Eighties Arcade Gallery, Defender
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Useful Commands
A Move Starship Up
Z Move Starship Down
SPACE Change Direction
RETURN Fire Laser
SHIFT Engine Thrust
S Smart Bomb
H HyperSpace
P Pause Game
Control M Mute Sound
Control Q Quite Game
Control E Exit Session
To Begin:
Click on the Start Game button to begin the game, necessary items will initialize and open a new Window.
Game Description

Your mission is to protect ten Humanoids that walk the planet below from abduction by enemy forces.  The Humanoids have no weapons to protect themselves, but slowly walk around in a feeble attempt to escape from the aliens.  The alien visitors  sent Landers that materialize in waves to search for the Humanoids.  These Landers descend to the surface and hover just above it, moving left and right in search of the Humanoids.  Once they locate one, they quickly grab it and ascend to the top of the screen where they consume it.  Once that happens, the Lander will transform into a fierce Mutant.  A Mutant is not concerned with any Humanoids, but will attack your ship relentlessly.  You will recognize a Mutant instantly--it is blue & purplish in color and will rush towards your ship firing ferociously.  Your mission is to kill the Landers before they devour all the Humanoids.

The good news is that you can rescue a Humanoid that has been caught by a Lander by shooting the Lander in mid-flight (avoid hitting the Humanoid!).  The Humanoid will then fall toward the planet's surface.  Catch the Humanoid before it hits the ground (preferably from a high altitude) and you will save it.  Upon rescuing the Humanoid, set it loose on the planet surface by flying your ship to the surface and 'dropping it off'.  Once all Humanoids have been consumed, the game is over.

You go face to face with Landers on the first level and as the game progresses, you will find yourself dealing with even more dangerous enemies.  Eventually, Yellow Slim Baiters will appear, along with Pods, Bombers and Swarmers.

To complete a level, you must destroy all Landers and Mutants, along with all other aliens except for the Baiters.  Once you complete a level, you will be awarded 100 points for each remaining Humanoid.  At the end of the second level, you get 200 points for each Humanoid left alive, 300 points per Humanoid after the third wave, and up to a maximum of 500 points in the fifth and following levels.  Good luck!

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