Top Ten Lists of Eighties Movies

The concept is pretty easily, pick your ten favorite movies from the eighties. The hard part? I want JUST movies from the eighties, not movies you might have seen during the eighties. Also, try and avoid movies that came out after the eighties if possible, 1990 is pretty borderline, I won't scream too loudly if you add one that is from then...

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By: Amanda
  • 10. Vacation
    Who could forget those Griswalds?
  • 9. The Flamingo Kid
    Once again, another movie starring Matt Dillon.
  • 8. E.T.
    One of the most memorable movies of the 80's.
  • 7. Risky Buisness
    "Are you ready for me, Ralph?"
  • 6. Ferris Beuller's Day Off
  • 5. St. Elmos Fire
    St. Elmo's Fire is "spraying hair spray into a lighter".
  • 4. Secret Admirer
    C. Thomas Howell and Lori Loughin star in this romantic comedy.
  • 3. The Outsiders
    Hottie Matt Dillon stars as Dallas "Dally" Winston.
  • 2. The Breakfast Club
    This movie is a classic.
  • 1. Sixteen Candles
    An extremley funny movie!
By: Sandor Tanczos (HUNGARY)
  • 10. The Thing
    Scary, frosty, incalculable, just one THING...
  • 9. Predator
    I'm just waiting for the fight of the 80's best monsters: Alien vs Predator!!!
  • 8. The Return of the Living Dead
    The funniest horror movie of the history...
  • 7. Indiana Jones Series
    Fun, adventure and Harrison Ford...
  • 6. Platoon
    True and sad part of the american history...
  • 5. Highlander
    Everybody's dream...immortality?
  • 4. Return of the Jedi
    Great end of the great "legend"...
  • 3. Die Hard
    100% action...
  • 2. The Terninator
  • 1. ALIENS
By: emily
  • 10. Back To The Future
    Remember when 2015 seemed soooo far away?!?!?
  • 9. License To Drive
    The two Corey's had me cracking up! I love the scene where the car goes over the cliff and lands perfectly in that parking space!
  • 8. National Lampoon's Vacation
    Chevy Chase is great in this movie!
  • 7. The Breakfast Club
  • 6. Ferris Beuller's Day Off
  • 5. The Lost Boys
    I'm not really into vampire movies, but I loved this one!
  • 4. Say Anything
  • 3. The Goonies
    I never get sick of this one either! They should make this movie into a ride at an amusement park!
  • 2. Stand By Me
    Who can forget the pie eating contest scene! Talk about gross!
  • 1. Dirty Dancing
    My favorite movie of all time! I've probably seen it 50 times and I never get sick of it!
Other great movies: The Karate Kid, Ghostbusters, Pretty In Pink, Once Bitten, Better Off Dead, A Christmas Story, Howard The Duck, Big
By: Kim
By: Ryan Curry
  • 10. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
    A good combination of drama, action, and a little comedy.
  • 9. Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark
    This is a great adventure story, and Harrison Ford does an excellent job.
  • 8. Dead Poet's Society
    "You may contribute a verse."
  • 7. National Lampoon's Christmas Vaction
    My favourite part is when the cat gets electrocuted.
  • 6. Airplane!
    I am serious, and don't call me Shirley."
  • 5. National Lampoon's Vacation
    "As long as you don't tie me to the rear bumper."
  • 4. The Goonies
    My favorite character is the little Chinese kid with his gadgets.
  • 3. Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
    The last episode of the thrilling saga.
  • 2. Clue
    "I can't unlock the door without the key!"
  • 1. Fletch
The 80's was a great movie making era from start to finish.
By: Whit and chesca
  • 10. National Lampoons Vacation
    My dad says im the best kisser.
  • 9. Animal House
    Toga Toga Toga...
  • 8. Pretty In Pink
    Is it alright if I admire you again this day?
  • 7. Sixteen Candles
    I cant believe my grandparents just felt me up.
  • 6. Dirty Dancing
    Nobody puts baby in a corner.
  • 5. Flashdance
  • 4. Back To The Future
    "Marty Mcfly"
  • 3. A Few Good Men
  • 2. The Breakfast Club
    To the outside world they were simply the jock, the brain, the criminal, the princess and the kook. But to each other they would always be the breakfast club.
  • 1. The Goonies
    goonies never say die...
There were so many others we wanted to put on this list but these are the top movies.
By: Kayla
By: Michelle
By: tiffany
So many great 80's movies so little time :)
  • 10. Poltergeist
    I Think I Was 4 When I Saw This Couldnt Sleep Too Good For The Next 6 Years
  • 9. Back To The Future
  • 8. Roadhouse
    Bars Women Fighting
  • 7. Once Bitten
    I Think It Was One Of Jim Careys 1st Movies.better Get A Shovel Cause Ur In Deep Shit.
