 80's, I just don't bother with trying to explain the way it really was so I just say "yeah I guess it was the 80's" and leave it at that. Plus when you were a teenager in 1992, what did you think of 1982 when you were in like 1st grade? Exactly. They're also operating on a different time perception then us.
You remember the great Nintendo vs. Sega debate.
You remember "that other" Voltron with the cars that hardly anyone remembers. Most people just know of the Voltron made up of the lions.
You know who Dr. J is. (Julius Erving from the Philadelphia 76ers)
I remember breakdancing, ok trying to breakdance...when I was in 6th grade. Then it sunk in that that was back in 1983....20 years ago.
I showed my younger cousins the Generation 1 Transformers, and they just laughed at the 80's styled animation.
The girl that played DJ, Candence Cameron, on Full House is married and has like 8 kids now.
I used to be a skater back in the late 80's when I was in elementary and junior high school. Whenever I see teenagers skating in the mall parking lot now, I feel so old. I'd like to join them, but I don't think a 25 year old grown man skating around with a bunch of teenagers would look good.
Answering questions about the 80's from kids born in 1990, 1991, and 1992 and beyond....
I was born in 1978, and I feel really OLD reading the comments on this page. I can relate to almost everything here. I remember all of this stuff from the 80's, yes unfortunately even the early 80's. It doesn't help that I turn 25 later this year. (I'm not looking forward to being a 30 year old)
Seeing teenagers walking around with their '00's letterman jackets. It's just so bizzare to get used to. I grew up with kids having letterman jackets that started with either an 8 or a 9. Not something from the 2000's.
I just got my car washed by high schoolers trying to raise money. They said they were part of the Class of 2006. haha, we're old.
I was born in 1975, and I watched the movie "Old School" (about some 30ish guys going back to college) with the terrible knoweledge that the actors/characters in that film were at the most 6 or 7 years older then me, and at the closest, a mere 2 years older then me. I'm 27, so I guess I'm old school too, after all I did graduate high school in 1993. I would do anything, ANYTHING if I could magically go back to the 80s or early-mid 1990s. Anything. But those are just magic wishes.
I wrote a letter to President Ronald Reagan back in 1982. I still got the reply they give everyone, "Thank you for your letter. I wish more young people today would take an interest in politics...." And on and on it went.
I'm 23 1/2 years old, I was born in 1979, so I was never more then 10 years old in the 80's. I thought I was young but reading these comments makes me feel ancient. Jesus nearly all of what everyone is talking about hits home with me. I don't like seeing a decade I grew up in being called "Retro" either. And when it's already starting to happen to the 90's, oh boy. Kids not remembering the first part of the 90's,.....ugghhh. I've noticed that unfortunately, these kids don't have much of a memory before 1996 or '97. I feel like I should be wearing Ben Gay or something.
If you feel old then you're old. If you feel young, then you're young. If you are complaining now about being old in your 20's and 30's, then you'll be complaining your whole life and you'll never fully enjoy it. Stop complaining about things and start living them. And one more thing. The subject says children of the 80s. If you were born in a time where you are in an age range of 2 to 17 in the 80s, then you are a child of the 80s. Putting a limit on who's old enough to feel old is just plain ignorant. Like I said at first, you are as old as you feel.
Like alot of people have griped about here, I have a cousin who was born in 1990, and she just turned 13. It almost scares me (like everyone else) that the youngest teenagers are now too young to remember the 1980s.
You thought Sylvester Stallone was cool in the "Rocky" films. Now, he's just a middle-aged guy who can't make a good film if he tried.
Harrison Ford was so cool as Indiana Jones. Now, he's 60 years old...but he's still cool.
"Married with Children" and "The Simpsons" were the two most controversial shows on television. Now, they're considered tame by most standards.
"Married with Children" was being bashed by a bored housewife in the late-'80s. You wouldn't see housewives bashing it today.
everything that was so retro in the 80's is coming back into to style. so me, being a kid of the 80's feels like im younger because everything is coming back into style. i loved the 80's and am loving the fact that everything is coming back. like the slangs used and some of the clothes that we wore. a lot of times its kind of scary. but i guess, flipping through the channels and seeing a show that i use to watch when i was a teenager on tv and my kids actually wanting to watch it or even knowing what it is!
Not being able to remember events from the '80's, and knowing you were there.
I think it's silly that some of us are here complaing about feeling old. Ok on the one hand I get were some of you are coming from. I'm 26 years old, and I know exactly what some of you are talking about regarding the harsh realities of life and finding out that generation gaps can go two ways. I know what you mean about that "WTF!?" feeling when the 80s are called retro and when some kids can't remember the early 90s or even the mid 90s. Yes it is weird, but it's also a part of life. Yes I admit I do think about being 30. But on the other hand, I'm still a young guy and I have a lot of life to live. I don't waste all my time worrying about something I have NO CONTROL OVER. If I were to sit here at 26 and just moan about being old, I'll be dead by the time I get to 50. And for those of you kids here that are just 16 or 17 years old, oh god just shut up. Just shut up. You kids have no reason to complain about feeling old. If you're only 16 years old and already whining and complaining about feeling old, then you're going to just keel over and die when you turn 21.
I was talking to my 13 year old nephew the other day. He was talking about how the graphics on the Nintendo Entertainment System I still have are really crappy compared to his new Xbox. I told him the graphics on the NES are way better than the graphics on my very first game console...which was an Atari 2600. He asked me what the heck an Atari 2600 was. I explained it to him. A day later he told me that he asked some of his friends at school about the Atari and he said that no one in his class, except his teacher, had ever heard of those things.
I work for our local city government-purchasing department and I was talking this part Christmas to one of my coworkers, she was a 17-year-old (now 18) high school Work-Study Student-Clerk. As a typical teenager who hangs out at the mall, I asked her if she knew where I could get Spider-Man Under-Roos to buy for a friend's son because I could not find them at Target or Kmart. Not only did she not have the foggiest idea of what I was talking about, she actually thought I was making Under-Roos up when I explained to her that it was a t-shirt and underwear that came in colors to duplicate the look of Superman, Wonder-Woman, He-Man, etc. I had to get another co-worker to vouch for me (and this co-worker is a young grandmother). Wow! I have more in common, socially and as a group with a grandmother than with the youn'ens. I then told her that it would be a cool idea to bring Under-Roos back; that the company would make tons of money. Her answer was, "That's so ghetto!!" (And I was like, Ghetto?...Huh???) Well, I instantly felt the same way my parent's generation felt when they heard "fer' sure" or "awesome, totally awesome". So here I am a-geriatric-out-of -touch-with-today's-lingo-wishing-I-was-back-in-the-80s-type-person thinking (and frightened) that if `Bill Ted's Bogus Journey' was done today, it would be called `Bill and Ted's That's-So-Ghetto Journey'. Hikes!!!!
Hearing questions like "What's Knight Rider?", or "Whose Mr. T?"
Many of the most controversial music videos from the 1980's (George Michael's "I Want Your Sex", videos from Madonna,NWA,Public Enemy, 2 Live Crew,Samantha Fox,hair bands,etc.) are considered tame by today's standards. (Eminem,Christina Agulera's "Dirrty",etc.)Including Madonna's 1990 clip "Justify My Love" that was banned from MTV. (No Offense) Most of today's music videos are very cliche (resembling adult films)and are awful. Most of today's kids (under 13) would cringe if they were to watch a hairband,new wave,pop, or rap video from the 1980's. I'm better off watching "Live In Concert: The Out Of The Blue Tour" (Debbie Gibson/1989) tape than any bland/taste less video from any current sleaze pop act. And Christina Augilerra (whatever her last name is) makes Samantha Fox look like a church girl.
My brother, who was also a teenager in the 80's (as I was), said that he mentioned "Indiana Jones" in one of the high school classes that he teaches. The students had no idea what he was talking about! Now that's lame.
I was born in 1978, so I think I was a year or two too young to be a child of the 80s...I consider myself more a Child of the Nineties (I have little recollection of significant 80s events...I don't even remember the Berlin Wall coming down!). But not knowing what Underoos are? That's a bit scary.
I was in a certain class a few semesters ago with a range of ages in it from 18-25 (me the oldest). Our teacher made a reference to the Empire Strikes back, and the really annoying 18 year old punk revival girl in the front of the class turned to her friend and said "I've never even seen those first Star Wars movies, have you?" HUH!!! I admit i was born the year the first Star WArs came out, but i can also say i knew every line to that Ewok Movie and watched it religiously on my beta, which i still own. I just wanted strangle that My LIttle Pony iron on wearing girl! Give me a break, are we getting that old?
You remember Run DMC.
Here's something to make you feel old---You know those lists that circulate the net that say something like, "You know you grew up in the 80's If..."? Well you know you really grew up in the 80's, and are really getting older if you can tell what on that list is really from the 1980's, and what is from the early 1990's. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Saved by the Bell, 90210, Urkel, Quantum Leap, and The Humpty Dance are always on those kind of lists, and most of that stuff never even aired in the actual 80's. They're from the early 90's. See that's when you know you really grew up in the 80's and not as youthful as you used to be. Whenever I come across those lists, I can always tell what was from the 80's and what was most likely from the late 70's or the early 90's.
Remember the TWA airline hijacking back in 1985?
You know who Weird Al Yankovic is.
You what the "Revenge of the Nerds" are.
You know what the "Revenge of the Nerds" are.
You actually GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL somewhere in the 1980's. How's that one eh?
You remember BEFORE 1980.
Does anyone remember what you did on a rainy Saturday? Watch Kung-Fu theater ofcourse. lol
If you didn't have cable and access to MTV back in the 80's, there was always the third rate subtitutes like "Solid Gold", and ofcourse, "Sooooooouuuul Train"
You remember that if you didn't have HBO, Showtime, or any other cable channel back in the 80's, the best way for a kid to get off on some steamy sex was to watch one of those Mexican channels. Actually the Mexican channels are still pretty good for that, but back then it was the best subsitute for cable sex.
Most of the fans of Debbie Gibson are now probably have kids that are fans of today's teen queens and would cause some sort of generation gap. I thought of it while watching "Live In Concert: The Out Of The Blue Tour". And on a 2001 interview, Deborah Gibson claimed to dissaprove Christina Agulera for being to sexually explicit. (Inwhich I don't mind since I'm not a fan of today's teen pop)I know that Deborah Gibson was a squeaky clean teen idol, but one of her influences,as a teen, was Madonna. Inwhich was very contraversal singer and called a "bad influence" by parents/adults. Not to mention Deborah Gibson is old enough (NO OFFENSE) to be a parent of 13 year old. Same with Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck,etc. BTW, Deborah Gibson looks great and still is multi-talented.
My 5 year old nephew called me a "grown up". I am only 21 years old.
While I am not as crazy as Michael Jackson, I share Wacko Jacko's "Peter Pan complex" and can relate to that part of him. I want to be a kid forever too!!! This whole being an adult thing sure does suck. I'm getting uncomfortably closer and closer to being in my 30's as each year passes, and farther and farther away from being a youth. :( *very sad* Seems like not that long ago that people my age were the kids of the world. "I don't want to grow up, I'm a TOYS R US kid..."
"Genesis? Never heard of them" / R.E.M. is considered "Classic Rock" now.
Nick At Nite is planning to rerun "Wings",a '90's sitcom in April 2003 and plans to rerun "Full House" (1987/1994) and "Roseanne" (1988/1997) And "Perfect Strangers" is on 3:30 A.M.! (Funny show,but a bad time slot.) And '90's sitcoms ("Friends", "Sienfield",etc.) are on syndication while some 80's shows (and some '90's shows) are on "Nick At Nite" or "TV Land". And I thought TV Land only aired shows from the 1950's through the 1970's. (what used to be on Nick At Nite during the 1980's till the mid 1990's) And "Square Pegs" is on "TV Land" (along with "Mc Gyver") And the TV Land Kitchen supposed to play tv garbage like "The Fyling Nun" not "Square Pegs", a funny show starring a young Sarah Jessica Parker!
"Perfect Strangers"(1986/1993),briefly, appeared on TV Land's Kitschen with the likes of "The Flying Nun" and other "campy" shows. (Probably was misplaced.) And knowing that "Perfect Strangers" was on ABC's,now defunct, "T.G.I.F. line up. I would boycott TV Land if they decided to air early '90's "camp" like "Parker Louis Can't Lose" or "Herman's Head"! I probably would make people who grew up in the 60's feel old if I were to say my opinion about "The Flying Nun" and "The Andy Griffin" show. (Duran Duran popped into my mind when I found out that the title character's name is "Andy Taylor") I would rather watch "Perfect Strangers" & "Square Pegs" than "Jack***" or "The Flying Nun"! (No offense to fans of 60's sitcoms & "Jack***")
Mr. Rogers, who was an 80's child icon, died.
I remember how my parents used to gripe about how they hated "Perfect Strangers," which my brother and I couldn't get enough of on "TGIF." Now, it's on Nick at Nite.
I always wonder what our kids will think of us when they are pre-teens and teenagers and stuff like that. I mean I'm only 24, but whenever I have kids I know that in their view I will basically be coming literally "from another century". We laughed at our parents for coming from the 60's, and we thought they didn't know anything because they came from this barbaric ancient time that looked so long ago. I can just my future kids, "Oh my God! Like our parents grew up in the 80's and 90's!! What do they know!!???"
QVC were selling a cheesy karoake machine endorsed by Deborah Gibson!!! (Like Susan Summers,George Foreman,etc.) Yes, The former teen queen/Broadway Diva. And the fact that she's now not as famous than she was during the late 1980's. At least she's still respected in the theatre community while she's considered a joke or "has been" by the media. Most of today's teens probably never heard of Deborah Gbson or look at her as a washed-been the same way I view Donny Osmond. I felt confused that Deborah Gibson is selling a product on QVC like she's trying to make a name for herself,but she's already a well known stage actress with 9 on/off Broadway shows. I feel that if some 14 year old watches it, he/she would look at Deborah Gibson like a washed-up has been. If the karoake machine was endorsed by Britney Spears, he/she would by it and the product would be huge! Sad,but true. And I saw her on "The Caroline Rhea" show and still is doing theatre (Cabaret) and looks great! (But,I never saw Nathan Lane selling some cheesy product on some shopping network!)I consider cheesy product endorsements as a "step down" to reality shows. And some younger children would cringe if they saw "Square Pegs" & say something like "That's Sarah Jessica Parker?" in a strange way like when I saw "The Flying Nun" and discovered that Sally Field,when her name appeared on the screen,was the title character! (Some 12 year olds would only recognize Sarah Jessica Parker from her HBO series "Sex & The City",but may not be familiar with "Square Pegs". The same with myself. I'm only familiar with Sally Field,before discovering "Gidget" & "The Flying Nun" on reruns last year, as a dramatic/Academy Award winning actress.)No offense. I actually like both "Square Pegs" (1982/1983) & "Gidget" (1965) That probably would build a small generation bridge and cause some debate like 60's surfer girls vs. 80's "geeks". Generation gaps will be around forever. And was around since the dawn of time. 50's vs. 70's, 60's vs. 80's, 80's vs. 2000's,etc.
Look on the bright side, at least Al Bundy and "Married with Children" isn't on Nick at Nite or TV Land. The day that happens is the day we are officially old timers.
I still remember clear as day being an elementary school kid back in 1985 and KNIGHT RIDER had that famous two part episode where KITT got his 'Super Pursuit Mode' added on to him. The next school day all the kids were like, "Hey did you see Knight Rider!? That was bad ass what they did with KITT huh!!?" Ofcourse when you watch the same thing through adult eyes, driving 300 mph through a resdential neighborhood seems kinda retarded.
You remember the days when Bob Saget hosted "America's Funniest Home Videos."
When you hear "controversial" songs from the 80's like Twisted Sister's "We're Not Going to Take it" or Guns N' Roses "Welcome to the Jungle" being used by radio talk show hosts to segway into their show. I don't care what you say, no radio talk show host on Earth is cool, not even the sports hosts like Jim Rome. When they use songs for their shows, then you know it's not cool anymore. These two middle aged radio talk show guys in my city even started using Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" on their show,---and that's a 90's song!
I've got a cousin that is a lot younger then me, and she already acts like an old fart. She just turned 20 (yup she's only 20), but she has already started to dissaprove of the music and movies around today. 4 years ago, she would have NEVER acted this way. I guess her becoming a young mother has something to do with it.
Tico Torres of BON JOVI looks like a middle aged man in terrible shape. 16 years ago Tico was a young bad ass that was part of the most popular pop heavy metal band ever, today he looks like one of those old guys that chases kids off his lawn.
Remember the "Filthy 15" songs that parents groups went in an uproar over back in 1985?
I read an article that called Michael Jordan's 1996 Nike's "retro". What the hell? 1996? I can't even get used to the 80's being called retro, let alone anything from the 1990's. Why can't we go back to the days when only the 1950's-70's were called retro? I miss those days when only the stuff that happened pre-Eighties were retro.
To respond to a comment below: I don't think anyone in the media considers Deborah (Debbie) Gibson a "joke", she just hasn't been a viable teen pop act since like 1989. Gibson kinda faded away, but she is not the same as The Osmonds from the 70's, who have always been associated with silliness. But I agree, most teenagers that are around 15 will look at Deborah Gibson as before their time, and someone that was popular right when they were being born or 1 or 2 years old. I have a niece that is 5 1/2 years old, she was born in 1997. Somehow I get the feeling she won't be into Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera in 2012 when she is 15, other then remembering her through nostalgia as the girls that were popular when she was a baby and in pre-school. There are middle school kids who think Pearl Jam and Nirvana are before their time because they were popular right when they were being born in the early 90's. This is just the way life is, what you think of as cool when you were kid won't always be cool. You don't think about how cruel it is when you are 17 or under, but when it starts happening to you....then you realize what all the "older people" used to joke/complain about.
Things will NEVER go back to the way it was before 1999/2000. Back when the 90's were obviously still cool and it was unthinkable to call the 80's retro. Back when only the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's were the old peoples decades. It will never, ever, EVER go back to that way it was before 1999/2000. We are the old school now, so just accept the cruelty of the universe and move on with life.
I remember when I was growing up in the 80's and 90's the teachers told us to study and make something of our lives because what is cool now won't be cool and we will get old. They said it happened to them and it will happen to us. I wish I listened to them and studied, because now I'm an old man listening to my "old skool 80's and 90s" among these teenagers today.
You know who Pac-Man and Super Mario are. You also remember Mario's brother Luigi.
I was born in 1979. I will always miss the 1980's and 1990's. I remember the days when the Transformers were just that, Transformers, and there was none of this "Generation 1" or "that old 80s show" buisness.
Remember "Silver Spoons"? ha ha, that was a great show. Alfonso Ribero was so cute back then and a real teenager on that show too, not the 20 something guy playing a teen he was in the early-mid 90s sitcom "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air". And Alfonso was a cool character on Silver Spoons, but on Fresh Prince he was dorky Carlton.
i still remember when wearing checkerd vans and op shirts made me feel like some surfer/radical dude from cali.when i really live in tx.
When Teams Like The Cowboys And Forty Niners Are No Longer Championship Teams And The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Were The Laughing Stock Of The 80s And 90s Are Now Champions And No Longer Have Their 3 Musketeer Helmets
Recently I bought the Back to the future trilogy on DVD. The people who was born in the year the first Back to the Future film was release are almost in college right now.
I know that Tom Hanks co starred on "Bosom Buddies". Good thing it's not on Nick @ Nite nor TV Land. It's on TBS,but on 3 A.M.! It should be on a decent time slot like "Sienfeld" and "Roseanne". Nick @ Nite is planning to air "The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air" (1990/1995) on 2004! (No Joke...source: Sitcoms Online) Actually Deborah (then Debbie) Gibson faded in the early 1990's. ("Anything Is Possible",1990 = gold,but forgettable & "Body Mind Soul",1992= a flop! Debut on Broadway, Les Mis, in the same year) I bet nobody remembers those albums,except for a few people. I bet not a lot of people remember the kids' show "Under The Umbrella Tree" from the late 1980's. (Starring "Holly",forgot the actress' name,Gloria Golpher, Iggy the Iguana, and Jacob the Blue Jay. Obviously 3 puppets.) It was shown on Cable. (I forgot the network.) I read some comments and read about the 20 year ols mother who disaprove today's movies & music. I'm a singlr 19 year old and also disaprove today's pop culture. Including current MTV! And I listen to more "80's/90's Adult Contemporary " radio stations than top 40. And I've been watching more VH1 and a lot of my favorite shows are now on syndication (execpt for "Just Shoot Me",but the show's now getting worse) or on TV Land/Nick @ Nite ("Perfect Strangers"). A lot of my favorite bands have disbanded or showing more on VH1. (Alternative & hard rock) And "Married...with Children" had a reunion a few weeks ago. It was cancelled in 1997! And David Garrison (Steve Rhoades, The Bundys' neighbor...Along with Marcy. 1987/1990) now has grey hair. Christina Applegate also looks old. (No Offense)It's still a very funny show that makes people laugh hard like myself. I bet everybody is like Joel Larson,the lead character of "Do Over" (A great show,but unfortunatley cancelled), who wishes to go back to his youth and he transfers from an electric shock that transport the 34 year old Larson into his teenage body in the early 1980's. For myself, I would like to have a tv network that's dedicated to the 1980's & 1990's. It's like The New TNN minus the WWF (or WWE), game shows,"Blind Date", and "Real TV." It would be called Pop TV. ("Pop" as in "Pop Culture") Unlike TV Land, it'll appeal to people in their late teens to their early 40's. I'm tired of seeing "Square Pegs" next to "My Favorite Martian"! I hope "Giget" or "The Flying Nun" sores back to it's slot and "Square Pegs" can be on The New TNN WITH "Miami Vice" & "Star Trek TNG". "Miami Vice" is still a great kick*** show (inspired "GTA: Vice City") to watch. Crocket & Tubbs are better than the current counterparts on "Fastlane".
It's scary, I guess I have a neice who is about to turn 21, and it seems like only yesterday her mom brought her home from the hospital. I have trouble believing that is just slightly over a year, I will have graduated high school 20 years ago, when that time arrives, students attending my high school have no idea what the 1980s were like, they missed an absolutely wonderful decade, and I'm thankful I had the opportunity to have lived it
Have you noticed that almost every member of "The Breakfast Club" has play a teacher or at least some sort of authority figure in something now? My, the times have changed.
I'm a 20 something middle school teacher and some months back we had an "80's dance". I can't tell you how weird that was for me, especially when they covered all the Late 80's songs. Seeing those kids dance to that music and ask questions about the 80's like I remember doing for the 1960's was so unreal. Telling them about Depeche Mode, Guns N Roses, and New Kids on the Block reminded me of how we were told about The Beatles and The Doors. And I STILL REMEMBER my middle school having a "60's Day" back in 1988 like it was yesterday! In a just a few years I'm sure we'll be getting to the 90's, now that's going to seriously strange, these kids were being born or were kinda young for the first half of the 90's anyway. I can just see that---"What's a Pearl Jam? Whose Kurt Cobain?" You know it's going to happen, if it already isn't going on. LOL.
I think every birthday after the age of 23 JUST SUCKS!!!! LORD ALMIGHTY IT JUST SUCKS GETTING OLDER!!! The only thing worse then getting older is being dead. Now you will hear some people say it starts to blow after age 24 and some that act silly and try to fool themselves and say it's after 25 and on. That I feel is stupid, I mean by 25 you know that your not an immortal kid anymore and you know what's going to happen. So I feel that everything goes down hill when you hit 24 and after. That's how I was, and all my friends were too. Turning 23 was the last birthday I had where I didn't feel old, but still felt young and like a kid. 23 was the last age were I just felt a neutral nothing. But getting to 24 was MISERABLE for me, and everything since has been crappy too. (I'm now 26 1/2) Everything after age 23 just sucks, because when you get to 24 and the mid 20's you know what's coming and what your heading towards and moving away from. When I turned 24 I was so depressed and all I could think of was how it felt like yesterday that everyone my age wanted to be 16 or even be 21. I hate that the 80's are retro and that the 90's are old skool. Why does it have to go by so fast?
I notice that most of us that are posting comments here were "literal children" back in the 1980's, and then teenagers/high schoolers in the 1990's. It seems very few people that actually graduated high school in the 80's are on here making comments about how they feel old---and those guys are most probably the true "Children of the 80's". I think the reason for them not really being here is because most of that crowd already went through what we are experiencing now roughly 7-12 years ago, and they are maybey more used to the intense and sudden "shock" of becoming old school overnight. I have an older sister that graduated high school in 1985. I remember distinctly people in her peer group were shitting bricks about getting older back in the early 1990's. But back in the early-mid 90's I was a no good teenager and not quite understanding what the 20 something crowd was going through. Ofcourse....I understand now. Though I liked it better when I was on the teenage end of this, with the false belief that it won't happen to me for a long, long time. sigh. :(
Having a kid ask me, "You went to high school in the 80's didn't you?" I told him no, I was an early 90's high schooler. He says, "Early 1990's, that's close enough. I consider all that the 80's anyway." (???)
You remember every routine Johnny Carson did on the Tonight Show.
I just watched "Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion". I remember that movie came out in 1997, about two women who obviously graduated high school in 1987. When that film came out out in '97 I was 21, and the idea of a high school reunion seemed so far away for me. High school was just a few years ago for me at that time. But Christ next year, my class of 1994 will have it's 10 year reunion, time flies by so fast. Yes I know I was a 90's teen, and that movie was about real 80's teenagers, but I did grow up in the 80's as a child. And the weirdest thing is I still feel the same as I did when I was in high school back in '94. Though I had a class of like 600 students, not like in the movies where only 20 people are part of the class and everyone remembers everyone they went to school with.
Kids born in the 90's are the strangest. Sure someone born in 1982 may make you feel old, but at least they were actually ALIVE for most of the 80's, even if it was only as babies/small children. Talking to some middle school or elementary kid that was born in the 90's and wasn't even around in the 80's is just f*cked up.
"We play the best hits of the 80's and 90's".....that is something I thought I would never hear.
What makes me feel old is when they're remaking songs I remember from the first time around. The most recent example I've heard is "Don't Dream It's Over," which was a breakthrough hit for Crowded House in 1987. The first time this feeling hit me was quite a few years ago, when some band remade "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" by the Eurythmics. I mean, I can still remember when Kim Wilde covered "You Keep Me Hangin' On" by the Supremes in the 80s, and I asked my dad, who had been a big Supremes fan, what he thought of it. Now if I had a kid she would be asking ME that! Another scary experience I had was a few months ago when an older friend of mine told me he had met his wife 20 years ago, and I pictured them as 60s hippies. And then there's the fact that 80s fashions are beginning to make a comeback: wide belts, peg-legged pants, and flats with jeans.
How about the fact that I've spent an hour enjoying this site when I should be mailing my mortgage payment.
A while ago my 15 year old cousin was talking about Will Smith like he was the hottest new thing. She asked me if I had ever heard of him and I told her that I remember when he was with DJ Jazzy Jeff aand the Fresh Prince. She responded "Oh, so that's why tehy call him the artest formally known as the fresh prince!!". I felt VERY old that day!
Reading these comments reminds me of a line from a famous 80's song by TEARS FOR FEARS, "nothing ever lasts forever, everybody wants to rule the world..." That's an appropriate verse to a lot of the sentiment posted here about losing youth, getting older, and waking up to the harsh realities of the adult world. Nothing does ever last forever, everyone wants to rule the world when you are young,.....but as you get older you realize that for the vast majority of people on Earth there is only so much you can do and must accept cubicle conformity.
Michael Jackson was black. Kids don't know who Jason or Freddy Krueger were anymore.
Yeah to echo another comment-----when people talk about something from "20 years ago", I still think they are talking about some crap from before my time and immediately flash on typical Baby Boomer culture from the 50's, 60's and 70's like Elvis, John Lennon, The Beatles, Hippies, Vietnam, Watergate, Farrah Fawcett, Disco, Studio 54, you know--- all that "oldies stuff" like that that we learned about in history class and what our parents/teachers talked about. I still think that's what 20 years ago means. I'm not quite adjusted to the fact that "20 years ago" now means the 80's so now instead of Jim Morrison, Woodstock, and hippies------today it means Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, Run DMC, Madonna, The A-Team, Punky Brewster, KITT, Transformers, and Mr. T. I bet kids today think of the line "Michael are you sure there's enough room to Turbo Boost?" the way we thought of "Hell No! I ain't goin' to Vi-et-NAM!!"
LOL! Will Smith was the "Fresh Prince", an easy mainstream rapper from the late 80's and early-mid 90's. My God, Will Smith has NOTHING to do with the Prince from the mid-80's!!! Prince changed his name to a symbol in the 1990's and became "The Artist Formely Known as Prince"....but now in the 00's he is now back to being just Prince. Anyone who could make the huge mistake of confusing the two obviously did not grow up in the 80's. They are not even in the same musical genre.
"Egon, this reminds me of that time you tried to drill a hole through your head,.....remember that?"
"Ray, if someone asks you...if you're a God, say YES!!!"
'What do you mean bad?' "Try to imagine all life stopping instantaneously and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light." 'Ok so now that's bad? Ok important saftey tip, thanks Egon'.
The sad thing is that Ghostbusters quotes, as well as Back To the Future, Karate Kid, and Top Gun, and the rest are all nearly 20 years old now. 20 years man.
Toys, man. It's the toys. Not the music, because we have those cheesy commercials highlighting various songs off the collections to thank. Not the movies because I'm only 19, and I've seen every John Hughes movie and a ton of others (Including "Revenge of the Nerds," I mean, if I know what Lambda Lambda Lambda represents....). Plus, I consider Spinal Tap one of the classics and I wasn't around when it was produced... No, It's the toys. Pocket Rockers, Alphie, Precious Places, Sylvanians, Duck Hunt. Look at them now, no girls play with "Baby wet myself" anymore and boys are drawn into Video Games with incredible graphics....Sad, sad, sad.
You think it's bad that kids can't remember the 80's? Man I know some kids that don't know who Alicia Silverstone was. Remember, the teen star from the 1995 movie "Clueless"? It's gone beyond the 80's and has crept into the 90's as well.
I am really showing my age here. Everyone else on here is talking about Nintendo. I remember in 1981, getting an Intellivision for Christmas. It was the game at that time, because the graphics were so much better than the Atari 2600.
When I listened for the very first time the song 1999 (Prince), I said to me, 1999?, uf! It's a long way to go; 1999 now is four years ago.
You know I'm also still in that mindset of thinking that the 20 years back means hippies or disco, and then it hits me that today in 2003, 16-23 years back unfortunately means the 80's. And weirder, 10 years ago is now Nirvana, Pearl Jam, 90210, Snoop Dogg and Tupac.
Okay, I was born in 1985, so I don't really remember that much from the 80s, but that doesn't mean I don't feel old sometimes. They're bringing back all these toys from when I was little now like Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, and Rainbow Brite (personally, I think the old Care Bears are better, and cuter). And, my local "Oldies" radio station has started playing songs I remember from when I was little, sorry, but those aren't "oldies." And the TV shows I used to watch in the late 80s/early 90s are now coming on Nick At Nite (I associate Nick w/ Donna Reed, Dick VanDyke, Patty Duke, ya know, real "old" shows).
Like others have said, it's not just the 80's that have become one of those "old decades". I mean try talking about what you thought was cool back in 1996 to one of these kids around now and see the reaction you get from them.
I just realised the other day that Rick Springfield is older than my Dad, which must have made him late 30s/early 40s in the '80s, yet he looks so much younger on his albums. Time flies doesn't it.
I know that I will get heat with people older than me for saying that I am out of touch with youth culture. I was born in 1982(I'm 20 now). So the only parts of the 80's I really remember are 87,88, and 89. I remember watching the Berlin Wall come down on tv. I also remember the earthquake that hit San Franciso in 89 which caused the Bay Bridge to collapse during the World Series. I remember not having MTV and my brother and I sneaking and watching it at our grandparents house. I remember when bands like Poison and Guns N Roses were all over MTV. Now they usually only get air time for being remembered as a hairband. I remember the Coreys. I still listen to alot of 80's music to me the pop music is superior to now. When I was in high school and now even in college people look at me with confusion when I name off some of the 80s music and movies I like. It is strange when some of the things you remember as a child are considered retro. I remember Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake. I also remember Jem and the Holograms. I don't like the fact that alot of people my age assume that if its from the 80s it sucks. Isn't it strange how the 80s has such a stigma attached to it? Oh well guess I have ranted long enough.
I was born in 1984,so does that really make me a child of the 80's?? i have always wondered that.And i hope somebody could really tell me cause im really confused. i mean i can remember alot of things from my childhood and i can tell the difference between what happened in the 90's and the 80's. Yea i used to watch jem and the holograms and maxies world and work out with my mom to the 29 minute workout, but i never really understood what makes a person a child of the 80's. I was wondering if there was a cut off date or what, but i truly feel that im a child of the 80s and what really makes me mad is kids born after 84 try and say they are one cause honestly there not. what makes me feel old is looking through sites like this (i really love this site) and remebering all the things i used to wear, watch and listen too. im about to be 19 in 7 months and all this stuff makes me feel atleast 10 years older.
Anyone remember Reebok 'Pumps'? People used to get mugged for them because they were the most expensive shoe in the world in '89!
Hoop skirts, frills and '80's lace are making the fashioin comeback. I can't wait till the fluoro craze starts again. That will be the evidence of the full fashion circle!
It might be sad but I remember in 1985 (I'm 27) the price of a can of Pepsi was 18p in 2003 it's 65!!
We all remember Milli Vanilli and their big lip synching scandal from 1989 right? Well anyone seen what that surviving Milli Vanilli guy looks like now? I think his name is Fab. I can't remember which one killed himself, but one of them is still around and he looks so OLD. He looks like someone's dad today, he doesn't look anything like he did back in the 80's when he was young and wore those dreadlocks.
I was born in 1980. I remember 86,87,88 and 89. I have pictures of me when I was little and just remembering all the clothes and the hairstyles I used to have just makes me wish I was a kid again. But to relive them I bought Grand Theft Auto: Vice City the day it came out (which was a major hassle). The music on that game just brings me back. I even bought the music box set to that game. If your into videogames or just a casual gamer, or if you want to be curious and don't care for violence in videogames then run out and get Grand Theft Auto: Vice City! For those who have a high end PC it's coming to the PC this year so you don't have to worry about getting a Playstation 2 just to play it.
we started out as CHILDREN of the eighties... then morphed into TEENS/YOUTH of the nineties... and now we are GROWN-UPS of the 2000s!
The Gummy Bears, Ninja Turtles, when Michael Jackson was the sh*t, Taco Bell had that 39,59,99 slogan, McNuggets were a "new" thing, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, My Little Pony, Cabbage Patch, Pound Puppies, Tiffany was the Britney Spears, The Wonderful World of Disney specials, Dunkaroos, Lunch Buckets, Adidas and Lotto jackets, NKOTB, Teddy Ruxpin and Grubby, and kids walking around in Letterman Jackets with 06 on the sleeve. Jeez.
I grew up in the 80's, and went to high school in the early 1990's. (class of '93) What makes me feel old is always being bombarded with that freakin' Reunion ad popping up all the time on my computer. Then reading about the "kids" I went to high school with talk about our Class of 1993 reunion. (Yes we were the Saved by the Bell/Beverly Hills 90210 class) What a bunch of whacky Early 90's kids we were. For me it feels like yesterday that I just graduated high school, and these days it's hard to pretend like I didn't know about the reunion or didn't get an invitation when reminds you about the stupid thing all the God Damn time!! I really don't want to see those "kids" I grew up with again as a bunch of 27 or 28 year olds. And it's tough on me to believe that 1993 was 10 freaking years ago, I feel so old when I see the teenagers around now and my mind often drifts back to my more carefree youth of the 1980's and Early-Mid 1990's. To tell you the truth, I was walking around still acting like a kid or teenager up till 2000. Turning 25 really does mellows you out, calms you down, and makes you act more "adult".
In the 1980's Hulk Hogan had hair...although not much.
You find yourself talking about the price of gas. (before it went high anyway)
You have bought, or are considering buying a mini-van. Mini-vans and station wagons dude, are there any other vehicles on the planet that speaks of being old? Don't give me any of that soccer mom "but we need the space!" crap. There is nothing cool about driving around in a mini-van or station wagon. (unless it's outfitted with gangsta rims)
Seeing all those ditzy "whatever" Valley Girl types from the 80's turn into holier than thou Soccer Moms of the 2000's. Those same ditzy 16 year old chicks from the 80's that hung out at the mall all day listening to their heavy metal while Tipper Gore and the PMRC waged war against the music industry, are today a bunch of overreactive Soccer Moms that get anal over everything. And the sad thing is that nearly all them are still under 35.
I remember when my Uncle turned 26 back in 1982. I was 6 years old at that time, and my mom and dad took him out to dinner. Today I'm 26 and I have a 7 year old nephew. Weird huh? Back in 1982 my Uncle had long hair all the way down to his t*ts, he played in a local heavy metal band and I thought he was SO COOL. Today he's 46, going on 47. He's fat and lost all his hair.
I found an old dance school recital video that was from June 1988, when I was 5 1/2. They used all sorts of effects, like Strobe Lights and slow motion. Add that to the tacky costumes (obviously the big thing with this dance teacher, whose studio I only went to for a year, was animal stripes), weird dances, and big hair, and it looks like one bad '80s music video.
No one remembers Picture Pages.
i was born in 1980, so i can remember pretty much of it. i feel old because i can't believe that it had passed 13 years since the 80s!in the 90s, the 80s were blammed as the most kitch personal opinion is that the 80s was much better than the 90s.
Remember Elizabeth Berkely? She was the tall girl that played Jessie on "Saved by the Bell". Well today she's 30...actually she turns 31 later this year. Granted she was about 3 year older then the character she was playing. But still. And to put all of this in some MAJOR SHOCK PERSPECTIVE---Dennis Haskins who played crusty old "grown up" Principal Belding, was 32/33 when SBTB started back in the fall of 1989.
Gary Coleman, aka Arnold Jackson of "Diff'erent Strokes" fame, is 35 years old.
You get excited over buying a lawn mower.
You now care about traffic and weather updates, whereas before you didn't give a damn.
You now watch what you eat and drink.
Not relating to the 1980's,but "Beavis & Butt-Head" are now 10 years old! Star 100.7 (San Diego) has a radio show called "Retro Party Fridays" that plays pop/dance/rap songs from the 1980's and 1990's! They even played an Offspring song from 1998! And I remember most of the songs from the late 1980's/early 1990's! Like Taylor Dayne,Tone Loc,Depeche Mode,Bon Jovi,Bel Biv DeVoe,etc. Not to mention that it's an "Adult Contemporary" station. I doubt that my local Top 40 station would play great so called "old school" hits. I'd rather prefer Erasure than any current pop act any day. Atleast Deborah Gibson still looks great. Her 1989 hit "Lost In Your Eyes" is now 15 years old. (Including her second album "Electric Youth") Her debut,"Out Of The Blue" is now 13 1/2 years old.
I took an 11 year-old to see the recent "20th Anniversary Edition" of "E.T." He hated it. Need I say more? I love reading the posts. I was born in '75, and find myself nodding my head and lauging at nearly every comment.
Ok Im not as old as all you guys (Ha!) I was only born in 87 so this is more about the early 90s but I know what I remember - Under the Umbrella Tree (I cried when it went off),My Little Ponies,Fraggle Rock,Eureka's Castle,the show with the Gnomes that lived in a shoe-Robert the Gnome?,Care Bears,Rainbow Brite,Teddy Ruxpin and the Ninja Turtles.Me and my sister(now 23)got in trouble for watching Married with Children.2 words:Wayne's World. We watched Fresh Prince of Belair,Full House,Saved by the Bell and Jeopardy,and I used to listen to Jackson tapes over and over-the remake of his song with The Chipmunks. How about Life Goes On?(Da-da-da,Life goes on) an old TV show, it had a girl,a guy and mentally retarded guy on it.I LOVED Duck hunt and Mario Bros but I had to play then at my friend's house cus I only had a Vextrex.My sister played Abba constantly,I remember the original You gotta have faith, Eye of the Tiger,and Jack and Dian by John Mellencamp.I remember watching the video to Madonna's song from Selena.The New Kids on the Block were omg so cool,and my sister was allowed to watch 90210 but I wasnt.Some 80s movies I have more recently come to appreciate-the Bill and Ted movies,Top Gun,Ferris Bueller's Day off.Oh and I loved that show Do Over..his best friend was hot.
I'm another literal child of the 80's, I was born in 1977. I wasn't sure if I was 80's or 90's, I mean I don't remember the first part of the 80's very well, and I did graduate high school in 1995. So I always thought of myself as being 90's. But unfortunately I can relate to nearly everything on this page, and people go ahead and touch on how the 90's have become ancient history too, so yes I do feel very old at times. And I can definately relate to feeling awful about entering your mid 20s and being closer to 30 then 19.
Actually,"Out Of The Blue" is 16 1/2 years old. I've seen 1989 music video, "Electric Youth", and it looks very, very cheesy. (In a good way) Atleast it's better than today's soft co...(I mean) "music videos". Deborah Gibson is now twice the age than she was in 1987. Now looks great and sounds even better.
does anyone remember the movie Howard The Duck
I know this has been discussed on this page before, but I'll bring it up again. So what does "Child of the 80's" really mean anyway? It's clear we have more then one generation on here, (probably 3 or 4 actually) from people born in the mid 1950's to 8th graders born in the late 1980's. I know you can be a child of whatever decade you want to be, but it's weird that everyone wants in on the 80's now and saying to hell with all the other decades. (I'm guessing it's because it is the hip thing at the moment) I remember when the 70's started become retro fashionable back in 1991/1992. Sure at that time some of us BORN in in the 1970's thought it was cool that the decade was coming back in fashion, and many of us wanted to align ourselves up with the then "cool people" in their 20's who were getting nostalgic about growing up in the 70's and early 80's. But I don't remember that many us 70's babies getting all pumped up back in 1992 over a decade which only a couple years before was considered an absolute joke. I promise you that by 2008-2010, all these kids born in like 1984 that say they remember the 80's will insist that they weren't fully conscious back then. Right now, people getting nostalgic over the 80's are in their 20s and 30s, so I guess it's still cool for teenagers. But I promise you that these kids that say they remember the decade will all of a sudden not remember a damn thing in the late 00's. By 2009 the people that will be getting nostalgic over the 80's will be in their 30s and 40s. What sane child or teenager will want to align themselves up that crowd?
Getting older isn't all that bad. You're wiser, more mature, and have more experiences under your belt then you did when you were younger. The speed of it happening is what jolts everyone into shock, but it is not without it's positives.
Someone famous (I forget who) once said that the biggest surprise of a persons life is that he or she gets old.
I don't think anyone born in the 80's can remember when Michael Jackson was Black. Even someone born in 1980 or '81. Jackson already looked very different (having the vitiligo light skin and cosmetic surgery) during the release of his "Bad" album in 1987, from the normal way he looked during "Thriller" from 1982.
I remember how I used to LOVE the cartoon "TOM & JERRY" my kids, which are 11 & 8, I just turned 30 this year, yikes!!, do not even know or appreciate the old "Tom & Jerry" cartoons. Now, they have Spongebob & CatDog and they don't hold a candle to the classics like "Tom & Jerry." I had my kids young and am considered the pretty and cool mom to my 11 year old's class and most of the other parents are older then me and when they meet me the first time I think it surpirses them that I am my daughter's mother, they all assume I'm her big sister. I guess that makes me feel a little good but nope, I'm just turning into an old lady, like we all
While flipping through the channels, I watched a bit of "Kim possible" on the Diney Channel. One of the characters found of picture of Kim's father as a teen and dissed the '80's stlye jacket. (sleeves rolled) The characters are supposely high schoolers. ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer" rip off) I remember when children characters in sitcoms would make fun of their parents' generation. i.e. Kelly & Bud Bundy dissed the 60's during an episode about a burger joint Al & Peg used to visit being closed down. Recently on "Grounded For Life", one of the teenage daughters dissed the '80's and have absolutely no idea about Live Aid where her mother gave birth to her. It's probably now reflects real life.
Remember how AWESOME the Summer of 1989 was? There were movies like "Batman", "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade", "Ghostbusters II", "License to Kill", "Honey I Shrunk the Kids", and "Karate Kid Part III" (ok forget that last one, both Daniel and Mr. Miyagi looked really old and the movie sucked). But the rest were so cool. In the Fall of 1989, "Back to the Future Part II" came out, and I remember trying to figure out how Marty would get home and Part III would unfold. I even remember on the drive home telling my friends that Doc had probably left the DeLorean somewhere in Hill Valley back in 1885 for Marty to find in 1955. 1989 was a great year to close out the best decade of the 20th century.
Did you ever wonder why Sato, the bad guy in "Karate Kid Part II", was always yelling and screaming out every one of his lines? Then when Mr. Miyagi and Daniel turned him into a good guy at the end of the movie, for some magical reason he decided to start talking in a normal voice.
When I was a kid, I remember other kids would wonder if Michael Knight could beat up B.A. Baracus. Imagine seeing that fight today? Two guys in their 50s slugging it out. B.A.: "Hey fool! Where my AARP card at!?"
You wanna know what makes me feel old? I was born in 1963 and graduated high school in 1981! I'm much older then basically everyone posting comments on here!!! In some cases, ridiculously older....old enough to be the parents of some of you. AND this is the year *I* turn 40!
Although I was born in 82 and more of a 90s teen I was TRUELY a 80s kid (yes I did ride the Smurfs ride at Kings Island and yes I do remember) and since the release of Grand Theft Auto Vice City(a must have for any 80s fanatic) it has brought me back into the era. I love the 80s so much but I do have one thing to say to all the recreations of the 80s cartoons nowadays. LET THEM BE. Don't butcher them like all the new age and japanamation cartoons seen out today. LONG LIVE THE 80s
I was born in 1979, and I've noticed that a lot of these kids just 3-5 years younger then me can't remember a lot of the stuff I grew up with in the 80's.
I grew up in the 80's and 90's, I'm in my 20's now, and I wonder about 30 a lot. I was born in 1976 and graduated high school in 1994, so I was the same age as the girl who played Punky Brewster, and the 80's were seen through a childs eyes for me. But back to 30. Why is it that if you're 30 then there is no difference between you and a 35, 40, 45, 50 or 55 year old? Once you're 30, you're a "grown up"/"adult" by social standards. Legally you're an adult at 18, but socially you don't get the "grown up" label until 30. But why is there no distinction between a 30 year old and a 40 or 50 year old? When I was 15 years old, I remember I couldn't figure out why my 51 year old father thought it best that our 30 year old neighbor talked to me more then him. My father felt too old to socialize with him, and told me that guy was more my equal then he was his. Back then at 15 I thought "like hell he is my equal"! Now chronologically my neighbor was closer in age to me, but I hate to admit this but I did see my father and that guy as being the same. I saw little distinction. They were all the grown ups as far as I was concerned. My 51 year old father was just an older grown up, and my 30 year old neighbor was a younger grown up. But they were both still grown ups that listened to old ass music from before my time. Did it make a difference to me that my 30 year old neighbor at least listened to stuff from my lifetime? Not one bit. Hell I'm 26 now, less then 4 years away from DOOMSDAY, and whenever I see someone's age listed as "30" on the net I still think they're like 20 years older then me and must not like any of the music or pop culture around now. And why is it that you when you have to check off your age bracket on those forms the youth are broken up into several categories? College studentes are listed as 18-24. But then it's 25-50!! See what I mean? It sucks, and if you're reading this and a lot younger the me, you won't fully understand it till you go through it. (OK I've rambeled, moaned, and groaned about this enough)
Are we all relics of the 80's and 90's?
I hardly find anyone who knows M.A.S.K. They thought it was the Jim Carrey guy. FYI, that's the convertible machines that transform from car to plane, heli to jet, motorcyle to heli, etc. The leading man is Matt Tracker. His arch enemies are those punks called VENOM. Oh well, 'nuff said
Whoa, this area sure has gotten big over the past year. Lots of people feeling old it appears. Maybey it should be broken up into pages like all the other comment sections?
Doesn't the webmaster of this site Chucky G, turn 30 in 2003? Or has he already crossed into that age? I know he was born in 1973, and made this particular "Reasons for Children of the 80s to Feel Old" page back around 1998/'99, when he was 25 and he realized with shock that people born in 80s were entering college. Him turning 30 this year is just another thing to feel old about I suppose, especially considering that unfortunately *I'm* only 1 year younger then him.
I was @ the Bon Jovi concert on Friday, March 7, 2003, at the First Union Center in Philedelphia, PA. Several observations: I felt really weird when I saw this kid walking around who was honestly in his early 20s wearing David Lee Roth spandex pants, a ripped up Whitesnake T-shirt, and poofed up hair like Bon Jovi's gorgeous 80s 'do. My boyfriend couldnt even look w/o having something obnoxious to say! 2nd Observation: Some of the individuals attending the concert, who looked like they stepped out of 1985--mullets, poofy hair, tight jeans, acid wash jeans--it was like '80s night at First Union!!! 3rd (and final) observation: The 30-year old-plus group of women who spent the whole night screaming and dancing. You know these women were at the "Slippery When Wet" tour in the '80s.
I was born in 1977 and remember most everything about the eighties. I loved the eighties: Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake dolls, Rubix cubes, Smurfs, Debbie Gibson, Tiffany, BIG hair and neon colors. The 80's were fun. I grew up with the Cosby Show, Family Ties, and The Wonder Years.
Remember when you first started disliking, or HATING in some cases, the seemingly overnight change of music and pop culture style back that happened back around 1992/1993? One day you woke up to find out the 80's power ballads and hair metal head bangers were gone and in their wake were folky type music/alternative grunge kids and gangsta rappers. Hey that was 10-11 years ago!!!!! You've been disliking/hating music and pop culture for that long!? YOU'RE AN OLD FART!!!!!!!
My sister is shopping on the internet now. Where did the days of us hanging out at the mall for hours go?? We used to live at the mall. It had everything a person ever needed. I want my frickin MTV! not the crap they have now. I want music videos, Beavis and Butthead, and MTV news. Road Rules and reality tv suck!!!
I'm another person that always thought "retro" and "oldies" was reserved for the 50s and 60s too. At worst, at the absolute worst, those terms were used for the 70s. But calling the 80s "retro" or "classic"? And some say there are hints of it starting up with the 90s? I never thought this would happen....especially considering I'm still in my 20s!
You're peers are getting married, having kids, and buying houses. And doing all those other "adult" things.
You've already had some type of high school reunion "year", be it a 5, 10, 15 or 20.
I always feel like I am in a TIME WARP, moving against the fabric of time itself. A slave of time. Like Ferris Beuller said, "life moves by pretty fast". Unfortunately I haven't stopped to look around much like Ferris told us to, and I've missed out on a lot. It's like we all enter this bizzare space time rip in the universe once we get to about 16, and everything goes by on overdrive. The years just don't move at the snails pace it did when I was under 16, where 1 year felt like forever. Now we go through 5 or 10 years like whip cream. I'm 27 years old now, and I just can't believe how fast everything has gone by.
I fell like I have a need to look like the 80's and my friends tease me about this but what is it? Please tell me. I need to know! ! ! ! !
The earliest recolation of a US President for the majority of Freshman in College is, Bill Clinton. How sad. No wonder they are protesting war!
People only knew "Downtown Julie Brown" as a Vee-Jay on MTV. Not "I'm a Celebrity, get me outta here"!
One of my friends from school said the other day that she feels old, because she'll be turning 23 on March 31. I started laughing, but stopped when I realized that my 21st birthday is almost 7 months away. Oops.
I see people wondering why everything goes by so fast as we get older. One reason that the pereception of the years going by faster changes say from the age of 15 or 16 and on up is because as you get older, those years aren't the same in regards to your age. When you're 8 years old, 5 years is over half your life. When you're 10, 5 years is half your life. When you're 14, 5 years is still close to half your life. When you're 15, 5 years is a 1/3 of your life and 3 years is 1/5 of your life. When you're 18, 3 years is now 1/6 of your life. When you're 20, 5 years is now 1/4 of your life, obviously not the same as when you were 10 or even 15. And at 21, 3 years is 1/8 of your life. When you are 25, 5 years is now 1/5 of your life.....and so on and so on and so on. That's why things move by so fast as you get older. It's an UNFAIR part of life, you think everything will go by at the same speed as when you were growing up, but time is pretty nasty about things like that. That's why time seems like it all moves at a snails pace up till about age 15 or 16, and then it just zooms by at high speed fast forward after that. Time does't change, just our perception of it, and how the years relate to our age our own age and how long we've lived. 10 years is going to feel VERY different to an 18 year old then it does to a 25 year old. One is remembering when they were 15, the other when they were 8. I also think this is one of the reasons generation gaps occur. A 15 year old kid isn't operating on the same time perception as a 25, 35 or 45 year old. I once heard an interview from one of the Beatles, I think it was the late George Harrison, who said you go from 17 to 47 in a blink of an eye. He seemed pretty depressed about it all. I'd imagine that to a 90 year old, 30 years feels like nothing.
are the monkeys actualy here or are these racoons eating my soal
Christina Applegate (Kelly Bundy from "Married...With Children") is the same age as Megyn Price (the mother) from "Grounded For Life". Both born on 1971.
I saw a "eighties christmas hair band" called the Screaming Santas last December at a local club. They were doing common carols and some of their own stuff and had all the trappings: firebreathing, confetti, and the singer played one of those really pointy guitars that looks more like some weapon from a fantasy novel. The crowd was a mix of ages, but as the show went on, the younger ones were leaving. As a group of them passed, I overheard one of them: "Oh god, this is so old! It sounds like that crap my dad listens to!"
I was just watching TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE, and the opening narration said, "It is the year 2005, the treacherous Decepticons have conqured the Autobots home planet of Cybertron..." 2005!! Ha, that sounded so far away back in 1986, but now it's less then 2 years away.
All the really great cartoon shows of the 80's(i.e. Transformers,etc.), are being redone for today's audence, and being able to point out all the things that they have wrong. Plus those top hits are now been turned in to top Techno & Rock 'n Roll Hits. In all this, We now can say, "When in my day..."
Well I'm 18, I was born in 1984, and I remember growing up with carebears, transformers, strawberry shortcake, and cabbage patch dolls, and Ghostbusters, among other things. Lately, I have looked at some of the new cartoons, and think they are garbage, they don't hold a candle to my memories. I even listen to music of the 80's because I can't stand the language they are using in todays music.
I remember everything from Reagan's 2nd term on.
In regard to our peers doing "adult" things, like getting married, buying houses, or starting families, as said earlier (and its absolutely right!), one of my friends is going to be 20 on March 19th, and she's been married since she was 18, and her and her husband rent a house, and have BILLS to pay! Hehe.
"I want my 2 dollars!!" -- I said that to someone that owed me 2 dollars (in the tone of the paperboy from better off dead) and he didn't get it--because he was BORN the year that movie came out!!
My 1983 Monte Carlo SS is now a "Classic" car! A 6cyl is now concidered a powerful eng. And cars don't come with T-Tops anymore :(
Sometimes I try and put myself in the mindset of these kids born deep in the 80's, to try and think what they must think of the decade. I was born in the 70's, grew up as a child in the 80's, and was a teenager/young adult in the 90's. I remember when I was a teenager back in 1993 there was a movie about 70's high schoolers set in 1976 that a lot of kids were talking about called "Dazed and Confused". Since Grunge was popular in '93, and the 70's had become "retro fashionable", that movie was very cool at that time. It's still a great movie. I think back to what I thought about that movie and how long ago the 70's seemed to me at that time, and then I just think what a kid in 2003 that was born in the mid-late 80's must think about the 80's and I think......"oh sh*t". I may not have gone to high school in the 80's, but I'm old enough to remember all that clearly. Reversing the years and remembering what I thought of previous decades when I was these kid's age today makes feel VERY OLD.
Remember Trapper Keepers? haha
You remember when every other movie wasn't loaded with "Wire-Fu" Matrix styled fights. No, instead we had to put up with third rate crap like Jean-Claude Van Damme and Steven Seagal. Back in the 80's we didn't get to see two guys fighting while just floating around in mid air.
I was at the doctors office and in the waiting room this kid was drawing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and him and his mom were trying to remember the names of all the Turtles. They got all but one and were struggling to remember the last one, so I figured me being a Child of the 80's, I might as well help and told them the one they couldn't remember was "Donatello". I told them I grew up with the Turtles. (I remember loving the TMNT arcade game from 1988!) Anyway this kid who was about 9 or 10 years old said, "How could you you have grown up with the Turtles? They're brand new". UGGGGGGHHHHHHH....
You know who Charo is. The cuchi-cuchi girl is 62 years old.
I have memories of 1978 and 1979!!! That was before the 80's!
It's definately all downhill after age 23. It's no fun getting older from 24 and onwards.
Remember when Ozzy Osbourne was the Prince of F***ing Darkness and not everybody's lovable, goofy, mumbling father?
Remember the Dungeons and Dragons craze from the early 80's? It was so 1981. That was 22 years ago!
You remember when George Lucas wasn't a fat middle aged blubbering idiot that made stupid stuff like Jar Jar Binks.
You remember when Star Wars was actually COOL. You also remember when people called the first movie simply "Star Wars", and not "Episode IV: A New Hope". You also remember when the saga was supposed to be about Luke Skywalker, not this Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader garbage. AND you remember when people who liked the SW/Indiana Jones movies were genuine fans, not people just trying to look cool by cashing in on a hip trend of the moment.
Besides suddenly realizing that I'm repeating my mother's words to my daughter? Anyway, I think it really hit me when a teen thought Shaggy's cover (and what a horrible cover it was) of Juice Newton's "Angel of the Morning" was an original song. I had to annoy her with a greatest hits CD to convince her that Shaggy was NOT the original artist. I also suddenly find myself worrying about violence on TV, especially cartoons. I keep having to stop myself and say "I liked it as a kid, and I didn't turn into a serial killer." Also having to explain Ted Bundy to kids, since I was in middle school when he was executed.
People who are now 25 years old had no cognizance of the brain-numbing nuclear threat that kids just slightly older than them had in the 80s.
Kids graduating high school/entering college this year were born in 1985/'86. Kids that will enter high school in the Fall of this year were born in 1989. And 7th/8th graders and under were born in the 90's!! I ain't old, I'm still in my young 20's, but thinking about all this has me saying "Holy f*cking shit!"
Knowing that on the street I live on, all the kids that play outside were born in the 90s, or at earliest, very late 80s.
No offense, but most of you kids on here that were born in the 80's didn't really grow up in the 80's. You guys certainly weren't around for the true 80's. Remembering 1989 doesn't count. What you guys did grow up with was the "echo" of the 80's pop culture during the 90's. When a decade is over, that pop culture just doesn't vanish into thin air. It still exists in reruns, videos, cassettes/CDs, family, friends, old pictures, etc, etc. That is what you kids born in the 80's grew up with, an echo of the 80's during the 90's. I was born in 1974, and I grew up with the echo/reruns of the 70's pop culture. I knew what disco was. I knew what leisure suits, bell bottoms, and platform shoes were. I knew what an 8 track was. I knew who the Bee Gees, ABBA, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, and Donny & Marie Osmond were. I knew who Richie and Fonzie were. I knew that Mork came from Ork and he said "nano-nano". I used to try and say "President Jimmy Carter" when I was 3 years old. I grew up in the 80's watching reruns of all the 70's TV shows like Superfriends, CHiPs, Six Million Dollar Man, Incredible Hulk, Battlestar Galatica, Buck Rogers, Welcome Back Kotter, and Charlies Angels. But NONE OF THAT meant I grew up in the 1970's. It just meant I grew up with the after effect of the 70's during the 80's. There's a big difference between growing up with the echo of a decade, and actually having been there, been old enough to experiencing it, and remembering clearly what happened back then. I've never considered myself to have "grown up" in the 70's, or being some kind of.....shudder....child of the 70's. So that, explains that.
A lot of people in the 23/24-32/33 bracket (born in the 70's) are settling down, getting married, buying lawnmowers and mini-vans, and in general just acting like old people. I'm not ready to do ANY of that. I'm 29 1/2, (I turn 30 later this year) and I feel SO OLD, and SO BEHIND my peers. I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I "grow up".
Going to the wedding of my 19 year old cousin. Talk about getting married at a young age.
Last year, or maybey it was the year before last, I was on a message board where people where just shooting the breeze about video games. I think they were talking about the PS2. One guy said that he loves it and his wife does too. This kid that was 18 or 19 responded (I know he was born in '83), "Cool, adults like these type of games too". The other guy responded, "Well I'm only 30, but I didn't know that I was an 'adult', lol". The 19 year old then said, "Ok cool, people over 28 like these type of games too". Considering I was also born in the 70's and only 5 years younger then the 30 year old guy at that time, I felt really bad for him that he was being called out as an "adult" by this kid. What will that 19 year old do when he's 30 and still liking video games? Do you automatically have to stop liking the stuff from your youth and acting all old and different when you get to a certain age? I kept wondering if I was such a punk back when when I was 18 and 19 in the mid 90's. Sigh. Anyway...
Have you ever run into someone you grew up with/went to high school together some years later? It's weird meeting someone you grew up with years later. You know them, but at the same time you don't know them.
Feeling like you've gone through a time warp, oh I know how that feels. It all goes by so fast.
My horse riding instructor was born in 1982. She's not even 21 yet! The lifeguard at my apartment complex swimming pool is only 15! That would put her birth around 1987/'88!
The best thing about the 90's was that pre-1999, no one ever seriously called the 80's "retro". During 1990-1998, the 80's were a decade whose time had passed, but it wasn't thought of as a retro/oldies decade by the youth of America. Ever since 1999.....that, has obviously changed.
When you turn 25 you are part of the "old school". I don't like being old school. :(
You remember when it cost 10 cents to make a phone call and there were no such things as calling cards
Star Wars movies were cultural events and actually entertaining and good.
You know you're old when you realize that most child actors are all cuteness and have none of the talent that most 1980s child stars had. Those wee ones were cute AND they could act!
Most people probably remember when Sarah Michelle Gellar was a cute brunette 4-year old selling Burger King Whoppers in the early 1980s.
I work as a bartender, and last night I carded someone who was born in 1982. Need I say more?
I'm 27 years old, I'll be 28 in 3 months, my daughter is 7 years old, the first reality check I had that told me I was getting old was a little over a year ago when my daughter was listening to Britney Spears "remake" of Joan Jetts "I love rock'n roll", what a joke Britney is and oh my gosh how she messed up that song. I told my daughter that that was not the original song, she argues with me and says yes it is mama, I said somebody else made that song first, heres the punch, I pull out my "vinyl" of Joan Jetts I love rock'n and she says mama what is that? I said it is a record, its a pitty that kids these days think there is and always has only been cd's, so i played it for her, no doubt, the original version won her over.Scooby Doo, they have a channel now called "the new scooby doo" its new alright, something somebody has pulled together and tried to make it look and sound like the real scooby doo, obviously it is made for this decade of viewers, i pointed out 67 things in 30 minutes of watching it, that was newly added that scooby and the gang would have never done on the original makes of the show.remember Waterfuls? the little game you put water in and mash the button on each side and the air puts a little ball in a goal or the kind where the air puts the rings on the little stick like things?I bought one at a yardsale for 25 cents, by the way, its a teenage mutant ninja turtle one, my daughter thought it was for her and wanted to know what it was, just put it this way, she is not allowed to come near it, its my toy.haha.she has her playstation days you can buy atari games for your PC, just not the same is it?and what about that 8 track of your moms that you use to listen to that had "funky town" on it?my daughter is a music fanatic, she loves watching music television, NO NOT MTV, it sucks, I'll get to that in a minute, we have this one channel they play nothing but the hits from the 80's, I walk in one day and she's watching it, i started singing along and she says, you know this one mama, I said of course, I use to listen to it when i was your age, (she is 7), she said no you didnt mama, its new, it took me weeks to convince her that its not new.oh yea and MTV, these days is more like an abbreviation for crap TV, I can remember the first episode of MTV, they only had like 5 videos, maybe less, I not sure but i think it was only a 30 minute show, I want my MTV..haha, you have to change with the times, don't let the times change you, you have to compromise, or else getting old will go by even faster, when your under 16 you can't wait til your 16 so you can drive, then you can't wait til you 18 so you can go to the clubs, and not drink legally, then you can't wait til your 21 so you can drink legally, then after your 21, you get to watch all those 17 and 18 year old kids do crazy things you use to do, and you sit and think my god I feel old, where has time gone, heres a thought, oh yea I've wished it away so could get to the age I am now, you spend your teenage years wishing you were a little older, then when you finally reach it, you spend the rest of your life wishing you were that age again, oh how I loved the 80's, and the 80's will always be a part of me, why?because I use to get up every saturday morning as a child and watch woody wood pecker, the ninja turtles, MIGHTY MOUSE,fragile rock,tom and jerry, inch high private eye, rocky and bowinkle, pink panther, roadrunner and coyote, etc..another decade bites the dust and another down and another down another one bites the dust!!!!!!!!!!
The syndicated radio show "Backtracks USA" now has a 90s version. They were playing No Doubt, but sorry I don't count them as retro when they've never gone away and sound basically the same as they did back in '96.
You think you feel fairly old, I'm ONLY 19, okay? I mean I'm just begining college. Anyway, all the cartoons that we, meaning my 21 year-old brother and I, grew up watching are all coming back. Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Thundercats, Care Bears, just for some examples.
Most of the American troops deployed in Iraq were born in the mid 80's. Imagine that, some kid born in 1985 fighting in a war. Some kid that wasn't really around for the 80's. Some kid that was still in elementary school in 1996/'97. These kids would just barely be able to remember the first Gulf War from early 1991.
When I realized that kids that are the same age as the Olsen Twins are training in the US Army/Marines to fight the Iraq war. Not only were they not around for the 80's, but they were too young to experience the 1990's beyond some Power Ranger or Pokemon playground sh*t.
Teased Bangs.
I think I started to feel old around 23 or 24 because I realized it was now normal, and even EXPECTED for people my age to get married, have kids, buy houses, BE RESPONSIBLE ADULTS and stop acting like teenagers, etc, etc. Sure I know people do that as young as 18, but I always thought anyone that did that while in the 18-22 age bracket was a weirdo that didn't have their priorities straight. NO OFFENSE to any of you that got married or had kids while 22 and under, but personally I always thought that was really waaaaay too young and early to start doing that kind stuff. Unless you had some kind of inherited money or something. Ofcourse now I'm well into my 20's, and I guess people can now accuse me of being a weirdo for still being single and trying to hold onto my youth. I still feel unready to settle down, and I'm sure I'll be accused of being the weird one today cause I don't think I will be ready to get married till I'm an old man of 35-40.
Has anyone seen that one commercial about 80's toons on "The Cartoon Network"? The commercial promotes all the new cartoons that they air today and then it has a slogan that says, "And we even show some that YOUR PARENTS will remember!" When they say that do you know what they air? Not some cartoons from the 1950's, 60's, or 70's. Nope, instead they showed stuff from the 80's like Transformers, G.I. Joe, Ninja Turtles, Smurfs, and He-Man. Those are the stuff that they tell kids today "your parents" grew up with. HOLY S**T! We're gettin' old! :(
You remember "Howard the Duck." Bad thing is, you know someone who likes that movie.
There's this man in my night class that is in his early 40's. His hair is all grey/white and to me he actually looks 10 years older then he really is. This guy obviously stands out from just about everyone else in my class and school. Anyway one day this 18 year old kid whispered to me, "here comes grandpa". I started laughing at that joke too until I realized that people like Ferris Beuller, Marty McFly/Alex P. Keaton, Daniel LaRusso, Bon Jovi, and Axl Rose are all the same age as "grandpa".
