80 Questions About the 80s, Answers
This is the answer list I found with the questions, there still may be some mistakes, and I know there aren't answers to some of the questions. So please feel free to help me fill them in.

The Answers

  1. What was the British equivalent of "We Are The World?"
    "Do They Know It's Christmas?" by Band-Aid, founded by Midge Ure and Bob Geldof. It also occured before "We Are The World"
  2. Name six members of the Brat Back
    • Emilio Estevez
    • Judd Nelson
    • Ally Sheedy
    • Molly Ringwald
    • Anthony Michael Hall
    • Andrew McCarthy
    • Demi Moore

  3. What Liverpool band popularized the Doors' "People Are Strange?" in the 80's?
    Echo and the Bunnymen, from the 1987 movie, "The Lost Boys."
  4. Who had the trademark saying "Nanoo Nanoo?"
    Character: Mork from Ork. Actor: Robin Williams
  5. What was the original name of Duran Duran?
    They were called RAF, short for Royal Air Force. Some people have said Barbarella, but that was the name of the Jane Fonda movie in which they got their name from the character, Duran Duran. Some have said Arcadia, but that was the band formed by Simon, Nick and Roger after D2 broke up.
  6. What was the name of ET's favorite candy?
    It was supposed to be M and M's, but for whatever reason Spielberg was not able to work out something with them, so ET's favorite candy was Reese's Pieces.
  7. What did people desperately tried to avoid getting on "Press Your Luck?"
    The Whammy!
  8. Name 3 books by Judy Blume or Beverly Cleary

    Judy Blume

    • Superfudge!
    • Are you there God? Its me Margaret
    • Then again, maybe I Won't
    • Blubber

    Beverley Cleary

    • Ramona the Pest
    • Beezus and Ramona
    • Ramona Quimby, age 4

  9. Who was the leader of the Transformers?
    Optimus Prime The Decepticon's leader was Megatron.
  10. Where did the Superfriends congregate and watch the latest happenings on a big screen TV?
    Hall of Justice
  11. What group did New Order evolve from?
    Joy Division, after singer Ian Curtis killed himself on the night before they were to embark on their tour of the US. The guitarist and keyboardist, Barney Sumner became the new lead singer and Gillian Gilbert, whom JD had previously recruited in a club to play keyboards because Bernard had cut his hand in a dressing room fight involving bottles, was taken aboard as keyboardist. Barney Sumner was in fact born Bernard Dicken, he became Albrecht on stage in mid-1978 as it was the name of a company he liked and to annoy the band's critics of their supposed Nazi sympathising tendencies. He changed it to Sumner (which I think, from memory, was his mother's maiden name) but I think it was between the release of "Power, Corruption and Lies" in 1983 and "Low-Life" in 1985.
  12. What were the names of Kevin's best friend and girl friend on "The Wonder Years?"
    Paul (friend) & Winnie (girlfriend)
  13. What was the name of the mechanical bear on Battlestar Galactica?
    Muffet 2. and he wasn't a bear, he was an electronic dagget (dog), because all of the real daggets (including Muffet 1) were killed in the Cylon invasion of the colonies.
  14. What commercial was Michael Jackson singing for when his hair caught on fire?
  15. Who was the 4th child on "Growing Pains?"
  16. Name 3 Strawberry Shortcake characters (besides Strawberry Shortcake)
    • Huckleberry Pie
    • Raspberry Tart
    • Lemon Merengue
    • Purple Pie Man (her nemesis)
    • Blueberry Muffin

  17. What, according to GI Joe, was "Half the battle"?
    Knowing is half the battle
  18. What was the name of the Bjork-fronted 80's band?
    The Sugarcubes.
  19. Who lamented about "No chocolate-covered candy hearts to give away and no wedding Saturday within the month of June"?
    Stevie Wonder
  20. What famous Wham! frontman went on to record a multiplatinum record in 1987?
    George Michael. His album, "Faith"
  21. What was Dustin Hoffman's character's name in "Rain Man?"
    Raymond Babbitt
  22. Name all five New Kids On The Block.
    • Danny
    • Donny
    • Jordan
    • Joe
    • Jon

  23. What was the name of the show that featured Larry Appleton and his zany foreign cousin?
    "Perfect Strangers"
  24. Who played Sarah Connor in 1984's "Terminator"?
    Linda Hamilton
  25. Name 8 Muppets from "The Muppet Show".
    • Miss Piggy
    • Animal
    • Scooter
    • Kermit
    • Ralph
    • The Swedish Chef
    • Gonzo
    • Fozzie
    • Beaker
    • Lou Zealand
    • Waldor and Statler
    • Robin
    • Dr. Teeth
    • Janice
    • Sam the Eagle

