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Jogging Suit , Comment by Swishy Best Friends on October 17, 2018 - Report this comment
In primary school, I was on of the kids who loved to wear windsuits. I always wanted to be in one no matter what time of the year it was. Everytime it rained, there were students and teachers who came to school in a fancy rain coat and a pair of fancy rain boats. And there were students and teachers who just wore a windsuit. I was always in a windsuit on a rainy day and or windy day, especially during that the warm weather. And I was always in windpants on days we had PE. I always kept my zipper zipped up as far as it would go because my collar would become a turtleneck and I loved having my suit cover as much of body as possiable. On a windy day, I came to school in a bright pink and black windsuit with a pink tee shirt and my best friend came to school in a dark purple and light purple windsuit with a light purple tee shirt. We were going on a field trip to see a play, but we didn't go and had to stay with another teacher. Since it was windy but also a nice day the teacher took us out to play on the play group. My best friend and I sat under the jungle gym. We both noticed we were the only two kids who were wearing windsuits in our class and in the group of kids who didn't go on the trip. Since the wind was picking we took a seat underneath the a large tree house. It was a day we were having PE and I loved PE days because I got to wear windpants since we were required wear tennis shoes and athletic attire to school. My best friend asked me not to laugh at her and she was going to tell me a secret. I was going to be the only one who knew since I was her best friend and she felt comfortable talking to me. She said told me her favorite thing to wear was a windsuit. She explained that she always wanted to be in one no matter what time of the year it was. And she always used rainy/windy days to her advantage in the warm weather because it gave her a good reason to wear a windsuit to school. She revealed that also used days that we had PE to her advantage because she got to be in a least a pair of windpants. I didn't laugh and she thanked me for it. She told me that others didn't under why she wanted to wear windsuits and teachers got after her if she talked about going shopping. I was brave enough to tell her that I knew how she felt. I told her that windsuits were my favorite thing to wear too and I also wanted to be in one no matter what time of the year it was and I also used PE days and rainy/windy days to my advantage too. We were both surprised when we learned what the other one's favorite type of clothing to wear. I told my best friend that she was the only one who would know part of my other secret since she was also my best friend and I also felt safe talking with. I told her that the reason why I loved wearing windsuits was because I liked being in shiny,silky, and colorful bright suit. But, my most favorite part was the swishy sound. I told her that during PE, I could listen to myself swish around for an hour. My friend revealed that she loved to wear her windsuits because she wanted to hear herself swishy too. We were both surprised that we both liked the swishy sound and wanted to be able to hear ourselves swishy in our suits/windpants. I told her that I wish that I told her sooner, but my parents always got mad at me if I people "Do you own a windsuit?" And she said that her parents got after her if she talked about windsuits or asked people if the owned one or ever wore one before. I told her that on days I wore windpants or a full windsuit, I got up early to get dressed so I could listen to my self swish around which I called "Swishy Time." I explained that during swishy time, there was only six rules. The first rules was that I had to walk around my room or sit down, rub my legs together, run in place, and when I had a jacket on I would rub my arms against my sides or just swing my arm like I was walking so they'd rub against my jacket so I could swishy. The second rule was that swishy time lasted for five minutes when I was in wind pants. And when I was in a complete suit, swishy time lasted for ten minutes. The third rule was when I was a complete suit I had to move my arms and legs. The fourth rule was that during swishy time was that I was listen to my self swishy non stop and couldn't stop swishing around until swishy time was over. The fifth rule was that I would start saying "Swishy, Swishy, Swishy," non stop even if it was in a whispering voice. "Swishy, Swishy, Swishy," were the only words allowed to be said during swishy time. And the sixth rule was that I had to say "Swishy, Swishy, Swishy," all through swishy time non-stop and I couldn't stop saying "Swishy, Swishy, Swishy," until swishy time was over. My best friend had never though of swishy time and it sounded like fun. She wanted to know if we could do it. Since others were on the play ground, we were going to walk around the huge walking track so no one would question why we were swishing around non stop. I told her that we'd walk around the track like normal and we both had to say "Swishy, Swishy, Swishy," where only we could only hear the other one say it and since there were two of us we were going to double the time and make it twenty minutes instead of ten. So, for the next twenty minutes we had swishy time together and we loved it. We both enjoyed being able to hear ourselves swishy together. When we were done we talked about what we liked about our first swishy time together. I liked us being able to walk side by side and while we listened to ourselves swishy. My best friend liked how we could be seen walking around the track together. And how others could hear us swishing together a million miles away. I could make noise while walking and it was also a neat sound to hear. My friend loved it because she could be heard a million miles away. My best friend told me that her parents had decided to keep her in a windsuit and a turtleneck full time during the cooler weather because it was suppose to be much colder than normal. I told her that made me want to join her, since I'd finally have a friend who loved wearing the suits as much as me. She said she'd love to have me join her and we could have Windsuit Wednesdays, where we'd wear the same outfit every week together. I went home and told my parents that my best friend told me that she loved wearing windsuits too and that her parents were going to be keeping her in a winduit and a turtleneck full time during the colder weather. I told them that I wanted to stay in them too all through the colder weather. My parents were agreeable too it. It turned out that my parents called my best friends parents and told them that I wanted stay in a windsuit and a turtleneck with her. Her parents liked the idea and they thought we'd look cute in our suits together. They had seen where the windsuit and white turtleneck combo was very popular. So, they decided to keep us both in a soild white turtleneck everyday, which we weren't expecting. It was frustrating being in a soild white shirt from October to March. But, the white turtlenecks really made us stand out in our windsuits. There were times we left our jackets unzipped and times we zipped our jackets up to the cleavage level. During PE, we always removed our jackets and went to PE in our white turtlenecks and our windsuit pants. We loved being water and wind proof, being in a bright shiny, silky, and smooth suits, and we were able to wear them in the winter as much as we wanted.
Gear bag, Comment by DAN JERRY on October 13, 2018 - Report this comment
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International News Sweatshirts, Comment by Kristen on October 13, 2018 - Report this comment
Does anyone know how I might be able to contact the people who used to run this company? I'm trying to track down an old employee!

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