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Take off eh? Bob and Doug McKenzie to return in cartoon form

Posted by ChuckyG, April 29, 2008
Fans of the movie Strange Brew and SCTV will be happy to hear the duo have reunited and are going to be animated for an upcoming cartoon version of their characters. Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis are going to be doing the voices as well, no lame imitations!

The Bob and Doug characters launched as a two-minute skit on the Canadian Broadcasting Corp's sketch-comedy series SCTV in 1980, in part to mock federal government rules that require the public broadcaster to air identifiably "Canadian content" in its homegrown TV shows.

Full story at Yahoo News

Phil Collins to retire!

Posted by ChuckyG, April 26, 2008
After 30 years in the music industry Phil Collins has said no more touring.  Hope you got a chance to catch him on tour with Genesis last year!

Collins wants to take on a more behind-the-scenes role so he can enjoy a more leisurely life - although he will still continue to write songs. And the 57-year-old hopes he will now have more time to indulge in his favourite hobby - collecting memorabilia from the Battle Of The Alamo...

Full story at Contact Music

Little Rudy from "The Cosby Show" to play a prostitute in new movie

Posted by ChuckyG, April 23, 2008
Keshia Knight Pulliam will play a prostitute in the latest Tyler Perry movie, "Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail."  Finally a former child star that is just acting instead of actually down on their luck.

The Lionsgate comedy centers on Madea (Perry), whose penchant for trouble-making lands her behind bars. She comes to the rescue of Candy (Pulliam), a fellow inmate preyed upon by a large woman named Big Sal.

Full story at Hollywood Reporter

Photos of break dance and Hip Hop culture in New York during the 1980's

Posted by ChuckyG, April 22, 2008
Here's some cool photographs taken in New York City in the early eighties of break dancers in action.

Flickr Photoset

Only a month to go before the new Indiana Jones movie

Posted by ChuckyG, April 18, 2008
Entertainment Weekly has yet another front page story about the new Indy movie (they had one last month too!).  The filming was super secret, hush-hush all the way.  In process copies weren't made available during shooting, reviewers haven't seen advances, etc.  At Yale, when scenes were shot outside of the closed sets, people went made taking pictures which led to even more stringent security measures.

The production had to build nine-foot-high fencing to keep the actors hidden from view as they went to and from sensitive scenes. Says LaBeouf: ''We had to wear robes and hoods like we were in the [Yale secret society] Skull and Bones. And we were never supposed to be grouped or bunched together. We were always supposed to be separated until we came to set.''

What's even more amazing, is that in this age of Internet leaks, that very little has made it way online yet.

Read the full cover story at EW

Mtv finds the abbreviation of Homo Sapien in Devo lyrics too offensive

Posted by ChuckyG, April 11, 2008
Apparently Jocko Homo has had the word "homo" starred out in the lyrics and every song title listing on the Mtv (& VH1) websites.  The network that brings us endless reality shows with plenty of sex apparently doesn't know the difference between the word homo as an insult or as an abbreviation for the word homo sapien. 

Jocko h***
Jocko h***
Jocko h***

We go now, God made man
But he used the monkey to do it
Apes in the plan
Were all here to prove it

Destinyland Blog

Keith Richards: "Doctors all over the world want my body when it finally goes"

Posted by ChuckyG, April 10, 2008
In a long interview in this month's GQ in advance of the new Martin Scorsese Stones concert film, Keith talks about how rough he has been on his body.  The choice quote however is the following:

Apparently, I do have an incredible immune system. I had hepatitis C and cured it by myself....They want it so they can study it and figure out how to make other people much better. -laughs- I mean, I eat everything wrong. I shove terrible things inside me.

Full Interview at GQ

CBGB's space reborn as an upscale boutique

Posted by ChuckyG, April 9, 2008
The punk mecca has now become a high end boutique for expensive rock themed clothing. It doesn't look like CBGB's from the outside anymore, but the new lease owner of the space has left intact the graffiti walls.  The former owner of CBGB's took everything with him when he left the space, so there wasn't much left to save. The infamous bathrooms are now storage space, the original bar is gone (replaced with a new bar that serves as counter space), but some of the original posters do remain. It's probably not the best ending for the space (that would be leaving the bar in operation there), but at least some aspect of the original club remains intact.

The biggest challenge, Varvatos said, is "respecting what was here and being true to what was here and still try to do business." As part of his takeover of CBGB, Varvatos said he'd like to put together an artist-development fund and host monthly concerts.

Full Story at Mtv News with video

Feels like an old band now... AARP Presents Foreigner on Tour

Posted by ChuckyG, April 8, 2008
I honestly can't believe that Foreigner would appeal to the AARP membership, but I guess someone that works for the organization thinks so.  AARP is indeed the main advertiser backing a 15 city tour by Foreigner this summer. Mick Jones is the only original member in the line up still, Lou Gramm having left the band five years ago.  Mick is old enough to be in AARP, so maybe they're just drawing from their membership ranks to find bands to sponsor.  There's plans for a new album as well.

Full Story at AARP Website

Olivia Newton-John to spend three weeks walking on the Great Wall of China

Posted by ChuckyG, April 7, 2008
In an effort to raise money for cancer research in Australia, ONJ is going to spend three weeks walking 256 kilometers along the Great Wall of China.  Starting on April 7, she'll be joined by Sir Cliff Richard, Ethan Zohn, and Joan Rivers.  There won't be any four star hotels for her to stay in during the walk, she'll be camping in the Gobi desert. There's also an album tie in called The Great Walk to Beijing: A Celebration in Song which features duets with Sir Cliff, Keith Urban, Richard Marx, and Barry Gibb.

ONJ Interview at Entertainment Weekly

New Kids on The Block announce their reunion on the Today Show

Posted by ChuckyG, April 4, 2008
In case you missed it (because you were at work) here is the New Kids on the Block making their official reunion tour announcement on the Today Show.  Watch it and listen to all the girls (now women) screaming for the "kids".  They'll be back in a month to perform live for the first time in front of an audience on the Today Show as well.  It was the secret that wasn't so secret due to the Internet leaking the story early.

Thanks to inthe00s member Jessica Rabbit for the link!

Video Clip

Bruce Bickford releases Prometheus' Garden after a 20 year wait!

Posted by ChuckyG, April 3, 2008
First completed and shown in 1988, Prometheus' Garden is available to the public for the first time after a 20 year wait.  This is the only film over which Bickford maintained complete creative control. Film scholar Michael Frierson described it as, "...a visionary landscape, a hallucinogenic retreat into magical settings where figure and ground may transform into the other at any moment, enchanted settings in which modern technocrats are easy villains and nature is under siege."

Bruce Bickford is best known for his collaborations with Frank Zappa in the 1970s (The Dub Room Special, Baby Snakes, The Amazing Mr. Bickford).

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Dolly Parton has written the score for a broadway adaptation of 9 to 5

Posted by ChuckyG, April 2, 2008
Coming soon to Broadway, a musical adaptation of the 1980 movie that Dolly costarred in with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin.  Dolly claims to have written 30 songs for the play in about 2 weeks!  Currently Parton is out helping to raise awareness with the group ticket purchasing companies about the play which is scheduled to open this fall.

Parton is also appearing on the Wednesday, April 2, 2008 show of American Idol to show the wannabe singers how it's done.

Full Story at the Hollywood Insider

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