Top Ten Lists of Eighties Movies

The concept is pretty easily, pick your ten favorite movies from the eighties. The hard part? I want JUST movies from the eighties, not movies you might have seen during the eighties. Also, try and avoid movies that came out after the eighties if possible, 1990 is pretty borderline, I won't scream too loudly if you add one that is from then...

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By: Runaway
By: Rob
  • 10. Little Shop Of Horrors
    More Rick Moranis.
  • 9. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
    PARTY ON!!!!
  • 8. Dirty Dancing
    My reason is confidential. It has nothing to do with perversion, lust, or jealously.
  • 7. Ghostbusters
    It's the whole SNL cast thing, get my drift? And Rick Moranis.
  • 6. Revenge Of The Nerds
    Another hilarious here.
  • 5. Back To The Future
    The plot is great and it's the only time-travel movie that I don't question.
  • 4. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    One Word: Hilarious!
  • 3. The Breakfast Club
    I can't explain it. I just love this movie.
  • 2. Top Gun
    Soudntrack rules, its action-packed, and it was very innovative for its time.
  • 1. Blues Brothers
    One of the greatest movies of all time. All-star cast, endless comedy, and, well, The Blues Brothers!
I like comedy.
By: Marisa
By: HersIsAngels
  • 10. Mischief
  • 9. Incredbile Shrinking Woman
  • 8. Desperate Lives
  • 7. Troll
  • 6. Rad
  • 5. Blue Skies Again
  • 4. Old Enough
  • 3. Night Of The Comet
  • 2. Breakin' 2 : Electric Boogaloo
  • 1. Legend Of Billie Jean
By: Jessie
By: Jenny
By: Jon Milar
  • 10. Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure
  • 9. Adventures In Babysitting
  • 8. Top Gun
    "You lost that loving feeling," if you didnt have this on your list.
  • 7. Ghostbusters II
  • 6. Commando
  • 5. Ghostbusters
  • 4. The Goonies
  • 3. Transformers The Movie
  • 2. National Lampoons Vacation
    I am so hungry i could eat a gas station sandwich.
  • 1. G.I. Joe The Movie
By: Laci
  • 10. Princess Bride
    "Have you the wing?"
  • 9. Dirty Dancing
    "I'm afraid of walking out of this room and never feeling the way I feel when I'm with you.." (or something like that)
  • 8. National Lampoons Vacation
    Clark: What if you got to Florida and it was Closed? Roy: They don't close Florida
  • 7. Footloose
    I don't have a quote.. Kevin Bacon is just hot!
  • 6. The Goonies
    "Ruuth.. Baby Ruth"
  • 5. The Breakfast Club
    "Ralph.. as in puke.."
  • 4. Ferris Bueler's Day Off
    "They all adore him, they think he's a righteous dude!" "When Cameron was in Egypts Land...Let my Cameron go.."
  • 3. Shag The Movie
  • 2. Sixteen Candles
    Jake: Make a wish... Samantha: It already came true.
  • 1. Valley Girl
    "Man he's just like tripendicular"
I LOVE THE 80s! thats all! :)
By: anthony ardita
  • 10. Creepshow
    romero and king at their creative best.
  • 9. Robocop
    a very entertaning movie. a instant classic
  • 8. The Legend
    compelling and livid, legend shines as one of the most imagintive tales of swords and sorcery. tim curry's performance is captivating.
  • 7. Hellraiser
    the thriller that first encompassed pain as a passion and death as a release. still to this day a monolith in terror
  • 6. The Fly
    a herald in movie magic, the fly traverses into a realm where catastophie and eagerness collide, with often mutagenic results. disgustingly competent
  • 5. Godzilla 1985
    the best zilla movie to grace american soil. more mature and edgy than past zilla flics with an engaging cast and riviting special effects
  • 4. Day Of The Dead
    an absoulte armitage in cult classics.this innard soaked shocker entrenches all zombie movies, even his prior efforts. a must have
  • 3. The Blob 1988
    compelling and diabolic in unity, the blob is among the most recognized of remakes, such as the thing and the fly. gory but incredibly engrossing
  • 2. Evil Dead
    an all out splatterfest. wonderfully orignal with some truly unique creature effects. an assault on the senses. beware
  • 1. The Thing Circa 1982
    no other movie captures isolation and paranoia like this classic remake. the enviorment and cast are riviting, and the antagonist is terrifying.
