Vintage Computer Games of the Eighties

This is a list of the more memorable games for computers. I am not looking for ARCADE GAMES. This list is for games that were strictly for computer users.

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2 on 2 Basketball
Had two player team and vs. action (as well as single player). First Bball game to allow player adjustments -- post player or shooter, and allowed a certain number of rating points for each. Full court play, although you only really saw one half-court at a time. No press, but popular for its team oriented play. 2 dunk stiles, 3 point shooting, and stats given after the game. Graphics were subpar, but gameplay made up the difference. By Gamestar.
3D Monster Maze (Sinclair ZX-81)
Astonishing 3-d game for the beloved Sinclair ZX-81, where you try to escape from a labyrinth where lives a T-Rex. Quite simple, used to scare us to death and probably can be called "the grandfather of 3d games".
AD&D Goldbox games
TSR and SSI moved to present the official AD&D CRPG to the public. The Goldbox games include Pool of Radiance, Curse of the Azure Bonds, Secret of the Silver Blades, Pools of Darkness, Champions (Death Knights, Dark Queen) of Krynn, and Gateway (and Treasures) of the Savage Frontier. Fairly evolved for the time, the Goldbox games offered Diehard AD&D players something to do when they couldn't pull a group together to play
Adventure Construction Set
Created by EA, ACS allowed people to design their own adventures and then let other people play them. It paved the way for many similar games to follow (Bard's Tale Construction set, AD&D Unlimited Adventurers, etc.)
Agent USA
I loved playing this in third grade on the Commodore 64! You were a little guy, and you had to buy tickets and take trains (regular and express) to different cities. There would be bad guys around, and you had to somehow collect these diamonds from them. There were also bad guys that looked like little TV's. I don't really remember what the object of the game was, but it was awesome! And the main bad guy was a giant TV.
Airborne Rangers
Came out around 1988.Sort of similar to "Commando", but with more realism (not that it was realistic either.) Players went on a variety of missions in various geographic settings. Lots of fun!
It was based on the tv show but it was the friends of ALF from Melmac had crash landed and ALF was suppose to pick up pieces lying around to fix the ship. he eat cats running around, and pizzas for power. but u had to watch out for Willie and the DOg Catacher or else they took u away and u would lose and your poor friends were stuck. it was a floppy disk for DOS
Alice In Wonderland
Sounds dorky, I know, but this was the most annoying game I have ever played. Very complex and hard to play it had a difficult interface. It ran on Apple IIes, but we ran it on a IIc. It was actually sort of an action game and had a 'donkey kong' like interface.
Alley Cat
Very pink, you are a cat jumping in and out of windows, garbage cans etc...trying to avoid laundry, other cats etc...
It was from the old texas instrument computer that played cartritges. All you basically did was climb a mountain while avoiding various objects and animals
Alternate Reality : The City
A truely open-ended RPG from the 80s. It was supposed to be the 1st of 7 but on The City and The Dungeon got released. I remember mapping out the city on graph paper as I went. The premise of the game was that you were abducted by aliens and set down in this fantasy city complete with magic, monstaers, and music. Very addictive and vast in size. i wish they would remake this one today.
Another Tellarium release, you're lost in the Amazon jungle and have to get home. Release for the C64
Archon series
One of the most popular game series for the commodore system. The archon series used a combination of strategy and arcade action. In the original game, players control pieces on a chessboard and fought against opponents in realtime arcade sequence to win the game.
A great chess-like fantasy game for the old C64, pitting the forces of Light against Darkness (or somesuch). The opening music was absolutely the best. Anyone who ever played the game will no doubt remember the music. Archon II was pretty spiffy, too.
It was just a puzzle / strategy game, there were different shaped and different colored pieces and it would tell you before you started where each piece had to go, so then you have only one open space and you have to slide the pieces around in this box until you get the right colored shapes where they're suppose to go. From what I remember, it's not as easy as it sounds.
Artic Fox
1st person tank sim shootem up. (ed. was one of the very first first-person shooters available for home computers with a style similar to the arcade game Battlezone).
This was a surrealistic first person 3d adventure for the TRS 80. Resplendent in clunky b/w! You start a padded cell in an insane asylum and your mission is to escape. Mad inmates and an even maddening 3d maze kept you hooked for weeks. Best part: the note that tells you to look up...only to have a paino fall on your head! You need to give the axe murderour this note and wait for his musical demise otherwise you get chopped to bits. Despite plenty of first person 3d adverntures today, few match Alsylum's surreal and disturbing milieu, which goes to show increased computer power is not substitute for creativity. There was as sequel boasting such fun as "killer clowns" - priceless.
Atic Atac
Isometric (fake 3D) game for Spectrum 48k. One of the early ones that attempted to give a 'dark' look.
Auto Duel
Created by Lord British & Chuckles of Origin Systems, this was a futuristic pen & paper game that was ported to the computer. Fight in arenas to earn money to buy a tricked-out car, carry loads to different cities, or become a highway bandit and steal loads and sell them on the black market. Release for the C64 & Apple ][
Based on the Car Wars RPG by Steve Jackson Games. A sort of Mad Max-ish future where people strapped weapons to their car for survival. You could take courier missions, turn vigilante, compete in tournaments or try to ambush anyone who drive by.
Avoid The Noid
PC game that I played on my old IBM PC Jr when I was around four. It involved the famous "noid" character from the Domino's Pizza ads and you had to... avoid him!
It's a Commodore 64 game. You are an atzecan soldier and you have to stay alive till the end of the game, because the King whants to know if his pyramidal fortress can protect forever him and his "golden things" after his death: YOU AGAINST THE FORTRESS....
This was a great game for the Apple. You went into some Inca pyramid looking for this lost idol. The game was about eight screens by eight screens and you had monsters to knife or shoot or avoid(they grew from snakes and small spiders to dinosaurs and octopi,) and there were plenty of traps like a giant water spigot that would fill the room with water, or even a descending ceiling where the walls on the side slammed shut. Very Indiana Jones, and it also had cool bugs where you could jump through walls if you knew what to do.
Back to the Future
There was a Back to the Future game that was played on the Amiga computer. You played as Marty Mcfly on a skateboard and you were riding thru the streets avoiding cars and people to meet up with "Doc". You could punch people on the street which was kinda funny. The game had the main theme from the Back to the Future movie, but the sound was cheesy.
Bad Street Brawler
A must have for the commodore 64. You played this pissed off wrestling dude(looked like hulk hogan with sun glasses) who goes around parts of town and performs body slams and wrestling moves on people. It had no plot but lots of cool special effects. Came out in the mid 80's
Bad Street Brawler
One of the first titles ever developed by LucasArts (nee LucasFilm Games, back when they were in building 'Z' on the ILM campus). An astounding furious two-player first-person 3D game with a simple premise: Get the ball and shoot it into your opponents goal. Utilizing a horizontally-split screen, you drove a hovercraft over a checkerboard grid, grabbed the ball using your forcefield, then carried it to your opponent's goal, all the while trying to avoid your opponent bumping you, harassing you, and trying to steal the ball. The hovercraft would automatically orient toward the goal (if you had the ball), or the ball (if you didn't). Originally developed for the Atari 400/800 systems, it was eventually ported (much) later to the C-64 and other platforms. (An Amiga port was prototyped but never completed.)
Barbie got a call from Ken about the date, then you would go shopping to pick out outfits, hair, and all sorts of things.
The Bard's Tale (and II, III)
Combination of graphic and text RPG games, Bard's Tale was one of the early users of the 1st person (3D) viewpoint. Hosting numerous classes, equip, spells, and monsters; Bard's Tale went on to create 2 popular sequels and a construction set.
On the Commodore Amiga (1989) it sold more of that computer than any one pack ever before or after. A seminal mix of styles from driving to platform and puzzle. Superb.
Battle of Britain
Made by Lucasarts. At the time it was the best WW2 flight sim on the market. It actually worked on an 8mhz XT!
One of the most deliciously fun and bloody games of it's day. By Marc Goodman (credited as "Mangrove Earthshoe") for the Apple II platform, released in 1982 by Datamost. With an inset bird's eye viewfinder over the wide-open green grass field of combat -- to help you decide which way to run, You, a knight in full armor and with a battle axe for each hand, would seek to destroy enemy knights. A simple game, played entirely from a top-down view, it was you against the world on this little "decapitation island", if you will. With the slight memory-caused delays you'd almost feel the impact as you slammed your axes into the enemy!
Best tank game of the eighties, notable for its 3D driver's POV graphics done with simple green lines on a black screen, and scary sound effects add to the suspense.
BC's Quest For Tires
Prehistoric unicycle skill-building at its finest.
Beach Head
You play the role of an invading force during WWII, trying to take over an island. The first game made by Access of Links fame.
Text adventure game where you try to escape from an insane assylum, and if you didn't bribe other inmates who caught you by giving them cigarettes, they'd call the guards on you.
Beer Run
One of the most poorly conceived and designed games for the Apple IIe, Beer Run was also one of the few that established its own devoted cult following (primarily because the title included the word "beer"). The object of the game was to guide your only marginally recognizable stick figure around the screen to collect as many beer cans as possible.
Below The Root
A Windham Classic Game where you are a tree dweller and must complete a mission to keep the evil forces from the underworld to take over your friendly villages. Originally played on a TANDY.
Beyond Castle Wolfenstain
The objective of the game is to eliminate Hitler and his high command that are in the bottom of the bunker. You play the role of a spy. Have to find and activate the bomb, make your way through the maze avoiding or bribing the guards, finding secret codes, weapons, etc... and find your way out after the bomb explodes.
the bilestoad
I just remember looking at a games magazine when I was 12 and thinking "Whoa! I have to play this!" The name of the game is a play on the words that mean "Axe death" in German. A lot of the game is spent in 2 person axe battles from an over head view - kind of like Activision's boxing with more sophisticated controls and uh, with axes. Good times, good times...
Blind Driver
For the Apple ][. A text-based driving game. Drive as fast as you can, avoid the cops, stop for food and gas (or a bit of gambling), and use nitrous to jump bridges. Back in '83, I think my computer teacher confiscated at least one copy a week (sometimes more!).
this was the original game that gave you a paddle at the bottom of the screen and bricks on the top for you to break. It's more fun than todays similarities due to the fact that it was so simple and not overbaked. I can't find it though. No google search as of yet will help me here because of the insane fetish with putting the term blockbuster on everything!
Blue Max
Great scrolling 8 bit flight game, WW I pilot trying to blow up targets and ultimately win. Was greaton Atari 400/800 and C64.
Bomb Jack
The player controls Jack, a superhero who can leap and glide. Someone has planted 24 bombs at famous tourist sites (the Sphinx and Great Pyramids, the Acropolis, Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, and two cityscapes resembling Miami Beach and Hollywood, which appear only as screen backgrounds rather than unique game locations). Jack must fly around the screen to collect the bombs before a timer runs out. Each screen uses a different configuration of platforms upon which Jack may run on, or jump from, or remain at rest. Eventually, the levels reoccur a number of times with increasing difficulty. Jack "defuses" the bombs by simply touching them. As soon as he has touched the first, he triggers a sequence in which another bomb's fuse lights up, and so on. A player can score a bonus in each round by touching all 24 bombs in the correct lit-fuse sequence. Jack may also defuse an unlit bomb by touching it, but this impedes his opportunity to score the bonus for that screen. It also delays the appearance of the game's bonuses and power-ups. The lit fuses have no strategic purpose other than the bonus; a lit bomb left unattended does not explode. Enemies such as birds, mummies, turtles, and orbs float around the screen, making Jack lose a life if he touches them. A certain power-up will, when collected, turn all the enemies into coins for a short period.
The object was to move dirt and boulders in order to collect X amount of diamonds. At the same time you had to avoid the falling boulders, and make it to the exit point within a certain amount of time.
Brake Away
brake away
Break Dance
EPYX capatalizing on the breakdance fad of '84. Two people dancing (??) in the middle of a city street where amazingly, no cars exist.
This game was on the Apple II computer. I believe that it was made by SSI. It was effectively a realtime war galleon tactical battle simulator. A single player could control a "tall ship" against a computer opponent or another player. As far as I remember, it had no campaign mode or anything of the nature. A player just chose a ship and battled away with various options such as different ammo types, different sail configurations, and boarding capability. The much later Ancient Art of War at Sea used a very similar battle engine to this game.
Bruce Lee
I barely remember much of it, but you were Bruce Lee climbing up and down ladders. If you had a second joystick, your friend could control the green computer player.
bruce lee
only trying to give more info on bruce lee. we beat it a couple times, and it would loop around to the beginning. the second player could either fight you, or ward off the black ninja guy. or he could just stand there and moo, since he was a cow (or sumo). the hardest level was a series of floors with zapping things running across them. since the game had no set number of lives, it was only a matter of time, though when you play the same level for an hour you tend to quit rather than keep going.
BSU Basketball
Basset State University Basketball featuring the BSU Hounds was a all text basketball game for the Apple IIe. You are a coach of a college basetball team and your object is to coach a college basketball team and move up in the rankings.
BSU Basketball
bubble ghost
cannotremember too much because it stopped working but i remember that my son and I loved it
Buck Rodgers
Buck Rodgers, a game played back in 1987 on my XT, I used to boot the XT from the 1st 5.14" drive then load the game from the other 5.14" drive. It was about a spaceship stuck on a planet and had to travel along the ground at high speed avoiding floating rocks & debris. Graphics were limited to CGA 4 colour.
California Games
A game that had a variety of sports to play, such as roller skating, surfing, and BMX racing. You could play it in either the practice or the competition mode.
Captain Blood
The objective of the game is to track down and disintegrate five clones (referred to as Duplicates or Numbers depending on the version of the game) of Captain Blood. To find them, the player must speak to various aliens and gain their trust. Communication with aliens occurs via an icon-based interface known as UPCOM. This consists of around 150 icons, each representing a different concept. As each alien race discovered speaks its own language and reacts differently, the player must learn to negotiate using these UPCOM concepts in a style that suits the races. Other unique facets of the game play of Captain Blood included the deterioration of the player interface as the game progressed. As time wore on, the character's health deteriorated. This was represented in-game via an increasing amount of shaking of the mouse cursor, making the game more and more difficult to control until the character eventually died.
