The ChuckyG 1998 Eighties Trivia Contest, Answers
Here are the answers, there weren't many entries, so this is probably the last one for prizes.

The Questions

The Answers!

  1. What was the mistake with Stonehenge in the heavy metal spoof starring "Lenny" from Laverne and Shirley?
    It was 18 inches high instead of 18 feet.
  2. The video for which eighties song features nothing but 5 cheerleaders? (Name the artist too)
    "Mickey" by Toni Basil
  3. What is the name of the lead singer for the Smiths?
  4. What style of dancing was popularized with rap music?
    Break Dancing
  5. What does LL Cool J.'s name stand for?
    Ladies Love Cool James
  6. Before she was a pop star, why was Samantha Fox in the British tabloids?
    She was a page three girl
  7. What country is Men Without Hats originally from?
  8. Who was the eighties group that was named after the inventor of the radio?
  9. Name the female comedy star who once had a show on Fox, that had a pop hit in the early eighties.
    Tracy Ullman, "They Don't Know"
  10. Which band member was Boy George allegedly seeing in Culture Club during the eighties? (Just name the instrument he plays)
    The Drummer
  11. Name the artist and the song for this lyric: I just wanna have some kicks, I just wanna get some chicks.
    "Rock 'n' Roll High School," The Ramones
  12. Name the artist and the song for this lyric: You're about as easy as a nuclear war.
    "Is There Something I Should Know" Duran Duran
  13. Name the artist and the song for this lyric: Because your kiss, your kiss I can't resist.
    "Kiss On My List", Hall and Oates
  14. Name the artist and the song for this lyric: Ain't no plans with a man, this is the eighties and Loc is down with the ladies.
    "Funky Cold Medina," Tone Loc
  15. Name the artist and the song for this lyric: My life was fine, 'till she blew my mind.
    "Other Woman," Ray Parker Jr.
  16. Name the artist and the song for this lyric: The politcs of oooh, feeling good.
    "Politics of Dancing", Re-Flex
  17. Name the artist and the song for this lyric: I might like you better if we slept together.
    "Never Say Never," Romeo Void
  18. Name the artist and the song for this lyric: The joker ain't the only fool, who'll do anything for you.
    "Queen of Hearts" Juice Newton
  19. Name the artist and the song for this lyric: Building castles in the sky.
    "Two of Us," Grover Washington with Bill Withers
  20. Name the artist and the song for this lyric: Relax. You're quite safe here.
    "Paranomia," Art of Noise w/ Max Headroom
  21. Name the cartoon that featured characters who had messages on their clothes to express their feelings.
    Shirt Tales
  22. Name the eighties sitcom in which Bob Ueker was upstaged by an obese butler regularly.
    Mr. Belvedere
  23. What was the name of Norm's wife on Cheers?
  24. What was the name of the show that featured Sniglets?
    Not Necessarily The News
  25. What late night show replaced Tom Synder's show?
    The Late Show w/ David Letterman
  26. What Canadian sketch comedy show helped launch John Candy's career?
  27. What was Gary Gnu's catch phrase?
    No Gnus is Good Gnus
  28. What was the name of the company that the characters on Taxi worked for?
    Sunshine Cab Company
  29. Name the TV show which featured an average housewife teamed up with a secret agent.
    Scarecrow and Ms. King
  30. What show featured Nell Carter as a larger than life housekeeper?
    Gimme a Break
  31. What movie featured Reece's Pieces as a crucial part of the story, because the director couldn't obtain the rights to use M&M's?
  32. What did the person chained to wall in Goonies want?
    A Baby Ruth candy bar
  33. What made the crew sick in the movie Airplane? (Be specific!)
    The fish
  34. What does Beetlejuice eat when he reaches out of his grave in the scale model of the town?
    A Fly
  35. What fell into the pool in Caddyshack which caused a major exodus?
    A Baby Ruth candy bar
  36. What caused the gremlins in the movie Gremlin to become evil?
    Eating after midnight
  37. How did the bum convince the family dog to start eating again in Down and Out in Beverly Hills?
    He ate the dog's food
  38. What caused the computer in Electric Dreams to become alive?
    Champagne was accidently spilled on it
  39. What was the gift from the gods in the movie The Gods Must Be Crazy?