By: christy
By: Big Bee
  • 10. Caddyshack
    I probably should have moved it into a different spot (closer to #1) but still makes the list
  • 9. Raiders Of The Lost Ark
    Coolest Opening ever!
  • 8. Back To The Future II
    The hover board makes the movie
  • 7. All Rocky's
    Most influential Movies of all-time
  • 6. Top Gun
    Danger Zone
  • 5. Blues Brothers
    One of the best musical/comedy of all-time
  • 4. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    It is timeless!
  • 3. Rain Man
    The best acting performance I've ever seen by an actor: Dustin Hoffman
  • 2. Back To The Future
    Awesome movie
  • 1. National Lampoons Vacation
    One of the funniest of All-Time
By: Jessica
  • 10. Harry And The Hendersons
    There is no need to comment the movie speaks for itself.
  • 9. The Boy Who Could Fly
    This movie taught me all about treating people that were different. Plus stars a very young Fred Savage.
  • 8. Fast Times At Ridgemont High
    This movie was the first of it's kind so it has to go on my list!
  • 7. Stand by Me
    I laughed, I cried what can I say I think this movie had it all. It's a classic.
  • 6. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
    It's an all star cast of Sarah Jessica Parker, Helen Hunt and Shannon Dorhety. The movies is great for girls night in!
  • 5. Over The Top
    I wish Slyvester Stallone would do more movies like this. A movie about the underground world of professional arm wrestling it's ingenius!
  • 4. The Princess Bride
    Come on it's got Andre "The Giant" and 3 foot rats, I had to pick it.
  • 3. She's Out Of Control
    I don't know any quotes but I love this movie. It just makes you want to have a complete makeover.
  • 2. The Ghostbusters
    "Alright, who brought the dog?" This movie is hysterical everytime.
  • 1. The Goonies
    Who didn't wish they were on a pirate ship with Josh Brolin? "Shame,shame, shame I know your name."
By: Carmie
  • 10. Can't Buy Me Love
    "It's the African Anteater ritual!" I saw it with "License to Drive" (remember when you got to see TWO movies?) when I was in junior high and still love it to this day.
  • 9. Labyrinth
    I wanted to be Jennifer Connelly so bad back wear that ballgown and dance with Bowie. Come to think of it, I wouldn't mind being her now, either.
  • 8. The Goonies
    This was the first movie we got on VHS in '85. My best friend had just gotten a beta (and I was SO jealous!). Still, we both wished we could be on that waterslide.
  • 7. Sixteen Candles
    I had my own moment in '91 when my family forgot my 16th birthday. That's when I learned that it's only funny until it happens to you--LOL!
  • 6. National Lampoon's Vacation
    I haven't even bothered to watch the sequels. This is one of the funniest movies ever made. "The moose says you're closed, I say you're open!"
  • 5. Say Anything
    Say anything...just don't say it with a pen!
  • 4. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    What a great movie...and it still holds up. "It's understanding that makes it easier for people like us to tolerate a person such as yourself."
  • 3. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
    I've grown up watching Sarah Jessica Parker...this is my favorite of her films. And it has Richard Blade, who WAS L.A. radio in the '80s!
  • 2. Fast Times At Ridgemont High
    "Listen sir, if you don't shut up, I'm going to kick 100% of your ass!" My all-time favorite quote from that film.
  • 1. Valley Girl
    In my opinion, Nicholas Cage has never been more "tripendicular" than when he was in this movie. And the soundtrack...long live the Furs!
By: Cathy
  • 10. Mr. Boogedy
    :) I just remember really liking this movie :)
  • 9. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    Ferris was brilliant...and, the principal went though an *aweful* lot just to catch him, talk about having a life :P
  • 8. Back To The Beach
    Frankie and Annette, wonderful pair...I had to put this in...I have to admire Annette's solution to everything "Let's have a pajama party!" :)
  • 7. The Breakfast Club
    "Does Barry Manilow know that you raid his wardrobe?" Guess every highschool was basically the same!
