Quotes From The Eighties

This is my attempt at collecting a lot of humorous quotes that were either humorous in the eighties, or are now in retrospect (like Bill Gates stating 640K is enough for anyone). Please make sure however that you cite who said it though so it can be attributed properly.

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"A Winner is You!" - Pro Wrestling (NES game)
C'mon everybody! One of the most wellworn sentences of the 80s gotta be: "No future!". Doesn't anybody remember Sex Pistols, Billy Idol, etc. etc.??? The eighteis was the time of the electric blue poetry'& the darkness of the night! Yeah Punk Was THE THING!!!
hehe... or maybe nobody else felt the era of punk as I did??? it was punkalicious anyways!
Cyndi Lauper in an interview - "Who is this girl Cyndi Lauper, and why is she SO Unusual?!"
"Drop that zero and get with the hero"
Gotta love that Vanilla Ice!
a famous quote from the movie "Prity things" staring one of the brat pack girl
"Frankie says RELAX"--Frankie Goes To Hollywood
from the movie fresh. basically saying making lots of money
George Bush: Read my lips: NO NEW TAXES!
George Bush: "Wouldn't be prudent"
The Gipper: We will commence bombing in five minutes.
Girls just want to have fun!
This quote was made by cindi lauper in her song, "girls just want to have fun"!
"Hey, guys. Did anyone see that movie last night? These four kids went into this strange house and...uh, never mind."-Michael at the begining of the computer game "Maniac Mansion"
"I didn't feel it but this time I feel and I can't deny the fact that you like me. You rally like me!"
Part of Sally Field's 1985 Ocasr acceptance speech. (Best actress)
"i don't shut up, i grow up and when i look at u, i throw up" yet another great stand by me quote.
" what u talkin' 'bout, wilis" little arnold jackson (drummond)
If you can't do it, then die trying!!
i made this quote up myself when i almost broke my back lifting a fridge!!
"I hope when you are my age, you'll be able to say - as I have been able to say: We lived in freedom. Our lives were a statement, not an apology." Ronald Reagan
"I'm Gumby, damn it!"
Eddie Murphy's character, Gumby, from Saturday Night Live
"I'm in charge." - Secretary of State Alexander Haig
Said after Reagan was shot while George Bush was out of the country. He didn't realize that next in line is the Speaker of the House, followed by the Ranking Member of the Senate.
I remember when people used to say duh to each other all the time lol. I never heard of it til one of my old best friends made it up. People still use it til this day...and I do also :)
"Isn't that special?" - SNL church lady
"I took Latin in school"
A comment Dan Quayle made while visiting Latin America
"I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!!"--Security tag commercial
Jimmy Swaggart: "I have sinned against You, my Lord."
Confessed in front of a nationwide TV audience after allegedly seeing a New Orleans prostitute (February 1988).
"like gag me with a spoon"-valley grls
Lloyd Benson: You are no John Kennedy.
My favorite "Fernando" (Billy Crystal)quote: "It's better to look good than to feel good."
I still use this one today.
Sex is a beautiful thing shared between 2 ppl. Between 5 its fantastic. - Woody Allen
"The less you know about home computers, the more you'll want the new IBM PS/1." Edmonton Journal.
Those girls, girls, girls.
Motley Crue yeahhhh
Totally Tubular!
another way of saying awesome
"We're always in jail for one reason or another, we just seem to attract trouble. When Nikki, Tommy and myself were living in an apartment up by the Whiskey-A-Go-Go, we couldn't even shut the front door properly because the police had kicked it in so many times. I was bad...."
Where's the BEEF!!!! Wendy's Commercial
"Where's The Beef"
"Yeah, that's the ticket!" -Tommy Flanagan, aka "The Liar"; Jon Lovitz' character on SNL.
"You look mahhhvellous!! -Billy Crystal's character 'Fernando Lamas' on SNL.
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