I remember just about a month back I was with some younger guys and I quoted Superman II and said "Son of Jor-El, kneel before Zod!!!". You guessed it, these teenagers asked me what that meant. They had never seen any of the Christopher Reeve Superman films. They only knew who Reeve as the paralyzed guy that used to play Superman "before their time". They're a generation raised on that little whimp Dean Cain being Supes. Anyone that didn't grow up with the thrill of seeing the forever definitive Superman throwing General Zod into the Times Square Coca-Cola sign back in the 80's really missed out.
I'm sick and tired of seeing people within 5 to 6 years of my age going bald and looking so old.
When people younger then you look older then you. I've met SO MANY people born in the early 80's that look they're around 37 or 38, but are really just 20 or 21. These kids must be really hitting the booze and drugs to age so rapidly like this. I feel bad for some of these 20 year olds that look 37. But with this trend I guess if you're 37 then you can tell people that you're really an alcoholic 20 year old that just got out of rehab.
I remember being a kid in the 1980's and reading HISTORY BOOKS that told me about long haired hippie war protestors from the 60's and early 70's. And now as an adult seeing long haired hippie war protestors in the 2000's. Ofcourse if I was 15 or 16, I would use protesting a war as an excuse to cut class too.
I was born in 1978 and just turned 25. Getting older and moving away from youth and heading towards old is most definately on my mind. I guess I'm having the so called "quarter life crisis".
Knowing that for the rest of my life I will forever be dating myself when I think back to the 80's and 90's, because I'll start out with "back in 19--"....and kids will automatically know I'm an older dude because they only know the years starting with "20" since we are in the New Millenium. It's a given that my yet unborn future kids will one day accuse of me literally coming from another century.
I thought I was going to be a kid forever. I thought I would stay hmmm....about under 23 for all eternity.
Recently this kid on my street that was born in 1996 told me to "f**k off" when I told him not to jump on my car. Amazing that a baby like him knows such language already.
Why is it that when people are 19 they laugh at 30 year olds, then a mere 4-5 years later when you are 24 you start saying, "Oh 30 is NOT old!"? Just an observation on life that has me pondering our changing perceptions of age and what we think of as "old".
I was accused by someone of dressing a certain way just to look like James Ven Der Beek on "Dawson's Creek". I felt really old when I reralized I responded by saying, "Little girl, I was doing this before you were even born." What was I thinking?!
Some teens were discussing who was the original "Boy Band" - Backstreet Boys or N'Sync (not considering which one has been around longer, but...). I got some rather confused looks when I told them, "Please. They're all New Kids On The Block with more talent." (Yes, I actually enjoy listening to some of the New Kids clones.)
I TRIED to watch the late 1980s "Scooby-Doo" cartoon "A Pup Named Scooby-Doo," which is on the Cartoon Network. It's amazing how weird, awful, corny, and dated this cartoon feels when I watch it at 20 years old, knowing that as a 6 year old in late 1988, this is the junk my brother made me watch.
One of my friends just turned 20 years old, but she has been married since she was 18 years old, fresh out of high school. I went shopping w/her last night, and when we saw nostalgic cartoon stuff, she said she didn't understand the big deal about '80s cartoon collectibles. I'm 20 too, but I felt REALLY old, especially since I collect this kind of stuff.
Proof that college students born in the 1980s aren't growing up any time soon: my college The Richard Stockton College of NJ (I'm a sophomore there) has a 2-hour daily block devoted to cartoons on the campus TV station.
When you listen to Van Halens Jump and you cannot jump like you use to when the song first came out and believe me I tried it. I downloaded not only the song but the video and I tire out from jumping before the first playthough it over and I use to jump through a single song with not trouble what so ever and now I cannot.
Now I know how people older then me felt when I asked them questions about life in the 70's.
I was born in 1980, and I'm from Portugal. I owned a ZX Spectrum 48K, you know, the one with the separate tape recorder, and used to spend my afternoons playing games like "Match Point", "Match Day II" and "Bomberjack" in a B/W screen... they would take a huge time to load, making fuzzy noises, remember? Huh, and taking a guitar to school, to play, was cool back than. And it was only around 1985 that we got a TV with a remote!
I'm most definately going through a "Fading Youth Crisis". I remember back around 1992 and 1993, most of you guys that graduated high school in the 80's were well into your 20's and were going through a fading youth crisis. It didn't help that grunge came out then and replaced the 80's sound. I was in high school at that time and didn't fully comprehend what you guys were going through. Well now I'M deep into my 20's, and I have been experiencing the same thing the closer I get to 30 and farther away I get from 18, 19, and 20. 30 no longer looks like middle age and 40 no longer looks old. Gawd I miss the way life was for me when I was 22 and under.
When you try to find a date through an "online/computer dating service".
In my city, our 80's radio statio doesn't just play 80's music. Their slogan is, "We play the best hits of the 80's and early 90's". Early 1990's too? Hearing that is what shocked me out of the false belief I was still some kind of youth. The years my radio station uses is basically the entire time frame I grew up in!!!
I feel old whenever I see these high school kids walking around.
Deborah Gibson co-hosting "The View". More likely that she'll talk like a gossipy soccer mom like Baba Waba, Star Jones, Merideth Vierra,and Joy Beyhar. Not to mention ttalking like Tipper Gore when it comes to current teen queens.
When you're in your young 20's, but nevertheless start to feel too old for that traditional Spring Break life, especially when they show all those 18 and 19 year old kids drinking and partying down at the beach on the evening news.
The entire cast of the live-action "Scooby-Doo" were all children in the 1980s, and Matthew Lillard, who played Shaggy, graduated high school in 1988 (found out he's 33!)!!!!!!!!
Playing "The Simpsons" Arcade Game in the arcades back in the late 1980s all the way through the late 1990s. Complete strangers were always joining in when they saw someone playing, because quite frankly it wasn't a game until the whole family was in action. When the mall I frequent closed the arcade with the game, I was heartbroken. It was the end of an era for me. Corny, but true.
Last night in my Intro to Communications class, one of the groups did a presentation on Media Ownership and Advertising. One of the girls was talking about the rather extensive list of ownerships that AOL Time Warner held. When she got to Hanna-Barbera, she said she didn't know what that was. Everyone was completely shocked, and probably instantly old. Everyone who existed in the 1980s grew up watching at least ONE cartoon from the extensive collection (I think there's over 3000!). The idea that she didn't know was bizarre.
When kids refer to the 80's as their "parents music".
LOL, I remember The Simpsons arcade game from the 80's!! Anyone remember the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade from the 80's? It was also from the late 80's, around like 1987 or 1988. For that time, that was SO COOL. I used to spend hours playing both of them. What memories.
I'm 27 going on 28, I was born in 1975, and honestly I feel FAR more old when I think about the 90's then I do when I think about the 80's. I was just a kid in the 80's, and my memory of 1980-'85 is on the sketchy side. I was a kid in the 90's too, but I turned 18 in 1993 and graduated high school that year. I reached my adult height of 5'11 when I was 15 in 1990, so physically at least, I was all "grown up" during the 90's. I feel far more old when I think about the 1990's and hearing these kids in my night class talk about how they were in 4th or 5th grade in 1996 then I do when I think about the 80's. One time I mistakenly asked these two 19 year old kids if they went to the same Pearl Jam concert I went to back in 1995, and they looked at me like I was a lunatic for asking such a question, since they were only children at that time. Back in 1995, *I* was around 19,....ugghhh!!! I realized that these kids look at 1990, 1993, 1995 and 1997 the way I looked at 1980, 1983, 1985 and 1987 when I was growing up! The 90's are complete nostalgia to them. I feel a lot worse talking about the 90's then I do talking about the 80's. At least with most of the 80's I can get away with the, "I was just in elementary school playing with Transformers and watching Punky Brewster" routine. I can't get away with that bit when it comes to the 90's. I'll tell you I liked it much better when it was 1993 and I was the punk teenager trying to look hip by cashing in on the "retro 70's" fad from back then. It sucks donkey balls when it's 2003 and I'm on this older end of it, and I'm sure it will suck even more when it's 2013, 2023, 2033, and 2043. Oh and yes, I have just gotten my 10 year high school reunion invitation. Getting older really sucks. (sigh)
When you watch TV Land (the cable channel for classic TV shows), you'll notice that they sometimes play what they call "Retromercials", which are old TV commercials to go with the shows. One of these "Retromercials" is a FedEx commercial from the early 80s; and what I notice about it is that the picture and sound quality is rather poor--just like an old commercial from the 70s back!
My Intro to Communications professor is 29 years old. One night, she was ranting about the 1980s. She says that she sees so many people walking around wearing shirts with 1980s themes, carrying keychains of 1980s characters, etc. She said that she lived in the 1980s. Really, it's no biggie, she says. She doesn't even understand why most people like the 1980s so much. Great. Now I feel old AND corny.
Yipes. Every single day there is at least one more sign of impending geriatric purgatory stinging me in the ass like a sweat bee. I'm 27, turned 27 in December thank you, and graduated in 1993. I don't really know what to call myself. I was a child in the 70's, 80's and I guess at the wee beginning days of the 90's. I would hardly say I was all grown up at age 13. I guess the core days of childhood for me were spent in the 1980's watching Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors and having my first crush on the oh-so hot lead guitarist of the Bangles. Vicki Peterson was her name, thank you. NOT Suzanna Hoffs. She was too stinky-looking, in my 11-year old opinion. Hell, I even had my own Cabbage Patch Kid...his name was Charlie and he had kahki yarn-hair. Yes Virginia, boys played with them too so put away the gay-dar, okay? I do remember all of the great cartoons and toys from the 80's but for me it was the music that made the decade. I guess I was an unusual child in that I was way more into music than playing with toys. I remember it all started at age 7 when my best friend at the time introduced me to Van Halen and the Police. About the same time, I saw my first video...and I can't remember if it was "Here comes the rain again" by the Eurythmics, "The Reflex" by Duran Duran or "Eyes without a Face" by Billy Idol. I know I saw all of those within the first half hour of video watching for me. I know that I was forever changed by them. Well anyway, I'm rambling now. I do remember being into skating from about 1988 to 1991 or 92. Powell Perelta was my favorite company. Now they are just Powell. I remember how in 89 when I saw Madonna's "Like a Prayer" video, I really really wanted her to to bad things to me...alot. I must be pretty old because I never liked the Ninja Turtles...ever. I think I had the crappy nintendo game. Well now I'm married, with two wonderful kids. I decided to take a nostalgia trip this summer and work at Kings Dominion again, which I haven't done since 1994. BIG MISTAKE. Although God has graced me with the ability to look 17 still....I'm definitely not 17 anymore. When I tell people how old I am, the looks they give me might as well be an elephant gun to the gut. "I would have never have guessed you were THAT old! I can't believe you are married and wearing shorts!" ????? What the hell is that supposed to mean? Was I supposed to give up shorts at marriage? Is that what these kids are doing these days? Man, I must be trippin.
I saw that FedEx ad--the one with poor sound/picture quality. Why dont they make ads like that (sans the poor quality) anymore???
I was listening to the radio and heard an advertisement for a local car dealership in Atlantic County, New Jersey (I think it was a dealership in Galloway Twp., NJ). Anyway, they play the Van Halen classic "Jump" in the advertisement (just the instrumental parts, not the actual singing--it's most likely because of copyright issues). But the idea that they would use it just makes me feel really old.
I graduated from high school in the early 80's, and feel REALLY old when I see some of the kids I babysat WAYYYY back then married and having kids of their own!
I was watching VH1 Classic last night, and I saw the Van Halen video "Jump." Jeez, if David Lee Roth wasn't getting quality camera-hogging time, it was Eddie Van Halen stealing the camera's attention--and all he did was smile!! Yikes, this video is cheesy, but then again, it was the 1980s. Everyone was permitted a liscence to be corny!!!!!! Not that it's a bad thing...corniness is great and often necessary!!!
Someone said they never liked the Ninja Turtles, and I found that funny because I could relate to that comment. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were the only 80's cartoon that I was never into. I knew about them and knew who some of the characters were, but I could never get into that show. I remember being into ALL of the 80's kid crazes expect those pizza eating turtles. I guess it was because the Turtles were a very Late 80's---1989 type thing, and by that part of the decade I had reached junior high/middle school and I would have gotten my ass kicked if anyone knew I was still into that kind of stuff. I mean there comes a time when a kid can no longer be into things like least publicly. But I do remember liking all the 80's kid crazes and cartoons expect the Ninja Turtles.
I loved the 80's but what makes me feel old is when I saw my skating rink close down. That was the "thing to do" it's where you had all night skates with your friends and boyfriends. When I talk to people about 17 to 23 years old they never even been in one. Now I feel old. I will be 29 April 5 2003.
Remember when you pretended to be a grown-up and you thought that being a bus driver or someone who worked at McDonald's was fun because working meant being a grown-up? Sure, some of us had greater aspirations, but you know you are a child of the 80's when you thought menial, minimum wage jobs were the joint! Have you seen a little kid today pretending to be a garbage collector?
I don't think I've ever felt older than the moment I realized I'm older than "Who's The Boss?" That is just plain wrong.
One of these comments below reminded me about that Cosby episode where 14 year old Theo told his dad that studying isn't important to him because he wanted an ordinary job like being a bus driver or garbage man, you know like "regular people". The Cos has him play make believe grown up and gives him some make believe money and takes half it away saying "see the government comes for the regular people first". LOL, that was a hilarious first episode to the best sitcom of the 80's. (That episode aired in 1984 if I'm not mistaken, almost 20 years ago!)
You keep telling yourself that you're "not that old." When you see someone who's in their mid-late teens you keep wishing that you weren't that old. :)
Well, I was born in 73', so I had the fortune of growing up in the 70's, 80's and 90's. Anyway, a little girl who lives across the street from my parents was playing with my daughter(which in itself makes me feel old, and I asked if her favorite rappers were Kriss-Kross. She turned to me with a very perplexed look on her face and asked" who is kriss-kross?"
When my brother and I were in kindergarten in 1988-89, I aspired to be a school bus driver (as a previous comment stated), and my brother aspired to be a sidewalk paver (that's what he called it). Today, we're 20-year old college sophomores, and he's a hospitality major, and I'm a communications major. Just goes to show you what when aspire to be oe thing, we always do better.
Kids today don't want to be what we all wanted to be--now they want to be millionaires, doctors, celebrities, etc, rather than "ballerina, firefighter, police man, bus driver, garbageman"--you know, fantasy jobs. What ever happened to the concept of "kids being kids" with "kid-like aspirations and dreams"? Proof that we were just a little more creative!!!!!
Have you ever been embarrased looking back at some of those 80's fashions? I was born in 1974, I grew up in the 80's, but some of those gaudy clothes make me cringe with embarassment. Sometimes the neon is just too much!
Kids born when I turned 21 are in their junior year in high school or thereabouts, on the same token, my eldest brothers youngest daughter is turning 21 this coming AUG, and I remember when her mother brought her home from the hospital as if it was just yesterday. It also is kind of frightening to think that Four-Oh for me is right around the corner
Homer Simpson is 36 years old. Yes he's 36!! I was watching a rerun of "The Simpsons" yesterday and someone guessed Homer's age as 53 (that's how old I thought he was too, I mean he acts it, plus he was the grown up character and us young'uns identify with the kids like Bart and Lisa right?). But Homer said, "nope 36". Sigh, I guess that would make sense, back in the 80's and 90's they would always flash back to Homer's teenage and youthful days as being the 60's and/or 70's. Now in the 2000's if he's 36 it would unfortunately be the 1980's. And in 2003 if he's 36 that means Homer probably graduated high school in 1985. I hate the the characters on The Simpsons never age but the rest of us do. When that show first came out in 1987 I was around Bart's age, a little punk elmentary school kid with a skateboard and buzz cut hair. Now I'm deep in my 20's, but I'm closer to Homer and Marge's age!! And Ferris Bueller, Marty McFly and Daniel LaRusso are really all over 40? :( Holy SH*T! When they told us we would get old, I didn't believe it! I thought it was a pack of lies that the adults made up to keep us kids in line, like the Boogey Man. But now we're the f*cking old people! (or on our way to being the old people at least)
You remember Andrew Dice Clay. God I hate that guy.
I can remeber when all computer screens were either green or yellowish orange. A simpler, more innocent time before the internet.
Yao Ming was only 6 years old in 1989.
I'm 27 And Back In College, And Of Course, I Have 'college' Friends. Of Course They Call Me Blue From Old School, And I Am Amazed That These People Have No Recollection Of Things Like The Challanger Explosion, Mikhail Gorbachev, Commodore 64 Or 128, Or The Commodore Amiga For That Matter, They Don't Remember The Great Dwight Gooden, Or Don Mattingly In His Prime, Or Walter Payton's Sweetness. If I Said 'duh' Or 'sike' These Guys Would Just Stare At Me. I'm Old!
Pro skater Tony Hawk looks so old these days. He's 35, and a married father of two. I remember having teenager Tony Hawk's Nintendo game back in the 80's.
You remember that "Die Hard" was originally supposed to be "Commando 2" with Arnold Schwarznegger (hence the Arnie line in the film), but when Ah-nuld turned it down it became Bruce Willis's movie. I remember being a little kid and eagerly waiting "Commando 2", and then finding out they changed around the title and lead character and gave the role to the dude from "Moonlighting".
You know who Belinda Carlisle is.
You know that The Go-Go's aren't a trip to the bathroom.
Wait a second...Yao Ming was only 6 yrs old in 1989?! I was older than him in 1989...I turned 7 in October 1989! And he's making more money than I am, just for being a tall Oriental who could play basketball!
When you remember the day Nintendo just came out and proclaimed it to be the greatest graphics you ever seen. When you you worried about KITT getting hurt by Goliath on Knight Rider. When Hulk Hogan fought Andre the Giant at Wrestlemania 3 and the whole class talked about it the next day at school because you thought it was real. When The A team could build a bullet proof tank out of a some dry wall and a few pipes. When you had video game systems like Intellivison, Colecovision, Atari 2600, and the Aquarius computer. When high tech computer progams consisted of (10 "How are you") (20 goto 10) (30 run) displayed on green screens. When you turn on TV Land and you could name any episode from any show ("Oh, I know this one...this is the one where....). When you played board games like connect 4, BattleShip, and Simon when it was cool. When you played games in school where you would put your head down ad leave your thumb up and if someone pressed your thumb down you would have to guess who it was. (7up I think?). When you went to see Empire Strikes Back because the universehung in the balance if you didn't and when you got there the line was all the way around the block, not like these wimpy lines today. BACK THEN WE HAD BIG LINES FOR MOVIES, AND WE WALKED 5 MILES IN THE SNOW WITH NO SHOES AND WE WERE LUCKY TO HAVE IT. I'm going to go cry now. :)
Not only do I know who Andrew Dice Clay is, I know his dirty nursery rhymes, ESPECIALLY "Little Miss Muffet" and "Little Boy Blue." But I couldn't say them here. That would be obscene.
I was born in 1974. Do you remember Spectrum (the computer)? Now, I'm a computer scientist.
A child of the 80s would be someone who was born in the 80s not necessarily grew up during them. Having that said...I was born in 81, just turned 22. Now I know that banana boards came about in the 70s and all, but my first skateboard was one, my second skateboard was one of those huge ones that you could actually sit on and ride around. I have begun to feel old because most of my friends being 19 or so, don't remeber them at all. They even give me these funny stares like I am on some weird drug. And now you can get a skateboard in every shape and configuration.
I met someone named "Andy1990" online the other day. I thought he graduated high school in 1990, but the kid was born that year.
Watching "I LOVE THE 80'S" on VH1 a 10 hour special that chronicles a decade that felt like it wasn't that long ago.
When teenagers tell me that the brat pack is actually the kids from Dawson's Creek.
I'm 29, 30 later this year and I've felt "old" since about 24 but the last year or two it's really taken off. I recently was talking with some 15, 16 yr olds at work about different trends, things I did when I was their age, school, etc. They looked at me perplexed when I described doing my homework on not only a typewriter, but a manual typewriter. I could've been describing the telegraph by the looks on their faces. I then totally freaked them out when I told them how some of my first music experiences were listening to eight tracks. These kids barely remember records, let alone eight tracks! You're also "old" when you remember Michael Jackson within one or two plastic surgeries of his original face. I sure do. I remember the craze of 1984 vividly. EVERYONE who was cool had some kind of Michael poster, trinket, or if you were very cool, as I was, a red jacket. I also recently told a young person how I remembered exactly where I was when the first unfortunate space shuttle exploded. They responded by pretty much saying, "Wasn't that like, a 100 years ago." Close, Jan 1986 in biology class 7th grade. Remember it like it was yesterday....... And to sum up how old I feel, I remember talking with my parents about different theories to........."Who shot J.R.!" Yes, the famous "Dallas" cliffhanger from 1980. Needless to say I was a very worldy kid at 7.
When I was on Recruiting duty for the Army about 4 years ago I asked a HS student what kind of music she listened to. She replied, "Classic rock, you know, like Winger and Guns and Roses". I almost fell down.
i'm constantly playing an 80s cd at work, much to the chagrin of my co-workers who are all prebubescent, and whenever michael sembello's "maniac" comes on, i instinctively begin to run in place a la jeniffer beals. everyone just stares in fright. when i tell them that i'm "flashdancing" the stares become a mixture of confusion and dread.
The music we all listened to in the 80s is now considered "classic rock".
The Cosby Show on Nick at Nite. Nick at Nite plays old TV Shows. I watched Dragnet (the original one) and I Dream of Jeanie on Nick at Nite, and now they show The Cosby Show? Dragnet and Jeanie were older than me, but not Cosby!
You remember the days when Wilford Brimley was on commercials with cute grandchildren promoting "Quaker Oats" oatmeal, NOT "Liberty Mutual" diabetic testing supply home delivery services.
I graduated high school in 1990. That means that the kids graduating high school in 2003 started kindergarten the fall semester AFTER I graduated!
I was just trying to register a username on a net message board that asked me the question: "Where you born on or before April 15, 1990?" 1990!! Haha, kids born in 1990 are old enough to surf the web. They wouldn't even know a world without the web. This explains why I have not only been seeing disparaging remarks about the 80's, but the 90's as well. The hateful remarks about the 90's don't seem like they were made by anyone that truly lived through it and just didn't like it, but rather were born somewhere in the 90's and sees the decade as "before their time". That made me feel REALLY OLD.
born in 1965. I remember being furious when the movie theatre in East Brunswick NJ raised tickets prices to $5. Swore Id never go again. Stewart Copeland (or was it Andy Summers?) will be 60 in 2004. If you need to ask youre on the wrong site. The drummer girl I had a crush on in Some Kind of Wonderful gets the single mom roles now. The first time I saw a CD in 1983. My friend Kent bought a cd player for $1000. It was about the size of a shoe box and could only hold one cd. He had to drive to a "special" music store in Philly to buy cd's. Now you can buy them at the gas station. Remember when only nerds bought Hondas and Nissans? Remember when Nissan was Datsun? You're no longer young if you can recall DAY 397 AMERICA HELD HOSTAGE. I MUST be old, I cant drink until sunrise anymore and the thought of smoking a cigarette makes me gag. How about Radio 1990? That musta been about 1983 and it sounded so futuristic
I was born in 1971 -- so I really remember the 80s (middle school and high school)... and the 70s (elementary school)... and the 90s (college -- undergrad and grad school)... The day I REALLY started to feel old was January 29th, 1997 -- I was in grad school and teaching a class when I asked my students how many of them had tickets to see STAR WARS on that upcoming Friday (opening night for the re-release of the original). Several students raised their hands. Then I asked how many of them remember seeing it the first time around when it was originally released. None of them raised their hands and they all looked at me like I was from another planet... then one of them said "I was even born yet" UUUGGGHHHH -- I felt so old! (Yes -- I did see it in the theatre even though I was real young -- but I remember it so well because it just rocked my whole world at the time) Later, in my next class, I asked the same two questions, but this time, on the second question, about 7 or 8 people raised their hands -- and I knew these students were the same age as the others. So I said "um... in the movie theatre... not on VHS..." and all of the hands dropped. I went home that night and looked in the mirror for GRAY HAIRS!
Remembering sitting my boyfriends car listening to Journey then looking at my son and realizing he is the same age I was then.
My brother and I had a cool pop-up tent when we were little, and I think it was a Masters of the Universe tent. Wow, that's old...
I don't know if this necessarily makes me feel old, but it sure makes me feel corny. I was watching VH1 Classic the other night, and the Starship song "Sara" came on. The video was making me tear up. That's the kind of feeling you only get from 1980s power ballads.
I'm not exactly sure where I fit in..I was born in 1968. (Yes, really!) I remember being a child in the 70's, but nothing really sticks in my mind other than I didn't need much to make me happy. A huge yard with a sandbox and a tree was pretty much enough to keep me occupied for hours. I do, however, remember the music of the 70's - Carly Simon, James Taylor, Billy Joel, Simon & Garfunkel...I had some pretty cool aunts and uncles that would play their 8-tracks while washing their cool cars. I remember Jr. High and High School the Nike sneakers that had to have the funky shoe laces, pants with buttons on the bottom of the cuffs (or zippers, but in my school it was more cool to wear the ones with buttons.) I had about 12 or so pairs of jeans - stonewashed, pinstriped, Calvins, Gloria Vanderbilt, Levi 501's and my favorite jeans of course were Chic jeans. Oh, also, I do remember picture pages. Schoolhouse rock was very cool - I bought the CD a few years ago and now my kids laugh their heads off at it..especially planet janet the galaxy girl. I graduated in 1986 - after that I remember thinking that it was cute when I saw my nieces dress up like Debbie Gibson. My little sister born in 1982 had everything Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony and Care Bear - I was too old to buy it for myself, but could live vicariously through her! I did wear some of those awful clothes, but for the most part my favorite outfit was my grey track sweats and my white leather high top Nike's. I have read so many notes from the 19-30 set on how they feel so old - puhleez! My little sister? She will be a senior in college this fall!!! My oldest son, born in 1988 - will be 15! I've been married for 15 years (no, no conincidence there...hee,hee). Thankfully, I still get helps to take care, plus you are only as old as you feel - I don't feel old yet. My husband, who is 7 years older than I am, had an argument about which decade came up with Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake (can you believe those are the very same toys that my 6 year old daughter wants now?)...thankfully, I found this website and proved him wrong!! I remember all the bad things about the 80's, but I remember so many good things. In my high school we were determined to get what we wanted by playing in smart - not find the easy way out. We truly loved one another and always told ourselves that we were the closest class ever. So, I guess I am truly a product of the 80's, with a little of the rest thrown in. All I can say about the 80's is that it was the decade of change and self-awareness - that was a new concept then - now it's just how it is. No, at 34 years old, with three kids, a marriage of 15 years - I absolutely don't feel old. I tell my kids that I'm not old, I'm wise. (plus daddy is old!!!) I see myself more as a survivor of change and a very young mommy - I love being in my 30s and I love knowing that I've lived through so many changes in the world and that those changes are what makes us unique. But, I am a product of the 80's...born in 1968.
Although I know I am still extremely young at 27 1/2, and will be told so for quite some time, (even when I'm in my 30's) I'll always know that my Real Under 25 Youth was: 1975--2000 R.I.P. MY YOUTH. Those were the years when I felt like a young kid that was immortal. I also never had a true feeling of "old" or being "out of touch" with the youth culture during those years, even when I hated a lot of the teeny pop stuff kids were doing in the Late 90's. Then the Millenium came and I had a big welcome to the cruel realities of being older in the 21st century. I knew what I was leaving and what I was unfortunately heading into. You hear the stories about getting older, but nothing beats the shock of knowing it's really going to happen to you too.
Remembering riding old amusement rides at my local park in the 1980s that aren't there any more (torn down, burned down) like horror house ride, old boat ride through tunnel with scary monster scenes and lift at end and splashdown, look at this all of these rides were gone by 1993, and thinking about how the kids today, those born after 1980 or 1990 won't know about those old rides. I was born in 1974, so I have a vivid memory of them, one ride was not shown on that site, the Bucket O' Blood, a horror house ride burned in Sept. 1983. That's one ride that anyone born after 1980 or visiting the park first time 1984 or later will never know. Heck, there are WHOLE PARKS that closed down in the '80s due to unfortunate circumstances, the '90s kids never knew these parks, like Mountain Park, MA closed 1988, Angela Park, Hazelton, PA closed 1988 for example. I was never at those parks. Times change, what was once popular for us in the 80s is now gone or changed.
One of my college buddies told me that he's been ordered by his doctor to watch his cholesterol.
Going to Toys R Us and remembering when they used to have AISLES, not SECTIONS!!!!!!! Also, the idea that Toys R Us has several shelves dedicated to Care Bears, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the Action figure section, so on and so forth.
I was in Target with my mom several weeks ago, and up ahead in the checkout line, we spotted a mother putting a big Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle doll on the conveyor belt. I tapped my mom and showed her, and she just went "Whoah, nothing is sacred." Although it had already dawned on me, the Ninja Turtle reinforced it--out toys are no longer sacred, but are now subject to changes for today's audiences.
I couldn't help but read the editorial review for Care Bears on the Toys R Us website (the hyperlink was there--I was tempted!). there was a line that just stuck out for me: "Kids today will love them for the same reason you did." WHAT?! What kids? I don't see ANY little kids today screaming "Mommy! Mommy! Buy me a Care Bear!!!!!!!" "A Care WHAT?!" They probably say. More like the kids of the 1980s buying them, NOT the kids of today.
I was watching an old episode of a show called "Sk8TV" that aired on Nickelodeon back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and now airs on Nickelodeon Games and Sports (a great trip down memory lane if you have digital cable!) I saw Tony Hawk being interviewed by Matthew Lillard!!!!! Now, these guys are in their 30s, and Hawk is still skateboarding, and Lillard looks like he isn't a day over 20 yrs. old (and still plays them too!!!!)
My local alternative rock staion played songs from the mid 1990's (Live "I Alone", Oasis "Wonderwall",The Prodigy "Firestarter") on their resurrection weekend. Inwhich they normally play songs from punk/new wave artists from the late '70's & 1980's on "Resurrection Sunday".
At Target, they have the "new" strawberry shortcake.. She isn't even wearing her tights or dress. Its depressing when toy makers try and "bring back" old toys.. Kids today can't apperciate them like we did.
I saw the "new" Strawberry Shortcake doll at Target too. It's very cute, but extremely despressing to think about how they toy companies have to revamp something to appeal to today's masses of screaming children. They did the same with the Ninja Turtles (yes, I was the one spotted it at Target several weeks ago). Gee, things will never be the same...
"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." They redid the whole cartoon, and it's not any fun anymore. Just another example of something being updated for today's masses of screaming, violence-loving children.
I was born in boyfriend was born in 1983. Not only do I feel old, I'm a perv too. hee hee hee
Someone mentioned styrofoam McDonald's containers. Remember the giant hot-cold compartment McDLT boxes? I wonder where they all are now...
I was born in 1968. I would have to say that seeing the "hippie" or "peasant" tops and skirts come into fashion for the third time since childhood is a bit much!
I remember a programme in the 80's called Automan. I think he had some magical 'light' that could create cars trucks or bikes, by first 'sketching' it and then it would form. The hero would then climb in and drive away to help someone in need. I also remember Street Hawk, and Misfits Of Science.. Johnny Beam? was that his name who could throw bolts of lightning from his closed fists?
I remember when Twisted Sister was so controversial back in 1984. Tipper Gore started Congressional Hearings on music censorship partly because of those guys! These days you can hear their "We're Not Going to Take It!" song being played at football games. And if you remember who Dee Snider was, then you're probably too old to be cool.
when you ask a goth kid today if they like the cure and thier reply is "the who?"
when you turn on the classic rock station and theyre playing stuff by U2
i can actually remember watching the first simpsons christmas special the first time it came on tv.
There are a lot of middle school kids and even high school kids out there that can't really remember what was going on in 1996, let alone the 80's. If I talk to my younger cousins, they think anything that happened before 1999 was ancient history.
I have to say that I am utterly SICK and TIRED of seeing kids ask for help with their school reports that they have to do about the 1980's. What kind of teachers give out these assignments anyway? They always pick the stupidest topics too, "food of the 80's", "customs of the 80's", "behavior of the 80's". My God, it wasn't that different. When I was a kid I knew that the 1970's had different fashions and technology, but not different food or customs from the 80's or 90's. So why do kids today think the 80's are so different from the 00's?
Hi, I'm a communications major in college, and we recently discussed the oganization started by Tipper Gore and several other politicians' wives called the Parents' Music Resource Center (PMRC). We bashed it on the basis that that it was an excuse by bored Washington wives to cause controversy. The song that started it was Prince's "Darling Nikki," which my professor explained was not really that bad.
When you go to a retro party or retro dance expecting to hear Elvis Presley, or maybey the Beatles, but instead they start playing 80's music.
You remember the Soviet Union. You also remember when the Russkies from the USSR were a threat to America.
You remember the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.
Although I was born in '79, my brothers were quite a bit older, so I was simultaneously exposed to and drenched by their '80s world. Many a "sike" peppered my youth. We had vocal percussion "beat boxing" at the dinner table and a rusty green Nova in the garage. I used to fling those sticky hand things at their Farrah Fawcett and Christie Brinkley posters. I get chills when I hear "You're the Best" from Karate Kid. But mostly, I watched PBS with my grilled cheese and chocolate milk. I can still sing the theme to 3-2-1 Contact ("it's the secret; it's the moment when everything happens...") and the Bloodhound Gang. I vaugely recall the Electric Company's death rattle, but my fondest tv memories are, of course, Sesame Street. I doubt anyone younger than me knows that Snuffy was ever thought to be imaginary! What about Forgetful Jones ("Iiiiiii-klahoma..."), the Twiddlebugs, "A-la-peanut butter sandwiches!", Kermit *the* frog's fairy-tale news flashes, "I 8 the sandbox!", the ladybug picnic, "a loaf of bread, a gallon of milk, and a stick of butter" ... some of these are from the 70s, but they simply don't show them anymore. Sesame Street will always be great, but now it plays thin. It lost much of the layered humor and grainy appeal. Kids today... *sigh* don't even know about the Muppet Show.
I'm 25 years old. I was was born in 1977, and I want to echo a few comments I've seen people make about feeling more old when it comes to the 90's then the 80's. I was just a little kid in the 80's, NOT so with the 90's. I'm still in an awe of disbelief when I realize that teenagers today look at the early and mid 1990's the same way I looked at those parts of the 1980's!! They look at 1992 and 1993 the same way I looked at 1982 and 1983. Eeeew!! Early 80's......shudder....campy combination of leftover late 70's styles and gaudy 80's clothes. I don't care if disco was dead in 1980, there was still a distinct flavor of the late 70's around in the early 80's. Eeew, what a corny mess that was. The horrible memories of early childhood. Shudder......that's what kids today think of the early 90's....shudder....I'm OLD!
Big hair man. It's all about the big hair.
Sometimes when I watch 80's movies, music videos, or TV shows, I cringe with embarrasment at the gaudy fashions and ugly mullet hair cuts. Whose bright idea was it to wear spandex anyway? The heavy metal bands come across as unbelievably campy. Many of the pop singers look terribly dated. And the old school rap groups with their "Yo-yo-yo dawg, lets start the funk!" are painful to listen to. I'm no stranger to the 80's. I grew up back then, but sometimes I'm ashamed to admit it. The 80's were a weird decade, it can be so cool and yet so very corny at the same time.
I never thought I'd hear myself say this,......but I miss the 90's. That's when those of us that grew up primarily in the 80's know we're getting old, when we start longing for the 90's.
When I found out that Ralph Macchio, aka "The Karate Kid" was over 40 years old. I still can't believe the guy that played Daniel LaRusso is in that age range. He's old enough to be some teenager's dad! Wouldn't it be hilarious if they made a new Karate Kid movie today with Mr. Miyagi training a middle aged Daniel? I can imagine some high school kids that are part of the villainous Cobra Kai today in 2003 would want to challenge Daniel's old 80's title. "You're karate's a joke you old geezer! Now I want your tournament title!" The 40 something year old Daniel would get his ass kicked by these high school kids, only to have the 80 year old Mr. Miyagi come and save him at the last minute. "Ay Daniel, now Migayi train you! You make good fight now." Then the new bad guy Cobra Kai kid could even end up in a memorable final tournament fight scene with the 40 something year old Daniel....only to be defeated by Daniel's new Millenium version crane kick technique. I'd don't care how retarded a movie like this is bound to be, I'd be the FIRST one in line to see it. Anything can be better then 1989's Karate Kid Part III.
Have you seen people your own age looking kinda old lately? Can people your age still be undercover narcs at high schools? Are you starting to look the way you used to think "the adults" looked?
30 is certainly nowhere near old. The problem is that when you get to that age you're no longer extraordinarily young. It's been that way since the dawn of man. That and all the social bagage and expectations that comes with that age group. The social bagage attached to that age range has always been there since the dawn of man too. The truly crappy part is that you feel the same way you did when you were 16.
I was definitely a child of the 80s and I know I am getting older when I listen to an oldies station (usually 50s, 60s, and 70s) and I hear songs from the 80s. Also going to an antique store and seeing old Atari Game Systems, Reagan for President campaign buttons, and Cyndi Lauper albums being displayed for sale.
You remember TGIF on Friday nights. And you most likely had to go to bed when it was over (I did!!!).
I was watching this Al Jerrau music video on BET one day (I was just going by and saw something corny--I don't watch BET). The music video screamed the 1980s--and got laryngitis in the process. It was so dated and awful, and it was done with cheesy cartoons that looked like some really bad take of "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Da" from "Song of the South." Seriously, it looked like some convoluted Disney cartoon. And the sweater he had on looked like something from the back of Bill Cosby's closet. Some bright pink ensemble. Quite scary. But, the song gets ya--it's horribly cheesy and silly and he's walking down the animated path with little cartoon birds flying by. I wanted to die laughing!!!!
You liked it A LOT better when there was a 70s revival going on back in the 1990s. This is especially true for those of us born in the mid and late 70s and have little or no memory of that decade. It was just a helluva lot cooler being on the young end of it all and telling people you were only born in such and such year so you don't know anything first hand about the 70s beyond some baby pictures and the few CHiPs and Charlies Angels reruns you may have seen. Unfortunately I remember nearly everything about the "retro 80s". SIGH.
You know something--I was born in 1982, but I primarily grew up and came of age in the 1990s. I miss the '90s as well. Some of my best memories happened in the mid-'90s--8th grade, great TV shows/Music/Movies. I look forward to what is to come, but I also miss the '90s. It is bad when we start reminiscing about how we miss decades.
Doesn't really make me feel old, but it is definately from the 80s: CRIMPED HAIR!!!!!
I was in a 5 year high school reunion(i'm 23) and I saw almost everyone married, with children, or engaged. That really made me feel old
(85)I remember watching saved by the bell and there was an episode in which they uncovered a time capsule. The class of 2003. That's my class. My sister's 8 years older than I and we shared a room so I also remember Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake as my grandmother taped all of those for me. My sister also likes to talk about the 80's and these shirts that changed color when you put them in the dryer and when they were hot and cold, pants with the big labels in the front that you had to be skinny to wear. I basically consider myself a child of the 80's/90's. It makes you feel old that they don't have anything that you used to watch on Nickelodeon still on. They don't play Punky Brewster or Snorks or Clarissa Explains it All anymore. Those were some quality shows.
The Olsen Twins have turned into some hot young women, and they're almost old enough to legally consent to sex and pose for girlie magazines. They were born in like 1986 or 1987. God I feel so OLD when I see them or any kids around their age.
I am 29 and returned to college last year. Today in my interpersonal communications class, the teacher showed "The Breakfast Club" and felt the need to explain '80s culture to the class so they would not be offended and would understand better. And to remind us how much times have changed since then. Talk about feeling old! It was worse when she reminded us what year the movie came out! And when she looked to me and a friend of mine (who is a few years older) as the "experts" on what happened in the '80s!
U2, Duran Duran, and Sting are now considered "classic rock."
I wasn't old enough to understand Reaganomics when it was current events, but know that I learned about it in Politics class. I really thought it was a good policy. After all, anything that focuses on short-term benefits can't be all that bad.
You were a "Saved by the Bell" fanatic, and you most likely were only in grade school in the early-mid 1990s (obviously, you were born in the early '80s).
My husband and I (25 and 24, respectively) asked his darling cousin, born in the early '90s, if she had ever listened to New Kids on the Block. Heard of 'em she said. Then he asked if she had ever heard Nirvana. Who? sheesh......
I Remember Watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles And Carebears On YB.
Yeah I have a 5 year high school reunion (class of '98) this year too. Makes me feel so damn old. Even if I get an invitation, I ain't going, I don't want to see those kids again.
Because 80's Fashion Is Coming Back In Style.
I can really identify with the comments from people here that get frustrated with a lot of these kids that say they remember the 80s but in reality only know the early 1990s. Or maybe at best these kids remember something from 1989. Most people born after 1979 or 1980 don't have a clue about the "true 80s".
Rambo is a senior citizen.
I remember seeing Blue Eyes at the movies with my sister. All the mothers thought it was a kids movie, then at the end, all the little rabbits are ripped apart by the dogs.
I enlisted in the Air Force back in 1982. I now have people working for me that were BORN in 1982.
I was at a job interview yesterday at a radio station that specializes in easy listening and oldies (yes, they play '80s music--it's defined as "easy listening"). There was another girl there who was several years older than me who was telling me that when she was on campus radio at community college, she had to go around campus with a microphone on a tape recorder and ask people questions. Her question was "What's your favorite '80s cartoon?" She said that people JUMPED at the chance to say something. Isn't it amazing what invokes our attention?
Reading here about how something made someone feel old, and then realizing that they were born during my senior year in high school. Umm... I was born in 1973. Being born in 1989 doesn't qualify you to remember the '80s! ;-)
I must admit first that I married a man many years my junior (Me-born in 1968, him-born in 1980) Now let me tell you what makes me feel old...I was reading the jokes on your site and came across the ones from the "Truly Tasteless Jokes" books I used to read. I started telling my husband Christa McAuliffe jokes. He laughed at first then looked at me and seriously asked, "Who was she again?!?!" MY GOD I remember when that shuttle blew up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I keep repeating 35 is NOT OLD! : )
I was born in May of 1973. I just turned 30 years old. I'm not cool anymore. Someone else hit the nail on the head, in saying that 30 is certainly nowhere near old. The 30's are by no means old. I know that I'm not even close to menopause or osteoporosis,....or even grey hair. But I am no longer young. I am no longer young enough to be cool. I'm not a youth anymore. I'm that kind of crusty old "adult". You know, I'm a "grown up" now. I can't be trusted anymore. Why do we have to get old? I feel the same way I did when I was 17 and 18 in 1991. I remember being a teenager in the late 80's and early 90's like it was yesterday. *sigh*
Some of my favorite memories of the '80s -- The last episode of M*A*S*H - It was one of the shows I grew up with...Hill Street Blues, St. Elsewhere, Late Night with David Letterman (on NBC after Carson), Hockey - Lake Placid, 1980 USA beats the Soviet Union. I remember when Superman came out with Christopher Reeves, up to that time George Reeve was Superman to me (yes, I used to love watching the old Black and White Superman shows from the 50s/60s as a kid). What's scary is the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation is now 16 years old (or will be this fall). It premiered just after I got married. Oh well, I still remember watching Star Trek in prime time when I was a little kid. The bad memories of the '80s -- The Iran Hostage Crisis (okay, it technically started in the '70s since the embassy fell on Nov. 4, 1979, but I remember the day being almost as important as the date, and of course day 444, when the 52 hostages were released. I also remember in college when I guy a knew as being a bit of a jokester told me the Shuttle Exploded...yeah right. The rest of that day was spent watching the Challenger coverage on TV. I also remember the first "Ghost Buster" cartoon -- who the hell were these guys and what's with the Ape? Later "The Real Ghostbusters" came out with Slimer, Egon, Peter Venkman, et. al. I also remember how "bad" Heavy Metal music was and how anyone listening to it was "going to hell" (at least that's what Pat Robertson's gang would have us believe. I'd love to borrow Doc Brown's DeLorean or a TARDIS and go back and give them a copy of some of Eminem's stuff...oh well, here's looking at being 40 in one week.
I remember when I was growing up in the 80's, teachers and other adults would tell us that "back in their day" they didn't have TVs, VCRs, cable TV, MTV, or video games. They told us they had to make do by playing outside, staying indoors and read a boring book, or just sitting around doing nothing. We kids of the 80's thought they were so old and barbaric back then!!! They didn't grow up with TV sets? Or cable TV? Or VCRs? Or video games and MTV? My God they sounded like they came from the Civil War era! Today in 2003 I've just realized that these kids around now think think the same thing about us when we tell them we didn't grow up with the internet or cell phones!!! Yes I know the internet has been around for decades and so has cell phones, but I don't consider either the net/web or cell phones truly becoming a part of the American mainstream culture (in the sense that everyone and their brother had one and used it) until the Late 90's. I'm an old dinosaur, and I'm still in my 20's!
I have also met quite a few pre-teen and young teen kids that don't know who Nirvana and Pearl Jam are. Nirvana who? Kurt who? Did he sing with the Beatles? Eddie Vedder? Was he with Elvis? Most of these kids were born in the early 90's, though a few were born in the late 80's. Just goes to show you that the 80's aren't the only decade "suffering". The 90's are a distant memory too. Though it's not yet nearly as bad as what's happened to the 80's......but the 90's are getting there.
I am a true-blue 70's kid, and remember the 70's and 80's pretty darn well. I remember when I was a pre-teen watching "Happy Days", "Laverne and Shirley", "Taxi", "One day at a time" and "Threes Company' thinking those were the shows that set the mark for my era. At the time, I thought those were the coolest shows on Television,and that no one could out-do them! (I WISHED I WAS A "JACK TRIPPER" OR "THE FONZ".) Now,I sit back watch "E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY" or "VH1-BEHIND THE MUSIC" and hear about all the behind-the-scences scandals and problems they had back then. Now,I feel like I'm watching these shows in "retropect",as an old man, not as "HIT SHOWS" anymore. That makes me feel old sometimes. I remember, I went to pick up my young (90's) cousin from a kid party last year. As I entered into the house,I had flashbacks of my young 70's/80's parties my parents and relatives and friends had thrown.(I was always the life of the party in those days). Anyway,as I entered this pre-teen gathering of my cousin , all the kids looked at me like I was some old man intruder, bent on destroying and ruining their party! BOY, I FELT OLD!! (I might as well have had a cane, with half-cut glasses and a brown button sweater,and orthopedic shoes,complaining about my sinuses and by lowerback pains by the looks those brats gave me!) GEEZ!! It's funny,though... When you're very,very young,you never think of getting older. Then when you hit the teenage,you can't wait to be a full grown adult. Then, when you hit full adult,you want to "about face" and be very young again. All in all,I'm NOT a hateful,depressed man that's searching for the fountain of youth at any cost. Honestly,I am truly happy with my age and enjoy a very cultural,satisfying life,with great friends and family.Actually, all of us should be happy we are still alive to even discuss this topic. So eventhough we are all older now, there's one thing we have over this generation of youngin's: WE'RE WISER!... so take that!!(hehe)
ARCADE GAMES: First there was Defender, Donkey Kong (crazy kong), Moon Cresta, Asteroids, Moon Patrol, Space Invaders or IPM Invaders-(it has a coffee cup break after the 3rd wave of invaders), Stunt Cycle, Pole Position, Dig Dug, Sheriff, Space Firebird, Double Dragon, Empire City: 1931, Carnival, 1942, Gogar Pinball, FirePower Pinball, Flash Pinball, Mata Hari Pinball, and heaps, heaps more. Ahh crank up the new band U2 and away I go.
A kid was talking about his "muscle car," a 1998 Toyota Camry all tricked up. I opened my garage door to show him a true muscle car, a 1968 Pontiac GTO. I felt old but gawd that felt good to see the kid putter away...
Reading this list!! I didn't know that Mr. Belding was only in his early 30's when he did "Saved by the Bell" in 1989! He looked so much older back then,--obviously I guess from our point of view at that time. Holy Sh*t!! We're turning into the old people!
I was born in 79, I remember a lot of the kids stuff, like my little ponies, strawberry shortcake, smurfs and pee wee's play house. I also remember being scared to go see ET, for some reason in the theatre. Michael Jackson's Thriller was the hottest thing to come off the shelf. I was only four or five but I remember how cool MJ was. Or the kids that were older then me wearing the miss matched converse sneakers! Do they even call them Sneakers anymore, hightops too!
The Richard Stockton College of NJ (my college) had a scholarship benefit night last Saturday, and the featured performer was...Bobby McFerrin. That's right kiddies...Mr. "Don't Worry, Be Happy" himself. I still think I should have gone so I could scream: "SING 'DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY'! THAT SONG IS COOL!"
No pause button on the Atari!
you go to the music store and find your favourite music groups in the clearance bin for $2.99 or $3.99 with a sign reading "Oldies!"
"It never occured to me that infants grow up...These unexpected changes, from infancy to youth, and from youth to maturity, are by far the most startling changes I meet with".----Mark Twain, May 19, 1867
One of the staple of your childhood TV habits included Hanna-Barbera cartoons.
The Muppet Babies tank top I saw in the window in Hot Topic today.
When I met my 13 year old cousin who was born in 1990 and found out he stands 6 feet tall. Here I am at 5'9, I stopped growing around 1992. This freakin' kid wasn't even alive in the 80's.
no one remembers teddy ruxbin, speak and spell, barbie and the rockers, rainbow bright, the get along gang. all great joys from my youth.
1) Realizing that people born in the 80's can drink legally. 2) When I had to tell a student of mine that A) Queen wasn't a new group, B) I listened to their music when I was younger than him, and C) The lead singer was dead. He was crushed (this was when "Bill and Ted" were big --made me feel old even then!
This morning, I was going through the channels, and the movie "The Jazz Singer" was on. Neil Diamond was singing "America." I checked to see what year the movie was released, and it said 1980!!! You mean to tell me that my favorite patriotic song is two years older than me?! I always thought it was from the mid-80s!
OK, I was born in 1970... I barely remember the 70's but the 80s were my thing! I remember leg warmers, and rainbow striped suspenders (Like Mork). I remember the first time I went into the local record store to buy a new album and was told they did not have them anymore (ARGH!) I can remember driving a moped at 15 and thinking I was soooo cool because I had wheels! I remember big hair and frosted purple lip stick (Well the hair is still pretty big) and of course charchol black eyeliner applied inside the eyelid. I remember earings that hung down to my shoulders and using food coloring to add a few highlights (just like Cindy Laupper). I remember IROCs and listening to Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam. Boy George was SOOOO sexy and I wanted to marry every member of Duran Duran. I remember wearing shirts that said "Relax- don't do it" and white or black hi-top reeboks. Black leggings with scrunchy socks on the outside of them and long shirts that matched the socks with the collar turned up. Geat memories!
While the rest of us are aging, Gary Coleman and Emmanuel Lewis haven't aged a day over 13.
Explaining to my kids what a B side is.
"Super Mario Bros." video game music. Brings me back.
Today, Mothers Day 2003, Lifetime channel is showing a series of films called movies for mothers. Ugh. The wife was watching Lifetime not me. Later today, on movies for mothers, they are showing Pretty in Pink. How depressing.
I just got an invitation to my 10 year high school reunion. I'm class of 1993 obivously. For those of you who are class of 1998 and are having a 5 year reunion, believe me,---that's nothing. I don't remember feeling bad about being 5 years out of high school, I still felt like a kid at the 5 year mark. But THIS, now this a 10 year high school renuion, jesus this is truly sh*tty. I'm not going. I think I'll just stay home and watch the 90210 high school reunion special on FOX and let that be my high school reunion. Now for those of you who are older then me and actually graduated high school in the 80's and are having a 15 or 20 year reunion,.......please don't tell me about it. I don't want to know how much worse this whole thing gets. But reading this list makes me a sadomasochist I guess.
"Pretty In Pink" (1986) showing on the American Movie Classic network. Even more shocking, "Slums Of Beverly Hills" (1996) was shown last week on the same network.
The Lifetime channel is airing "Pretty In Pink"? Sigh. When I was a kid back in the 80's, I remember thinking that Lifetime was a channel for bored old ladies that had nothing to do.
Hey I just Pretty in Pink on American Movie Classics (AMC) yesterday! So it's not just being aired on LIFE.
Myself and my brother's girlfriend are only 20, but we both watch Lifetime movies all weekend long. So much for it being a network for bored old ladies. Us youngsters enjoy it!
I watched "Golden Girls" from the time it started (when I was about 3 or 4) all the way though its run. Now, I'm 20 and watch the reruns. Bad part? I still remember most of the episodes!
My twin sister and I were born in '79. We started K-6 in '84 and finished in '91. I really hate that and wish that I was born between '68 and '73 (like my older sister). Although, she is only 6 years older, I always thought her, her friends, and my older cousins around her age were so cool back then. You do look at things differently when you are a middle school or high school student than you do if you are in elementary. Looking back at that time, all I kids my age had were our cartoons (the greatest of any decade) and the occasional glimpses of PG-13 or R box office blockbusters that we were lucky enough to see on cable after they had been in theaters. They got to hang out at arcades, at the mall, concerts and the best movies of the time. Now that they are in their 30's, they tell me that I should enjoy my 20s while I have them. What gives? They were in such a rush to get old, now they can't stop the clock. It's funny, I look at my little sister (who was born in '86) and tell her the same thing about her time in high school right now!
For all of you older than me, I was born in January 1985 and I'm graduating in two weeks. This was the same year as the first Back to the Future, The Breakfast Club, Like A Virgin, We Are the World, the premiere of Growing Pains, etc.--- 18 years people!!!
You know you are old when take a girl half you age to your 20 year high school reunion (82 graduate) and you arent breaking any laws in any state.
I think it's jacked up that there are like 4 or 5 different generations on here complaining about feeling old.
The fact that there's even a website ABOUT the 80's is a surefire way to make a child of the 80's feel old.
Debbie Gibson now goes by Deborah and she's starring on Broadway and Tiffany, the ultimate mallrat kid, is now married with kids of her own.
Wondering how an age range of 29 years (1960 - 1989) can equal five generations.
You remember the pilot episode of Magnum P.I. airing for the first time and really also wanted a Ferrari (this was compounded by Crockett's Ferrari Dino in Miami Vice). Remembering that Bruce Willis was a guest star on Miami Vice once, or that Frank Sinatra was a guest star on Magnum P.I.
Being born in 1977, I had no idea that the Seventies were percieved as being fairly recent during the early 1990's. At that time I thought the Seventies were ancient history, I even thought that during the 80's. Now I understand, because now it is the early 00's and I see many kids born in the 80's viewing that decade the way I looked at the 70's. It's weird looking back at yourself at an age and realizing how damn young you were but didn't fully know it at that time.
Does anyone remember My Buddy dolls? I had one of those when I was little, and I saw a beat up old doll in a garage sale.
If you like B-grade horror movies of th 1980s, and grew up in New Jersey, then you probably remember the production company Troma.
My favorite cartoon show that I used to watch during the 80's Is. Pee-Wee's Playhouse, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Jim Henson's Muppet Babies & Garfield. Pee-Wee Herman was such a genius person that I know of. I Love Pee-Wee Herman!!!!
Losing my memory certainly makes me feel older! I had the cutest folders and notebooks back in the early 80's. It was a series that all the girls collected. It was called something like 'Cuddly Critters'. It featured animals on the covers (I remember that the koala and raccoon were especially popular with my little group of friends) which were surrounded by icky-sweet pastel borders. Please, can someone remember what these were called??? And one more thing, when you see that the once spike-haired synth god, Howard Jones, is nearly bald, yeah, you feel old. HOJO!
I was watching I Love the 80's, which didn't make me feel old. We were all sitting around and laughing about how dumb we looked. Don't try to nostalgize it, we looked so silly! I looked over at my friend and realized that he wasn't even alive when the things we were so amused with were occurring. Then I didn't laugh so much. But feeling old is inevitable. You can't go back, and I really don't want to.
Modern pop artists just dont seem genuine anymore.
I work in a video store now, and found a movie called "Left Behind 2" on a rack on new releases (it came out several months ago). Kirk Cameron was on the box. According to what I know, this was only a TV-movie on Showtime. It's pretty bad whe an '80s boy toy becomes a casuality of the current times, and winds up in some low-rent cable movie. I wanted to cry.
I remember when CD's first came out... And the CD door opened like a casette door.
You find yourself saying, "Back in the 1990's..." (and your life in the 90's didn't involve playing with either Power Rangers or Pokemon)
My son loves his favorite new groups: Queen, Styx, and ELO. How could this possibly happen?
Im 26, and I recently had an 18 year old girl buddy go with me on a trip downstate to keep me awake since I had to drive 300 miles after working all day and she was the only one free. We seemed to get along and it didnt seem like there was age gap. But the real kicker was when she said she was in kindergarten in 1989! I was like no way, I had to really think about it and then I was like wow, I guess it does calculate out. Wow I felt old. She has no way of remembering the good ol days of the late 70s and early 80s. Then later on that week I felt even older when I was listening to classic rock at high volume on the way home and really getting into it, I felt like I was over 30. I felt like all I needed was a beer and a cigarette and Id fit in with the 30 year old party crowd. And once I started hearing 80s music on classic rock stations and even on the OLDIES I feel old. It doesnt even seem like it was that long ago. Now lately my hair is starting to fall out and Im getting eye floaters which I was told by the doctor is just signs of getting old. Wow.
LOL, when I talk about the 90's to these kids I give my age away too. I'm 28 years old and I have gone back to college. If I talk about playing with Transformers and G.I. Joe in the 80's, I *might* be able to pass as someone born in 1983 or '84 that was playing with his older brothers hand me downs in the late 80s. But when I talk about being a 19 year old at a college party in 1994,.....sheesh I toally blow my cover and reveal myself as a 70s baby. 18 and 19 year olds today were on the playground in the mid 90s and a lot of them can barely remember Clinton's first term, to say nothing of Bush Sr.'s presidency in the early 90s. LOL, it felt better being 18 and being on the younger end of it and telling people older then me that I had a hard time remembering Reagan's first term back in 1994.
I remember when I was in school in 1988, I did a report on a Civil Rights incident that took place in 1966 or 1967. At that time in 1988, the 60s were basically 19-20+ years ago, and it seemed like an eternity away to me. That world and their problems looked so barbaric and ancient to me. People being excluded from lunch counters and schools because of the color of their skin? Good Lord, that looked as ancient as slavery. The 60s and even early 70s were a part of my school history textbook and nothing more. Or maybey something to watch through the eyes of Fred Savage on "The Wonder Years". The 60s and I hate to say this but even the 70s, were only like 4 or 5 chapters ahead of the Great Depression of the 1930s, the Pearl Harbor bombing of 1941, World War II, and things such as that. What difference in terms of TIME was there to us between Vietnam and WW II or Korea? It was all a footnote in history to a lot of us. Today it is 2003, and it is weird thinking that 20 years ago is now....YIKES....1983! I remember being a wannabe Michael Jackson moonwalker/breakdancer in 1983! I remember watching Family Ties, Knight Rider, and The A-Team in 1983! Kids today must think the same thing about the 80s, and even the 90s, that a lot of us thought about previous decades. These kind of realizations about the passage of time and growing older puts life into perspective doesn't it?
The children in the movie 1990 "Kindergarten Cop" are all most likely finishing high school or completing some part of college. Many of them were in kindergarten in the late 1980s, like I was.
I was looking through my cassettes today, because my mom wanted to borrow some. I have a talking Alf doll and found the cassettes to go along with him. i was in 6th grade when i got it and now i'm 25.
When I was growing up I remember I used to think anyone born after 1979 were nothing but little kids. I thought even people born in 1980 and 1981 were children or babies, even though chronologically those guys really aren't that much younger then me. So it's weird seeing some big 14 year old kid that was born in 1989 standing 6'3.
When I say that girls wearing stirrup pants and leggings were really cute, everyone answers : Huh! the're out since 10 or 15 years! Didn't you know!! I know that they went out a while ago but I didn't realized that it was for that long! :)
A 40 year old today, was only 28 in 1991. Does that scare you? I'm 28 now, and I was around 15, 16 in 1991. Time is merciless and goes on overdrive around the age 15 or 16. It scares the sh*t out of me. Forget thinking about being a 30 year old, that's a given in the next couple of years. It's almost happened to people my age. But I'm honestly crapping my pants about being a middle aged man. It may be 12 years away, but look at how 10 years went by in a blink of an eye. 1993, 2003. 10 years is a long time when you are 20 and under, but by the time you get to your mid 20's you realize that 5 or 10 years is nothing. I was on another message board where a guy a few years younger then me, 25, asked for advice on how to avoid a mid-life crisis, because he knows it's closer then you would think. I'm glad I'm not crazy in being the only one to realize that it IS a lot closer then we realize. I feel like the freakin' Highlander sometimes, just speeding through time like this.
On 'Behind the Music' episodes...all of the 80's stars have already lived the high life and been through rehab. : ( We had it made guys! No school was good! PS-I still wear my 'bannana clip'. : )
I just turned 30 years old a while back (born in 1973), and this 19 year old girl in a college class I'm in old me that I don't look like a man. She didn't mean to offend me, she said..."Well you look like a man, but not a man man. You look more like you're 22, 23, or 24. You don't look older then 25. Most people your age that are like 30, look like some kind of man"...Heh, I actually understood what she meant, even if it was a garbeled mess of gobbledey-gook teen speak. She was trying to give me a roundabout compliment for looking youthful, but I can't blame her for her choice of words. I thought the same thing when I was 19 and 20. A 30 year old should stereotypically look like, lets all say it---"a grown up" or "adult". Sigh. But thankfully, I guess I'm still cool because I can pass for 23 or 24. LOL.
I was born in 1974. Some things that make me feel old. Back in the late 80's and early 90's, Nintendo's newest games were LCD handhelds with, like, 5 frames of animation. Online-conversations took place over several WEEKS, because of the bulletin boards that WERE the internet then. Windows was optional as an OS, and could be disabled or removed from a computer in favor of DOS. A connection speed of 9600 baud was considered blazing. Computers had less than 1 MEG of hard drive space, and only several thousand kilobytes of processing power. 5 1/4 floppies were the cutting edge media replacing TAPES as data storage devices. We were just about to go to war with Iraq, who boasted a military that was third in the world behind only the US and the Confederation of Soviet States. There was argument that Iraq's military might have outclasses the Confederation's. I REMEBER the Confederation of Soviet States, not to mention the Soviet Union. Bottled water was an absurdity. The only SUVs on the road were Jeep Wagoneers and Chevy Suburbans, and they were seen as totally unnecessary vehicles. I remember movies dedicated to things like the Lambada. I have seen the Valley Girl movie "Night of the Comet", and understand how the movie "Clueless" is a Valley Girl movie. I understand what a Valley Girl is. I remember when MTV actually played MUSIC VIDEOS 24-7. I remember a time before the phrase "24-7". Coke was the new Slurpee flavor at 7-11. Medical drama was "St. Elsewhere", where the ER was a set. I remember thinking that having a bulletproof, talking Trans Am would be THE coolest thing in the world (okay, that one is still pretty cool).
Watching a video of the "Inspector Gadget" cartoon at the video store the other day. The three of us that were working were saying "Go, go gadget (insert contraption here)!"
I'm sort of going through my second childhood (although I haven't quite left my 1st behind yet--I'm only 20). However, I keep thinking I'm an oldster every time I have this burning need to criticize every single aspect of every single cartoon I watch, especially the old episodes of "Scooby-Doo! Where Are You?" I keep saying to myself "Why the laugh track? Why do Daphne and Fred go off together? Is it me, or does anyone else think Shaggy was smoking pot while Scooby inhaled it? Why is Velma so underappreciated?" Asking questions like this is a surefire way to feel much older than you really are, and having concensus with someone else, like I did at work the other day, is enough to make someone else feel the way you do.
You remember when Chuck E. Cheese was Showbiz Pizza...goodness gracious.
You remember before Nintendo, you know - when not only was there the Atari 2600 - but the Intellivision and Colecovision as well. You remember all the Atari game systems: Pong, Pong w/"hockey", 2600, 5800, 7200. You also know that the first color handheld game system was the Lynx (which made you wonder wtf happened there.) That there was once more than PC and Mac. That the once better and faster computers of the time (the Ataris and Commodores) are no longer, not because of the computers - but due to withdrawn software support. You remember when floppy disks were actually floppy. Games took minutes to load and made funny noises while doing so. You remember using the exact computer system that the guys at Rockstar Software are paying homage to at the very beginning of "GTA: Vice City" You remember when freeware wasn't downloaded, but hand typed from the back of Antic Magazine (and you had to get all five pages right or it wouldn't run.) You remember cassete tapes. You remember when handheld games had bb's or plastic things that drifed in water. You remember when huge stereos actually were better. You remember just one megabyte of computer memory costing more than $300. You remember dot-matrix and daisy wheel printers. You remember when color shifting was the cool thing to do with computer graphics. You remember when game controllers only had ONE button. You actually remember being in at least one car that actually used a carbuerator. You remember when MTV had videos and a few shows that actually were worth watching. You remember when people were actually insulted by swearing. You remember the whole Smurf's theme song. Man, I could keep going on...
It's that day that it hits you that you are now closer to 30 then you are to 19. Or maybey you know that you are now closer to 40 then to 29. You get that sinking feeling in your stomach when you realize painful things like this, and get that freaky depression over the passage of time. When you are over the age of 16, 10 years start to just zip by at warp speed.
When girls wore jeans that zipped up at the ankle, and they thought lacey socks and high heals were to be worn with jeans.
I don't remember anyone making a big deal about the 80's before 1999. Before 1999, talking about the 80's was like "eh, oh yeah the 80's that was 9 years ago". You know what I'm getting at here? It's like how now in 2003 the mid 90's would be "eh, oh yeah the mid 90's. Remember Pearl Jam? Hey that was like 8 or 9 years ago". I mean really, it wasn't such a big deal. It was just the 80's and it happened to be some years back. But since 1999 I keep hearing this big fuss about the 80's, with all these 80's retro parties, dances, dress up days, and people talking non-stop about how fantastic it all was. That makes me feel old, because like I said during the actual 1980's and even after it up till about 1999---it was just thought of as the 80's. No biggie, if ya know what I mean. Today people talk about that decade like it was the 50's or 60's.
LOL, the comment below made me laugh. Yeah no one in the actual 1980s was walking around saying "Hey dude, did you know that these are the f*cking 80s!!??" LOL. People went about their buisness and just acted normal like we do now. Though there's no denying that it seemed like sometime around the very late 1990s, definately by the year 2000, the 80s earned a spot next to Elvis, hippies, and bell bottoms as one of those nostalgic decades that everyone starts to fondly remember.
When I find myself actually WANTING to bid on My Little Ponies and plasic charm necklaces on Ebay. I remember the first year MTV came out, and on April Fools Day I spent the majority of my day laying upside down on a bean bag chair watching videos because, well, they were playing upside down all day! I hears Prince's song "kiss" on an oldies station (yes I said Prince...not "the symbol" or whatever he is called now. Boy George is a DJ now. You can actaully SEE snuffleufagus from Sesame street now, he's not Big Bird's imaginary friend anymore, everyone can see him. And he has a wife and kid! Wishing PBS would air the "Electric Company" "I hanker for a hunk of cheese" guy. The guy with the body suit that was all muscles and internal organs and stuff. "Dream Boy Dream Girl" is on my wedding playlist. So is "Crazy for You"
I feel old everytime I go to the store and see that clock that says "If you were born on or before this date, then you can buy tobbaco..blah,blah" and realizing that my YOUNGER brother is two years over the limit? For my fellow New Yorkers remember: When Subway tokens had no holes in them When Channel "J" was the eighties equivalent of the playboy channel When Verizon used to be called Nynex which used to be called Bell Atlantic When Times Square wasn't THAT bright
Will Smith (formerly The Fresh Prince) had a hit with Jazzy Jeff called "Parents Just Don't Understand" in 1988. Now Will Smith is a father of 4. And probably old enough to be Little Bow Bow's ,a current kid rapper, father. And Hillary Duff, actress from "Lizzie McGuire"/singer (about age 13/14) is probably young enough to be Deborah Gibson's daughter.
