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Duran Duran's new world tour is off to a rough start

Posted by ChuckyG, March 28, 2008
Yes, Duran Duran have a new album and are touring again.  Things didn't go too well on the opening night of the tour, Simon Le Bon forgot the words to "Hungry Like the Wolf" and John Taylor stormed off stage during a song because as he said, "I could not dance to that. These people came here to dance."   This tour is to promote the "Red Carpet Massacre" album which flopped when it was released last year.  With Justin Timberlake and producer Timberland on board for the album, it's not really much of a surprise is it?  Quite a fall from the last album with all five original members and a huge world tour to back it.  It's not a big surprise that Andy wanted nothing to do with the current album.

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