  • 6. Steel Magnolias
    Ms. Weezer and her sarcasm was great "what a gentleman, I bet he takes the dishes out of the sink before he pees in it"
  • 5. Sixteen Candles
    "Hey sexy girlfriend" Long duc Dong was hilarious, and can you *imagine* your grandparents grabbing your chest!!!!
  • 4. The Goonies
    "Hey you guys!" Finding a treasure would be sweet! Gave every kid something to hope for
  • 3. Fast Times @ Ridgemont High
    "There's no birthday party for me here" Gotta love spicolli !!!
  • 2. Dirty Dancing
    The song @ the end...over and over again :) "I carried a watermelon" Great! :)
  • 1. Stand By Me
    It truly *is* a classic. I still use the "two for flinching" :) Kiefer Sutherland plays such a bad guy, that I *sill* hate him today!!
NightMare on Elm St. was a fav of mine, Robert Englund is fantastic. The Gremlins, Pretty in Pink (Molly always got such good guys!) and Ghostbusters were also really cool :) 80s movies rocked!!!!
By: matt
  • 10. ET
    Wonderfully directed, a beautiful film.
  • 9. Short Circuit 2
    More of a classic than the first one, if only for the man talking about Operating Systems, whilst lasering into a bank with an Amstrad.
  • 8. Back To The Future
  • 7. The Naked Gun
    Leslie Nielsen, who later went on to appear in the Red Rock Cider Adverts (Rick Cousens moment there)
  • 6. Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure
    George Carlin and Circle K - gushing.
  • 5. Big
    Shimmy Shimmy Coco Pop!
  • 4. WarGames
    Matthew Broderick starts a war with a Trash 80.
  • 3. UHF
    Weird Al Yankovic in this cult classic
  • 2. Ghostbusters
    Never beaten
  • 1. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    the ultimate 80s film
I am a geek comedian.
By: Tory Amaro
  • 10. Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure
    I couldn't decide on my last one, so I put my brother's favorite.
  • 9. Girls Just Want To Have Fun
    Really cute.
  • 8. Mask
    Sweet movie, Cher does a good job.
  • 7. Lost Boys
    Great vampire movie!
  • 6. Footloose
    I would never be able to live in their town!
  • 5. Heathers
    I absolutely love this movie, but I think you need to watch it a couple of times to really enjoy it. And also read the screenplay.
  • 4. Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael
    A lot of people didn't like this movie, but I loved it.
  • 3. Moonstruck
    Soo sweet!
  • 2. The Breakfast Club
    Everyone has to see this, whether they like the 80's or not.
  • 1. Dirty Dancing
    Every time I watch it it's good, that's amazing!
For Keeps, Fresh Horses, Mermaids, all 80's movies are good!!!
By: New Wave
  • 10. Brazil (1985)
    Terry Gilliam's retro-future world
  • 9. Christmas Story, A (1983)
    You'll Shoot Your Eye Out! Classic more fun for kids than It's a Wonderful Life
  • 8. Full Metal Jacket (1987)
    Stanley Kubrick Vietnam film the next best after Apocalypse Now (1979)
  • 7. Princess Bride (1987)
    a classic fairy tale
  • 6. Shining (1980)
    Heeeeeeeeere's Johnny! - Red Rum ! - Stanley Kubrick makes the best Stephen King film ever
  • 5. Aliens (1986)
    space Aliens at their best ever
  • 4. Blade Runner (1982)
    replicant hunter - Sci-Fi at it's best
  • 3. Amadeus (1984)
    incredible story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • 2. Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
    the Adventure Continues one of the best Star Wars films - we are introduced to Yoda
  • 1. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)
    from the creators of JAWS and STAR WARS, Steven Spielberg & George Lucas make a fun winner
other's Airplane! (1980), Thing (1982), Back to the Future (1985), This Is Spinal Tap (1984), Terminator(1984), E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982), Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986)
By: Sean
Movies that just missed out include Red Dawn, Alien, ET, V, The Neverending Story, Karate Kid, Fletch, 007 The Living Daylights among others.
By: Hi there

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