Captain Goodnight and the Islands of Fear
created by Broderbund, this was a platformer that showed the foregrounds to Ausin Powers as you had 24 hours to save the world from the smart-alec terror-bomber: the insideous Dr. Maybe.
Captin Claw
Castle Wolfenstein (Apple ][+)
This was one of the first to actually put speech on a computer (in this case German). The game seemed to absorb a lot of working hours for some people I knew...
Castle Wolfenstein (Apple ][+)
I played this game on the Compaq computer back in the mid '80s. You were a guy that was running all around a castle to all the different rooms, and I believe your ultimate goal was to obtain a scepter. On the way, you encountered ghosts and ghouls that you had to avoid. You also picked up various treasures to help you along the way.
Cauldron and Cauldron 2
From Borderbrund. In the first one you're a witch doing something.. battling a pumpkin...I don't remember, but 2 was cool because you were an erratically bouncing pumpkin looking for clues...
Caveman Olympics
You could choose from different cavemen.. events included wife throwing, fire starting, dinosaur racing.. very fun if not for the keyboard interface and button mashing..
Chernobyl (C64)
Probably one of the very first simulation-based games. The name says it all - you're sitting at a control panel in the Chernobyl nuclear power plant ... you log-in, get updated on the situation (meltdown eminent) and use your console to monitor core temperature and controls. Can you save the power plant before it blows? Ran on the Commodore 64.
Apple II/IIE game, objective was to rescue hostages via helicopter and drop them off at "base" while avoiding/destroying tanks and aircraft.
This was a 2D game by Broderbund in which you would attempt to rescue your guys on the ground before they got taken out by various airborn enemies. You would land and load up your guys and try and get them back to the safety of your home base. Great sound. Great video. Great fun!
Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Simulator
This was my first game ever. Came out in 1987, and allowed you to test-fly several different types of planes- jets and props- from different time eras. Had day, dusk, and night modes, as well as obstacle courses and the like.
Chucky Egg
This was one of the first games i played on the spectrum 48k ( i think it was also out on most other formats as well) and it got me totally hooked. The idea was to guide a little yellow guy around the screen collecting eggs and avoiding emus or something. Later on there was a giant parrot that would chase you around just to really freak you out at four in the morning
Chucky Egg
egg colecting game
This game is a pirates game and the hero is captin claw how is on a quest to find nine stones for the cats.
You play as a secret agent in a comic book. If the word bubble is black with white letters, you can push left or right to choose dialogue. Little mini-games came up once in a while to spice things up. Some of the dialogue was pretty hilarious.
Commander Keen
Commander Keen's babysitter was stolen in the middle of the night by aliens and you had to rescue her, there were commander keens I - IV that i played but maybe more. he had this stun gun which would stun enemies temporarily so you could get by and a pogo stick for which to jump over pits of tar and stuff, completely awesome!
Commodore Vic 20 game. You were a man in an aeroplane flying over a city of skyscrapers. You had to drop bombs on the skyscrapers to clear the way. The aeroplane would go off the screen and come back on the right side a bit lower down. The object of the game was to clear all the skyscrapers so the plane could land. Then the man would get out, wave, get back in and take off again so you could do another level.
A 2-D adventure with only 4 screens. I think a witch or something kidnapped a "fair maiden" and you were trying to save her. I played this for days on Apple IIe until I finally beat it. On each screen you would need to jump and throw little boomerang-knives at enemies. The first was a castle with a bat. The second was a cavern with scorpians and teleporters. Then was a room with lava and bubbles you could ride up. Finally you could take on the evil witch... I don't remember exactly how the game worked, but it was one of my favorite.
Congo Bongo
Commodore 64 game an ape swings from trees to get to different levels of the game and coconuts can fall on his head etc. (ed. actually you played an explorer in a jungle-style adaptation of Donkey Kong where the object was to capture a large ape)
Conquered Kingdoms
A chess-like strategy game with castles, dragons, wizards, knights etc all with unique movements and powers.
Contra was the best game ever. A side scrolling shooter where you had to kill aliens and their machines. The only bad thing was there was no saving back then!
Cosmo's Cosmic Adventures
Cosmo's parents were taking him on a trip when *dun dun dun* their spaceship crashed on an unknown planet! cosmo tries to rescue his parents. He is a little green alien dude with red suction cup hands for which to climb up walls in case there are no springboards around. he collects bombs to blow things up and kills stuff by jumping on it.
This game used real pictures of people in the opening cut scene. It came on 3 floppies. Gameplay was first person side scrolling shooter. Highly graphical. I believe it came out in 1989. Older VGA cards did not produce graphics properly since the game was technically "SuperVGA".
(1982) by Sullivan, Sierra On-Line; arcade. "Critters come at you from four directions on a grid laid out like city blocks. Strategy and intense concentration required. Superb, smooth animation of a dozen pieces simultaneously. One of the great ones."
Crunch And Munch
game that you had to do your times tables on and the little guy everytime u got one right would eat the problem
Crystal Quest
This was a game that I played on my Macintosh and it was so addicting. The concept was simple and it was black and white (of course since it was an old Mac), but it was really fun. I can't remember a lot about it, but I think you were a spaceship or something and you tried to gather crystals while avoiding mines.
Dallas Quest
C64 and tandy computer role playing game based on the show. My friends and I spent hours playing this game. We would stay home and get on the phone and do all the same moves until we got to a new place and then one of us would make a move to see if it was the right move. It was a detailed game that took you from the Dallas to the jungles of the Amazon where you had to tickle an anacondra and finally deal with the J.R. I believe you were hired by his wife Sue Ellen for some mission against JR
Dangerous Dave
A multi level game where Dave had to transit tunnels passageways and walls, avoiding various flying whizzing hazards, to score jewels. In the lower levels all Dave could do was walk and jump, but as you got better you had levels where Dave had a "jet pack" and could fly as well ! I still have the game, and still play it. A great DOS game.
Dark Castle
The player was able to choose one of three doors to enter and had to gather keys and other items to beat this ogre in the last scene by pulling chains that break the throne he is sitting on. The player also has to collect elixir and rocks to battle rats, bats, and goblins. In one scene the player battles a "floating eye" that emits a ball of fire to "kill" you. I used to play this game on a Mac.
Dark Castle
This was a game my children played on their Mac. All I remember about it was that it was their favorite game -- a figure had to run through a castle and avoid pitfalls, falling stalactites, and bats. I can still hear those bats.
David's Midnight Magic
(1982) by Snider, Broderbund Software; A really slick-looking pinball game.
defenders atari game
space game (ed. was an adaption of the arcade classic Defender in which you were needed to protect a city's inhabitants from alien obduction)
Defenders of the Crown
Defenders of the Crown is an action/strategy game in which the players play Saxons and try to gain control over England. Players could participate in joust and raid castles for money in addition to fighting in the field and laying seige to enemy castles.
A great action-puzzle thingy by the legendary Costa Panayi. The game concept is fantastically simple and engrossing: your aim is to guide a laser beam through a 2d tile board and destroy all gems or somethings. You do this by rotating various mirrors and polarizing lenses and such but beware: if your beam reflects back to its source for too long it overloads and the thing blows up! It's incredible no one ported this for mobile phones or PDA's yet...
A nice little shooter from Firebird in 1987. The game is quite difficult, so alot of my friends didn't like it... The graphics, and sound is average, but the difficulty made me go on and on. Awesome gameplay
Ah, come one! Surprised to see this one didn't make it on the list. This was an Atari game (ed. Dig-Dug involved burrowing through the ground and inflating a Pooka and Frygar (which breathed fire) so that they'd pop. You could also drop rocks on them.)
This was a game where you controlled "Digger" which if I remember right looked like a wheeled lemon with a set of giant jaws at the front. The purpose of the game is to collect circles before the time ran out and avoid the baddies at the same time. It was monochrome on the C64.
Dino Eggs
Apple ][e. You went from level to level collecting dinosaur eggs and avoiding spiders and a huge dino leg that would come down from the top of the screen to stomp on you (unless you collected wood to create a fire to keep the mama dino away).
Dizzy Balloon
Run on MSX. Very strange game and also very addictive: you had to escape from a room full of monters. They could touch you- you could touch them,even ride them, you wouldn't die unless you get crushed. To escape you had to reach the top of the bottom, and have a hole in the seeds roof... ah, never mind. Only playing it...
Donkey Kong (C64)
One of the first platform games ever! Our hero had to jump over rolling barrels to rescue the fair damsel Fae Wray from the clutches of the evil Kong.
Dow Jones Or Jones
its a computer game that you can play with 4 players. you have to try to get an education and go to school at the same time while playing the stock market . its an old game but fun
Dr. J Vs. Larry Byrd
One on One Basketball on a half court, you could be either Dr. J or Larry Byrd. Highlight of the game was to dunk and shatter the backboard to watch a little guy come out and sweep up the mess. Ran on the Commodore 64.
Dragonriders of Pern
Bad stuff called "thread" falls from the sky, and if it hits the ground, that's bad. You fly a dragon back and forth across the sky and destroy the thread by breathing fire on it. Also, you are the lord of your little fiefdom and you can ally with others, through marriage and gifts and such. Commodore 64. My dad and I liked it, but I don't think it was great.
Dragon's Keep
This was an old text-adventure that was enhanced by cheap graphics where you start in your house and follow a choose-your-own-adventure-style playing scheme where you pick from a list of possible actions to move around the house and even into the surrounding town looking for lost animals before the elusive dragon catches you. If you make the wrong choices, a picture of a cheesy dragon pops into the picture on your screen and you must start over. At one point, I remember there being a rabbit in a magician's hat in the dining room. It's a game geared to very young children. At that age, my sister and I used to play this for hours and hours. Even though we had the game memorized, we kept playing anyway. Back then we must have been playing on Apple ][, Apple ][e or possibly Apple ][+
Dragon Wars
Dragon Wars, put out by Brian Fargo and the makers of the Bard's Tale games (EA), is unofficially Bard's Tale IV. In fact, you could also import characters from Bard's Tale III. A very overlooked game, it led to the creation of Wasteland.
Drink & Drown
this game was so cool! it was for c-64 and you basically went around town to different bars and were presented with different scenarios where you could choose what to do (kind of like choose your own adventure books). if you picked the right options cool things would happen to you like you would get free drinks or get "raped by a gang of teenage girls"! If not, then you would pass out, or throw up on yourself or get some kind of vd. it was awesome!
Duke Nukem
I don't remember the exact year, but Duke Nukem was just like "The Terminator" for your PC. You controlled a butch, muscular dude with a machine gun/laser, zapping aliens, evil machines, surveillance cameras, and the like. Power-ups were good, but lives limited.
Dungeon Master by FTL
Originally released for Atari ST. The first "fight monsters through the dungeon game" from a first person perspective, where you went through multiple levels. Had an innovative way of doing spells, great graphics, and a truly immersive "you are there" experience.
Dungeons of Dagoth
You are fighting your way thru 5 levels of dungeons,faceing snakes,spiders,wraiths,wizards,warriors,knights and dragons or drakes. I'm not exactly sure but I do know that the fourth level was the hardest.
Earl Weaver Baseball
Earl Weaver baseball for the Amiga was such an incredible combination of strategy and arcade action, that I dedicated five years of my youth to it. Its cult-like following still exists today; just do a Google search and you'll find thousands of the game's devoted fans.
This was the first game released by access software for PC A flight simulator, it was a really fun game, you had to fly around and find little alien artifacts that looked like x's on the ground that eventually you could decode into a message. I forget what the message was.
Elevator Action
You'd take elevators down to the ground floor and kill people trying to shoot you. You could jump to avoid bullets or shoot a bullet as you were going down. Simple, but lots of fun. Sometimes you would have to jump elevator shafts but NOT if the cable was there.
The first really good action/strategy space sim in "3D". The object of the game was to fly from planet to planet trading different items available and attempting to make a profit. Money earned could be used to upgrade your spaceship with better weapons and whatnot. I dreaded the space station dockings. At first you had to fly in manually, which took some getting used to. Afterwards, with some cash, you could purchase a "docking computer" which took away a lot of stress for me! haha Later in the game, you were given the mission to track down a pirate of sorts and destroy him following clues along the way.
Epyx Sub - Simulator
I first used it in a CoCo and when I bought my first 80286 it was manufactured for PC's. It's very intelligent, it has American and German submarines with different missions, theatre of operation pacific and atlantic from 1939 to 1945 and levels of play. To me it's one of the best even thou the graphics aren't very good but the strategy is great
This game was awesome. You went through six silly levels of trying to eat the type of food you need to survive as a certain type of animal and you killed some little enemies. On the first board you were an ameoba eating all these little bits while trying to avoid sea animals and one big coconut-like thing tha we used to call "Big mama" LOL. The second level you were a frog that needed to catch these little flies before the fishies ate you. As a mouse you needed to eat all your cheese and make a path so the snakes cannot get you fast enough. As a beaver you swim across a lake to build a dam and avoid alligators. The gorilla board u had to throw oranges at a cat trying to climb a tree; you could only die if they got away or you run outta oranges. The last board, which was more challenging, you were a human avoiding lasers shot by these drones and u had to kill them by letting the lasers reflect off the walls. This was a real fun game altogether...i wish i still had it. It is good for many laughs too!!!