  26. Who was the actress that played Ferris Bueller's sister? Hint: Patrick Swayze showed her "the time of her life" in a movie a couple years later.
    Jennifer Grey.
  27. Who was the original singer of Los Lobos' 1987 hit "La Bamba"?
    Ritchie Valens. From the movie of his life in the summer of '87
  28. What was the name of the once Morrissey-fronted band in the 80's?
    The Smiths.
  29. Who was the actress that made waves in 1984's "Splash"?
    Dayl Hannah.
  30. Who was the lead actress in the famous bomb "Grease 2"?
    A young Michelle Pfiffer
  31. What craft toy involved cutting plastic figures, coloring them in, and then baking them in the oven?
    Shrinky Dinks
  32. Name 3 glam rock bands of the 80's.
    I'm not even going to try and list all the groups that could fit here.
  33. What planet was Spock brought back to life on?
    Genesis, his "Katra" was restored into his head by a Vulcan priestess on Vulcan.
  34. Name 3 of the actors from "The Goonies"
    • Cory Feldman was Mouth
    • Sean Astin was Mikey
    • Key Hu Quan as Data
    • Martha Plimpton

  35. What was the famous line uttered by an old woman in Wendy's ads?
    "Where's The Beef?" Later became a political joke in the year of '84. the late Clara Peller.
  36. Name the four ghosts from Pac-Man.
    • Blinky
    • Pinky
    • Inky
    • Clyde

  37. What were the names of the Saturday morning cartoon critters who lived in air-vents and befriended a boy who kept their secret hidden?
    The Littles.
  38. Name Eddie Murphy's skit about vocabulary on Saturday Night Live.
    "Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood".
  39. What was the name of Michael Knight's car?....now, what was the name of his boss?
    K.I.T.T., Knight Industries Two Thousand.
    His boss was Devon Miles.
  40. What actor mouthed the line "Whatch you talkin' 'bout Willis?"
    Gary Coleman of "Different Strokes."
  41. Who played Axel Foley's best friend in Detroit?
    Paul Riser
  42. What was the name of the funky van Scooby Doo and friends rode in?
    The Mystery Machine.
  43. To what does the obscure song "Turning Japanese" refer?
    It is about masturbation.
  44. Which red-head won Star Search and then went on a shopping mall singing tour that took America by storm in 1987 and 1988?
  45. Which band had members Robert palmer, Andy and John Taylor, and Tony Thompson?
    The one-album project band, The Power Station.
  46. What were the names of all five Huxtable kids on "The Cosby Show?"
    • Sondra
    • Denise
    • Theo
    • Vanessa
    • Rudy

  47. What were the names of the four Golden Girls?
    • Dorothy
    • Rose
    • Sophia Petrillo
    • Blanche

  48. What was the claymation Domino's Pizza thing to avoid?
    The Noid!
  49. What oldies song was revived by the movie about a certain principal named Joe Clark?
    Lean On Me, but Club Nouveau went to number one with their version a year before with Lou Rawl's number one classic was revived.
  50. What was the name of Ripley's ship in Aliens? (not Alien or Alien3)
    SULACO was the Marines Cruiser she was on, NARCISSUS which was the shuttle that Ripley used to escape from the NOSTROMO from the first movie.
  51. What TV actress co-starred in 1986's "Howard The Duck"?
    Lea Thompson
  52. Name 5 movies made by John Hughes in the 1980's.
    Courtesy of Greg Preece
    • National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (1989)
    • Uncle Buck (1989)
    • Great Outdoors, The (1988)
    • She's Having a Baby (1988)
    • Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987)
    • Some Kind of Wonderful (1987)
    • Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986)
    • Pretty in Pink (1986)
    • Weird Science (1985)
    • National Lampoon's European Vacation (1985)
    • Breakfast Club, The (1985)
    • Sixteen Candles (1984)
    • Mr. Mom (1983)
    • National Lampoon's Vacation (1983)
    • Nate and Hayes (1983)
    • National Lampoon's Class Reunion (1982)