When you hear songs at the grocery store, and they are the same songs our parent's told us to turn down!!!!!
To a comment below...The new teen star Hillary Duff is indeed biologically old enough to be Debroah Gibson's daughter (16-17 years in age difference), but not socially, if ya know what I mean. Gibson is 32 now, soon to be 33, and she would have to had been a pregnant high school kid back in the late 80's to qualify as Hillary Duff's mother. If she was a pregnant teenager even an older teenager, it would have ruined her squeaky clean teen pop star image she had in the late 80's.
Born in 70 I too remember the 80's starting with Gary Newman and mourning Bob Marley passing on. At the time listening to Punk & Reggae since most of the good rock was from the cheesy 70's Girls in Jordache & Sasson Jeans. Dukes of Hazzard on TV. Early 80's arcade games. Watching Annie Lennox @ the 1984 AM Awards show in drag as a man singing "Sweet dreams" I thought that was so cool @ the time! Hanging my big Toshiba "Ghetto blaster" over my shoulder on the bus playing Dead Kennedys "Too drunk too F*ck" turning up the part where the guy chokes & pukes into a toilet(to gross people comin' back from their 9 to 5. The Frankie goes to hospital t-shirt. My GT BMX when GT built only Bmx's, My O.G. Gonzales VISION skateboard yellow deck with pink rails & street cubic wheels. Beastie Boys & DMC. The Breakfest Club. Miami Vice. Guys with boat shoes with NO socks (yuk)white Don Johnson jacket & really bad spray-net Lion-style hair driving red,blue or yellow I.R.O.C.-Z's. Boy-George & Jacko posers at Halloween. Max Headroom. TOO MUCH PINK & PASTELS. SPUDS Mc KENZIE. Tears for Fears. Cant forget Depeche Mode. Only the rich kid had a cd player at home. Grand Nationals & 5.0's, Honda Civics where still being laughed at.
Because 1999 is already 4 years ago. 1993 is 10 years ago. And 1988 is 15 freaking years ago!!
When The Cosby Show, Family Ties, and Head of the Class, replaced those "old shows" like I Dream of Jeannie, Leave it to Beaver, and Welcome Back Kotter on NICK AT NITE.
You remember when the PG-13 rating first came out in the mid 80s.
I can tell you what can make you feel old. When my 12 year old neice was complaining about have a non-cordless phone one day and I told her you think that's bad you should try sharing a party line. I can remember trying to use the phone and these two old ladies (sisters) always being on it. That got me a look. Also try telling a 12 year old that Pink did not write Lady Marmalade. Finding your old Commodore 64 in the closet and your even older game console with nobs that only turned left or right and with pong as the only game. You know that Bear in B.J and the Bear was named after Paul "Bear" Bryant the best head football coach Alabama ever had. He died in 1982 or 1983. You can still remember when all the kids on Eight Is Enough lived at home. You can remember when Adam Walsh was kidnapped and your mother would not let you out of her sight. How about when everybody wanted a General Lee, a train the their livingroom, and a talking car. Or the Jake the Snake // Rickey the Dragon Steamboat fight when Jake but the snake on Rickey. Jake got out of the ring to yell at the crowd. Rickey jumped up and got a komodo dragon after Jake. How about gathering around the TV to watch the Titanic Special where they showed the video of it being found.
A friend and I were talking about a conversation we had that still felt recent, and our jaws dropped when we suddenly realized that this conversation took place in 1997. 6 years ago...
Today, I am 30 years old. That's reason enough! Nobody can tell you how fast time will really fly. You'll just have to live it to believe it!
I truly felt old when my six year old son first heard Bon Jovi's new song "It's my life" back in June 2000. I was talking about how I was excited that Bon Jovi was "back", and my son looked at me like I was crazy. He then laughed at me and asked, "How could they be back Mommy, they're a brand new group!?" I was only 28, but it was then that I realized that I was now the "old-timer" who remembers when Reagan was shot and knows that Morgan Freeman isn't just some famous movie star, but that he was a member of the Electric Company on PBS!!
I'm 25 years old, and people in their 30's are looking younger and younger to me every year. When you're in your mid-late 20's, that's when you start thinking: "30's probably aren't going to be so bad. Now those guys going into their 40's, they're the ones with all the problems". (just kidding ;) )
I'm 27 and I like being an adult. Being an adult is cool. But I have no desire to be a "grown up"....i.e., 30 and above. Not looking forward to that I'll tell you.
A lot of people here keep talking about the years going by so fast. It's something that I personally call "Kid Time" vs. "Adult Time", because of the different way we percieve the passage of time as we get older. I think most human beings switch over to Adult Time around the age of 14 or 15. I know for me, around 15 is when I look back and think gee that doesn't feel all that long ago. But when I look at what I did before the age of 15, that feels like a really long time ago. By the way I'm 26 now, so yes I am talking about events that happened 10+ years ago.
I was born in 1986. I do remember most of the things that you guys are talking about, however am not old. I am 16 and not old at all. I am young and enjoying it very much. To me old is not 40 and 50, but rather 70 and 80. If you can remember these things you shouldn't see yourself as old but rather part of a great time.
You still remember the names of all the Cobra Kai guys from "The Karate Kid" films. Remember---Johnny, Dutch, Jimmy, Bobby, and Tommy. And Reese was their villanious "mercy is for the weak" karate instructor. I also remember that Jimmy was the one Cobra Kai dude that never had any speaking lines. Jimmy was just one of Johnny's tough goons to torment Daniel, but the actor later played that smart preppie kid on "Head of the Class".
Conversation I had when I was 19 back in 1995 with an acquaintence of mine on a college campus: Me: "Have you decided on a major? So when do you think you will graduate?" Him: "Man I ain't going to graduate till like Two Thousand (post-2000) something...". It is now 2003, and I believe he's one of those life long proffesional college students that are still trying to get their degree. Sadly, I had to leave school shortly after 1995 for personal reasons. I am back now at age 27, part of the "college old school" and still trying to my degree as well. (it sure was a lot cooler being 18, 19, 20 and part of the college new school)
I started to realize I was getting older and leaving my youth behind around the age of 24. Before I was 24, I never even thought about getting older. Not even for one second. But I've found I certainly wasn't alone in walking around still thinking of myself as some kind of "kid" or overgrown teenager when I was in my early 20's. It seems like nearly everyone thinks like that until they get to the mid 20's.
When you remember all (or at least most) of the episodes of shows like "Punky Brewster" and "Small Wonder", try to find websites of their shows on the internet, wonder when they will ever come back on television, and want to know what are the cast members doing today.
I am actually excited to see a new coke can
Grace Slick (from Jefferson Airplane/starship) is over 64 (!!!!!) years old
When you remembered playing Nintendo for the first time & saying to yourself, "Wow, it can't get any better than this!" When food didn't have Nutrition facts. When TV's used knobs & v-hold. If you remember what Michael Jackson used to look like. When G.I. Joes used to be about 3 inches long. When video games were "score based". When the only viarety in professional wrestling was different colored tights.
That ugly little rat-boy looking kid that played Anakin Skywalker in "Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace" was born in 1989. And that movie came out 4 years ago in 1999, so he's probably about to be in high school now.
Born in 80, already old enough to have graduated from college a year ago and have a friend (the same age) with a husband and a baby. Sick.
I always knew I was going to get older, it's just the speed with which it happened that has TOTALLY BLINDSIDED ME. Now I'm still currently a young'un in my 20's, but I'm closing in on 30. You hear about how fast time goes by as an adult when you are growing up, but nothing prepares you for it. You have to actually live it and go through it to understand how freaky it is to see how the years go by from being a high school kid to pushing 30 in no time. I don't think I'll ever get used to being part of the "grown up crowd", I still think of myself as a kid.
To a comment way below---the bad guy karate teacher from the Karate Kid movies was named "Kreese", John Kreese. Not Reese. Just something I thought I would point out. Eh, the fact that I know it's Kreese and not Reese makes me feel old now! lol
Many of the people who were on "Saturday Night Live" in the 1980s aren't doing too much in the way of acting anymore. And when they do pop up on TV, you're almost shocked.
Remember the Smurfs?
I'm a Boy Scout leader and a lot of the kids I take camping and counsel were born in 1989 or after. Generally they don't know jack about the 80's and even a lot of the 1990's. And even if they do know something it obviously wasn't from firsthand experience/memories, but from looking it up in a history book or online somewhere. I guess these kids look at that time (80's and 90's), the way a lot of us looked at the 1950's through 70's era. It's just a dress up day or part of history to them.
I am constantly surprised at hearing these reports of young adults and teenagers born in the 80's being so ignorant of the decade. I was born in 1976, and I have never been completely lost on what happened in the 1970's. I still have a connection with the 70's, even though I don't remember any of it. I mean I don't remember 8-tracks, but I know WHAT an 8-track IS. I always knew who the freakin' Six Million Dollar Man was. And for those of you born in the early 80's, shame on you for being so retarded about the decade. I guess I can at least understand some kid born in 1989 not knowing anything, but for shame on the 1982 born person that doesn't know Transformers, KITT, Run DMC, Duran Duran, or Wham. Doesn't anyone have older siblings or cousins anymore?
Because the Early 2000's are nearly over. We are almost into the middle part of this "new" decade.
I'm 13 years old, and I don't feel old, but I found some stuff that may make you feel old: - On "The-N" messageboards (forums for a teenage television network), I noticed a thread titled "Anyone like Queen (the OLD rock band)". - In a thread on the same messageboard asking who you thought was better - Led Zepplin or Good Charlotte - some people said "Good Charlotte, by a lot". MTV these days (sigh). - Someone asked if anyone had heard of Weird Al Yankovic. Suprisingly, only one person responded.
I'm 27 (28 in 8 months!) and sadly enough, I still refer to anyone who's born after 1979 as little children even though they're now adults who've finished colleged, engaged, married, or even have children of their own!
Matthew Broederick is 41 years old!
Getting older stinks after age 23.
All this fuss on this page over kids/young adults born in the 80's, and we have totally forgotten that some children born in the early 1990's are already pre-teens or young teenagers. Does that 19 year old punk born in 1983 that doesn't know who Journey, Duran Duran, or Wham! was really seem so bad now when compared to the bratty internet message board troll that was born in 1991?
It feels like yesterday that people hated most of us born in the 70's. Only about 6 years ago in the mid 90's/early part of the late 90's, those of us born in the 70's were still seen as the punks, slackers, and Gen X kids that were up to no good. And just like that, both the 80's and 90's became yesterdays news. Suddenly we are the OLD SCHOOL that are thinking about becoming (or already are in some cases) 30 somethings in the near future.
when you realize your about to graduate and be thrown out into the real world....when you've felt like such a kid, your all of a sudden considered an "adult"
A family friend of my parents has a son that just got his drivers permit. He is 15 and was born in 1988. Born in 1988, holy crap. I was already in junior high (middle school) in 1988.
I feel old because I remember when "alternative" music was just that--an alternative to the insipid banalities which cluttered the airwaves of the 1980s. Alternative back then was DEVO, Missing Persons, Yaz(oo), A Flock of Seagulls, Gary Numan, etc. Alternative today seems to be garbage like Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, and all that other commercial crap which is, at best, a pale imitation of the punk from the late 1970s/early 1980s. No substance whatsoever, with unmemorable tunes. I remember when MTV used to play music videos. I remember when MTV played mostly new wave music, and I remember the exact moment when MTV hit its peak, and went downhill: the release of Michael Jackson's _Thriller_. Great album, great videos, but it opened the floodgates for crappy pop music.
My friend, who turned 20 exactly 5 months after I did, just found out she is pregnant. I then realized our priorities are so different--my boyfriend and I are going on a cruise with my brother and his girlfriend in January, and she will be preparing to have a baby. Crazy!
Yeah to relate to a comment somewhere below----I was born in 1974, and I still think of anyone born after 1979 as children. Even the people born in the very early 80's like 1980, 1981 and '82, sheesh I still think of those guys as being like some kind of kids. Weird to think of them as adults. And it's 50 times weirder seeing the kids born in the mid and late 80's as these big grown teenagers, and 100 times weirder seeing the kids born in the early 90's as pre-teens/young teens. Kids born in the early 1990's, eeek....I keep thinking they should be in daycare or in diapers.
I was born in '88. Naturally, I don't remember a blasted thing about it unless you consider me learning new "words" from my ever-rivaling teenage brothers and sister. Ha, anyway, recently (actually about a year ago) I was surprised at all the rap crap (ha, it rhymes) that was coming through. (I don't understand it - what is so awsome about repeating the same exact phrase 300 times throughout the whole song? "Smokin weed, smokin weed, yeah we smokin weed, pass it to me baby I'm smoking weed" :-P duh) and got sick of it and started listening to a mix music station. 92KAT FM. Kick...ass. (Pardon my language). They have a daily thing all night long ('til 1am) called Planet 80's. They even have retromercials. That and (laugh at me if ya want, it _is_ kinda funny if you're much older than me) I was superbored one day and checked out false fire place which had a built-in stereo/cassete player/record player. I headed for the records. Looking back I think "Crush On You" by The Jets was the 1st 80's song I've heard since the gap when I last heard (remembered) an 80's song when I was little and now. Then A Flock of Seagulls came on the radio. (I can't help it, I still think Paul Reynolds was still a babe back in 82/83 something like that). Tell me if I'm wrong, but I think he (Paul) was one of the few or the only rock and roll (okay, alternative, but it's still just rock & roll to me) star that went with the white frame sunglasses when all the others went with sleek blakc shades. I did my research (sorta) and somebody here in the U.S. has the frames (minus the lenses--he said that in a chat thing that somebody saved). I know I'm not old enough to actually remember the 80's (ha, yeah, 2 years) but I guess you could say I'm going through a rediscovery phase. :-D A very, very long phase I hope will last me 'til I die. I even make attempts of looking like certain pictures I find. (My mom's a hair dresser, she has old.. no, oldER... not old*..books I've constantly got my nose buried in.) Well, I talk too much so I'm going to leave it here. Y recuerdan, para siempre las Ochentas!! (And remember, for always the Eighties!!!)
Just something to think about. If the Michael Jackson Thriller record was a "person", it would be old enough to buy beer. That makes me feel old.
Definately started to feel old when I turned 25 back in 2000. I was so damn miserable when I turned 25, I had the hardest time accepting that I was now closer to being a 30 year old then a 19 year old teenage kid. Not being part of the youth culture anymore, that's a rough thing to accept because you thought you were always goint to be part of that youth culture forever. I'm 28 now, and I'm still not over how bad 25 was, and it hasn't totally registered that 3 years went by so quickly, and that I will be 30 in no time. It's only 2 years away. Welcome to reality. (sigh)
The Hollywoood nightmare is CONFIRMED: There will be a Rocky 6. Holy crap. 63 year old Rocky Balboa is going to get in the ring and fight either the younger 53 year old Mr. T, or perhaps the even more youthful 45 year old Russian boxer Drago. 'NUFF SAID people. When something as crazy as this happens in 2003, then 80s kids know they're gettin' old. All we need now is a Rambo 4, a Karate Kid 5, or a Terminator 3 (whoops we're really getting old Arnie in a T-3!) to even be more embarrassed by seeing our childhood icons make buffoons out of themselves in the new Millenium.
No offense to any kids here, but I realized I was getting old when it dawned on me that people born after 1982 really piss me off with their youthful arrogance and smug attitudes.
You're still mad at those "new" grunge bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam for destroying whatever was left of the 80's back in the early 1990's. Then it hits you that those bands came out 12 years ago! A lot of the youth today probably can't even remember 1991!
Pfff, you thought people born in 1980 and 1981 were young punks. Hey it's 2003, people born in those years are nearly out of the traditional college age bracket and most are out in the workforce.
You remember at least one of the original "Star Wars" movies when they first hit the theaters. They came out in 1977, 1980, and 1983. Extra geezer points if you remember 2 of the 3 when they first came out. And full fledged OLD TIMER status goes out to anyone that can remember when all 3 were originally in the theaters. Bonus geriatric points are awarded to anyone that can remember when "Jaws" came out in 1975.
You remember the 70's.
You are in your 20's, and you are asking people for advice on how to avoid a mid life crisis. I am 27, and I want to do everything possible to avoid a mid life crisis. Being a 40 year old is just around the corner. Time goes by fast when you're an adult you know, so you better be prepared.
I am 26, when I was a kid I used to think that 30 was middle aged and 40 and over was like a real old codger. I don't think that way anymore, for the obvious reasons.
That when you ask a kid who he-man is they think it those new sucky cartoon and When you say She-ra princess of power they look at you like you lost your marbles I love that cartoon I wish they bring it backI'm 21 and I still think 80's cartoons could lick the dumb ones today
Going to the wedding of my cousin that was born in 1983. This kid was only like 12 or 13 in 1996. Talk about making me feel old.
You feel like you need to be in that Wil Ferrel movie "Old School".
I was talking to my nephew, who was born in 1988, about video games and I mentioned Atari, to which he replied, "What's Atari?" I also remember when the phone company got broken up and deregulated, and people could BUY telephones, instead of LEASING them from the phone company. And while we're on the subject of telephones, remember when the phone's ringer was a metal bell that went "BBBBrrrrrrriiiiiinnnnnnngggggggg" when it rang? I can still remember the eight track stereo we had when I was kid. The stereo was a great big piece of wooden furniture! You had to open the top cover to get to the electronic part. It had AM/FM, a phonograph, and the eight track. I can remember my mother going to buy needles for the phonograph. Diamond needles! And I can remember that 1986 was the first model year for cars where it was required that all vehicles have the third brake in the center. In the late eighties, I would look at the backs of cars and I could tell if they were pre-1986 just by looking at the brake lights. And speaking of cars, I remember when the Ford Taurus first came out (again in 1986). My dad was driving me home from karate class one Saturday and I saw it and I thought, "Wow, that thing looks like a spaceship!" And remember the ad jingle for it? "Taaauuurus... for us!" Well, that's all I can think of for now. I'm sure I'll think of some more!
I remember how before the Millenium changed, those of us born in the 1970's were the unquestioned youth of the world during the 80s and 90s. We're all still very young, even those that crossed over into the early 30s. But it's just not the same as the pre-2000 years.
You know the meaning of "death by stereo!"
When I have my sister and neice over to my apartment (my neice is 16) and she sees my phone she asked me where the buttons were? I still have a rotary phone proudly displayed in my living room. :)
Seeing as how I am 42 year old that was born in 1961 and graduated high school in 1980, you will forgive me for shaking my head with confusement and laughter over seeing all these comments from kids born in the late 80's or early 90's talking about how they feel old. Get real! If you are a 14 year old kid born in 1989, then why do you feel old? And if you were born in 1991, then why do you even care? You weren't even alive in the 80's! Now I didn't really "grow up" in the 80's like a lot of others did here, I grew up mainly in the 60's and 70's. But I spent a lot of my youth and younger years in the in the Eighties, (older teenage years, and 20's) so it's a special decade for me.
Because I remember the day that MTV launched. I went over my friends house and we watched it all day long. I begged my parents for cable but to no avail. Because I remember looking at Playboy magazine and all of the centerfolds were like 10 years older than me on average. Now I'm like 15 years older than them and disgusted with myself for even looking. I remember when radio was actually cool, they played music, sometimes I taped music off the radio and the alternative station really played alternative music. I hate the radio now unless it's NPR. Because I loved the arcade and would ride my bike 5 miles if I had 50 cents in my pocket to play two games. That's right, games used to only be a quarter! I went into a new arcade recently, it was like 5 bucks to play a game to any sort of enjoyment level. Because I play streaming 80's retro radio on my computer. Because I remember when playing outside was THE major form of entertainment for a child. Well, until I finally got an Atari 2600! Because I'm too sad to type anymore about it...
The thought of hijacked airplanes and the twin World Trade Center towers had nothing to do with each other. I would sit in the plaza in the summer evenings, listening to my walkman.
No one thinks about getting old until they reach their mid 20's. So it's perfectly normal and natural for a lot of us here to be having a "quarter life crisis" of sorts. Why do you think the military always wants 18 and 19 year old kids in the service? Most people under 24 think they are immortal and can't die. They don't think they can get older, and it's hard for them to believe it will ever happen. So the Marines just line them up and tell them to go out and fight and get killed. Hell I'm 28 and I still wish I could go back to my pre-24 days when getting older wasn't even a thought in my head, and I had that feeling of immortality..
My wife and I threw an eighties party a couple of years ago and we had hung some 45's from the ceiling to hang down. Our 5 year old niece came over to see the house all decked out and asked why we put CD's on the ceiling and why they were black????? That did it, I'm old.
I am going to be 23 in September and though I know that is not old, my friends and I always joke about how we are "pushin 30". Anyway, I am very nostalgic, and it kind of makes me sad when I think of how the Olson twins, who were barely a year old when they started Full House are almost 18 frickin years old man!! That kid from Pet Cemetary (when he was actually cute) is around the same age as them. Realizing that some things I thought were in the early 90s, were actually still in the 80s. How much cartoons suck much music sucks now. Still loving Huey Lewis even though he is two years older than my dad. Actually despising the fact that they are bringing back the Care Bears, Popples and Strawberry Shortcake because they will never be the same as they were back when. LOL wishing you had taken better care of your favorite 80s She-Ra and Fraggle Rock toys so that you didn't have to rebuy them on Ebay. Not realizing how fast it all (life before highschool graduation, which in itself was five years ago)went until now. And how sad it is that there is a very, very, very likely chance that you will NEVER get EVERYONE back for the reunions. Being one of the few 23 year olds who probably prefer Vh1 to Mtv.
There's this 35 year old woman in my night class. She was born in 1968, and she looks and comes across as someone's mom! I remember when people her age were the kids, and some of the coolest people on the planet back in the 80's. Hell even in the mid 1990's the cast of "Friends" were all born in the mid or late 60's. Now they look like they should be at a PTA meeting and driving mini-vans.
It's strange to hear people talking about things a lot of us remember so vividly, and with great memories.. never thinking of that time as being 'a REALLY long time ago.' I'm almost 29, and nowhere near close to being old, so I can't understand why, if you were born in 1985.. you could possibly consider yourselves 'old.': Saw a post on some messageboard from a girl who asked about an 'old phone': "I think it's an antique. You know, the kind they had waaaaaaay back in the 80s - it didn't have any buttons, but you had to turn this dial looking thing.. My grandma had one of those." Talking about 80s music as if the stuff is now 'oldies'. "I know that song! God, that came out in '82, right? That was so long ago." "I love that new song, Bohemian Rhapsody -- but who's Queen???" I saw Paris Hilton talking about how 'brutal' it was to be without a cell phone, when her and a friend had to do some reality show. I couldn't help but laugh.. From a guy who's 20: "Yep, I remember watching Growing Pains in the late 80s. Boy, does THAT make me feel old!" What the hell? LOL! Watching VH1's I Love The 80s, and seeing a few celebrities 'reminiscing' about the decade -- those who were born in the mid to late 80s, no less.
Remember how back in the days a lot of us would say, "Yuck that looks like something from the 1950's!!"? Or "My gawd that thing looks like it comes from the 70's!". Well, notice how these days the kids or under 22 youth will say, "Eeeewww, that looks like something from the 80's or early 90's!!" LOL. Haha, what goes around comes around I guess. Now it's time for us Gen Xers to be laughed at, just like all the other generations were. Why can't these kids be normal and instead laugh at the 40's, 50's, 60's or 70's? LOL.
Does anyone else here watch VH1's "I love the 80's" with the same nostalgia that I do?!? Man, when they discuss Swatch watches, The Brat Pack, Back to the Future, Ferris Bueler's Day Off, Pac Man, (this list could go on forever!) I could watch that stuff all day every day!
I work in a video store, and we HAVE the "Thriller" music video available to rent. Even more scary, one of the assistant managers watched the Debbie Gibson concert video one night after the store closed. You read that right--Debbie Gibson!!!!!
I am 28. I was born on July 3, 1975. I started kindergarten in 1980 when I was 5 years old. I graduated elementary school in 1986 when I was 10 1/2 years old. I graduated junior high (middle school) in 1989 when I was 13 1/2 years old. I started high school in the Fall of 1989 at age 14. I got my drivers license in 1991 when I was 16. I graduated high school in 1993 when I was still 17, and turned 18 later in 1993. I left my teenage years in the summer of 1995 when I turned 20. Feels like yesterday. I entered my mid 20's in 1999/2000 and at that time I knew my youth was over or coming to a rapid close at least. No longer was I in the desriable youth culture demographic or in the traditional college age bracket. Today is July 3, 2003, and I turned 28 years old on this day. I am now 28. Sigh. It all goes by so fast, I still remember growing up in the 1980's and being an older teenage kid in the early-mid 1990's like it was yesterday. I remember trying to buy beer when I was still under 21 in 1995 and early 1996 like it was yesterday. Now I have only 2 years left till age 30. 2 years till that you know what age that hardly anyone can even talk about. 2 years....ughhh. That's all I have to say about feeling old. Hey I try to be positive and look forward to the bright future I have. And I try to remember that I'm still an extremely young person that's in my young 20's and I have a lot of life to still live and a helluva lot to still accomplish. But damn does it all goes by so freaking fast. And this 28 year old feels really bad when kids today make fun of the 80's and 90's.
hearing people fight about who's better- Brittney spears or Christina Aguleria- I mentioned to some online friends that it was just Tiffany and Debbie Gibson all over again, they were like "Who?!". x.x
I remember that show called Square Pegs, where Sarah Jessica Parker played a valley-girl talking bimbette. And seeing the episode of Diff'rent Strokes where Willis buys a bag of weed and gets caught smoking it in his room. Did they ever actually show "The Gooch"? I also remember Count Chocula's old counterparts Boo Berry and Franken Berry (Bring back Franken Berry!!)But what REALLY makes me feel old is condemning the 'college kids' who live on my street for their noisy all-night parties. $#&% kids!!
You feel like a TIME TRAVELER. Yes it's really the year 2003. Yes kids born in 1985 are entering college and kids born in 1986 are high school seniors. Yes that 6'0 foot tall 13 year old kid was born in 1990. And yes it's true, Gen Xers are not as cool as we used to be. I don't remember going 88 mph, so how did all this happen? Where is Doc Brown and the DeLorean when you need them to fix all this time warp displacement crap?
I'm 20 and it makes me feel old when my little ponies and carebears merchandise are being sold in Hot Topic and 12 year-olds are wearing it! That stufff wasn't even on when they were alive!
You remember how back in 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, and 1996 the 1970's were retro popular. At that time you had some people born in the 70's "wishing they were born in 1960" or some crap like that. Instead of KITT, Mr. T and Punky Brewster, we were thinking back to Steve Austin, Jamie Sommers, Lou Ferrigno, and Charlies Angels. And people hated those of us born in the 70's. Now it's 2003 and you see kids born in like 1988 acting the same way about the 80's. It's a never ending cycle I tell you! In 2013 you will see kids born around 1995 saying they wished they were born in 1980 so they could live in the 90's! It will never end! It's a madhouse! A madhouse! You bastards finally really did it! You blew up my youth! Damn you all to hell! (honestly, I thought the 70's were butt ugly)
"Save Ferris" Remember? Huh? That movie is sooooo cool! Just wish I had thought of some of that stuff when I was still in school!
When I see the kids born in the mid 1980s or even later with all the new "retro" strawberry shortcake backpacks and carebear toys. Those were my toys!!! The originals had already been packed away in our attics by the time they were born! They cant tell me any of that brings back memories for them. I was born in 1977, I was in HS when those kids were born and Smurfs, Carebears and Strawberry Shortcake were already in the antique malls and flea markets! I'm just really not taking my mid 20s well. LOL
I remember feeling on the old side 3 or 4 years ago when I saw Matthew "Ferris Beuller" Broderick playing mature roles like being that crusty old teacher Mr. Mcallister in the film "Election" with Reese Witherspoon, and then playing that girl's goofball uncle in "Inspector Gadget". I thought it was terrible seeing someone as cool as Ferris Bueller reduced to crap like that.
Me personally I started to feel old in the late 90's. I remember I felt out of place with the youth culture aound 1999 when all that boy band, girl band, and 12 year old bubblegum pop like Britney Spears and N'sync became popular. That's when I knew I was too old to pretend like I was still a kid, which was odd because just a few years before I was still a teenager. And it's definately been downhill since 2000.
Us Gen Xers remember when Star Wars was actually COOL and George Lucas had sense,....something that Gen Y and Gen Z can only see on old home video copies. We remember when the saga was supposed to be about Luke Skywalker and not Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader. Most importantly, we Gen Xers remember when Star Wars didn't have stupid ass sh*t like Jar Jar Binks, midichlorians, bratty kids, and "YO-DA man!!" ads ruining the franchise and making an embarassment out of it.
When I Hear November rain by Guns N' Roses and Smells like teen spirit, both actually released as singles in 1992 (A year, this 88 babie remembers, they are also now my 2 fav bands) being played on Classic Rock Stations. When I mentioned My sister's friend georgina about Nirvana, she was like, they are an Old Band. Thankfully, she thought Guns N' Roses were a band that just came out (they formed in 86 and Nirvana formed in 87)
You still take makeup tips from Tammy Faye Bakker
Heh, yeah to agree with some other posters here----it ain't just the 80's I feel old about. It's the 90's too. Well the first half of the 90's up to around 1996 anyway. It's obvious kids today still know about silly bubblegum late 90's. Infact I feel much worse about the 90's being old simply because I was a teenager or in my 20's during the 1990's, while in the 80's I was a child. Yesterday I was watching a movie about the Seattle grunge scene called "Singles". Then I suddenly realized that this movie that came out in 1992 was 11 years old!! I couldn't believe that this film was over a decade old. The movie has a great soundtrack, at the time Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, and Nirvana were cutting edge.
I still can't believe people born in 1980 and 1981 are young adults out of college and getting married. To say nothing about kids born in 1989 being teenagers entering high school, or holy sh* born in the freaking 90's.
When people YOUNGER then you start to visibly grow older. It can be really weird if you're one of those people that have youthful faces, and you still look rather young while those younger start showing their age.
I still have my Twisted Sister concert ticket stubs from 1984.
Time has a way of sneaking up on you. Time waits for NO ONE.
Molly Ringwald, 35, is now able to run for president. Well, she will be better than Bush is.
I was born in 1976.The other day I was cleaning out a shead in my back yard and found what had to be a time machine for any kid of the 80's in side I found action figures from the A-Team,Dukes of Hazard,Smurfs, Care bears,He-man ,she-ra,JEM,MASK(I'd forgotten about mask they were tiny action figures that came with vehicles that changed form one thing to another kinda like Transfromers)Go-bots,And tons of my personal fav G.I.JOE (MAN I LOVED SNAKE-EYES)along with 3 bogo balls,Gargage pail kid cards to boot.I not sure if I want to grow up you see"if I did I wouldn't be a TOYS R US kid"
Kids don't have the movies we did. Where is their "Goonies","Monster Squad"
Kids these days(god we are gettig old) don't have the movies we did. Where is their "Goonies","Monster Squad"or "Never ending story"?
I was born in 1984 and consider myself lucky to have seen the last few years of 80's TV Programming, Movies Etc. I loved E.T. and am starting to feel old that it was the 20th anniversary last year and looking at Drew Barrymore in Charlie's Angels.
i feel old when i found out 3 of my old toys could have pay for part of my endless (it seems) college education already feeling old at 21 i would hate to see me at 30 ; (
I'm watching this TV show called "Classmates", and I immediately thought of this site. The people on this show all graduated high school in the 1980's.....and holy sh*t do they look OLD. I thought they might be featuring early 1990's people my age, since I have a 10 year high school reunion this year. These guys are only some 6-8 years older then me, but they look so FREAKING OLD. I'm a 27 year old that graduated high school in 1993, and I have a sinking feeling of dread in my stomach after seeing these people that are within 10 years of my age looking like middle aged guys that have pre-teen or teen children of their own. The guys that were the Ferris Beuller's and Molly Ringwalds of the world look like THIS!? Weren't people born in the mid and late 60's what made up the cast of "Friends"? Jesus look at them now. F*ck, I need a drink after watching this. I'm going to be looking just like them by like 2009 or 2010 when I'm in my mid 30's. I don't like thinking about that, and getting older sure blows. Damn I hate this deal.
You say stuff like "Back in the 90's" OR "Back in 2001"...and it's just like geez.....the unreal quality of it all. I remember when "the 1990's" were the near future during the 80's and how years like 1992, 1996 and 1999 all had that near future cool sounding ring to them.
I was laid up with tonsilitis over the 4th of July weekend that completely put me out of commission and flat on my back Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday. On Saturday, I was clicking through my digital cable channels and came up to the On Demand station, which allows you to pick shows and movies and watch them as you would a DVD. Anyway, the shows are free, so I went into the "Kids" section and clicked on Boomerang On Demand. I found 5 episodes of "Smurf's Adventures" and chose one. Maybe it was the fact that I was delerious, dehydrated, and had a nearly 102 degree fever, but those freaking little things scared me. Those little tiny blue creatures were freakin me out. Do they have that effect on everyone over 20? I don't remember being that freaked out when I was 3!! I used to LOVE "The Smurfs"!!! Maybe I'll try watching again.
I wax poetic about my Cabbage Patch Kids blanket on a regular basis, but now I know why I like it so much, and here's why. My boyfriend's 18 month old goddaughter has this cute mint-green snowman blanket that she's had since birth. She loves it, and you can't pry it away from her if she's walking around with it. My boyfriend, the sarcastic man that he is, snatched her blanket from her hands, and she started screaming and crying until he gave it back. I then told him that I will NEVER get rid of the Cabbage Patch kids blanket. Now, that's pathetic and old.
When I had tonsilitis this weekend, my mom was telling me about how I had a white lattace headboard in my old bedroom in the house I lived in in the mid 80s. The inspiration? A girl on "Knott's Landing" had the same one. Is that old or what?
I was more a child of the late 80s early 90s (being born in '83) but get this - songs that I grew up on and listened to in grade 7 are now stars of their own RETRO radio show where I live. I'm only 20. I'm not supposed to feel that old!
NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK as the "New wave of pop music." What more do you need?
I kinda can relate to the fact of children of the 80's feeling old. I was born on Sept. 9, 1984 and still remeber the carebears, Micheal Jackson,new kids on the block (uuuhhh yuk!!!) and "Where's the beef" commercial. My folks were only 18 when they got married (June 6th, 1984) and it'll be their 20th year together!!! I kinda feel sorry for them, but they don't mind, as long as they got their 80's power ballads, Queit Riot, White Snake, Bon Jovi, Ect. They are happy. P.S. What ever happened to the music? I mean REAL music, but I believe some 80's style music is slowly re-imerging. So in the words of Bill & Ted "Party on Dudes!!!"
I was born in July of 1986. So I'm going to be 17 in like 2 weeks. I remember when we only had one TV, VCR, phone. And NO computer. What did we do without computers?! Well I guess my biggest wake-up call was when my 11 year old sister dug out some old tapes my parents used to record my kids shows on. She can get enough of Zoobilee Zoo, Babar, Smurfs, He-man, Fragle Rock, David the Nomb (from when NickJr just had started) and Muppet-Babies, and Alvin and the Chickmuncks. It's crazy!!! Remember when Barney was the new kid's show and Shining Time Station, Seaseme Street and Lambchop's Play-a-long were the PBS morning shows! WOW!
Two words: Strange Brew. Take off 'eh? What a classic!
When I was a kid in the 1980's I had to walk 10 miles through snow and rain to get to school every single day. Up hill both ways. And I did my homework on the back of a shovel. We respected our teachers, parents and other elders. The only problems we ever caused back in the 80's were chewing gum, talking in class, or maybey speed walking in the hallways. After school kids would white wash fences, build rafts and kites or do some other outdoor activity. Some kids would volunteer to help the homeless down at the local shelters. But most youth would spend a plesant evening mixing cement and stirring butter. At night kids would gather at nursing homes and play bingo with the elderly, or read stories to terminally ill babies. Ofcourse, the weekends were meant for church. (I don't care what you say, this is the way it happened. For real!)
I remember how I was convinced that pop culture had just gone down the toilet back in 1992, and especially 1993. 1993 was when I think I remember it being officially over. Grunge and gangsta rap was getting overplayed on the radio, while earth tones and gloomy greys and black colours had replaced the bright pastels of the 80's. There was nothing left of the 80's, and I was so upset. I remember feeling out of touch with the youth culture THEN. I can't believe that that was a DECADE AGO. Now that makes me feel really OLD.
I'm 23, was born in 1980, and I consider myself a child of the 80s. I feel older simply because I didn't fit in with the 90s and I don't fit in today. I like the music, television, movies, and video games that I grew up with in the 80s and many seem to think that I'm a basketcase. I just feel that the 90s and the present are alien to me and that I felt more comfortable in my childhood, in the 80s.
Matthew Broderick, who inspired a whole generation to skip school in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, is now playing a teacher who encourages people to stay in school in a remake of The Music Man. Talk about a switch or what!!
Kids that were into all the controversial stuff back in 1988 and 1989 are totally against everything around in 2003. What happened to us? Everyone is just repeating all the same stuff adults would say to us back then---"There's too much violence in video games and on TV/movies. PC is everywhere and taking over the world. The media is evil, blah blah blah, blah blah blah. Back in my day we used to blah blah blah, and we didn't do any blah blah blah" And one more thing...GET OFF MY LAWN YOU NO GOOD PUNK KIDS!!! And don't skateboard in my driveway or in the mall parking lot! Blah blah blah!"
Kids born in the 90's. Shouldn't they still be in diapers? They weren't even alive in the 80's, and most of them can barely remember the 1990's. Kids born in 1990 and 1991 are already 12 and God they're nearly in high school!
At 31, I am "WEIRDED OUT" that the actors and singers I loved in the 80's & early 90's are now in their late 40's & 50's - MY PARENTS AGE - OUCH!! Also, I roll my eyes at my Mom now when she says she likes Bon Jovi!! I say "I tried to tell you in 1986 how "AWESOME" they were!!" But things only get worse when my 4 year old daughter sees a Barbie with funny styled outfits and asks me if they are "EIGHTIES CLOTHES"!!!! SIGH...
At 9, I remember going to the movies with my Grandfather to see "E.T." in 1981 and last year at 30, then going to the movies with my 4 yr old to see "E.T." - TOO WEIRD!!
Maybe because people today are a lot shallower than the 80's children.I was born in 1983,how I wish I remember the 80's as much as others do.Anyway,for example,I get really bothered by these other kids who act so dumb being influenced by the culture of today so I feel im a lot older than them.Not that im being a jerk.Thats just what I noticed.
I can't understand why someone born after 1978 can actually say the grew up in the 80's. By the time the decade was over they still had not reached puberty. I was born in 1971.That means that by 1980 I was already in 2nd grade and I graduated before the 90's. Go easy on yourselves 20 years old is still a baby.
I was born in the '76 so I remember just about all the 80's pretty vividly. What makes me feel old is how far television and came (or how low television has gone). Back when I was young my parents didn't have to worry about me plopping down on the couch at 7 or 8 p.m. and watching Prime Time. How could you object to The Cosby Show, Familiy Ties, Growing Pains, and Who's the Boss? Cheers was considered slightly risque and Night Court was getting close to being banned, but for the most part..TV was harmless. Now though I worry about what my children will be watching (don't have any kids yet, but still think about it)! I don't think there is a single prime time show on a major network that doesn't make some sort of blatant sexual innuendo during it. Entertaining to adults...yes, but not exactly the family viewing I would hope for. Geez, I'm only 27 and I already sound like my father.
When people talk about "20 years ago", you still think they mean things like a Beatles concert or hippies going to Woodstock.
Hearing about all these 80's themed days that kids today have for their schools or camping trips. I when I was a kid in the 80's, I remember having decade themed days for for 50's and 60's, and sometimes the 70's.
I'm familiar with Paula Abdul & Deborah Gibson as pop stars, not judges of cheesy reality/"talent" shows. Not to mention that Deborah Gibson is old enough to be all the cotestants (All under 13)of "American Juniors" mother!!! Atleast Paula Abdul & Deborah Gibson still look great. Most kids (today) probably would only think of Paula Abdul and Deborah Gibson as butt kissing judges.
Donna Pescow, the mom on the Disney show "Even Stevens", also played the mom on the 80's show "Out Of This World". She is the same age as my dad (49). On both shows she played the mother of teen/pre-teen. My little brother (17) is obsessed with the 80's. He loves everything to do with them especially music and tv shows. He wasn't around much for the 80's obviously but he's always known more about the 80's than his peers. The other day I was talking to him about pro-girl cartoons and tv shows. I couldn't think of any from the early/mid 90's. I know the ones from the late 90's and now (PowerPuff Girls, Lizzie McGuire, Raven,) and the one from the 80's (Jem, She-Ra, Rainbow Brite, Punky Brewster,). He was like I have no idea who She-Ra, Rainbow Brite, or the other 80 ones are. That's when it hit me that he really doesn't know the 80's as much as he prides himself about what he knows of the 80's. That made me feel old and alone till I called me younger sister (22, 23 in Sept.) and asked her if she remembered them. I breathed a sigh of relief when she did.
In response to a comment below, come on now I think someone born in 1979 can fairly say they "grew up" in the 1980's. Now I think people born in 1980 and 1981 are VERY BORDERLINE on this issue. At least they were actually alive for most of the decade and are not as ridiculous as kids born in 1986 claiming to have grown up in the 80's. People born in 1980 and '81 grew up in the late 80's, and ofcourse everyone born in the 80's grew up with that "after effect" that follows decades. I was born in 1974, and I know a lot about the 70's having grown up with the after glow of that decade. Though I've never made the claim of having "grown up" in the 1970's.
Someone here said that 80's prime time TV was safe for kids. Not exactly true. Many parents back then complained about shows like The A-Team, 21 Jump Street, and Married with Children. And after Kirk Cameron became a fundamentalist Christian, he started complaining about his show Growing Pains was too raunchy for his tastes. Remember the 80's were the decade were movies like Rambo, Robocop, Predator, Die Hard, Police Academy, Heathers, Last American Virgin, Hardbodies, and Porky's were popular and flourished. Ofcourse people look back at the 80's now and back pedal and rewrite history and say things like "Well Heathers was a satire, The A-Team was just goofball fun since no one ever got shot, and Married with Children was harmless fun". But at the time these shows were very controversial. A-Team may not have had anyone getting shot, but the characters were letting off an insane amount of ammunition rounds every episode. It actually set a bad example to kids,---you can shoot at people with machine guns and nothing will ever go wrong because no one ever gets shot. Transformers: The Movie was accused of being just a silly excuse to blow holes in the chest of characters and kill them off so they can make room for new toys.
The easy way to tell if a kid truly grew up in the 80s is to analyze the way they talk about it. If they call the 80s "retro", then they did not grow up back then. If they can't remember the Challenger explosion from 1986, then they did not grow up in the 80s. If they can't tell the difference between 1984 and 1989 and all the 80s year looks the same to them, then they did not grow up back then. I know a 19 year old girl who was born in 1984 that repeatedly asked me why Cyndi Lauper's 1989 album failed. I tried to explain to her that Cyndi Lauper was yesterday's news in 1989 and that that was a different type of 80s then the 80s Cyndi was popular in, i.e. 1983-'85. But this girl just didn't get it. A lot of these kids are really stupid, they think every fad and fashion was going on at the same time 'round the clock from 1980 to 1989.
Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser) 30 years old.
I grew up in the 80's and now I'm well into my 20's, and I'm scared sh*tless about turning 30. I guess teenagers are going to start looking at me like a parent/adult pretty soon, if they don't already. Feels like yesterday it was the 90's and I was an older teenager. A friend of mine works with children, and he said that kids born after 1992 definately look at those of us born in the 70's as "adults". I guess I can't blame them. He told me to remember that a lot people had kids when they were really young, so these children have parents who are still in their 20's. I hate people who start having kids when their like 14, 15 or 16. Because then they wind up being only 33 years old, but they have kids that are 18 year old college freshmen or some crazy ass crap like that. Normal people in their early 30's have kids that are small children or babies. But I know a 20 year old woman whose mom is only 37! I don't like people that have kids when they are so young, (23 and under) it makes us all look and feel like parents to teenagers WAY before our natural time. (no offense to anyone here, but this stuff does make me old. I don't want to go into my 30's, I still feel like a kid. I don't want to be looked at as someone's dad! :( )
I was born in 1964 and graduated high school in 1982...imagine how bad I feel! I mean I'm going to be 39 years old later this year, the thought of entering my 40's and being middle aged doesn't sit well. When I look at the comments posted here I'm shocked at all the BABIES saying how they feel old. Yes even you guys born in the 70's.
You had pubic hair by 1989.
I started to feel old in 1999. That was the first year where I sensed that kids coming out of high school (most born in 1981) really didn't know much about the 1980's beyond some cartoons like Smurfs, Transformers or He-Man. Even kids that graduated two years before in 1997 knew who Duran Duran, Weird Al, and Wham! was. But you could really feel a transition in the youth culture in 1999, the same way it had changed 7 years earlier in 1992. And 1999 is already 4 years ago!
Eh, I wouldn't get all bent out of shape because kids today are laughing at the 80's and 90's and treating those years like how we thought of the 50's and 60's. Who cares what they thinks? Age is all a state of mind, and how you feel about yourself.
I'm not feeling old, but I am responding to a few of the replies from some people who feel kids born in the 80's don't deserve to be included in this topic. I was born in the mid-80's, and I can remember some things from then. I may have been too young to remember the Challenger Explosion from 1986, or a few other big events, but that's not the point. I, like a lot of other teens, have opinions and interests. In this case, we like the 80's. I can talk about anything from the 80's, for hours. I occasionally dress 80's, I talk 80's slang, I watch 80's movies, and I listen to 80's music. I'm an 80's fanatic! Just because we were born halfway through the 80's doesn't mean that we can't add cool memories from that time. I feel that this is a fun and great way for anybody born in the 60's, 70's, AND(or) the 80's to look back and have a good time. This is what this website is for. I think it's cool that kids that were born in 1988 or 1989 like the 80's and want to talk about it. They may not be able to remember that time, but if they like music or movies from the 80's, they shouldn't be called ridiculous for voicing their interests. Hell, a lot of people ridicule others for LIKING the 80's! I'm not trying to be mean or offensive and I hope I wasn't, but I had to add this. :-)
I too am rather jolted in disbelief by how fast the years have been flying by. When you're under 18 one year feels like forever, but now I'm in my late 20's and I can't believe how we now just go through 4 or 5 years like they're nothing. It's bad when you talk to some child or teenager, because to them 4 years is an eternity ago. Don't even talk about 10 or 15 years ago with them. I mean what did you think of 10 or 15 years ago when you were 16 or 17?
Born in 1978, I grew up in both the 80s and 90s. It doesn't seem like long ago that it was the mid 1990s and I was still in high school and in the under 18 age bracket. For the past few years I've been in the still coveted by corporate youth marketers 18-24 age bracket. And now that's already over, seemingly quicker then it began. Recently I was doing some work at a bank and I had to the check the 25 to 50 age bracket. 25-50? Why does it have to go all the way up to 50? I guess that's my new demographic now, being a "young grown up" apparently doesn't start at 30, it starts at 25.
I am 26 and I remember everything on this page. Here are somethings I remember that I haven't seen: What about the early 80's show "V" about aliens living with Humans on earth? Or Slap bracelets, that got banned from many schools because when you peeled back the material they were only just sheets of metal underneath and the teachers thought you would slice your eye out? Or Madonna bracelets. Charm Bracelets? Garbage Pail Kid collection cards? I still have a whopping pile of them at home that I probably could make serious money off of! What about Jellies shoes? Those cheap plastic shoes that were the rave of every young girl in the 80's. Ahh, I miss those days.
I was watching some 12 yr. old boys the other day and I made a reference to MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice and they asked me who they were. Even though I was only beginning school in the late 80s/early 90s, it was crazy to think that they'd never heard of them before-- that's the music that I remember from that time! They weren't even born yet! The only white rapper they know about is Eminem!
I work for a small video store in my small town, and the chain only have 4 stores and is exclusive to 4 very small towns in Southern New Jersey (Sicklerville, Atco, Hammonton, and Little Egg Harbor Twp.). We have a Blockbuster Video in town, and we still do much better business than them. You know why? A great selection of '80s films (we have the good stuff, and high demand for it), and a great staff of '80s kids (All born between 1979 and 1984, except for our manager, who is in her early 40s) who know good movies.
Hearing Duran Duran (my favorite band in high school) on a radio station that plays "the best of the 80s, 90s, and today". A nice way of saying an "oldies" station. Hearing Mark Wills' song "19 Something" and relating to everything in it ("skating rinks and black Trans Ams, big hair and parachute pants"). And worst of all, that my daughter is starting high school, and she was born in 1989.
Not necessarly from the 1980's. But Leonardo DiCaprio, late '90's teen idol & Tiffani Amber Theissan, from early '90's teen show "Saved by the Bell" were born on 1974. That would mean that they'll turn 30 in 1994. And the fact thry're not as popular as they were in the mid 1990's. Now it's Ashton Kutcher & Kirsten Dunst. Ironically, Demi Moore, Ashton's girlfriend, is old enough to have baby sat Ashton Kutcher in the early '80's. Atleast Demi Moore still looks great at 40. The same with Paula Abdul. Though kids now probably wouldn't think she's cool like how kids from the late '80's/early '90's did.
When a song was on the radio at work the other night, and a co-worker (who's about 23) asked me how you "wang-chung"...
Yeah getting older can be weird. One minute your 18 or 19 years old, perhaps still in high school. Then a mere 5-6 years later you're in your mid 20's, part of the old school and thinking about being 30. And when you're in your mid and late 20's you find yourself bad mouthing all the teenagers, when not too long ago you were still one yourself.
Hey!! I was born in 1976. I remember that back in 1993 and 1994 I would think back to 1983 and 1984 and it felt like an eternity away to me. I remembered it all no doubt, Punky Brewster, Flock of Seagalls, RATT, Duran Duran, Run DMC, Twisted Sister and Michael Jackson...... but it all felt SO LONG AGO. Now in 2003 I am going back to college at age 27 and it's weird overhearing these 18 year old kids talk about 1993 and 1994 like it was an eternity ago.
Remember how cool it used to be in the like 15 to 21 age and you would be talking to someone say more then 3 years older then you and they talk about something that happened 4 or 5 years ago...and you could respond with...."yeah, 5 years ago......I think I was in 6th grade". Boy do I miss those days. That was SO COOL to be able to say something like that and stun people with how young you were!! Too bad being in that age range doesn't last, and it eventually comes back and is said to you when you're 22 and up.
I'm taking a freshemen level college summer class, and it has occured to me that many of the kids here were born in 1985. Kids born in the mid 80's being in college just has me in shock.
It's hard to believe that kids born in the 80's are now the "cool people", replacing a lot of us born in the 70's. I was born in 1974 and I'm already 29, so I have only 1 year left till I become too old to be a part of the cool jet setter crowd. It all went by so fast. Sigh.
There is a radio station dedicated to the music you grew up listening to!
I was born in September of 1982, so I saw some interesting comments here. I agree with some of the comments below about kids being less creative nowadays. When we were little we didn't think it was a bad thing to want to be a firefighter or a garbage collector. I have a friend who was born in late '86 and she had to write this paper in her gifted class (all of us "overachievers") when she was in 2nd grade. They had to write about what they wanted to be when they grew up, and apparently she said she wanted to be a baby-sitter. The teacher got all upset and was concerned for her because it wasn't a "real" job. It must have been a big deal when it happened because one of the other kids in the class was telling me about this during their freshman year in high school. And this past year, this teacher was at a football game and walked up to my friend and said, "A baby-sitter, eh?" and gives her this sad look as if she is destined to become some sort of loser. And it happened about 9 years ago! It doesn't seem like our teachers were concerned when we wanted to have an "everyday" job. But now if a kid names a job that is seen as less than satisfactory, everyone gets in a tizzy. It reminds me of that scene in 'Uncle Buck'. The principal says that the niece doesn't take her career as a student seriously, and Buck says "She's only 6!" Too bad more adults don't think like Uncle Buck.
I am a child of the eighties who turned thirty earlier this year. I cried when I got my first gray strand of hair on my head. I remember the eighties as some of the best years of my life. Debbie Gibson, Tiffany, Bon Jovi, White Snake, Def Leppard, Duran Duran, The Police, New Edition, New Kids on the Block, Shanice Wilson, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, Miami Sound Machine and so many more great artist whose music was thoroughly enjoyed and you did not feel ashamed to sing in front of your grandparents because you knew that there were no curse words in their songs.
Actually I think I'm more of an early 90's kid rather then a pure 90's kid or a pure 80's kid. I was born in 1975 and I graduated high school in 1993, so my formative years kinda landed in between the 80's and 90's. Anyway I've been feeling rather the old the past few years, as I get closer and closer to age 30. (I recently turned 28) I just got a 10 year high school reunion invitation, which sure as hell doesn't make me feel like a spring chicken. And I know what I used to think of the early 1980's growing up, I thought it was an embarrasing mess of campy New Wave/Punk styles and left over late 70's fashions. But what goes around comes around!! Everything I've heard from kids born in the 80's indicates that THEY think the early 90's were an embarrasing mess of Grungy styles and left over late 80's fashions. And f*ck, the early 80's felt like an eternity away to me as a high school kid back in 1993, so I don't expect a 17 or 18 year old kid today in 2003 to think kind thoughts about the Early Nineties or about anything before 1996 or 1997. Might as well be talking about the 50's with them.
I went to an Alphaville Concert about 2 years ago...Marion Gold looked teribly old...Forever Young'had even more impact then than back in the day..!
Ari Meyers(!!!!!!) who played Jane Curtin's daughter in the 1984-1989 show Kate and Allie is 34 years old (!!!!!!!!!!!).
when they play ac/dc, van halen, and def leppard on classic rock stations!
i went into this huge antiques store today and saw at least 10 toys i had as a kid. i was born in jan. of '77, so, my toys were strawberry shortcake, rainbow brite, GI joe and he-man (I was a tomboy but, these toys are ANTIQUES for crying out loud! and if you look for 80's compilations in the music store....they are under the OLDIES section!! of course we all want to get face lifts...out stuff in antiqued and old!
knowing that Karate Kid Ralph Macchio is now in his 40s
It's still hard for me to believe that Corey Haim and Corey Feldman are 32 or 33 years old. Feldman still looks really young, he could pass for a guy in his early 20's. But Corey Haim is definately looking kinda old. And just like Deborah Gibson and Tiffany, they are all theoretically old enough to be the parents of young teenagers around today in 2003 that were born in the late 80's and onward. Actually they're technically old enough to even be the parents of kids born in the mid 80's. But then again, I'm 26 and I'm also biologically old enough to be the mom of some kid born in 1990. I was 13 in 1990 and technically I could have had kids then, or even when I was 11 or 12 in 1988 or 1989 too I think. (what am I saying, I'm not from Kentucky and I don't come from the ghetto)
Did you know that CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper was born in 1967 and graduated high school in 1985? I had no idea the guy was so young and only in his mid 30's. He looks a lot older with that grey/white hair. Though now that I think about it, it actually does makes sense because Cooper does act rather young and he's nowhere near as old school as guys like Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings, or Bill O'Reilly.
Someone said that Yao Ming was born in 1983 or 1984. I checked and he was born in 1980. Still one of those annoying "born in the 80's kids", but he's one of the older ones.
You feel old the day you wake up and turn on the radio or tune into MTV and you realize with shock that you don't like what they are playing anymore. That's when you feel old and know you've become uncool. And for you kids that are reading this, be warned, this happens when you are still in your 20's and under 30. Usually at about age 24 or 25. So don't think that it won't happen till you're like 40 or 50 years old.
Welcome to your new life.....being OLD SCHOOL.
I am 28, so now I can now legally have sex with young women 10 years younger then me. Just 3-4, or 5 years ago, the very thought of being with girls 10 years my junior was unthinkable. I would have had to pick them up at their elementary or junior high/middle school at that time. Actually I still think it's very gross, but as a friend of mine pointed out,---hey it's legal now. It shows you how 4 years can really change things.
I remember when people would complain about people MY age. I'm 28, and a frequent comment would be, "I feel old because I realized that Drew Barrymore is now hot". Drew Barrymore is my age (born in 1975) and I remember back in the days when people couldn't believe that the little girl from the 1982 E.T. film became this young woman that could flash David Letterman in the mid 1990's. Hey a comment like that is on this very page, 5th comment from the bottom. Sigh. I remember those not too long ago days. It was a lot cooler when you're on the younger end of these things.
Did you know that a website called Music Choice has the 80s listed as "oldies"? I was born in the late 70s, and I never even really considered the disco from the Seventies to be oldies, much less anything from the 80s.
Well I was born in 1977, so I am 26 and I obviously do see 30 on the horizon. The 30's are by NO MEANS old. Not even close to old. Not even in the same city as old, hell not even in the same country or planet as old. But unfortunately that age does represent a cultural perception change from what was going on before. And it is very disturbing to go from a high school kid of 17 or 18 to staring down the muzzle of 30 in no time.
You know what the problem with 30 is going to be? All those 45 year olds that lie and say they are really 30 years old. That's the problem and what has always has been the problem with that age. People a lot older lie about their age and say they are 30. They can't lie and say they are 20 or 25, because that would be too obvious. But they can get away with claiming to be 30. And if you're a teenager, you're likely to believe them. No wonder we grow up with this image of 30 year olds being middle aged folks. Here's a little story: When I was 13 back in the late 1980's, back around 1989, I went on a vacation with my parents, older brother and little sister. After we went sight seeing in the city we were visiting we stopped in a small diner. I remember the lady that was running the place chatted with my folks for quite sometime and told them she was 30. I thought nothing of it. Why would I? I was 13. But when we were driving away, I remember my parents who were in their late 40's at the time started laughing uncontrollably and kept saying what a joke it was that that woman said she was only 30. They said she looked to be their age and had to be at least 45 or 46. At that time, I couldn't tell the difference between a real 30 year old and that lady who was probably much much older. I remember when I was under 17, most everyone over 21 looked about the same to me. Now ofcourse, I can spot a faker who claims to be just a few years older then me, but is really like 48 or something.
My mom and I were cleaning out the living room closet at my grandma's house (she's now in a nursing home and we're selling her house). We found an old photo album of random pictures. Some of the pictures were taken in Hawaii in 1982, a several months before I was born. My mom found a aerial-shot picture that was above the set of--get this--"Magnum PI." And there's this great shot of a young (and extremely sexy) Tom Selleck looking up.
Remember that show from 1988, 1989, and 1990 called "Thirtysomething"? When I was a kid I used to think that show was about the old people!! Well ok maybey not straight up old old folks, but I thought it was about the "adults". It was like a reverse version of The Breakfast Club, but instead of teenagers, it showcased angst ridden people in their 30's. I remember my school teachers used to love that show back then.
I am only 19 years old (born in 1984), so I don't know if I am officially a "child of the '80s," although I was, technically, a child in the 1980's. However, the fact that "Full House" and "Roseanne" will soon be airing on Nick at Nite makes me feel old. My best friend, who is only one year older than I am, remembers watching the first episode of Full House when it premiered. And I grew up with Full House. Tuesday night at 8:00 was my favorite time of the week! Now Stephanie is married in real life and the show is on a network I used to enjoy watching because I wanted to see what my parents watched as kids.
Teenagers born in 1990.
Even though I graduated high school in 1992, I have always considered myself to be a bit more of an 80s kid then a 90s kid. The 90s were cool no doubt, but it just wasn't in the same league as the 80s in my opinion. I was born in 1974, and today I turned 29 years old. I just can't believe I am this old and only 1 year away from being a 30 year old. I just can't believe it. You won't be able to trust me after next year. I can't believe that people I thought were older kids are now well into their 30s and looking so aged like someone's mom and dad. Many of them are even talking about being 40 in the next few years. I can't believe that kids born in 1985 are entering college and that kids born in 1989 are entering high school. I'm biologically old enough to be the parent of a kid born in 1989. I can't believe that kids born in the early 1990s are out of diapers and in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. How the hell did this happen? When I came out of high school in 1992, these kids were either literal babies or no older then 7 years of age. The "year 2000" is already 3 years ago. Nearly everyone my age is married/engaged and with kids. I'm still single and having a feeling like time has passed me by. I'm nowhere near ready to get married, yet I have already gone to 2 or 3 weddings this year of people that are 5 or 6 years younger then me and around 23 or 24. I miss my carefree youth. Being a child and a teenager just doesn't seem all that long ago. But I realize that for kids today, my early 20s years of 1995 and 1996 is like a really long time ago when they were in elementary school. And I'm sure that 1987, 1988 and 1989 is like 4 billion years ago to them.
To me what's really weird is that it doesn't seem all that long ago that it was the early-mid 1990's and I was an 18 or 19 year old kid fresh out of high school and on the younger end of this whole thing. That is what is so freaky. I remember being an older teenager in the mid 90's and watching people born in the 60's fret over 30. I remember listening to guys that graduated high school somewhere during that 1982 to 1987 time talking about getting older and losing youth and I mistakenly thought that what they were going through was a long way off for me. I mean a lot of them were 7 to 12 years older then me, so I did think I had plenty of time before I would go through what they were going through back in 1994/1995. Boy was I wrong. Time is cruel that way. Now those guys are talking about 40 and here I am getting ready for 30. Until a couple of years ago, I never really understood what Ferris Bueller meant about "life moving by pretty fast", but now I do.
This kid that is like in 6th grade and was born in 1992 asked what life was like back in 1988 and 1989. Needless to say I felt pretty crappy when I was asked that.
You know what Garbage Pail Kids cards and stickers are.
Yeah I went to a doctor's appointment the other day there was a kid and his mother there in the waiting room talking about going into the 7th grade. I quickly did the math and realized he would be likely 12 years old, meaning he was born in 1991. Born in 1991, hahah. Holy crap. Not only would these kids born in 1990, 1991, and 1992 not know anything about the 80s, for the obvious reason of not even having been alive back then, but they probably don't know much about the 90s before 1997 or 1998. They probably think the 90s were all about 1999 and Britney and NSYNC. Nirvana who? Pearl what? Mariah who? What's a Tupac? hahhaa, that's life.
"We play the best hits of the 80's and 90's"-----God I hate hearing this. I feel SO OLD whenever I hear a radio station with this slogan.
Remember what you used to think of the 50's and 60's?? Well that's what kids today think of the 80's.
In my opinion if you can't remember what happened BEFORE 1988, then you never really grew up in the 80's. Yes the very late 80's were the 80's, no doubt about that, but that part of the decade wasn't the real or true 80's. Saying 1989 was the real 80's is like saying 1979 was the real 70's or that 1999 was the real 90's. By all three of those years, the respective decades were dying and clearly going out of style.
How is it that the decade that gave us moronic trash movie/TV crap like Geraldo, Rambo, A-Team, Porkys, and Married with Children all of a sudden considered to be this great Father Knows Best/Leave it to Beaver bastion of morality and decency?
I think when a man or woman gets to age 25, they've hit the old school mark. 25 is when you are kicked out of the youth culture and move into being part of the old school. I mean when you're 25, you've gotten way too old and too close to 30 to still be masquerading as some kind of confused and angst ridden kid/teenager on Spring Break. Or as my father jokes about 25 year olds that won't let go of their teenage lifestlye,---"senior citizen youth".
I dunno if I feel particularly bad that kids today laugh at the 80's or even the 90's. I know that I was laughing at the 80's by 1989 and 1990 when I was around 14. I was born in 1975 and a lot of the gaudy fashions of the 80's from like 1984 had me groaning with disgust by 1990. And by 1996, a lot of the early 90's fashions were making me cringe. Sure I remember the early 1990's like it was yesterday, those were my high school years, but I can still cringe when I look at it. As much as I'll always love it, sometimes I'm embarrased to say I grew up back in the 80's and early/mid 90s. Do I feel old that I graduated high school in 1993 and have a 10 year reunion? You betcha. But I'm only 28, so I don't feel THAT old. Come on people, if we act like this now while we're still in our 20's, how are we going to handle it when we turn 50?
I have an older cousin that was born in 1965, and I remember how miserable she was back in 1992 and 1993 when Kurt and Eddie came down from Seattle with their Grunge music and destroyed whatever was left of the 80's. I didn't like it either at the time, but I was a teenager still in high school so it's not like my world came to an end. She on the other hand was around 26-28 years of age, so she was going through a major fading youth crisis. The 70's were the retro decade of choice back in 1992 and 1993, which I know made her feel even older. At the time I was a no good punk teenager, just another annoying kid born in the 70's. Funny how quickly the years went by and I'm her age now and saying all the same stuff about kids born in the 80's. I now understand what people around her age were going through back then in the early 90's. lol
The other day, I overheard 2 girls talking about how they love today well here's what they said: I love rap, yeah it's so jammin and you know, what, well today is so much better than any other generation, yeah like the 80s and they both started laughing I went over to them and asked them have you ever heard of Cydni Lauper or how about Valley Girl and they said no way, what are you taling about oldie and I got really mad and it made me feel pretty old, I am not sure why, though.
Oh so much does!! I work part time at a local restaurant..and a few of the employees are 15-17 year it does not seem THAt long ago to me, that I was their age..but the world has changed so much..that the last 10 years have flown bye and SO much has happened. And the kill me! One girl who works at my store..she is 15..turned 15 this past winter and is a sophomore in high school. Just being born in 1988..and she doesn't LOOK 15..she could be 18 for all I knew. But these kids have absolutely no true memories of anything earlier than about 1994..and even then it's hazy. They felty like making this almost 27-year-old feel much older than he is by informing me: 1. they have NO memory of communism and fearing the USSR, and only know about the USSR through history 2. They do not remember the Gulf War of 1990-91 3. "There were 2 Germany's?? I think my dad told me that" 4. Any music, movies, or TV from pre-1995 are golden oldie relics 5. I asked what "old" was to them..they said 25 or 30..gee..I do remember when anyone even 25 could have been 45 to them, lol..and now HERE I AM! 6. The 1950's-70's are more than prehistoric to them..they actually think it's amazing that I was born in the 1970s at all.. 7. The 1990s started not on January 1, them it was around 1996, when Hanson first made a record (I mean, CD..they don't even REMEMBER least i remember having some of those, LOL)
To the comment below, I'm 26 years old and I TOTALLY RELATE to dealing with kids who think the 90's started in 1996 or 1997. It's very annoying and I feel like yelling at these little punks to get the hell off my lawn, LOL. These kids usually have a hazy memory of 1990 to 1995. And just forget about talking about to the 80's with then. Just forget it. Don't bring up the 80's with them under any circumstances unless you want to just be totally punk'd on how old you are. Man sometimes I try and reverse it and remember when I was these kids ages and 16, 17 years old back in 1993 to remember if I acted that way. I was born in 1976 (I'm Punky Brewster's age!). So did I think 1980 to 1985 WASN'T the 80's? Hell no. I knew damn well that 1980-'86 was the 80's, infact those were the real 80's from what I remember. I never even considered anything in the years of 1988 and 1989 to be part of the real 80's. I remember that 1980-'85 part of the 80's fairly well, even if I was in elementary school. Now was I listening to anything from that part of the 80's back in 1993? Not really, I did think it's time had passed and I had moved on and was listening to the current stuff from that time like Pearl Jam, Mariah Carey, Snow, Tupac and Snoop Dogg. It's ok to go through your own personal nostalgia revival, but it's unrealistic to expect a teengaer to not stay with the current Top 40. That's how I was back in 1992, 1993 and 1994, so I understand that. Now I was born in the 70's so what I did I think of the 1970's? Ehh, I didn't think it was "oldies" per say, but I have to admit I did consider a lot of the 70's to be sorta before my time. But not really oldies oldies like Elvis, Roy Orbison, the Beattles, or Chuck Berry if you know what I mean. But I have to be totally honest and fess up to thinking that the decades I thought were prehistoric oldies were the 50's and 60's. (Sorry mom and dad and all my former teachers!) I'm ashamed to say that I had such a "damn that was in the caveman days" attitude about the 50's and 60's, but I wasn't alive back then so I guess that was a normal reaction from me. So I can understand if a kid born in the 90's acts that way to the 80's, simply because they weren't alive back then. But when I look back at how I was at age 16 and 17 in 1993, I don't think I was as snobby as these 16 and 17 year kids today are in 2003. They think the 80's are ancient history and that the 90's began in 1996 or even 1997. The education system has truly failed us in 10 years. But hey I'm still just 26 years old, still in my 20's with a lot of life ahead of me. I turn 27 in November of this year, and I have a 10 year high school reunion coming up next year in 2004. Both the 80's and 90's will always be dear to my heart, yes especially the 90's from 1990 to 1995/'96. As much as I love the 90's, (especially Nirvana) there's no question that the 80's were the decade that had that special magic and charisma. The 80's were the superior decade. PUNKY POWER FOREVER!!!