    A coke bottle
  40. What was the challanging method of catching a fly in Karate Kid?
    Using chopsticks
  41. Name the movies the following lines came from:There can be only one.
  42. Name the movies the following lines came from:Does Barry Manilow know you raid his wardrobe?
    Breakfast Club
  43. Name the movies the following lines came from:Nobody puts baby in the corner.
    Dirty Dancing
  44. Name the movies the following lines came from:Two dollars!
    Better Off Dead
  45. Name the movies the following lines came from:You're eating maggots Michael.
    Lost Boys
  46. Name the movies the following lines came from:Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?
  47. Name the movies the following lines came from:You've got a lot of repressed feelings, don't you (..)? Must be what keeps your hair up. (.. Name with held to protect the innocent)
  48. Name the movies the following lines came from:I don't like my friends.
    I don't like your friends either.
  49. Name the movies the following lines came from:K-mart. Definately. Definately K-mart.
  50. Name the movies the following lines came from:I see your schwartz is almost as big as mine.
  51. Name the toy that consisted of color pencils and plastic which you would put in the oven to create.
    Shrinky Dinks
  52. How many gloves did Michael Jackson wear?
  53. What type of men's jacket featured it's name on the outer breast pocket, and epaulets on the shoulders?
    Member's Only
  54. What type of shoes did Run-D.M.C. sing about, which were what most rappers in the early eighties were into?
  55. What type of shoes were favored by skateboarders? (Hint, it's 4 letters long).
  56. What was the name of the multi-colored cube you had to re-organize?
    Rubik Cube
  57. What toy was in short supply for the 1983 Chirstmas season?
    Cabbage Patch Kid
  58. What mistake did Coca-Cola make in 1985?
    New Coke
  59. What was the name of the party dog that that was Budwiser's mascot in the late eighties?
    Spuds McKenzie
  60. What snack food was portrayed in claymation dancing to "Heard it Through the Grapevine"?
  61. Who was Margret Thatcher?
    Prime Minister of Great Britan
  62. Name the U.S.S.R. leader with a birthmark on his forehead?
  63. Who ran unsuccesfully against Regan in 1984?
    Walter Mondale
  64. On what date did "The Wall" fall?
  65. Biko was involved in what protest movement?
  66. What was the fight between Argentina and Great Britan over?
    Faulkland Islands
  67. Live Aid was to benefit which starving country?
  68. What did Regan due to the striking air traffic controllers?
    Fired them
  69. What was the skirmish between the US and Libya about?
    They claimed a 100 mile boundry into international waters, we recognized 10. This caused two fighter pilots to be shot down. Then later, in 1986 terrorists bombed a West Berlin disco, killing a US soldier and a Turkish woman and injuring 230 more people. Claiming this was in response to the American retilation over the boundries in the Gulf of Sidra, America lauched over 150 planes in the biggest bombing mission since World War II.
  70. Mark David Chapman was famous for what in 1980?
    Shooting John Lennon or missing Yoko Ono
  71. What was Bill Buckner's most embarrasing moment in 1986?
    He let an easy grounder roll between his legs to allow the Mets to win the 6th game of the world series, which they then won in the 7th game.
  72. What was the name of Garfield's vet?
  73. What was the name (4 letters) of the New York night club that helped launch the career of several early new wave groups?
  74. What was the name of the space shuttle that exploded?
  75. What is the name of the telescope that was placed in orbit in the eighties?
  76. What computer game featured a disco leftover looking for love?
    Leisure Suit Larry
  77. What was the inexpensive designer watch of choice amongst teenagers during the eighties?
  78. Which rock group of the eighties gave away a silver keychain at every concert, which was supposed to bring good luck to whoever caught it?
  79. Who was the lead singer of the Cure?
    Robert Smith
  80. How did John Belushi die?
    Drug and Alcohol overdose
  81. In case of a tie, answer this question: Pick a number, any number, between 1 and 80.
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