  53. What was the first video played on MTV?
    Video Killed The Radio Star by The Buggles, on August 1, 1981
  54. What was the name of Garfield's teddy bear?
  55. What was the name of the bartender on "The Love Boat"?
  56. Who was the head villian on "The Smurfs" and what was his cat's name?
    Gargamel and Azreal
  57. What was the name of the guy who couldn't enunciate on "The Fat Albert Show?"
  58. What was the name of the hollow hole-covered plastic ball kids used to hit instead of a baseball?
    Wiffle ball.
  59. What was the name of the singer who died in Robotech's first generation?
    Min-meiI'm told this is wrong, anyone know for sure?
  60. What was the name of Bo and Luke Duke's automobile?
    General Lee
  61. Name 2 of the original 5 MTV VeeJays
    • Matha Quinn
    • J.J Jackson
    • Alan Hunter
    • Nina Blackwood
    • Mark Goodman

  62. What German siren sang "99 Luftballons" (known in the US as "99 Red Balloons")?
  63. Name the 4th original member of Depeche Mode who left the band, formed Yaz, and then went on form a more-lasting group.
    Vince Clarke. Who after Yaz broke up, went to form The Assembly, which was supposed to have a new guest each time (sort of like the founder of the group The The) The Assembly only had one minor hit titled "Never Never" which starred Fergal Sharkey. Vince Clarke then formed Erasure.
  64. What group sang "Come On Eileen"?
    Dexy's Midnight Runners.
  65. What speed did Marty have to reach in order to activate the flux capacitor? (once you remember the movie, this should be easy)
    88 miles an hour
  66. Name the two mega-popular bands which got their start on college-radio in Athens, Georgia?
    REM and the B-52s.
  67. What was the name of the heroic boy in "The Never Ending Story?
    Atreyu was the name of the warrior boy who helped fight the nothing on Fantasia, the world of mankinds hopes and dreams, Bastian is the name of the earth boy reading the story that has to give the empress a new name.
  68. So, who shot JR?
    J.R. Ewing was shot by Kristin Sheppard (Sue Ellen's sister). Bobby Ewing's death (at the hands of Katherine Wentworth) was all a dream.
  69. What kind of sword did Thundar the Barbarian have?
    A Sun Sword!! Ukla! Arial! Riiiide!
  70. What was the name of He-Man's magician sidekick?
  71. What band sang the theme song to "The Breakfast Club?"
    Simple Minds "Don't You (Forget About Me)
  72. Name the 4 girls from the "Facts of Life" and their chaperone.
    Edna Garret was the chaperone.
    • Tootie
    • Natalie
    • Blair
    • Jo

  73. What gothic rock group did Tones on Tail become?
    Well, beforehand, I believe a couple of them were in Bauhaus. Later, they formed Love and Rockets (based on the very good underground comics magazine from Canada)
  74. What were the names of the host and his sidekick on "Fantasy Island"?
    Mr. Rourke and Tattoo.
  75. Name Buck Rodgers' pal
  76. What was the movie that starred the little furry creatures from "Return of the Jedi"?
    "Escape from Endor"
  77. What was Tom Cruise's call sign in the movie "Top Gun"?
    Maverick. Val Kilmer was Iceman.
  78. Who got his 100-meter dash gold medal stripped away due to his steroid use in the 1988 Olympics?
    Ben Johnson.
  79. Who sang "Shattered Dreams" in 1987?
    Johnny Hates Jazz. Went to number two, dropped down, then rose back to number two. Then they disappeared.
  80. Who played Ming of Mongo in "Flash Gordon"?
    Max Von Sydow

Bonus Questions

  1. What were Club Nouveu originally known as?

  2. What Nena's very minor hit follow up?

  3. The Assembly starred Fergal Sharkey, he was once the lead singer of what band?

  4. What solo hit did Fergal Sharkey have a couple years later?

  5. Dallas Questions
    1. How did Kristyn die?
    2. Who Shot Bobby?
    3. What role did Barbara Carrera play in the "dream season"?
    4. Did Sue Ellen ever kick the alcohol habit?
    5. How many miscarriages did Pamela Ewing have?
    6. What famous movie actor (actual name and his role) did Sue Ellen have an affair with one season?
    7. How many times did J.R.'s cousin, Jamie Ewing come close to death or die?
    8. What was Jamie Ewing actress' name and what 70s/80s comedy was she in (she was the big clutz in that show)?
    9. How many times did the character, Lucy, leave the show, and how many times did she marry Mitch?
  6. What famous rock star is the leader of Simple Minds married to?

  7. Name the origianl "Facts of Life" girls, And who was their new chaperone in their final season?
    Cloris Leachman was the actress who played the "chaperone." The first season, of course, included Molly Ringwald.
    • Blair Warner
    • Dorothy "Tootie" Ramsey
    • Natalie Green
    • Sue Ann Weaver
    • Nancy (no last name)
    • Cindy Baker
    • Molly
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