F-15 Strike Eagle
For the C64. The first combat flight sim I'd ever seen. My friends and I gathered around the TV to play this one for hours at a time... often we'd play what we called "Top Gun-style" and have a "pilot" (the guy with the joystick), and the "back seat guy (WSO)" who would handle all the controls on the keyboard. What a blast! Everything in the game (including the ground) was made up of vectors (lines), but we didn't care. We thought it was just like being a hotshot pilot! (here's a chuckle for you... the game took on average 15-20 minutes to load from our so-cool external floppy disk (5.25" of course)drive)
FA-18 Interceptor
THE quintessential flight sim of the Amiga 500! Came with the computer if memory serves me correctly. You had to pass a carrier landing before commencing missions. I remember if you crashed too often a message would come up saying "FA-18's (or F16's depending on what you flew) don't grow on trees you know!"
Face Maker
This was one of my 1st computer games. I think it was deisigned for the Tandy brand of computers. It could also been used for Apple Computers. This game had children select different types of faces. Then they added parts of the face (eyes, ears, mouth, nose, and hair) Children now could select actions like stick out tounge, blink eyes, wiggle ears, and wiggle nose. It was primarily for children aged 3-6.
The best hockey game on ANY system (including arcade) until EAs NHL series came out in the 90's for the PS and PC. This game had it all, tons of stats that changed throughout the game, ability to make your own players and teams, fighting, decent graphics for the time, 2 player, 5 on 5 with icing, and offside (if I remember correctly), you could even play one position for the duration of the game. Faceoff was king of the hockey games for probably 10 years!
famers daughter
Farmers Daughter Text adventure where you played a "traveling lightning rod salesman" who finds himself at a farmhouse occupied by an attractive girl, her two hillbilly brothers and her overprotective father. Your goal was to "score" with the daughter without getting sodomized by the brothers or shot by the father.
Farenheit 451
Another Tellarium novel-based release, made you memorize quotes from books(which was integral for the game). Cool graphics and a funky soundtrack made it bearable. Release for the C64
Farmers Daughter
Text adventure where you played a "traveling lightning rod salesman" who finds himself at a farmhouse occupied by an attractive girl, her two hillbilly brothers and her overprotective father. Your goal was to "score" with the daughter without getting sodomized by the brothers or shot by the father.
fast food
video game where food would fly by and a mouth would have to eat all the good things,grapes , banannas not burgers and fries
your a wizard who has to collect items and make spells to defeat the computer controlled or 2nd player wizard. spec and amstrad had versions of this game
Great C-64 game. You flew a fighter to stop a massive invasion of your planet, by aircraft and tanks. There were motherships you had to hunt down and destroy as well. Pretty good graphics for the time and good strategy
Fireworks Construction Kit
How stupid was this? You chose the background, the music and the "effects" and then tried in vein to sync it all together. Tons of fun!
Flight Simulator
Microsoft originator of the flight sim craze. Horrible draw-in graphics.
Flying Circus
This is NOT Monty Python, altough it could have been. You play as an English pilot during WWII, trying to complete missions against the Germans, to the theme song of "Those Magnificent Men and Their Flying Machines." All of the enemy barons had hilarious names (none of which I can remember now). The absolute best part of the entire game was bombing the outhouse with someone still inside.
Fool's Errand
A game that consisted of about 20 different leves mayby more. with at least about 20 or so brain teasers that gave you clues to the story.
Forbidden Forest
Armed with a bow and arrow, you shot giant spiders and listened to an awesome gothic soundtrack. If a spider got you, blood went EVERYWHERE!!
Fort Apocalypse
You flew a helicopter through crystalline caverns, armed with machine guns and missiles. You had to re-fuel, and your enemies were mostly tanks, who were invulnerable except for their treads. The boss enemy was a blue helicopter that showed up periodically. One of the best Commodore games ever, with great, long levels!
Fraction Munchers
Fraction Munchers was a game that I played on the Apple IIe and apple Macintosh computer, when I was just a kid. It was based on finding the fractions, that were adding, subtracting, multiples or divisables, using either the Numerators, or the denomenators. I still have some trouble playing it from time to time, but I think Its very good old fashioned math fun!!! :)
You are a slave and the goal of the game was to make it safely to the north
Friday the 13th (C64)
This game scared me but was so fun to play! Jason is dressed all in black but can disguise as people he has already killed. Your mission: kill Jason before he kills you. You go through churches, forests, houses collecting weapons to stop his killing spree. Every time you heard a blood-curdling scream you know he took another victim! Sometimes you could even use a corpse as a VERY deadly weapon!
Frogger, Burger Time
I cannot BELIEVE you guys don't have these two. In "Frogger" your objective was to get your frog across a road, a river, and other obstacles without getting squashed, snake-bitten, eaten by alligators, or otherwise killed. As for Burger Time, that was the one where the little chef guy ran all over these levels putting together giant hamburgers and trying to avoid Mr. Hot Dog, Mr. Egg, and Mr. Pickle
A frog trys to cross a busy street. (ed. computer version of the arcade classic, which has since been recreated in numeous incarnations).
Fun School Series - Commodor 64
They were a series of childrens games released for the Commodore 64. The publisher for Funschool 2 was Hit Squad. The publisher for Fun School 4 was Europress.
Based on the tv series, this game allowed players to choose from a variety of characters and attack the forces of cobra in one on one combat (or in vehicle combat). Alternately, a second player could play the forces of Cobra. A fun game but rather annoying as it seemed there was no way to win (once you captured too many members of one team their membes started escaping)
G.U.T.Z. 1988 Ocean Commodore 64 game.
Green Beret 1986 Imagine/Konami Commodore 64 game.
Gateway to Apshai
First in the Apshai series. AD&D basically. You roamed dungeons, collected treasure and fought everything from snakes & slimes to giants & ogres.
Gertrude's Secrets
Gertrude's Secrets is a 1986 children's computer game by The Learning Company. The goal of the game is to solve puzzles and find secrets. The game features rooms filled with puzzles to be solved by arranging objects by shape and color. It is played by dragging Gertrude, a goose, into one of various rooms. Gertrude then brings various shapes into the rooms which must be arranged appropriately. Upon completion of the puzzle, Gertrude awards the player with a prize. The game also includes a noisy bird, and a room for editing shapes.
Based on the movie. You bought cool equipment, caught ghosts, snuck past the marshmallow man and fought Gozar. One of the first games to use digitized speech. HE SLIMED ME!
Gold Rush
Another classic from Sierra where you must go on an adventure from New York to California at the height of the gold rush. This one introduced an interesting twist in allowing you to choose from one of several ways to complete your quests. Sierra games in the 80s were responsible for me missing many days of school.
The Goonies (C64)
The VIC-20 and Commodore 64 computer systems had hundreds (if not THOUSANDS) of games for them, but the only reason I bought mine was so I could play The Goonies. It loosely followed the film, consisting of quite a few "scenes" from the film. Each room (or "scene") was a puzzle - two goonies enter and you have to figure a way to cooperate your way through the traps, etc. to the exit while avoiding enemies (the Fratellis, steam pipes, octopus, falling platforms at the pipe organ). 1 or 2 players (simultaneous) and played Cyndi Lauper's theme song throughout. Included all the Goonies + Ma Fratelli and I believe Sloth.
Goose In The Bush
you have to find geese in the bushes. you get points.
(1981) by Nasir, Sirius Software; arcade. "Fly over planet shooting and dodging invaders and saving kidnapped inhabitants. Outstanding hi-res graphics, challenging refueling sequence." Played like the arcade game, "Defender".
Two gorillas stand on a sky-scraper each and toss exploding bananas at each other. The players can control the speed and angles of tosses, and the level of play can be affected by changing the gravity constant.
The Great American Cross Country Road Race
The Great American Cross Country Road Race was a pretty impressive car simulator from the 80s for Araris and Commodores. It was one of the first car simulators featuring a somewhat complex 4 gearbox, and one of the first games that let you save scores! There was different game races: you could cruise from SF to NY, from Washington to Miami, or even trying to pass thru a lot of cities as fast as you could go. The nice things about this game was that you could run your car as fast as 250 MPH, had to stop to get some gas from time to time, could be stopped by cops, and weather and time could change!
Great Giana Sisters
Super Mario Brothers..... but for the Amiga! Secret passages and very addictive!
This is a 2D game with you as a human trying to return escaped Mogwais into their cage before they turned into Gremlins at the stroke of midnight. There's a popcorn maker at the bottom of the screen that flings popcorn all over the screen and when a Mogwai eats it, it turns into a Gremlin which you kill by using your cane. There's also a fridge which a Gremlin can open and throw food from it. And a tv which will cause all Mogwais and Gremlins to freeze by watching it. Puddles of water means the Mogwai or Gremlin will double after passing through it. Many levels with different room settings and challenges. Memorable music too.
The Guild of Theives
Made for both C64 and Amiga 500 computers. Basically a texted base game with very intricate drawings scrolling down to provide some eye candy to your own imagination. An improvement to the Zork series, and very difficult to win. You played a petty thief trying to gain entry into Kernovia's (first mentioned in a similar game called "The Pawn") legendary Guild of Theives by ransacking a castle and its surrounding area of all its valuables. The end game took forever to understand, and its puzzles remain some of the most difficult in any text based adventure game.
Originally made for the C64, this was near the end of the 8 bit chip era. You controlled an Apache Gunship, shooting rockets, minigun and hellfire missiles on missions in areas ranging from Southeast Asia to Central America, then moving on to the Middle East and Europe. Life could be short and brutal on the Ultimate level. Later ported for the Amiga as Gunship 2000. I still play this game on the C64.
A natural game to put on a computer. You play as a hacker who stumbles upon a major conspiracy and you take control of a robot to retrieve shredded documents.
Happy Fret
A weird and cute japanese platform game where the character get items in order to solve little puzzles to get through the screens.
Anyone who loved computer baseball had this one. Featured the Champs vs. All-star (blue vs. red), and was a major step up from Gamestar Baseball. Included player's names, different pitchers with differing strengths (and weaknesses), and spectacular camera view and "split screen" graphics. Featured different batting angles, choice of pitch, and an umpire calling the strikes. Only downside was that the batting order controlled the batter's capabilities (slugger, hitter, "outer,") and not the batter himself. With a friend, hours could be spent without even realizing the time . . .
Hard Hat Mac
An almost Donkey Kong style game where you manuver a little construction worker around some I beams riviting nails or something. My sister had it for our Apple IIe, one of the only games I played besides Zork.
Harrier Attack
This was basically a little plan flying over land and water that passed by underneath. You had to move your plan up or down to avoid shrapnel and other stuff, you could also bomb the missile turrets on the ground with the space bar.
Hat Trick
2-on-2 top down hockey. Zamboni cleaned the ice at the end of the game.
You flew a Hellcat on missions to protect your carrier and shoot down enemy zeros, it was a gas!
Hero of the golden talisman
YouTMre a guy in a wetsuit and you have to run around (sometimes swim) a labyrinth collecting flags, fruit and trying to find and defeat dragons (by firing through your somach). The Fruits provide you with energy and you have to kill off the dragons to get back the pieces of the titular Golden Talisman to… uh… I donTMt really know to what end. I guess to win the game.
bloke with jet pack on his back travels through caves dropping down holes with traps in them. came out on the apple mid 80's great game cant find it any where i owned it once but disc got chewed help
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Come on. If you got anywhere near a computer in the 80's, you played this game. Arthur Dent. Ford Prefect. 42. Hey American kids (like me), how long did it take -you- to realize you had to say 'LIE down' in the mud instead of 'LAY down'?
Hoover Boover
Cut the lawn, no matter how it gets done, or who's lawnmower you 'borrow' to do it. many levels including flower beds, grassed areas, the dog from next door(who always was after you), and if you trmpled onto the flower beds, the neighbor came out to take back his mower. Lawnmower had a 'turbo' that would over heat if used too much. Nauseating game.
the game start out in a garage where u read the newspaper a by a car, there r fords nd holdens. next u can change the look of the car, paint it cut the roof off of change the parts; parts can be bought or sold via the paper. u fuel up the car, then race it. racing is one circlt of the road, one opponit nd u can race 4 pinks, or money. this game is a sega made game nd was made in 1988.
Hot Wheels
Custom design your own car, then take it for a spin around town. Even give it a bath at the car wash! Then drive to the fire station (at your convenience) and pick up the fire engine. There's always a fire! Put out the fire, then give the fire truck a bath at the car wash! Oh, the cheesy, cheesy fun we had!
The Hunt for Red October
Russian sub admiral defects to the US. The objective was to find the US fleet off the US coast in the Atlantic before a mutiny occurs.
Hunt the Wumpus
You would try to find the wumpus and there were bats and tar pits
A mid to late 80s version of space invaders, with advanced graphics and a fantastic rock based soundtrack. Player was able to strengthen their fighter by completing various levels. A very complex and difficult game.
Ikari Warriors
One of the first good 2 player games around. You and a friend took the roles of 2 mercenaries from a top down view point. You had to fight your way through jungles shooting bad guys on foot as well as in tanks. Different weapon types and grenades were available and they could become more powerful through power ups. (ed. made famous for the spinning joysticks that allow you to aim in one direction while moving in another, it also spawned the sequels Victory Road and The Rescue.)
Impossible Mission
Impossible Mission" was significant C64 game, in which you played a secret agent infiltrating an underground lab, attempting to piece together a puzzle before the world blew up. 2-D graphics still ran very smoothly; you had a nicely designed proxy character who would run and somersault acrobatically over various levels within underground chambers, dodging killer robots and the like. Early use of voice synth, with a blood-curdling scream if you died, and the villain's famous "Destroy him, my robots" line. Followed by a sequel. "Hacker" was also a way-cool, though probably too difficult, C64 game. Was simply a disk with no instructions. When you booted up, got a fake password-protect screen asking you to login and give password. You had to guess password and work from there, just like a real hacker stumbling across an unknown system. Eventually you uncovered a complicated scheme involving robots running down secret passages--pretty dull, really. But excellent idea.
I'm surprised no one mentioned it. This was a great game, one of the first 'real time' strategy games. You are Christopher Columbus and sail to the New World to explore. I think it was made by the same guys who made M.U.L.E. It was available on Atari 8-bit and Commodore-64, I played it on both.
Incredible Machine
Kind of like the board game Mouse Trap, you had to keep putting different objects in the scene to complete the puzzle.
