Benefits of the Eighties

The eighties saw the advent of several benefits which received world-wide attention. Events like these don't really seem to gain the same kind of mass appeal they once had with very few exceptions. If you would like to help me out with a description of each of these events, I would welcome it.

Amnesty International Secret Policeman's Balls
Artists United Against Apartheid
Band Aid's "Do They Know It's Christmas?"
One of the first benefit oriented songs released. Check out the page we have devoted to Band Aid's "Do They Know It's Christmas?".
Band f�r Africa
Germany had their answer to Band Aid with the song "Nackt im wind" (Translated: Naked in the wind)
And Norway made up a contribution: Foretnte Artister: "Sammen for livet" (Transleted: United Artists "Together for the Life") Beside: There's a little error in your "Hearing Aid" it should be Hear 'n' Aid. (The song title was "We are Stars"). And Dio did not made the first Metal contribution to Africa Aid, because Sweedish Metal Aid with "Give A Helpin' Hand" was out before Dio's project
Chanteurs Sans Frontieres
Following We are the world, a group of french musicians lead by Renaud did the same, in 1985, and published the song "Ethiopie"
Do They Know It's Christmas by Band-Aid II
The 1989 re-make of the 1984 original. 50 artists including Bananarama (who, incidently, were the only artists to re-appear)
Farm Aid
Ferry Aid
'Let It Be' was recorded to raise money for survivors and victims of the zeebrugge ferry tragedy which occurred in early 1987
features:mark king(level 42)boy george,george michael,paul mccartney,paul young,tony hadley,brian may plus many more
Forces Favourites(End Conscription Campaign)
Eleven songs by South African musicians supporting the End Conscription Campaign against the South African Defence Force.
Unlike "Sun City" by Artists United Against Apartheid, this 1986 album contains artists not as well known in the west and is aimed primarily against the South African military for it's enforcement of Apartheid, occupation of Namibia, and wars waged against neighboring countries.
Hands Across America
An attempt to get enough (millions of) volunteers to join hands in order to stretch coast to coast to show unity in support of some cause that pretty much got lost in the media hype.
Hearing Aid
Heavy metal version of Live Aid started by Dio.
Live Aid's "We Are The World"
The Us' answer to the UK's Band Aid. We have a whole page devoted to Live Aid's "We Are The World" here at inthe80s
Northern Lights
Following We are the world, a group of canadian musicians did the same, in 1985, and published the song "Tears Are Not Enough" on the We Are The World LP
Open Your Heart
Vancouver based benefit album including tracks by Kd Lang,Randy Bachman and 54-40.Released March 1985.
The title song,written by Id Guinness and Duane O'Kane features Kd lag.
This was the Two Tone answer to Feed the World. For the famine in Ethopia the big names in 2 Tone/Ska did this song - can't remember the orignal artist - but in this version tehre were the likes of The Specials, Madness, The British(English) Beat and others. Starvation - its spreading accross the nation there must be someway to help this situation...Whether you are a black ad red or an indian...
Much better than the over hyped over commercialised make me famopurs, make me a knight Feed the World. Although it wouldnt have raised as much money - I suspect the artists got less out of it and it was therefore a more genuine gesture.
Tam Tam pour l'Ethiopie / Starvation
Following Band Aid, a group of African musicians based in France and a group of reggae musicians based in the UK did the same, in 1985
Willie And The Poor Boys
An album of covers by a super band lead by Bill Wyman, including Charlie Watts, Jimmy Page, Chris Rea, Geraint Watkins, Mickey Gee, Andy Fairweather Low, Ray Cooper, Willie Garnett, Steve Gregory, Paul Rodgers, Kenny Jones, Henry Spinetti, Terry Williams. Benefits were for Multiple Sclerosis treatments, if I remember well. It was published in 1985
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