Unfortunately I have to agree with a comment somewhere down below about kids today not thinking that Paula Abdul and Demi Moore are very cool. Why would they? They were born around 1962 or 1963, so while people born in the 60's were cool to alot of us born in the 70's, they would certainly not be cool anyone born after 1979. Those gals are in their early 40's now, people born around their time would be seen as mom and dad to kids now. Back in the late 80's and even up to the mid 90's, they both had significant star power with the youth of America. At that time they were still in their young 20's, or maybey very early 30's....still young to be "cool". It's hard for a female pop icon to remain cool once they go over 35. Kids will start looking at a chick over 35 as their mom, I mean even women in the 27-34 age bracket are probably pushing it with kids. And no matter how sexy a woman is at 40 or 41, they will always be seen as someone's mom by kids. Men can get more extra mileage out of aging, but it still sucks to get old. Go over to, and you can read posts by teenage girls who find Demi Moore a disgusting over the hill female pig for going out with the 25 year old Ashton Kutcher. Ashton Kutcher is an 80's/early-mid 90's kid himself, he is 25 and was born in 1978, so he can remember when Demi Moore was still "cool" with kids. I was born in 1976 and I remember when I used to think people born in 1968 were the coolest people on the planet. A '68 born person would have graduated high school around 1986, and wow I thought they were so cool. They were teens in the 80's, and young adult 20 somethings (think Jennifer Aniston of "Friends") of the 90's. Now they are in their mid 30's, and probably just a bit too old to still qualify as "cool".
Phoebe Cates who was born in 1963, (the swimming pool girl from Fast Times at Ridgemont High--1982) 40 freaking years old!!! Kids today would definately see her as their mom.
I see these girls that are in the ages of 15-19, and I feel like such a pervert for looking and lusting after them. I'm 26, so I feel like I should be locked up because I have these pedophile like thoughts, even when I look at the legal teenage girls who are 18 and 19. Just don't tell Dear Abby, or she'll send the authorities out for me just for having these thoughts. I'm 26, but I still feel the same way I did when I was 17, and it's hard not to look at these young women/girls that are 15 to 19 and NOT think..."Damn!, she's fine".
My story doesn't have to do with the 80's, but it involves two 80's kids (me and another guy) so that's close enough I suppose. I am 27 years old and taking a college class in the summer with a lot of these 18 and 19 year old kids. There's another somewhat older student in my class, he is 32 years old. It is funny, one day this guy came to class wearing an old Kurt Cobain t-shirt. Merely 8-10 years ago in 1993, 1994, or 1995 if he wore that when he was around 22 and I was 17, we would be brandishing the coolest icon of the time. Nirvana was cutting edge back then. Now Kurt Cobain and Nirvana are just another classic band. I'm sure the 17, 18 and 19 year old kids around now (born in 1984, 1985 or 1986) in 2003 remember Kurt and Nirvana, but to them those are probably simply faded memories from when they were in 3rd or 4th grade or something like that.
You know who Warrant, Motely Crue, and Guns N' Roses are.
You can remember what you were doing back in 1980.
You remember when tube socks were popular.
You remember the lyrics to the educational School House Rock song "I'm just a Bill".
You remember when Duran Duran was a brand new, cutting edge group.
You remember 80's boy bands other then New Kids on the Block, like Menundo and New Edition.
You remember what New Coke tasted like back in the mid 80's.
You were old enough to see/remember all or most of these films when they originally came out in the theaters back in the 1980's:---The Muppet Movie, The Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Superman II-IV, E.T., Tron, Rocky III-IV, Return of the Jedi, The Last Starfighter, Blue Thunder, Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom, Ghostbusters I and II, The Muppets take Manhattan, Rambo, Commando, Terminator, Karate Kid Part I-III, Back to the Future I and II, Top Gun, Transformers: The Movie, G.I. Joe: The Movie, The Running Man, Predator, Robocop, Howard the Duck, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Die Hard, and Batman.
Remember that commericial from the 80's with the egg and frying pan? "This is your brain. [man cracks egg open and pours it into pan] This is your brain on drugs. [egg starts to fry in pan].....Any questions"? hahaha, man that was so cheesy.
Solei Moon Frye (Punky Brewster) was born in 1976. She is now 27 years of age and it is hard to believe that she is pushing 30!! Punky Brewster is slouching towards 30!
I used to also think that 30 was a middle aged fart and 40 and over was really old. I guess everyone thinks that way when they are a children and teenagers.
I can really relate to the comment by the person who graduated in 1992 but feels more 80s then 90s. I'm just about year younger, I was born in December '75 and I graduated high school in 1994. I too love the 80s more and have always felt like more of an all around 80s kid rather then a 90s kid. The 80s were a magical and special decade. Sure the 90s had it's moments here and there. I mean 1993 and 1994 were a very good years. ;) I really loved Nirvana when I was in high school, and Pearl Jam was cool, and I loved a lot of 90s R&B. Boyz II Men, Jodeci, and Mariah Carey were great. Creed was cool, even if they were a ripoff of Pearl Jam. The Red Hot Chilli Peppers really captured the early 90s. But in my opinion the 90's weren't even in the same STRATOSPHERE of the greatness that was 1980's. The 80s were like a gourmet steak. The 90s were a nice Big Mac. I remember that I had just about had with the 90's sometime around 1996. To me the decade was overall on the boring side and by '96 I realized we were over half way finished and it was painfully clear that it wasn't going to get any better. And when I gave up on the 90's in '96, I don't think I had even hit my 21st birthday yet!!! By the time I moved into my mid 20s in 1999 and 2000, I gave up listening to most mainstream Top 40. The 80s however....will always be THE decade for me. Nothing can touch the 80s. NOTHING. And I'm far from old, I won't even turn 28 until December.
Remember that 1983 teen movie "Wargames"? I remember Matthew Broderick and Alley Sheedy were talking about this scientist guy that was 40 years old, and they were both like, "He's 40!? Oh yeah that is pretty old". It was a joke by the filmmakers about how teenagers think an age that is actually on the young side is really really old. That was 20 years ago, and I think it's funny now that I just watched it again, because someone who was 17 or 18 in 1983 is probably thinking about turning 40 in the next few years.
You remember Swatch watches.
You remember those big ass top loading VCRs.
When your fellow classmates don't know what the Dukes of Hazzard is.
American Eagle (a fairly cool clothing store) has introduced their fall line of "retro/reissued" clothing, including torn sweatshirts and leg warmers!
I am 23 and have fond memories of Fraggle Rock. I love it so much that the theme song is the ringtone on my cellphone. While at work (I work at a summercamp), the phone went off and the kids asked me what the song was. The kids all made faces and I had to explain that Fraggle Rock was a great show when I was growing up. I nudged my assistant (a recent high school graduate- born in '86) and told her to tell them how great the show was. She turned to me and said she had no idea what show I was talking about. I couldn't believe it! I didn't think I was that old.
at the convenience store look at the date date for someone to buy a pack of smokes i'm thinking they can buy? they were born when i graduated (ouch)
You know who "So-crates" is. (Wyld Stallions rule!!)
I was born in 1976. Two of the guys from that movie "Old School", Luke Wilson and Vince Vaughn are only 5 years older then me. They were born in 1971. Juliette Lewis, who was born in 1973, is only 3 years older then me. And Wil Ferrell is about 8 years older then me, a bit more I know, but still close enough to make me feel bad. The rest of that cast being only 3-5 years older then me just has me feeling miserable.
well i was born in' i just somewhat remember the years 1988 and 1989...mainly the cartoons (camp candy, ghostbusters, a pup named scooby doo, beetlejuice, strawberry shortcake, jem and the hollograms) but i love 80s music and 80s flicks (the goonies, breakfast club, fast times at ridgemont high, ghostbusters) and my friends makes fun of me...alot saying it was the worst decade for clothes, music, etc. but i disagree and i wish i was a teenager during the 80s
In the Wil Ferrell movie "Old School", they play mainly 80s songs. I was expecting a film about "old school guys" to be feature some Disco music or some Beatles tunes. I walked into "Old School" thinking that the guys were supposed to be 40 or 50 and they would be jamming to something from the 60s or 70s. But nope, the characters were around 32-36 and were listening to nothing but 80s tunes. I'm in my 20's, and that has me feeling terrible.
You remember the George Michael and Andrew Ridgely group WHAM!.
You know who Depeche Mode was.
We were standing around at the counter in the video store on Friday, talking about "Fraggle Rock," "The Christmas Toy," and the Muppets in general. Then the conversation shifted to the Smurfs, Strawberry Shortcake, and Teddy Ruxpin, and how the assistant manager had a childhood friend that looked like a Cabbage Patch Doll. And this is a typical conversation on Friday afternoons, especially when nothing is going on.
You know who Erasure is.
You know who The Cure is.
1983 was 20 years ago. 1989 was 14 years ago. 1993 was 10 years ago. The beginning of the Late 90's, 1997, is already 6 1/2 years ago. 2003 is over half way finished, and we are nearly into the mid 2000's. 18 and 19 year old college students wouldn't be able to remember anything truly meaningful or of significance that happened to them in the 80's. There are kids in 8th and 9th grade that can't remember Bill Clinton's first term as President. How's that to make you feel OLD?
I was born in 1986 but can remeber late 1987, 1988 and 1989. I love the 80's more than my current decade. I may have been born in 86 but can remember Growing Pains, The Cure, Cheers, Do The Right Thing, Tetris, Married With Children, as well as a black Michael Jackson. I was also thinking of how 80's stuff is getting old like the other day I saw many 88 or 89 Honda accord in a junkyard and remember when they were new and one of the nicest cars on the road.
Reading all this makes me feel depressed. I was born almost 23 years ago in August of 1980. It seems like just yesterday I was playing with My Little Ponies or watching Full House. Now I hear DJ's on the radio playing great oldies and of course the 80's is considered to them old. I can still recall "We Are the World" which came out when I was 4 1/2 and I would sing it all the time. My family would beg me to sing it because they loved hearing it. I heard it the other day and it brings back memories.
I tried to convince a friend of mine that Bon Jovi was still cool, because afterall they still had some decent life in the 90's. But my friend insisted that Bon Jovi was NOT cool. "It's 2003, not 1989", he said. He said that the type of cool Bon Jovi is in 2003 is the kind of cool that only attracts 40 year old groupies. That cold reality sank into me. A Bon Jovi concert today would probably only attract people with a median age of 35 or 36. And they'd show up with baby strollers, children, or maybey even teenage kids of their own if they became parents at a young age. And I bet hardly anyone under age 23 (born after 1980) would even consider going to see Bon Jovi today.
Like a lot of posters here, I also started to feel old and no longer young around the time the Millenium switched over. Sometime during 1999-2001, it hit me that the 80's and 90's was the time I grew up in, and that is now over. As quickly as it started, it ended. It was very disturbing to realize that I was no longer a kid. You're always used to walking around thinking of yourself as a kid, then one day you wake up and realize you are 24 or 25 and far more adult then kid.
When people your age get married, and it's no longer considered "early" or "too young" to get married. In most cultures, it's no longer thought of as early or too young to get married once you are age 24 and up. I am obviously over 24, and it was just a few years ago that if anyone my age got married, they would have been seen as jumping into things far far too early. I realize that plenty of people get married while under 23 or 24, but that really is too early, unless you have an inheritance to live off of. I hate being over the 24 mark and still single.
When I started to remember fairly clearly what happened 20 years ago (early 1980's), and the babies born when I was in high school (very late 80's and early 1990's) started to become pre-teens and/or young teenagers, I realized that things had permanently changed for me and it would NEVER go back to the way it was before. All this and I'm still just in my 20's. It's a sobering thought to know that this is just the beginning and the tip of the iceberg. This isn't temporary, and it ain't gonna get any better, JUST WORSE. If I'm still in my young 20's and it already feels this terrible, I don't want to know how awful it will be at 50 or 60.
You and your peers are starting to look like someone's mom or dad. And your own parents don't look even like parents anymore, now they look like grandma and grandpa.
I'm a middle school teacher in my 20s. The kids I teach weren't even alive in the 80s. They were all born around 1990, 1991, or 1992. Just think about that;----NOT EVEN ALIVE in the 1980s. These babies were born in the freakin' 90s. To them there is no difference between Optimus Prime and Howdy Doody from the 50s. The 80s are just a chapter in a history book to them, and they don't even remember much about the 90s. These 90s born kids are nearly in high school, and in only 5-6 years they will be entering college. Chew on that reality.
What's a bit scary for me is that I am actually getting used to the fact that there are now people whole a lot younger then me running around. I'm 27 years old and I was born in 1976, and it doesn't even phase me anymore when I find out that some kid was born in 1983, 1984, 1985, or 1986. I mean I have a much younger cousin who was born in 1987 that I have been teaching how to drive. So you're 13 or 14 and born in 1989? Ok, fine no problem. Hell you are in junior high and born in 1992? No problem there either. It's bizzare that I am actually getting used to this. Just a few years back I was still trying to come to terms with the harsh fact that kids more then 4 or 5 years younger then me could now drive and enter college. Because only a few years ago I was in my early 20's and my mind couldn't even accept the fact that kids born after 1979 or 1980 were older then 15 or 16, I mean I was SO USED TO ALWAYS being the youngest around in the world. When people more then 4-6 years younger then you start driving, it can be freaky. Now I'm actually getting used to life being this new way, with me on the slightly older end of things and constantly becoming older every year. Maybey it's because I'm so close to 30 that I'm getting used to it. I mean what you can do about it? Just accept it.
When you are surfing the web and someone says they were born in 1985 or 1986, don't immediately start to think that they are babies or children in elementary or junior high school. Do the math and remember that for them the mid 1990s are a really long assed time ago. If the kid who says he was born in 1989 is 14, he could theoretically be some 6'4, 200 pound guy.
Last year you probably forced some poor little kid to watch the 20th Anniversary rerelease of "E.T.", because you thought it would be good for them to see it. Like the movie was orange juice or some kind of 80's herbal child medicine that is required viewing.
I don't think anyone born after 1979 would be able to remember those core years of the 80's....1981-' great detail.
I just turned 30 years old. I was born in 1973. Turning 30 wasn't that bad. Actually being 30 is nowhere near as bad as APPROACHING 30. Now when I hit 25, that was true misery that words can't really describe. I was so pumped up to be 16, 18, and 21, but then came 25. 25 was just a horrible birthday, because I never thought I would get that old and I knew what I had just left behind and what I was heading into.
Those high school senior kids from the 1999 movie "American Pie" are out of college and adults today in 2003. (if they did college in the traditional 4 years anyway). Now they are 22 year olds and old enough to get married in "American Wedding"....the 3rd movie in the series. That makes me feel old, because I felt really old and out of touch with the youth culture while I was watching the first movie back in '99.
I met this 19 or 20 year old kid born in 1983 that is going bald! He looks 35 or 36 years old! Seeing some of these kids born in the 80's that are just in their very early 20's losing their hair and looking old way before their time makes ME feel old!
I was born in 1979 and I turned 24 earlier this year. I know exactly what people are talking about when they say that the mid 20s can be hell. I just entered the mid 20s this year and it has also dawned on me that I'm not a kid/teenager anymore. I've gotten way too old to act like some kind of rebellious teenager, which doesn't feel all that long ago. Yet at my work, a lot of the people much older then me, (in their 40s and 50s and up) treat me like I am still a "kid". Sometimes even people in their late 30s treat me like a kid. But I know I'm too old to be a kid. A lot of people my age are suddenly scrambling to get married too, when just a couple of years ago we were too young. Being over 22 or 23 and yet still under 30 can be awkward transition phase. Hopefully I will become more adjusted to this in 6 years when I get to age 30. It's funny because high school for me was 1997, 6 years AGO.
I have an older cousin that was born in 1966, she is 37 and talking about being middle aged in the next few years when she turns 40. I remember back in the 80's, I used to think that people born in the 60's were the coolest people on the planet. Even in the 1990's the Brat Pack/Fast Times at Ridgemont High age bracket or Molly Ringwald age crowd were usually all young enough to be strapping young 20 somethings/early 30 somethings on a show like "Friends". Or in a grungy 1994 movie like "Reality Bites". Weird to know that many of them have turned 40 or will turn 40 in upcoming years. Most Teenagers out there now would see them as totally uncool parents like mom and dad. I mean most definately all the children out there in the world would see someone born in the 60's as their very uncool parents. I think Jon Bon Jovi was born in 1961, so he's 42. Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder was born in 1964, so he's about to be 40 next year. Kurt Cobain was born in 1967, so if he were alive today he would be in his mid 30's and pondering middle age. It IS weird how things can drastically change in a mere 5 or 6 years.
Going to Sam Goody looking for CDs, and finding out that 80's songs are in the oldies section right next to stuff like Elvis and Buddy Holly. OK, ok, the 80s are old. But does Metallica really need to be in an "Under 5 dollar" bargain bin with Sonny and Cher? I actually saw quite a few albums from the early 90s in there too.
Probably the day you realized that whatever technology or other modern conviences you grew up with did nothing to alter the fact that you will grow older like every other human being before you. You can pretend all you want that you're childhood and/or teenage life is somehow different from your parents, older siblings, and older cousins because you grew up with some magnificent technology or pressing social issue. It doesn't matter. You'll still be a 30 year old one day. And a 40 year old. And a 50 year old. And a 60 year old. Your music and fashions will get old, become uncool and fall out of fashion by the time you are 23 or 24. And at least half of the stuff you grew up with will be called oldies while you are still under 30. A teenager today can whine about how the internet, webcams, digital cameras, cell phones, a bad economy, and September 11th, 2001 are strangely affecting him and making him different from teenagers before. It won't change the fact that he will be 30 sooner then he thinks.
one of the kids at the middle school (where i started teaching) asked me: "are you damon's dad?" (i'm 26)
Remember that other Voltron that was made up of cars? It was like a giant Transformer. Hardly anyone remembers that version of Voltron. Most people only remember the lion Voltron.
Have you noticed the measurements of age that have been used in the posts so far? It's almost ALL pop culture and consumer references. I admit that there have been major technological advances in the past, but music has always come and gone. I think the difference now is that it comes and goes at a faster pace to keep up with the rapidly diminishing attention span of youth. Want something that stays common and classic? Literature! My girlfriend is 25, ten years younger than I am, and although we may not have too many shared memories of Saturday cartoons, we do both know that Princess Bride was a book BEFORE the movie. Another interesting item: I took my niece (14yrs) to Hot Topic, where there was a wall dedicated to Rainbow Brite, Care Bears, and Strawberry Shortcake merchandise. Does the youth dig this stuff up or is it some marketing guy (or girl, of course) feeling old?
Whoah, reading over some of these comments makes me feel old. Especially the comments from kids born in the 80s. Technically I'm old enough to be the parent of everyone born in the 80s, because when I was 13 and going through puberty in 1980. I'm definately old enough to be the parent of anyone born in the mid and late 80s, even though I was usually a teenager. I'm not sure exactly where I would be in a category like this, since I was born in 1967. I'm going to be 36 years old later this year, so I could be a child of the 70's, but I graduated high school in 1985 too. I don't know, I grew up in both the 70s and 80s. And I was already feeling kinda bad when people called the 70s "oldies" and "retro classic" in the 90s. But for the sake of this discussion I will tell you that I feel awful whenever I find out that the music and movies I was into when I was 15 and 16 years old back in 1983 is 20 years ago! It really does all goes by so fast. I can't believe the kids today label the 80s as "oldies". Quiet Riot and RATT are oldies? Sheesh. Then again kids back then thought that the 60s were oldies in the actual 1980's, I mean there was no question about that. The 60s were clearly oldies in the 80s. So I guess fair is fair and what goes around comes around. Sigh.
Heh, don't forget Demi Moore as another formerly cool 60s born person that is now an old motherly figure to the youth of the world. A sexy mom, but still a mom. Demi was born in 1962, and all the teenage girls in the world hate her because I guess for them it's like their old ass uncool mom is suddenly dating their fantasy heartthrob boyfriend Ashton Kutcher. Demi was really hot when she did the 1984 movie "Blame it on Rio" at the age of 21. I was a high school kid in the early and mid 1990s, and at that we were lusting after Demi when she did movies like "Ghost", "A Few Good Men" and "Striptease". And not lusting in an MILF way. Even through most of the 90s, kids at that time still thought of Demi as more of an under 35 hottie, not a mommy. (or even an MILF)
OMG! I was born in 1978 and I turned 25 a couple of months ago. I can relate to SO MUCH of what you guys are talking about here. Getting older, leaving the 24 and under youth behind, moving out of the traditional college age bracket, the mid 20s hell because you knowing that your 30s are coming, etc, etc. Those of us that grew up in the 80s and 90s aren't kids anymore. My older brother turned 30 last year and it was really rough for him, he was basically pulling his hair out over anxiety over becoming that age. I told him to just chill because there's nothing you can do about and just enjoy your wisdom and look forward instead of looking back and ruminating on lost youth. You can't get those lost years back no matter how much you worry about it. Though I do feel pretty damn old when I hear kids call the 80s oldies, because I remember basically all of the 80s! This is just the beginning though, the sh*t will really hit the fan when kids call the 90s oldies. If it can happen to the 80s, then it's going to happen to the 90s in the near future. (and my God the 30s are NOT old! Neither are the 40s!)
We all know that we will get older but I think it's the shock of seeing infant babies grow up and become pre-teens, teenagers, and young adults that stuns people & wakes you up to certain hard realities of life. I know that for me actually growing older isn't a problem, but I have a hard time accepting people I remember as babies or not even alive yet becoming pre-teens, teenagers, or even in their 20s. Looking at these babies turned teens or young adults is like looking into the Twilight Zone.
LOL. Wow this section of the website is laugh out loud hysterically funny and agonizingly depressing at the same time. I guess we have no choice but to have a sense of humour about getting older.
Early '90s model Rachel Hunter plays a mother of a teenager in the Fountains Of Wayne's music video for "Stacey's Mom".
The reason we all thought that "oldies" and "retro" were only used for the 50s and 60s was because for the past two or three decades the media has been under the control of the Baby Boom generation. Obviously our parents generation wanted to remember their youth and what they grew up with or came of age in. And for our parents that was the 50s and 60s. Now in the New Millenium, we Gen Xers are in our 20s and 30s and many of us have become old enough to influence the media and some of us are even controlling it. That's why today there is so much 80s nostalgia and why the decade is now called "retro" and/or "oldies". In the near future and next couple of decades, kids will constantly be bombared with retro products and nostalgia from the Late 20th century (i.e., late 70s, 80s and 90s) Come on, you can't blame a 7th grade kid born in 1990 or 1991 for thinking the 80s are oldies. A kid born in 1993 probably thinks the 90s suck too.
This is probally already mentioned, but to wrap it all up into one, so far I have seen: Care Bares, Strawberry Shortcake, Transformers, Go-Bots, Micro Machines, E.T., Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, He-Man, Cabbage Patch Kids, even Teddy Ruxbin sold in todays stores. I just turned 21, and all of the fads I grew up with are coming back. And that is why, I feel old. Not to mention that just about every new song seems to be a remake of an 80's song. They hate the music I listened too, yet they are willing to purchase remakes of it. Have they completely run out of ideas?!?
Today in 2003, adult men and women in the traditional undergrad college age bracket would be born in the years 1979 to 1985, ages 18-24. Even the people born in 1979 would have only been 10 years old when the 80's came to an end in 1989. Kids born in 1989 are entering high school this year. Anyone not old enough to be in high school was born in the 90s. Beverly Hills 90210 is a high school show from 1993,...10 years ago. Madonna's first album came out 20 years ago in 1983; Michael Jackson sang Billie Jean and moonwalked that same year. And Pearl, Nirvana, & the Grunge movement started out back in 1991,...12 years ago. 1986 is oldies, and 1996 is nostalgia to anyone under 20. All these facts should give you a cold reality check of how things have changed the past few years. Getting older stinks doesn't it?
I remember when I graduated high school in 1994, everyone who graduated high school in the 1980's were still sorta like "kids". Well not straight up kids kids, but you know what I mean. Nearly all of them were part of the 20 something under 30 crowd. So at that time in the mid 1990's, even though it was the height of grunge it was still acceptable to reference the 80's and not look like a total idiot, because not many people over 30 or 32/33 even liked the 80's. The 80's were still seen as a greedy and violent moronic air head decade in 1995; not the Leave it to Beaver decade of perfection, peace, and enlightment it has been rewritten as today in 2003. Anyone who was a "grown up/adult" in the mid-90's *usually* still stuck with the pre-80's era of the 40's, 50's-70's. Even someone who graduated high school in 1981 would have just only been reaching the age of about 30 or 31 back in 1994. They were still so young, but today those guys are 40 year olds and they probably have teenage kids of their own. Mind you 40 is still damn young, but they're not what they were back in the day. Michael Jordan will tell you that. And everyone else that graduated high school in the 80's are definately in their 30's today. But when I was a freshmen entering college in 1994, those guys were all still so freakin' young. They were the older, wiser, and cooler college students that I was learning from. I was born in 1976, so now I'm already 27 years old. I'm the age of that Punky Brewster girl, and today I'm a "returning older college student". It's unbelievable how roles in life can change so fast. It all happens in a blink of an eye. It's just amazing.
In only 5 years, babies born in 1990 will turn 18 and enter college. 5 years will go by like nothing. 1998 gave way to 2003 in no time.
I have a cousin born in 1991. Those kids will be older teenagers and young adults before you know it.
Here I am.. born in 1973. Graduated High School in 1991. Do I feel old? Not really. We know that those of us who grew up in the 80's are the coolest. *laugh* We had 'Take on Me' by "Ah Ha", the A-Team, ET, Ghost Busters.. I mean, who ya gonna call? Yeah, I had a record player and I played my Smurfs album with the best of em. We are the Star Wars generation. Remember Thriller? Yeah, thats us. I still can't moonwalk but I can beat any kid from the 90's at Galaga, Mrs. Pacman, Galaxian, Tron, Space Invaders and Asteroids. And the Atari 2600 is still the coolest game on the planet. Dungeons and Dragons was awesome. Black Members only jacket. Stompers. And the Dukes of Hazzard. Y'all don't sell yourselves short. I feel sorry for the kids these days. A fist fight was the worst thing we saw on tv. Drugs were around but not in your face at school. I pity the fool who thinks the 80's weren't awesome. I'll be 30 next month and 80's till I die. :)
I was born in 1977 and I just turned 26 years old. I'm married and I already have a baby girl. This year I even bought a house, but 5 or 6 years ago I was still being a goofy kid and here I am today only 4 years away from 30. I miss my carefree chilhood in the 80's so much. I miss Knight Rider, I miss Mr. T and Punky Brewster and I miss just being without any major adult responsibilities. By the way, I first felt OLD when I was in a store and overheard Depeche Mode's "Policy of Truth" from their 1990 Violator album being played up on the speakers. These two teenage girls were standing not too far away from me and one of them shouted out, "Oh-my-gawd! My mom listens to these guys!". I got that sinking feeling of embarrasment in me when I heard them say that. That song wasn't even from the 80's, it was from 1990.
I still can't get over how young some of these college kids that were born in the 80's are. If you talk to them about 1996 they'll just tell you they were 10 or 11 years old back then and still playing with Power Rangers.
I've actually been feeling old since 1991. '91 was the year those punk ass bastards Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vedder came down from Seattle with their stupid grunge music and did away with the hair metal bands and the rest of the 80's. Yes I know that was 12 years ago. Yes I know that kids that were 6 years old in '91 are entering college in '03. Yes I know that babies that were 2 years old are entering high school in '03. Yes I know that babies that were actually born in '91 are entering 7th grade in '03. I know all of it, you don't have to remind me. I feel VERY OLD.
I was born in 1975. I graduated high school in 1993 and I am 28 years old. I turn 30 in 2005, or as I used to call it growing up in the 80's, "the year 2005"....straight out of the opening narration of "Transformers: The Movie". I remember I circled that year back in the Spring of 1987 when I was 11 1/2 years old. The only good thing about 2005 will be that "Star Wars Episode III" will come out and I will finally see how Anakin turns to the dark side and becomes Darth Vader. When Lucas announced that Episode III would come out in '05 back in early 1995, I was 19 and still a teenager, 2005 seemed SO FAR AWAY at that time. Though the Prequels suck and these days George Lucas is a fat ass that has lost most of his senses, maybey I don't want to see it. Ahh who am I kidding, I wanna see it. The tradeoff will be I turn 30 in '05. I guess it will also be cool to be in the year that the Transformers movie takes place in.
You remember most or all of the little specific details, pecularities, and knick knacks about the 1980's that are lost on people born after 1979 or 1980. For instance you remember what fads, fashions, slang, music, movies and TV shows were popular in what year. You know that Knight Rider and Atari were popular in 1984 but not 1989. You know that Nintendo and Sega were popular in 1989, but Duran Duran was not. Stuff like that. People born after 1979 or '80 generally think everything in the 80's was just thrown together and going on at the same time every year.
You're ashamed to admit it, but your inner 80's child is REALLY GETTING EXCITED over the "Freddy vs. Jason" movie. Admit it, you thought you outgrew these guys but you know you want to see this movie. Every kid growing up in the 80's wanted this movie and it's finally here. The kids today probably think we're nuts for getting so worked up about this film.
You remember Captain EO.
I was born in 1975, I have to say that I probably feel more OLD regarding the early 90s and even mid 1990s then I do the 80s. I was basically a child through the entire 80s. But I was 15 and in 10th grade in the fall of 1990. I have realized that kids today, and even someone 6 or 7 years younger then me, sees the early/mid 90s in the same ancient and campy way I saw or still see the early/mid 80s. THAT....makes me feel terrible. Just ask someone born after 1980 about what they think about the 1990-'95 years. If it happened before 1996, then it is ancient elementary school history for a lot of people 22 and under.
Sometimes I am SHOCKED by how ignorant even people just 5 or 6 years younger then me can be about the 80's. I was born in 1978 and I was talking to this younger guy that was born in 1983 or 1984 about video games like PS2. I started to remember my old Atari and Nintendo games so I asked him if he could remember the 80's. He said no he really couldn't remember the 80's. Now I can understand that, he would have been too young to remember. But then he said, "the 80's were where all the hippies were around right?". Holy s**t! I said "NO WAY dude! Hippies? You are way off!". Christ I was born in '78 and I don't remember the 70's, but at least know what went on in the 70's. I basically know about the pop culture and political, world events that occured during the 70's from 1970 to '79. I didn't have to own an eight track or mood ring to know what they are. And I would have NEVER asked someone, "the 70's were the decade were all the leather jacket greasers and bobby-sox girls were around right?"
They're reissuing toys from the 80s like Strawberry Shortcake and Care Bears, but today's kids think they're brand new.
I am a graduate of high school in the late 80's and I spent the greater majority of the 90's keeping up with the lastest fashion, first getting away from being stuck in the 80's and second staying with the fashion of the younger crowd moving into college. Now I am in my 30's and living in a slightly younger town ( with a bunch of college aged kids ) struggling to stay in I am learning that fashion is return to the 80s ina big way..Did I walk around the fashion maze and return to where i began? Reminds my of my college years and attending 70's disco parties..the boom of the thrift store ( now produce retro fashion in regular stores ) I woould on occasion meet some 30+ years old who would cringe when they saw bell bottoms, heard the beegees, and saw long hair and sideburns come back...retro seems to always skip 10 years...hence the 70s craze of Happy Days ( based on the 50s ) and on and on....wait for Grunge, Flannels and Nirvana to become the IN fashion in 2011!!!!
A fist fight was the worst that was shown on TV in the 80's? LOL. *cough*21JumpStreet/Hunter/ATeam/LALaw/Moonlighting/MarriedwithChildren/*cough* See that kind of bullsh*t revisionist history makes me feel old. I bet people in the 1920's were sitting around saying the same stuff about the 1900's. "Back in our day things were so much simpler and innocent. We didn't have any aero-planes or these new fangled radios where you can hear peoples voices from thousands of miles away. We didn't have any toilet paper, no we had to shove our fist up our ass to clean our rear end. And not every town had a horsless carriage dammit!"
You remember when people born in the 60's, whether real or fictional, were kids and not the uncool grown ups they are today. Marty McFly was 17 in 1985, he would be 35 years old today. Someone who was just under 30 and 29 in 1989 would be 43 today. It's unreal how fast and how short life is.
Did you know that there are kids around today that can't imagine a world where EVERYONE didn't own a cell phone? We're not even talking 80's here, we're talking about like 1995 or 1996.
When Nick shows all cartoons and they used to show shows like Salute Your Shorts and Clarisa Explains It All.
I feel old when kids today think the early 1990s were the 80s. It reminds me of how people around my age thought the early 1980s were the 70s. I now understand why my older cousins would feel bad if we called the early 80s the 70s. To us 1975 and 1980 looked about the same, but to them the differences were obvious. I'm now experiening what they were at our hands with the kids today. Most kids today can't tell the difference between 1991 and 1984. 1990 is the 80s to them, but to me it's so obvious why that isn't the 80s. I didn't even consider 1988 and 1989 to be the 80s during those actual years. I guess in 10 years there will be kids around that will confuse the early 00s with the 90s, and the cycle will repeat itself.
You were alive in the 70's.
You REMEMBER the 70's.
You owned (or wanted) a Swatch Watch.
I was born '71, and the other day I was joking around with the youngest friend I have, she's 18. I mentioned rotary phones and she asked me what's that? brr... chill went down my spine. Pop culture is ever changing and even people 5 years younger or older than me have different memories of what the 80's were like. But the strides that technology and communications has made in the last 15 to 25 or so years is just stunning. I feel old when my friends younger siblings are surprised that I know so much about the 80's (I look a lot of younger than I actually am). And, when I tell them how old I really am, they act freaked and treat me like an 'uncool' old person. Ouch. I do love reading everyone else's comments on here. Humor helps ease the cold reality of time marching on. Misery loves company.
I've been asked the question, "Whose Punky Brewster?" by some younger folks. I still can't get that question out of my head, it's like ringing within me over and over again. "Whose Punky Brewster? Whose Punky Brewster?"
It seems like half of the big celebrities and sports stars around today were all BORN in the 80's. Our media is being driven by the 23 and under crowd. I get a seriously queasy and old feeling in my stomach when I find out that some big 15 year old with a big nasty mustache and beard was born in 1988.
I thought actress Hilary Duff was REALLY HOT. Then I found out she was only born in 1987 and I felt like a child molestor.
Remembering when "Ren & Stimpy", an early '90s cartoon, was more PG rated and aired on Nickelodeon. And the fact TNN aired country music videos and Nascar racing instead of "Adult" cartoons & wrestling. And The Disney Channel aired classic Disney movies, family oriented tv shows, cartoons, and a couple of kiddie shows ("Dumbo's Circus", "Pooh's Corner", "Under the Umbrella Tree", "New Mickey Mouse Club", and "Kids Incorperated") instead of being a Nickelodeon clone it is now with mostly kids programming like "Lizzie McGuire".
i'm 32 and regularly ask my 92 year old grandmother if life really goes by fast. unfortunately she gives me the same answer: yes. she is still totally lucid and remembers everthing from the last 90 or so years ! WWI the flu epidemic of 1918 great depression WW2 and all the following decades. but she says she still feels like it was just yesterday that she was 15 years old in 1926 and wanting to be a flapper. tres sobering
You remember the movie The Day After on abc and how you were sobered for days afterwards even as a kid.
I'm 32 female and was looking at the personals of guys around my age on match dot com the other day. (31-37) They all looked so terribly worn out and old to me. I then looked at guys between 21-26 and realised and was annoyed that they all looked much better but are too young for me. And, nope they wouldn't remember the 80's like I do. Ouch
you can remember LaserDisc players lol
When you mistake a picture of Cosby kid Lisa Bonet's 15 year old daughter for Lisa herself.
Hey! Laserdisc players were still be used and sold as recently as the Late 90's, right up to the moment DVD took over. So a 13 year old born in the 90's would be able to remember laserdisc players. But if you are talking about when Laserdisc players were new and cool in the 80's, then yeah I know what you are talking about.
There was a "Hot Mom" contest here where I live. All the chicks were in their 30's, some just a few years older then me. I'm 26. Anyway, obviously these "Hot Mom chicks" were all former 80's teens. I'm old enough to remember when these ladies were the cool older girls back in the 1980's. Today they are hot MOMS, or MILFs. Young women my age are only 4 years away from being labeled a "mom" or MILF. And I don't mean mom as in moms for 6 year old kids, but moms for teenagers. I dunno, it made feel OLD, OLD, OLD. I also saw this female wood chopping contest on ESPN, and the chicks were all in their early 30's, again only about 5-7 years older then me. I was stunned how old and momish they looked, 5 years ago these women were around my age.
I'm 28 years old (born in '75) and I have been an off and on undergrad college student since 1993. Right now I'm back "on" and I am amazed by how young these kids in the 18-22 age bracket are. When I see someone list their birth year as 1984, 1985 or 1986, I still think of them as little children. I've realized that people 7-10+ years younger look at me in same way I looked at people 7-10+ older then myself. I graduated high school in 1993. These kids around today see me in the EXACT same old school way I saw guys that graduated high school in the early-mid 80's. (No offense to you guys now) I certainly didn't see guys 6-13 years older then me as anywhere near "old", but I have to admit I did seem them as somewhat Old School and Cool and the same time. It's just odd. If I compare myself to these kids around now, it's just so bizzare. The year 1990 is to them what the year 1980 was to me. The years of 1992, 1993 and 1994 is to them what the years of 1982, 1983 and 1984 was to me. I remember the early and mid 80's clearly no doubt, but if someone tried to tell me about their high school or college life from the early-mid 80's, I really hate to admit this but I don't think I would have wanted to hear it. I thought anyone that graduated high school before 1987 or 1988 was on the older side. I was more into Scooby-Doo, G.I. Joe and Transformers during the early-mid 80's. The 8-bit Nintendo is to these kids around today what Colleco Vision was to me. The Super Nintendo is what to them what the Atari 2600 was to me. 1992's Mortal Kombat is to them what 1982's Pac-Man and Donkey Kong was to me. To them the Play Station 1 is to me what the 8-bit Nintendo and Sega were in the late 80's. "Saved by the Bell" (1989-1994) is to them what "The Facts of Life" (1979-1988) was to me. "Beverly Hills 90210" is to them what "Joanie Loves Chachi" was to me...OK bad example but I think I'm making my point. And back in 1993 and 1994, if you graduated high school in 1986 you were still a cool strapping young 20 something, today there are high school seniors around like the Olsen twins that were BORN in 1986. I once told a kid 8 years younger then me about a book I was reading in the early 90's...he said "early 90's?, damn". I realized he would have been just an elementary school kid at that time and too him that is a LONG time ago. So I had to quickly inject, "hey it was back in 1990 so I was only like 14 or 15!" Sigh. So this is how life works eh? This is all there is to life? I don't think I like it. I'm off to my class of '93 10 year reunion now....and I don't have much to brag about either. I can already here the more successful "kids" I grew up with asking me, "So you still wait tables and are an undergrad at that same school?" Then there's that long awkward silence.
Oh getting older sucks!!! I don't care what anyone says about being "wiser, mature and more experienced". I was born in 1970 and the 80's doesn't feel like a long time ago at all to me, but I realize that from the point of view kids now that it is a really long time ago. Or maybey they weren't even alive then, in which case the 80's would be like ancient times to them. I feel the same way I did when I was ages 15-19, so to me getting older blows donkey balls. I was at least expecting to feel really different. That's the horror of growing older, YOU FEEL THE SAME way you did when you were 15!
Remember when CD players were new? LOL. I even remember when CD players were first introduced in the early 1980's, but it wasn't until about 1988 or 1989 that the price came down and CDs/CD players started to become a part of the mainstream culture and a lot of people began using them. I remember how cool I thought they were, the quality of the sound was such a big change from the cassette tapes and records that were around before.
I've actually been feeling old since 5 years ago in 1998, the year most kids born in 1980 graduated high school. Even though people born in 1980 really aren't much younger then me, I felt really old knowing that kids/babies actually BORN in the 80's were now entering college. That was just a bizzare thing to accept. If you are born in the 80's and you are reading this, for you it would be like watching these 12 and 13 year old kids around now that were born in 1990 enter college in 2008. It's just been downhill for me since the very late 90's. Before that I don't think I ever felt old or even thought about getting older.
I've seen women as young as 24 and 25 labeled as MILFs. 24, that's 3 years younger then me. I guess all it takes to be a MILF is to literally be a mother, whether you are 19, 25 or 30.
30 is looking younger and younger to you every year. It's too old to be "cool", like it or not you're no longer a kid but a grown up/adult. Though when you look at the grand picture of life, the 30s are really young. It's better then being 50 or 60.
You realize that kids you went to high school with now have kids in University!
You know you are an 80's child when you are sitting at your computer reminicing, laughing your ass off, listening to "Funky Cold Medina", Gloria Estefan and your 4 year old son wakes up and you have to play parent again. Ouch!!
i was in my tattoo shop and i was listening to Bowie and Queen do "Under Pressure" this 18 yr old girl came in to get her tongue pierced...she recognized bowie as the singer...but i nearly fell over when she turned to me and said "Why is David Bowie covering Vanilla Ice?"
i was born in '85 but i can still remember hearing METALLICA on a 'pop' station, when the justice album was still fresh, now they bring out St Anger and i hear metallica on another pop station what the hells going on!? people tell me they look so old, there music is old but yet they cant be old, there still only in their 20's right? well atleast to me they are...
I was born in 1973, graduated high school in 1991, and I just turned 30 years old. I'm not cool anymore. I'm too old to be cool. I'm now too old to be called "young", instead I fall into the "that's certainly not old!" category. Kids that were born in 1989 when I was 16 are already 14 years old themselves.
i was born in 1988, so im 15. to most of you, kids born in 1988 are really young, and thats what i always thought. i thought of myself as a kid. but then i was looking at some of these kids born in 1995 and realzing that to them, im old. i remember kids born in the mid 90's being baby's.when my little cousin, who was born in 1994, found out that i was born in the 80's, he goes 'wow, you're really old'. that made me feel like my youth was totally over. and to know that kids born in 1990 are entering high school, well, that makes me feel old too, even though im just 2 years older then them. i remember thinking of teens who could drive as being practically ancient, and now that im getting mine, im definitely not old.
If you saw "Dude, Where's My Car?" in the movie theater, then you most likely screamed "DONKEYLIPS!" when his scene came up.
I remember when the hottest actors of today used to be on 80s soap operas. David Hasselhoff was on "The Young And The Restless", Meg Ryan and Julianne Moore were on "As The World Turns", Alec Baldwin was on "The Doctors" and later "Knots Landing", Kelsey Grammer and Anne Heche was on "Another World", and Demi Moore was on "General Hospital".
I saw "Flowers in the Attic" the other night. Like all '80s horror films, it was scary, but in a cheesy way. But still, it was MUCH more suspenseful than most of the '90s horror films I've seen.
MAN! Ok, so today I was looking up sites for some old skool Nickelodeon shows, and I found some forum where there were kids posting things like "Ya, I totally remember Clarissa Explains It All and Pete and Pet lol!" and I about threw a fit. nononononononono, honey, those shows were early NINETIES> Old school compared to now, yes....TRULY old school, NO. Now I was only born in 1980, but dam, I remember just about all of my young childhood. I was nursed on MTV and Nickelodeon and these kids had no idea what "Pinwheel" or "Today's Special" or "Belle and Sebastian" (NO NOT THE BAND!!!) was. Which they can't totally be blamed for since these shows aren't rerun, but these kids seemed to think that Nickelodeon surely did not show anything before THEIR existence! I remember just about every toy, every cartoon, and every music video I ever had or saw, and boy would I kill for access to all of it again! I felt old when those kids were listing their "old school" shows, which aired when I was in middle school! And I totally know what some of you other posters mean about kids today confusing nineties with eighties...and not knowing the difference. it's downright scary! Whew...thank goodness for 80's sites like this though, right!
Realizing that I STARTED college 20 years ago!!! I mean, really! I started high school in 1977(January) - the year some of my coworkers were freakin born!!!! The 80's were my high school/college/starting my career decade, and it just freaks me out to realize just how long ago that was.
The Extremely scary thought that Nina Blackwood (born 1953) and Cyndi Lauper (also born 1953) are both Older than my seemingly older seeming father (Born 1954).
You try to dress 80's in school and people tell you to get new clothes
When I see people born in like 1980, 1981 and 1982 looking so old and shit. It reminds me how old I am because I'm OLDER then THEM!! I've met people (I can't say they're "kids" anymore) that were born in the early 80's that are going bald, fat, and just having really old looking faces. It's what 2003? So they can't be any older then 23, but they look SO OLD. And I'm older then them!!! Jonathan Taylor Thomas used to be a mid 90s teen idol, and he recently showed up on "Smallville". He was born in 1980 and he was trying to pretend like he was a teenager on "Smallville", but it was so obvious that he wasn't, it was funny. His face looked so old. When I see some of these people BORN in the 80's looking old, looking older then me, I feel terrible. I'm 28 and I was born in 1975, but I have a really young looking face, so I actually look younger then some of these old looking born in the 80s people. (some folks think I'm still some kind of 18 or 19 year kid) I just feel really old when I come across someone who I think is 35 or 36, but they turn out to be only 21 and born in 1982.
I was born in 1978. I didn't think I was old, I'm only 25, but after reading these comments I'm feeling VERY OLD. Damn it was just a few years ago I was still under 21 and using fake IDs. To the 15 year old kid born in 1988, wait till you get near 30 dude. Bitchin' about being old at only 15 is crazy.
I'm still in my young 20s, but I know that kids born in the 90s will look at me as their parent. Hey what can you do. To kids born in the 90s, Kurt Cobain will be what Jim Morrison was to me. And to them the 80s will be like what the 50s or 60s were to me.
I can remember when a lot of people born in the 50's were still in their young 20's or early 30's back in the 1980's. I was born in the 70's, and I can remember when THAT crowd were under 35. Madonna, Michael Jackson, Prince, Ice-T, Arsenio Hall, John Travolta, they were all born in the 1950's and still in their 20's or early 30's during the 1980's. Today in 2003 an uncool 49 year old that was born in 1954 was still a strapping young 27 or 28 year old back in 1982. I remember them being really young, and not so uncool during the 80's. Granted they weren't kids, they were adults, but I remember those guys as really YOUNG adults. This was pretty much the case for most of them even in 1989. It's amazing that Madonna is 45 years old today.
Yeah I'm a Gen Xer born in the 70s too, and I remember when those younger Baby Boomers that were born in the 50s were still part of the under 35 crowd during the 80s. My own pure Baby Boomer parents were born in 1945 and 1947, and my dad would call his younger cousin that was born in 1956 a "kid". I never understood why my father called my Uncle Ted a "kid", that didn't make sense to me back in the 80's because at that time I saw them all as "grown ups" or "adults". They were all the big people and the same to me. Today those of us born in the 70s are like around the age of those younger Boomers in the 80s, we're in our 20s and/or early 30s. So if they got old, then we will too.
I know a girl that is only 19 years old, she was born in 1984 and she already has like 8 or 9 kids. I'm in my late 20s and I don't have any children. I've never been married either.
The family that lives next door to me has kids that were born in 1990, 1992 and 1993. These kids weren't even alive in the 80s, so they think the 80s were like the 50s or 60s. And they don't know much about the 90s beyond cartoons and stuff like Power Rangers and Pokemon.
I was born in 1981. My mom had me when she was in her early 20's so I remember alot of the clothes she wore. And today I bought an few outfits from JC Penny & realized that alot the things I bought were the same things my mom use to wear.
I don't think kids born in the 80s, even the mid or late 80s look at the Eighties the way a lot of us Gen Xers looked at the 50s or 60s when we were younger. I think they look at the 80s the same way a lot of us born in the 70s always saw the 70s. You felt like it was kinda before your time, but not totally before your time if you get what I mean. You still feel bonded with the decade in a weird way by virtue of being born in it. You always have a strong affection with the decade you were born in, and you do tend to secretly like a lot of the pop culture from that time. I always felt that way about the 70s, and I am picking up very clearly that kids born in the 80s feel the same way about the Eighties. Now a baby born in the 90s, THEY will most definately see zero difference between the 80s and the 50s or 60s. They weren't even a zygote or microbe in the 80s.
I was only born in '86, so I'm 17, but I was babysitting the other day and the kids were showing me all their DVDs. I asked them if they had a VCR, and the 6-year-old girl looked at me like I was crazy and asked me what that was! I realize VCRs are extremely outdated, and BetaMax players even more than that, but damn! "What's a VCR?" What kind of question is that? (Her five-year-old brother had a VCR in his room. Kinda makes ya wonder just what they think it is...)
The shit will hit the fan when kids born in the 90s start emerging in 2006-2010+. You thought kids born in the 80s made you feel old. People born in the 90s are a full generation away from us Gen Xers born in the 70s. We're old enough to be their parents.
I will NEVER get used to babies born in the 90s being teens and adults. I'm not even used to a lot of these kids born in the 80s.
I was born in 1973, and my youngest sibling was born in 1988. Several years ago, he asked me how many CDs I had when I was his age. I had to explain that there was no such thing as a CD player when I was his age.
I was born in 1973. My boss has a daughter who was born in the late 80s/early 90s. She was in our office for a Christmas party. She and my boss were talking about going to the mall to buy a CD for her older brother. We got to talking about music, and I mentioned how I remembered my parents belonging to the Columbia House "8-Track-of-the-Month" club. My boss's daughter, asked, "What's an 8-Track?"
I remember the days when getting older wasn't even a thought in my mind.
Not all of us that grew up in the 80s are sitting around always mourning the passing of that decade. As much as I love the 80s, (I'm 28 and I was born in 1975) I'm eternally grateful that I was just a kid back then. I cringe with embarrassment when I look at some of those campy and gaudy 80s fashions from my childhood, or even a lot of the early 90s fashions from my high school days. Nothing looks more gay then mixing grunge with neon. Everything does go by pretty fast after your're about 15 though, and that takes some getting used to.
You know who Apollonia is. (yeah the chick from Purple Rain)
This is when I started feeling old: I was wearing my Van Halen shirt with a picture of Eddie Van Halen (Remember when he was called "Eddie" instead of "Edward"?), and my four year old pointed at my shirt and said to me, "Daddy? Is that YOU?"
I was born in 1970 and I graduated high school in 1988. I'm feeling VERY OLD knowing that I'm 15 years out of high school, I have a reunion this year. Where does the time go? The babies born in 1988 are now 15 year old teenagers in high school themselves. In just 3 years they will be in college!!
When I see 80s TV shows that I grew up with like Growing Pains, The Cosby Show, Perfect Strangers, and Head of the Class on Nick at Nite,..... a channel that used to be for "the old TV shows" that our parents watched in their original run back in the 50s and 60s like I Love Lucy, Leave it to Beaver, Bewitched, and I Dream of Jeannie.
When Theo, Rudy, Vannessa, and Denise from "The Cosby Show" replaced Mary Tyler Moore's 11 pm spot on Nick at Nite.
I'm 29 years old, and I hate not being a kid anymore. I hate that I lost my youth. I can't stand it. Where did the time go? Most everyone I know my age is married, engaged, and/or pushing baby strollers, and I hate this shit. They look so old driving around in their mini-vans with baby seats. I thought I was always going to be a kid. I like being an adult, but I'm not ready for the shitty grown up world. I graduated high school in 1992, that's 11 years ago! I don't like seeing kids born in 1988 driving cars. And I don't want to grow up I'm a Toys R Us kid....
The babies you used to babysit for are now in or looking at colleges.
Some of us are dreading 40 in the next few years.
Because 1982 and 1983 is over 20 years ago. What did you think of the 1960's back in the 80's? Exactly.
Heh, I was born in 1968. I graduated high school in 1986, the year a lot of teenagers around today were born in. A 17 year old today is basically the same age I was in 1986. Today I'm 35 and waaaay too old to be still be considered "cool". I can run for president, and I'm too old for the military. How's that?
You weren't on your mother's lap or on a playground in 1983!
You remember the Nightmare on Elm Street (Freddy) and Friday the 13th (Jason) movies when they originally came out in the theaters back in the 1980's.
You get excited when you are carded for alcohol.
I'm 24... Last summer some friends and I decided to take a road trip to Cleveland to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Two things made me feel old: (1) We were checking out one of Jon Bon Jovi's motorcycles when this little boy asks his dad, "Dad? Who's Bon Jovi?"; then (2) We were watching a "movie" showing the history of rock and roll. The Jackson 5 came on the screen and a little girl asks, "Mommy, who's that singing?" (she was asking that about everyone) and her mom replies, "That's Michael Jackson, honey." The little girl yells, "No that's not, mom! Michael Jackson's white!"
It is very normal to feel old and out of touch with the youth culture when you are over the age of 23.
Here's my list: The words "Who's David Lee Roth?" coming in unison from two teenage girls. Sitting in a bar talking to an atractive woman. I said something about graduating high school in 1986, she stated that she was four years old in 1986. ouch. Have you seen Debbie Harry lately? How about Farrah Fawcett? Sitting on the couch at a friends house watching a Michael Jackons VH-1 special. When a picture of Jackson, circa 1981 comes up on screen, my friends 12 year old exclaims, "Michael Jackson was black?!" I found it strange that someone described Pulp Fiction as an "old movie". The answer to the question "Who ya gonna call?" is still, Ghostbusters! I just get funny looks now. Rodney Allen Rippey, Stacie Q, Robin Givens, Rick Dees, Mr. T, and Ralph Macchio are still famous people to me.
Looking through my old tapes from 1989,.....they're "oldies" tapes now. Who would have ever thought New Kids on the Block and Paula Abdul would become retro or classic?
Remember that Nintendo Power Glove from the late 80s? I found my old one the other day, that thing was so stupid and never worked the way the commercials said it would.
You played video games for hours and didn't even have a fleeting thought about what it might be doing to your eyesight. Now, you're more cautious about how long you play.
Ok, now every1 who reads this is gonna laugh,but i was born in '89. i've grown up with comps but i no what technology was like 30 years ago (I've learned alot from watching nick@nite, LOL) like, how calculators were like $300 in the 70s and stuff like that. but i have a laserdisc player, vcr, dvd, mp3, cd, tape, 45 - and record player. i was in fye the otherday and asked the salesclerk (who musta been like 35) if they had anylaser discs in stock. He asked me why the heck i was foolin with his head, makin stuff up like that. "Geez, what are parents teachin their kids toady, to play pranks?!" I'm only 14 and i AND most of my friends no wat a laserdisc player is, and this guy (alive when they were released) has no clue what were talking about. That makes me think about the communication that u guys had back then. or perhaps tis guy is simply EXTREMELY ignorant. o -and any1 here c gremlins2? now, any1 of u c Harry Potter (yeah, kinda cheesy) or the Lord of the rings movies. u can compare the special effects.
Kids born in 1987 and 1988 are big adult looking teenagers that are old enough to drive cars. Babies born in 1989 are starting high school.
Babies born in 1990, 1991, and 1992 are junior high/middle schoolers in 6th, 7th and 8th grade.
If you grew up in the 80's and 90's then you were going to feel somewhat aged and old in the 2000's simply because we know we're not the kids/youth anymore and we're all approaching 30 (or some have crossed it already). Man there was just no way in heaven or hell to avoid this and the feeling of old. It. Can. Not. Be. Helped. The older Gen Xers that grew up in the 70's and 80's were feeling the same way in the 90's. These kids around now that have been growing up in the 90's and 00's will feel the same way too once the "Teens" or whatever the next decade will be called and the years of 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 roll around. And then on and on the cycle of life repeats itself....
When people born 1985 and 1986 tell you that they don't remember the 80's, and that they spent their "little kid" childhood years in the 90's. So they're perspective of the 90's is totally different from yours too.
4 or 5 years definately makes all the difference in the world. Roles in life and other things can even change drastically even in just 2-3 years.
I remember the Nintendo Power Glove--and I actually know someone who had it!
If you were like me, you gave video game characters "voices." If you've played Game Boy Advance, the characters from your favorite old games have voices. And they're pretty bad too!!! (Especially Toad in Super Mario Bros. 2)
Seth Green, who played cute Chuckie Miller in "Can't Buy Me Love" in 1987 as a cute 13-year old, is now 29 years old, with a great adult career.
I saw this clip from a Toll House Cookie advertisement on "Revealed: Sarah Michelle Gellar", with a 9-year old Gellar and a 12-year old Seth Green. Obviously, it was the precursor to "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."
When I offered my sister, who is 14 years younger than I, free Huey Lewis and the News tickets, she looked at me utterly bewildered and asked, "Who the hell's that?"
Ok, so I was born in 1989, but I wish I would have lived in the 80's. I mean just this winter I went to see one of my favorite bands in concert, it was Bon Jovi. My favorite show is I Love The 80's on VH1, and every time I watch it I think to myself "Wow, I remember some of this stuff", Even though I only experienced it for what, 9 months? I really wish I would have lived in the 80's for a longer time. Everything about it was so cool, especially 80s hair bands, my absolute favorite! So I guess I'm not really a child of the 80's but I really wish I was.
New Kids on the Block are oldies? The 80s version of N'Sync are now retro? Gives new meaning to "Oh Oh, OH OH OH,..."(the Right Stuff!) "Step by Step, we're oldies...."
I wish I was at least 18 at the year of 1980, because I would have loved to experience that. Instead I was born in 1989. That bites, because I LOVE the 80s so much! I guess its how my dad puts it " I guess you were born 20 years to late "
I was walking into Wal_mart and this little 5 year old girl goes to her mom and says"Mommy Look they have new teddy bears out." and she was talking about The Care Bears. I only just turned 20 and I was like honey those aren't new.
Finding little or no cassettes at all in music stores.
Speaking of a 9-year-old Sarah Michelle Gellar, I must be one of the few Americans who know that she was in a series of Burger King commercials with actresses Elisabeth Shue and Lea Thompson. Both Shue and Thompson are in their 40's. Shue also did an old 80s series called "Call To Glory" with Craig T. Nelson, later of "Coach". Thompson was on TV's "Caroline In The City" and starred in "All The Right Moves" with Tom Cruise, and one of the biggest bombs of the 80s "Howard The Duck", with also starred a very young Tim Robbins.
Does anyone remember any of the now defunct store chains like Builder's Square, Venture, Woolworth's,Fairway Foods, Service Merchandise, Handy Andy, A&P foodstores, Hook's drugstores, Ames, Montgomery Ward or any other now defunct store chains which all have existed in the 80s?
I remember all those stores that the commentator below is talking about. Mentioning one of those stores automatically dates you to people that don't remember the 80s or early 90s. If I call Sears "Sears & Roebuck" a lot of the kids around today look at me funny, but back in the mid 80's it was still called Sears & Roebuck. And I think some of those other chains like Service Merchandise and Builders Square were still around as recently as 2 or 3 years ago.
There wasn't any mention of Elisabeth Shue playing the girlfriend in "The Karate Kid" and also the "Back To The Future" sequels. It makes me shudder to think that both Ralph Macchio and Michael J. Fox still look like kids and could easily play the leads today. (Minus, of course, Michael's Parkinson's disease.)
Ok...Everyone is talking about VH1. I remember back in the 80's when VH1 was the 'oldies' video channel. Now all my 80's music is considered 'classic'. Sad. So sad. I was born in 1969. If things were different in my life, I could have had a child who would now be a senior in high school.
I work in a video store which hires people 18 and over (because we have a adult film room). This past Saturday, when someone came in for an application, I had to ask him if he was 18. He said no, so I asked him if he would be any time soon, and he said no. This kid looked 20, and he was probably only 15 or 16. What's up with that?!
I see these younger girls, roughly 11-13 years old, walking around near my house and the video store I work at. However, they look much older than me, and I'm almost 21 (I look roughly 15 or 16 years old). I feel old when I see these young girls, many of whom weren't born in the '80s, looking older than me.
My 13-year old cousin (born in 1990) stands at 5'10", had bigger shoes than me, and outweighs me by 15 pounds (possibly more). I'm scared...really. I'm almost 21, 5'4" and 126 pounds. I know tallness is in her genes (my mom's family is tall--we're still figuring out why I'm short), but I feel weird next to her. Puberty among 90s babies is a freaky thing!!!!!
Do you remember a series of "Reader's Digest" stories published between 1983 and 1987 entitled "I Am Joe's..." (Liver, Kidneys, Heart, Eyes, Skin)?? They adapted these stories into 25-minute short films that were so bad and cheesy that it reduced my 9th grade science class (1997-98) (teacher included) to make fun of the shorts. One of them had this GREAT arial shot of a station wagon driving on a major highway, which everyone started shouting "OJ!!!!!!!!"
I was born in 1988, and today in Chemistry class, some football players had to leave class for a game. Our teacher told them to call someone to get there homework, and she said "Who ya gonna call?" Half the class yelled back "Ghostbusters!"
Remember the late 80s episodes of Family Matters? Those episodes were about the Winslow family and not nerdy next door neighboor Steve Urkel. I remember Family Matters was a spinoff of Perfect Strangers, Harriet used to work in the same newspaper building that Balki and Larry worked in. The 1990s episodes of Family Matters was when the nerdy Steve Urkel character took over that show.
I remember when Full House first came on the air in 1987. D.J. was a rebellious pre-teen, Stephanie was a bratty 4 year old and those Olsen babies were just that...literal babies.
Kids born in the 90s are spooky. If you thought you felt old around kids born in the mid or late 80s then just wait till these 90s babies start entering high school. A kid born in 1990 would already be 13 today, high school is next year for them, and they'll be in college before you know it.
When people started making jokes about Madonna being "too old" and how she needs to "act her age" because she's in her 40s.....I started to feel old myself. It hit me that this woman who was ultra-hip when I was growing up was middle aged and conisdered too old. Even in the 90s, I don't think anyone ever called Madonna "old".
There was 50's nostalgia and retro in the 70's, 60's nostalgia and retro in the 80's, and 70's nostalgia and retro in the 90's. It was expected that the 00's would have 80's "nostalgia" and "retro". It always goes in 20 year cycles.
For me it's not just the's the 90s too. A lot of the kids I go to college with look at a year like 1995 as nostalgia because they were only 10, 11, or 12 years old back then. To me the mid 90s don't feel that long ago. I guess it's because I'm 28, I was born in 1975 so by 1995 I was already 20 years old. I was an adult then, and my perception of the passage of time was like an adult. I can't ever talk about anything that happened before 1998 or 1999 without looking like an old timer to these kids in the traditional college age bracket. If I talk about the early or mid 90s, they just tell me what grade they were in. I ask myself if I acted the same way as these kids now back in the early and mid 1990s and I'm sorry to say I have to answer yes. Back when I was 19 in 1994 if someone asked me about 1987, I would remember it, but I guess I would have to answer honestly and say that I saw that year as being 6th or 7th grade nostalgia.
When the 80's stopped being "back in the day" and instead became "the 80's!".
There are 5 things my mind has difficulty accepting: 1.Hearing about the formerly strapping "young" and cool Gen Xer people born in the mid and late 1960s bemoaning middle age and turning 40 in the near future. They're now the old and uncool parents of the world, while the Baby Boomers have moved from being the parents into the grandma and grandpa role. 2.Seeing and hearing about young people born in the mid and late 1970s bemoaning turning 30 in the near future. 3.Even people born in 1983 are too old to be teenagers. 4.Knowing that some of the babies born in the early 1990s are already young teenagers, and that they're all on the verge of being high schoolers. 5.The fact that I'm so young, but already losing my hair.
I was born in February of 1985. I remember seeing commercials for 'Teen Witch' and 'Back to the Future II.' Most of the '70s babies will find the following a lame '90s flashback, but the '80s babies will probably be able to sympathize. In fact, I can remember when Elijah Wood was just that geeky little kid with a small part in Back to the Future II, and not being being worshipped by my now- 12 year old cousins. He's TEN years older than them, but only four years older than me!! I remember watching 'Reading Rainbow' on PBS every morning of kindergarten. I can't BELIEVE there are kids who have never heard of it. I remember when Bill Bellamy, Idalis, and Kennedy hosted 'The Beach House' on MTV, until that punk Carson Daly came along and started 'MTV Live," which became 'Total Request Live,' which evolved into 'TRL.' Nick At Night is now showing the Cosby Show, which I watched when it was still coming out with new episodes, and when it had it's last and final show. (AND I remember the 'A Different World' spinoff.) I remember coming home and watching 'Quantum Leap' (when it was still coming out with new episodes)in second grade. I remember when the movie 'Hackers' came out and Angelina Jolie played a teenager. The movies Clueless and Empire Records defined my adolescence, not She's All That or 10 Things I Hate About You. I remember the Leonardo DiCaprio craze after Romeo + Juliet and Titanic (unfortunately, I was a victim), but my aforementioned adolescent cousins only know him from 'Catch Me If You Can.' I remember when the WB became a youth-oriented network and 'Dawson's Creek' debuted. Everyone thought it was hilarious because the characters (namely, James Van Der Beek, b.1977) looked way too old to be teenagers. I think an old Nicklelodeon show being something like 'Roundhouse,' 'Clarissa Explains It All,' or 'Salute Your Shorts'. (AND I was around when they were still coming out with new episodes!) My freshmen 'little buddies' (I graduated high school this spring) think 'All That' is an old show, AND they weren't even watching it when it began! And, quite possibly the worst, I cannot talk with people 3-4 years younger than me about how great Seinfeld was.
At work yesterday, my assistant manager, who is almost 24, asked me to go get a "classic comedy" from the category section (films that were released on video before 2002). You know what we watched? "Uncle Buck"!!!!
I can't get over the fact that by the end of March 2004, everyone who had a role on "Saved by the Bell" (except Dustin Diamond who is still 25) will be 30 freakin' years old!! Mario Lopez [A.C. Slater] turns 30 later this year. Tiffani-Amber Theissen [Kelly Kapowski] turns 30 in January 2004, and Mark-Paul Glossear [Zack Morris] and Lark Voorhies [Lisa Turtle] turn 30 in March '04. Where did the time go? Seems like yesterday that they were all still young kids.
Being able to read the Feb 85er's list and being able to immediately tell which of her items were 80s items, which were 90s items and which belonged to that haze period in between!
I remember when I was in high school back in 1991 and 1992, and kids were talking about the 1970s come back in style, and the new "retro 70's" style for the 90's. (at the time the 90's were just beginning obviously) It was shocking and fun at the same time, grunge and gangsta rap replacing the hair metal bands. But at least seeing the 70's coming back didn't make me feel old, it was a decade that I never really lived through or could truly remember, other then being born back in the 70's. Now a decade later in the early 00's I hear about the "retro 80's" and it excites me and depresses me at the same time. I'm excited to see all the stuff I grew up with being cool again, but it's depressing me to see a decade I lived through, grew up in, and REMEMBER "coming back in style". That is just so weird. I liked the young feeling I had when it was the retro 70s in the 90s, rather then this way of the retro 80s in the 2000s. I'm still in my young 20s, but these things have a way of making a person feel aged...and ofcourse 30 is on the horizon.
I have to listen to an oldies station to hear my favorite songs. For goodness sake, I'm only 26!!!!