Indoor Sports
Darts, air hockey, ping pong and bowling from the minds at MINDSCAPE sports. Great theme music and air hockey was fun, but somehow playing Darts on a c=64 doesn't bring the feel home.
Injured Engine
Commodore-64 game. Shows graphic of a car engine and some gauges. You have to troubleshoot the problem with the engine to get it running again.
In Search of the Most Amazing Thing
Spinnaker Software put ISOTMAT out sometime in the early, mid-80's. I played it on an Apple //GS (look at all the colors!) my mother brought home on the weekends from her teaching job. You played a young person whose crazy uncle leaves you a spaceship and a mission to find "the most amazing thing." The graphics were amazing for back then, pretty dated now. You piloted a space ship, shopped for supplies, communicated with weird aliens. Our copy had a bug or physical damage to the floppy and locked up at the same place each time, but I'd play it for hours on end, anyway. Awesome game.
A graphic text adventure. the main character (you) escapes a mental institute inside four different dreams. The graphics were nice.Tthe puzzles were intense. fun fun fun.
International Soccer
Great soccer title that everyone had either on cartridge or bootleg 5.25"
Janitor Joe
I do not remember the specifics of the computer but I played the game along with Digger, Frogger and Joust on my dad's old work computer from mid to late 80's. The object was to get Janitor Joe up the levels on the screen (like donkey kong) without running into the robots that had taken over the building. You also had to jump over holes and slide along elevators.
Spectrum 48K game where you play a little spaceman dude who's ship has crashlanded onto a single screen alien landscape. You have to collect the parts of your ship and enough fuel for it to be able to take off while shooting aliens and (I think) collecting crystals and other stuff
Jet Set Willy
THE platform game of the 80's! As Willy you had to search the house and colect all the beer glasses before you could go to bed. If you try to go to bed before that you are blocked by you landlady (who is like, twice your size!). The problem is that your house is inhabited by all sorts of wierd and wonderful creatures that want to kill you (that was some party!). Also had the best bug (flaw) in it. Because Willy jumped in an arc you could sometimes loose all your lives by being put back in to a situation where you just fall and die. Still one of the best games ever though.
Jill of the Jungle
The female version of Duke Nukem.
This was an RPG designed in the very late 1980's. It is a strategy based game which is very difficult to defeat. It offers a very large, yet finite, number of choices and the party generated needs to discover its destiny and then save the world. This was one of the first games to introduce magic on a more realistic-tolkienesk perspective and actually seemed to have some thought from the responses. This game required patience and brains to try to defeat and the sword could not always be relied upon.
I do not remember the specifics of the computer but I played the game along with Digger, Frogger and Janitor Joe on my dad's old work computer from mid to late 80's. You were a little man riding on an ostrich-like bird jousting with other ostich-like birds. Your bird could lay eggs and jump over gaps in the floor (under which was lava) and other birds. The object was to get your lance over the lances of the others and this caused them to dissapear until you were the last left.
Jumpjet (for Apple //e)
Here is a classic example of just how easy it was to entertain an 8 year old in 1986. The object of the game was to fly your box-like plane off a very small aircraft carrier and bomb evil enemy ships (and in later levels, submarines) before they came close enough to slam into your aircraft carrier. Your plane had only limited fuel so you'd have to go back to the carrier to refuel every few seconds-- either that or attempt the nearly impossible refuelling process on the dreaded fuel blimp that came by every now and then, a craft so worthless that 9 out of 10 times you'd crash your plane by either ramming into it or by running out of fuel before you ever got your tank refilled a single iota. The game got so damn obnoxious after about 2 rounds that I can't picture anyone playing it longer than 5 minutes.
Jumpman (C64)
That little red stick figure. Sorta like Pitfall and Donky Kong. Jumpman had to go up and down ladders and ropes; avoid the enemies; and collect little things along the way. There was also Jumpman Jr. The only change was the size of Jumpman and the game was just a little more challenging.
to add more, Jumpman was a wickedly popular PC Jr. game as well. In the early '90s, a regular PC version of it was made as Shareware.
Jungle Trouble
in the yr 1988 or 1989 my brother scott walker created a game called jungle trouble.Not the jungle trouble that we have all seen, this was another game with the same name, it only sold about 500 copies. You had to battle you way through many soldiers in the jungle..kinda like ikari warriors...
Kabul Spy
(1982) Adventure game. You were a spy locked up in Kabul and you have just escaped from the local prison. You have to evade the authorities and get out of the country. The top half of the screen was a "hi-res" graphic of what was in front of you, while the bottom half of the screen had all of the descriptive text. You typed in commands to let the computer know what you wanted to do.
war game sim for commodore 64
One of the first karate style fighting games. Karateka required the player to run through a small forest, fighting numerous guards, in order to reach the boss character and save the main character's girlfriend.
Kareteka AppleII Computer Floppy Disc Game
Karate fghts
You had to play this kid who was from the future or something. You were mainly on a pogo stick. The details are foggy.
Kennedy Approach
One of the most intense games I played on the C-64 and Atari 800 XL. You're an air traffic controller tracking multiple inbound and outbound planes and attempting to guide them to their correct routes or land them at the various airports on the screen. You also had to manage departure times, altitudes, heavy storms, mountainous terrain, varying flight characteristics (1 space for Cessnas, 2 for commercial craft, and 3 for Concordes), "no-fly" zones, and air traffic conflicts, all in glorious speech and graphics. And just when you have all your craft lined up or stacked at the VOR towers, another one comes in and broadcasts emergency fuel levels. It WILL make you pull your hair out!
Killed Until Dead
This game was for the Commodore 64. You were a detective and you had to solve crimes that usually involved a murder at some point. You'd interview suspects and look for clues and try to figure out who did it. Usually it was the guy with the shifty eyes. :) I loved this game and have never found another one exactly like it.
Kingdom of Kroz series
Well you had to go through about 100 levels or so avoiding bad guys and collecting gems. I think there were about 3 in this series. I used to love this one. Can't find it anywhere though.
King's Quest
Another "3D Adventure" series from Sierra, It was one of their most popular, with at least 6 or 7 I know of. Depending on the episode, you were one member of a royal family trying to save one or more of the other members(or yourself) through a lengthy series of puzzles, most of which could not be solved without the manual.
Kings Quest
In case anybody missed the original Kings Quest 1 & 2 by Sierra Online, there is a public domain alternate available. A company called Tierra Online has made new SVGA versions of these games. They even have sound packs, including speach by the same actor that did the voices of the original Kings Quest sequels. The address for this is:
Kknd2 Crossfire
This is a fighting game only on computer.
Knight Lore (Spectrum 48 K)
One of the first games to feature "3-D like" animations. The "star" was a scout who was lost in a huge castle, having the deadline of 40 days and 40 nights to find his way out, collecting items to create a spell which would release him. Every night the man turned into a wolf.
Knot in 3D
A play on words in this Spectrum game. You controlled a Tron lightcycle type thing which had complete freedom of movement in the 3D play area - up/down/left/right. So did the computer controlled bikes and pretty soon it was impossible to move without crashing. Played very well.
L.a Crackdown
its was a game in which you were an undercover detective and would go around try to set up drug dealers doing sting operations setting bugg taps. it was a great game!
Based on the movie, you are travelling through the labryinth (underground, in bushes, etc.) trying to find some sort of gem or gold or something of that nature. it was a hideous green color and we usually played it on the Apple IIGS's.
Based on the movie, you are travelling through the labryinth (underground, in bushes, etc.) trying to find some sort of gem or gold or something of that nature. it was a hideous green color and we usually played it on the Apple IIGS's.
Lady Bug
it was something as pacman (pacman clone). this game gave the possibility to play one more that the player was writing "special".
Lands Of Lore
Lands of Lore or LoL is a classical computer role-playing game series by Virgin Interactive, following the tradition of Dungeon Master but introducing a linear scenario-based storyline, rather than characters and feats.King Richard LeGrey is the noble leader and 40th heir of the Gladstone Keep and the White Army. Gladstone is the base of operations for all of the civilized areas. The King is worried about Scotia, a vile old hag and ruler of the Dark Army who has recently acquired the Nether Mask, which is a magical item of extreme power and can now assume the shape of any living creature... or horribly unreal beast. King Richard gathers together his armies and seeks a champion to go see Roland at his manor and retrieve the Ruby of Truth. The player has to choose among 4 playable pre-made characters: Ak'shel (a 'Dracoid', an ancient race of dragon-lizard hybrid origin, specialized in magic over might), Kieran, (a 'Huline', another ancient race of human-feline hybrid origin, specialized in dexterity), Michael, (a human specialized in strength and fighting) and Conrad (another human, who is a well-balanced combination of all). Note: The sequel will rotate through all four characters, showing a different portrait of the former hero, each time you install/restart the game. When you finally make it to Roland, it is too late. Roland is near death and the Ruby is stolen. Returning to Gladstone you realise that you are again too late: a battle has resulted in the poisoning of the King. And now it is up to you to visit the Draracle and find the ingredients of an elixir that will save King Richard. Having the recipe for the elixir, the heroes must now traverse the Lands to obtain the required ingredients, while simultaneously learning as much as possible about the Nether Mask in the hopes of defeating Scotia. The game was critically acclaimed and was followed by two remakes: a CD-ROM 'talkie' version in 1994 which featured an additional narrative history of the Lore of the Lands by Patrick Stewart (who also voices King Richard), and a Special 'White Label' European Release in 1996
Last Ninja (series)
There were three of these I think. AWESOME music, great gameplay where you walked around feudal Japan and kicked some serious tale using swords, stars, staffs and other ninja gear. Prelude to TENCHU.
Lazy Jones
This funky little game summed up the 80s nicely. You played a man who seemed to be in a permanent daze wandering from room to room playing simplified clones of more and less well-known games accompanied by a soundtrack containing cover versions of some 80's classics or 80's style tunes (one of which was sampled recently by kernkraft 400)
Leaderboard Golf
Fun golf title with terrible draw-in graphics.
Leader Board
Great golf game for the C-64, an the start of Links(as it was made by Access). It was the first golf game that used film to capture the motion of the golf swing. The only drawback was that there were no sand traps, only water hazards.
Leather Goddesses of Phobos
Mid to late 80's text adventure - much like Zork only you had a choice to play the regular or the 'lewd' version. Which never got worse than a PG movie at its best!
Leisure Suit Larry 2
Leisure Suit Larry 2: Looking for Love in Several Wrong Places. The 1989 Follow up to the 1987 Sierra Hit Leisure Suit Larry in the Land Of The Lounge Lizards. Larry is in pursuit of love this time, not just sex and has an around the world adventure in the process with all of the usual Al Lowe Sexual Inuendos, Crude Jokes and Toilet Humor.
Leisure Suit Larry
It came out in 1988. Your mission was to find woman that would to 'sleep' with you. You typed in commands. It was a great game, except they asked you three logical questions before starting the game to make sure you were 18 and over. Yes there was nudity, even though graphics weren't detailed.
The game where you had to get little things from the top of the screen to the target at the bottom or along a "level" by building/blocking/mining/digging etc and trying to kill as few of them as possible.. only problem was it was more fun to kill them than to complete the game!!! Plus anyone whose played it could probably hum the tunes to this day!!
you had to go through a level with little blue robed green haired dudes that walked in a line. you had to set sertain "lemmings" to do sertain things...aka build a bridge, chop a tunnel...and when you get sick and tired of the slackers you can blow them fun.
Lemonade Stand
Another game available for the Apple //c (it was included with the "Apple at Play" pack-in). I saw it available commericially and as shareware, so I assume it was well known to //c fans. The object of the game is to make a huge profit while selling lemonade. You have to factor in how much to make, how much to spend on advertising, and the weather, among other things.
Little Computer People
Pokemon for the eighties, watch the everyday routines of a guy that lives in your computer.
A little man has to collect musical notes from platforms. Involved jumping from platform to platform, avoiding dogs, geese, flames, spears etc.
Lode Runner
This was the first game I remembered for an actual computer (read: not Atari or Intellivision). You had NO gun, yet bad guys chased you. Your weapon was a drilling ability and they stupidly would run right into the hole and be trapped for a while (2-D is great!) and either climb out of the hole eventually or the ground would fill in and squish them. you tried to gather blocks and climb ladders to the top of the screen and escape to the next level
This as well was a weird quest from Lucasarts where the aim of the game was to collect the notes to the flute and play the song to finish the quest..
Lords of Conquest for Commodore 64
This game is another version of Risk, but you can choose from about 20 maps, some being old battles like Waterloo. Or if you didn't want to use the maps supplied you could chosse create a world with islands, lakes or no islands. Up to 4 players could play and could take hours or even a year or more to win. You had trees, coal, horses and Iron which to build weapons. You could trade with other players if you wanted to. My three brothers and I played this game unitl around 1993 and I still have Three to Five disks with about 100+ maps and at least 40+ games that we saved since we got the game. Loads of fun but slow loading was a draw back, and If you didn't like a map that the computer made it took another 15 minutes to get to the start screen. Heck I may pull out may C64 and play sometime this up coming week October 2008. I think the game came out in 1982-84 not sure but that is my best quess. Great sounds also. Love C64
Lunar Lander
A lunar landing game written in BASIC for the C64. The goal was to safely land the lunar module (LEM) on the moon with all astronauts surviving without running out of fuel. Both educational and fun.
Lunar Lander
An early cartridge game for the C64 in which you had to pilot a spaceship onto variously difficult landing pads. Gravity and thrust at its finest.
M.U.L.E. 1983
Atari 800 simulation game. 1-4 players play against the computer developing plots of land on a ficticious planet. The basic premise is to work towards the successful development of your colony while trying to out-manuvere the other players to gain the most wealth. We became seriously addicted to this game and I seem to recall having 30-48 hour marathons; waking up to that knarly toon several times a night/day. For a really good description and to actually download and play the game, go to: But don't blame me if it ruins your life! {:0
One of the first (and some may say the best) strategy games. MULE allowed players to select from a group of races in order to colonizes the planet Irata. Strategy is based on an economical system.
