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Jogging Suit , Comment by loved to swishy on July 21, 2017 - Report this comment
We couldn't wear shorts to school after the end of September through mid to late April at my primary school. So, after we couldn't wear shorts, It was really cold outside on the play ground and we had to go outside to go to lunch since the lunch room was in another building. I didn't wear jeans;my parents had me wear a pair of windpants with long sleeve shirts and when it got colder I ended up wearing a windsuit with a tee shirt or turtleneck. My turtle necks were usually a solid color. I hated the turtlenecks. But, I didn't mind being in windsuit because it was my favorite thing to wear. I loved how shiny and silky my suits looked. And I loved the swishy sound they made when I moved around.
NO! Jeans, Comment by Pru on July 20, 2017 - Report this comment
I worked both stores in the 80's in Miami, our boss was wonderful Angie S., she was as hip and together as our clientele. Pvt parties for the exclusive wears, and girls would cry if they missed getting any of the limited sizes the designers would send in dresses. The jeans were awesome. I have one pair and when I wear it today people ask where I got it. I always say it's vintage. I did save a lot of my pay check to get it, and I to wish we had a store like it. What an original concept that really worked.
AJ's, Comment by kia on July 19, 2017 - Report this comment
man I remember aj's. Growing up in s.e. dc all the hustlers and cool kids wore aj's and guess. the best fashion era!
Jogging Suit , Comment by Swishy 2nd grade Student on July 19, 2017 - Report this comment
I loved nylon jogging suits as a small child. And I loved the swishy sound they made. A lot of my teachers and classmates wore jogging suits all the time and I wanted some jogging suits of my own. In second grade, I got a lot of those suits when I went school clothes shopping. During the warmer weather, I wore jogging suit without lining everytime it rained. We had PE twice a week and I always wore a pair of nylon jogging pants to school on days we had PE because I wanted to hear myself swishy all through gym class. When we had field trips, I made sure that I wore a pair of jogging pants because we'd be walking around all day and that meant I could hear myself swishy non stop all day. During the colder weather, I wore a jogging suit full time.
Shell Suits, Comment by Swishy 3rd Grader on July 19, 2017 - Report this comment
I stayed in shellsuits a lot in 3rd grade. That year we had a lot of cold days in the fall and a really cold winter. My parents kept me either in a purple, a pink, a teal, a mint green, or light blue suit. Mostly I wore a turtle neck with a ruffled neck and sleeves. My turtle necks were soild white. On days we had PE I wore a short sleeve tee shirt that matched the color of my suit. The turtle neck and the jacket were really hot, so I usually kept my jacket in the locker.
Shell Suits, Comment by Gym Class on July 18, 2017 - Report this comment
At my elementary school, all students had PE three times a week. All students had to buy three pairs of navy windsuits, and three light grey tee shirt with the school logo. In the warmer weather we had to wear our navy pants and grey tee shirt to school. When it got colder we had to wear the full windsuit to school.
Quickzip Jeans, Comment by Richard on July 17, 2017 - Report this comment
I've just bought a pair, sadly too small for my girlfriend but too nice to leave in a drawer. Will keep looking though!
Gear bag, Comment by Andy Perry on July 16, 2017 - Report this comment
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