I'm a 26 y/o grad student, and one of my classmate was using School House Rock as an example of how to teach kids through music. Imagine my dismay when I looked around and saw the confused faces of some of the young students who apparently had never heard of Bill sitting on Capitol Hill. Good Greif!!
Nearly everyone posting comments on here makes me feel really old. I was born in 1964 and I GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL in 1982! Do the math, I'm 39!! (yes really!)
I also noticed that most everything on the list of the person born in Febuary 1985 was from the 90's, or at best the very very late 80's, like 1989. Goes to show you that you can always spot who remembers/knows the core years (or "real part") of the 80's (1980-1987), and who knew just the very late 80's or the early and mid 90s. A lot of these kids call anything that happened before 1997 as being "the 80's". It's like in their head they think that if any of their late 90's stuff like N'SYNC and Eminem weren't around, then it must have been the 80's. They don't know the core years of the 80's, (1980-'87) and apparently they don't even know the core years of the 90's (1990-'96/'97).
Kids that graduated from college this year were NOT EVEN BORN when Mt. St. Helens erupted!!!
The A-Team, Knight Rider, The Dukes of Hazzard, The Fall Guy, and The Greatest American Hero are TV shows that are all over 20 years old. Punky Brewster and Miami Vice are nearly 20 years old. Did you seem them in their original run? I did. What did you think about TV shows from the 1960's back in the 80's?
When you're in the ages of 10 to 19 you think you know everything, then you get to be around 24 or 25 and you realize that 30 is on the horizon. Suddenly you're due to be a crusty old grown up that can't be trusted anymore in the upcoming years. Almost everyone your age is getting married, and you find out that you didn't know a damn thing about anything.
When someone mentions "80s metal", please don't conjure up images of effeminite clowns like Poison, Bon Jovi, and Warrant. Do not pair the words "hair" or "glam" with the word "metal" unless you want an ass-beating. That's disgraceful and disrespectful, and just plain inaccurate. That crap was not metal, no way. 80s metal includes Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Dio, Metallica (not the utterly shameful Selloutica of later years), Slayer, Venom, Celtic Frost, Bathory, Kreator, Destruction, Sodom, Exodus, Testament, Dark Angel, Anthrax, and others. These are bands that either were formed in the 80s, or ones that had formed earlier and enjoyed success on both mainstream and underground levels during the decade. Interestingly enough, many of the bands I mentioned are still (I'm talking today, right now, 2003) very active and very successful, continuing to write, record, tour, and reap enormous financial rewards despite an almost erroneous tag of "80s metal". Remember the "Metal is dead" malarkey that the mass media was spewing at you during the thankfully short-lived "Seattle grunge" era? Ha! What a joke! The justification was that Winger and Warrant were no longer to be found on the Top 10 rack at your local music retailer, supplanted by equally weak and trite swill like Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Well, that's interesting. During that period, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest were (and still are) filling arenas all over the world. Cannibal Corpse cracked the Billboard Top 100, with no major label support, no airplay, and no mainstream press. Relapse Records' catalog went from a 2-sided Xeroxed newsletter to a 66-page, full-color volume selling 1000s of titles. Metal Blade Records sold more titles than in any other time in its history. Those are just a few examples. Hundreds of thousands of bands were (and still are) active in every corner of the globe, and new ones pop up every damn day. That doesn't sound very dead to me. If glam crap is dead, good riddance. But anyone with more than a reptilian brain knows metal never died, and doesn't show signs of dying any time soon. One last note...if you are a metalhead, and some young punk accuses you of being "stuck in the 80s" (when you probably have newer and more current releases in your collection than he does), beat the living f*ck out of him.
You remember when Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhies were legitametly frightening psycho killers back in the 80's. Today they are very unscary and more like silly/campy B-movie horror icons like Dracula, Frankenstien or the Wolfman.
You kids born deep in the 80's simply do not know that decade. I know exactly how you guys born after about 1982 think. You kids think because you've seen every episode of "Saved by the Bell" 400+ times that you somehow remember or know the 80's. Get a clue. Saved by the Bell aired for like 2 months in the fall of 1989, and then continued on into the early and mid 1990s. You guys do not know the true 1980's. Come back in some years when you're dealing with that brat born in 1996 who constantly calls 2003 "the 90's" and you'll finally get it.
When kids born in 1990 ask you what the 80's were like. Then you realize that they look at the 80s as their mom and dad's decade. The same way we looked at the 50s and 60s.
I'm a college junior this year, and all I've noticed are freshman who are WAY taller than me, and look much older than I do. I'm almost 21 and about 5'4", but these kids are BIG!!!! Yikes...
Michael Jackson is 45!! Kirk Cameron is 33!! Benji Gregory (the kid from ALF) is 25!! He was 8 on ALF!! Arnold (Gary Coleman) is 35!! Willis (Todd Bridges) IS 38!! Punk Brewster is 27!! Ralph Macchio is 36!! Elliot (Henry Thomas from ET) is 29!! It's been 20 years sinc ET was released!! They are playing 80's songs on the "oldies" radio station!!
The demise of saturday morning cartoons
When I was in school back in the 1980's, kids said any music before the 80's was crap. The 1920's, 30's, 40's, and ofcourse the 50's, 60's, 70's...were all crap crap crap. The funky disco, blow dried, platform shoed and bell bottom era 70's were especially laughed at and hated by kids in the 80's. The joke kids had back then was "that the only good thing to come out of the 1970's was us!" (because most of us were born in the 70's). So kids laughing at previous decades that they weren't really a part of is nothing new. I'm sure the younger kids born in the 90's are already laughing at the 90's and saying 90's music was crap---though they would get no disagreement from me on that one, LOL
I agree with the demise of Saturday morning cartoons. Network television's Saturday mornings have become this barren wasteland of recycled programming from OTHER networks (ABC broadcasts Disney Channel programming in a block called "ABC's One Saturday Morning," CBS broadcasts Nick Jr. programming, NBC broadcasts Discovery Kids). Yikes. What happened to originality? Creativity? Why nothing new??? Oh wait...I figured it out. We're talking about a whole SOCIETY that is pretty much now built on drones, uncreativity, and monotonous ways. It's not really a hard concept to put out something original that the other networks aren't already airing. But, that would be too EASY, wouldn't it????
ABC is rehashing the Friday night tradition/ritual/nostalgia piece known as TGIF. That's right, everyone's favorite 2-hour block of quality family programming is coming back. But here's what's NOT on the lineup--"Full House," "Perfect Strangers," "Just the 10 of Us," "Family Matters" "Step By Step"--basically, nothing YOU like will be on it. It is NEW programming, and they plan to promote it as TGIF? What's up with that? Why doesn't ABC just murder something else '80s kids love? Oh wait, they cancelled all of the shows we loved!
Remember "Denver the Last Dinosaur"???? Yes you do. Admit it.
When I acted outraged about TGIF's resurrection, my mom said "Allison, times change. So does TV. It's NOT the 80s anymore" Thanks, not only did I need to be reminded that it's not the 80s, but she also reminded me that TV changes. Yeah, changes to crap, if you ask me!
Lately at work, I have put on '80s favorites "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure," "Back to the Future," (part 1, mind you), and "ET." Sometimes I need to be reminded about why the movie studios aren't putting out movies like these anymore.
The first time I fell "in love" with Leonardo DiCaprio was when he was featured on "Growing Pains."
When I was interviewing potential employees last week, I noticed that most of the applicants were college students looking for part-time work around the office. I was thinking to myself, "oh, these people are about my age." Then the reality set in: I'm not only finished with college, I've finished graduate school and have been working in my job for 2 years already. Ugh....
You remember that terrorists start targeting American Planes in 1985.
In response to your comment about TGIF: all those shows you named were CRAP. WTF are you talking about??? And another thing, TGIF ran well into the 90's.
You realize that when you were growing up and the older people/adults said "You will go from being a high school kid to a 30 year old in no time".....THEY WERE NOT LYING.
If you think 10 years back really wasn't that long ago.
People well into their 30s are looking younger and younger too you. And teenagers are looking like babies from another generation instead of your peers.
echo and the bunnymen, the police, strawberry swithblade, u2, colourfield, thomson twins, the care, lightning seeds, marc almond, new order, omd, rem, inxs, level 42, just to name a few. i have a list totaling to close to a thousand bands. i was born october 1973. after 2 kids, heartbreaks, etc. . . i don't care. and music today sucks. zerro. nada. nothing but garbage today. there was a time when music stirred the soul. and look at what kids wear today. are they really serious? my kid (the younger one) will grow up someday and i'll pass on the music i listened. and still listen to. it'll be fun. the 80s may be long gone to some, but it will live forever.
Do you have any clue how weird it is to see to see your favorite computer & video games updated? I'm waiting to see how Nintendo's going to make a Gamecube version of "Donkey Kong" Although the "D.K. Country" games on SNES were fabulous. I did like how they aged the ape from the '80s games into CRANKY KONG! Anyone who misses playing the "Police Quest" game series (and doesn't like SWAT) now gets a taste of it with Legacy's new "Law & Order" games. And did anyone else learn their history & geography by chasing "Carmen San Diego" around? 80's music is still here, but all too often just glanced at. On vacation I missed a chance to see Huey Lewis & The News in concert, though I didn't know it. I love Phil Collins's new album, but he won't be touring much due to an ear infection. I like that Fleetwood Mac's together again, but like my sister asked me, Where's Christine?!? But I must say, the musical highlight of last year, for me, was the release of Jan Hammer's Complete Miami Vice Collection. Popular demand finally paid off, though it certainly took a long time. I hope the '80s never really fade away.
I never though any of us Gen Xers born in the 70s would EVER start critizing our successors for the type of music they listen to, the way they dress, and/or act. Remember all the abuse we took from the our parents generation and the other older generations? The Baby Boomers hated us. But sure enough, here we are putting down the kids today. I guess there's no way to avoid this, a little baby born today will be slamming the youth of America when he's like 26 in the year 2029.
By, the way, I KNOW that TGIF ran into the 90s--I watched it for its entire run. But it was a big '80s kid thing, since that was how most of us younger kids spent out Friday nights.
Oooh, "Growing Pains." Now that was a GOOD show!
About Donkey Kong Country, I have the Game Boy Advance version, and it's really good. It certainly handles MUCH better than the SNES version, which I also own (and still play). The only changes made to the GBA version are even more souped-up grahics, voices, and better sound quality. You can also save games anytime you want (not just @ a save point) and take the flight back to another world. It's alot of fun, really.
i felt old when VH1 aired a nostalgia series - "I Love the 80s" and I remembered every single thing, and my wife, 3 1/2 years younger than me, didn't have the foggiest idea baout half the stuff. I am only 29 now.
I feel old because I long for the days of playing nerf hoop in my hallway...
Yeah I have noticed that a lot of people born after 1978 are not well versed at all on the "core years of the 80s" and only seem to remember the late 80's and obviously the early 1990s. Most of them are really ignorant on those core 80s years. I was born in 1976 and when I talk to a friend of mine born in 1980 about the 80s she seems to only remember the 1987-'89 era, or maybey a few stuff from 1986 at the earliest. I mean it's not like I was even close to being a teenager or anything back in 1984, I was only in 3rd grade and still running around in my Care Bears pajamas, but I remember the core years of the 1980s really well. I even remember the very early 80s with pretty good detail. I'm old enough to remember the first episodes of Knight Rider and A-Team and I'm old enough to remember when Duran Duran, The Police, The Go-Gos, and Wham were around. 3 1/2 to 4 years in age can make a really big difference sometimes with certain things.
I'm a junior in college and a Communications major, and I'm currently taking a Marketing class (outside of my major). My Marketing Principles book states that "Generation X" refers to everyone born between 1965-1978, and "Generation Y" as anyone born between--get this--1979 and 1994. That's right--a whole population of us 80s kids are grouped in with kids born in the early 90s--our sworn adversaries! Also, another interesting fact about Generation Y (I'm a proud member)--much of a mature product's success depends on our generation--if we don't like it, the company is in trouble. Also, about you Gen Xer's there--you'll like this--you are the savviest of consumers. Who says you can't learn anything fun in school?
Ahh those crazy demographic people always have different years for Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y. They don't even realize what a full generation is. According to the media and modern pop culture it seems that "Boomers" are anyone in the middle age bracket and old enough to at least remember the Vietnam War, Gen Xers are anyone on the young side (went to high school in the 80's or 90's), and Gen Y are even younger versions of Gen Xers. They never get anything right though, and I think they still call 14 year olds around today "Generation X", just because it sounds cooler then "Generation Y". Regardless I'm sure the older Yers born in the early 80's are unlikely to get along with the younger Yers born in the 90's. "Yers", damn that sounds so gay. "Millenium Generation" would be probably be better then Gen Y, but that will be dated one day because kids in 2025 are likely to be laughing at anyone who is 40 years old (say a 18 year old kid born in 1985) and walking around trying to pass themselves off as part of what they are likely to think of as "their century".
The other day I was fixing to leave the house and go to Wal-Mart. My ten year old son asked me if I would pick him up a hot wheel? I said sure what kind do you want? He answered" an old timey a Camaro or Transam. I told him I would be glad to just don't call them old time cars anymore. I drove one of them when I was a teenager! Ha!!
When they re-released He-Man on Cartoon Network and kids think it is new. Then you tell them that you watched it when you were their age and they don't believe you.
I was watching a rerun of GI Joe with a friend of the family's 8 year old son. He thought it was such good animation. Then I told him it was almost 20 years old. Sad to see the kind of swill kids have to watch now.
lol, the smart alec supercar KITT from Knight Rider was a Trans Am. I'm sure he'd be pretty insulted if anyone other then Michael called him an "old timey car".
one word: Slinky! nuff said
I think I started to feel old when I saw a lot of 80's stars that were jet setting young 20 somethings/early 30's back in the actual 80's turn into ugly old middle age people that yell at the kids for running across their lawn. These were the people you would find at all the cool clubs back in the 1980's and even early 90's, now they look like Cub Scout den moms or like they belong in a PTA meeting or something like that. Kinda hard to believe that Jon Bon Jovi, Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Eddie Van Halen are in their 40's. Even Michael Jordan, Tom Cruise, Ralph Macchio and Michael J. Fox have entered their early 40's. Remember Phoebe Cates from Fast Times at Ridgemont High? She's over 40 too. Infact the other day I was doing paperwork at my office on a woman who was 41, and damn did she look old. Seriously she looked old, she was fat with sagging eyes and a sagging rear end. I'm 27 and for the past couple of years people in their 30's AND 40's have been looking A LOT younger to me mentally in my head compared to when I was growing up. But the cold reality is there that while my perception of middle aged people has changed considerably and I think of them as being a lot younger...most 41 year old today look the same as most 41 year olds did back in 1989! This woman would have been the age I am now, 27, back in 1989!! I remember when people in her age bracket were the super cool young people, but she probably has some 13 or 14 year old kid (or even older then that) at home that thinks their mom is as old as dirt. And I don't like to be reminded that at 27, I myself am pushing 30. lol
The very first time I ever felt old in my life was around 1999 and 2000. At the time I was around 23 or 24 and that's when I first heard the decade I grew up in, the 80's, being called "retro" and "oldies". Combine that with the fact that the decade I went to high school and college in, the 90's, were coming to an end and I was moving into my mid 20's and heading towards 30, I just realized that it was over. It happened so quick, but it was over---I was too old for the youth culture, and I was moving out of the traditional college age bracket. I mean people my age were getting married, starting families, and many were even teaching junior high and high school! All these things just instantly made me feel old and I realized that life had permanently changed for me and that it would never go back to the way it was in the pre-Millenium years when I was still like a kid and didn't have much of a generation gap on my younger side.
I just found out that the quaterback for my favorite NFL team is only 22 or 23 years old, which puts his birth year around 1980 or 1981. Feel old?
I can't believe that babies born in 1989 are entering high school this year, and the new kids coming into college were born in 1985. I also had some rather perverted thoughts about actress/singer Hilary Duff, until I found out she was 16 and only born in 1987.
I'm biologically old enough to be the parent of anyone born from 1990 and onwards. I'd be a really really young parent to these 8th graders around today, but damn still, I'm adult figure to them. I remember a lot of girls that were only 14 or 15 and pregnant back in the early 90's. Back in 1992 there was a 15 year guy in my gym class that became a father at that young age.
Does anyone remember the now defunct electronics store chain Silo ?
Check out the song Babies of the 80's by Something Corporate, kinda brings up good memories. I was a baby of the 80s (born 1984). My sorority just had an 80s flashback party and it seems that the only things people my age remember from the 80s are crimped hair, off the shoulder t-shirts, and leg warmers. Oh the cartoons too! I think we missed out on a huge chunk of the culture!
The new Nick-at-Nite line-up: Cheers, The Cosby Show, Full House, and Roseanne. Also, Ben Affleck's acting debut was on a PBS thing called "The Voyage of the Mimi." I have every episode of that on Betamax. I also have Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Reading Rainbow, and Fraggle Rock, all on Beta. I have over 500 beta tapes and two nearly working beta VCRs. I'm nearly 23.
When you remember the birth of your best friends sister, and she is now in 8th grade! I remember my cousins birth VERY clearly and she is now 19. I am only 26, but I feel so old now!
When I remember that I met my husband on a bbs!
I hate how you guys are dissing the kids born in the early 90s. DO you really think a kid born in '88 would know more about the 80s than a '90 kid? I was born in January 1990 and I am familiar with some of the stuff you are talking about. Ninja Turtles and Saved by the Bell are 90s THINGS!!!
Kids who play Grand Theft Auto: Vice City think all those songs are new.
That kid born in '89 who says he remembers a lot of stuff from the 80s has no idea what he's talkin' bout. I consider myself to have a good memory and being born at the end of the 80s I can only remember as far back as '93, maybe '92 at the EARLIEST. By the way, the 80s were over by '89. Sure, a few remnants were left from '89-'91, but the bulk of the decade ('83-'86) was long gone. I bet that kid born in '89 cant even remember 1991. Any takers?
I have no problem with you dissing today's music. IT SUX!!!! But, god, don't diss Nirvana. I love 80s music as much as you do, but the 90s was all good until '96 or so. Yes, even the first half of the 90s is becoming "retro". After all, Full House, your beloves "80s" show actually had more airing time in the 90s. Growing Pains, the Cosby Show, and Cheers aired until the '92-'93 period, and they are on Nick at Nite. Nirvana had just as much talent as Metallica and a lot more than Billy Idol or someone like that. And by the way, kids have only been hooked on video games for about 7 or 8 years, not 12 or 13 years.
Alright I was born in 88 and i still remember a lot from the 80's. these things include: fraggle rock, TMNT, reading rainbow, sesame street (wen they spoke half and half ingles y espanol), captain planet, chip n dale recue rangers, and my favorite one of all time painting with bob ross yea captain bob! anyways my point is even tho i was only an 80's baby i still remebera lot of the period. so you cant say that me and other like me werent from the 80's ....well you can to those born in 89 thats like less than a year jeez talk about false pride!
The soundtrack to "Grease" has been re-released as a special 25th Anniversary edition. So now more time has passed since "Grease" was released than the time that passed between its setting in the 1950's and its original release. I remember when that came out I asked my Dad "Can you remember if the 50's were really like that?" as if it was so far back in time he couldn't possibly recollect I can remember asking him that and the release of "Grease" like it was yesterday...though it was 1978...
I remember the 80s pretty well. I was born in 1982, but I can remember stuff that happened in 1985 on up. I remember when the disney channel first started and played movies at night, not TV shows like they do now. I think its so cool that alot of the 80s cartoons are coming back. I mena, they have redone Strawberry Shortcake, but it's still neat seeing my younger cousins and siblings wanting toys that I once had in the 80s.
Wondering how someone born in 1988 can remember a show that ran from 1983 - 1987 (or insist that there's THAT much of a difference between his year and the next one...) and looking at all that '80s vs. early 90s' stuff; i guess it all comes down to the fact that the core 80s ended around 88 (though some would insist 87) but the core 90s didn't begin until around 93 or so - and there's this region from 1989 - 1992 which doesn't fit into either but is too easily tagged 'Eighties'
When your birthday cake had Michael Jackson on it!
Does anyone remember a department store called BEST?????
sure you remember a lot from the 80s ... sike! captain planet was on in the 90s, maybe you saw fraggle rock tapes, after all I wasn't even born in the technical 80s and I've seen reading rainbow, c'mon. If you were born in '88 I doubt you can rember 1990.
Does anyone else remember the 1982 Kenny Rogers movie "Six Pack", where his was a washed up race car driver and he meets up with six orphaned kids in Texas and they become his pit crew.
Well crap, I thought I'd be one of the young ones here since I was born in 1979 and only 10 years old when the 80's ended in 1989, and a literal "child" back in then. But damn after reading all these posts from kids (babies really) born in 1988, 1989, and even 1990, I feel older then dirt.
i was born in '83 and some kids i know who were born in the late '80s/early 90s will look at my cassette deck and will just be like "Huh? Whats that thing" I think that if they didnt see it they would not've believed tapes even existed! Like, "Yes kids, there was a time where if you wanted free music you had to record it off a radio onto one of those funny looking plastic things." Im not going to tell you what they say when they look at my Nintendo vs. a Playstation 2 ("wow thats ancient!" thanks a lot kid!) And my nephews will see the new generation Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake dolls and think "oh new toys!" Actually kid u dont know how old they are.
I haven't felt old yet! I'm 32, and I can remember a few years ago... it never occurred to me that I should be upset about becoming 30. After all, in hex, I'm only 20! I never felt any pressure to be an adult or anything like that because of my age. It sounds trite, but age really is only a number. The normal societal roles and "peer pressure" have always been largely undetectable to me, so I guess this is obvious. I still live exactly as I did in 1991, when I got my first apartment. Unmarried, living in an apartment, obsessed with my car (currently a 1990 Mustang 5.0) and computers... for me, nothing has changed at all in the last dozen years. I don't feel like an adult, and I really am not. I still listen to my 80's music, and hearing the kidlets making fun of it (I have not been around them much, so this has never happened) would strike me as funny, not something that would make me feel old. The irony of young people mistaking me for an adult would be quite humorous. When people expect me to be an adult, it feels to me like I am in the movie "Big," where I only look like an adult, but don't think, act, or feel like one. Similarly, I am not upset to hear classic rock stations playing 80s music-- I am thrilled that I actually get to hear music I like on the radio. I am still amazed that people my age have houses, new cars, kids, spouses, college degrees, and real jobs. Imagine-- a doctor or a lawyer, my age! I don't trust doctors that are not at least 5-10 years older than me... after all, I am such a kid, how can anyone my age or younger possibly be a doctor?
Did anyone else ever rent a vcr because they cost to much to buy, my parents rented one and a movie "Empire Strikes Back" to go along with it. They practically give vcr's away now, boy how times have changed in twenty years.
I was born in '82, and i read with laughter those born '87-onwards, talking about stuff they probably cant remember.Personally, I cant remember a thing except all those awesome cartoons.Oh and I also had a Barbie and the Rockers blanket on my bed.The fashion really sucked and it sux that its all coming back.Yuck! GTA:Vice City rocks, though.
I'm sick and tired of hearing how "innocent" and "more simple" the 1980's were. I was there, I remember the 80's and my memories are that that time was just like it is now. People acted no different, OK some social customs were different, but people certainly weren't magically more innocent and pure. Tell me how humanity became so corrupted from December 31, 1989 to say anywhere in the 90's or now in 2003? For God's sake back in the 80's all we heard from parents and teachers was how innocent and simple the 50's, 60's, and 70's were. It makes me wonder how much the adults were lying about the morality of the 50's and 60's to us kids back in the 80's.
I'm 13 and I don't look nor feel old, but here is a loathing thought 4U: in two years 1980 will be a quarter of a CENTURY ago!! And 1983 is a fith of a CENTURY AGO! And the 80s is no longer ten years ago, it is 13+ to 23+ years ago, the core years are 15+ to 22+ years ago, and 1990, which wasn't even in the technical 80s was 13 years ago! By the way, 80s children should NOT feel old. That is unhealthy. That kid born in 1990 does NOT feel old. I am him. Actually he wishes he was born three weeks earlier so he could be born in '89. One more thing: decades blend together. Some stuff from '80-'82 is very 70s, some stuff from '78-'79 is very eighties, some stuff from '89 (aka the Simpsons and Milli Vanilli) is very 90s, some stuff from '90-'91 is very eighties. About the core years of the 90s, I would say they started in '92 with nirvana's teen spirit (a sweet song) and ended in '96, when music started sounding like total crap. I love 80s music, by the way, and I can be and 80s child no less than someone born in '88 or '89.
Am I the only one who think the fashions of today Suck. Thank God my child is only 2 yrs. I graduated from Thurston High school, in 1987. (Yes that Thurston High School). And at least the kids back then looked cute. Now everyone looks skanky. I dearly hope that when my son is old enough, people will be wearing tight Jeans again. (Thank you Marshall Ferris, for the nice view back then.)
I was born in 1990 and I know what a f#%K!*G cassette tape is! Kids born between '97 and '92 are not idiots! The only people who won't know what a cassette tape is are those born after '95 or so. VCRS were used well into the 90s, although I admit I did not know what a Betamax tape is, but I know what a record is, I'm not an idiot.
I was born in 1990 and I know what a f#%K!*G cassette tape is! Kids born between '97 and '92 are not idiots! The only people who won't know what a cassette tape is are those born after '95 or so. VCRS were used well into the 90s, although I admit I did not know what a Betamax tape is, but I know what a record is, I'm not an idiot.
Remember when Pee Wee's Playhouse was the show to watch on Saturday mornings? I was born Feb. of 1980 and remember most everything from 1981 onward. I remember seeing the Challanger crash on TV in kindergarten, I remember when Mask was the cartoon to watch, and when my older brother gave me his Atari 2600 because he had just gotten the brand new Sega Master System with Outrun. Practicing break-dancing on the kitchen floor in a Michael Jackson Jacket was always fun. I tutored 5th graders last year and they don't have a clue what any of these things were.
When I became an "adult" or "grown-up".
You were born before the year 1981, and are AT LEAST 23 years of age. Face it, you ain't a kid anymore.
I am 22(born in 1981). I watched some of the Nick Game Shows when I was a child.
I watched "Moonwalker" at work last night at the insistance of one of the girls I work with (I'll be 21 on October 19, she'll be 23 on October 21). God, the cheesy special effects make it look ancient. And it's really NOT's only from 1988! Pretty good movie through.
Hey, my parents rented a VCR too! The 7-11 in Iselin, Woodbridge Twp., New Jersey rented VCRs and videos. My parents needed it on Saturday nights because they were saddled with twin infants (myself and my brother).
Hill's was where the toys were... :-P
You go to mini-marts to buy soda and see the date to buy smokes and the year is the same year my younger sister was born in.
Actually I remember thinking Michael Jackson's "Moonwalker" movie video looked cheesy back in 1988 as a 12 year old kid. So if I remember thinking that back then, then I think it's always had bad special effects. Joe Pesci was total ham in that thing. 15 years is unfortunately "a very long time time ago". I remember what a I thought about 1973 back in 1988 as a 12 year old.
We will automatically date ourselves to the younger generations when we talk about the 80's and 90's and say....."Remember back in 19-", since we are now past the year 2000 and kids will primarily know only life in the new millienium. When you start off saying, "back in 19--" instead of "back in 20--", the kids and younger generations will instantly know we are on the older side and part of the grown up crowd.
Remember those less famous and more obscure 80's network sitcoms like "Mr. Belvedere" and "The Hogan Family"? (when they originally aired ofcourse)
You were born in the '70s.
I was applying for a student loan last month, and when I was going through the paper work with the financial aid officer at my college I asked him if I had to put down if I was of military age,...since I thought of myself as still being "young". He said no, I was over 24, an "older student" and too old for the military. I'm 26. From what I've read technically anyone up to the age of 35 is still young enough for the military, but they don't come after guys over the age of 24 or 25 the way they do the 18-22 age bracket. He proved it to me by punching something on the computer and saying, "See it didn't even ask for you to be enlisted, you're too old for that". I really felt super old that day, and I remember thinking about being closer to 30 then 18 or 19 that whole week. That was one of the WORST FEELINGS I've ever had; knowing I'm not a kid anymore.
Does anyone else feel that the "Return of the Jedi", that we grow up with was way better than the 1997 Special Edition that George Lucas gave us? Come on that scene in Jabba's Palace looked like one of those crappy videos that MTV occasionally plays.
I see all these kids born in 1987, 1988, and 1989 on here and I am scratching my head in confusment on how they feel old or what they could possibly remember from the 80's. This is especially true for the kids born in the 90's that weren't even alive in the 80's that are coming on to this page for some mysterious reason. Hell they're the reason we all feel so damn old! Here's a little test to see if you really grew up in the 1980's:--You remember at least fairly vividly, the years of 1981/1982 to 1987. You remember before the Nintendo craze of the late 80's, i.e. the Atari 2600. You remember the year 1984, come on you HAVE to remember at least SOMETHING from this year to qualify as one of us old timers. 1984 was the year that personified the 80's. You remember when most people born in the 1960's were under the age of 25, or even younger...under 20 or under 18 minors. If you can't remember when someone like Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall, Marty Mcfly, or Alex P. Keaton were teenage kids, then you were never really around for the 80's. Hell I even remember when people born in the early 60's were still like older teenagers in the early 80's. I was in kindergarten, but I remember. Those guys are middle aged and in their 40s now.
I was born in 1988, and when I was reading this page I was quite enjoying myself as I was thinking, "At least I'm not at the age old enough to write on here", until some people were writing who were born in the 1990's! I feel old now!!
"I feel the need, the need for speed!!" I was five when my mom made my older sister and her friends take me with them to see TOP GUN. Yes, I was wearing Geranimals. Who remembers those?
An 11 year old 6th grade kid born in 1992 asked me who George Michael was. Born in 1992, damn I just can't get over that. Here's a kid who obviously wasn't even alive in the 80's, but she's also a kid who wouldn't even know much about the 90's, beyond like 1998 or 1999 anyway. (yes I'm still "young" and an under 30 Gen Xer, but being asked that question, by a BABY born in the 90's, was a splash of freezing cold reality water that woke me up to my own mortality)
I've been on a nostalgia trip, playing Mario All-Stars for Super Nintendo (don't ask...). I was playing Super Mario Bros. one night, and thinking about how great it was to play this a long time ago, but the bad thing is still remembering where all the warp zones are.
Remember the tag line for Transformers: The Movie? "Beyond Good. Beyond Evil. Beyond your wildest imagination! Coming to theaters everywhere--Summer 1986". When I saw a little kid play with the current 2000's version of the Transformers, I remembered the ORIGINALS that our generation had back in the 80's.
This is one for all the people in the Memphis area, remember how FM 100 played all the old people's music and now "they play today's best mix". Can you believe it when Ron Oleson now says "lets play some Avril Lavigne". Where is that old folks home at?
I was born in 1982 so I don't really remember too much from the 80s as I was 8 when they ended but i definitly remember all the Nickelodeon shows. Those were awesome!
When History Is Repeating Itself With The Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake,and When You Walk Into An Antique Store And The Glasses We Used To Get At Mcdonalds Ya Know The Ones With Flintstones,the Muppets, And So On, Are Sitting On A Shelf For Sale.that's When You Know You Are Getting Old!
Crystal Pepsi
You know, it was actually cool to play songs that people like George Harrison and Paul Simon sang in the 1980s on MTV. You're lucky if you see them on VH1 now.
My Advertising class was talking about how VH1 was "your parents' MTV" in the 1980s, and how we are now watching more VH1, because the programming quality is much better, and they're airing stuff WE like (examples: "I Love the 80s" and "I Love the 70s," "25 Greatest Commercials"). The programming is much better and more geared to our tastes, unlike MTV, which is a fickle "flavor-of-the-moment" network.
you guys need to shut up. you make the 80s sound like they were 100 years ago, and it makes me not feel old, but like a baby (i was born two weeks after the 80s ended).
Kids these days have never heard of the greatest toys, Rainbow Brite, Care Bears. What the Hell is going on with Strawberry shortcake in jeans, everyone knows she wears a skirt. I Died when I saw Our strawberry Shortcake being sold as the "Vintage" version.
I thought I was going to be a kid forever.
I was born in 1988 but my family had stuff from the 80s like our cars were a 1986 ford escort wagon and a 1983 malibu our electronics were from the 80s we had a commodore 64 i spilled soda on it a nintendo that we still use alot we did get rid of the escort but bought another escort in 1997 and the malibu died on us and we bought a used 1997 escort. i have a collection of 80s electronics a alarm clock. but for making u feel old is that all of the things mentioned here are almost 20 years old now.
Well, I will start off by saying Kirk Cameron turned 33 the other day and he has 6 kids!! Looking back and remembering when President Reagan was shot really makes me feel old, especially when i see the footage on TV. I love my atari, Missle Command was the best!! We too rented VCR's, hard to imagine. I was born in 1975 and I can pretty well remember things from 78/79 upward. So almost anything mentioned on this board makes me feel really old. The thing that really gets me though is the kids born in 89 upward thinking they feel old!!
I am 18 years (born 1985, the best 80's year). My cousin who is 10 has never heard of back to the future!!!!!! OMG i yelled at him! And i can also buy tobacco products. time flies when your havin fun! go 80's generation! mr robato lives on
I listened to vinyl. I had pong. I watched the assassination attempt of Regan on t.v. I even saw Star Wars at the theater when it first came out. We used commodore64 computers in school(remenber those!) Now thats old!!!
I own several WORKING Commodore 64's and QUITE a few games, they may be ancient, but they still rock. Oh, yeah and speaking of something I read toward the top of this page, I was addicted to video games at about the age of 12 or 13 and I was born in 1975, so as for the statement that kids weren't caught up in video games until about 8 years ago... HAH!
Remember the adventures of Danger Mouse?
Oh geez, I refused to give into CD's when they first came out. I swore by tapes until around 1997 or so...still resisting DVD's. Hopefully, they will keep releasing movies on VHS.
I saw an old episode of America's Funniest Home Videos. How old was it? Bob Saget was the host, and there was a video of a guy in a Vanity Smurf costume hugging a kid at an amusement park that knocks another kid over!!!!
There are a lot of children around today that look at Eddie Murphy as a Mr. Rogers, Captain Kangaroo, wholesome family man type of actor that is middle aged. They have NO IDEA or concept of the cooler and younger foul mouthed comedian that Eddie Murphy was back in the 1980's. It's as crazy to them as it would have been to us if we found out that Seasame Street's Gordon used to be a pimp daddy back in the 60's.
Because I turn 20 next month, and people laugh at me when I look positively on old video games and new wave music. Even 80s country music is unlikable. The only thing people are willing to look back and accept is Reagan's administration. Listen to Walk Like An Egyptian and I see a silly, fun song. Haven't seen one of those in today's pop lately. Oh yeah and I don't think children of the 80s swear nearly as much as children of the 90s.
10 years ago back in 1993, it was the other way around. In the early 90's it was the 70's that was 14-20+ years ago, not the 80's. And people that grew up in the 70's were the ones feeling old because the 70's had turned into a retro decade. And back in 1993, those of us born in the 70's were still thought to be a bunch of no good young punk teenagers. I think that's what is kinda scary about getting older, the way you switch roles in a blink of an eye. 10 years went by so quick, lot of stuff from the early 90's are almost as old as the 80's. I mean Nirvana is "that old band". Pearl Jam has been yesterday's news for at least 4 or 5 years now, and that's being gracious. Tupac is the dead gangsta guy that only die hard rap fans remember, and Jurrassic Park is a 10 year old flick. I've heard that the next 10 years will go by even faster...from our perspective anyway. I'm sure a 15 year old in 2013 will think that 2003 was a really really long ass time ago. As I write this, I'm still only 28. I can honestly call myself young, just barely,...but still "young". I'm not yet in the "well I'm not old" category. Sigh....not yet anyway. Imagine what being 50, 60, or 70 will be like?
Want to feel old? Last week at work an eighteen year old co-worker told me he has never seen "The Breakfast Club", NEVER heard of the "Brat Pack", and has never seen "Meatballs", and to make matters worse we started to talk about transformers and when I told him in the original cartoons Megatron turned into a giant gun, his response was "that is so sissy". I always thought Megatron was cool, and I would like to hear from those of you who feel the same.
A friend of mine that works with children says that most kids born after 1992 look at those of us born in the 1970's as parental figures. Which unfortunately does make sense and was expected. He says the kids born in the very very early 90's know we are socially a bit too young to be their parents, and infact are usually relaxed with us in the more sibling way that kids born in the 80's are. But according to my friend nearly all kids born after 1992 look at those of us born in the 70's as "the adults". Makes sense, especially if they have a mom that is only 25 or 26. Now that reality check kinda adds a good 10 or 15 years to your psyche doesn't it? Just to know that there is a generation of kids/teens on the horizon that will undoubtedly look at you as a parent, whether you like it or not.
You start calling people 6+ years younger then you "young men and young women" instead "those kids".
1983 was 20 years ago. And 1993 was 10 years ago. 'nuff said.
You have been trying to tell yourself that that 30 won't be so bad, and you are rethinking what you used to think of 40 year olds. Remember what nearly everyone thinks when they are growing up as kids: 30 is middle age and 40 and over is old.
You remember when Duran Duran was cool.
Do arcades even exist today?
I don't really feel that old, but it's weird to think how much time has passed and all that has happened. A true Gen-X'er/80's kid, born in '69 to Boomers, childhood in the 70's, teenager in the 80's, young adult in the 90's. I remember KISS with make-up, reruns of Star Trek and The Brady Bunch, a mock election in school where we had to vote for Carter or Ford, had my parents talk to me to help me explain what was going on with the Iranian hostage crisis. I remember the night we got a gift of money from one of my father's relatives, and bought a microwave AND an Atari console from Sears. I rented not only VCR's but Betamax machines as well, and thought those would take off more because the tapes were smaller. I watched Fast Times At Ridgemont High on Beta and WORSHIPPED Jeff Spicoli. I remember the impact AIDS had on the country and on so many lives. I spent hours in 7-11 on video games, and was even told by an older woman once that those games were a product of the Devil (I do live in Texas!). I remember watching the beginning of Buck Rogers and thinking that 1987 (the year he took off) was a long way away. Wore nothing but black heavy metal t-shirts for a couple of years. Drove my dad crazy with Ozzy and Twisted Sister albums - not CD's. Had my first kiss while Chicago's "Hard For Me To Say I'm Sorry" was playing and relive the moment whenever I hear it. I'm sure I was wearing topsider shoes with no socks then. I remember the day our history teacher came in and told us about the Challenger explosion. Graduated in '88 and joined the military, when Russia was known as the Soviet Union. Served during the end of the Cold War, Panama, and Desert Storm. I'll be 34 next month. Made a lot of mistakes and have had a lot of insight. But I don't feel old, and I don't yearn for years past. I'm college-educated, have a decent paying job that makes a difference in the world. Have a great girlfriend I'm living with. I have two great god-children. I'm old enough that my parents sometimes come to me for advice. I didn't end up as a member or Motley Crue like I wanted to be when I was 14, but I guess it didn't end up too badly. I didn't become old and bitter, and I didn't stay a kid like I was. I sort of gelled and evolved into something between the two. I have memories, both good and bad, but I really like my 30's thus far - age is a state of mind.
I was born in 1980. I remember almost everything. Best years of my life. As for the Denver the Last Dinosaur post: Not only do I remember it but I remember the theme song too. Am I that pathetic? :)
strawberry shortcake,care bears,my little pony,smurfs,muppet babies i loved all of these titles i have a little girl and every thing you have said is so true.iwould love it so much if they brought all the old stuff back the write strawberry shortcake thanks
Kids' WB airs reruns of "The Littles." I'm serious--it is the OLDEST cartoon in their weekend line-up (and it's only from 20 years ago)!!!!
Well, it finally happened--I turned 21 this past Sunday. Talk about a real backslide into feeling pretty darn old. And if that's not enough, VH1 began airing "I Love the 80s Strikes Back" the night after my 21st birthday.
When you remember Clint Howard was "Chaka" from "Land of the Lost".
You know you are really old if you remember the cartoon "Dungeons and Dragons".
Does anybody remember the cartoon "The Snorkels".
The entire decade of the 90's made me feel older. My only revenge will be in seeing the 90's become ancient. 1978 and 1987 were very fine years and Sonny & Cher were the coolest!
You know you're old when you say that the Rolling Stones weren't really old in the 80's.
The mellow feeling of the 80's...the music...pacman,rubix cube,clothes,camp grounds and arcades and the feeling that you thought the world was gonna be that way forever..that's what the eighties were...i love the memories.
I recently mentioned how I turned 21 and knew it was all gonna go downhill from there. My aunt confirmed my horrific discovery last night when she got on the phone with me to wish me a happy 21st, and told me that it's all downhill from here. Jeez, you turn to your family for comfort from your fears, not confirmation!!!!!
When I tried to place an order for "Garfield Christmas" through the video store I work at, my boss told me it was on moratorium (meaning its out of print). She said it is most likely because it is an older Christmas special. OLDER?! It's from 1987!!!!!
It's really downhill after 24 or 25, not 21. In terms of losing youth anyway. When you know you are closer to being a 30 year old then a 19 or 20 year old, that's when you know it's just downhill and you painfully find out that you have a generation gap on your younger side. So to the person who is 21, you still have at least 3 years left before you start feeling it. But look on the bright side, being in your 20's or 30's is a helluva lot better then being 50, 60, or 70.
When Heather Locklear and Brooke Shields became nice looking "older ladies". Locklear is 40 and Shields is 38.
Just wanted to add a few things from the 80's I missed seeing on the Vh1 thing. Don't know if anyone remembers Poochie, the pink eared dog, Herself the Elf, Monchichi's, or even Kid's Incorporated. Just some thoughts to ponder.
full house is on the oldie station!! i watched full house and im only can it be on the oldie station already?
i was teaching my 10th grade class, and the topic of hurricanes came up. i asked them if they remembered the hurricane of 1993, but they were all just silent. then i asked them how old they were in 93, and they said 5. i graduated college in 1993 and they were only 5?! that makes me feel old, especially knowing they were born in 1988!!
Not exactly being a child of the 80's I was born in 87. I do remember the Super Mario craze. Also my Grandma and Grandpa built the house I live in , in 1981, being around the whole 80's 90's and today.
The best thing about the 80's is that it didn't seem like many non-White Anglos had any kind of big hang ups about listening to "White boy music". I'm of Latino descent, and I remember back then it seemed like everyone was usually listening to most everything. No Mexican had any problems listening to the so called "White boy music". Even a lot of Black people listened to the so called "White boy" stuff. But by the early 1990's when grunge came out with the likes of Pearl Jam, it seems like everything got fragmented into grunge/alternative lovers, and those who soley listened to gangsta rap, R&B and Tejano to protect some stupid image. It's still like that now. It makes me feel old, to think back to the 80's and remember a time when Hispanics, Asians and Indians seemed to freely listen to INXS, Depeche Mode, Guns N' Roses, etc, etc...without any fear of being labelled a sell out. I guess a lot of it had to do with the fact that White people made really good music in the 1980's, and it was hard not to admit that WAS GOOD.
I was at the mall earlier this week looking for legwarmers. My friends and I have decided to be "ladies of the 80's" for Hallowe'en--basically dressing up like the teenagers we idolized as kids but were never allowed to be. Anyway, I walked into a sock/jewellery store and asked the clerk if she knew of any stores that might carry legwarmers or slouch socks. The clerk looked at me like I was nuts until I explained what these items are. Before this, I've never thought 24 was old!
To a post below, I have thought the same thing about getting "revenge". I have often thought our best revenge will be seeing the 90's and early 00's become retro and ancient. And then we can watch these kids around now squirm with discomfort when a kid born in 1997 or 1998 says, "I wasn't even alive in 1996!", or "Puhaleeze! OMG I was only like 5 or 6 years old in 2003!" "Get away from me you old people!" And they will know what it's like to see a kid born in 2002 be in middle school and talking about high school. It will happen to these kids sooner then they think, by the years of 2009-2013, since 1999 was when most of us noticed the 80's becoming ancient. There are already kids around born in 1991 and 1992 that are in middle school and barely remember the real 90's. Muhahhaahaha, it will be sweet revenge. Ofcourse WE will be even older too, we'll be full blown "parent figures" by then...sadly.
Firstly, I was born in 1982 and am now 21 years old.. i am starting to feel old because: - I am no longer classified as a teenager (even though I was one in 2000!) and all the teenagers today were born in 1985, 86, 87, 88 even 1990 for christs sake! these kids were years below me in school - i still picture them as little primary school kiddies, not blossoming teenagers! its very odd going into a teen chat room and see ppl born in 86 or 87... - someone else mentioned this, but i'll mention it again - although i am 21 i look very young for my age (could and DO get mistaken for being only 15 years old). u see 17/18 year old kids twice your size, they look older than me, but i have to remember WAIT! they look around 17 or 18, so they are like 3-4 years younger than me at least despite i look "younger" than them and they probably assume they are older than me.. like they refer to u as "buddy" or "champ" like you are their younger brother, but i think "hang on this guy was born in 85, 86 or 87 while i was born in 82..." u kinda feel outta place if u still look like a teen when u are infact in your early twenties! - A teenager born in 1990! That is extremely hard to get my head around!! Soooo god damn young
I can remember the 80's from 1984. I was really into arcade games and back to the future. The 80's were the best periud ever !
I remember watching Beta tapes on our old Beta Tape player, and now VHS Tapes are becoming out of style! I remember when our family first got our first VHS. I also find myself reminiscing about watching "Gummi Bears", and complaining how kids born in the 1990's are ignorant when they say Gummi Bears were only a kind of candy and never a cartoon show. Now in the news, I remember when Marion Barry was arrested for drug charges, and I also remember when George Bush Sr. was elected president. To people born in 1987 and later, I was already in school by then. Well I was born in late 1983, I'll be 20 on November 22nd. I feel sorry for those born in 1987 and after.
To the person who told me it won't be downhill till 24 yrs old (I'm the 21-year old), THANK YOU!!!! I feel MUCH better now!!!!!!
Care Bear cousins, anyone?????
I graduated grade 8 in 1986 and wore an exact replica of Don Johnson/Sonny Crockett - White pants, pink shirt, white jacket, and white beach shoes with the little tiny holes in them. I graduated high school in 1991 and went to my high school reunion this year. I started to feel old when I and a lot of the other people started whipping out pictures of their kids and showing them off. I thought that was something that only OLD people
Born in '85 and lovin it! I could not ask for a better time to be born. in my opinion, any kid born in the 80's had an advantage. Altho after '85 it kind of went downhill...but thats another story involving the Grade 12s this year at my old high are they skanky! But anyways! My friends and I, every once in awhile, sit and reminisce(is that how you spell it?) about good times growin up. Things like Gem, He-Man and She-Ra, orininal Ninja Turtles(I think this is 80's...I'm very sorry if I am mistaken), My Little Pony, etc. The entertainment wasnt the only great thing about the 80's. When you were a kid then, you were allowed to be a kid. You woke up in the morning and the first thing in your mind was "today I'm gonna go play on that new dirt pile out front!" and you threw on some sweatpants that rode up your ankles and an old mickey mouse t-shirt and you went! You didnt wake up and think "does that pink shirt match those flared jeans?" like it seems kids today must think. I mean, these children are being seriously deprived!!!!! Who cares what you wear or what your hair looks like when youre 5?! Go play! be a kid! Enjoy it! That is completely what i loved about the 80's-you didnt have to care, you were out there, as a kid, to have fun and be a kid. I wish that would come back...cuz I really feel bad for kids today.
Here's a REAL nostalgia trip for ya. This morning, my mom told me she made 5-Alive. You know, the frozen, concentrated juice with the 5 different citrus flavors in the tin can you kept in the freezer? I haven't had that since the late 80s!!!!!
I used to feel like I was the odd ball when i would be in one of those reminiscent conversations about being a child of the 80's...talking about Ninja Turtles, My Little Pony etc. (the shows that had movies that were still watched in the 90's)...and i say, "Yeah I liked Fraggle Rock. That dog was so damn cute." And my fellow high school attendees would stare in bewilderment...and ask me what is Fraggle Rock. I would get the urge to strangle these children who could recite Big Bird from a cheap show from the beginning of time...but had no idea what Fraggle Rock was...insane I tell you...but I am in college now...good old 1985 baby right here...and loving it...and one of my class mates actually knew what Fraggle Rock was...i almost sobbed with now I do not play the part as the odd ball...I am just plain aging...BUT i am a child of the 80's...and that is something to be proud of...
What makes me feel old is when younger kids have no idea what the ninja turtles, care bears or gummi bears were! and why dont they no what swing tops and 'wimpy' takkies are (south african thing!)? I think my little sister, who was born in the 90's has more fashion sense than i ever did at that age, they just dont no what its like to have a really unfashionable childhood!
Why is it that 15 and 16 year olds always think they are the first 15 and 16 year olds to ever walk the face of the Earth? Even if they had older brothers and sisters who they remember being teenagers, they still think they are the first 16 year olds. But you never see anyone thinking they are the first 30 year olds to be on Earth.
Correction to someone's statement above, Clint Howard was not Chaka on The Land Of The Lost TV was Phillip Paley. Also that was a show from the 1970's, but it did run often in 80's syndication. (great lil' show)
I share my birthday with the Panic on Wall Street on October 19, 1987. I was 5 years old.
I was just reading the History Channel website, and on my EXACT birthday (October 19, 1982) John DeLorean (yes, the guy who created that awesome car!) was arrested in a Los Angeles, California, airport motel with a briefcase containing $24 million dollars worth of cocaine.
when you find and buy Jem and the Hologram dolls on e-bay
Question to those of you born IN the 80's.....Do you know what PONG is?? If not , I rest my case
Does anyone remember any more defunct store chains like Fretter's, Mr. Video, Main Street, United Audio Centers, Arco(Is that still around today?), Zayre's, Wiedbolt's, Mr. How (a home improvement store), Pacific Video & Stereo, Super Trak Auto, A-mart, Plug n'Listen electronic stores, ElectriCITY electronic stores, Family Drug stores, Durham sporting goods stores, Brooks Brothers, Gimbel's, Upton's clothing stores, Gertz department stores, Highland Superstores, Eagle foodstores, Recordland, Camelot music stores, Waccamaw, Ivey's department stores, Freedom foodstores, Clover discount stores, Grand Union or any more of these defunct store chains that existed in the 80s?
I start feeling old when the younger generation forgets about the good shows, like Full House, Blossom, and Saved By the Bell... it just doesn't get better than that, and what ever happened to Transformers? or poprocks? or Surge???
When kids today think that Michael Jordan was the old guy that played for the Washington Wizards. Then you hear these kids going on and on about how the greatest basketball player ever just has to be somebody young and current like Vince Carter, Kobe, or now obviously LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony. LeBron James is only 18 and was born in 1985, holy sh*t, the kid was only 5 years old in 1990.
You guys are talking about how kids born from '83 to '90 say they know the 80s when really they hardly know the 90s. Now anyone can love the 80s, even if they werent alive then, but kids born in 1989, 88, and even 87 were never around in the 80s. Even a kid born in '86 could only remember 1989 at MOST. Face it, there's no difference between a kid born in '87 and one born in '91. Neither have any experience of the 80s. Heck, they don't even know 90s beyond Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, Pokemon, and Backstreet Boys. The 80s is just a flock of seagulls to them, as Austin Powers said.
Whenever I see most music videos from the early or mid 80's, I feel really old because of their cheap and cheesy quality. I feel old because I was old enough to remember when they were supposed to be cool. Come on, even back then the technology was around to give us something better then what we usually got. I could understand this happening in the early 80's when music videos were new, but even by 1986 and really 1987 too, most music videos had the singers and dancers just standing there dancing and singing to a corny neon background while cheesy 80's JVC home camcorder style zooms and split screens were used. They had access to big studio multimillion dollar equipment, so why did they make videos that looked like something that came off of my dad's video camera? It looks like it wasn't until the late 80's and early 90's that someone decided it might be a good idea to spend more then 12 dollars to make a video.
Someone mentioned that people born IN the eighties don't know about the eighties. I was born in 84. Sure I don't remember the music or the cars, but I definitely remember My Little Ponies, Strawberry Shortcake, Cappage Patch Kids, Muppet Babies, Fraggle Rock, Punky Brewster, Jellies (the shoes), Kissyfur, Turtle Tots (who else remembers those?), Care Bears, Smooshees, Pound Puppies, Shirt Tales, Zoobly Zoo, and Back to the Future. This is because I was a CHILD in the EIGHTIES. No better time to be a child, either. The shows for kids today are uninventive and stupid. Their toys all require batteries and microchips and fall apart in a month or so. My poor, youngest sister was born in 1992. She knows nothing of the eighties. but, I don't feel old. I feel just right (except when I see those sacreligious new Strawberry Shortcake dolls. Even those have become too PC)
When someone on the internet says they were born in 1985, 1986, '87, etc, I still think they must be some kind of little kid. Then I see some 18 year old like LeBron James, who was born in 1985 and is a grown man that stands 6'9 and weighs 220 pounds of muscle. I guess I'm still thinking like it's either the 80's or 90's, back when these people where babies or children. I mean even as recently as 1996 and 1997 most people born in the 80's were running around in elementary schools. For you kids born in the 80's, to get an idea of how we feel, wait till you see a kid born in like 1997 running around as a teenager. THEN you'll understand why so many of us feel old around you guys. God I miss the days (not that long ago) when those of us born in the 70's were the unquestioned youth, and WE were the ones that made other people feel old.
Last night, I was watching "25 Greatest Commercials" on VH1, and when they showed the "Toys R Us Kids" ad that showed the kids in 1984 and then in 1996, I was in tears. I'm serious, hearing that song strikes some emotional chord in me. I tried singing it to myself (I know the words), and I kept getting goosebumps and my eyes teared. Especially on the part where the voice says "(Adult)Once a Toys R Us Kid...(Child)Always a Toys R Us Kid." Jeez, I better stop writing this, I'm getting teary-eyed again!!!
Ok, I had to get past the emotional aspect of the "Toys R Us Kids" ad to give you a little fact--did you know that the little black child on the swing in the ad was Jaleel White, who was Steve Urkel on "Family Matters"??? Honestly, he a Toys R Us Kid!!!
Only one question has to be answered in order to find out if someone is truly a child of the 80s: Was there ever a time in your life when you when you were completely obsessed with Michael Jackson, when you thought he was the coolest (girls should substitute "coolest" with "sexiest") man in the whole world? If you answer yes, you are a child of the 80s (which means you had to have been born in the mid 70s). I have friends who are four or five years younger than me that do not believe me when I tell them that Micahel Jackson used to be considered the coolest (sexiest) man alive. You were not cool unless you knew how to do the Moonwalk.
this list has already been said but damn im reading this and its like IM OLD these are the cartoons i grew up on. Alvin and the Chipmunks. garfield. heathcliff. muppet babies. smurfs. she ra. he-man. Danger Mouse. Thundercats. Top Cat. Fraggle Rock. The Gummie Bears! The Wuzzles Count Duckula Inspector Gadget Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers Denver, the Last Dinosaur Fat Albert G.I. Joe Karate Kat Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Voltron Johnny Quest Dino-Riders Jetsons Tiger Sharks
I felt old when I heard these two middle aged sounding guys on the radio talking about their youth, and they didn't talk about the 50's, 60's, or 70's....instead they were talking about 1987.
Whenever I see people that are in their late 30's or 40's walking around with a dated hairstyle from the 80's. Damn that just annoys the hell outta me. From what I have seen, this is especially true of folks in their 40's who were in their young 20's or early 30's back in the 1980's. Those guys are just notorious for never letting go of that ugly hairstyle from 1983 or 1984. Or sometimes they walk around with some dated hairstyle from the 70's. Makes you wonder if someone in their 20's now will be laughed at in 2020 for walking around with a dated hairstyle from the early 2000's. And I mean no offense to anyone, but I'm in my 20's and I feel really old because these two fat 40ish looking women at my work constantly keep their radio on the 80's station. That's the station I like to listen too!! The 18 year old intern at our work has no idea who the singers and bands on the 80's station are. But I obviously do, and so do the two fat 40ish women who both have teenage kids at home.
Getting invited to a "retro party" and after years of conditioning I automatically assumed it had to be about the 1950's or 1960's, or maybey the 70's. But the retro theme was for the 80's!!
Looking through video games and realising that the companies are doing all the imagining for you, down to the last few details... Bah. 8 bit and under for me.
I can't get over the fact that Bon Jovi is now a middle aged band. So much has changed since 1989.
You're old enough to remember when people that actually graduated high school in the 80's were teenagers. No, not remembering someone who was only 13 or 14 in 1989, but actually remembering when people that graduated high school in the 80's were kids. Say high school graduates as early as even 1981 or 1982. That age group was the true 80's generation, not someone Punky Brewster's age.
I was born in the 70's (1975) but consider myself an 80's kid, since I grew up in that period. I can still remember when it was a treat to play the pacman arcade game, and how cool you were if you had a Game & Watch (Popeye, Mario or Donkey Kong, anyone?) And of course, don't forget the family computer that came later on. :-) And who could forget the birth of MTV, not to mention the "We Are The World" fever?
Something about the most recent Simpsons episode made me feel really OLD, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Then it hit me at the end what it was. Homer's mom was a 60's hippie radical? Christ MY PARENTS were also the 60's generation. And ummm, wasn't Homer and Marge part of the 60's generation when The Simpsons was in it's early years back in 1989 and 1990? It made sense to me as a kid in 1989 that "older people" like Homer and Marge would be from the 60's generation, since my folks were too. So my God how old are they now? The same thing happened with me when I watched an episode of King of the Hill, and they revealed that Hank was born in the 60's, which unfortunately makes him and Homer my older peers, but peers/contemparies nontheless. When that show started out, Homer seemed like a buffonish father figure to me, now he's a buffonish older peer/older brother. They're ageless cartoon characters, but crap unfortunately I'M getting older!! I can't even watch the Flintstones the same way anymore, these goofy animated parental authority figures I grew up with are now in my age demographic.
You know a show is happening and hot when it airs at 3 am. I discovered that when I found reruns of "Garfield and Friends" on at the aforementioned time on Toon Disney. Ah now I can relive sweet memories of the fat cat. Bliss.
Here's one thing that makes me feel old. Anyone here NOT born in the 1980s do me a favor - ask anyone you know born in the 1980s what 3.2 bar was. Go ahead, just ask. You'll get the same perplexed look pretty much every time. Come on now, 80's children, raise your hands! Don't know? Used to be in the midwest (and other areas) if you were 18 years old you could drink lower-alcohol beer (not sold in liquor stores), which is 3.2. Basically sold in the grocery store or convience stores. So, of course, there were a bunch of these teenage bars that sprung up and served only 3.2 beer (no hard alcohol, no premium beer) and catered to 18-20 year olds. God, you talk about just tons of fun - best times I ever had in bar were in 3.2 bars. Imagine, everybody in the bar is the same age! They had "drown" night where you paid $6.50 for all you could drink. Anyone over 21 stuck out like a sore thumb. Well, the good times didn't last and you can thank the Reagan Administration for that one (even though I liked Reagan). "Just say No" and "MADD" had a big hand in passing the 21-year old drinking age law for every state. Colorado, Kansas and Idaho were the last three states to have 3.2 bars. I think they were all closed down by 1987. You guys born in the 1980s have no idea what you missed!
Born in the 70's here, and I'm often feeling very disconneted from reality in the 2000's. And it's still only 2003, and I'm still in my youthful 20's, so I can't begin to imagine how it will be in the years to come. I really miss my kid life back in the Late 20th Century. Especially the 80's, nothing can touch the greatness of the 80's.
Does anyone remember USA Cartoon Express on the USA Network?
Getting dissed in school today because you listen to 80s music.
Man..I know what you guys mean about people younger than you looking much older and bigger..I am 5'4 and 23 years old but pass for 17 all the time. Where as my 16 year old sister is like 5'8 and could pass for 22, it's scary. Although my mom, who is 45, seems to think that high school kids look younger and younger every year and that some of the incoming freshmen look like 5th graders. Then I saw a post about some older Ames. Up in Maine our last Ames closed about a year or so ago. Service Merchandise closed a couple years ago. Woolworths closed just a couple of years ago too. I remember Recordtown being replaced by something which has now been replaced by FYE. Our Shop n Saves have all been converted to Hannafords except for maybe one way out in the boonies somewhere. Does anyone else remember Unico? The little unicorn with the pink hair and one horn? It wasn't exactly an 80's cartoon, I think it might have been made slightly earlier than that but sometimes Disney aired him in the 80's on the Disney channel. I remember Kids Inc, and when I read somewhere that Jennifer Love Hewitt was on there when it was still in the 80's I was like uhhh..I could have sworn she didn't show up until it was like..dying as a series in the early 90's because she wasn't on there that long. I hate how the Disney channel is now..although I do sometimes enjoy Lizzie Maguire and the Zenon movies. I enjoyed Disney better when they had the MMC and Kids Inc and Under the Umbrella tree (which I think was more of a 90's thing I'm pretty sure but I still enjoyed it) Dumbo's Circus and Pooh Corner (with people in like..giant costumes..LOL in a way its kinda creepy, yet cool) Gummi Bears, Wuzzles and all that. And, of course, Saturday morning cartoons are crap now. There is barely any even ON now. And don't get me started on Nickelodeon lol. I would always get depressed when I would watch Hey Dude when I was like 15 and realize that the last episode was filmed in like..1991 or 92 LOL and Melody is married to Ben Stiller and except for Ted doing some Sabrina The Teenage Witch and Are You Afraid of the Dark and other tv shows he hasn't done much. As for the others I haven't seen them anywhere. I loved Muppet Babies and Peewee..and my favorite Christmas shows are Emmett Otters Jugband Christmas and Muppet Family Christmas where they go to Fozzies moms house and meet the Fraggles. And, of course, Christmas on Sesame Street where Big Bird ice skates lol I feel kind of old because I'm going to be 24 next year. I'm married and am expecting my first child in June LOL and lots of kids I went to high school with that were born in 1980 are married and some have kids as well its kinda scary, especially for people that are older than me. Because right now I am at the stage of laughing about it but in a couple of years I will REALLY feel old LOL An old best friend of mine and I were talking earlier about how we used to play kick ball and tether ball and watch Degrassi Junior High in health class. (Certain episodes like Spike getting pregnant and eating disorders and such) Then after every health class was recess so the girls would be on one side of the parking lot going "it's not FAIR! nothing happens to boys!" and the boys would be actually ENJOYING recess on the other side LOL! Then, when it rained and we had inside recess, we watched Ramona Quimby episodes on video tape. We pretended we were unicorns and redbulls (because of the movie The Last Unicorn which I think may have predated the 80s but i'm not sure I certainly know that at least a couple people, my husband included, who are from Texas and I am from Maine used to watch it constantly. Its just a movie too..not a series so its like we watched it a few times a week LOL its weird finding someone else who did these things) I remember my younger sister who was probably two or three at the time being obessesed with Raffi.
Remember dancing flowers. I...well, I still have mine. And I spotted it on "I Love the '80s Strikes Back: 1989." The same EXACT one!
The other night at work, a customer asked me if we carried the movie "Ishtar." You heard that right--"Ishtar"--one of the biggest flops of the 1980s. I was so embarrassed to look it up in the computer, and thankfully, it wasn't there. And I had to break the news to the customer while trying to keep a straight
I feel old when I see culture 'accelerating', if you know what I'm talking about. Here in the UK we are running some shows on Channel 4 called the 'adult at 14' season, showing 14 year old kids basically acting like 18 year olds. I remember when I was 14 I was still a kid, and had no desire to take drugs, break the law and get people pregnant. The '90s just revelled in tearing away the mystique and surprise from everything. It was a decade of cynicism without the essential irony, and kids of the '90s are, in my view, deprived. There's so much pressure to 'grow up', then you realise you've had your childhood taken away from you. This NEVER happened in the '80s. Anyone remember anything being marketed at kids - even younger teenagers - as 'sexy' or 'in fashion' in the '80s? No, it was all about just being yourself - that was cool. I'm still myself. If this was the '80s, I'd be cool, now I'm just 'weird'.
If you are starting to get a little excited about the possibility of a fourth Indiana Jones and are starting to get little worried that George Lucas in the year 2017, says he will remake the original star wars trilogy by making it all cgi, remaking all the light-saber fights and completely removing the ewoks and replacing them with some kind of lizards. Does this make anyone else a little quesy or is it just me in my crusty old age of 26?
You know what's really weird? I'm always telling kids born in the 80's that they are too young to remember it, but the other day I was told that I was too young to truly experience/remember the 80's!!! Talk about role reversal! I was born in 1975, and a woman 10 years older then me who was born in 1965 really got on me case by telling me that I was way too young to experience the 80's, since I was just a kid in 1982, 1983, and 1984. That experience pissed me off, because how dare she say I was too young to know the 80's. But it was weird, because it had been some years since I was told that I was actually too young for the 80's...I forgot what it felt like. I usually feel so old in the post 2000 years, because I'm 28 and closing in on 30, but this experience made me feel like a kid again.
Talking to someone at work about an "older guy", and she says, "he's almost 30". Laughingly I said, "almost 30 isn't old", and that's not much of an "older guy", afterall I'm 28. Funny thing is, this girl at work is not THAT much younger then me. She's 24, yet she talks about people my age like we're 20 years older then her. I remember I stopped making jokes about 30 year olds or "almost 30 years olds" 4 years ago when I turned 24, because I knew I was now too close to that age to keep making jokes about it and acting like I was still some punk kid. So I don't get why she at 24 is still looking at 30 as some kind of super old age.
The really bad thing about getting older is that you see these kids coming out of high school around now and you see that they act the same damn way you did when you were their age. And you know that time is really warped for them, because of their age, remember their is a temporal explanation for why a 17 or 18 year old would see 1988 and 1996 as being a lot longer ago then the rest of us do. They don't see 5, 6 or 10 years the same way you see 5, 6 or 10 years because they haven't lived as long. AND they would obviously think of you as some kind of old person/adult. After all, you remember it was the same way for you back in the day.
Remember when Russia was the USSR, when Germany was two countries and Czechoslovakia was one, countries like Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania didn't (technically) exist, Nelson Mandela was imprisoned in Apartheid-governed South Africa and Yugoslavia was a popular holiday destination? My God, what a lot has changed.
I have a Kermit the Frog Christmas stocking holder sitting on my bookshelf in my bedroom that my mother bought from Hallmark in 1983!!
Remember a computer game called "Treehouse"??? It's from the late 1980s, and we used to play it in 3rd grade in 1991. Jeez, we wee mesmerized by that game, ESPECIALLY the song that the little radio played "Hangin' out at the TREEHOUSE!!!" We got our kicks when everyone in the class played it simultaneously! Does ANYONE remember this game?
A 19 year old co-worker didn't know anything about Crystal Pepsi.
Everything from the 80's is considered retro/classic/oldies, not just 1982, but 1989 too. The whole damn decade. That's enough to make me feel old.
I thought wow am I old when my little cousin thought "I want candy" was by Aaron Carter and not Bow Wow and " I love Rock and Roll" was by Britney Spears and not Joan Jett. Then when I told her who they were really by she answered by saying "Who?" Wow am I old!!! and yes those of you born in 1987 and on do not remember the 80's. It's practically impossible!!!!
I attended school in the 80's!!!!!!
Children born in the 80's are now graduating from High School and even college!!!!
I am certainly not anywhere near "old" at age 28. I know I'm still damn young, but what I am still not completely over is the end of my "kid life" and the fact that I am "pushing 30". I thought I would get used to this when I hit 25 back in 2000 and that it would get easier, but I am NOT getting used to it. I was still thinking of myself as a kid up till just a few years ago, but I've been a "grown up" or "adult" for the past few years now and that's still tough to get used to for me. When I read something in the paper that says something like, "and that's what Matt Stevens, a 32 year old marketing executive from Chicago had to say" I think to myself damn that dude is old. Then I realize that 32 year olds are only 4 years older then me! It seems like 90% of people my age are married, divorced, or engaged to be married, with like 7 or 8 kids to add onto that. Just 5 years ago, it was still a very different story. I had a 10 year high school reunion this year, and '03 is nearly over! It all goes by so freakin' fast, one minute you're a high school kid or around 19, then the next....