Mail Order Monsters
Arcade style game in which players would create and enhance a variety of monsters and them pit them in combat to when credits (used to buy more monsters or increase the power of existing ones).
Maniac Mansion
If you don't remember this game, you didn't have a computer. You play as a guy trying to save his girlfriend from a mad scientist. You can bring along two friends to help out and help solve puzzles. It pretty much revolutionized graphic adventures with its point and click system.
Manic Miner
It was Jet Set Willy's first "episode", and it took place in a mine, in which you had to collect items (golden keys). You could not advance to the second scene unless you took all keys in the first one, and so on...
Manic Miner
The forerunner to Jet Set Willy. Manic Miner was one of the absolutely best games played on the Spectrum 48K. You should guide your little Miner (same man as in Jet Set Willy) through ten different platforms, and you had to steer him very exactly. If I remember it correctly, this game had the same bug that Jet Set Willy had: if you jumped into something lethal, you would then start from the same position, jumping again until you had no more lives...
Marble Madness
You control a marble with a roller-ball down paths, trying not to fall off the sides while avoiding pits and other moving dangers.
The Market Place
There was 3 game choices on this one. First choice you could have an apple stand. YOu would choose how many apples to buy and what price to sell them at then you'd sell them. The seoncd choice was pretty much the same except it was with tomato plants. The third choice was the best. It was a lemonade stand. YOu would choice how much to buy of all the ingrediants. YOu would choose how much ice to put in it. Then you'd sell the lemonade. I played this on our old Apple2gs. It was on an old floppy disk.
Match Day 2
Match Day 2 was an adictive (european) football game for Spectrum 48K. I spent evenings and evenings making leagues and scoring goals. It isn't easy to defeat the computer and if you play with the "Human Goalkeeper" option, probably you will lose, but it's really fun to see your goalkeeper going to the wrong direction.
Math Blaster
Another "edutainment" title that was played during school hours. It involved math problems of varying complexity, whose answers would be selected using a small man (think bathroom sign for "men's room") to run across a platform. Under the platform was a row of 4 or 5 cannons pointing towards the top of the screen. Each were in line with a potential answer for the math problem. When you had the answer, you made the little man run to where he was between a cannon and an answer. A press of a key opened the platform, making the man drop into the cannon, and promptly fired out of it and skywards towards the answer. In essence, a fancy way of making multiple choice somewhat fun and entertaining.
Mean 18
This is a very fun golf game... its it challenging and for 1986, had pretty good effects.
Lame Tandy/ Radio Shack take off on Pac Man for their TRS-80's
A DOS game, really basic, where you buy ships and items in England. Then you sail to different ports around the world, trade goods and avoid pirates. You could change the speed of things, and keep records of your exchanges as well as watch boats, recently purchased, pass by your trading office window.
a game of red and blue mice in teams.. object was to move the rows of cheese to get your teams through to the opposite side before the opponent.
Might & Magic I-II
One of the first role-playing fantasy games for the C64. First version required personal mapping of dungeons and outside environs, while killing crypt-like and ancient fantasy creatures; the goal was to reach the Gates to a New World, following in the footsteps of Corak the Mysterious. Sequel was similar, but introduced additional spells and had an automapping feature. The main goal was to find the ghost of Corak and reunite it with his body. Great fantasy game at the time, requiring level ups through experience points in completing quests and defeating monsters with your party's Might and Magic.
This game was an all time favourite of mine and i will absolutely never get tired of it
Mind Castle
these were hard puzzles that had to be solved as you made your way through the castle. can't find any record of it anywhere else
A Mind Forever Voyaging
A Infocom text-adventure which was released in 1985, you are PRISM, the world's first sentient machine, you must go into the future and bring back information.
Miner 2049
Game for the C64 where you're a miner who had to walk over every inch of the floor with monsters(?) chasing you. The layout of the game was similar to the original Donkey Kong but changed with each level.
Miner's Cave
From the same guys that made Oregon Trail and Number Munchers. The object was to mine gems from a cave using levers, pulleys, wheel and axles, and ramps. It was for the Apple ][ and it was awesome.
Mixed Up Mother Goose
Mixed-Up Mother Goose is a classic "Sierra-style" adventure game for kids, based on the various classic nursery rhymes (Humpty Dumpty, etc.). All the rhymes from all over the land have gotten mixed up, and it is up to the child to find the missing pieces and give them back to who needs them.
Monkey Island
Lucasarts hilarious misadventures of the wannabe pirate Guybrush Threepwood. In all the Monkey Island games Guybrush attempts to become a better pirate while fighting the evil LeChuck and attempting to rescue his true love, Governor Elaine Marley. (This entire series is a laughfest blast, including lastest one, Curse of Monkey Island)
Two player only version of the board game classic. Space bar rolled the dice and it was very easy to cheat whoever you were playing out of their money. Jail cell screen and siren sound effect whenever you landed on GO TO JAIL.
Monty Python's Flying Circus
I'm pretty sure this came out in the eighties. In the game, you're Gumby, and you're set out to find your brain. You go through 4 levels, collecting Spam so that you can get the different sections of your brain. It's a very bizarre game, and you only get one life... so it's kind of tough.
Moraffs Revenge
Dungeons and Dragons feel-- shareware game, magic, weapons, 100 maze levels. I must have sunk 150+ hours into it.
Mountain King
Score points on horizontal lines which form the mountain. Get the crown and try to make it to the top before bats can steal your crown.
Movie Maker
Unsure if the game was actually branded by Playskool or not. Geared towards 6-10 year olds, you chose simple backgrounds and shapes/objects to create a short animated movie. I seem to recall playing this in the mid to late 80's on a C64. It was a little more advanced than the "Face Maker" game previously mentioned here, but I have never been able to find additional info on this game and am only relying on memory.
Movie Monsters
One of my all time favorite games growing up.Players has the ability to pick classic monsters;Godzilla,Mothra,the Blob...even that huge marshmellow guy from Ghostbusters.There were several different missions but the object was usually to destroy a city and then get out before the militairy killed you.I remember it having decent graphics and the game play was better than most.
This was a Texas Instruments game kind of like Pac-man but each level the bad guys would change. So like one level hair curlers would be chasing you, next level tornados....totally fun!
Muppets Adventure
Very Atari like visually the screen was green and black and you controlled Kermit, Fozzie and Piggy and the others through space. It was one of my first computer games...I loved it, I just wish I could find it.
Mysers House
You have to go through different rooms, looking for items that will eventually let you leave the house.
Mystery House
The original graphic adventure game (this was probably the dominant genre in computer games right up until "Doom" came along) by On-Line Systems (Sierra). Came out in '81 for the Apple II and Commodore 64 (I think). Horrible graphics, kinda dull plot. Later re-done as "The colonel's bequest" in the very late 80s. Important if not all that much of a game.
Na Na World
it was a game about this girl that lived in a fantasy world but there was bad people on there too. you had to find and kill the people before the dragon monster killed your prince.
NetHack was the pre-Internet, pre-"Open Source" open-source Internet developed expansion to Hack and Rogue, two games that began their lives on UNIX systems in the late 70's. NetHack was ported to many of the early 16-bit computers like the Commodore Amiga and the IBM-PC, as well as running on almost all major UNIX platforms (Sun, Apollo, even the NeXT). NetHack was essentially a character terminal based RPG wherein the main player seeks the Amulet of Endor (sic) deep in the dungeon below. As the player progresses deeper into the dungeon, he/she develops skills and acquires experience that allows them access to greater and greater weapons, defenses and skills. An incredibly engrossing game that takes hundreds of hours to complete, it ate a lot of otherwise good programmer waking hours in the 1980s.
Another novel-based release from Interplay, you're a burned out cyberspace cowboy on the trail to find out what happened to your friend. Chipheads, worshippers of the golden joystick, & body shops were all a part of the adventure. Part of it took place in the "sprawl" of Chiba City, and part took place on the internet(before there was the internet). I believe Devo did the soundtrack. Release for the C64
Nevada Dice
This was ages back on a IBM PSII platform. Well i can't remember much of it but i'm sure theres someone outthere that used to play this game as well.
New York City
You had a certain amount of time and money to complete various tasks at famous landmarks in NYC. Among my favorites were climbing the Empire State Building to get a pretzel (??), making a withdrawal at the bank despite the robbery in progress, eating 10 burgers at the automat, and trying not to get run over by the IRT subway.
Night Mission Pinball
(1982) by Artwick, SubLogic; arcade-style pinball game.
not sure
it was a game I played in middle school in the 80's. The way it worked you would create little creatures with premade body parts. For instance you could use a dog like head and put it on a cat like body. they would multiply(breed) if they were a friendly species or would start attacking other species. The point of the game was to see how many species you could get together before they reproduced an aggressive creature or if you accidentally created an aggressive creature you would have to create another just powerful enough to start killing your aggressive creatures. There was a good amount of combinations, but the best combos were usually when they mated. I haven't played the game since high school so I might have a couple things wrong about it. my email is if you ever figure out what the name of the game is. I would love to play it again.
Nuclear Bananas
Gorillas stand on a building and you have to figure out angle and velocity throw a banana and blow up a building.
Number Munchers
On the Apple IIe systems at my school, we had a variety of educational games. One of these was Number Munchers, and I believe the idea was to eat only the numbers that were the product of two numbers at the top of the screen. You'd hit the spacebar to eat a number, and you had to watch out for these other monsters as well. A load of fun.
Number Munchers
a lil green man munnches math problems.
Odel Lake
It was for apple 2e computers, you used to select a fish you wanted to be. Then you went around eating stuff, but if you ate the wrong food there would be a hook, you also had to watch out for bigger fish
"Bolo" style tank...turn based with hexagons
Olympic Decathalon
I originally played it on the Apple ][+. All ten events... some of the running was banging on the "1" and "2" keys alternately. As I recall the pole vault was really tough... Very simple monochrome graphics, but very cool.
Omnitrend's Universe
Probably the most expensive game at the time! I got it for the Atari 800 for nearly 0 mail order direct. The game came in a large, classy black padded loose leaf binder that could fold out to become a stand also, to support the very hefty instruction manual and the numerous floopies. Universe was a more detailed version of ELITE... before ELITE, with chapters after chapters just on creating your own spaceship out of individual compartments and then components. When you are finish your ship, you then buy goods from one planet and sell it at another one, hopefully for a profit. Along the way, you also might have to face other spacers and pirates ala very bare bone basic line graphics like the very first Microsoft Flight Simulator!!! It was micromanagement to the max, staring at screens after screens of database and spreadsheet in between the crude line graphics. I still remember I even have to figure out the approach and landing angles and speeds when going planetside! That was the MOST involving space simulation I have ever played. I wish there are something similar out now that might measure up to it!
One on One
Larry Bird and Dr. J go one on one. Brake the backboard on dunks the 3 pointer that game had it all. Their have been variations on the theme over the years. When Doc J retired it became Michael Jordan and Larry bird go one on one.
Oregan Trail
a man and his family travel through the plains of Oregan and have to make money, rest, and hunt for food.
The oregan Trail
a man and his family travel through oregan and have to make money.....
Oregon Trail
Family Of Pioneers Go On A Trip And Want To Live But Without Food They Cant
Oregon Trail
This was one of those embarassing educational "games" that completely missed the mark. Now, we all know that educational games aren't fun-- it's either educational OR fun- it can't be both. And this monstrosity was not fun. It was at times even morbid and just plain nauseating (exacerbated by the unnatural green colors irradiating from the school's monochrome //e monitors). The object was to travel the 2000+ miles across the country with your pioneer family on the Oregon trail to settle new land- supposedly to teach the hardships of enduring such a task. Food was scarce and you'd have to shoot deer, rationing every bullet you had. Every now and then your wife or son or father would die along the way from either starvation, disease, or something of that nature. I always wondered why you weren't allowed to eat the deceased family members if you were out of bullets and starving. I supposed that would be bad form for a game aims at youths age 8-12.
Oregon Trail
you had to get your family to walk to the west in the 1800's to find gold and land. along the way you had to hunt for food and try not to die. that is all i remember of the first oregon trial on a dos computer.
The Oregon Trail
a game where you travel on a wagon across the country
Oregon Trial
A man and his family travel through the plains of Oregon and have to make money, rest, and hunt for food.
Organ Trail
you go through and answer questions and help people
Organ Trail
Pac-Man (Atari XE)
I am surprised Pac-Man is not in here . ok ill desribe it you are a yellow disc eating dots and when you eat a glowing sphere you can eat ghosts .
Paperboy C64
this game was awesome, you went through the levels on a bike avoiding dogs,cars,and people all for one purpose, to deliver papers to every house on the block, without breaking any windows. If you were good you could complete the obstacle course at the end of the round.
I used to play this game all the time on my Commodore 64. The object is to deliver papers to the houses that subscribe as fast as possible without hitting any obstacles.
Similar to Trashman, except you are a kid on a bike tossing newspapers. I think it hit arcades at some time. MS-DOS version.
One of the best games for the C64. You started out as a basic cleaning robot and you had to destroy all the other robots in two ways (1) by taking over more powerful robots and (2) by shooting other robots. The system for taking over other robots was ingeneous - your robot had to occupy more pieces of a circuit board in 30 seconds than the robot itself, the smaller your robot the less chances you had. Once you took a robot over you could only keep them for given time before you had to take another over or revert back to your orginal weak form - It got pretty hairy in rooms full of powerful robots where a combination if luck, fire power and quick takeovers was the way to win.
Park Patrol
Ride around in a boat collecting logs avoiding hazards in the river.
An old game that was on the Texas Instruments ti99. It was a game that was really fun and you flew a spaceship and shot at other space ships coming your way. You had to stop for gas and even go through an asteriod belt.
it was this cool little pixelated game on a floppy disk, where you had to make your pegasus fly around in this red canyon like thing
D&D game by SSI came out in 86 or 87, had 16 color graphics, huge world to explore, tons of weapons and armor to buy. highly addictive. Fight scene was monsters at top, PC at the bottom.