I was 10 year old in 1980, 19 in '89.....a true 80's girl and I am PROUD! Sometimes I get a little annoyed when "kids" born in the late 80's try to say they are children of the 80's. I feel lucky to have been born when I was and to have expereinced such an amazing decade!
I remember Crystal Pepsi!!!! I'm glad someone else does too!!!!!!!
Hey, I'm only 17 but I consider myself an 80's child! I remember almost everything about my time in the 80's and I love it! I still dress moderately 80's and my room is decorated with Ninja Turtles. Oh, and Crystal Pepsi rocked! It was all I would drink when it came out!
I'm 29--born in June 1974. First let me say that I adore the '80s, because it's where I spent my formative years (ages 5 1/2 to 15 1/2). The 1980s were flawed--as all decades are--but for the most part, I believe they had more character than the '90s and '00s. It was a fun, frothy, cheesy decade, and I'll always look back on it in fondness. Now let me shift gears. For the past few years, most of my friends and I have been dreading turning 30. "Oh, we're so OLD!" we keep moaning. And yet...we recognize that we're not REALLY old. Old compared to what we were 10 years ago, sure, but not old in the grand scheme of things. Thirty is still a really young age. I think it's quite unfair for older generations to condemn the feelings of oldness that younger people experience. I mean, most young people feel old at one point or another. Feeling old when you're actually young is a natural phenomenon (especially when you hit your mid-twenties and realize that you're no longer a kid and really do have to become self-sufficient), and therefore it's not fair to mock or minimize a person for feeling old when s/he isn't. It'd be easy for me to scoff at a 16-year-old who is complaining about feeling old, but in all fairness, who am I to judge? I too had moments at age 16 when I felt old. Moments when I realized, "Holy crap, I'm not a kid anymore. I'm not legally able to drive. I'm only two years away from being an adult and going off to college. Where has the time gone??" I legitimately felt old at the time, and there's no shame in that, just like there's no shame in feeling old at any other age--no matter HOW ridiculous or unjustified it seems to other people. Hindsight is 20/20, as they say. When I look back at myself as a 16 year old, I realize that I was unbelievably young, although I felt old at the time. And when I'm in my 40s or 50s and look back at myself as a 29 year old, I'll think the same thing. I think part of what drives us young'uns to feel old is the fact that we live in a very youth-driven culture. The average model is considered over the hill by, what, age 23? The Olsen twins were tycoons by age 17. Some of the hottest pop stars--Justin Timberlake, Aaron Carter, Hilary Duff, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne, etc--were only born in the '80s. American Idol and The Real World won't accept applications from people older than 24. It is becoming more and more common to hear about people in their twenties getting Botox injections and buying wrinkle cream. Youth rules the roost, and in the face of this, of COURSE those of us who are getting older tend to feel ancient. Compounding the problem are two more quirks with our society. First of all, we don't respect the aging process. We fight it at every given turn. Every other week People Magazine touts the virtues of aging actresses who look freakishly young, praising them for their youthful appearance instead of their skills. We stare in disbelief when we see a younger person with gray hairs, not understanding why s/he won't just dye it. Secondly, we seem to have some weird rule which says that after you hit age 30, you're not allowed to act young anymore. This is pretty much why I'm freaking out over the idea of turning 30. I feel like turning 30 means that--in the eyes of everyone else--my freedom to act young will officially be over. After age 30, we're supposed to hit the marriage-baby-mortgage track at top speed. Women are supposed to have "soccer mom" hair. We're not supposed to wear trendy clothes anymore or drive a car that isn't sensible. We're not supposed to go out dancing or take road trips just for the hell of it. Frumpiness and pure practicality beckons. Why is this the case??? If you truly like those things, then more power to you, but those things shouldn't be FORCED upon people just because they've reached their thirties and forties. I wish it were more socially acceptable to be a responsible, productive older member of society while still being cool. I don't want to trade in my funky vintage and secondhand clothes for "grown up" clothes from Talbots. I don't want to give away my Docs and slip into sensible pumps. I don't want to trade my mp3s for Yanni CDs. I won't remove the controversial (by some standards!) bumper stickers from my car. Etc, etc, etc. And thus ends my rant o' the day...
Watching the new He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe show and thinking how bad it is and remembering how great the original 1983 series was!!
You realize you have forgotten the words to the themes songs of Full House and Family Matters
I went shopping the other day, and asked a clerk if he could help me find the DVD of "St. Elmo's Fire." Not only did he get the title wrong when he was explaining it to anoter clerk, he asked me what movie that was. Needless to say, I still don't have a copy of "St.Elmo's Fire," which I now have to special order through work!!!! I'll give an update on this...
I can remember a little from the 80's, I started kindergarten in 1987 and I remember my teacher being a bitch.I miss that decade though, I wish you can turn back time.To bad I wasn't a teenager in the 80's,but at least I was born in the 80's.Can't belive it's been two decades!
it really ticked me off when i heard that britney spears thought pat benatar sang "i love rock n' roll". GIRL...IT WAS JOAN JETT!
ATARI, ColecoVision, Nintendo vs Sega, Dukes of Hazzard, A-Team, Rolling your stone-washed jeans tight at the ankles, New Kids on the Block, Pee Wee Herman, Inspector Gadget, Voltron, Apple IIe, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, Arcades, Having spitball fights on the schoolbus, Smurfs, Alf, "Whatchu talkin' 'bout Willis!", CHiPs, Twilight Zone, Charles in Charge, Cosby Show, Punky Brewster, Silver Spoons, Webster, Who's the Boss, Barbie, Bubblicious bubble gum, "Can't beat the feeling!" Coke commercials, McGruff, Pound Puppies, cassette tapes/records, Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson, Prince, the first Nike Air's, the list goes on and on...
I was born in 1973, and I can relate to nearly all the comments here about getting older, time going by so fast after you hit 15 or 16 so, and losing youth. It's so weird seeing kids born in the 80's as teens/young adults, and seeing the babies born in the early 90's as pre-teens. This whole "being 30" and being a full fledged grown up thing sure does suck. Next year I'll be 31, and it'll just keep getting worse I suppose.
I was on a message board where people where talking about The Transformers, but little did I know that I was the only one there that was old enough to be around and remember back in 1984 when the Generation 1 Transformers first came out. The discussion on this board was about Transformers continuity, and how the original 80's version was causing problems for them because supposedly it didn't gel well with the comics, Beast Wars/Beast Machines, and the new Transformers Armada show they have out now. So someone said, "see that's why we need to just ignore that old 80's cartoon for good". I can't tell you how instantly offended and old I felt when I read that. I knew some punk kid that didn't grow up in the 80's wrote that, NO ONE that was around back then would ever say "lets just ignore the old 80's show for continuity purposes". Now I know how people that grew up with the original Star Trek felt when The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine were popular back in the 80's and 90's and people would put down the original Trek for being old. Anyway to hell with these stupid kids around now and their jacked up Millenium Transformers. They wouldn't even have any of this if it wasn't for the blockbuster success of our original 80's version.
I was born in 1979 and my husband was born in 1983. Seems like a small difference right? There's a lot of stuff that I watched on tv or toys that I had that he hasn't even heard of. Just that 4 year difference makes me feel old all the time! Its like a whole other generation!
I can remember when Michael Jackson was black!!
Time is pretty damn unforgiving ain't it?
I know i was only born in the late 80's but i miss all the fun stuff i member how full house was the KEWLEST show ever and i loveeeeeeed blossom. and the corny music and to this day i have my atari set up in my room with 20 still working games......these stupid games now i cant win to save my life.... but good ol REAL frogger i got down pat ;-)
I remeber a hocky video game on nintendo where the USSR was still a team.
Hearing the term "a 32-year-old marketing executive" associated with such a cool name like "Matt Stevens"! And realizing that 32 means a Generation X dude born in the 70s - not some crotchety old "grown-up" born in the 40s or 50s like it would generally mean in the 80s
When talking to a 16 year old friend, she told me she had no idea what a Commodore 64 was... And I felt SOOO old!!
Does anyone else here agree that Full House is NOT an eighties show? WTF, it started in 1987 the LATE eighties and ended in 1995!! It had less than three years of airing in the 80s and more than FIVE YEARS IN THE NINETIES!
Well to respond to the post below,---Full House is seen as an "80's show" for the same reasons that Saved by the Bell (1989-1994), Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990-1996), Beverly Hills 90210 (1990-2000), and Urkel's show Family Matters (1989-1997) are seen as "80's shows" by some people....usually people not old enough to remember the true 80's. These shows all just barely aired in the 80's for maybey 2 or 3 months in 1989 and in some cases like Fresh Prince and 90210, never even aired in the 1980's at all. But here and there they have their left over 1989 styled neon, tight jeans, and white high top sneakers in the early 90's, thus people think it's an 80's show. The same EXACT thing happened with the early 80's and the 70's. These shows aren't "real 80's" shows like Punky Brewster, Silver Spoons, Cosby Show, Growing Pains, or Facts of Life would be. Though in the case of Full House, it did start in 1987, giving it a bonfide Late 80's presence, so yeah it is partially 80's. So if you are offended and feel old because they are now even airing 1990's shows on Nick at Nite today in 2003, don't feel too bad. Nick at Nite isn't the I Love Lucy/Leave it to Beaver/Honeymooners/I Dream of Jeannie channel it used to be. These days Nick at Nite just seems to air whatever is simply not on the air anymore. So if it was still on the air in 1995 and 1996, who cares? Nick at Nite will air it, it's not like the old days when they would only air shows from the 50's, 60's, and at times 70's....which was usually at least a good 20 to 35 years ago, or even 40+ years ago back during our time of the 80's and 90's.
It's weird to think that today in 2003/2004, some of the real or fictional teenage characters we grew up with in the 1980's like Marty McFly, Alex P. Keaton, Molly Ringwald, Duckie, and Daniel LaRusso would be around 35 or 36 years old. Kirk Cameron is already 33, and Christina "Kelly Bundy" Apppelgate is 32. Those ages are certainly NOWHERE near "old", 35 and 36 is not even close to the ballpark of "old". I mean J-Lo is 33. And I bet a 60 year old would love to be 36. But it's just weird to think of those guys as "the adults" now, I mean they're old enough to run for President.
The lady that played the mom on "Growing Pains", Joanna Kerns aka Maggie Seaver, was only 32 years old when that show first aired back in 1985!! The guy who played her son Kirk Cameron, aka Mike Seaver, is 33 years old TODAY!!!!! He's older then his "mom" was back in 1985! Hahaha, it puts everything about life and past misconceptions about reality into a more clear perspective doesn't it? We all get older, and go from rebellious kids to responsbile grown ups and parents. We don't just stay in one age bracket or demographic forever. Hey that's just life.
I Can't believe George Michael is 40 years old!! I remember when I was a big fan of his Faith album. He was 25 back then!! Regards :-)
Now that the new Garbage Pail Kid Stickers are out I showed a pack to my girlfriend and she had no clue of what they were. She had never heard of them before. GD I feel old. She was born the year that they came out.
You remember when having a page was the ultimate in high tech mobile electronics
Collecting those horror movie cards like fright night and nightmare on elm street
I do not like getting older at all. I do not like all the responsiblities of adult life, I miss my youth. I also do not enjoy being looked at as a "grown up" by teenagers or by people in their early 20's. Children sure, but when teens and even early 20 somethings start thinking of you as a grown up and calling you "sir", "ma'am", or putting "Mr." or "Ms." infront of your first name because they are uncomfortable being on a first name basis with know you have gotten older and have become an "adult". The friendly little platidues people talk about like becoming "wiser" or "more mature" do not make me feel better. I still think getting older sucks after the age of 23.
I did get my copy of "St. Elmo's Fire" from work!!!! Ah, I am so lucky to have gotten it, on a format that I can watch it on for a long time to come!!!!
I was in high school during the late 1990s and into the early part of the 2000s (1997-2001). Anyway, my 11th grade (1999-2000) history teacher pulled down the map of the world, and everyone started laughing. Why, you may ask? The map still said "USSR" on it!
wearing pantyhose with cutoff jean shorts...bad home perms...nuff said
Born in 1971, I was able to appreciate the '80's. With a sister 4 years older than me, I REALLy got to see the wild side of the 80's. Music, Dress, Talk, everything changed after the '70's and I can say I was there.
Over Thanksgiving, I went back home to Michigan and while shopping in the store, I strolled in the toy department and I found a "Little Miss Makeup" doll on the shelf. I was so excited to see and explain what the point of the doll was until I read at the top where the was a gold strip and they called it a "CLASSIC TOY." Boy, did I feel old!!!!
Born in 1981, I remember this life size picture of Michael Jackson in the very front of the HMV store to get customers interested. Now everybody thinks he's either the weirdest guy on Earth or a pedophile and you get to hear his songs only if you requested it on the "Lost in the 80s" radio show...
I just figured it out that most of my friends don't even know about some things that were (and still are) almost sacred to me - like music, movies and so on. I was born in 1981 and had only like 10 years as the 80's officially went to history, but stll I was stuck living with my four cousins who were going to highschool in my home town and so I like totally lived through everything that marked the 80's so significantly that even today I feel so influenced by it and yet nostalgic. Who can forget ALF, E.T., The Goonies, Saved by the Bell early Saturday mornings on NBC... or Cindy Lauper, Dirty Dancing and Ghost.. My cousin was like totally crazy about Patrick Swayze and she was like 18 when Dirty Dancing was released. She had those dark (I think denim?)jeans with some flouroscent applications and HUGE earrings, as well as a gallon of hairspray on her hair :) I just want to say I feel privileged I actually LIVED and REALLY experienced these beatiful years. See ya
You think that OJ Simpson is a color analyst on Monday Night Football. When MTV plays stictly music videos. When PC's run on DOS command, and you have to actually type a name of a progam to actually play the game. When computers only uses three fore colors (and just one solid background) When the Internet was used only between goverment agencies
Hey guys, forget the 80s for a moment and think about this, in a few days it will be Jan 1. That means it will have been 5yrs since 1999 and 14 since 1990. Next month it will be ten years since Tonya clubbed Nancy(that was kinda funny admit it), in June it will be ten since the bronco chase(did you watch), and can you believe in April it will be ten years since Kurt Cobain, died (where were you). We just keep getting older don't we?
I remember being in 5th grade (1993-94) and seeing this documentary about becoming a woman called "Growing Up on Broadway." It was from 1984 and starred the child stars of the broadway show "Annie." Apparently, they were all having their periods at the same time. Ok, cheesy documentaries teaching girls the importance of understanding puberty...only in the 1980s.
I was just an 80's baby (b. 1983), but I'm shocked to hear that kids don't know what a VHS deck is! For the love of Pete, I still have a BETA deck in my room! I remember when we got our first VHS and how amazingly "high tech" this was...(even though Beta is higher quality than VHS). And, I know that this is a 90's thing, but remember LASERDISCS? This is pathetic and weird, but it also makes me sad to remember brand logos from the 80s that have since been changed.
I can still sing the theme to the Transformers word for word, can you?
Remember when Nickelodeon was only on for half the day? Then they had "Camp Nickelodeon" in the afternoons, then there was this big, new "Nick at Nite" thing and Nickelodeon was an ALL-DAY channel. And they still showed cool stuff like "You Can't Do that on Television" "Dangermouse" and "The Mysterious Cities of Gold."
Talking to a hip slick 16 year old who prided himself on being an alternative rock fanatic, he didn't even know who Depeche Mode or New Order were. I thought to myself "Oh my God....this is like when MY parents talked about the 'music of their time.'"
When a girl that is two years younger than me didn't know who Debbie Gibson (or Deborah as she's now known) was, THAT made me feel old!
Watching the "B-episode" on my Charlie Brown Christmas DVD. It was a second coming of the original special and aired in 1982, entitled "It's Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown." There is scene where Charlie wants to buy a gift for his girlfriend from camp, and when he says he doesn't have any money, Lucy (I think) says, "You should use your credit card then." Could that have sounded more '80s, regarding that whole "buy now, pay later" attitude? No wonder there was a huge deficit!!!!
Chances are, if you watched alot of kiddie movies like I did in the 1980s, you probably remember the logos of these 2 defunct production companies: Sunbow Productions (the bouncing balloons with the black screen and cheesy music), and Hi-Tops Productions (the red sneaker lacing up the white shoe laces). I recently rediscovered the Hi-Tops logo at work, when I was watching an old copy of "Charlie Brown Christmas" that my store acquired in the mid-1980s (I think 1985).
You know you are old when you are no longer to young to do anything. At 27 no one will ever think you are too young to marry. They'll ask what's taking you so long, when you are going to have those kids already...30 year old guys don't seem so old anymore. I remember when my DAD was in his early 30s....
I was born in '75 and was definitly a "CHILD OF THE '80'S" I remember having Strawberry Shortcake stuff now they have the NEW 20th. Anniversary Strawberry Shortcake..I am old!:( My 7 year old daughter is now into Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake..I have to admit, it is exciting to see her get excited as well as I did when I recieved Strawberry Shortcake and Care Bears:)
Yeah I can relate to one of the posts below. I'm 26 and no one thinks I'm "too young" to get married and have kids anymore. Nearly everyone I meet keeps hassling me about settling down, getting married and starting a family. They just won't shut up about it. It's pretty freaking annoying, I mean why don't people mind their own damn buisness? 5 years ago when I was 21, I was in another world, still very much a "kid" world where I could still act and dress like a kid and get away with it. Anyone that was married or had kids at age 21 was really starting early. No one pressured me to get married and have kids 5 years ago. Today I'm in the mystical land of "grown ups", a netherworld where your parents come from and where I used to think all the fairies and elves lived. Yeah I know people think you don't get there till 30, but I feel like you get there by the time you're in your mid 20's.
If you are over the age of 23, and still living at home with your parents.
I know this 11 year old girl that was born in 1992 and she looks 16 or 17. You should try talking to a kid born in the 90's. It. Will. Make. You. Feel. OLD! (especially if you are biologically old enough to be their mom or dad) People think it's bad that kids can't remember or werent' around for the 80's....hello I got some devasting news for's not just the 1980's anymore....
The Stars Of Degrassi Jnr High Are Now Bald & Responsible...
In the part of the world I am from when we were growing up we called anyone of a certain age (generally 30 and over) as "Uncles" and "Aunties". Loosely translated these terms means "grown ups" or "adults". I'm a 26 year old woman, and I am not looking forward to being a full fledged official Auntie in the near future!! I'll be kicked out of the young club and forced into the Auntie club. I thought I was always going to be sort of like a kid and in my youth!
I am 25 and I was tell a 18 year old that leg-warmers were coming back in style (I swear I saw a teenager wearing them with heels) and I had to explain what leg-warmers were and how you wore them ;)
Wow, I was born in 1976. I was in Washington state when Mt. St. Helens errupted. I still remember how dark it was. It was snowing only ashes & you couldn't breathe it in. My Mom was more freaked ouot than I was. I have a little brother who was born in 1985. I remember getting up early (when it actually mattered) on saturday mornings to watch QUALITY cartoons. TMNT, Smurfs, Snorks, and Ghost Busters. I sware my brother had every TMNT and Ghost Buster toy known to man. He even still has a few. He even had the green slime that got everywhere. I remember my brother threw some on the ceiling, it actually stained the ceiling. We laughed for years over that. The 80s was a GREAT time to be a child. You could actually wear stripes with polka dots and no one cared. That is until you reached Jr. High and had to have the LA Gear shoes, so you could be COOL!!! The 80s were TOTALLY awesome. Great memories, of music, toys and fashion. What can I say I still have an 80s frame of mind. Still LOVE Micheal Jackson & Bret Michaels and always will. I still wear my SWATCHES with Pride!! Rock ON 1980's and Bring ON 2004!!!!
Remember The Goonies, well did you hear they might make a sequel to it? If they do, it will be a late twenties and early thirties crowd that will go see it. I will.
If you find yourself blaming all the evil in the world on people under the age of 21, then you know you have gotten older. And if you run around saying "How will such a movie/song affect our youth!?", then you REALLY know you have gotten OLDER.
Knowing that "Honey" is a cheap hip hop rip off of "Flashdance" and being familiar with "The Littles". Hopefully, the cartoon wasn't butchered up like He-Man, Transformers, Ninja Turtles, Dance Fever, Headbangers Ball, etc. If "The Littles" were remade, it would include potty humor and Tom & Lucy would be more like Jack & Kelly Osbourne and hidden gay jokes would be used for Dinky. (I've noticed some hidden adult jokes on "The Fairy Godparents" with the male Fairy who remends me of the male lead character of "Will & Grace")) And cartoons aren't the way they used to be. Plus, that's the only thing I've been watching on Saturday mornings. (It's a part of a block of cartoons from DIC...I know that "The Littles" were already butchered on a movie) And BET has a music video show called "Grown Folks' Music" that plays videos from the '80's to mid 1990's. And MTV 2 has a similiar show, respectively called, "Old School Hip Hop". Funny since they also play R&B videos,but they're better than the over sexed hip hop/R&B videos today. I recently saw Young MC's "Bust A Move" video and, boy things have changed. If it was done now, it would be overloaded with a lot of sexually explicit images. Like "Me So Horny" (2 Live Crew), wich was consider controversial in 1989 and now a million hip hop videos are like that!!!
Nick Rocks. I have yet to meet anyone that remembers Nick Rocks. I remember they had rock stars guest hosting all the time, like one time it was Billy Idol, then Thompson Twins, and then *gag* The New Kids On The Block. *sigh* I miss Nick Rocks. It was awesome. Oh, and does anyone else remember the movie "Flight Of The Navigator" with that kid from "Runaway", Joey Cramer? Flight of the Navigator was the bomb.
You're familiar with the California Raisons. And rememebering their claymated special with the two Siskle & Ebert caractures of claymated dinosaurs hosting. While reading other posts, knowing that The Garfield Christmas & Holloween specals are nolonger played on network TV. (I think they ran on CBS.) And remembering their Saturday morning cartoon show ("Garfield & Friends")and the cartoon segment on the show that included Orson Pig, Wade Duck,two sheep, and a chick that chases a worm.
You were born before the year 1980.
Getting older can be embarrassing, especially if you feel that your life is not where it "should be" or that you haven't accomplished enough. When I remember what I used to think about people 8-15 years older then me back in the 80's and 90's, and I realize....F*CK! Kids today think the same thing about people my age now. I hate how life reverses that on you so fast. What's scary is that we'll all be even older before we know it.
Remember another defunct animation company called "Flmations"? (The original "Masters of the Universe", original "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Care Bears, Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids", etc.) Speaking of cartoons, I recently saw an episode of "The Littles" where Henry Biggs, the average sized kid, told the Littles that he's going to computer camp for a week to learn about the home computer...Sounds dated.
Because it's 2004. 1984 was 20 years ago and 1994 was 10 years ago. 'Nuff said. How old will you be this year? Are you a non-youth (over 22) 20 something or 30 something?
Just watching the movie "Ghostbusters", and it hit me that this film from 1984 is 20 freakin' years old!! My God, I can't believe that this movie and these characters that I grew up when I was a child like Peter Venkman, Egon, Ray, Winston, Janine, Luis, and Slimer are from "20 years ago". Holy crap, when we were kids in the 1960's, the Beatles, the Civil Rights movement, hippies, and the Vietnam War were 20 years ago back in the 80's!! I also remember watching the first Ghostbusters movie in the THEATER back in 1984!!! So I did not grow up with this movie or anything from the 80's second hand or in reruns...I remember nearly all of the 80's when it was actually happening the first time around. (and it has not escaped me that the 90's are already ancient history to the kids around today either)
You know who Steve Guttenberg is. You also remember when the guy was actually famous.
Looney tunes hardly being aired on network tv. (Remember "Bugs Bunny & Tweety Show" on ABC?) And even worse, I've read on a message board that somebody's 3 year old kid had no clue about who Tweety and Daffy Duck were. Which is unfortunately true since Saturday Morning cartoons are now mainly stuff from cable networks (like what I read on another post). And older cartoons and those from the '80's & '90's are now seen on digital/satellite channels like Boomerang, Nicktoons TV, and Toon Disney. And mid '90's cable network Cartoon Network also rarely shows any classic Warner Brothers cartoons. Now mostly showing their cartoons and "Tom & Jerry" and "Scooby Doo" cartoons from the 1970's to today's incarnation. And noticed that today's incarnation of "Scooby Doo" has a Warner Bros. Guess that it's now owned by Warner Bros. Guess that the long time "Looney Tunes" cartoons staple has come to a close. Pretty pathetic. And to another post "The Littles",THANKFULLY, isn't part of the Kids WB network, but a package from the DIC cartoon hour that's a block of cartoons. Unfortunately, "The Littles" are the oldest cartoon from their block along with 'toons from the '90's and this decade. Atleast it's more worth watching today's cartoons. (Can you say "Ed, Edd, and Eddy"?) As for music, MTV 2 specials ("Credible One Hit Wonders", "Most Irritating Videos") only talk about music that dates back to the early 1990's. And on their "Top 22 Albums list", only 4 are from the 1980's. Heck, they didn't mention any from Depeche Mode, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Van Halen, Prince, and Def Leppard. It's like that they aim to people from ages 13 to 25.The only '80's videos they play are from hip hop & R&B artists. (No offense to fans of that genre,but I'm more into a word call "DIVERSITY") And hardly play alternative gems, that probably doesn't air in VH1 Classic, from the early/mid 1990's,except on a show called "Greatest Hits". But what about the one, two hit wonders? Plus, the new "Headbangers Ball" is unwatchable and too much hip hop!!! MTV2, came to my cable system, is just as pathetic as today's MTV and VH1. Except they air mose videos. Unfortunately, "VH1 Classic" is on satellite and NOT on my system. Though I could watch "The Littles" (heavily edited, but atleast it's not a remake) or old school hip hop videos (100% better than today's/ mid to late '90's hip hop videos)instead of "The Fairly Oddparents" and nu metal/teen pop trash that's out now. Which isn't all that bad. Finally, about the darker "Ninja Turtles", the corny/souped up "Masters of the Universe", and jeans wearing "Strawberry Shortcake". I think it's an attempt to target today's kids. Which is done to some toys and cartoons. And a few, like "Raggedy Anne" from the turn of the past century, hardly change. Something that puzzles me. (Recalling the campy '60's Batman series and the darker Batman movies from 1989 to 1997) Fortunately, some of my young relatives, whom are kids, prefer watching tapes of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" from the 1980's/early '90's than the current darker incarnation.
I felt old when I found that Kelly Ripa of "Regis and Kelly" was 33 years old. That's only 5 years older then me. She's good looking, but she looks and acts like a much older woman in that's in her 40's. She has the wrinkles of someone who is at least in their late 30's, if not older. I felt really old when I saw her once trying to be hip and in the know of current pop culture like Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake. She sems like she belongs in a Cub Scout den mom meeting or something, it brought back painful and embarrasing memories of my childhood in the 80's when "the adults" would try and act cool and spout off hip kid stuff and get it totally wrong. Or maybey Kelly Ripa is looking and acting her age, and I in my late 20's just can't accept my lost youth?
The Karate Kid, Terminator, and Ghostbusters are all twenty years old and I saw all three at the theater. Here is a question I have for all of you, back in the summer of 84 during the L.A. Olympic Games on HBO they played this cartoon that was basically olympic themed and it only aired that summer. I know my description is vague but do any of you out there know what I'm talking about?
Transformers are 20, nuff said.
Stacy's mom (aka Rachel Hunter) was born in 1969 and is 34 1/2 years old. You know I'm really not much younger then her...UGGHHHH. My older sister is the same age as Stacy's mom. I knew that would qualify as a MILF today would unfortunately be either someone my age or someone not all that much older then me.
with the Apple IIc's and how you had to insert each disk for a different program, and then you flipped the disc over... and most don't even remember that! CD roms were unheard of!
Holy cr*p!! The Transformers celebrate their 20th anniversary this year!!!! The TV show came out in 1984!!
I was watching MacGyver & Cheers on TV Land today (I thought that was for shows on before the 80's!) and during a break they aired what they call a "retromercial". . . 'Where's The Beef?'! How could they do this to us 80's kids? What'll they show next, Max Headroom? Ernest? The California Raisins? And what I find really shocking is The Cosby Show, Night Court, and my favorite NBC show ever, Miami Vice, all turn 20 years old this year, but no special TV events are being planned. Why are the Cable TV people trying to make us feel old?!? Long Live The 80's!
You know who the Noid is.
Going into K-Mart with my child and hearing a Phil Collins tune being played on their intercom system. Oh it gets this point my 5 year old daughter loudly exclaims "Hey Dad, this is one of those OLD songs you like to listen to!!!!" The other people around me thought it was funny, except the people who were our age!
I'm 20 years old now. So towards the end of this year (11/22/04) I will be 21. My brother will be 24 at the end of this year. One year under the halfway point to 50. YIKES! Yes, it astounds me that I'm the same age as the original Cabbage Patch Kids dolls. VH-1 really opened my eyes when they showed the exact same Glo-Worm I owned. The all green one with an orange tassle on top (it's still with me) I remember owning a bunch a Super Mario Bros. memorabillia (the Sleeping Bag, the PJs, coloring books.) (Remember "Do the Mario" anyone?) I remember using the Apple IIc computers back in grade school. My school used those up to when I was in 6th grade.
Knight Rider, A-Team, Transformers, Karate Kid and the Reagan presidency are all 20 years old? LOL, my god when we were growing up back in the 80's the Beatles, Woodstock, and the Vietnam War were "20 years ago".
Molly Ringwald is now a mother! Not mentioned: Anybody who rememember, including myself, when TV programs didn't have ratings. Which came around in 1997. (i.e. TVG, TVPG, TV14, etc.) And I recently saw videos from George Michael ("I Want Your Sex", uncensored), Warrant ("Cherry Pie"), 2 Live Crew ("Me So Horny"), Sir Mix-A-Lot ("Baby Got Back"), and Madonna ("Justify My Love") that were consider too controversial on MTV2, but now appear tame by today's standards. Including Madonna's "Justify My Love", which was banned from MTV in 1990!!!
hulk hogan's rock n wrestling
I found a picture of the Transformers beach towel my brother had when we were three years old on a website. I had a My Little Pony beach towel at the same time, which I'm still looking for online.
If you ever try to pretend that you really DIDN'T grow up in the 80's, and try and fake some half assed amensia, "Oh I can't remember, I was way too young. I only remember stuff like Knight Rider, Optimus Prime, and Punky Brewster",....when you know damn well that it's the contrary and that you DID grow up back then and remember a helluva lot more then just KITT turbo boosting over the bad guys. Come on, you know listened to all the music from the 80's like Wham, Meneundo, Run DMC, LL Cool J, New Kids on the Block, and Depeche Mode. Don't act like you can't remember.
omg! i was born in 1984 but i remember watching films on the betamax - those tapes were huge! and i remember waiting 20 minutes for the games on the tape in my spectrum to load then crash only to have to start again! i loved the goonies and flight of the navigator that had SJP in it when she was younger. i remember the care bears and their movie that had the evil book with the green face, ive got a new care bear now but my friends still have their old ones and cabbage patch dolls! in school all the boys had transformers *robots in disguise* the turtles and ghost buster toys. I bought Grease 2 recently and on the cover Michelle Pheiffer has the same earrings on that my lil sis(born 1988) wears now!!. She wears the leg warmers too! i remember my mum used to wear those! I loved sesame street, count duckula, dogtanian, *let the music play, leave your worries for another day la la la-la la DOWN ON FRAGGLE ROCK*, the muppet babies, *gummy bears bouncing here and there and everywhere they are the gummy bears!*, *uly-seeeee-eeeee-ee-eee-eeeees*, the ewoks,thunder thunder thunder thunder CATS!, heman and shera! wow i remember loadsa 80s songs - the cure, aztec camera,new order, prince, michael jackson,van halen luved them all!! im kinda glad its all getting resurected now coz i was only 6 when the 80s ended so its good to have a chance to see the teenage things from then. (Im only 19 now!!)
I was born 1983, Just a few days ago I came a cross a birtday card from my first birthday. It was carebears. I remember when I was little my Dad suprised me with a tape of new kids on the block. Have you noticed it's okay to dress like Jem? It's weird to see everyone wear leg warmers, side pony tails, and 80's jewelery again.
I was born in 1976, and I turn 28 this year. I feel OLD. I grew up in the 80's and 90's, and I remember when I graduated high school in 1994, a lot of people that were born in the 60's were still really young and single, and still sorta college aged. As I approach the age of 30, I feel old looking at a lot of those guys who are around 36 or 37 today and married with kids. I also remember that you could still talk about the 80's up till about 1997 and not have kids give you a really stupid "what the **** are you talking about?" look. It's 2004 now, so I guess we have what 3 years left before the 90's become another retro decade? Sigh. It wasn't until the late 90's (especially around 1999) that the 80's became just another old decade like the 50's, 60's, or 70's. We are already into the mid-00's, so even the 90's don't have much longer to go.
I'm 27 1/2 years old, and at work I have daily discussions with a 20 year old woman about her husband and 3 kids. Husband and 3 kids. 3 kids. I'm single and have never been married or ever had any kids. This 20 year old co-worker of mine is young woman that was only what, 5 or 6 years old in 1989? And only around 14 as recently as 1998!!?? Talk about making anyone feel old.
I'm 26, and I just realized that my best friend is around 34. I remember it was only about 5-6 years ago when I was 19 or 20 that I still thought of people in their 30's as uncool "adults" or "grown ups" that acted and looked like Bob Saget. (Saget was the father from Full House and original host of America's Funniest Home Videos)
You remember seeing "The Golden Girls" when it was still on NBC. and you probably still watch it. I'm guilty about this--I have been watching since I was three years old, and at 21, I STILL love these women!
I had gotten my old albums (Rex Smith, Andy Gibb, Bay City Rollers) out to listen to them and my 9-year-old son came up to me and asked me "What kind of CD's are those?" Talk about making you feel old.
When i playe with my Rainbow Brite and My Little Pony Dolls and like now i see them in toy stores and little 5yr olds are wondering what these toys are!
As I'm 8 months preggers with baby number 3, I'll wax nostalgically on pregnancy changes since the 80's. Remember when hardly anyone took childbirth classes? Now if you don't take them EVERY pregnancy, you're looked at funny. Remember when it was uncommon to see a woman breastfeeding in public? Now you see it every trip to the mall restroom. Remember for a while EVERYBODY brought Cabbage Patch dolls to baby showers? And lastly, like when I had my first child in 1988 it use to be assumed you'd be circumcising your baby son, now at least where I live, it's see as progressive not to. What's next?
You know you're really getting on a bit when rock music you still think sounds cool and powerful is being derided as cheesy and played alongside rubbish you wouldn't allow to grace your CD collection. Everything just seems to get more and more extreme - I'm wondering what on earth will be popular when numetal becomes regarded as 'tame' and hardcore trance as 'cheesy'.
I was born in 1970, so I remember things from both the 70's and the 80's. I graduated high school in 1988. What really makes me old is watching movies from the 80's and remembering with specifics going to see the movie. Then realizing from the dvd case that the movie is actually over 20 years old. Yet you remember it like it was yesterday. I don't consider myself old at all, yet I get really excited about showing my id when people card me. This past summer I went back to the town I grew up in for my 15 year high school reunion. Boy do those people look old!!!!! They are all married with several kids and mostly live in the same town that we grew up in!!!!! I can't say enough about the late 80's!! That's my decade. SEA WEES, STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE, HOLLY HOBBY, BIG HAIR, BRIGHT COLORS, HAIRSPRAY & MOUSSE, RIPPED JEANS & SHIRTS WITH THE NECK CUT, FORENZA, LEGWARMERS, DURAN DURAN, TWISTED SISTER, VALLEY GIRL, SIXTEEN CANDLES, MOLLY RINGWOLD, BIG AUDIO DYNAMITE, PUNK ROCK, GARBAGE PAIL KIDS, TYPING CLASS (ON A TYPEWRITER), CHALLENGER EXPLOSION and reliving it watching the COLUMBIA EXPLOSION, MADONNA, FISHNETS, LACE, NEW WAVE, TRENDY'S, SQUARE PEGS, MAGNUM P.I, MIAMI VICE, DALLAS.
I was born in 1982. When I was 6, one of my Christmas presents was the record (yes, vinyl!) of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" album. I would play it on my Care Bears record player. And has anyone noticed they're trying to bring Care Bears back? Their faces are not the same. Also, Michael Jackson: nuff said.
I heard Motley Crue - Shout At The Devil on a "Classic Rock" station... Oh... My... God... It was 83-84 when I started ripping up my jeans after hearing that album, it sent a jolt of electicity though me that only a 13 year old kid wanting to be so damn cool would know what I am talking about!!! Anyway, I still listen to those "old" Crue albums, at least we can live a little of the past through this stuff, and it still kicks ass! Love the site.
I'm 27 and I live in Houston, and Super Bowl XXXVIII is here. I knew I was older, and people 5-7 years older then me had gotten seriously older in their thinking and mentality when I asked around if anyone wanted to do anything during the Super Bowl besides simply stay at home and watch it on TV. Most of my friends from work are like 33 or 34, and they all said some variation of "We're afraid of the massive crowds and drunk drivers." "There will be too many people out there." "I don't like the look of those teenagers". It PAINFULLY sunk into me that they had gotten older, and if they had so obviously had I since I remember back in the 1980's and early 1990's when people their age was younger, 100 times more hipper, and infinetly all around more cooler. What they said about wanting to stay home because they feared the traffic and unruly Super Bowl crowds was something my Baby Boomer parents would have said back in the 80's if there was a big event going on.
When I told my 10 year old daughter that I was going to the "record store", and she looked at me perplexed and asked, "what's a record?".
Going to the biggest Toys R Us (In Times Square) today and seeing T-shirts with the famous Toys R Us catch phrase on it--"I'm a Toys R Us kid!" Funny enough, finding them in adult sizes. It strikes much in the heart of an 80s child, because that was created in the 1980s!!! I think the next time I get a chance to go to NY, I'll get one. I'm 21, by the way.
For Halloween last year, a friend and I dressed up as the Mario brothers and none of the kids knew who we were! That made me feel old even though I'm not even 20 yet. By the way, those of you who say people born in the 80s are not true children of the 80s are being unfair. I was born in 1985, which if anything makes me more of an 80s child. When I came into the world, the 80s were all I knew. I not only *remember* things like Beetlejuice and Cabbage Patch Kids, I was *raised* on them. And while I may not have been alive from 1980-85, I do remember things from that time because they affected me. I can remember a Cabbage Patch Kid that came with a hair crimper and Alvin and the Chipmunks' rendition of "Beat It", I proudly wore jelly shoes and was the biggest Babysitters Club junkie of all time - what's more 80s than that? *I* don't try and tell people born in the *90s* that its not part of their identity just because I remember it better. The 80s were a wonderful time - let's all enjoy them together instead of trying to label one person as a child of the 80s and another person as not.
Being a fan of both the Friday the 13th movies and the Nightmare on Elm St. movies (both classic 80s slashers) I was thrilled when the Freddy vs Jason DVD was released. When I was checking out, the kid who rang me up asked me if this was "a sequel or something?" When I was growing up, everyone in school knew who these two guys were. Now kids don't even remember these guys. I guess the Friday movies and the Nightmare movies are doomed to be replaced by the "I Know What You Did Last Summer" generation.
Try to explain to my nephews who "captain Power" was, What "bonkers" tasted like (that candy with the crazy old lady in the commercials) and showing them how to "peg" your pants all the while they look at me like I am insane.
knowing 98% of these posts... and the boomerang channel. what a drag it is getting old! time flies when your not paying attention
ohh... *sighs* i got about 20% down this page when i started crying (seriously) about all the things i remember. I'm 18 and a Guy too. i was born in '85. i remember a lot of stuff (but not events) from the 80's. It also helped that i was ultra-poor then, everything i owned was at least a few years old. when i got my first comp, an Apple IIe, Windows 3.1 and the mac existed! (that was when apple made good computers) i'm a senior in high school and lately i feel very old, although i know i'm not. just because of... well... everything i know about. i knew people who had a commadore 64. i played pong. i've seen tron. (the movie) some of my friends dont know what pong or tron are. I remember saying "rad". Crystal Pepsi was and is the only type of Pepsi i will ever drink (Coke fan, all the way) crystal pepsi needs to come back, just for posterity. nobody i know remembers crystal pepsi. i was so sad when it was gone. dude.
Everyone had snap braclets
Playing those handheld Nintendo LCD games: Donkey kong, Oil panic, Fire attack, reliving my youth by buying these games from ebay, such fun, kids today look at these games and ask how you change game cartridges, why is it in black and white? and where the stereo sound is, makes me laugh. Going to see "Back to the future" at the cinema, and all the girls cheering when Michael J Fox's name came on screen, then watching it on DVD in DTS sound, I'm in heaven!!!!!!
Turning 24! One more year and I will be out of the 18-24 year old group and in the 25+ one!!! Where has all the time gone? Oh well, at least I have the memories!!!
Getting tickets to a Cyndi Lauper concert and then getting the "Who's Cyndi Lau...Looper?" from your twenty something coworker. Come ON, folks, it's *Cyndi*! That, and the realization that Ms Lauper is in her fifties now. Wow...
I was born in mid 1982. I remember the Transformers. The Real Ghostbusters. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. My two favorite Transformers were Optimus Prime(leader of the Autobots) and Soundwave (The Decepticon Tape player. Optimus Prime was like everybody's big brother. Soundwave was cool because he eject his cassettes and they could transform into robots. I also got Batman (1989) for Christmas when I was seven. I also remember hearing Doug E. Fresh, Bobby Brown, Run DMC and Public Enemy when I was little. Our babysitter used always play those CD's. I also remember seeing Ghostbusters II in theaters. I miss those days. They don't make music like that anymore
Wait a minute...Steve Guttenberg was FAMOUS?! (Just kidding!)
I bought a 20th Anniversary Baby Kermit "Muppet Babies" beanie at Target yesterday. Jeez, can you believe that the Muppet Babies are 20 years old?! Not much younger than me or many of you...
Two years ago, my friend and I found two holiday Muppet Babies from a 1988 McDonald's promotion in a vintage collectibles store.
My boyfriend (the great guy that he is) bought me a Care Bear for Valentine's Day as one of my presents. It was "True Heart Bear," and when I was looking up Care Bears to see if it was a new creation, I found out that it is actually one of the United Kingdom imports!!!!! And yes, it's from the mid '80s (About 1984-85).
A customer renting a Scooby-Doo cartoon movie for his grandchild gave me an irritated look when I said that the particular movie was cute (it was "The Legend of the Vampire.") He then asked me how old I was. Thanks for making me feel old...and stupid.
I believe the cartoon HBO ran was called Animalympics. It always makes me excited to see them air it every now and then. Also, i just bought a pair of sneakers today that are dubbed Reebok Classic. Its the same pair of sneakers i had when i was six...we're CLASSIC now!!
"No whammmmmmmmmies...STOP!" you know you loved "Press Your Luck"
I was born in 1975. Went back to college at age 26. For spirit week they had a dress as the 80's day. Seeing what everyone thought of the 80's was sad. No one really got it. I explained their mistakes and these 18 year olds just looked at me and said HUH? My husband and I also chaperoned a highschool prom. To think I am old enough to be considered a chaperone!
My mom spotted Brooke Shields on "That 70s Show," playing Jackie's mom. The girl who plays Jackie (Mila Kunis) is the same age as me (21), but she played an 18-year old. It's almost scary when Brooke Shields is playing the mom of an older teenager!!! Wasn't she 18 in the 1980s????
looking up old nickoldeon shows like pinwheel, today's special, 3-2-1- contact etc. Made me think god im old 25 and half these kids dont remeber a day with out cable television. Or who Jimmy Carter is!
People who refer to music of the 80's as "Old School" bloody hell... P.S Duran Duran Are STILL cool... :)
Explaining to my 11 year old brother taht TRIX cereal used to come in balls not fruit shapes and in side the box came a free pack of RAIN-BLOW like now 21
I was just a baby during the 80s, born in 1985, but boy do I remember USA network's cartoons on Saturday Mornings. My sister and I would wake up and try and turn on the TV(she was about a year and a half older than I). Our absolute favorite cartoon....THE SMURFS!!! I don't know if Rainbow Brite, the Carebears, came on that network but we liked those too. Oh, Does anyone remember fraggle rock?? Oh my god that was awesome!!! We also did the muppet baby thing as well. And the Ninja Turtles!!! Does anyone else remember those cartoons that no longer show?
I'm 25 (b.1978) I was born in the heart of the disco era. I grew up playing with toys at 2(1980) to 11(1989). I never cared about the adolescent and adult concerns to the 80s...really I remember a lot of stuff, but I liked playing with my toys. I basically, REALLY, came of the age of rememberance in the 90s. I was big into rap and techno music. Now I'm a music producer, and I have tons of old records from the 70s and 80s. After listening to them, I realized'm sooo glad I never got into the stuff that others my age did. But I do feel old, because we had an Atari game console, Beta, and VHS. I remember back in '86 when those electric lightning balls came out for home stereos. It was like $600. Now you can get 'em at Walmart for like $20. That's really about it. I also remember the Hypercolour T-shirts from the early 90s. Those shirts were soo cool at the time. Like with music, it's funny how teens like old rap music, like NWA, 2 Live Crew, and such. I feel sort of younger than some teens when they start talking about old 60s and 70s bands like The Doors, Led Zepplin, Phish, Greatful Dead, the black Hippie dude(I can't remember his name), and even worse.....Ozzie Ozbourne. I never listened to their music, so when couple of my friends asked me about 'em, I was like.....I don't know! They were like....dude, you should know of 'em. So I say....I wasn't born in '68 or '58....jeez! They know more about old stuff than I do and I'm like..okay man. I don't remember a lot before 1988-89 because most of my childhood, I was sick and constantly in hospitals. I basically grew up with the computer, we had an old 1983 Apple comp. and I was always playing games on it. I do however, remember Nintendo and Super NES. I remember feeling old one time when I told a friend that I was on the internet since it came into style in 1992(back when it was called ISH). She was like....I was only 8. So I told her to shut up because she was not helping me out I don't know, I guess I have a lot of scattered memories, but yeah, I guess was an 80s kid. But like I said earlier, I was playing with toys and always sick, so I couldn't really live the life of typical 80s kids around my age. Oh, and I do remember constantly watching kung fu movies!
Because I'd love to put on a pair of fish nets, ripped sweatshirt, bobby socks and pumps, dance around the living room to "Like a Virgin," but I then I realize how completely ridiculous I'd look. Also, my 12 year old would probably disown me.
My six-year-old wanted me to watch t.v. because there's a "great new show" she loves and can't wait for me to see it. It was the Cosby's!
Born in 1971. I always get excited and watch "Sixteen Candles" whenever it comes on tv. It's like I'm reliving my high school days. And of course, the youth group that I work with has never even heard of it. Or, those few that have, think it's dumb...not nearly as cool as "She's All That." Sheesh. When are they going to release the John Hughs DVD box set?...
The Nickelodeon spin off channel "Noggin" Shows Degrassi: The Next Generation. LOL I almost died when I was reading on the message boards for that show when someone posted "I just saw an old old old old Degrassi!~ and some of the charactors from that show are on OUR show!!" and everyone was like "what are you talking about???? There was an old Degrassi??" LOL I was like AHHHHHHHH! considering those kids from the old Degrassi are maybe like 5 or 6 years older than me at the most.
I remember and revere the late Falco! He is my favorite Pop star of all time! I even have a Falco fansite at Other 80s artists and bands I still listen to: Prince, Duran Duran, Bauhaus (any goth children of the 80s here?) Love and Rockets after Peter Murphey went solo, and Depeche Mode. I still think 80s rap is the best rap. Groups like Public Enemy, Afrika Bombatta, Salt-N-Pepa, Digital Underground, and rappers like Sir Mix-A-Lot, Biz Markie, Grandmaster Flash and Fab 5 Freddie were where it was at! I remember when Michael Jackson was black. I remember when he was considered respectable, and it seemed that his popularity would never fade. Whether or not we think he's guilty of what he's accused of, most people agree that the King Of Pop is an unrecognizable shadow of his former self. I remember the Iran-contra scandal with Ollie North. I remember WHY it was such a scandal, and I see what is going on in Iraq and the Middle East today as Reagan cold war policies gone horribly, horribly wrong. I remember when SWATCH watches and Guess Jeans were the height of fashion, I remember the Swatch commercial that had "Rock Me Amadeus" in it (as any loyal Falco fan should) and I remember the Pepe Jeans commercial with T'Pau that pretty much caused that band to tank. I was absolutely enamored of the Transformers, I got in the Ninja Turtles Bandwagon (and I remember when kids at my junior high used to wear TMNT band-aids as a fashion statement!) My friends and I (all proud children of the 1980s) still play games on our original grey Nintendo consoles. When I was very young, we had an Atari, and we would actually gather around the TV as a family to play PONG. I remember when WARGAMES and GOONIES were considered the coolest movies EVER. I also remember fondly watching Michael J. Fox vehicles such as TEEN WOLF and the Back To The Future films. And now all of this stuff is coming back. I see it being pushed as "Nostalgia" at the Hot Topic store every time I go to the mall. As one other poster here put it: We children of the 80s are the new "Old School."
I was born in 86 and still remember the 80's! I still have care bears and popples. I like the big hair and the great music. KISS still rocks!
Remembering a time when there was no Internet and being the last of a generation to buy vinyl records when they were still being sold new in record stores.
New coke, Crystal Pepsi, dancing flowers, beginning of MTV, John Hinkley Jr., Pitfall, Frogger, Dexy's, the Cure, Christian Slater was born the same day I was and he will be 35 in August.
Me and a buddy were at a bar for a wing night and summer of 69 came on and a 22 yr old kid said great song who sings it
I turned 12 in 1980. I was a child of the 70's and the 80's but think myself more a child of the 80's as in pre-teen child. I read much of the stuuf that people have said in here and to them I say....BLAH BLAH BLAH. Stop yer cryin. Te he he. Try being mid 36 in 2004. Both the 80's and the 90's make me feel old. Sigh, youth has fluttered away like a flock of seaguls into a blue monday somewhere near Allentown just north of Erotic City and not tooooo far from the landing sighht of the Jefferson Starship. AGH! Someone hold me. Hold me now!
Freaking hilarious. I'm a little older than you, so for you to feel old amuses me. I turned 21 in 1985 but I don't really feel old. I feel masterful because I remember so much, have seen trends come and go and can predict now with startling accuracy what's going to happen next. Awesome feeling to have lived through four decades. It helps to still look young, unlike Kelly Ripa. Anyhow, enjoy your ripeness and remember. This is the 21st century. As insistent as the boomers are in not looking old, in a few short years they'll be a machine for you face that will blast off all the wrinkles and tighten you up with the flick of a switch. ; )
Everything so far has reminded me that I am getting older every day! Holly Sh**!! When I had last talked with my 7 year old brother and he stated that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was being aired, I told him that show was on when I was just a kid. He looked at me with a dumbfounded look on his face... I remember the crystal Pepsi, all the cartoons mentioned and even the game systems. Atari and up.. For God Sake I felt old when my sister graduated in '03 AND IM 23 GOING ON 24!!!! You are deffinately an 80s child if you remember the Nintendo, Super Mario Bros, Duck Hunt and even God Forbid Nintendo Cereal with Super Mario and Legend of Zelda!! I agree with the comment about the song "I want Candy" By Aaron Carter. My 10 y/o brother had me download that song and he looked at me as if I were crazy when I told him that was a song from the 80s. By the way if you want a huge trip down memory lane Go visit Have Fun and Enjoy!!
Remember drive-in movies? I first watched the original Star Wars at a drive-in.
Kids know more about computers than I do (I'm only 21)!
Video games never had ratings!
Do you remember when you didn't have to wear seatbelts? I used to sleep in the floorboard, make a tent in the hatch back and you could sit on the arm rest up front or sleep in the back glass....You and your friends could stand up in the back of the truck, open your mouth and let the wind dry it out(at least until you swallowed a bug) Boy that was fun. No rules, just pure, innocent fun! Nowadays everybody is in your business and if a kid isn't strapped and buckled into a child seat the parents are fined. Okay, maybe it's safer now, but it sure isn't any fun.
My little brother (he's 15) told me he loves downloading all that 'retro' music from the Internet...retro meaning Flock of Seagulls, Gary Numan, Depeche Mode, etc. I started telling him about the videos for Ah-ha's "Take on Me" and Dire Straits "Money For Nothing" and how when they came out they were so cool because of the animation. So we downloaded those and watched them. He wasn't very interested. "This was cool back then? It looks pretty lame." I guess compared to all the computer animation now, it does look pretty lame, but I still love watching them. I caught him downloading Cyndi Lauper once. He says he thinks the clothes they wear are really funny. One of my friends is a big fan of rap, yet has never even heard of Ice T, Kool Moe Dee, or Biz Markie. To him, old-school rap is Snoop Dogg and Tu Pac. On another note, I was discussing the Simpsons with an 18 year old friend of mine and mentioned how when they came out I was 11 and I used to try and draw them. He gave me the craziest look of surprise and uttered, "I was three." Before that he didn't know my age. Simpsons weren't really out in the eighties, but I realized just how old I was at that moment...I mean, he grew up with them and I remember sitting down to their first epsiode!
Can you believe its been twenty years since we all heard "One,two Freddy's coming for you" and Molly Ringwald turned sixteen twenty years ago. To top it all off my cousin turns twenty on November 2, this all seems like yesterday.
I was born in 82 and grew up watching stuff like Gem, Pro Stars, Punky Brewster, Heathcliff, Garfield and Friends, Alvin and the Chipmunks, most of the old (cool) stuf Nickolodeon used to show, Captain Planet, Ninja Turtles, Family Matters, Saved by the Bell, Mario Brothers (all including Super Show, Mario world, and that other one; I liked all of them), The Legend of Zelda, Captain N the Game Master, those Saturday morning cartoons (now I don't look forward to anything on Saturdays), etc. I also remember playing Atari and regular Nintendo. I also remember how we only had the floppy disks for those computers. I don't really feel old because lots of people say I look around 17 or something. But what does make me feel old is knowing that the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed in 1990. I was only in second grade then, so I'm not sure exactly how much that affected me, but I feel like that should/would've been passed like in the 70's.
I'm only 19, but am an avid fan of everything 80s. The other day I certainly felt old when a younger friend of mine commented on how much she LOVED Jessica Simpson's "Take my Breath Away." (sidenote: GACK!) I told her the original is better. She looked at me like I'd grown two heads. Same goes for No Doubt's "It's My Life." Everyone I know doesn't know that it's a cover! I'm the only one who knows!
Hearing 80s and 90s songs being played on oldies stations. Heard Pour Some Sugar On Me the other day on a classic rock (!) station. Nuff said.
does anyone remember 7up Gold? Also, I agree that Full House is NOT an 80s television show. The 5 year rule applies and besides, the tail end of the 80s were it's dimise into the 90s. 1980-88 were the years that mattered.
Remember "It's Flashbeagle, Charlie Brown"???? It was this cheesy but hysterical attempt to cash in on the whole "Flashdance" craze, and it looks like it couldn't possibly crawl out of the 1980s.
Remember the little girl from "Savannah Smiles", well I just found out that she died back in 1997 at the age of 22. How sad is that?
Watching a late-80s episode of "America's Funniest Home Videos" a few months ago, and seeing a video on there with a child hugging an oversized Smurf at an amusement park, and the Smurf knocks over another child! I think it was Vanity Smurf!!!!
The man who was president during many of our births, Ronald Reagan, passed away on Saturday, June 6, at the age of 93. He was an icon of the 1980s, and he will be missed. God bless you Ronald Reagan, you made many of us 80s kids proud Americans!!!!
Toys that I REMEMBER appearing at the local Sears in between visits are now legally old enough to drink! He-Man is 23, GI JOE: A Real American Hero is 22 & The Transformers are now 20!
GI Joe Public Service Announcements make me feel terribly old. Isn't it convenient that GI Joe guys always showed up in a situation? "And knowing is half the battle." "GI JOOOOOOOOE!"
When a 21-year-old guy told me he thought "The Princess Bride" was some kind of chick flick or for young girls. I was born in 1975, a true child of the 80's. Those in their early twenties don't even know who Holly Hobby is. People think all teens are "Generation X," but the truth is, the youngest of "Gen X" are about 25, and the oldest are approaching 40!
Remember the show Remote Control on MTV? We were talking about Adam Sandler the other day and my younger friends looked at me like I was nuts when I brought up his early days on the best game show on TV!
What makes me feel old is that, really i am. I was born in 1957 which means i grew up in the 70's, not the 80's. But i still call my self a 70's and 80's person. To me the 80's were the most awesome decade ever. I was always "like that" i just found a decade to match me in the 80's. I first felt really old to realize that i have been through three generations of Presley's--Elvis, Lisa Marie and her model daughter, Riley Keough!
It wasn't me actually but damn... a friend of ours, about 15 years old actually asked my boyfriend, when he said something about the Beastie Boys, what are they still alive? and I think he really didn't joke... sadly.. I was born in 1983 just for the record
Remembering more than just the toys and shows of the 80's. I remember feeling a chill down my spine anytime someone said "The Russians are coming", I remember seeing the Olympic torch pass down La Brea Blvd in LA headed toward the Colliseum for the start of the 1984 summer games. I remember my school participating in the "Just say No campaign" , I remember seeing Princess Diana's wedding on TV when it was telecast for the first time, I remember hearing about Prince Williams birth. Anybody rememeber Ollie North? The Chernobyl disaster? Yes, those were great times, but it also had it's share of challenges.
The fact that my brother and I figured out how to program a VCR at 3 years old (1985) PALES in comparison to the fact that 2-year olds now know how to use a computer, and that 5-year olds can probably program one.
One of my friends and I jokingly use the word "smurf" in conversations occasionally instead of verbs. Remember when those annoying little creatures used that word EVERY half-second?
My son points out a "new" cool song and it's a Cure remake! I continue to tell my son how The Original sounds better. I try and prove it to him by pulling out my 15yr old Cure tape and tape player. He responds.....It sounds like the guy is ready to kill himself! Long live The Cure!
Depechemode and the cure songs are being played in grocery stores! It used to be stuff from America and Neil Diamond! I stay longer just to finish hereing the song!
Kids born in the 80's are now having kids of their own. Some born in the 60's and 70's are already grandparents.
Case in point about 80s kids having kids: My 21-year old best friend (born in March 1983) and her 24-year old husband (born in January 1980) have a 4 month old son. My first gift to him was a onesie that says "I'm a Toys R Us Kid!" from The Toys R Us in Times Square.
I was in Rite Aid last week, and I noticed on the counter the sticker that says "If you were not born on or after this date in (YEAR) you can not buy alcohol or cigarettes." It's scary when the years are 1983 (alcohol) and 1986 (cigarettes/tobacco). I was born in 1982, and I feel old every time I see this!!!
'90's music under the "oldies" section. Not to mention '90's compilation albums like "Pure '90's" & "Non Stop '90's Rock". Oh, and The Olsen twins are now 18!!!
Remember going to McDonalds as a kid and getting your sandwich in a styrofoam box? Some of my friends don't even remember that one - lol
I was born in 1990, but here's something for y'all. You know how when you were little and you would dress up in 50's clothes, well now kids are dressing up in 80's clothes for halloween and stuff, i should know cause me and my friends did it.
I was born in 1983, reading the messages on this board make me feel old...LOL but seriously I don't feel old really - because 21 is NOT old! What does make me feel old though is when I ask kids 11 and 12 years old who don't even remember or know who th Ninja turtles were, or any other show I used to watch when I was a kid in the good old days.
I remember getting my Chicken McNuggets in a styrofoam box!!
Remembering schoolhouse rock!
I was born (1/1/70) and when I was about 26ish I worked at a thrift store and one of my younger coworkers about 18 I guess picked of a poster of John Wayne and showed it to me. I said oh cool the "Duke" she returned with ..... whos that? It about floored me. I felt like I needed a walker after that.
I'm 25 now. I remember during my senior year in high school, I was at church. The speaker brought up the "Hands across America" campaign and "We are the world" song from about 80's. I was 17 back then at church, but when he asked if anyone here remembered that time period to raise their hand, I was literally the only person to raise my hand in a room of 100+ people. Looking back my peers that day in church couldn't have been younger than 13. But talk about feeling like the only guy to remember such a great time period. To my younger friends, the 80's were a blur. To me, they were a time of innocence, prosperity, and the feeling that life couldn't get any better as long as you had your GI-Joes, kool-aid, and your bmx bike which you'd ride all day to 7-11 for slurpees. *sigh* Long live the 80's!!
All I have to say is......THUNDERCATS!!!!!!!!!! HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Remember the final words spoken on every Cricket tape..."But for now, I'll be talkin' to ya!" as that cute music faded out? Yeah, I had a Cricket doll. Best $100 my grandparents spent to see my scream "OH MY GOD!! CRICKET!" (in a good way, of course)
When I realize how dumb I was for being freaked out by my Cricket doll. God, that doll was my constant companion when I was 4 years old. When I was 7, I left the rewind button pushed to rewind the tape, but forgot to push the stop button (this was in the days when cassette players didn't automatically pop the rewind/fast forward button after the tape was finished doing so). I woke up to a strange humming noise, and when I put my ear to the doll, it was humming strangely. I played the tape, but the voice was so distorted (the button ran down the doll's batteries)! I was so scared that I didn't touch the doll for 2 years.
If you're a girl, you probably kept at least one of your talking dolls so you could scare the living daylights out of your children with it. "Look kids, this is mommy's Cricket/Teddy Ruxpin doll! This is your NEW COMPANION!"
Ok seeing Cheers, Threes company, Cosby, Full House and Roseanne on Nick at Night!! They are now considered "modern classics!" Man I grew up with those shows, I feel so old! (1984)
I suppose I'm a semi-child/baby/wee-kid of the 80s, born in 1984. It's hard to say, I don't really identify with kids today born in the 1990s and later 80s, perhaps because I'm the oldest child in my family, or maybe they're all at awkward ages right now that I can no longer relate to. But-- What made ME feel old, you ask?! Babysitting an 8 yr old kid last year, I took my Gameboy with me, because *everybody* loves Nintendo (I took a Gameboy Pocket, my original was lost over 10 years ago)-- I brought Mario and Zelda to play and share with the kid. So I put in Mario and he took the gameboy from me and handed me his Gameboy Advance. He started to play Mario and asked "What's this game? Where'd you get this?" Yeah...they're not even the 'original' versions of the games; and I remember playing Zelda on floppy disks. I wonder what he'd think of the Nintendo "light gun"? Every time I think of that, the first thing that comes to mind is "Ew, you have to use your hands? That's a baby toy!" ;) Also, my little cousin, born in 1990, will be starting high school next year. Yikes!! :o The other day I found my beloved "My Little Pony" collection melting in the summer heat of my grandparents attic. Yep, I brought 'em all home with me that day. My "Pony Palace" is long gone, I'm starting to regret getting rid of it, and the glittery star on the cheek of my Rainbow Brite doll is nearly completely faded, my Cabbage Patch doll is mildewy. I don't know where my Lite Brite got off to... I sold my Easybake Oven for $5.00 at a yard sale, and my slapbracelets and sole pair of pink jelly shoes for $.50 most likely. And then there was the incident where I saw on eBay one of my favorite movies as a child ("Scruffy," about a dog) went for $40.00 as "rare" and "old." Oh, and going to 7-11 at night with my father to play Tetris and Pacman. I had to stand on a milk crate to see the games. Yeah that makes me feel old too! I'm sure most of you here probably were playing Tetris and Pacman when they were new, so really I can't talk.
Ya know your an 80's kid when the only music you like is the stuff they sell on TV!! LOL. Also you listen to the House of Hair with with Dee Snyder and remember listening to the same music at all the high school keg parties. I remember with AC/DC's "you shook me all night long" came out in 1980. Being born in 1969, I remember my 80's years the most. The Cars like the Trans Am's and the Camaro's and also when the "Yugo" came out. We laughed a lot about that one. I still wear deck shoe's today but I don't roll my pant legs like I use to. And I still buy the Nike "Cortez" tennis shoes...LOL. I miss the 80's sooooo much. The old girlfriends and their hair styles and clothes. And I still remember when the Dairy Queen "Blizzard" first made its appearance!!
Seeing the band "Survior" doing coffee drink commercials on tv now. I love how they used the "eye of the tiger" tune in the commercial. They must be hard up for cash. LOL
Voltron. The Exxon Veldese. Coli-co-vision. Intelevision. Fraggle-Rock. Muppet-babies. The Hobbit cartoon on video or VHS. David the gnome. Mr. Wizard a.k.a Herbert something on Nickelodeon. Hardees's promo for the first Gremlins movie was on vinyl records. The Beastie Boys License to Ill, and ruining other records trying to immitate them. Constructs. Grocrey-getters! You think that the quality of the new scenes added to the Star Wars flicks degraded the quality of the orginal. Laserdisc players, that took like 4 twelve inch "CD"'s to play 1 movie. The astronaut guy and a chain saw on MTV. Ronald Reagan the actor becoming President of the USA, and Bush vs. Dukakis. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. Mask. Supersoaker 50, 100, and 250.
I remember when the Yankees sucked and the NY Mets owned NY.I remember when Michael Jackson was black(Amazing isnt it?)HeMan ,Thundercats,Muppet Babies,Punky Brewster,Fresh Prince,Breakdancing,Graffiti that basically sums up the 80s.If I could live through it ALL over again Id do it in a second!!!!
This fall, the new high school freshmen will be born in 1990. That's right...the nineties! They didn't live a single day in the 80s. And the following year, kindergarteners will be born in 2000.
Talking about nostalgia, this weekend I was going through old vcr tapes and found a tape with the following: The Monster Squad, Nightmare on Elm Street, The series finale of Family Ties and last but not least the NBC TELEVISION PREMIERE Ferris Bueller's Day Off. This tape was from 1989 I find it hard to beliwve it's been 15 years and Sloan still looks hot!
The mugshot of Michael Jackson looking like a freak of nature showing up on every news outlet and on the Internet. It's unbelievable that in just a matter of 20 years, he went from being a skinny black guy who grabbed his crotch, wanted to "Rock with You," and shocked us with "Bad," "Thriller," and "Beat It" to someone that we couldn't stop making fun of, all because of his scary face!!!!
I felt old when Keanu Reeves went from being a dead head teen actor who said "Whoa" in every movie he starred in to being a doctor in "Something's Gotta Give." I still can't take him seriously.
When today's kids refer to me as "sir" or "mister", it makes me feel old (and I'm only 24, born in 1980 on the tail end of Generation X.)
Most of the things I remember have been said already...Cabbage Patch dolls...Glo Worm...My Sized Barbie (I had one..but I beat her up... :/ ) Dream Date , *She's a maniac MANIAC on the floor..and she's dancing like she's never danced before*...2 more things...Degrassi (the ORIGINAL is always the best...but I do watch TNG to see how Spike and Snake and the gang are doing...) and let me think..can you say...Pogues?! I'm a 1986 kid and I already feel old....remember Joe Blow and Big League Chew?...*wipes tear from cheek*
In July 2004 I was music directing a kids' show consisting of mostly 12 to 15 yr olds. Michael (the director) kept calling one of the girls "Brooke" when her actual name was "Blake." She asked me, "Why does Michael keep calling me Brooke?" I told her, truthfully, "Because you look a lot like Brooke Shields." All I got in response was a blank look and "Who's that?"
I consider myself a child of the 70s, 80s and 90's because I was born in '74, and finished school in 1992. All of the memories shooting to the front of my mind right now are almost giving me a headache! Some of these things I haven't thought about for a decade or more. What makes me feel old, though, are the young people who talk about remembering things from their childhood that I remember not happening until I was grown.