Picture Chompers
This was one of the educational games my school computer lab had and it was one of the best. The screen was a grid with about 12 squares and each round the grid would be filled with different objects. You would be asked to "chomp" things depending on color, size...etc. I think there was a time limit and if you chomped something that didn't fit in the category a big x would appear on the square. I really liked this game :)
Pinball Construction Set
An awesome Apple game where you actually used a graphical interface to create a pinball table. You could define boundaries and draw special bumpers and allot point totals and even alter the physics. There were rollovers and everything you'd expect in a pinball game at the resolution. Apparently it was the big reason a patrol in my boy scout troop held its own weekly meetings so efficiently.
Pirates cemented Sid Meier's claim to fame and stands as one the greatest combinations of role playing, strategy, resource management and action ever to have been produced. Pirates is an open ended game with a very loosely woven plot. You begin your pirate career as a slave in a sugar plantation in the Caribbean who has just bought his freedom. Your brother, sister and father have been lost in your struggles, and you are now on a quest to find them. This quest can be totally ignored; however, and you can completely dedicate yourself to pirating the seas of the Caribbean. As captain of a ship you will have to navigate your vessels (for you can build an entire fleet should you wish) through treacherous waters, take advantage of favorable winds, calculate your coordinates, recruit men and manage your food supplies. In addition to these activities, you must decide whether to pledge allegiance to one of the four nations colonizing the region, whether to betray your masters, ransack cities, search for buried treasure or even marry the daughter of a governor in order to gain title and prestige. The open ended nature of this game would most likely be its Achilles heel if it wasn't for the fact that you age, and if you don't put a timely end to your swashbuckling antics by settling down and retiring, you will see even simple battles come to a most unfortunate end. Depending on the riches you own at the time of your retirement, you will be given a different fate -- from a beggar weeping over his lost glory, to the governor of a colonial empire.
I was surprized you don't have Pitfall listed. I spent hours exploring the caverns in that game for the C64 and on a Apple //e.
Pitstop 2
excellent racing game 4 the c64,had 2 fuel your car and replace the game, good tracks and you could see when your tyres were about 2 blow.
text based space adventure, came out in 1982 no graphics . You type in words and your imagination replace graphics.
Planet Miners
All text game. There were 4 "families" (any not played by an actual person were played by a computer) that would lauch spacecraft to various planets in our solar system hoping to be the first to claim a pre-generated number of mines on various planets. Each family had five space ships of various levels to do this with. The level of the spaceship(s) on earth helped influence rulings made by the council who granted mine rights. The level of the spaceship(s) on the other planets dictated how successful the family was at sabotaging other family's ships and switching markers in order to obtain other family's mines. Most of the strategy involved planning when to have a ship embark for a planet (some planets such as Neptune and Pluto would take a very long time to travel to) and how to utilize the powers of your ships most effectively. I believe this was an Avalon Hill computer game, but can't remember for sure.
Pod Goes Pop
I played this pc game on the school spectrum computers, from what i remember pod was a red blob thing that you had to tell what to do, for example type pod fly and it flys or pod pop and it pops, a very funny game i wish i could play it again.
1980S Done by Ocean, played by spectrum computers, had about 16-18 levels, you had to go around and colour in pramid shape, avoiding bubbles, and other strange things, I miss it can not find it would love to see it again many happy hours spent nearly complted game
Pole Position
kart racing -atari 2400 10 different levels, palm trees on the california hwy, and halfway through the track the screen gets darker to make it seem like its night time!!
Police Quest
Yet another best-selling Sierra series, but this time you are involved in a police department, (obviously).
Pool of Radiance (C64)
The game that started it all! (Baldurs Gate, Icewind Dale etc). A gfx simple, but usefull (You knew what to do) and a story that made you hooked if you like AD&D/RPS games. Only bad thing about this (and the other games in the same series (Curse of The Azure Bonds & Secret of The Silverblades)) were the limitation in leveling. Sadly, noone of the final chapters (Dark Queen of Kryn and Pools of Darkness) were made for the C64
Portal is an oft-overlooked adventure game. It was heavily hyped prior to its release on TV, radio and magazines about how it was going to "revolutionize" computer entertainment. In truth, it was less a game than an interactive novel; it was a passable read but torturous to read on the slow 4-color machines of the day (especially since after every chapter you had to swap disks). Nonetheless, it was a noteworthy game because it was the first game that tried to present computer entertainment to the masses as something more than arcade slashfests. Plus, I think it was also the game that coined the term "multimedia".
it's about a caveman, trying to survive in the wild. he has to eat in order to gain points and to kill his enemies in order to pass the next level.
Prince of Persia
It was a time of darkness. While the sultan is off fighting a foreign war, his Grand Vizier Jaffar has seized the reins of power. Throughout the land, the people groan under the yoke of tyranny, and dream of better days. You are the only obstacle between Jaffar and the throne...
Robbie the robot is attemptng to grow a flower. It takes up to about five minutes to grow but Robbie has to fight off the many insects and pests that want to chomp on his beloved plant. But only certain sprays will kill each type of insect. The point of the game...try to grow flower without the bugs eating it or stinging you...which seems odd for a robot really!
Psygnosis Games
Many of the Psygnosis games out for the Atari ST. Barbarian, Obliterator, Baal, Chronoquest. Although they were from the later 80's, the graphics were stunning at the time. And even though Chronoquest was a text based adventure, it was still fantastic (as were many text adventures).
Pud-Pud in Weird World
Pud Pud flies around looking for 10 puddings(?) and eats foods that give him energy or take it away. He starts off with 3 hearts as lives, but Mrs Pud Pud can instantly kill him so watch out for her as he flies around the maze screen.
The first game starring Wally, the hapless fat chap who want on to star in the sequel, Everyone's A Wally. Lovely arcade adventure, with some ingenius little sub-games within. Published by Mikrogen.
Q-Bert (BBC Micro)
Apologies for double send. This game had a "3D" board which cubert (or q-bert possibly) used to avoid falling objects whilst attempting to change the colour of each cube by landing on it.
The round thing looks like ant eater and jumps around on a pyramid type thing changing its colors
Spectrum version of Paradroid, but in 3D. Much of the same gameplay, you had to either shoot, blast or take over the enemy robots (the latter being a strategy bit). Very, very good game with a great intro tune pushing the limits of the little speaker in the Speccy.
Racing Destruction Set
Car game that allowed players to customize both the tracks (including gravity controls) and the cars. In destruction mode players had access to things such as oil slicks
Radar Rat Race
Commodore computer game a rat eats a bunch of cheese similiar to a pac man style game.
Radar Rat Race
A C64 cartridge game where you controlled a mouse running around in a top-down maze eating cheese ala Pacman (only before pacman came out). If my memory serves me correctly this game didnt even use sprites instead relying on the C64s built in symbols to construct the maze, mice and cats.
Rags To Riches
You started this game, a bum. Not sure how much money. You went back and forth through stages collecting money, jobs, etc, trying to avoid jail till you earned, I think, 2 mill. C= 64
Raid on Bungling Bay
You piloted a helicopter blowing up buildings, tanks, ships, etc...
Raid Over Moscow
This game gave you a chance to use a rocket launcher (if you picked the angle right) to blow up commies and take over Russia one city at a time. Now - they are friends!
Raid Over Moscow
This is definitely one of the best games ever made. The scenario is from the Cold War, back in the days when the Soviet Union existed. And of course they're up to no good. In fact, a nuclear attack on the good old US of A is imminent. Your task? To stop the attacks by destroying all Soviet launch sites and finally lead an assault on the Soviet Defense Center. Here is a link to a page dedicated to it.
An awesome C64 game where you assumed the identity of John Rambo. You started out at a crashed helicopter and had to make your way around killing vietcong left and right with your bow and arrows. The theme song was GREAT!
Rana Rama
Spectrum 48K game. You're a magician turned into a frog, and have to make your way through levels of dungeons filled with magical nasties. You can take on magicians in a strategy battle using and collecting runes that make you more powerful. Similar to Quazitron, and just as enjoyable. But its 2D, and unexplored sections of levels remain dark.
Raster Blaster
(1981) by Budge, BudgeCo; arcade. "First realistic pinball game. Softalk readers' Most Popular Program of 1981."
Reader Rabbit
I dont know when this came out but I remember playing it when I was 5 (1989). Primer for school, had a lot of minigames. I dont remember much else.
Red Storm Rising (C64)
Incredible (for C64) game that was well ahaed of its time. Synopsis: The Soviet Union, under severe pressure after destruction of one of their biggest oil refineries, must secure a new source of oil, and to do that, they must disable the West... which means they must invade Europe and fight NATO to a standstill... And the only way NATO can prevent that from happening is to reinforce their forces with convoys from the US and other countries. You are in command of one of the US attack submarines. You must hold the ocean against the Soviet navy at all costs, or the land battle will go badly. Part submarine simulator, part dynamic campaign, and part WW3 simulation, Red Storm Rising is an amazing look at modern warfare.
Rendezvous with Rama
Maybe not the first computer adventure game based on an sf novel but it was one of the most famous during the 80's even if the company putting it out (Tellarium) wasn't. Follows Arthur C. Clarke's novel pretty closely. The graphics are really dated now but they put a lot onto two double sided 5 1/4 inch floppys. For floppys back then that translates into still less than 1 meg. But a lotta adventure plus two action type games that actually get incorporated into the story mostly involving landing the ship on RAMA. Came out for AppleII and Commodore 64
Rescue From Fractalus
Land your spaceship on alien worlds to rescue downed pilots and gather space junk. By Activision for the C64.
Rescue on Fractalus
One of the first titles ever developed by LucasArts (nee LucasFilm Games). Back when realtime 3D meant SubLogic's flight simulator (in wireframe, at 1 (one!) frame per second), LucasFilm Games shocked everyone with this 3D space flight sim employing fractally-generated terrain and a decent framerate. The premise: Land on the planet Fractalus and rescue downed pilots. But don't be too quick to let that humanoid form running towards you into your ship; it might be an enemy Jaggi in disguise (and when that thing pops up on to your screen for the first time, you will jump). Originally developed for the Atari 400/800.
Rescue Raiders
You fly a helicopter and send tanks and jeeps and vans to destroy an enemy base. In-between the bases are automatic machine guns and little buildings with exploding balloons tethered to them. You have to fly your helicopter and assist the ground forces across to take over the other base
Rise of the Dragon
Graphic adventure with a real noir quality. You played as "Blade" who was investigating an Asian mob boss intent on destroying the city. Along the way, you also had to keep your girlfriend Karen (who worked at the HALL OF RECORDS, conveniently) happy by taking her on dates, buying her flowers.
River Raid
classic C-64 game. 2D game, maybe 5 ran a loop of river geog. vertically on the screen while you piloted a boat..avoiding the land and shooting other boats/planes. addictive at the time
Roadwar 2000
SSI released this post-nuke game. Loot cities, find gang members, rule entire towns, all while finding the scientists working on the cure to a mysterious disease. You could do things like visit Disneyland or California's wine country(but not without consequences). Came out with a sequel - Roadwar Europe. Release for the C64 & Apple ][
Rocket Ranger
Just makes it into the 1980's. This game was available for the C64, Amiga and PC, but was best on the Amiga. It's WW2 and you play the superhero Rocket Ranger. Your mission: to stop Hitler and his evil cohorts from global domination. The game play was a combination of strategy and arcade action and revolved around placing spies in different countries to discover Nazi secret plans, and then flying there for a bit of biffo. It had a definite boys-own feel about it, like shooting down a zepplin to save a defecting German rocket scientist and his......beautiful daughter or throwing away your gun to spar with a dastardly Nazi guard. Best bit: if you lost the Nazi flag was unfurled down the front of the Whitehouse!!
Rock n Wrestle
Also called Bop & Wrestle.... Early 'rasslin game had surprisingly good play and alot of moves. You could be a hillbilly, a leather dude, a blonde dude, a masked dude or a punk dude.
Rocky's Boots
A "game" for the old Apple 2e's we had in grade school-You controlled a little orange raccoon named Rocky and helped him to attach a variety of components together to make a machine to solve a problem. The game itself was pretty simple, but if you beat the game you got to go to a room with a large amount of components to make your own Rube Goldberg-esque machines.
Very addictive, ad+d type cave crawler. (Ed. predecessor of Nethack circa 1980)
Roland On The Ropes
A Amstrad game by Amsoft Software, the object of the game was to find your way around a underground maze of scelingtons, vampires, bats, mummies, bugs, ghosts e.t.c e.t.c find treasure and escape to the next level through a hole in the ground. strangly addictive.
Root Beer Tapper
I used to play this on an Adam computer. There were 2 different parts of it. One part you had to serve root beer to customers as they appeared and disappeared along the bar. Every certain amount of levels this dude (who looked like the hamburgler) would pop up and shake 4 out of 5 cans of root beer and switch them all around. You had to pick out the one he didn't shake.
Played on old Apple computers, like the II, IIE. You were in control of a turret in the middle of the screen that started with it's gun pointed straight up. You could lay it down either left or right to take aim at the planes & helicopters flying over head dropping off paratroopers who floated down to the ground. If a paratrooper landed he walked over to your turret and stood there. When enough landed they would form a human pyramid (kind of like what cheerleaders or gymnists do) and jump on your turret destroying it. As the game advanced the plane flew faster and if they flew low fast it was hard to get the paratroopers. Great game.
Sabre Wulf
Spectrum game where you were a pith-helmeted adventurer wandering round the jungle trying to find the 4 parts to an amulet to allow you out of the exit. This was the first in the series that included Underwurlde (also very good) and Knight Lore.
Sabteur 1 & 2
Sabeteur came out on the Amstrad. You had to run around killing guards and eventually plant a bomb, then escape.....somehow. I could never get that part. You could get weapons and stuff from boxes round the place, and of course you were a ninja, so killing guards wasn't so hard. Dogs were the worst bit....