When pink was in for both sexes!
Well this be more TV related interestingly 19 years ago, Jon Lovitz and Dennis Miller both debuted on SNL. 18 years ago, Dana Carvey and Phil Hartman debuted. I know this might've been a stupid topic but it's intresting to me.
I was born in 1969, but I was a teenager in the 80's and I fondly remember Michael Jackson's "Thriller" coming out and Tina Turner and her mini-skirt on the "What's Love Got To Do With It" video. I loved my Jordache, Sassoon, Gloria Vanderbuilt and Calvin Klein jeans! I had my hair with those big layered feathers like Linda Hamilton in the first "Terminator", and how about those leg warmers over high heels and tight jeans? I definately identify with the "Romy and Michelle" movie!
What makes me feel old? When kids who were born in the eighties and grew up in the eighties tell you they remember the eighties b/c they had exposure to reruns, not the original airings. I was born in the seventies, I have no clue about that time only through pictures and recordings.
If I would have known it was all going to be popular again, I would have saved it (i.e. Care Bears, Rainbow Brite, Strawberry Shortcake, Converse "Chuck Taylors"(never gets old more)etc). Now my children want them....never ending cycle..
I was born in 1990. I'm 13, and will be driving in two years and I'll be a Freshman (9th grade)in high school next year. I don't know about more than half the things you're talking about, only the things I've learned from my two older sisters.
I remember having to get up and turn the television, and only have three channels to choose from; when video games not only didn't have ratings but were not in color and 3D graphics, that is a laugh. I remember when there was no MTV. When I tell my newphews (9 and 6) they give me that look and tell me that I am crazy. I was born in 1971 and I graduated high school in 1989 and college in 1994. so I remember most of the 70's and all of the 80's. I wish the music, TV and movies where like they were in the 80's.
Pee-Wee Herman hosted "Saturday Night Live." I kid you not!! I have the tape of him singing "Sex Machine" during the closing credits!!!! I think he even danced to "Tequila." He was also promoting "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure."
Watching this sketch of a "Star Trek" Convention from a 1986 episode of Saturday Night Live, and Phil Hartman gets into a staged shoving match with William Shatner for insulting trekkies, and how it always gives me the giggles. I was waiting for Hartman to kick Shatner's ass.
They actually starting doing the "action" opening montage/credits on Saturday Night Live again a few years ago, but they'll never top the ones from the mid-1980s. Those were the best. No still photographs for these actors--they got to strut their stuff in the opening credits!!!!
My boss and I were discussing how the game cartridge for "Legend of Zelda" was gold. It was always cool to hold that gold cartridge--had a feeling of richness to it!!!
The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles get played on AMC.
Remember Weeble Wobbles? They don't fall down! Geez, that brings back memories. I don't know if everyone did this, but my sister and I grew up watching Sesame Street religiously! We learned everything we needed to know from this show and didn't even have to go to Kindergarten! It wasn't even required so we just went straight to first grade. Here's another one for you...remember those friendship pins people wore on their shoes? They were made out of colored beads and safety pins. It was an awesome decade!
I tell you what always makes me feel old, I'm only 17 now. But when I was about three/four the late 80s - early 90s...things like Lucky Charms cereal, The Moondreamers, Timmy Mallet, Super Ted, Mighty Max, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (now called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) I used to own a Cabbage Patch Kid at one point and a Sally Doll!!! (anyone rememeber them?!!!!??) good old 80s. I wish it were still the 80s now. I'd fit right in!! hehe
The music!!!!!!!!! That says it all. I was a late 80's bloomer. I was born in 86, The Teddy Ruxpin years. Well kids around me don't understand my music. Like my anthems are "I Think We're Alone Now"-Tiffany, and "Love Is A Battlefield"- Pat Benatar, and my friends just look at me wierd. So I've resorted to hanging out with older people who understand the meaning of Whitesnake and Journey and can rock with me to Twisted Sister(even though they wore make-up!!!)
All I have to say is "He-man"
I was born in January 1983. I was going through my bedroom the other day, and came across all my bedroom sheet sets I had as a child -- Remember, Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, Cabbage Patch Dolls? I had all those bedroom sets, and now I'm giving them away to a 2 year old I nanny for -- all those characters are NOW back!!
"(On the radio) There was Bruce Springsteen, Madonna. Way before Nirvana there was U2 and Blondie and music was still on MTV. Her two kids in highschool, they tell her that she's uncool. But she still preoccupies with 1985..." ('1985' from Bowling For Soup)
Everything on here brings back memories and makes me feel old...but hey guys...did you ever think that it is us....the people who grew up in the 80's that are responsible for bringing all this stuff the cartoons and toys. I would rather my kids (someday when I have them) play with some of the stuff from the 80's than what is out there today. I just hope that someday enough of "our" kind will be working in those industries to bring more of it back!
Well, I'm from the 70's (born in the Fall of 1970 to be exact). But I was defintely apart of the 80's crowd, for sure! During the 80's I was the ages of 10-19 years old, so I know how it is to be a teenager during that era. I don't care what kids today say; even with their technology, CGI graphics, Xbox's(eventhough I own a PS2)...THE 80'S RULED regardless!! We had originality, and ingenuity. (I still adore Ms. Pacman and Donkey Kong). Television was more fun, personal and honest. (Transformers, Voltron, Mighty orbots, Mr.Rogers Neighborhood, Sesame Street; Scooby Doo). Special effects in movies took more time to develop, but we appreciated the time and effort that was executed towards them. (Back to the future trilogy; Last star-fighter, Indiana Jones trilogy etc). The Music in the 1980's was outstanding! Madonna; Metalicca; Run DMC; Banaramma; Janet Jackson. Artist actually wrote their OWN songs and music; and even if they didn't, they still had a respect, and honor for their craft. Nowadays, as long as you look plastic, don't mind being taken advantage of my the "fat cats" of the music industry and, oh yeah...LOVE MONEY, you're in!! But kids today can make you feel old if you let them. Well...DON'T LET THEM. Tell how much fun we had. Tell them how we started the party! We just decided to pass on the torch because our hands became hot and tired. But...THEY WILL HAVE TO GIVE IT BACK. (smiles).
My guy and I were talking about the awesome drum beats, synthesizers, and assorted sounds of 1980s music. You almost know current music doesn't hold a candle to them.
Just the other day I was listening to the radio while driving at work (I'm 30), and my riding partner who's roughly 60 had on 'oldies' station on. Oldies should mean 50's, 60's & early 70's, right? I heard Billy Joel's "Tell Her About It" and "The Heart Of Rock N'Roll" by Huey Lewis & The News! Both of those songs came out in 1984! I don't even consider music from the late 70's to be 'oldies'! Classics, sure, but Huey & the Piano Man shouldn't be lumped in with doo-wop & psychedelics! Come on!
When the kids are digging a cool new singer named Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas...and you and I remember her as Stacy Ferguson from KIDS Incorporated.
On an interview, one of the actresses from "Mean Girls" said that there's a generation gap between the teenage actresses (including Lindsay Lohan) & those in their 30's (Tina Fey & Amy Poelher, who mentioned this comment on 'Conan O'Brian') with karoake that they had no idea who Prince, The Go Go's or Pat Benatar were. Another celebrity/interview from another show, Hillary Duff (about 16/17 years old) said that her "crush" Matthew McCounaghey (sp?) is too old. And he's in his 30's. On a positve note, my local radio station interviewed a couple of kids born on 1985 and most said that 30/34 year olds aren't old. But had no clue about the pop culture & historic events ("Where's The Beef?", Challenger explosion, "Dallas") were when the DJ asked them questions.
Nintendo is releasing a series of games on the gameboy called the "classic series". These are the original versions of hits like Super Mario Bros. Neither the graphics, or original box design has been modified. To top it off, they also released a gameboy with, as they call it, "retro" colors which are made to look like the original nintendo. I think this is great, because they are taking the time to remember the classics, and for me, I can play all of the great games I grew up with again. Sadly, none of today's kids know what these games are. I tried explaining my excitement for these games to a 10 year old cousin. He didn't even know what these games were. Then it hit me, he was BORN in 1994. The earliest game system he could remember is Playstation. Its sad, but I guess Mario has now become an aged plumber who was cool two decades ago. As for me, long live 8 bits. I'm happy with my NES.
I'm 17 and was born in 87', but alot of the stuff I like is from the eighties. I'm always wanting to talk about my new eighties movie discovery, but all my friends are not even into the whole eighties thing. I just re-discovered "Legend" or should I say the soundtrack (which is awesome). Its on cassette though, which I think adds some sort of wonderful aged effect to the music. (It probably doesn't affect it at all but oh well. lol). I wish I could find all these teens who are into the eighties like me, but they seem to be few and far between. I'm not a complete fanatic...I mean I know of Duran Duran, Kiss, Journey, Def Leppard, but as to describing or giving one of their hits, this I could not do. (Except for Def Leppard: Pour Some Sugar On Me and Animal)
You realize that everything is targeted at you, the background music, the commercials... why because you are the purchasing power now no longer the trend setter... sad but true...
I did not read all of the posts but If you remember The Snork's ( Smurfs that lived underwater). The fact that people don't even know about them that makes me think I am going crazy or I am old. What about the big hair bands. The bandanas tied around your knees down.
The fact classic Disney & Warner Bros. cartoons from the early/mid 20th century are hardly (or never) shown on tv anymore. Except Looney Tunes & many Hanna Barbera cartoons from the '60's, 70's, and '80's can be seen on "Boomerang" & Disney cartoons from the '80's & '90's, like "Duck Tales" & "Chip & Dale's Rescue Rangers", can be seen on "Toon Disney". Plus, nothing else than DVD & video tape. Even '90's classics like "Ren & Stimpy" & "Animaniacs" are hardly shown!!!
Oh, man, I was born in 1975 and lately have felt old with the onslaught of the 80's and I can remember it all! The Karate Kid in the theater, renting VCR's, how you had to have that all important card to rent movies, Micheal Jackson button pin things, friendship pins on shoelaces, when the movies said the sound track was available on records and tapes because CD's didn't exist!!!! My 11 year old son asked me what the 80's was like, but hey, did you ever think we'd have this wonderful forum to complain about feeling so old? I love it, because I'm not alone...wax on!
I Was Born In June 7 1986. I enjoyed Ducktales, Transformers, Jem, Real Ghostbusters and others. I'm miserable this year I wish I would go back to my past and stay there instead of move on to my Future.
I was born in 85, My buddy and I were talking about the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and how cool the gun was and Duckhunt and everything. Some 12 year old kid comes up and asks "what's that?" I ask Duckhunt? Or the NES. He replies Both
I remember always wearing friendship bracelets! I never took them off. I remember watching the tv shows like Macgyver and Alf! I was born in 1974 and I'm 30 now! Time flies so fast! :)
Does anyone remember that doll named "Maxi"? When you cranked her arm, her hair would grow, or something like that. Also, the Beverly Hills Teens, with Bianca the rich snobby girl, and her limo driver named Wilshire? I was born in 1981, and I feel old a lot of times, especially when they keep changing the cereals, or get rid of them altogether. Whatever happened to Trix being little balls? Now they are these hard fruit shapes that scrape the roof of your mouth. Bring back the 80's!!!!!
Duran Duran (love them) is reuniting 20 YEARS LATER!
When Prince released "1999" it seemed sooooo far away. I remember thinking I'd be OLD in 1999 - I'd be 28! Well, 1999 was 5 years ago! So, everyone, PARTY LIKE IT'S 2016!
What makes me feel old is the fact that I'll be graduating [senior '05] from a highschool that was built the same year I was born, '87. Dude, i was 9 like yesterday and suddenly college is right around the corner? I'd rather be spending my weekend mornings watching Care Bears, Gummi Bears, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood and Pee Wee's Playhouse. Good times, good times.
Remembering the time when a computer on had black and green, and when the internet was for businessmen.
I work at a Day Care and Camp. I feel old when I talk about movies or cartoons I like(d) and they say, "what's Pretty in Pink?" or "I was born in 2000." Yikes!
I was born in '86 and have already felt "old"! Once I was talking to some kids that I babysit and I told them that when I was in the third or fourth grade (yes, I was in the '90's, but who cares?) we used to play POGS. They then asked me what POGS were...they asked me the in the same way that they'd ask their mom what Jacks were! Can you believe it? There are kids out their that don't know what POGS (or even Gigapets or Tomigotchis) were!
Recently I went to local store in my area and was checking out. The girl that was waiting on me told me how cool my checks were, and that she had never seen checks with her school's mascot on them before. I noticed that she stared at them for some time. She finally asked me if MY KIDS went to high school locally. I would have had to be 13 to have a kid who's a senior this year! I told her that I had actually graduated locally, and my checks were just showing my pride in my school. She asked me what year I graduated, and I told her 1991. She said, "God, that IS a long time ago!" I told her that she would be surprised how fast her 20's fly by. When she's 31, she'll remember the old man who told her how fast time flies. LOL
When I was boxing movies at work and noticed that the Transformers are animae. When did this happen?! I still remember seeing that movie in the mid-80s (not in the movies, although my boyfriend did!).
A new Care Bears movie gets released after 15 years, and its in CGI animation!!! What ever happened to good-old, hand drawn cartoons with cheesy graphics? I thought it was bad enough that Transformers went animae, but this is REALLY bad. I'm 22, I seriously shouldn't feel this way.
Most of the Hardee's fast food places in my area have closed or are other fast food chains. I live in south central WI, 45 minutes from Madison.
Cookie Crisp. Whatever the hell happened to the crook? I remember the days when the dog and the crook were burglars with Zorro masks and the cookies were actually good and had no such "Hershey" chocolate nonsense stuffed in them. I say replace the Hershey chips with the original black chips and BRING BACK THE COOKIE CROOK DUO!
Nerds in the little nerd containers. My kids don't have a clue to what I mean.
Do you guys remember those jelly sandals that were popular in the 80's? Well, me and my older sister were sitting around talking about stuff that use to be "it" when we were in elementary, and we started talking about jelly sandals.. and my little sister, that was born in 1991, was like "what the heck are jelly sandals??" ....OMG! I don't know why, but that was a major insult to me, and yes.. it made me feel old.. I loved my jelly sandals :(
Full House and Fresh Prince of Belair on Freaking Nick at Nite???? Are you joking me??? I mean I'm not even old, I was born in 1987 and watching those on Nick at Nite makes me feel really old and sad!!! Next thing you know Saved by the Bell will be on there! Oh gosh!
I was born in 1984, so I was a young child in the 80's who got to enjoy Glow Worms and Rainbow Bright. I feel like kids today live in a world where they don't have to be as creative as I did. Whatever happened to some good old fashioned paper dolls cut out of the Sears and Roebuck Catalog???
It made me feel old the other day when I was talking to a bunch of kids (born around 1990 and later). I was talking about how I remember getting my first Nintendo and this girl says "Like nintendo 64?.... ack!
Knowing that in a little over a year it will be the 20th anniversary of the Challenger explosion and remembering being home from school due to snow and watching it happen.
I was born in 1975 and I see the kids I baby-sat for back in the 80's now having 1-5 year old children that I baby-sit for.
Identifying with a country song called "I Miss Back When". The chorus of that song reminds me of the 80's I grew up in. "Back when a hoe was a hoe and Coke was a Coke. Crack's what you were doing, when you were cracking jokes, back when a screw was a screw and wind was all that blew. And when you said "I'm down with that, you meant you had the flu. I miss back when, I miss back when." The song goes on to talk about the singer reading "Street slang for Dummies".
Pulling out my old Atari to see if it still worked and my kids saying "My god mom, you were deprived of a good childhood with these graphics"
My kids playing with Barbie on a computer instead of the actual dolls.
Remembering Mary-Kate and Ashley Oleson as baby Michelle on Full House and seeing clips from their 18th Bday party.
Watching Little House on the Prarie on DVD and remembering waiting for that episode to come out the following week to see if Laura actually married Almonzo.
Speaking of The Care Bears being in CGI, most of all hit animated movies from today ("Finding Nemo", "Shark Tale", "Incredibles", etc.) are all CGI animated. Plus, current non CGI animated films like "Brother Bear" had flopped. Guess that hand drawn animated films are nolonger profitable. And recently knowing that there'll be a new animated Disney Christmas movie out, but in CG1. Atleast most current cartoons on Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, & Comedy Central are still hand drawn.
I was extremely excited about an upcoming concert, and I told one of my employees I was going to see Duran Duran! She said, "Who's that?" AARGH!!!
Remember when you could watch one episode of a cartoon and understand everthing in it even though you hadn't seen it before? Unlike these cartoons now to where you have to watch the whole series to understand ANY of it. What ever happened to a story in a thirty minute episode? (1982)
Remember the Dr. Seuss cartoons that were played on TV? I had forgotten all about them till I ran into them last Christmas looking for things to buy my (then) one year old. Of course I had to get them and well ended up doing his whole room in the cat in the hat. But now they have out the cat in the hat movie (which isn't really a "kids" movie in my eyes or the eyes of some others) What ever happened to Dr. Seus being about the kids and not the adults?
Actually, I'm a 30 year old who looks pretty much like a 22 year old, about that I really can't complain. And mentally I still feel and sometimes act like a teenager, but when younger people call my favorite music retro and say that I Love Rock and Roll is originally from Britney Spears when we all know that was Joan Jett, they think I'm crazy because they never heard that name really sucks not being the hip and pain in the butt teenager the way back then was way cooler...p.s who remember Ricky Martin whe he was one of the members of the group MENUDO...hahahahahah
The "Oldies" station in my area started playing "Kokomo" by the Beach Boys (1988)and "Uptown Girl" by Billy Joel (1983) about two years joke!
Watching "Retrosexual: The 80's" and noticing how much have changed & how far music videos, movies,& celebrities have gone Example: Lindsay Lohan would make Samantha Fox look tame by today's standards. And Samantha Fox, Kelly LeBrock, & Tiffany looked haggardly. Though Deborah Gibson looks great. Whatever happened to good clean cut teen teens & sexy singers that had class instead of being trashy like Beyonce & Britney Spears. Just compare Duran Duran "Girls On Film", Warrant "Cherry Pie", and even Madonna "Lucky Star" to most pop & rap videos that only show the same dance moves & images that would've been banned in the 1980's.
'90's sitcom "Wings" is on TV Land. And there was a "Baywatch" marathon last Saturday & Sunday. Enough said.
I seem to be the only one who remembers Teddy Ruxpin.
The only source of '80's music videos are on VH1 Classic & compilation DVDs since MTV caters to today's touth, and hardly play videos, along with VH1. Not to mention MTV2 caters towards people who grew up in the '90's and only air selected videos from artists that are still popular (ie Madonna, Michael Jackson, Beastie Boys, U2). Not to meniton that music videos are what they used to be in the '80's & '90's. Even rap videos were different and much better back in the day. And that being written by a 20 year old. (Notice how MTV nolongers cater towards the 20 something crowd)
Hey guys, I've decided to make this a little tradition, last year I wrote something similar to this: forget the eighties for a moment in a month it will be 2005 that means 10 years since 1995. In April it will be ten since the OKC bombing(where were you?) In October it will be ten since OJ was found not guilty(I'm sure he will catch the "real" killers anytime now!) On the lighter side it will be ten since we heard that pissed off Canadian woman You Oughta Know who I'm talking about, the movie Empire Records, Clueless as if. But the worse of all is in August 2005 it will be ten years since the start of my senior year in high school. The years keep rollin.
Because when I mentioned Hall & Oates to my cousin who is 20 he had NO clue as to who I was talking about. Becauase Bon Jovi, who just came out with "Runnaway" like YESTERDAY -- right? (not) is now over 20 yrs old and considered "Classic." Because "Do They Know it is Christmas" is now 20 yrs old.
Sometimes I feel old because I'm a 28 yr old with an almost three year old child. My former classmates have teens and preteens half their age. But I'm glad I waited. Not knocking early motherhood.
Mickey Rourke has gray hair. Things I read about in SF books are now in my pockets and drawers - some already obsolete. A Citroen does not look like a citroen anymore. In '86 I was still not believing I will see world without Soviet Union (I live in Poland). And... most of all... I turned 33 today.
I was driving home with my children over "tickle hill" and made a comment about feeling like I was riding with Bo Duke. "Ahh, who's Bo Duke, Mom?" and I replied matter of factly, "from Dukes of Hazzard. Krazy Kooter coming at ya'" in Koots' voice of course. Blank stares! Silly me, I was still trying to jog their memory, then it hit me------I'M OFFICIALLY OLD! "Them good ol' boys, never meanin' no harm"
What made me feel old is when: I was listening to a Chaka Khan CD (yeah I know, that showed my age) and my 11 year old cousin asked "why is that lady yelling like that?" The same 5 year old little girl I used to babysit now has a car and I helped her move into her own apartment.
Other cartoons that nolonger, or rarely, shown on tv: Lantz cartoons (Woody Woodpecker, Andy Panda), Terry Toons (Deputy Dawg, Mighty Mouse), Harveytoons (Casper, Little Audrey)...though it's a good thing since most Harveytoons were awful, Fleisher (Popeye, Betty Boop), and Filmation cartoons from television (Fat Albert, Masters of the Universe). And the same with tv shows from the 1950's to the mid 1970's, besides TV Land and some UHF stations that still air them. Most of today's cable networks air repeats of shows from the 1980's & 1990's. Though TV Land now has shows like Cheers, Wings, and Mac Gyver.
I was born in 1968. I remember the 80s very well. When I went into the 80s I was in public school but by 1989, I had given birth to my first daughter. She is a true carbon copy of me, looks walks and talks like me. Well the 80s me, I have somehow morphed into looking more like my mother, lol. Now she is 15, and thinks the 80s were "gay". The 80s rocked, loved the hair, the tunes, and the fun that went along with all of it. All of us that had the opportunity to party like it was 1999 (and that seemed to be in the very distant future at the time), are truly fortunate!! Party on Dude!!! hehee
A friend of mine got Magnum, P.I. season one on DVD and loaned it to me. As I was watching it, it hit me that the show was nearly 25 years old--and I was 10 when it debuted!
Now the classic cartoon "Popeye" is added to the CGI trend with a new holiday special airing on Fox. If that's not enough, Popeye & Bluto are friends in this special. (Another blame for "political correctness") Since Popeye cartoons are rarely seen, except on public domain DVDs like "60 Classic Cartoons", I bet most of today's kids would only be familiar with "Popeye" as the popular fast food restuarant. Since Cartoon Network now only air Scooby Doo & Tom & Jerry with mostly current junk like "Hi Hi Puffy AmiYunmi". Besides Cartoon Network, Disney Channel also neglects the past like MTV does to the '80's. Unlike most teens, kids don't care if their parents/grand parents watched Looney Tunes as kids. Those networks are only interested on what's "hip" instead of being diversed like now ruined channels like Nickelodeon & the mentioned Disney Channel. Thanks for the internet (and radio & tv networks devoted to the classics) for kids & teens who aren't into current stuff to discover music, tv shows, movies, etc. from the past.
Andre Agassi is still playing tennis! HE's like 34 0r 35 years old!
I was born on October 15th, 1982 and I love the '80s because I think the '80s are a good times decade whether it's music I liked at the time (Michael Jackson, Def Leppard, Bruce Springsteen), or the cartoons (He-Man, Transformers, ThunderCats, GI Joe, Ninja Turtles), or the video games (NES, Atari, and Sega Genesis) After playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the lifestyles and music from that game take me back. I like the '90s as well but it doesn't a candle to the '80s! I wish could've been born earlier like 1975-80 but I lived just enough to remember at least half of the decade. Long live the '80s!
The only time somebody said "d*mn" or "b*tch" on TV was on One Day at a Time or the Golden girls and the live studio audience (remember those?) would gasp in horror. I have also realized that arcade games are extinct and no one seemed to notice. We used to put a quarter in Dig Dug or Centepede (at the GROCERY STORE). Also, bring back 16oz GLASS pop bottles!(soda bottles for those of you outside the midwest).
While reading reviews about the "Live Aid" DVD on Amazon, I read a comment from a teenager that wrote that it's an ideal gift for his/her parents. And knowing that Live Aid was from 1985.
Wow, sitting here, reading all these comments makes me feel old (born in 1980). I just turned 24 and never realized how much stuff I remember from the 80's. Smurfs, Gummi Bears the Cartoon, Pinwheel on Nick.....Care Bears, Cabbage Patch Kids (still have mine). My best friend and myself were so into Madonna (she made me a mix tape of my favorite Madonna songs when we were in 2nd or 3rd grade). I found a website a few months ago that was decicated to the 80's and it mentioned the fall of the Berlin Wall. I clearly remember that like it was yesterday (watched Tom Brokaw broadcast the news). Does anyone remember when "heavy" was slang?? Sure do get older by the day don't we?
Born in '72, here's what gets to me --- Sinclair first 'computer'. Sells on eBay regularly for about $10 now. Swatch watches. Survival knives. Ninjas. When collecting comic books wasn't cool. Elevator Action arcade game. Ms. Thedford, hottest 5th grade teacher in Texas.
When I found out the girl who had to leave High School because she got pregnant (yes, they used to make you do that once) in 1988, is now a grandmother. Hubby and I haven't even had kids yet, and a girl our age is a grandmother.
I was born in the summer of 70. I now have a 15 yr old son who thinks Duran Duran are old and suck. lol. Ahhh, what does he know? Also where I work I see the young girls actually wearing clothes that are almost identical to the clothes I wore when I was a teenager. The styles are coming back. Someone here mentioned the bandana around the knee...what memories that brought back.. Hey, remember when wearing shiny spandex pants to go dancing was cool!!!??!!!!
Current teen singer Jo Jo, age 13, is old enough to be Deborah Gibson's daughter.
If you disagree with most of today's pop culture like music (rappers, teen pop acts), movies (current teen comedies), and tv shows (hip teen dramas & cartoons).
I'm 33y.o and collect vinyl, especially metal like Warlock, Accept and Motley Crue, but I had this experience on the city bus a couple of years back. I had just bought some records at Second Hand - a shop in downtown Copenhagen - and was checking them for scratches, when I suddenly heard a little girl (4-5y.o) asking her mother - who was younger than me - what that round, black thing was, that the man was holding. The mother answered "That's a CD from when Mommy was young honey", I felt like turning around and saying "Thanks babe, I really needed that" or something like that.
Remember those corny long distance/collect call commercials with people calling thier friends or families. And saturday morning cartoons, afternoon specials, and cartoons seen in the afternoon on any network.
No Gnus is GOOD Gnus....With Gary Gnu....The Great Space Coaster...Nuff said!!!
Born in '69. High school in the 80's. Good times. My husband, who is a few years younger than I and certainly not as cool as I was in high school, laughs at me when I know all the words to a Morris Day and the Time song on our XM 80's radio station. He also thinks it is weird that I can recite every word of "Sixteen Candles". Yummy Jake Ryan and his Porsche..."Lake, big Lake". Gotta love the Donger. Bitchin'
I was born in 1985 and I can remember a lot of the popular toys from the 80's. I still have my cabbage patch kid, my little pony's, care bears, and pound puppies. I plan on giving them to my kids someday. Oh and we can't forget the good TV shows of Alf, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and the smuffs. The 80's are the best decade to be born in.
About the cop nolonger appearing on those Cookie Crisp commercials and box, now the dog is replaced by a wolf that acts like the Trix Rabbit. Abd remember the cereal Apple Jacks, that I don't know if it's still exist or not.
The Lubbock Babes from "Just the Ten of Us" Heather Langenkamp was 25 when she played 16 year old Marie, Joann Willette was also 25 when she played 14 year old Connie. Jamie Luner was 18 when she played 15 year old Cindy, and Brooke Theiss was 20 when she played 15 year old Wendy. Isn't it obvious? Joann, Brooke and Jamie were born in California (Joann: San Diego, Brooke: Palos Verdes, and Jamie: Los Angeles), and Heather was the only woman from the midwestern state of Oklahoma. Heather was born in Tulsa. Now, Heather and Joann are forty, Brooke is now 35, and Jamie is now 34. If ABC is making a Just the Ten of Us reunion, I'll bet these women can still sing as the Lubbock Babes.
OK, I just have to do a long list list as I remember them (and I know a lot of them will be repeats)- discs/pegs on Huffy bikes, having to blow into every Nintendo cartridge, upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart, being told by my cousins when I was describing Super M. Bros. that "all the really old games are now arcade games in pizza places", those stand-up inflatable punching dummies, Sit N Spin, when I asked for stamps somebody asked, don't you just email people?, going to Disney World and there being only the Magic Kingdom and Epcot, when I think of David Hasselhoff I think of Kitt and not Baywatch, Twister, RockEm SockEm Robots, Voltron, Walkmans, Max Headroom, the fact that I was 13 when the kids who'll start high school this September were born, tvs where you had to "change the dial" on the tv for the channels, Slip and Slide, Matchbox cars, Topps baseball cards-the whole set, not abbreviating everything (good examples- lol, kit, l8r, ttyl), being closer to 30 than 21, the DeLorean, being called Sir by everyone (I'm only 26), remembering the not very good looking Olsen twins when they were those ugly monkeys as babies on Full House, Garbage Pail Kids, actually doing ANYTHING non-electronically (buying movie tix, airline tix, books, email, etc.), going into the bank for money, not the ATM ("Tap MAC", for you Philadelphians), truly "floppy" disks, remembering that "I might already be a winner" for Publishers Clearing House, the Sears catalog, Popples, Whammies.
Movies like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Short Circuit, etc - That weren't full of sex, excessive violence, swearing, etc to try and appear like hip movies... they were just fun to watch...
I REALLY feel old when they show the "Where Are They Now?" shows on tv... like NKOTB.. my god! They're all in their 30s now!! And I'm right behind them.. blah! They used to be so cute and I used to have the biggest crushes on them all at different points in my childhood.. ya know you start with like Jordan or Joey then start to like Donnie cause he was the bad boy.. or Jon cause he was quiet and shy-cute... but I think I was the only one who thought towards the end that Danny was actually kinda hot!!! Also.. it's so weird to think that people like Jagger and Bowie are pushing 60-70 soon... wow...
Some times I actually crave the cold side cold and the hot side hot.
My nephew asked me how I could blow the dust out of a CD game for his Game Cube. I explained to him that the video games I used to play were big plastic cartridges. Remember how careful you had to be putting them in the game system and everyone had their own way of making each game work? I used to bang them on the floor a few times and bamg the dust out.
I was born in December of 1983 and my mom tells me stories of when she and my sister (almost 3 at the time) would take turns watching television; my mother watching MTV (on regular TV at the time, NOT CABLE!) and my sister watching the Alvin show and Alvin and the Chipmunks. Also the thought that my mother was planning her wedding at my age is really scary!
What's making me feel old is people born from 1984-89 complaining how old they feel. You're all pretty young to me. I was born in 79 and I remember watching Goonies & the Karate Kid. I remember when Saturday Morning cartoons were good.When the 86 Mets ruled the roost. When Challenger exploded. When I watched the Berlin Wall come down. When you knew Howard Hessman for Head of the Class not WKRP. Also by the late 80's we were all starting to make fun of Michael Jackson.
Just looking how different the technology is today, from even 5 years ago is scary, much less over 20. And WHOA! Soon 30 years ago will be in the 80s.
1984: Michael Jackson burned in Pepsi ad, does anyone remember Dotty Dog?
Reading comments on another message board and I couldn't believe some people have never heard of Deborah (Debbie) Gibson. Why? Because some of the posters are way too young to remember. And considering her as "old" though she's only 34.
I remember Spangle sweets, Aztec bars, Toffo's, jelly shoes, backcombing hair, Barnaby the bear with his girlfriend Nadine, Merlin the electronic game, wrist bands and leg warmers and the Multi Coloured Swap shop amongst so much more memories. Damn I feel old.. born in 1970, my niece thinks I am an absolute crazywoman for missing those days.
Turning 25! Now I am no longer in the 18-24 age range but the 25 and over. Teenagers will now look at me and say, who is that old guy?
I remember going to see Michael Jackson in concert, wearing a glove, a forty pound rhinestone jacket and a Jherricurl wig in an effort to look like him and wasn't teased because there were 30,000 other people looked exactly the same as me!
Firstly, I gave my white Transformer car (I'm female by the way) to my brother when he was born in 1994. I recently found one on the street up town, and was SO HAPPY because now, at age 18, I finally have a Transformer again! Also, I bought the soundtrack for Footloose (my parents threw out our record player when I was 9, and I am never forgiving them!). The CD was made in 1984, has the lyrics in the cover book (just like my old Alice Cooper - Trash tape), and carries the follwing warning on the inside cover: "The signal read-out surface is on the reverse side of the printed label side. While the compact disc is much more resistant to scratches and dirt than a conventiaonal record, it is best to be careful not to scratch it...Please note that conventiaonal sprays used to clean records may damage the disc...." Isn't it great that "conventiaonal records" described vinyl? And having to be told to play CDs label side up. One last thing about music...all my "vintage" late 70s/all 80s cassettes having old yellow Kmart stickers on them, priced at Aus$17.34!!! Whoo-hooo!!!!! Gonna go play one right now...
From a British stand point.. I remember a toy "Trick Stick" a magical stick that floats and does neat stuff.. They dont see the string attached to your finger.. or so thay say ... Also a Metal Mickey Robot.. a Large Inflatable Mickey on a Large 4 wheel Base that went forward and turned when in Reverse... Not to mention my first Chopper Bike when I was 11 (1982) Sighhhhhhhhh .. Thanks for the Giggles Folks ... Peace out fae Me
I was only born in 82 so I don't really feel that old, but I remember all the cartoons and childrens programs and animated movies from the 80s like "Today's Special", "Square One", "Picture Pages", "Monster Squad", "The Last Dragon", "Barbie and the Rockers" and I must say it does make me wish they still made things the way they did back then. And I know I'm young compared to some of you but yes even I remember having a record player and thinking tape players were the way of the future, and the fact that my brother had to beg one christmas just to get a stereo with a record player and a tape deck, I also remember cheesy computer games, Atari and early Nintendo(Duck Hunt and Zelda were my personal favorites)among other things.
In 2005 I'm now twice as old as I was when I was 18 back in 1987. This year kids will be graduating who didn't even exist when I graduated. Old yearbook photos reminded me about when McDonald's drink cups didn't feature that stupid logo but instead were basically plain white cups with yellow mmmmmmmmmmm's going all around it, and takeout food was served given to you on a corrugated tray, and the pies were still crispy fried unlike the perforated soggy abominations they offer now. KFC was Kentucky Fried Chicken. It used to be cool to have an old car from the mid-late 60s or early 70s that you worked on yourself which taught you about mechanics and all about being self-reliant. Nowadays kids don't even change their own oil one reason being is because it might cut into their cell-phone jabbering time, well poor kids still might but not the middle class anymore. Before the internet I read a lot of papers like Weekly World News, various car magazines, and Soldier of Fortune magazines. In the 80s drugs weren't used as a substitute for discipline (not that the crap works anyhow). Ever notice that school shootings didn't start to happen until meds began to take the place of corporal punishment? Prescription drugs are now messing up kid's minds more than illegal weed ever did. You could turn on any light rock station and expect to hear songs that had a fun beat and made you feel good versus today when every song on every station contains elements of rap. I used to love rap and house music in the 80s (there used to be stations that played only rap-type music, and then you had most stations that played "regular" music) because when I got tired of rap I could switch back to any of the multitude of other stations that played regular pop music; I hate new music today because most of it contains some element of rap or soul and I'm sick of it all. If it isn't a bonafide rap or soul artist then its some singer trying to emulate such. If I want to listen to rap then I pop in a cassette of LL Cool J or Tone Loc. When I want regular music I pop in Prince, Michael Jackson, old punk style Madonna (her new style sux bigtime), Cindi Lauper, and even the Culture Club is preferable to the weak-sounding garbage coming out nowadays. At least those 80s artists knew how to wear their pants properly. Ah, okay I feel better now. Hey, anybody still have a Panama Jack t-shirt? The thing I probably miss the most is when you could go into any Kmart or Walmart and get a skinny-tired 10-,12-, or 15-speed road or racing style bike which is many times easier to pedal than the mountain bikes of today. A mountain bike with its thick knobby tires is a real chore to pedal for any considerable distance, but I can pedal a road style bike with skinny tires for hours, only problem is you have to go to a bike shop to get those now and at a steep price, because Murray and Huffy don't make 'em anymore. Instead of being cooped up in front of a computer in the 80s I was always outside riding bikes or shooting basketball with my pals, or climbing trees with my trusty rope I borrowed off my dad's boat anchor, or playing hacky sack. TV and Nintendo were only for nighttime and inclement weather. Reports were done on a typewriter from materials borrowed from the library because dot matrix printers were expensive, unreliable, and wouldn't get used enough to justify the cost.
Swans Crossing I actually think that was early 90's I was 13 in 92 my quarter life crisis haha Xanadu olivia newton john rocked back then physical and other hits my boyfriend is 3 years younger than me and he didn't know george M was in wham and the model video he didn't even know who wham was bowie in labrinyth the dark crystal brilliant henson films when cartoons were simple like jem she-ra lady lovely locks{ I had all of the toys} Wish I still had them princess rose petal and her pals all smelled like flowers strawberryy shortcakes house when barbies didn't look like hookers Kids incorperated K.I.D.S yeah haha you can't do that on television glo babies moonbeams wuzzle underwear popples the littles snorks and I agree the dog should come back cookie crunch yum "wheres the beef?"
I bought a monchichi and the mall and took it home and my roommate had no idea what it was. She is only 4 years younger than me.
Most of the words you couldn't say on television in the 80s can now be said freely today without censorship. Epitets deemed vulgar, such as "ass", "penis", "vagina", and "fart" are even said during "family hour" viewing from 8:00-9:00, which today is also fair game. The more liberal cable channels can even get away with an occasional s-word or B.S.-word without repercussions. On the other hand, the derogatory racial N-word, retorted frequently in the "Roots" chronicles and other series involving race relations, cannot be spoken without a fine and/or tongue-lashing from the FCC.
I remember the first movie I ever really watched in theaters being Willow,and having my first copy of it being on UHB instead of VHS.... I had all the coloring books and toys.. I also remember Val Kilmer in "Real Genius" and the Star Wars and Star Trek cartoons. And Ewoks in their own movies.... The thing that totally gets me now, even though I'm 21, is knowing that the 80's Mickey Mouse Club had Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, and Marilyn Manson (I think his name was Derek?). Plus I heard Meatloaf on an oldies station the other day.
You know I've spent 3hrs reading through all these statements as a college freshmen and born in the LATE eighties I'm upset that some of you want to tell us we know nothing about the period in time. I not only remember all the shows and the music and everything that made this era great but you don't think of those who had siblings, my sister only 3years older who experienced the eighties more than I showed and taught me eveything not only did I understand that time but I got all the and for someone born in the late eighties I still grew up knowing all about the eighties....Thanks
Well one thing that makes me feel older is reading how many of you were born in the 80's. I was born in 1965 and turned 18 in 83. Sigh... On the bright side we had some great times then. I loved the videos of the 80's good stories. It could be worse though, wait till you hear the "kids" norn in the late 90's saying how old they feel :-)
The fact that Looney Tunes are now scare on tv and mostly anime are on kiddie networks and daytime tv. And rememeber when "The Fox Box" was originally called "Fox Kids" and "Kids WB" didn't exist, along with The WB network & UPN.
Being 25 (born in '79) I remember Mousercise, and enjoying it. It helped keep us, the kids of the 80's slimmer. With the growing obesity epidemic, it needs to be brought back to help kids of today. So many of the shows then encouraged kids to get up and get moving, not just sit all day when they are out of school and do nothing. There needs to be a channel for nostalgic kids show, not just a nostalic cartoon channel. Personally, I want to see She-Ra (and not a re-make of it either) back on the air.
Going into a toy store and seeing the "new" Care bears, My Little Pony, and Strawberry Shortcake dolls almost made me cry...How could they remake toys from my childhood (I'm 24)? I was literally disgusted by the Care Bears and the Strawberry Shortcake stuff...the My Little Ponies weren't too bad. I told my niece I owned the original Care bears, Strawberry Shortcake, and My little Ponies and she looked at me and said, "How could you, these are NEW toys." I felt so old...I was ready to cry.
Dressing up as a California Raisin for Halloween and remembering smaller cars.
Oh man, reading all of these almost made me cry...they brought back some crazy memories. I was born in 1978, and just turned 27, an old lady around my work, with all the 20 year olds. What really makes me feel old is when I find myself watching VH1 now instead of MTV. I can't believe they now play "my music" on my "parents" music channel. I remember when Sesame Street was all puppets, nothing was computerized. Are there ANY puppets left on that show?? I remember when Mr. Rogers was really cool to watch. I remember the "Hair Bands", like Def Leppard, Poison, Motley Crue...Those were the good days in Music! I had the original Care Bears, and Strawberry Shortcakes, and My Little Pony. I remember getting a Cabbage Patch doll every year for my B-day. Do they even make them anymore? I miss the 80's...
I read that someone remembers those Strawberry Shortcake sheets. Well, I still have a use my Stawberry Shortcake garbage pail. I got it when I was a little kid and it never left my room...all those years. I am 30 now. I remember Ollie North, someone mentioned him. My friend and I were so bored somedays because they took off our cartoons for his trial, that we'd watch it and draw pictures of him! That was fun. The Challenger was sad because our teacher almost got picked to go...almost. I remember Voltron...I thought Princess Allura was so cool, I wanted to be strong like her. I loved "You Can't Do That On Television". I persuaded my parents to get cable just to watch Nickelodeon. Slime and that father who always sat around. Every time I cross Park Ave. I think of Diff'rent Strokes and my friends and I still say, "Whatcha talkin' 'bout Willis! Atari's Space Invaders and Frogger were my favorite video games! GREMLINS! How could I forget! Don't get them wet. I went to the movies when I was 10 to see the Goonies. I saw it last year on TV and was so excited to see it again! My mom woke up at like 5 am to stand in line to get me a Cabbage Patch Doll. It was sadly the last generation who was born without knowing about AIDS. I was born in 1974. Who had ever heard of it until Rock Hudson died in '85? And then poor, little Ryan White got it a few years later. I really don't remember MTV's early years. I was watching too many cartoons to care about music at that time. Knight Rider, Silver Spoons-that was my favorite show, maybe because Ricky Schroder was so cute. Punky Brewster. Webster, Diff'rent Strokes...a lot of kids lost their biological parents back then. All great shows! Who remembers roller skating rinks? They were the best. After you took a class you got a new pair of skates. Everyone did the YMCA on the rink. McDonald's crispy, fried apple pies were the best. None of that healthy, baked stuff back in the '80's. Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese.... And what number did everyone know? 8-6-7-5-3-0-9. I could write this stuff forever....maybe the Delorian from Back to the Future can bring me back?
I can remember when Michael Jackson was normal.
smurfs, fraggle rock, nintendo(the first one), MJ's thriller, NEW 5.0 mustangs, tube socks, the original powerwheels, gas being just over a dollar, adding three trash bags to a "slip and slide", MS-DOS, typing class using a typewriter, Lacoste was cheap, and Ronald Regan.
having hair :/
-Alright, the other day I was watching Star Wars and I realized that when it was released that my parent were my age which is 20, I was born in '84, then I realised that Return Of The Jedi was released in '83 making it just a year older than me. -I find myself loving music that dated back to times when my parents were younger than me like Rush and Zappa. Rush is my favorite band, the band still exists and my parents were youger than me when the band released their first album in '74. -I remember being impressed by windows 3.1 -I think the 80's were way cooler then the 90's to which some of my online friends have to take my word for because they weren't born yet -I have online friends born after 1990, as late as 1992 -I remeber when the 90's was a new decade -I remember when Russia was refered to as the Soviet Union -OMFG!!!! Windows 95 is already 10 years old!!!! I remember when that was the new awesome OS -I remember expressions such as "Rad" -I think my parents were about my age when they got married -I remember Michael Jackson still being respectable... ...and black -I remember watching "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" when it was new. -As a kid I got my idea of what high school was from movies such as "The Breakfast Club" and "Ferris Bueler's Day Off" -I remeber thinking of the Ford Bronco as the coolest thing to drive and wanting one when I got older. -Grand Theft Auto: Vice City makes me feel nostalgic. -I remember Rambo and Mr. T And many more..............
The only anime that you could find ANYwhere on the TV was Speed Racer, Robotech, Voltron, Tranzor Z, Tranformers, and Star Blazers.
Ok first of all I am going to be 25, I am an 80's baby, I loved growing up in the 80's, it was a time of fun, and happy memories, it was a time when music was being shown on tv, I mean my parents banned MTV from our tv it was such an interesting time, and I know we all miss it, some say time marches on, well it seems to me that time is dragging its feet, and it needs a good kick in the ass, how can I say this, lets kick it old school, first lets start off with the saturday morning cartoons, what are they now, The Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Toon Disney, if there are others I apologize for not listing them, The best song I have heard this year in 2005 is I miss back when, forget who sings it, but its country... also what happened to shows such as Fifteen, Hey Dude, Ahhh Real Monsters, Ren and Stimpy, Tales of Avonly, The Littles, Snorks, Muppet Babies, Fraggle Rock, Garbage Pail Kids, which, by the way the movie is tubular, I own it on dvd, where are the Wuzzles and Rainbow Brite.. where are the great Care Bears not the new ones.. also when the hell did them make a have a nice day bear, and laugh alot bear, not in my collection from the 80's and I have 2 sets of each bear and cousin... I mean the Popples, Wonder Whims, Teddy Ruxpin, You Can't Do That On Television, or how about when you could watch a Disney movie on Fox, or when the Ghostbusters were big... I mean I miss my fruit rollups, and my wrinkle dogs, How is it that we can sit here and list everything but all thats going to come of it is a list? I mean I would love to see all my old shows, like ALF and Mr Belvedere and others to be released on dvd... I miss going to the theaters and paying like 3.00 now its like like what, 6-9 dollars a person depending on theater, and roller skating rinks, and video arcades, it is sad that my 2 children will never know the feeling of roller skating.. I mean in my town it is prohibited to ride any form of skates, wether it be a board or a pair of skates, on side walks or in the parks. I wish that for just one month or year we could all relive the 80's... even if it meant that we had to give up the technology that we have today, I would turn back the hands of time and keep it still. But it is getting late and my (old ass) NOT.. is getting tired... its only 7 am, well all I can say is for all of you.. if you feel old, break out your 80's shit and feel young. If you dont have that one little thing you always wanted, check ebay, they have all sorts of stuff...especially from the 80's..... also if anyone could tell me of any if salute your shorts will be on dvd, in a good legal copy I would be greatful to know about it. Well everyone have a great 8E's day Love Yours 8E's Brother Brad
I also remember K.I.D.S Incorporated, my brother had all of Weird Al's records and we practiced long and hard one summer for a fourth of july talent contest, to dance and sing to "Girls Just Wanna Have Lunch" and I remember watching his video, "I'm Fat" making fun of Micheal which by the way I have his doll in his thriller outfit. My Little Poochie, I couldnt believe it to when Hello Kitty came back from Japan, I used to have two swimsuits of her. I had a pink stereo/record player and played Bryan Adams who I was in love with over and over and the Bangles- "In your room" spent every Sunday listening to Rick Dees-SP and the American Top Forty. My brother had a poster of Alyssa Milano on his wall and we always watched Fraggle Rock at 7:30 in the morning before the bus came, aslo Who's the Boss, Cosby Show, Murder She Wrote, and what about Jem the cartoon rockstar with big pink hair! I had strawberry shortcake and carebear sheets and my mom and dad surprised us with ET bath towels and hand mitt for bathing! I remember hanging my stuffed animals on a chain in my room that my mom sewed plastic hooks onto all my animals. I wore acid wash jeans skirts and red pump and I know they where them again but I had tons of plastic barretts that were turtles, birds, flowers. Ear piercing was a big deal and I had little bule tvs that where my first pair. I wore big globe earrings and big gold hearts that had a love spinner on them. We would "peg" our pants and where two different colored socks over our pants that matched our shirts. I loved hearing the HBO beginning of a movie watching all the big dots form into the H and then the B and then the O.
garbage pail kids
Remember Oregon Trail? I remember our Friday afternoons being spent playing that game. Back when they actually had computer labs and you had to take turns since the entire school only had 4 computers!
Now hitting 31, I sure miss those days when life was so much easier... I would love to see an episode of Silver Spoons, or Diff'rent Strokes, even Punky Brewster. I've notice alot of things are trying for a comeback... my youngest daughter is a care bear nut, there's even a Cabbage Patch Doll in my house, and my MUCH YOUNGER brother (5 yrs old) has an old He-Man toy. Can you believe it? In one of these, I read "Does anyone still have a Panama Jack t-shirt?" Believe it or not, I just tossed mine this year. It finally got so wore out I just couldn't wear it anymore. None the less, it still felt good to 'relive the 80's', even if it was brief.
Being the only one that remembers Mighty Mouse, Vultron, what Transformers and GI Joe toys originally looked like, when converse shoes was cool, and when someone calls music from the eighty's oldies music.
Actually listening to records on a record player, listening to 8-tracks, reading gremlins with a 45 playing in the record player, when there were Video rental places everywhere, remember when gas was 98 cents a gallon, when Flintstones Vitamins were big, "Give it to Mikey, he'll eat anything" Life Cereal commercial, the original Lite Brite, when "Help, I fallen and I can't get up commerical" use to crack me up, and watching Terminator and Jaws in the movie theatre when they just came out.
I was born in 1980 and I feel old that my 14 year old niece has never heard of chilly willy! I remember a lot of the stuff you guys talked about like wuzzles, rose petal (I still own) Remember shirt tales, the get a long gang, mysterious cities of gold (I was a nickelodeon child. We never could afford to upgrade our cable to get the disney channel) have a question, though. Anyone remember special delivery? A show on nickelodeon that showed movies. I would love to get a list of those if anyone remembers them or knows where I could find them. My favorite was one about a kid who beats a computer game and gets taken by it. I think the game was called wizard or something like that e-mail me at if you know anything about it.
I loved this page. I was born in 1981 and I do feel old at times. Glad I'm not alone. Reading this took me back to the days of being a kid when life was simple. I don't have any info, just wanted to let you know I enjoyed remembering the good days. Thanks!!
Watching Back To The Future, it's strange because when I first saw the movie I could remember thinking wow that's what it was like when my parents were teens in the 50s. Now I'm having a daughter and I'm 26 so when she's 8 and watches it she's going to be like the opposite and she will relate Marty to me growing up in the eighties and not even have a clue of what the eighties were like I was about the fifties. I guess my grandkids will relate more to BTTF part 2.
im 19 years old born in didnt really grow up in 80's really..but oh my god i feel old. i know some people will laugh at me but i feel so old and its annoying! im at uni at mo in first year and i have little bro and sis still in school and i really miss being that age...16/17 rocked. the main thing that gobsmacks me is how music gets old and u dnt even realise 1990's music etc...that still feels new but is actually ten years old..i was listening to pulp's album and cant believe how it is dated...i still cnt get to grips with finding birthdays annoying now instead of fun! meh..*gasp* that a wrinkle???lol
I was born in '79. When I was about three, I was obscessed with He-Man. I most definitely remember "By the power of Greyskull, I have the POWER!" and Skeletor. I remember my dad reading me a He-Man book and I was sitting on his lap. Something deep in my memory is giving me this picture of myself in a kind of muscle man costume and I fear I might have gone as He-Man one Halloween (will search for any photos and destroy the evidence ;)). I adored Strawberry Shortcake and Blueberry Muffin was her best friend, *not* whoever they have now, and she wore red and white striped stocking and a cute little red dress with white apron and a huge hat with strawberries on it and big red shoes, *not* pants/trousers, sneaks/trainers, t-shirt, and a hat with a brim that doesn't eclipse the sun. And where is the Purple Pieman and Sour Grapes? We must have them back! They rocked! I remember all the TV shows others have mentioned. Watched Alf, Electric Company, Snorks, Shirt Tail Gang (remember the orang named Bogie?), The Get-Along Gang (were in an old caboose). I was watching Sesame Street when Mr. Hooper died. I wondered if we'd really be living in space like the Jetsons in 2000. I remember when Atari came out and some commercial that had "Sorry, Atari!". I remember 'Sixteen Candles', Molly Ringwald before she was washed up, and Ferris Bueler's Day Off (anyone who hasn't seen it is *so deprived*). We had a Beta player and when VHS came on the scene, my dad held out as long as he could before submitting and getting a VHS player, and only because a) you couldn't find Beta players anymore and b) video rental places didn't have Beta anymore. He was the same way about a CD player and getting a computer. Money was tight when I was growing up, so I didn't have a video game system, but I'd rent one on occasion from a video store (back in the days when Beta was still around) and play the *original* Super Mario and Duck Hunt. My aim was lousy, so I was most happy each time I shot a duck. I thought the first Gameboys were totally awesome and wanted one *so* bad. Even now, that's what I think of when I hear 'Gameboy'. I loved Tetris. The Immaculate Collection came out when I was in elementary school and remember the shock and outrage over Madonna wearing a cone bra? Man, have things changed. Cyndi Lawper (sp?) was popular and Tiffany and Debbie (not Deborah) Gibson were still too young to drink. I *loved* The Muppet Show and watched it every week with my parents. Never watched Fraggles but I remember hearing friends talk about it. Oh! Who remembers 'You Can't Do That On Television'? Was that not an awesome show? I smile, remembering Christine being slimed. And Barth. Who remembers that hygenically-challeneged cook? And the short-lived Turkey TV. I was three when Ewoks burst on the scene and I thought they were so cute and furry. Darth Vader scared me and I really, really wanted Leah to beat the bad guys. E.T. was new in the theatres, not a re-release souped up so the next generation could enjoy it. I crushed on Joey McEntire and, yeah, he was a lot older than me (seven years), but that didn't have to be an issue. Mark Whalburg was still a complete unknown and it was Donny Whalburg, his older brother, getting the publicity. Anyone remember the short-lived NKOTB cartoon show? I got my first Cabbage Patch when I was in second grade. I was all about Rainbow Brite when she came out and my dad took me to see the animated Rainbow Brite movie. He also bought me an album of Rainbow Brite songs from some ad on TV and was pleasantly surprised it was actually decent. I still remember snippets of one song. I knew a world before AIDS, where the dangers of having sex were teenage pregnancy (still a big deal back in the day) and STDs, none of which were a death sentence and some you could take antibiotics to get rid of. DARE was going strong and I remember a program a lot like that one at my elementary school, where we were taught drugs were bad and we should say 'no' because they were bad, which fell apart when we started wondering *why* they were bad and a little bit wouldn't hurt. I strongly identify with the new Tim McGraw song 'I Miss Back When'. I heard 'Kokomo' on the oldies station's '70's at 7'. Dunno why it was in the 70's music, but any song I grew up with making into the playlist of an oldies station makes me feel Old. Several years ago, I didn't know what had been an oldies station had become an 80's station, so when I tuned into that frequency, I heard Roxette and was frightened. My music was on the *oldies* station! I wanted to cry. After the song, the announcer said something about it now being an 80's station and the oldies station was at such and such frequency. Deep sigh of relief. I remember records and when cassettes were the big thing. Several of the cars my parents drove (Dodge Omnis) only had AM radios. Remember heavy metal and when Ozzy Osborne was known for his interesting eating habits and not a reality show? When I was growing up, there was no internet to play on for hours or electric toys (excluding Lite Brite, but it required you to use your imagination) or lots of channels with lots of TV shows I could sit and stare at and put my brain in 'Sleep' mode. I had to entertain myself instead of expecting to be entertained. When I was three or four, I was all about playing in a large IBM box and used empty Tender Vittles boxes in whatever I was acting out. The day my dad put it in the garage to get it out of the way temporarily and the trash man though it went with all the other trash was a very sad day, indeed.
Being born in 1974. . . .oy vey!! In '84, when I was hitting 10, I enjoyed watching He-Man when it was the REAL HE-MAN! Mr. T was the coolest tough man alive! People got edgey when watching (Governor) Schwarzeneggar as the Terminator! I look back on it all & just wish, just for one day, I can go back and correct a few things I did & just relish in the 80's, as awesome as they were and still are! "Yo, Ahab. . .got my doobage?" "Say hello to my little friend!!" "Yo, Doc, you disintegrated Einstein!" "Does Barry Manilow know you raid his closet?" "Well it's Saturday Supercade, gather 'round well get your video friends together. . !" "Do you come from the Land Down Under? Where women glow & men plunder. . ." I love the 80's!
I'm 26, having been born in '79. A couple years ago, a coworker at our daycare and I were talking about favorite cartoons. Of course we mentioned the smurfs. It about broke my heart when an 8 year old turned to me and asked me, "What's a Smurf?" Where have the good shows gone?
Reading through some of these, I begin to feel a little bit nastolgic. after all being born in 81' I remember cartoons mentioned like Mask (awesome cartoon) was a cartoon not a jim carrey movie. and hell I still have my voltron toys in storage. Think back to about 1997 kids thought power rangers were the happening thing, I was saying for gods sake, it was voltron rip-off. Who remembers the models of then? How bout this one Kelly LeBrock, you remember the chick off of weird science. to think about it even shows from the 80's are now resurfacing on dvd I just saw a box set for "the Greatest American Hero" seasons one and two. I feel gitty as a school girl when I get carded while buying a pack of smokes. I remember when mobile phone were like carrying a 12 pound purse, now the can fit in the 5th pocket of you're acid washed, hole in the knee's, actually fit you Levi's
You know, some of these things you guys are writing about: the cute Snuggle Bear, My Little Pony, Cabbage Patch kids, etc, makes ME feel old (I remember them, vividly) and I'm 17!!
I can't believe all these kids thta have no idea what fraggle rock is!!!! I amonly 17 but I remember watching fraggle rock...and i really miss that show. I even feel old realizing that nickelodeon doesn't play any of my favorite shows from the 90s!!! All I can say is that these kids are missing out.
when some of your favorite bands that you grew up listening to are inducted into a hall of fame and the fans they have now have no idea of they're first albums.
"Light Brite, Lite Brite, turn on the magical colors bright." Or, "Magnadoodle......" Sometimes I get these jingles stuck in my head still. Also, I was talking to some kid who didn't know who Guns N' Roses were. I nearly fell off my seat.
My daughter and I were walking and saw a record that someone had thrown on the ground. She looked at it and said "Look at the BIG CD"!!
Sports venues were not named after a company. For example, Monster Park in San Francisco was originally called Candlestick Park, then it changed their name to 3Com Park. People today still calls the stadium the 'Stick because it has history there being that the 49ers were a dominant NFL team in the 1980's before it changed the name. People in San Jose refuse to call their arena HP Pavilion, but instead calls it the "Shark Tank." It was at first called simply the San Jose Arena, and it later became the Compac Center before Hewitt-Packard took over Compac.
Once in a while they bring back commercials from the past - Does anyone else remember the Cherios guy swinging on a vine "Ceerio-io-ios"? I remember the bring back! And the Sears dept. stores with the cartoon booth to watch while your parents shopped? Worse yet, my son is always asking "Did they have 'this'when you were little? I had to finally say no when he asked about the hand held game boy!!!
All the great MTV shows from back in the day, "Club MTV" & "Yo! MTV Raps", now can be seen on VH1 Classic. MTV2 is now what MTV is today, Moronic Television. And music videos are now scare. Though most are mostly tasteless like the trashy bubblegum pop & rap today. Good thing for music DVDs and VH1 Classic, which I would love to watch.
My mother used to say," I'm gonna take you to fist city!!" It always made me feel older because it made me feel as if i wouldn't be able to do anything, just be a crash dummy!! even though she never really took me to "fist City".
I was born in '81 and my soon-to-be-fiance and I realized that when we have kids, we'll get to tell them how we grew up without email, internet, or cell phones; we didn't even have answering machines in the beginning! Imagine, "Guess what, kids, when we were younger and we were expecting a phone call, we had to stay home so we wouldn't miss it!" I remember in elementary school, my friends and I used to send real, actual letters in the mail to keep in touch during the summer. And forget downloading our favorite songs - we had to buy the cassette singles and constantly replace batteries in our walkmans instead of being able to plug in our ipods for a few hours. Remember when cartoons had morals?? We had the get-along-gang and the care bears, and even the more you know commercials on Saturday mornings. TV was actually good for us and we never even knew it. What made me feel really old was downloading "Burger Time" for my cell phone (yay!) and my 20-year-old friend didn't know what it was. I tried explaining and she thought I was crazy.
I was born in late 1964 and was of "Going Out Age" as the 80's began, so I consider that I really lived the 80's. It's when Punk Rock really began and when Metal and Thrash were born. We just knew that Rap wouldn't last. I saw Tom Petty in 1978 (But I also saw Andy Gibb). Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Judas Priest, The Ramones, Ted Nugent, Ozzy, Skid Row, Cinderella, Ratt, Kix, Brittney Fox, Joan Jett, Adam Ant and Bow Wow Wow for that matter. The Waitresses, the Go Go's, Wasp, Poison, Motley Crue, etc... and above all, in all my leather clad glory, IRON MAIDEN. Tickets were only 10.00 to 12.00, and you could take all the pictures you wanted to. Not only that, but they all played at Toad's Place before thet packed the colliseums. I have all that music on about 200 vinyl albums! Cd's were so new we didn't know whether to get CD players, becuase it might just be a passing thing. I was determined to stick with my vinyl. (I recently had to get a new turntable. Just try to find one.) Keg parties were a right of passage and nobody cared. If the Police caught us with beer, they'd take it away and tell us to "go on home now." Today's cartoons and kid shows DO pale in comparrison to ours. They are mind numbingly ridiculous. Does anyone remember Bullwinkle and Bat Fink & Karate? They are really adult intelligent in content. In the 80's I watched them in reruns on Nickelodeon. Cable TV was new, even in 1982, and MTV who's first braodcast I saw (Video Killed The Radio Star) played music. Before cable we had to manually turn the dial back & forth between the 5 channels. You say 22 cents? Try remembering when the Postmaster came to 5th grade and told us how great it was that we could mail a letter ANYWHERE in the country for only 10 cents! There's no cents sign anymore on keyboards. The rest of the posts seem to be from younger people than me, so if you feel old now, wait till this happens to you. Married with children came out when I was in my 20's. Kelly Bundy wss younger than me. I just saw her on a TV movie and I was shocked into silence at how old she looked. She looks older than I do. No offense intended Christina, but when that happens, you really feel old. The 80's are still alive. But now I'm paying 80.00 to 120.00 a ticket to see all those metal bands come around again. And the leather still fits (yes it fits right). And btw, Michael Jackson was never normal, but Madonna was for about two months.
Just try to find some of the great 80's movies like fast Times At Ridegmont High, Valley Girl, Private School, Nightmares (The one with the guy in the house), The Jerk, Hollywood Knights, Heavy Metal the original version. With the exception of the last one, nobody even knows what they were. The video kids look at you trying to hold in their laughter.
I am almost 30, but my girlfriend is only 20. I never knew how much of a difference a single decade could make. We came to my place one day and she said she wanted to have some popcorn. Fortunately, I had some on hand. Me, not thinking anything of it got it out, only to have her ask what it was. Turns out she had not ever seen actual popcorn kernels, or seen it made the old fashioned way; in a pot. She had only ever had microwaved popcorn. Since she tasted the real thing, she can no longer eat microwave popcorn. I guess that is the difference between a child of the nineties and a child of the eighties. They don't know what they missed.
I came to realization when people started thinking I was old for listening to mainly 80's music. Getting happy about finding something from my childhood, dolls, pictures, clothes, seeing a movie or tv show. They don't understand. Anyone could sing and do a music video, you didn't have to be the industry standard. The weirder the video the better, along with the look. Plus people were actually singing, playing instruments, and writting their own work. And it was their voices we heard! The 80's were so diverse, as long at it looked hip, cool, righteous, your hair was a mile high and wide (and bullet proof with Aqua Net, then HIGHLY flamable). Hey I miss it! Cartoons actually had meaning, Saturday mornings were nothing but cartoons, and cartoon commercials (School House Rock) and plus cartoons were still mainly hand drawn, and not CGI, so we could appreciate the work of the cartoonist. Tv shows were new and not a bad carbon copy of another show from another network or even the same network. Tv was diverse. The movies people actually had to do their own stunts or use a double more often, which made the movie more intense. I miss it all!! And I could go on and on!!!
My brother and I used to play "imagine " on long car trips and one of the things we used to dream about was how cool it would be if you could have a telephone in your car, then the other day I was at work in a child care centre and the kids were bored so I put on the Tv and happy days was playing I said hey kids look it's happy days and they all just looked blankly at me I said you know happy days ritchie and the Fonz again that blank look and then What's a Fonz? me oh my I am sooooo old
H. R. Puffenstuff, The Bugaloos, Lidsville, Lancelot Link Secret Chimp, "Engine 51, Squad 51" (Emergency). All on TV Land.
I remember my second computer was a Tandy TRS-80 color computer, It used your tv set as the monitor, it had a cassette recorder to play games and programs, and yes a dot matrix printer. I belive it had dos version 1.1 on it. My first computer was a Timex Sinclair 1000, now that is old. I was born in 74. I loved the 80's. To me it wasn't that long ago.. Anyone remember tie rolling their jeans, and eastland shoes. Reebok Hightops were a must have. Red and White Nike Jordans were cool. The IROC-Z was the dream car of every teenager at high school. Long hair was the only hair style for guys to have. Feels so weird calling the 80's the good ol days. But I am proud to be a child of the 80's.
I feel old when I realize that all of the kids I used to babysit in the 80's are now graduating from high school and getting married and having babies over their own!
One plus about being 27 to 35 is kids today are trying to relive our lives. As a 31 yr old Managment account was in my local town with my kids watched dance trying break and get other people interested, I prentended to be one of the suckers these upstarts were trying to teach. Each "man off the street" these kids were making fun of had there turn. No knowing I had spent 1984-1986 earning my masters in breakdancing,these young ones were given such a show (It's like rideing a bike).My kids (10 & 13)were on there mobiles sending the vids they had made to there friends and saying how cool I was. Now thery want me teach them. So strike one down for the Gen X's.
In 1999 I went back to college in Chicago. Most of the kids I roomed with were straight outa high school. There was a show on TV, Danny Bonaduchi was hosting a show with someone else. I said something along the lines of "what? Danny Bonaduchi..." A kid in the kitchen said "Danny who?" When I said, "you know the Partridge Family, they had the painted bus..." He said "I think that was before my time." Ouch...I was 22 then.
WOW what a trip this site has been! I found this site looking for ideas because I am having an "80's Theme Party"! Thought it'd be cool to get "Old" friends together and remember the times when we didn't have kids or young cousins to make us feel "old" LOL. Well anyways here's my story: We all were together at a family gathering, and my sister(24), her boyfriend(28), my husband(30) and myself(27) were talking about Paula Abdul (when she was a singer LOL) and my 13 & 15 year old cousins said we know Paula Abdul. I was shocked so I said what's your favorite song of her's, well she said.. get this, she sang HA! She only knew her because of American Idol, go figure! Then she so nicely said Wow you listened to her before I was even born(in 92)ugh... My husband lost it, that was the day he felt "old" too seeing that she was a year old when he graduated high school! Well "old" is just a state of mind and now I'm "old" enough to realize that it's true LOL.
I'm older than every member of our NFL team!
As a child I bought wrestling figures. The commercial said to "check out some of wrestling's top superstars." Now I go to a Toys 'R Us, and the same wrestlers are released under the "classic" series. Kids go up to me and ask, "What's so cool, about Jake 'The Snake' Roberts and Andre the Giant?"
I was at Blockbuster and I asked to rent "Labyrinth." The young boy at the counter gave me the strangest look and asked.. What's that? I preceded to tell him about the plot and he just sighed and said, no, that must be really old. That was the first time that I felt like I needed to defend the 80's and say.. "no, you just don't know good movies.
About two months ago, sitting at my daughters fourth dance class of the week, the older girls (born in 1989!!!)were discussing 80's and 90's clothing and could not believe the things that we wore. All of the moms starting remembering about tight rolling our jeans, having the socks in three different colors layered and the hoop earings to match. I then of course the mall bangs and hair. We had to explain to them that we would go through a can of ultra super hold AQUA NET a week to keep our long poofed out hair in place. They all wanted to die. We showed them how to tight roll jeans and they thought that it was the most stupid thing that they had ever seen!! I felt so old that I wanted to crawl in a hole--because wasn't that just a few years ago that we did that????
I first realized I was old and uncool when I saw that L.A. Lights were back in style. Furthermore, I mention tongue splashers to someone and they look at like I'm speaking greek. I also remember the orginal Rugrats and Sonic the hegdehog. I know, I know, they are 90's shows but they are beating us to beath by resrurecting them...
"Tonight we're going to party like its 1999", -'nuff said. :)
I feel extremely old when they use what was popular 80's music in commercials. Aaaak!
Decided to flop out the old spandex and leather jacket from my 80s hair metal days. Apart from the clothes not fitting anymore, people just laughed at me and said how much of a freak I looked.
Being familiar with the artists on the new NBC reality show "Hit Me Baby One More Time", featuring A Flock of Seagulls, Loverboy, Arrested Development, CeCe Peniston, and Tiffany. Which most were popular in the '80's and two from the early 1990's. And the fact I was looking forward to Deborah Gibson's new single "Naked", which is a good song that flopped, and the fact she chose to pose for "Playboy" for an attempt to grasp attention, despite being a successful stage actress. A far cry from seeing those past artists on MTV, shows (American Bandstand, Solid Gold, SNL, Arsenio, etc), and being popular. And sad to see most of them being on cheesy reality shows & doing extreme measures like posing nude to get regain their fame. And now are looked as habeens. Heck, atleast Debbie Gibson was, still is, talented and looked cute instead of trashy like "Disney Product" Lindsay Lohan.
While watching "Hit Me Baby One More Time", I noticed that A Flock of Seagulls & Loverboy have aged badly and Tiffany looks like somebody I would see at a PTA meeting.
Working in a higher end restaraunt, I rarely have to card for alcoholic beverages...everyone is regular and usually much older. The other evening someone looked too young so I asked for ID. The person was born early in the year of 1984. I did a quick head calculation, acted as if it didn't suprise me too much. And mentioned to the person, to hold on to the memories of still getting carded because they won't last forever. THAT part hurt the most, that I made a bitter oldhead comment. I am only 4 years older and the triple kicker was added when the girl asked, "but isn't it easier on you?", assuming that I don't get carded anymore....ouch! I have to say flopy discs as large as 48's beat me tho!
I was born in 1990, so I'm technically not an 80s kid, but I know all half the things mentioned here! Man I feel so old....and I'm only fifteen! The kids of today aren't totally out of tune with what is going on, I think they just CHOOSE not to remember. And 80s music is so much better than these days too. WOOOO!!!
Air-Wolf!, Miami Vice, A-Team, all greatly missed. Deloreans Rock! Everything sounds better on vinyl.
Garbage Pail Kids, that's all I gotta say.
I was watching CSI Miami for the first time because they said Tony Hawk was going to be a guest star. Well, he played a skater (surprise surprise) who gets killed. In one of the episodes' flashback vignettes, his wife in the show calls him a "pathetic 35 year old who still skateboards." I felt really bad for Tony, because in real life, he IS a 36 y.o. who still skateboards, and what's worse, I'm five years older than him!! :) But I remember that back in the eighties, Tony Hawk was always the young kid who always seemed younger than the other pros. Now he's like some pathetic middle aged guy still trying to fit into a kids world. Oh well.
you think you have it bad? I grew up on fraggle rock (got the poster in my room, oh yeah!), smurfs, pound puppies, etc. and I now live in the UK, not only do the younger kids not know any of these. but people born in my year (1985) have never heard of them! oh, i could die!
I went to a Tori Amos concert several years ago with a younger friend of mine. When she performed a cover of Stevie Nicks' "Landslide," my friend said, "See, she likes The Smashing Pumpkins, too!"
Last year at school during lunch, 4th, 5th and 6th grade we're eating... every day we we're allowed to bring a CD to play it during break... this one time someone brought a CD from Queen, and this dude next to me asked me: "Who the hell is this?" I was like: "HOLY SH*T!" And worst of all, he wasn't even joking! People, I'm only 18 years old and so is he!
I knew I was getting old when my little sister, who was born in 1982, could legally drink with me!!
Getting old sucks!! 6 monthes ago, I went to a friend's bachelor party at a strip club. About 15 minutes into the party, I noticed that one of the dancers was a neighbor's daughter that I used to babysit when she was in diapers. I literally watched her grow up. Needlass to say, I RAN out of there as fast as I could... NEVER to return to a place like that again!!!! Now that's old!!
I felt old when I realized that children who were were born when Madonna's "Like A Virgin" hit the Top 40, were now old enough to drink!
Check this: to be 18 in 1983, the core year of the 80s, you'd be 40 today. Closer to death than birth or in English, OLD! You're closer to retirement and the grave than you are to the nursery and playground!
The fact that in 2005, the 90s are still cool.
I can remember that the green slime on Nickelodeon started with "You Can't Do That on Television". I watched Headbanger's Ball on MTV. And most Playboy centerfold were BORN in the 80's.
I remember watching Knight Rider growing up in the 80s very vividly. It's also scary to think that I can remember watching the TV movie of Knight Rider on NBC back on May 19, 1991 like it was yesterday. I was 12 years old and remember how excited I was that Knight Rider was making a comeback in a "futuristic" movie. I remember playing my Super Mario Brothers Game on my 8-bit Nintendo that same day and saving the Princess for the very first time. I remember taping the Knight Rider movie...I still have my original videos! It really made me feel old to realize that this day was now 14 years ago this past May. My best friend and me are both still very much into our 8-bit nintendo systems (I'll be 27 in November '05 and my friend turns 26 in August '05) and we really felt old the other friend told me about a video game store that said they sold some used video games so we decided to go check out what they had. As soon as my friend asked if they had any "original nintendo" stuff, the guy behind the counter kinda laughs and says "we don't sell anything that old anymore". The sales guy looked a little younger than us. I asked if he knew any place who had any used games like that and he said no. Man do I miss FuncoLand! They had all the cool old games, but all ours went out of business. We left the store feeling old and out of touch...I said well, I guess we will just have to rely on ebay or maybe there's some games at the pawn shop we can pick up. To think, I can remember a time when there was a whole store in the mall that sold these nintendo games and Super Mario Brothers 3 was $49.99. It was the hottest game around when I was in 6th grade. I remember when the game genie came out and I was at my friend's house seeing it for the first, so high tech back then! I remember buying mine at Toy R Us and having to get a slip for it, take it up to customer service and wait for them to "bring it out to you" if it was some big major purchase of something very high tech! Man those were days. It's scary to see people calling the original Nintendo "old school" now. I still love Mario and Knight Rider on NES. Knight Rider has been my favorite show since it began. You know you feel old when you talk to kids who can only remember David Hasselhoff from Baywatch instead of Knight Rider. I have a website for David and it's amazing how many fans I get coming to my site who were 90s kids growing up watching him on Baywatch only. It's also scary to go to a Kight Rider messageboard and see 12 year olds talking about that series and calling themselves "Knight Rider experts". I still have my Knight Rider collection, still have my KITT car from when I turned 7 in 1985, my viewmasters from 1983 and my stickers from 1984, which I remember begging my mom for at Tom Thumb after grabbing them off a rack. She said yes thankfully. I remember begging my parents for the KITT pedal car while sitting in it as Toys R Us in 1985, but they said no because I would only grow out of it in a year. I was so tall for my age! I also begged for the KITT cycle, but didn't get that because I just got a cabbage patch cycle shortly before I discovered the KITT one. I still collect Knight Rider stuff now and plan to continue on well into the future. It's cool to get the stuff off ebay that I missed out on as a kid. Another memory that makes me feel old is remembering the great "cabbage patch doll run" of 1983. I was about 5, but rememebr standing in line at the mall with my mom waiting for them to let everyone go grab their doll. I remember people running and me getting dragged along holding my mom's hand while we all ran to get a doll before they were all gone. $40 for that doll and everyone thinking how cool it was that the dolls each came with their own birth certificate seems funny now. My, how times have changed. I go into stores like Spencers and Hot Topic now and see 80s stuff being brought back and I think it's great! I look at Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony and the Ninja Turtles and realize that they are making them all look different now though...not quite the same look as back in the day. I say keep the 80s coming back! On another note it seems weird that I am almost the age David Hasselhoff was when he filmed the pilot episode of Knight Rider...heck, by the time they actually get the "big screen" movie of Knight Rider out in Theaters, I will probably be the age he was while starring in the show. That really makes me feel old since I grew up watching him in that series all my life. Man, how time does fly. The 80s were definitely the best days for me. No generation can top them. I collect Knight Rider T-shirts and have a closet full of them...they are everywhere now! Long live the 80s!!!
When all the things I used to play with as a child came up under a Toys and Hobbies search on eBay - when I typed in the word "vintage".
I'm 25 (born in 1980) and I have already noticed a couple gray hairs.
You remember when MTV played only music videos.
The show Romper Room may have started in the late 70's, however when i asked some of my co-workers if they remember it ( i was using a circled mirror at the time and going "Romper stomper, bomper boo..tell me tell me tell me who?)...NONE OF THEM HAD ANY IDEA WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT...they never even heard of the show before!
While reading reviews on Amazon about the "Herbie Fully Loaded" soundtrack, a reviwer wrote that "Walking On Sunshine" is an original song from Aly & AJ, but infact, it's a cover from Katrina & The Waves. And most songs on the soundtrack are also covers of '70's & '80's songs, which I'm afraid that most of Lohan's audience will also think they're "orginal". Not to mention that they might not be aware that the movies she's been in, along with "Parent Trap" & "Freaky Friday" are also remakes since Disney Channel hardly show old Disney movies anymore. I wonder if any teenager are aware that the upcoming "Dukes of Hazzard" movie is also a remake. Granted that I disliked the show, but enough of the remakes!!!
Remember when Bob Barkers hair wasn't grey, Metallica had balls, metal bands knew how to play their friggin insruments, rap songs were not just about bustin a cap, Chutes & Ladders, Operation, Candy Land, that sci fi show about lizard people called V, Mary Lou Retton, Inspector Gadget was a cartoon and not just some crappy second rate movie? I do....oh the 80's I miss ya (1980)
Do you realize that in only 10 years (2015) it will be the year that Marty McFly (aka Michael J Fox) traveled FORWARD 30 YEARS TO in the second Back to the Future movie? WEIRD!
I feel old when I think about something that I am not sure if anyone I know ever had it (I'm sure they did, but I thought it was the weirdest thing growing up). It was like some kind of floppy disc, but this thing was literally "floppy" and BIG. It looked like an oversized floppy disc we use today, yet this one was inserted as if it were like a VHS tape or part of a VCR player. Maybe this is what Atari was, because I think it became a novelty and we got rid of it. I must of been 3 or 4 to have remembered this. That thing makes me feel old, because it was just so primitive. Also remembering my Dad play records (like vinyl records) on Halloween to scare off the kiddies and wearing those very lame costumes with the vinyl like outfit and the funny looking masks with the wimpy strings that would keep it in place.
I know I'm getting old when reading this brings back a lot of memories and makes me smile (and made my day a whole lot better)
Ok I'm only 13, but I was listening to the song 1985 by Bowling For Soup and I was relating! It was weird! I'm reading through these going these 19, 20 year olds didn't know what you were talking about! THATS CRAZY! I'm 13 and I know what you're talking about. There was this one grocery store that sold Quisp! I loved that stuff! Now they stopped selling it, I am like so sad! I listen to music like Joan Jett, Pat Benatar, B-52's, Led Zep, Def Leppard, Rick Springfield, Queen, Grand Funk Railroad and Sweet! I have watched shows like H R Puffenstuff, and to be honest those moving tree thingys are kinda creepy! The smurfs are awesome, Happy Days and other shows! I think the 1980's sounded awesome! Sadly, I was born in 1991, a decade too late! I have poofy frizzy hair that woulda fit in perfect! But I guess you can't always get what you want! Another 80's band I listen to the Stones! I'd consider them more 70's but they were around in the 80's too! My dad has boxes of 8 tracks but I don't think we have a player, but they are like classic by now! We also have an original Nintendo I played on it in the '90's but it broke down so sadly I can't play it anymore. My friend has an Atari we play on and I'm pretty good at Pong. I almost beat my friends mom and she's 37! She grew up with it, well I just love that game. But don't worry I'm not stuck in the 80's though I'm also like your normal teenage girl in many ways, I just think the 80's sound cool. To you people that grew up in the 80's you are like so LUCKY! I don't really feel old I'm just ashamed of older teens that have never heard of Queen or The Police!
How come nobody in my area has any clue as to who Teddy Ruxpin is, even my cousin who is the same age i am (and the one that broke the 2!! i had) has no clue.. how about the fact that nobody remembers Calvin in the paper, well here's the big one the main thing that made me first feel old ok i am 5 months away from being 23 and the 1 month old and 2 year old i babysat are now a year away from entering high school and the other from grauduating!! is that not insane.. my god these kids don't even remember the cute chicken McNuggets charcters from the McDonalds commericals and they ate there 3 times a week.. what is this world coming to..also i want to take the moment to rag on the "new" turtles.. and why oh god why is every thing a "remix" techno and disco is that not basicly the same thing???
Recently, I stumbled upon a box of VHS tapes that I recorded about, Wow! Along time ago! I used to tape MTV and Headbangers Ball. I busted these out and started watching them. I honestly forgot that I was 32 years old. I was about to call MTV when a contest came on saying that I could hang with Iron Maiden on the Somewhere in Time Tour. It was a real trip. I did not edit the tapes, so I had the commercials and everything. Here is another tid bit to add to my age. Last weekend, I went to see Judas Priest and Queensryche. Rob Halford, the vocalist for Judas Priest does not move around much anymore, in fact, he has to really stand in one place to scream like he used to. It was really interesting, because last time I saw them, he was all over the stage.
The first time i ever felt old was last year at my cousin's 7th b-day party. he had gotten a ton of ninja turtle action figures and i picked one up to show him "this one used to be my favorite when i was your age" i told him. he looked me right in the eye and said "they had ninja turtles way back then?".
I feel old when I read through the comments, and say "Yeah, I rememeber that" or "Wow, I had forgoten about that!" Things you forgot even existed....Time Flies!!!!
Have to make another entry here. My father passed away over two months ago, so I decided to share with this new generation some stuff I grew up with that my folks gave me. I work in an appliance store, so I rigged up an old VHS VCR to some TV sets we have set up on one side of the store. I took about 4 videos in to play on them that we made of stuff from 1980's television, some including commercials. I was 10 in 1984. One video, in particular was of Fraggle Rock, My Little Pony, Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale Theater (when it aired on HBO), Strawberry Shortcake's Housewarming Surprise, and a comical version of Zorro called "Zorro & Son." About 4 children came into the store with their folks and saw the videos playing, not realizing they were videos, and were just hooked to the TV's! While their folks talked to my boss, the kids commented, "This is some cool stuff!" I said, smiling, "You know, I was watching these when I was your age." These kids were between the ages of 5 to 10. The oldest one just smirked and giggled. "You were not!" She didn't believe me until one of the commercials popped on! Their mother remarked, "Oh my God, I haven't seen that commercial in years!" It happened to be a musical "Juicy Fruit" gum commercial. We started relating right away!
Come to think of it, the mom from "The SuiteLife of Zack & Cody" is in her mid 30s and the Sprouse twins, both 13, were born in 1992, which means that they probably don't know much about the '90's. And Courtney Thorne Smith, the actress from "Melrose Place", featuring hot young people, is now playing a soccer mom on a sitcom.
I noticed on this board that some people are really targeting the 1982 kids (what's the beef?). So, in defense of us 1982 kids (and 1980-1981), I say we revolt and stand up to them saying there is no possible way we can't remember the "heart" of the 80's because we were born in the early part of the decade. If you were born in 1960 or 1961, don't you remember the first landing on the moon, fads and toys of the time, cartoons, and movies that you watched. Of Course! I mean, yes, you couldn't think in a fully intellectual and adult way about certain things, but you certainly were aware of them. And they did impact you (or say your family, if say your older brother had to go to Vietnam, i.e.) So, please, give us a little slack here. In due time, there are things I'll remember that a 1992 kid will have no recollection about. It's not that I remember them because I feel old: I remember them with fondness of memories that have been lost to time.
I was born in 1989 but, having 2 older sisters and a brother who grew up in the 80's, I can basically recgonize anything and everything from the 80's. Anyway, the other day I was at my old elementary school and I felt really old!!! My first grade teacher is teaching Kindergarten Now and I'm practically one of the only 16 year-olds in my school who can hear an 80's song and know what it is. Like the other day I was talking with some friends and I mentioned Take on Me by A-Ha and there like "you Mean Reel Big Fish, Right?" and I made me feel kind of old and wierd that they didn't know that A-Ha Did it originally.
I was shocked... In about 2002 when the Space Shuttle blew up, I was studying at Tech (College). Some tech friends said to me, "Wasn't that terrible, and how could that happen?". I said, "Yes and it's the second time". They were even move shocked and said, "Has it happened before???" I said, "Yes don't you remember? You know don't you?? And all those jokes that came out about it??" I thought they had a memory problem but they looked at me with aa blank stare and said, Really, I didn't know that..." They also never heard of any of the jokes either like what does N.A.S.A stand for? (Need Another Seven Astronauts). That is when I first realised something was seriously wrong, was it me, was it them, no I worked it out, it was that I was 27 and they were 18. A mere 10 years or so difference had put us in different eras where I can remember so much more. I realised I was depressingl old or OLDER, (lol). It makes you suddenly feel the need to talk to and be with someone who can actually remember the things you can, but at least I know these 18 year olds wil be saying the same thing in 10 years time when it is their turn to feel old with the next generation also snapping at their heels and remembering none of their experiences..
Is there a limit of entries I can make on here?! It's sort of addicting because I can relate to what so many of you are saying. I just ran across a home movie from 1981-1982 from when my mother was pregnant with me (freaky!). The home video recorder was given to my parents from a doctor friend. It was rare to have a home movie camera, especially a videotape one at that time. On this tape, my dad happened to tape boxing matches with Sugar Ray Leonard. It also had old newscasts, old Midas commercials and LOTS of Datsun car commercials. There definetly was still a little bit of 1970's flare in these commercials. They're nothing like todays stuff. The older slogans are still there, such as the Budlight commercials. Speaking of commercials, I remember the old Juicy Fruit commercials. I used to love those! I liked the other gum commercials such as Big Red, Winterfresh, and Double mint (I guess those were all Wrigley brands? :0) I was also recalling earlier today that my brother had this poster in his room from the movie "Rad" about some BMX bike rider. That was big in the 80's, you know! Personally, I was not into BMX :0p
Watching the new "He-Man" 2-disk DVD set w/my boyfriend (I'm 22, he's almost 27), and making fun of it. I guess getting older isn't such a bad thing when you can criticize something you loved at a much younger (and more innocent) age!:)
Anyone remember the Pac-Man, Q-Bert and Pole Position CARTOONS?
Now, in 2005, they're using the Ramones for everything from Diet soda to Cell phones.. Joey must be rolling over in his grave!
Being that, I still look like I`m younger than I really am (I`m 21) I don`t really feel old. However, there`s always something that reminds me constantly of the age I really am -- When I went to a Halloween store, I saw a costume that looked like the one He-Man wore & when I pointed it out to a friend, who`s ALS0 around my age and this kid goes, "Who`s He-Man? Is he a new character?!" Oh goodness, the first words that came out of my mouth was, "When I was Y0UR age.." Geeeeze.
I was born in 1984. I know that the 80s have been considered an old school decade since the early 90s. I remember people in the early 90s treating the 80s like it was another century. Now that its 2005, I've noticed that even the 90s are well on their way to becoming ancient. The begining of 2005 was the halfway point of the decade we're in now. The most recent events of the 90s were over a half decade ago. And the begining of the 90s is a decade and a half ago. Can you believe it? Kids born in the 1990s will be driving next year! Forget the 80s, now that its 2005, even the 90s must be considered ancient history by people in their early teens. A popular band of the mid 90s called Oasis just made a comeback this year, and you've got kids who think they're a new band! Just wait until 2008-2009. By that time, the 90s will be the new 80s, a completely different era!
This doesn't relate very well to the 80s, but what happened to me yesterday just proves that the 90s are old school, making the 80s ancient! Yesterday a new cell phone tower was going up near where I live. I said "they're putting up a new ceullular phone tower", and my PARENTS laughed at me for calling it a cellular phone! They said its called a cell phone now, and the term cellular phone went out of use with the 1990s! Can you believe it? I'm only 20, and even my PARENTS of all people are more up to date than me. They think I'm "stuck in the 90s" for calling a cellphone a cellular phone. LOL!
I went to my best friend's parents with her the other day and ran into her little sister hanging out with her friends. I was wearing this old Gizmo shirt and they started asking if that was some kind teacup chihuahua like the one Paris Hilton has! I almost fell over myself!
I went to my best friend's parents with her the other day and ran into her little sister hanging out with her friends. I was wearing this old Gizmo shirt and they started asking if that was some kind teacup chihuahua like the one Paris Hilton has! I almost fell over myself!
All of my cousins and I started to realize just how big the gap is between the older and younger cousins when we were able to separate ourselves into two groups: those of us who remember V.I.C.I. and the show Small Wonder, and the rest of my younger cousins, who were completely clueless! lol
I was born in 1975 but I was a child of the 80s. I have three younger Brothers and two sisters and I am the oldest, I remember when Satuarday mornings was all day cartoons and Wrestling and many of my younger co workers are teens in or in there early 20s and there ask me about what life was like before the net and also DVDS, CDs Thats when you know your OLD. And they call you Mr. Thats my dad not me.
Going to a Duran Duran concert, looking around, and realizing, I AM OLD! It was a shock to the system to see that my generation is fast approaching middle age.
The 80s? Forget the 80s, now that its 2005, even the 1990s are well on their way to becoming ancient! New Years Day in 2005 was the halfway point of the decade we're in now. Think WAAAAY ahead into the future to the year 2010. It seems soooo far away doesn't it? But its not as distant as the 1990s are. 1999 is almost 6 years ago, and 2010 is less than 5 years away! Children born in the frigging 90s will be driving automobiles next year! By the years 2008-2009, the 90s will be the new 80s. We'll have radio programmes called "The Retro 90s at 9" or something like that. The 80s and 90s are no longer part of modern times. The 90s are old school, and the 80s are even older than old school--they're retro! I only remember the last few years of the 80s because I was born in that decade, but it still feels like a loooong time ago!
I'm 25. I never felt old until the time I hit on the guy at the mechanic's shop. He called me later that night and asked if I'd like to go to a movie or dinner. I said "Sure..then maybe we can get a drink after that or go back to your place". You can imagine my shock when his reply was "Well...I might can get my mom to get us a 6 pack and we can chill in my room or something". Augh.
The 90s old? Are you kidding me? Every decade except the 90s and perhaps the 60s became cheesy and old within three years of their end. While I personally think the 90s ended with the Trade Towers they're nowhere close to being totally dead. They're still pretty cool. Green Day didn't come back, they've been here all along. The Backstreet Boys may not be cool anymore but they still sold a platinum single. Come on, the 90s are far from old. Well, the first half of the 90s is pretty old but 1997-1999 is still pretty fresh in many ways if different in vibe (not as much wartime feeling then). The 80s though? They've been old since 1992 and ancient since 1998. Sadly.
I'm 27 and work in a daycare. I had to do the overnight care so the parents can go out. For enterainment, I took some old cartoon tapes on BETAMAX with a beta player I bought of EBay (I found the tapes in 3 boxes in the attic). I took tapes of old cartoons from the 80s like Pac-Man, Dukes of Hazzard, and Shirt Tales. The kids were glued to it (probably because they were like 4-5), and I was sitting with them. AS the parents cames in, they were glued to it too because they are mostly all the same age or a little older. In the end when it was time to put on a movie, "Escape to Witch Mountain," all the parents stayed until 3AM while most of the kids slept or played the Playstation. A grandparent told us we needed to grow up when he came to pick up his granddaughter. Now that killed everyonese buzzjoy feeling of reminisicing.
I asked everyone in the office if they remember when Mt St Helens erupted in 1980. I think I was in 5th grade. My co workers say "I was born in 1980 and where is Mt St Helens?" "I was only 4 do I doubt I would remember that..." And I just sat there staring at them. I'm only 34 geez mon.
It makes me feel old (and stupid!) for letting my mom throw away ALL of my original Star Wars action figures, 'cause if you look on ebay at any given moment and check out the prices of some of those action figures... ugh! I coulda been rich! Great Space Coaster was also cool.. Does anyone remember those record/books that you used to have? You'd read along in the book while the record narrated and played all the sound effects... "You will know it is time to turn the page when you hear a sound like this...*rrriiinngg*" hehehe
I am feeling old when my child tells me mama u know they did that in the 80"s. And watching vh1 classics and calling them classic. Where has the time gone.
Anyone see the "Doublemint Twins" ad, where the twins are shocked at how everything has changed. Remember the ones from the 80s when they were still playing the original jingle?
I live in New Brunswick, Canada, and on October 1, 2004, the government banned smoking from all indoor public places. You can't even smoke in a bar anymore! Such a thing would have been unthinkable in the 80s, and even most of the 1990s! I remember thick clouds of cigarette smoke at every social occasion when I was a kid! I'm not 21 yet, so that doesn't really make me feel 'old' exactly, but it does show that times have changed drastically.
Does anyone remember the original G-Force anime? I grew up on that cartoon and it completely blew my socks off. That is, until Robotech made a splash on the scene with the Jet/mecha combo and those long distance delayed-reaction explodinedg mega-rocket firing action. I watched the original series again recently and my friend's kid-brother said it looked cheap and crappy compared to pokemon... They'll never find his body. :
The TV Guide listings. Once upon a time, I knew exactly what time and which channels certain shows I wanted to watch came on. Because TV Guide printed out the times in chronicalogical order, the channels (both the local stations and cable), the title of a program or movie, a brief synopsis, and some of the cast members. Even their "Close-Ups" were big and informative. Now the new format (with those annoying "grids") hurts my eyes.
I can remember staying home all day, in order to watch the original Live Aid. Elton John looked so young. And now there is Live Eight...20 years later!!! Ugh
I was born in 1975 But I was a child of the 80s and I am now 30 and Hollwood is making movies out of the 80s Tv Shows like The Dukes of Hazzard.I grew up watching that and the kids of today think it is new thats when you know you are old.
Remembering Fox network as a cutting edge channel with off beat shows like "Married...with Children", "In Living Color", and "The Simpsons" (when they were funny). And finding myself buying classic Disney cartoons on DVD since they're not shown anymore on Disney Channel.
The sad part is that if you didn't grow up with something it isn't special to you. The 80s and 90s are so important to me, I can't stand it when people just don't get it.
Born in 1966, i now see my teenagers are being taught by teachers now, who i remember being in diapers!!!!! and the principal i had is the same one they have now...but now he calls me..."mrs.". i bet he's feeling mighty old too. my 12 yr. old thinks that the 80's music is so cool and retro!!!gezzz, am i that old? and i remember the release of the original Halloween movie, and checking in my closet before going to bed and now the kids watch it and laugh at how lame a movie it is.
I remember the words to the McDonalds menu song (Big Mac, McDLT, a Quarter Pounder with some Cheese........), and the records that used to come inside a National Geographic Magazine.
My cousin telling me... OMG! That's soooo 1990.
I dated a 21 year old girl who knew what vinyl was, but because she never owned or played any herself, did not know that there was music on both sides of the disc. She assumed vinyl was one-sided, as a CD.
Teens using slang that you have no idea what it means. Seriously I saw two young teenage boys in the mall the other day and I could NOT follow their conversation at all, except that it was at least in English. (Makes you finally understand what your parents went through when you said strange things to them.)
I feel old when you find cartoons you grew up with being played on t.v. again only to find out that they are all new and that the story is different and the characters aren't the same. For example the All New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Astro Boy. Keep the 80's as the 80's that goes for the music to.
What makes me feel old? Reading all these posts and remembering everything metioned like it was yesterday. AND, since I'm 33, and was a teen in the 80's, seeing all the posters who were born in the 80's considering themselves old. Now, THAT, makes me feel old!
My little brother said Power Rangers were the origional bad boys...all I had to say to him was VOLTRON!
When there was only the "Big 3" networks--CBS, NBC, and ABC. I still remember when FOX was the off-beat network, not quite mainstreamed.
When talking with teens today about the current pop princesses, they have no idea of who you speak of. When you say that Debbie Gibson was the Britney of the 80's, and they reply, "Who is Debbie Gibson?" Most kids, even after an explanation and rendition of some of Debbie's hits, still haven't the faintest of who you're tlaking about. ""Only in my Dreams", "Electric Youth", "Lost in your Eyes"! You've never heard of her?!?!" Oh yeah, they also don't know who Belinda Carlisle, Tiffany or Cyndi Lauper are either.
In the mid to late 90's my then husband and I (born in 1971 and 1970 respectively) were in a Best Buy and decided to peruse the movie ailes for the latest releases. Much to our delight, we discovered that Disney had bought up and re-released all the Schoolhouse Rock videos that we grew up on. Skipping up to the register in a jovial mood we present our purchase to the cashier. My husband starts to speak to the cashier, with youthful fascination, about how much of a find these tapes (yes, tapes) were. The cashier gives him a confused look and asks, "What is Schoolhouse Rock?" After paying, my husband and I lumbered out of the store using our respective walkers, never to feel young again.
Another moment of elderlyitis... A few months ago a woman I work with (who is my age...teenager in the 80's) was updating the afternoon shift manager about a job she had been working on. The afternoon shift manager is just a kid, really. So, anyways, she ended her update with, "If you have any problems, just call me at home. It's 8675309." The manager actually wrote down the number thinking it was serious.
I am 29. I love listening to what I consider "my" music on the radio. All that good stuff from the 80's. My 9 year old son tells me he doesn't like my "hippie music." What happened? LOL! When did I get old? Seeing Strawberry Shortcake in the stores and remembering that I got all the original dolls on my 6th birthday....time sure does fly!
I'm 23 and a mother of 3. I watch my niece who is 8 and nephew 6 and they absolutly love Micheal Jackson. They dress like him and sing his songs like Thiller. Then there is my daughter who is 5 who thinks New Kids On The Block are the #1 band right now. I can't listen to any music from the 80's without the kids asking who they are and if it is new. I guess I should be glad they like it. I feel sooooo old when they always want to hear it. It reminds me of me and my siblings.
I have a 10 year old cousin who obiviously don't know anything from the '80's and even music from the '90's like Red Hot Chili Peppers. Speaking of Debbie Gibson, Deborah Gibson is now 35 years old, old enough to be a mom of a teenager herself.
Remember Kids, Incorporated? It debuted on the then new WVAH CH 23 (now known as Fox 11) in 1984. It was my favorite show of the entire 1980's, and little Stacy Ferguson (now known as FERGIE of Black Eyed Peas fame) was my favorite of the group. 21 years later, I now play and write music for guitar and piano in my spare time. It's one of my favorite things to do in life, and Kids, Inc and Stacy are directly responsible for steering me to try it. If I could meet her, I would tell her what a massive influence she and her show had on me. Buying my first guitar was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Thanx, Stacyrella!
I was born in 84, and whenever I see kids in their baggy clothes and greasy hair, blasting the latest Avril Lavigne or Good Charlotte CD, it makes me feel more ancient than the lost city of Atlantis! In the late 90s I was HIP! But whenever I see a bunch of 14 year olds, I'm astonished by how alienated I feel from them. They just have a completely different culture than people my age have. I might have been bor in the 80s, but today's pop culture makes me feel like I'm actually IN my 80s! Can't relate to anything that's popular today.
I first felt like a geezer when I had to get online to show my kids what a Smurf was. They had no idea. And weren't terribly impressed.
I'm 32 and a few weeks ago I was at a party and some kids who are 18 and live next door came out and asked me a question. One of them was carrying a guitar and I told him I would answer if he would play me some Guns 'n Roses (my favorite band). He didn't know who they were. The drinking really started at that point!
I'm 21,and sorry to disappoint all you "Children of the 80s", but most of the supposedly "80s" things you guys are talking about persisted well into the 90s and often beyond. Why does everybody look at vinyl records as if they're ancient relics? I clearly remember seeing them for sale in stores as recently as 1994, and my family owned a record player all the way up until 1993. When I was a kid, I'd listen to vinyl records by The Beatles, CCR, Madonna, Stevie Wonder, Laura Branigan, Def Leppard, Duran Duran, and several other artists that I can't remember at this moment. Casette tapes? Now those have NOTHING to do with the 80s. The 90s were over by the time casette tapes went out of use. I bought quite a few casette tapes in the 90s, and I often taped songs off the radio. Even today you see blank cassettes for sale in stores. They didn't really go out of use until NAPSTER got big in 2000. My family owned a BETA VCR and a rotary telephone. I often played Nintendo video games at my friends houses. I saw the movie "Back to the Future" in 1991, and it is still shown on cable tv every once in a while. Whenever I listened to the radio as a kid in the mid 90s, songs from the 80s made up at least 30% of the playlist, just like a lot of 1990s songs are still popular right now in the year 2005. I remember almost everything from the 80s as if it were yesterday, but I was only 5 years old when it ended. What's that tell you? It tells you that people are exagerating how out of date the 80s are. Most things that were around in the 80s didn't really disappear completely until the very late 90s. I just can't understand why EVERYBODY my age is completely ignorant about the 80s. Anybody that grew up in the 90s wouldn't have been to far removed from the 80s, I just don't know why the 80s are considered a completely different era from the 90s. I mean, those two decades are next doors neighbors in time!
I was talking to my 19 year old cousin a while back about rock\metal music, and I mentioned Poison...she said "who's Poison?" I replied "You know, Bret Michaels, they did the song 'Nothin but a good time'" She just looked at me as though I was from some distant planet. Gods did I feel old.
I went to the club with some of my friends and cousins. Well we are are on the floor dancing and doing pretty well, and then the DJ went old school and played Rick Astley. We went into overdrive and started singing with song. Lost in the warp we then realised...we were the only ones on the floor who new all the words. Eh, I don't go clubbing anymore.
Born in '86 i have no place in this section of the site but my story is similar. i asked the cash register at coconuts if she had any 80s music dvds. she showed me where they were and some girl looked at me funny and was like" ugh you like 80s? i wanted to hide :( Most of my peers like that girl have no respect for my taste in music. so next time some kid my age bothers you about this . say " yeah i love the 80s and what?"with pride :)
I was born in '79. I'M NOT THAT OLD!!! When I was 10 I used to go outside and play... I used play GI Joe, Ninja Turtles, and HE-MAN... I used to use my imagination and just PLAY in the backyard with my friends... I asked my little brothers 15 years younger than I..."Why don't you ever go outside and play; all you do is play video games all day?" In which he responds "Well thats because you didn't have video games when you where a kid" I DID TOO!!!!!!! Hell my mom had video games as a teen. All be it was "pong" but still I had the advanced stuff from NES like Final Fantasy and Metal Gear THE ORIGINALS!!!!
When I see clothes like I used to wear being flogged on Ebay as "Vintage"
Knowing that Sam Goody music stores used to be called "Licorice Pizza." The name was a nickname for a record, but since records aren't popular anymore, the name would make even less sense now than it did then, so of course they changed it!
I just turned 29 and I wanted to see Poison in the 80's but never got to. Then I heard that Poison, Cinderella and a couple other hair bands were playing I went. I was happy I finally got to see them in concert.
We recently got our son a stuffed animal. It's very soft, lightweight, and it sings and talks and does all sorts of things. It made me think of my younger sister's bear: "My name is Teddy Ruxpin, can you and I be friends?" It weighed like 20 lbs and you had to put a cassette tape in his back and push play to make him talk.
I wasn't born in the 80's but I do wish I was. I was born in 1990 and I'm 15 years old but I love everything in the 80's. I love the music the movies the clothes everything!! I think I was born in the wrong era. I wonder what I wouldn't give to have been 15 years old in the 80's time.
I remember Jelly shoes-- God knows how I Loved them!!-- My Aunt and I were cleaning out her storage shed when we found a couple "old" pairs in there and my cousin asks us, "Who would wear those things???" I remember when those were THE THING to wear!!
Realizing that the "Future" from "Back to the Future" (2015) is only 10 years away and the "present" from the movie (1985) is TWICE AS FAR IN THE PAST! Dude! We're almost at that future!
Realizing that the futuristic year of George Orwell's 1984 is 21 years gone! ...and further realizing that alot of people ("adults"?) have no clue what I'm talking about, because they're too freaking young!
When I was delivering pizza a couple of years ago (at age 18) and I stopped to ask this teenager on a bicycle where this address was, and he calls me SIR! What really makes me feel old is that was 17 years ago! Jeesh! Don't worry, be happy! (that was playing over and over on the radio that summer too).
Finding out that Daisy Duke is an overweight Mom with a daughter older than I was when I was watching her show.
Remembering in the summer of 1983, watching a 1/2 commercial on NBC about the new fall line up. One of the new shows previewed was about this bar in Boston called Cheers!
You remember when Madonna was a babe... before the gap and the politics.
When coworkers, presumably from your generation, never saw the original Star Wars in the theater because that's the year they were BORN!
When you think back and realize you had a mullet, but you didn't know it was a mullet; you just thought it was "cool"... and so did everybody else.
When a good looking celebrity babe you used to think about alot, then disappeared from the scene, comes back and is A GRANDMOTHER!!
When people sound off here about My little Pony being considered old... when that came out when you were a TEENAGER! What are these little whipper-snappers doing on here anyway? I used to ride a big-wheel and had a stretch arm-string and a stretch monster... and a video game console that was black and white and had 20 variations of Pong!
When you were the first ones in the neighborhood to get a VCR. A year or two later, when your Dad got the first video camera in the neighborhood and you thought that by hooking it up to the TV, it was being broadcast everywhere... and the camera weighed about 8 pounds, had a huge cable to another box that weight about 10 pounds with more cables going to the VCR so you could record your video. Now *that* was technology!
Being amazed at this new device your Dad brought home that could cook food in only seconds... called a microwave... and learning, the HARD way, that you DO NOT put a fork in it!
Having no cell phones, no CD player, no camcorders, no MP3s, no internet, no BBS's, no home computers (or office computers), no satelite, no cable, no fax, but knowing you were technology advanced because you had an 8-track player in the VAN (a REAL van), a wireless remote control for the TV (the TV with only 13 channels that when KA_CHUNK when you used the remote, because it physically turned the channel knob)! And we LIKED it! Dan Quayle... stiiillll gaining acceptance... A thousand points of light! Where's the beef?
You can call me Ray, or you can call me Jay, or you can call me....
In the early 90's, when I saw a comic strip in the paper of a little boy in a cub-scout meeting: Boy1: "What's a pen-pal?". Boy2: "It's kind of like e-mail, only slower".
When an employee at the store I was a manager at had a nosebleed, I told her to (with a tissue) pinch her nose closed and tilt her head back. This was something that I was told to do when I went to school in 70s and 80s. Another employee (high school age) told me that they only did that in the old days.
I feel old when people who were born in the 80's think THEY are old!!!
I feel old when one of the football stars that I remember watching when I was a kid, is elected to the Hall of Fame (including some nominated by the Seniors Committee).
I just read about a third of the above reasons and then gave up for ten minutes because I couldn't see the screen through the tears of nostalgia. :) I have two kids and the last couple of years have been spent trying to get my hands on all the cool cartoons I loved to watch, and NO ONE around me remembers them...I saw an episode of the 'new' Care Bears this morning and almost threw up at how awful they are...
Adam Ant was 50 in 2004!
I was in the kitchen with my friends son. He was all excited about this new "used" CD he bought. He said to me, "Well I'm not sure if you have ever heard of them. The band call NIRVANA and the album is 'Nevermind'." I wanted to kill him! I softly explained to him that of course I new who the band was and I did have the album. I had bought it when it was NEW! God my hair hurts!
I can remember when Knight Rider was a new series. Now it's called a classic or cult. And most people think that David Hasselhoff is the guy from Baywatch & not Knight Rider. And most radio station broadcast on am not fm, remembering that makes you feel old!
"The members of the "Backstreet Boys" were most likey born in the eighties." that's false. only one was born in the 80's and that was nick who was born in 1980. the rest of them were born between 1972 & 78.
Being born in 1971, I was a teenager in the 1980's. Being around the time when Headbangers Ball was still new I had, and still do have my hair long. I remember going to the malls or wherever and overhearing some of the older shoppers make comments to one another about whats wrong with these kids today? Like that one with the long hair and earings ect. Now, I'm standing next to some of these same people who back then made comments about me, and I'm finding myself asking the Question, "what the hell is with these kids today? Like that one over there with the pants handing down past their ass, pierced face, ect ect."
I think the hardest part is growing up...becoming an adult. I am 25 years old and up until this point I always felt like I had all the time in the world...and now it is flying by. Quarter-life crisis is the perfect term for it. Trying to transition from a child to an adult - anxiously awaiting adulthood, but still clinging to the past. It really is upsetting to have so many memories and moments that you can never get back. And the worst part of it all is when you have to become the parent and your parents become the ones that need to be taken care of...when only 5 years ago you felt they would be alive forever and would always be there to take care of any problem that arose. It is a fact of life and there is nothing we can do about it...we can only look toward the future..and try to let go of the past. But things seemed so much easier, less stress, less responsibiliy, security of your family. Now we are all in the harsh world of more Care Bears or Cabbage Patch Kids or She-ra...and it is a serious rat race to survive.
Disney just released a ten-year anniversary edition of Toy Story. Ouch.
Born in 1969 the 80's were when I really GREW up. I remember the first cable for TV had a big box that sat on top of the TV and flip switches to change the channels. I remember when MTV was MUSIC Television. I remember when renting VCRs and movies was a big weekend. Being careful not to scratch your records and ruin them. Duran Duran wasn't a BAND it was our life! LOL My daughter is 13 and she makes me feel old. She thinks our music sucks. Ahhhh she has NO taste. I remember going to see the first Star Wars movie and the special effects were mind blowing. We all dressed like Madonna and thought we were so cutting edge. The MAN on Two and Half Men was DUCKY for goodness sake! You know what I'm talking about!! :) Rollerskating rinks were THE place to hang out. We all took lessons and the first song they played for "free skate" was The Hussle. Those were great days. It was the best decade to be a teenager in.
While reading a messageboard on "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody" (don't ask), I stumbled upon a topic about actress Ashley Tisdale being "old" since she plays a teenager on the sitcom. Which I find suprising since she's 20, a year younger than I am. Then again, I've been in situations where there's a generation gap between myself and several of my preteen relatives. Like remembering when MTV & VH1 still aired videos and The Disney Channel had more variety with it's programming like classic Disney movies, cartoons, etc. Most tweens probably don't remember anything before 1997 since they babies when Ren & Stimpy, grunge, and In Living Color were popular.
Reading all these made me remember alot of things. I'm lucky in alot of ways as my older children who were born in 91, 91, and 94, know almost all of this stuff. My 13 yr old loves Bon Jovi and has both vinyl and cds of his music. They know this is the stuff I grew up with but they can sing along on the radio with almost all of the songs from the 60's, 80's and beyond. They say they like alot of it cause you can understand what is being said.
I don't get carded when ordering alcohol...the bad part? I JUST TURNED 21!
I remember Christmas of 85, waking up to find a Cabbage Patch Kid under the tree! I was so happy. I was 7 years old. I got my daugter one for her 6th B-day. She never really said how much she loved it and never really plays with it. I told her that I had one when I was her age and that girls back then would have killed for one. They were very hard to find that Christmas. Then she asked me if I grew up in the days that were in black and white.!! Please, I don't think that any lifetime will ever be as colorful as the 80's. Neon hair, acidwashed mini skirts with orange pantyhose and red heals. Any body that dressed a cross between Cindy & Madonna was cool. So here's to the 80's that will makes its way back in style. The 70's did in some ways shapes and forms. Oh, and by the way, I had 10 Cabbage patch Kids.
Someone mentioned "The Count" from Sesame Street being taken off and then brought back. I remember when he first came on the show!! I was born in 1964. I know that's before the 80's. just trying to help the rest you feel not so old.
Seeing Vince Neil as an overweight, semi balding, middle-aged, not so attractive anymore, guy. I was madly in love with him and Tommy Lee back in the late 80's early 90's. Now Tommy is going back to college???? Lol. Kids today just know Tommy Lee as the ex-husband of Pamela Anderson and the reality show "Tommy goes to College". Things do get mixed up over the years.
Teaching a class and I was talking about the first word processors and the Brother electric type writers with the ball. These guys just looked at me and said I don't remember. I didn't use computer for more then two papers until college. Those two papers were on an Apple that I used at my brothers house.
I was watching a March 1990 episode of "Saturday Night Live" last night, and on "Weekend Update," Dennis Miller did a story about a "new" technological innovation called "High Definition Television" (try to stifle your laughter on this one). He said the technology wouldn't be available until the mid-1990s (wasn't it more like five or six years ago?). He also said that he would show an example of the technology by saying that "Right now you are watching me, but if you watch me in High Definition, this is what you'll see..." and the picture fades into a shot of Sam Donaldson on ABC. Miller starts saying "No, no, that's not right! I wanna go back! Take me back!" as the picture fades back into the shot of the esteemed anchor, as he "sighs" in relief, and says "There is no place like home." Hysterical. This was highly advanced technology, yet, in some areas, the technology is still not really available and still not perfected.
I was born in 81 and my girlfriend was born in 87 and some of the TV programmes I can remember she can't even remember! Thats when I wish I was born in 87!! It makes her seem so much younger even though she isn't!
Okay now I feel OLD! I was born 1981 and I was just searching for what kid show Skidamarinky dinky dink song was fun and I stumbled on this page, deciding to read it I read this passage "I wasn't born in the 80's but I do wish I was. I was born in 1990 and I'm 15 years old but I love everything in the 80's. I love the music the movies the clothes everything!! I think I was born in the wrong era. I wonder what I wouldn't give to have been 15 years old in the 80's time." WHAT??? I remember the 80's and I remember wishing to have been born in the 60's or 70's.... now that I think about it, to a 15 year old that is there... 60's -70's FREAKY!!!
I've never had a problem with my age or upcoming birthdays until my 8th grade volleyball team was on our way to a game (I coach). The girls started singing all of these 80s songs, trying to learn the words. I started singing along with them and they asked how I knew them. I told them I listened to them when I was younger. Then they asked when I graduated. I told them "1996". One proceeded to tell me that she was only 3 then!
Anyone know "You take the good. You take the bad. You take 'em both and there you have...."
I remember when The Lost Boys hit theaters, I stood in line to see this flick and it is still one of my favorites ( I was 15 at the time!) I still see Kiefer Sutherland and Jason Patric as their characters whenever I see them in a fan mag. Anyone else remember how much fun it was to go to movies, skating rinks and arcades back in the day?
I really felt old when I took my 13 year old son to get his hair cut, and I told the stylist his hair tended to naturally "feather" and both he and the stylist both said "feather?!" I just kept my mouth shut from that moment on.
My daughter downloaded the "Crazy Frog" song, and I continue to refer to it as "Axel F" and she gets really PO'd at me....
What makes me feel old is going to my favorite concerts now verses in the 80's. Concerts for bands like Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Cinderella, Poison and the like only cost $15.50 when I was a teen in the 80's, not when I go to see them it costs upward to $100.00. I am only 34 but man do I feel old.
Three words: Dukes of Hazard
When I was looking at internet sites the other day and found games like 'Monkey Island' and 'Maniac Mansion' to download on retro sites. I remember my friends and I being terrified to play maniac mansion when I was about 5 or 6!! That brought back a long forgotton memory of my friends and I playing pac-man on their huge old Amstrad computer whilst listening to 'Karma Chameleon' on the tape player. Good times.
Back in 1996, when I was 24, I was sitting down with my roommate Scott, and a friend of his that had stopped by for a visit. This friend was a fellow student at Devry, and was about 19 at the time. I had already met him a few times in passing, and this was the first chance we actually had to all sit and talk for a bit of time. The subject turned to music, I mentioned some group or the other, and my roomie made a comment about how he had that LP. His college friend was all interested all of a sudden..and looked at both of us..and said "Oh...really? " We both kinda said.."yeah"..then I added I had had the LP too. He responded.." Oh!..Is that a new group?" Me and Scott looked at each other for a minute...and asked what group he was asking about...his friend said " Oh...heh sorry. That group LP...are they knew? What's the name of their cd? " Scott and I just had a blank look on our faces for I think the rest of that day.
Was visiting a childhood friend one day,and during the visit, she had the radio on in the background on some random 80's station. My friend's phone rang, and when she went to answer it , the song " Every Breath You Take" played on the radio. I started to sing the words to it, and as my friend was entering back into the room from her phonecall, her daughter looked up at me and said " Auntie Dee, you know the words to that song? You are really old then. Almost as old as Mommy is..!" HAH
I said to a 19 yr old at work: "UB40 are coming! I'd love to see them." He asked: "Who are UB40?" (Groan)
I am 31. I felt old when I thought about the fact that as a kid in the mid-late 80's, there was a radio station that played 60's music (which I couldn't imagine ANYONE listening to, but my parents loved.) The other day, I was listening to an all 80's station rocking out to all kinds of great stuff, and my 5 year old son told me to turn back to the "real" music. :( Boo hoo
God, does anybody else remember Commodore 64's? Great games like Spy Hunter and Below the Root? Remember DOS based computers, Load "*",8,1 ? Wow- and as well,do you remember how cool Florescent Colors were???
I think it's funny that child stars like Ricky Schroeder and Jason Bateman are now big stars and kids nowadays think they're something new and I'm like now remember Valerie's Family and Silver Spoons and they look at you like what the heck...
Wow . . . I was born in 1971 and remember being scared to death of nuclear war, and how we'd have nuclear war drills in school where the teachers would herd us all out into the hallways and line us up against the lockers (because, you know, THAT would keep us from being killed by a nuclear missle!). It took awhile for me to absorb the end of the Cold War and not see Russia (the "Soviets") as something to be afraid of anymore. I remember Ronald Reagan defeating Jimmy Carter in the Presidential election. I remember Madonna just coming out, before she was MADONNA. Seeing the original "Star Wars" in the movie theater. Playing PONG on the family TV (I think my parents still have it in the attic!). I still have my old collection of 45s. I remember wearing feather barrettes in my hair. Playgrounds on concrete with metal sliding boards that burned the h*ll out of us when we wore shorts, and with see-saws we loved to bounce each other off off (before anyone even thought of these things as being lawsuit-worthy issues). I remember crying as I watched the Berlin Wall come down on TV. Speaking of TV - remember when there were only THREE CHANNELS??? And God help us all when the President was on!
I was born on January 31, 1975 and I am 30 years old about to turn 31 next month and boy do I feel old. I have three younger brothers and twin sisters and they're 25, 19, 18 & 15. I remember when they were infants and the 80s had big hair, ripped jeans and Michael Jackson was black and Mr T and Alf were well know tv stars back in the 80s now they are on Tv Ads. Don't get me started on Nick At Nite I thought they played shows from my parents childhood not mine. Boy that makes you feel old. Were does the time go.
In response to this post: "My little sister & I were talking about being left out of things, & somehow I got "I think we're alone now" stuck in my head. I started singing & she got the queerest look on her face. To this day, "Who's Tiffany?" is still ringing in my ears!" I can only say....I REALLY feel old. Tiffany covered that song. It's from Tommy James and the Shondalls. And I am only 35 :)
What makes me feel old is to see that John Lennon was only 40 when he was murdered in 1980, and I was a little kid when it happened (barely knew who he was), and now I'm 34! Not that much younger than he was! Also, he was killed only 16 years after their American debut, and it seemed like he was part of ancient history, but it's been 25 years since his death, so if 16 years prior to 1980 was ancient history, than 25 years prior to now is prehistoric!
I work with two younger employees and we were all talking about fashion and I went on to say something about my Eastlands and "Flock of Seagulls" hair and how we all used to "French Roll" our younger co workers are maybe 21 and 23...and they exclaimed...."Flock of who?" and what is "French Rolling" your jeans?
When the Wedding Singer came out a few years ago, I remember laughing so hard and LOVNG the movie because it reminded me of being a teenager. The audience was full of teenagers there to see Adam Sandler in one of his vulgar humored movies. How disappointed they were! All around me I kept hearing, "Man, this is lame." I felt so old because I actually GOT the jokes.
I remember getting together with a group of friends and watching (brand new episode!) who shot J.R. on Dallas and actually caring who it was!
My old high school boyfriend emailed me the other day and told me about a date he went on with a girl he met online. He saw a gal with platnum blonde hair walk buy and said "hey, it's Debra Harry!" (not really her). His date (apparently much younger) said "Debra Who?" with a touch of jealousy in her voice. TO make it more personal for me I went by the nickname Blondie in HS and have a tatoo with that name. I also had a young girl (7 or 8) in at my work one day who asked if I played with Pokemon when I was little. I told her "they didn't have Pokemon when I was little" she asked what I played with. I said "my little pony and strawberry shortcake (this was before the updated rerelease of our berry berry good friend). The girl gave me a very funny look and said "You used to play with your food..." Of course now I wish mom hadn't sold them all...ebay would be marvelous now... if I didnt just play with them myself.
My driving licence has expired and found my 1st grey hair that I got sealed into a cellophane pack :) Moreover watching Forrest Gump in Tv at this very moment(dec 27) and remembering 1st seen it almost exactly 11 years ago (dec 29)
Only 10 years to 2015 and I still haven't seen a flying DeLorean and never hydrated any pizza.
Sitting in a college History class with mostly "kids", all asking my advice on what they should write their papers on. I suggested doing something like a "Gone with the wind" theme. The 4 of them looked at me not having a clue what the heck I was talking about. One asked if it was a movie. I said its not only a movie, but it is a book as well. I can't imagine that they wouldn't have at least heard of it. Talk about making you feel old. Working at and going back to college at my age(32) is hard enough, then you get those kind of comments, makes you wanna run for the hills, in your parachute pants! they wouldn't get that joke either. lol
I loved the eighties! But I'm reminded everyday how distant they're becoming. I was in "Hot Topic" the other day. Kind of reminded me of "Merry-go-Round" when I wore parachute pants, checkered Vans, and Member's Only jacket. I saw a black T that said "Pornography" accross it. I instantly remembered it was off my favorite Cure album, er, CD I mean. As I checked out, this girl standing next to me commented, "oh, you bought the Cure shirt, aren't they an aweome "new" band. All I could do was stare blankly at her. Then, while I was listening to my favorite DJ on our local radio station, he just had to say, "Hey, how many of you graduated in 1987? Do you realize that the Freshman class in college, who'll be graduating in 2009, were born then". Oh Yeah...
My daughter was born in 84, now has her own kids!!!! don't print it but my screen name says it all..!---OK---it's close to being "PSYCHOGRANDMA"
We'll always feel old no matter what, there's always a reason to feel old. That's out of our control. I already felt old when I was 4 and I had a smaller cousin that was 1, now I'm 27 and I still feel the same way. Being old is part of life.
Teen idols from the 80s are now appearing on the cover of AARP Magazine (Michael J. Fox on the Jan/Feb 06 issue)!!
Not only are 80s songs being heard on rock 'n' roll oldies stations, but they are also heard on stations that play "Pop Standards". This means that 80s tunes are now in the company of songs from the Big Band and Sinatra eras!!
I was technically born in 76 so I was a child of the 80's, but I was telling some teenagers I know that I remember when there wasn't PG-13 ratings and that it became that way because of movies like Gremlins and Goonies. They couldn't even believe that those movies were viewed that way or that I was old enough to remember before PG13.
I was talking to my 13 year old daughter and somehow Ted Kennedy came up in the conversation. She asked me "didn't he have a brother that was president?" Ouch...
Realizing that this is the time (2006) that we were supposed to have flying cars, videophones, 3D TV, laser weapons, and colonies on Mars.
When the radio station played one of those Who Played This Song trivia clips featuring "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" and NOBODY guessed it! (It was Poison, but if you're here you probably knew that.)
My husband played Division 1 football, graduating in 1992. They were ranked #1 in the nation, and on TV, watching his alma mater play, there was an interview with a true freshman that was a starter. When they asked him about the #1 team from 1989, he said he had read about them at the university, but didn't have much interest in football at the time because HE WAS ONLY 4 YEARS OLD!
I have been searching for the movie RAD for over ten years now. I finally came across the movie (VHS)in an original box and it works great. Bad news, I paid 40 bucks for it. That's sad.
Watching the "Rockin' New Year's Celebration" with Dick Clark this year definately makes this 30 year old FEEL 60! When I was in 6th grade, one of our school concerts was doing a rendition of his "American Bandstand"! Only we were doing a version with me as Mike Love, of The Beach Boys! We sang Rock Around the Clock and 409....We thought old Dick would never get old. I know in my eyes he never will! Thanks, Dick. We LOVE YOU!!! Long live the 80's!
Born in '71. I was ripe in the 80's. Remember Z-Cavaricci pants, Girbaud jeans, Pepe Shirts? Hands Across America. Blue jean jackets covered with buttons. Hanging out at the roller rink. Vic-20 was $300, now you can find them at thrift stores for $3. Roo tennis shoes with zippers and pouches for your spare change. Colecovision vs. Atari commercial wars. Those "The More You Know" Saturday t.v. spots by popular celebrities like Lisa Whelchel and Dana Plato. Pinch-n-rolled pants. Playing with your Fun Fountain and Slip-n-Slide in the backyard. Watching Menudo videos on ABC in between Saturday morning cartoons (which you'd wake up at like 5-o'clock to see!) Whether it was Footloose or Grease 2, Knots Landing or Another World, the girls were chatting about it the next day over school lunch ... back when it was OK to be seen in the cafeteria.
I am 37 and work with a 21 year old. She said the only way she remembers how to spell notorious is because of that song. I of course break into song "No, No. Notorious, Notorious." and she looked at me like I was from Mars. "Ummmmm, No. The one by Notorious B.I.G." Hmmmpff, I of course meekly say "Oh, not Duran Duran."
Ok, so here's the thing. I was born in '85 so the only memory I have that I can pin in the 80's was watchng the Berlin Wall fall down on the Timmy Mallet show and the Rainbow christmas special. But all through the 90's, I was looking back, diggin out my dad's Genesis CD that he was proud that he had on CD and not casette. I'm not the only one, go into any student nightclub and bar, these are people born in the mid to late 80's and they go wild when an 80's song is played. you guys had the Breakfast Club, Footloose and Dirty Dancing, you had the last great ballads before rap took over. And now as the 00's is jsut a mish mash blend of the late 90's there's nothing that defined when we grew up. But we can at least laugh at the kids about 15 years old that don't even have the 80's in their blood, never had the Bangles played while they were in their crib or pleaded wit htheir father to play on the Amiga one more time. We salute you guys, because what are the chances of the 90's being called old or vintage? they're just likely to be missed out altogether, it hasn't got the soul the 80's has. We 20-something's are feeling more at home with Thriller than 50 Cent and we're not far behind you at feeling old for it.
I'm 18 years old, and I have a sister who's ten years older than me - making her an 80s child. I tend to feel so envious of my sister, who was actually considered 'hip' as a teenager. Not I like most of the same things that my sister did as a teenager - and, sadly, I'm not considered 'hip'. Oh, I would give anything to be ten years older than I am, now.
I remember when VCRs first came out. My uncle used lazer discs, huge record looking dvds. Now I see kids bringing cell phones taping and downloading videos? I didn't even have a cell phone let alone video or the internet. And kids are SOOO much smarter now. Cause of all the access they have.
Everybody keeps talking about how old they feel because they grew up in the 80s. Well the "ancient" label isn't just for the 80s anymore! The vast majority of the 90s are ancient as well. The early 90s are so long ago that babies born then have drivers liscences. Try talking to any of these kids about something that happened in the 90s, and they'll just get a blank look on their faces. And if you tell them about anything that happened in the 80s, its just like your grandparents talking about the Great Depression or World War II...just a page in the history books and nothing more, the 80s have become a TOTAL geezer decade!
When my daughter was SO excited about Green Day's American Idiot CD coming out and wanting to hear their "really old stuff" from MY cd collection. I was only 21 when Dookie(cd #3) came out!!!
About 5-6 yrs ago, I was cleaning out a closet and came across a box of my old 45's. My kids, then 10 and 7, said to me..." mom, what are THOSE? "
I was born in 1982, and I still collect My Little Pony, Care Bear, and Get Along Gang toys, among other things. I have decorated my cubicle at work with Care Bears beanbags (the new ones), and some other stuff. I put new Care Bear figures on the top of my computer, and someone came in and saw them. She said "My kids used to love Care Bears!" and she mentioned that she now has grandkids.
I was in a driving class a few years back maybe when I was 19 or so and some kids were talking about tv shows so I put in my bit about some older tv shows. They just turned to me with this disgusted look and were like..."We're not as old as you are we don't know what you're talking about." I wanted to curl up and die..
When my friend and I went to KMart and walked down the toy aisle. Strawberry Shortcake is in pants?? The Ninja Turtles have completely white eyes and look mean?! He-Man is TEN TIMES as bulked up? It's just not right.
I remember in my Driver's Ed class in the fall of 1998, the teacher showed us a drunk driving prevention video. Here's the catch--it had an instrumental version of The Cars' "You Might Think" playing throughout. So they wanted us to take it seriously...
The clothes the big girls wore when I was at primary school are now in fashion with the still-teenage freshers now I'm at grad school. That's weird.
Michael J. Fox on the cover of ARP (retirement) Magazine!
VH1 is adding another special to its "I Love..." retrospectives. This time, it's all about the toys. "I Love Toys" is on starting March 6. And you KNOW they're gonna show some of our 80s favorites!! Makes me feel old when they're showing toys we played with 20 years ago!!!
I saw a 1989 print ad on eBay for Cuerva Gold, and the advertisement had "hip" "Weekend Update" anchor Dennis Miller in it, standing in an empty deep end of a swimming pool surrounded by young, hip partygoers. Miller had his trademark 80's mullet. This obviously meant Dennis Miller was cool at one time--he would certainly look out of place in this same ad now.
I was born in 79 and I grew up during a time when my name was considered extremely unpopular. It still haunts me to this day. Hearing the name making a comeback is making me feel like I am no longer one of a kind. It was all I had for myself. My name was synonymous with "getting grounded" and "scorned and shunned by all." To hear other people having my name and doing well for themselves while I'm struggling against this modern world that still won't let me in has me emotionally destroyed. Back in the day people showed how much they love and cared, today, it only is a byproduct of money and power. I will not respond to this type of life.
Ok. You guys are cracking me up! I was born in 71 so I was a full fledged teen during the 80s and that time rocked! Agua Net, Espirit, acid washed jeans, parachute pants! Breakfast Club still kicks ass! I now have 4 daughters ages 5, 12,13 & 16--they ALL want to live in the 80s. They love the music & the movies, but I had to laugh when they said hey Mom, there's this new band out that's sooo awesome, it's called AC/DC. Kids are so funny. I haven't really felt old except for when I went to a Def Leppard concert (still my fav band after all these years) and saw nothing but middle aged people there. Yikes. Remember people, we had is just a bunch of poseurs! We are the coolest!! There's always something there to remind me: Gunne Sax dresses, Swatch watches, roller skates (w/4wheels), Atari, On-TV, Oingo Boingo (before Danny Elfman did movie soundtrax), Garfield phones, DeLoreans,Mazda rx7's, OP's, New Wave, Step haircuts, Stirrup pants, Poufy dresses, Asteroids, Tempest & Pac-Man, MTV video wars (when they still played videos), Band-Aid, Kajagoogoo...cuz ur too shy shy! Take it easy! For anyone interested...there is a show out now called Awesome 80's Prom. Check it out...we are going in a few weeks with a bunch of people. Renting the limo & everything. Gonna be a blast! :)
Growing up, the lead singer of the Journey band, Steve Perry was all the rage of the music world. Not only is he named the greatest vocalist ever, but he is my idol. I know it sucks to be me right now, since he seems to be avoiding singing/recording like its the plague at this time. I'd be scared for the world the minute we start having younger generations growing up asking "who is Steve Perry?" I hope, I really hope it doesn't come to that.
I realized recently that I know all the lyrics to "Bionic Six."
I felt really old when my son who was about 5 or 6 at the time was going through some boxes in my closet and said look mom can we listen to these CD's and I turned to see that he had some of my old 45's.
I was born in 1972, so I'm 33. There are so many things that make me feel old but I'll keep it to just three. First, music. This year (2006) is the 20th anniversary of my dear late grandma's death from colon cancer. While getting ready the morning of the "anniversary", I realized that I was still listening to the same music I loved in 1986. I happened to be listening to Cinderella (Long Cold Winter, 1988). Talk about feeling old! Also, I agree with others about liking the originals better than the stupid recent "covers" of songs (i.e. songs originally by Bananarama, the Police, etc.). Can't tell you how annoying it is to hear those classic songs RUINED. Second,clothing. I just about fell over from shock when I started seeing the 80's fashions (i.e. off-the-shoulder tops, black & white "new wave" stuff, etc.) showing up in trendy stores. Third, toys. Who decided that my favorite childhood toys, like Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake, should be revamped and remarketed to today's kids? It feels like somebody stole my childhood memories to give to someone else. J I'm just another 80's kid feeling like an "old lady"!
In my graduate MBA marketing class a few weeks ago - A case we were analyzing was set in 1985. One of my classmates chirped "I was one year old that year!" I sat there for a minute, then sheepishly said, "I was 13 that year, in eighth grade". Wow - that was a shocker, and I felt like an aging leftover. I'm only 33, but in the MBA program there are a lot of 22-25 year olds.
I realized how old I was when my then 4 yr old (now 12) called up his cousin, he looked at me with sheer terror. Mommy the phone is broken!!! I take the phone and it was just a busy signal!!! Call waiting, caller ID, call return, that sure curbs my urge to prank someone!!!
I've read EVERY entry and 2 things were left out that I could never forget...STICKER COLLECTIONS and those plastic chain link bracelets and belts that you would hang plastic charms from. OH, and the gellie bracelets and shoes!! I miss all of my brightly colored 80's STUFF!!!!
One of my favorite things to do is to pull out a number of VHS tapes with movies my parents taped in the mid to late 1980's. I will sit and watch every commercial on those tapes, and I always come to the conclusion that today's commercials SUCK!!! Commercials from the 80's were way better. Today, commercials are either some lame-ass attempt to make you laugh (alost none are successful with me!), or trying to wow you with special effects or loud music. I sit and watch commercials for Wrigley's gum with those catchy jingles, Miller Lite beer with Bob Uecker and Tommy Heinsohn, "The Cailzza" at Pizza Hut. Car commercials actually showed you what the car looked like! You never saw the words "Professional driver, closed course, Do not attempt." on a TV car ad. Commercials for food and beverages or restaurants showed normal people enjoying their food, not some crappy hip hop score with a slogan like "i'm lovin' it". (Whatever happened to proper spelling, grammar and capitalization by the way, they beat that crap into my brain for 12 years, but I turn on the TV, and it all goes out the window! This wouldn't happen in the '80's!) While I'm on the subject, whatever happened to McDonaldland? I see toy commercials for Cabbage Patch Dolls, Wrinkles, Ghostbusters action figure sets, and hundreds more '80's toys. I saw commercials for "The Rock and Roll Evening News", and "MTV Top 20 Countdown" Which showed clips from Aerosmith, Madonna, and ended with an awesome clip from Van Halen's "Dreams" with the jets doing those maneuvers in the sky! People in the midwest who have an American Electronics store nearby might remember Crazy TV Lenny (May he rest in Peace). If you're from Milwaukee, you m