Sargon II Chess for VIC-20
Great early computer chess game! BTW, I had Strike Eagle for my C64 and have been hooked on combat flight sims since! Currently learning Falcon 4 on my 500 w/32M TNT2 video board. We've come a long way, baby!!!
Scorched Earth
Scott Adams' Adventure Series
These were five games for the Commodore (Vic 20?) They were all in text form, and everything that was given was needed (no red herrings). The names were: Adventure Land, Pirates Cove, Mission Impossible, The Count, and.... I don't remember the fifth. They were great fun!
Search For The King
Another game by seirra in which you have to do a bunch of things like all other seirra games, but in this one you are searching for elvis! Great game for some mindless fun
Second Conflict
join the revolution. the revolution to reunite the altair sector. a game of space conquest and domination. a flat screen with a random generator producing random starmaps.each planet is identified alphabetically. twenty six stars = twenty six letters. a turn based game with turns that are limited to a pre selected level number for all players in the game. the game is played in the round. and each player had to wait for the entire round to finish before his turn came again.(not like the tick based games.the game was produced by jsoft somewhere in georgia. i think the towns name was newman or newnan. it was near atlanta ga. after that i lost the trace. i want to know if this game is freeware,public domain,publically available,ornon existent.i want to scrap it for parts.
Secret Agent
Agent vs. "The Fuzz" You played the agent -- a hat with feet, and tried to stop the Fuzz from consuming America with special crystals you could grow. You'd travel from town to town on train, and go to info booths in town capitals to see where the Fuzz had spread, and were given projected forecasts of its spread. To win, you had to defeat the Fuzz TV by having 100 crystals and running into it. You could also save & restore towns by having fuzz infected citizens run into your crystals. Always a good stragetgy to let some citizens take your crystals to help you in your goal. Truly an early eighties classic, and you really needed to know your US geography.
You're a serpent in a maze with computer serpents also. you can follow and eat the tails of the other serpents. when you get longer then them you can eat them head first. when you eat a whole serpent either by the head or the tail you gain an additional link on your tail.
Seven Cities of Gold
You started from Spain, like Columbis, and discovered the New World. You could trade with the natives or you could fight them into submission. The point of the game was to find the fabled Cities. I think the quickest I ever finished it was in 'only' a week. It also came with a world creator that would draw a new world to explore. I don't know how many HOURS I played this on my C64, but not even girls caused me to lose more sleep in the eighties.
Shadow of the Beast (Amiga)
It was revolutionary at the time with it's stereo sound and paralax scrolling! Simply amazing for a home computer game! Yes it is tough to play, but still was great and sold very well. It really showcased what the Amiga was capable of.
A ninja game were you killed ninjas with flying stars.
Shufflepuck Cafe
Shuflepuck Cafe = the ghetto-ist of ghetto computer games! It was in black and white, and soooooo simple. You basically played air hockey against different aliens with varying degrees of difficulty. I had this game on my first computer ever!
SID Player/Editor
Great for early SID music lovers of the time. All music (3 voices) would be visually dispayed on a keyboard, note by note, while the song played. You could get songs inputed from others, or take the long and arduous route of putting them in yourself. A definite classic displaying the full capabilities of the SID chip.
Silent Service
I use to play this game on a friend's Amiga 500 back in the mid-80s, you were controlling a USN sub in the Pacific during WWII, hunting for japanese surface ships, pretty cool.
Silent Steel
A classic submarine game for the Commodore 64, IBM where you were a US submarine commander in the pacific in WW2. Very detailed, vast game. My friend and I once tried to sail from the Phillipines to Hawaii, but only made it to Midway.
You could either be a helicopter or a tank on the ground, and could select 2 player mode with one joystick controlling the helicopter and the other controlling the tank. Totally addictive on my C64!
Hey! The classic game that started the whole SIMS franchise. A major time waster.
Situation Critical
In this game you flew a spaceship through a cave. You had to make it through the cave with less than 100 "hits". The cave was filled with guns and rocket launchers that you either had to destroy or avoid. There were also force fields that you could blow up or go through very fast. It was a really cool game but I don't think I ever got past the third level.
Very simple floor plan game, smileyface characters, searching for a murderer and clues.
IntelliVision game, which I later found for CBM64 and Nokia Phones!!. This game was a ever growing colored snake in bad graphics. The game could be played for two players, alone or againgst the IntelliVision game console. The game was a real time-spender. Today, this game still exists in all the newer Nokia cellular phones... It originated in 1981... Also the most annoying game music EVER!!!
(1981) by Turmell, Sirius Software; arcade. "Many-layered shooting game; one of the best. Stomping sneakers and other creatures requires varying techniques. Fun."
Snooper Troopers
Detective games where you got to drive (with the space bar!) around town gathering clues and taking pictures at various locations, hoping that you didn't get caught.
Space Commanders
My fauvorite game on PC.
Space Invaders
One of the first computer games around!
running through grass type stuff and picking up fruit etc... You could change the colour of the grass/whole background... was really cool would appriecate if you could let me know where to find it, thanks :)
Space Quarks
Anyone who had an Apple //c has played this game, since it was included with the system's "Apple at Play" disk. Basically, the game features a little tank at the bottom of the screen which you control, and you shoot at the various little aliens at the top of the screen. The aliens moved in different circular paterns across the screen, making it a little more entertaining than Space Invaders. (On a personal note, when I got an Apple //c in 1984, it was the first actual home computer game I ever played).
Space Quest Series
The Space Quest series, one of the better Sierra games, stars the janitor (who loves to take naps in the broom closet) Roger Wilco. As his ship is taken over by hostile aliens, he must find a way to save his home planet, barter with a slimy old alien, and keep his skin intact while keeping his cool. The "two punks" mentioned earlier are the series creators, The Two Guys From Andromeda (who guest star in Space Quest 3 I believe).
Space Quest
Another series from Sierra, where a couple of interstellar punks in their little ship have to save the galaxy repeatedly from an evil mastermind and according to the box,his "evil cartridge software company"!
Space Rogue
A space adventure game for the c64 on 4 discs if I remember right. You start off on a little cargo ship with no weapons and no direction, until you navigate from planet to planet completing missions along the way until you uncover a plot to destroy a planet which you must save...HUGE game and when BBS's were popular...EVERYONE was asking for credits to DL this one!! (It was good 2b moderator)!!
Space Taxi
C64 game where you had to navigate a flying taxicab around a series of platforms to pick up and drop off fares top earn money and points. A fun waste of time.
Special Delivery
An alien-like creature uses various pulleys, lifts and levers to deliver pizza to his impatient friends.
Speedball 2
This is the only computer game I remember in any detail. I forget what computer system it was made for, I know that it was a cartridge and the monitor was the TV screen that you hooked up to the computer. The character was a spring, and using the arrow buttons he had to defeat all the levels, avoiding the enemies. I remeber it well, as my dad played it more than I did, almost to an obsession-like status. To this day, if Springster is mentioned, he reminds us all that he beat the game (had to get to level 50 then back down again?)!!
Spy Hunter (c64 version)
How do you operate a super-modified James Bond style car equipped with smoke screens, oil slicks, machine guns and missles armed with only a single button joystick? Plug in a second joystick, use your big toe on the button and cycle weapons by pressing the space bar!
Spy's Demise
This is an old apple game from 1980's. You were a spy a hat and two feet. you would go back and forth across the screen similarly to donkey kong and go up these elevators. and up and up and up and up
Spy vs Spy
Black vs White! The MAD Magazine duo trying to get the secret docs and fly away while setting booby traps to foil their opponent.
Squeek was a little pink ball of fluff that had to turn all the blue tiles on each level to pink by running over them. Lots and lots of levels (at least 50)that got progressively harder with slippery ice tiles and various opponents trying to stop him. Great game, wish I knew where to find it. Still think about it after more than a decade!
SSI's Cosmic Balance I & II
Those were the very first 4X space games for the 8-bit computers! It could have been played on a b/w monitor because there were no colors; there were also minimal graphics, with the tactical screen showing letters representing individual ships and tiny dots representing weapon discharges. I couldn't believe now, how a tiny speck of dot representing a plasma torpedo blinking closer and closer, chasing my own ship could create such tension and terror back then. CB I was the tactical portion, with individual ships jockeying for position to fire against the weakest enemy's shields while CB II was the strategic, planets and systems combat. CB I could play as part of CB II, handling the tactical battles when joined in the larger CB II star map. In fact, The early issues of Computer Gaming World used to hold monthly contests, pitting ship designs submitted by gamers/readers against others- for bragging rights and pitiful prizes, all before we even knew what massive multi online play was. Gamers would spend hours designing ships with shields for different facing with different strengths, placing different weapon systems with different ranges covering different arcs! I remembered a rear-firing torpedo with a tight firing arc used to be an extremely nasty surprise for your enemy who thought he just blast through your weakest rear shields and coming in for the kill. Though the games not licensed for/by the Star Trek (TOS) owners, words and names like Lexington or Enterprise, seige, heavy or light phasers, disruptors, photon and plasma torpedoes, cloaking, warp engines could only conjure up only one sci-fi world in mind!
space ship commanding rpg by ea games
Star League Baseball
First baseball game that played the national anthem, had a strange isometric view from the first base side, forced you to choose a reliever at the 7th inning (heat or knuckler?), and played CHARGE! three times after every home run.
Star Raiders
This is a game that was for the Atari 400/800 computers. In it you took control of a very Star Trekkish-like ship in an advanced simulation for the time. Your goal was to defend the starbases in your quadrant against the Zylon invaders. The Zylons attacked with fleets of up to 4 ships in each sector. You had to hunt them down and kill them before they could surround your starbases. This game was pretty well unsurpassed until Elite was released.
Star Wars
The C64 version of the classic arcade. No vector graphics though; everything was raster (e.g. sprites). That, along with the one button joystick made shooting those Tie Fighters increasingly difficult, but with practice you got pretty good at it. All that was missing was the digitized voices of Obi-wan "may the force be with you" and Darth Vader's "I have you now," and of course Luke's "I've lost R2."
Stellar 7
In Stellar 7, you drive the Raven, the most advanced Terran fighting vehicle. You are up against Gir Draxon and his evil Arcturan army. You will go from star system to star system, fighting his forces. When the enemys have been destroyed, a mothership flies overhead and beams down the Guardian of the star system, a giant enemy ship. When you reach the Arcturus star system, you will fight Gir Draxon! This game is played from a first person view looking out from the cockpit of the Raven. It is in true polygonal 3D. it was like Battlezone
Stickybear Bop
I had this one one my Apple IIe. It was an educational game for kids, or so it was advertised if I recall correctly. I remember shooting down floating objects and trying to navigate the Stickybear in his hot air balloon up out of the screen, dodging things trying to hit him. I'm reaching way back here... 1983? 84? But it was fun for kids!
Street Rod
A real fun game which was made in 1989. You could buy cars from the 30's to the 60's. Then you fix the junker up and race it against other racers in the game for money and even their car. The object of the game is to race "The King" and get his car. It was moderately easy but the sequel to it is much better and harder
Street Sport series by EPYX
EPYZ tried to touch "Generation W" by releasing several STREET SPORT titles. Basketball, soccer, baseball. You picked a team from a collection of derelicts that resembles today's kids: hats sideways, pants too large, etc... and then hit the court. Basketball took place in Harlem with graffiti everywhere. You played soccer in the streets with cars. Baseball was in an empty lot with things like garbage cans for bases, etc...
Strike Eagle
Strip Poker
Every kid in 5th grade who had this thought he was a porno god. Those grainy digitized pics of Suzi and Melissa and that AWESOME music that played when the screen went blank when they were taking it off!
STUNTS (AKA Stunt Driver)
First, you create your own track or select one of the ones that comes with the program. Then you pick a car, then an opponent, then your opponent's car (unless you picked the clock). Then, you race around the track (after answering a question about the manual unless you ran the ST.COM file that came with the bootleg version). I've made some pretty insane tracks with this. So insane that people actually started demanding I send them a replay of myself beating it. I've also made some pretty spectacular crashes, with up to several minutes of airtime, where you sort of fly nose down in the middle of a pixelated fireball until the physics engine lets you come down. Wanna leap over a building? You can (though I recommend getting the F1 racer and putting a long straightaway in front of it). Stymie other players with icy roads, wrong turns that loop endlessly, loop-the-loops immediately followed by slaloms, jumps that send them into the water, buildings in the middle of freaking nowhere (or in the middle of a jump)...the fun is limited only by your own creativity and the programmers of the 80s.
Summer Games
Summer games is based upon Olympic type events, such as high diving, swimming, and short distance sprints. You could have two players playing against each other and the field of other competitors. Great game that lasted a little longer than usual and sometimes provided a little laughter, especially when you belly-flopped into the pool during the high dive event.
Super Artillery
This was a basic guess wind and range then drop your shell on the enemy castle game. It was for the IIE. I ended up looking through the entire program to change the text to mimic Russian/American tensions for fun.
Super Solvers: Outnumbered (1989)
A TV station has been hijacked and you need to defeat the master of mischief by blasting robots and answering math problems.
Set in 1800 and trading though indonesia you sailed the seas battling pirates and trading items between ports in an effort to make money get a bigger ship with more guns in as little time as possible.
Tank Wars
Two player game where each player takes turns aiming at the other and using different bombs like the inertia bomb, a nuke, and littler bombs. Shots fired can bounce off the top and the sides and there are landforms in the way sometimes. Used on an old apple computer
There are tanks on both sides of screen, and lower or raise the cannon, shoot missiles or napalm, etc. When you shoot the groung below the tank the fall to that level.
Your'e a bartender who serves beers to customers without dropping them or breaking them, the customers start pouring in, this is when it gets exciting. Now that I have grown up and am a bartender myself, I would love to use my real life skills for this game, but I have never been able to find it.
You play a law enforcement officer, one part of the game driving your Lamborghini knock-off with roof-mounted cannon blasting cars out of your way to get to the next crime scene on time, the other part as side-scrolling exploring the building shooting thugs and dealing with the bosses as your warrant required (dead, alive, or either). The net gun was nice, and the punk who would try to smash in your car engine was sweet.
Temple of Apshai
One of the early games spawned from the popularity of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. Apshai actually had a number of sequels and ruled the early RPGs until more complex games were developed.
Test Drive
Race along a mountain road in a Lotus, Testarossa, Porsche, Lamborghini, or Corvette. I'd love to find out how many people had their first wreck because they forgot to put the car into gear.
Test Drive
we use to play this on the commodore 64 and you could choose different cars (i liked the lamborgini coz the way the door opened) and you drove round a cliff and if you went to fast the cops would drive behind you. Wasnt a huge fan, but now i'm fond of the memories ;)
People often forget that Tetris originated in the 80's, going as far back as 1987 (although the Nintendo version came out later). Who knew that four blocks, pieced together in all possible combinations, could waste so many hours of children's playtime?
Thexder (1987) is a game from Sierra. You are a robot that transforms into a plane. Your mission is to destroy "alien enemies" and avoid being killed.
for Apple II. it was a little robot guy that you would move around with your joystick and he would zap things. i barely remember playing the game, but the theme song was great.
An early Amiga game, it came out in the early 1990`s, or late 1989, im not sure, you play one of the three characters, and could play 3 players coop or a deathmatch, lots of weapons, and about 30 types of enemies.
Time Warrior
Time Warrior was the last in the oeAXE” series which is based on the Book "AXE" by the author Frank Oliver. AXE was originally to have 3 parts to it...a they were popular at the time of the Spectrum and Amiga machines, and the games were to be (in order): 1. AXE......A tale of Carthelion. 2. AXE II.......Shades Of Evil. 3. AXE III........Beyond The Light. The complete game package featured a copy of the book, the computer game itself and the board game of the same name produced by Waddingtons. It also had its own specially recorded musical score bundled with it on cassette. In the end though, after AXE and Shades Of Evil was produced, Shades Of Evil and AXE was recombined to form what would be the last in the trilogy, "Time Warrior". This did not cause too many problems, though there is still debate with the die-hard enthusiasts as to what Beyond The Light would have held. We shall never know. As a side note to this, Shades Of Evil was (and still is) regarded by many as one of the finest fantasy world books since the "Lord Of The Rings", and there is even talk that it could be made into a Hollywood film considering how well LOTR has gone down in cinemas. The games were produced by an Adventure game company in the mid to late 1980's, called Sifon Software, (they are still around now, but under a different name) and S.O.E picked up numerous accolades and last saw life as an Internet PBEM game in 2002. AXE was also rumoured to be the inspiration to Mike Singletons oeThe Lords of Midnight.” game, but thatTMs another story!
Tink Tonk series
These were a series of educational games for kids, with little robots called Tink Tonk. It was released by a company called Sprout, it's now considered notoriously hard to find any of the games. I guess it wasn't widely released, or released only for a short period of time. They had alot of great puzzle elements to the games that kept them interesting. I really miss them too. I didn't know at the time, cause I was like 5. It happens that the guy who programmed the games lived down the block from me. Isn't that so cool?
Tower Toppler
its a game where you travle up a tower dodging balls and eyeballs. it was made in the 89's and was known as Nebules in Europe
Trade Wars 2002
Trade Wars is the title, with some slight alteration in spelling and capitalization, of a series of computer games dating back to the early days of personal computing. Based on influences from Star Trek, Star Wars, and early BBS strategy games, Trade Wars was an early example of the appeal of online gaming. During the height of its popularity in the early 1990s, Trade Wars was the preeminent BBS game, played by tens of thousands of computer enthusiasts around the world.
Part of the Comprehend adventure series from Penguin Software, Transylvania was one of the first text adventures to have graphics-albeit not very good ones. In it, you had to rescue a princess trapped within a statue, all the while hindered by vampires, werewolves, gremlins, etc. Was destined to become a cult classic, but alas, Penguin Software was sued by Penguin Books, changed its name to Polarware, lost its name recognition with consumers, and died quietly in 1988.
Trapfall was a game where you saved the giurl but jumped over tar-pits...Swang from vines...ect
80's game from New Generation Software running on the Spectrum 48k. You controlled the trashman who had to collect garbage cans while avoiding dogs, cars, kids on bikes etc. If you kept off the gardens you collected tips from the homeowners.
Treasure Island Dizzy
Great game, played it on the the Spectrum , amstrad, Atari ST, amiga, you name it. One of the many Dizzy games. You play the role of an Egg stranded on (yes you guessed it) Treasure Island (and yes your Right) you have to find the treasure. You then trade these on the island Shop (great huh) to get bits of a boat so you can get home.
Trip On The Titanic
Text based game where you are a passenger that survives the wreck. You wake up in a cave and as you explore it you see that Aliens have been wrecked there as well...
Trolls-Sierra Games
Its an olld Sierra comp. game where one bigger troll has to collect all the baby trolls in each adventureous level without falling off or being killed.
there is five girls in the video and there hair has difrint colour & style.there hair colour are pink,red,yellow,purple & orange
Tunnel Runner
For Atari 2600 and commodor 64. (I think.) A maze you would have to navigate thru and there was a monster in the tunnel who would chase you and the noises got faster as he got closer. There was a key you had to collect to open the door once you got to it, to let you into the next level or maze.
Tunnels of Doom
This was one of the few, but THE best RPG adventures for the TI-994/A. One could spend hours playing it easily.
Ultima Series
Similar to the Dungeon and Dragons series (but prior to) and the Gauntlet video games, you played an adventurer on a quest for Lord British. You could travel by land, sea, air and even space ship in one series. The first four are classic Apple games, but after that they went downhill.
Ultima series
RPG(role playing game) that made Origin systems extremely famous(and the owner, Lord British fabuloously wealthy)... It was both action/adventure and puzzle game all in one. It can be found now on the Internet, but is not as popular as it once was.. for the time, it had some of the best graphics and music available for a computer system
Ultimate Wizard
A nifty little action 2-D game that involved your little wizard advancing through levels fraught with peril. Great game and virtually unbeatable due to the fact that the smallest fall would kill your wizard (unless you had a featherfall spell handy).
Unknown (possibly Sieger)
Overview: The player would select one car the color of his/her choice, then select up to seven computer controlled color-coded opponents. Each car leaves a solid line of it's own color in it's path. Any car which crossed in the path of another car would blow up. The last car remaining wins. Possibly a game of German or Dutch origin (approx. 1990). I would really like to find this one. (ed. Sounds likes Tron's lightcycles game, or a knockoff of it.)
Consisted of a colored ball that you could control on both speed and direction in a up and down and sideways directions. As it hit different colored objects the ball would change to the objects color and be eliminated. It had several type of challenges to get through a maze and the cool part was the background music that played that was I think Yello - "Oh Yeah" - Ferris Bueller. I think the game was made by someone in a Scandinavian Country. This was a game I played on my old apple computer and have forgotten the name of, miss it and hope someone else knows the title and other info about it.
"Up and Down"
a game my son and I played on the apple II GS where you needed to drive a little car over all types of terrain...the faster you played the course, the more cars you got to use
Island world where game player must make improvements to his island. (ed. this was originally an Intellivision game, though it has eventually made its way to home computers. Utopia was pretty much the first popular sim/god style strategy game.)
Voodoo Castle
It was an excellent game for the Commodore Vic 20. Basically, it was one of those adventure games that would would similar to Castlevania, except you entered text to go from place to place and try to solve the mystery. The only visual was in your head. Still a good game.
Based on the movie where you took on a computer hell bent on world destruction.
Still considered by many as one of the best RPG's around. Wasteland takes place after World War 3. Players control a group of desert rangers who are sent out to investigate strange happenings in the area around Las Vegas.
Wavy Navy
Another floppy disk DOS game from the Apple 2+/2e era, Wavy Navy tested one's skill in avoiding water mine hazards while trying to shoot aerial fleets from above while avoiding the falling kamikaze planes and bombs, etc. There were 10 naval ranks (e.g. Deckhand, Captain, Admiral, etc.) until you became President and finish the game.
Way of the Exploding Fist
Arcade game Karate Champ on c=64 basically. Released by EPYX. 1/2 point, full point, little Buddha judge guy. The best was the TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE SCREAM OF DOOM at the loading page.
In this game you're this little ball on wheels rolling along a scrolling screen, trying to save your wheelie buddies from the meanies. The game was as lame as it was difficult, but... ok so the intro was pretty cool.
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
You were a detective who had to sovle a crime. The more crimes you solved correctly before the time ran out, the higher your rank. We played in on Apple computers at school in 1986 when had been good in computer lessons. You were given clues, and had to choose the right country to go to based on questioning witnesses who told you subtle things like he had a beard, and was seen exchanging money for english pounds etc.. It had some vague geographical educational angle that allowed us to play it during school hours.. thus shutting us up so the teacher had to teach us nothing! Game is still available - but has graphics and a video phone etc.. major techno now.. ((yes for old times sake i bought the new game)
Wings Of Fury
Game consisted of several missions consisiting of bombing,dropping torpedos, and straffing enemiy positions on islands and on sea. view of screan was similar to that ov "defender" with a rolling side to side continuious screen and graphics were dencent fo the time. had to land aircraft on a flat top without crashing to refuel and load up on ammo.
Wings Of Fury
This game allowed you to fly an airplane off an aircraft carrier with a machine gun and which ever weapon you choose such as: bombs, torpedo, or missles. The objective was whatever the mission was to do. Some missions had a island where there were huts and people on it to destroy.
Winnie the Pooh in the Hundred Acre Forest
It must be Windsday! The blustery wind has come along and blown away special items belonging to the residents of the Hundred Acre Woods. Can you navigate north, south, east, or west through the 5x5 room map and track down these items before the wind comes again? You can only carry one item at a time and may need to ask old Owl for help as to who they belong to. On the way watch out for Tiggers and Huphalumps! If you return every item you'll be invited to a picnic in your honor whose secret location you will have to find. There all the characters will join in singing the Winnie the Pooh song.
Winter Games
same sort of set up as california games,world games etc,a number of events that could be played in competion or prac.played it on c64(suprise,suprise).but the best was wondering if the tape would actually load.good old shift and run stop.
This game was interactive fiction. A postal clerk in the town of Festeron is asked to deliver a letter. Somewhere in the game the whole town turns from a quaint town to a sinister town with a new name. A stone must be found and wishes made (using the correct objects for the spell in question) in order to return order to the town.
Great word only mystery game where you play a detective in 1930's LA. You get various items (matchbook, newspaper etc..)with the game to help solve a murder mystery in a manor house.
Wizardry - Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord
THE definitive role-playing game of the 80's. This is the one that started it all, from Sir-Tech software. Originally created for the Apple II comptuer.
Predecessor to the Bard's Tale series using the Middle-Earth, D+D scenarios and characters, but black+white line drawings only. Used the same multi-sectioned screen to show the map, character info and "play-by-play". Had a few sequels. In one version number, there was one of the early cheat codes - you entered a certain room and typed in a code (if memory serves me) and then you could create new types of characters such as Ninja's and Samurai's and even a Monk (btw, the Monk had the best fighting skills, particularly if he had no weapons at all). I recall one of the mages or wizards having a spell call Gutterdamerung - basically the equiv. of a nuclear bomb. I've spent hours of my life on this one. A true classic.
Wizards Crown
I first played this excellent game in 1987 on my C-64c. It was made by SSI and was one of the best role-playing D&D type games of its day. You can play it today on a normal PC (someone reworked the code) I believe it was available for the Apple as well.
Wolfenstein 3d
It's a 8-bit First-person Shooter, The first of its time.
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Text based game with graphics. Impressive for the time it was released was an animated tornado complete with sound effects that circled the opening description. The plot basically followed the book rather than the movie version of the story and a little confusingly also incorporated ideas from later in the series. Dorothy and Toto follow the brick road through the Land of Oz and along the way gather companions such as the Scarecrow, Lion, and Tin Man as well as Tip, Jack Pumpkinhead, the Wooden Saw-horse and The Gump. The game was released in 1985 on two 5.25 floppys.
World Games
We had summer, winter -- why not World Games? EPYX jumped on this and gave us a collection of bull riding, cliff diving, sumo, log rolling, weight lifting and other silliness.
Scrolling shootem-up classic by the legendary bitmap brothers. Had it on my Atari ST (not sure if it was available on tape computers). U could morph your vehicle between a land or air based attack mode. There was also an anonimous bloke with sunglasses who appeared at the side of the screen at the beginning of the level dictating the level number.
Yie Ha Kung Fu
Classic kung fu at it's 80's best!
Zak McKracken & the Alien Mindbenders
Lucasfilm's follow-up to "Maniac Mansion" had you playing the role of a tabloid reporter trying to prevent a group of aliens from reducing the IQs of the human race to single digits. The game had a new age theme with powerful crystals, famous mystical locations (Stonehenge, the Sphinx, Mayan Temple), and dream sharing.
Zany Golf
A mini golf game that had different mazes you had to grow through to get to the next level. The first one was a windmill and then I have memories of my mini golf ball hitting the bouncing cheeseburger on a different level.
3d sim where you'd get into space fortress, fight the mighty zaxxon robot himself
It was a cool game that had you floating through a series of caverns piloting a zepplin blimp. ha i saw some people saying they loaded games slow but gett his...tape drive, 1 hour to load it.
Zork was strictly a text game. Started out something like: "You are standing in a forest..." that's about all I remember I think they're about to about Zork 4 or 5 now. I remember in 6th grade I got some tips from a classmate on how to pass some of the boards.
Spectrum ZX80. Well all i can say it was a game that entailed jumping and floating and trying to avoid pits and other nasties (which came from left and right) as the screen scrolled right to left and its not easy.
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