  • 6. Pee Wees Big Adventure
    Too Funny
  • 5. Teen Wolf
    Michael J Fox Turns Into A Wolf While Playing Basketball An The Refs Act Like Nothing Happened An Continued Playing
  • 4. The Karate Kid
    Put Him In A Body Bag Johny Hehehehehe
  • 3. Rad
    Cru Jones Bart Taylor The Reynolds Twins Thats Radtical
  • 2. Topgun
    Thats 2 O'S In Goose
  • 1. Footloose
By: 80's child
  • 10. A Nightmare on Elm Street
    This was a great movie. Freddy is the man. I know there where a lot of horror movies in the 80's but I just decided to pick this one cuz it's so creative.
  • 9. Batman
    Love this movie. Love Batman. I thought Kim Basinger was SO FINE in this movie.
  • 8. Rocky 3
    Mr. T is one of my favorite 80's icons. He was tough but also a good person. In this role he was just straight up MEAN AND TOUGH. Loved it! Stallone is one of my favorites also. This was my favorite Rocky movie.
  • 7. Teen Wolf
    My boy Micheal J fox in probably my fav film of his. It's not as big as other 80's movies but definately a great movie. Even had a cartoon that I used to watch back in 86.
  • 6. Sixteen Candles
    Yeah I think Molly Ringwald is kinda sexy. LOL! I'm not ashamed to admit it. Good movie dripping with 80's culture.
  • 5. Weird Science
    I love this movie! Anthony Michael is the man! He plays Gary and his friend is Wyatt. They create a woman with their computer and just have a fun time over the weeked while Wyatt's parents are gone.
  • 4. The Last Dragon
    Bruce Leeroy vs Shonuff! 80's classic with the fresh styles and music of the era.
  • 3. Disorderlies
    Another Hip Hop flick with the Fat Boys. Love those guys!
  • 2. Krush Groove
    Hip Hop when it was still a baby and fun to listen to without a lot of cussing, gun talk, sex, and stupid phrases.
  • 1. E.T.
    Very close to my heart. Came out in 82 the same year I was born, and the ONLY movie to ALMOST make me cry. Very touching.
I love 80's movies and there were a lot I missed. These are just 10 that I really love. I wish there was a top 20 or 30 list of 80's movies then I could add more.
By: The Coreys
By: SW
  • 10. Big
    Tom Hanks is great
  • 9. Poltergeist
    Very scary. Big hit, until Speilburg's other film, E.T., knocked it out of first place of the box office. Regardless, gigantic movie. Haunted.
  • 8. Terms of Endearment
    Huge hit. Amazing film with Debra Winger. Very, very sad.
  • 7. When Harry Met Sally
    Great movie. Every one has seen it! Meg Ryan stands out! Very good actor.
  • 6. Xanadu
    Amazing music. Rent it. Stars the beautiful and talented Olivia Newton-John
  • 5. The Money Pit
    Tom Hanks and Shelley Long are great in this movie! Rent it! They both transform theirselves into characters we've never seen.
  • 4. Troop Beverly Hills
    Shelley Long is beyond halarious in this film. Not a hit, but has become a classic. She's a great actess.
  • 3. Steel Magnolias
    This is an Academy Award worthy movie. Great actors. Sally Field and Julia Roberts shines.
  • 2. Overboard
    Not a hit, until it came out on video. Goldie Hawn is amazing.
  • 1. The Karen Carpenter Story
    An amazing movie about the amazing singer.
Karen Carpenter died in 1983 from years of starvation. Therefore, the only good memory of the eighties are the movies.
By: Annie
  • 10. Fast times at Ridgemont high
    It's what the 80's were all about.
  • 9. The Labrynth
    David bowie is sooo magical, he should read bedtime stories to kids. No one can stop Bowie he is a machine great records, great movies.
  • 8. Ghostbusters
    It stars Dan Ackyroyd can you ask for more? I'm a chid of the late 80's but thoes effects must have been something else altogether, sure shows up starwars.
  • 7. Top Gun
    Tom cruse at his prime, he has the gift of military movies. It gets the blood flowing.
  • 6. Flashdance
    It makes you want to dane.(don't deny it we all bust a few moves after seeing that one!!)
  • 5. The Breakfast Club
    Ok aditmit it we all tried to pull that off in detention, and I started eating Captin crunch and sugar sandwich's.
  • 4. Earth Girls Are Easy
    I was extreemly disappointed to not see this on any list, it was be a bit far fetched but hillarious none the less. A must have for every 80's collection
  • 3. Sixteen Candels
    Molly Ringwald your my God!!! She is the face of the 80's. Every guy wanted her and all the girls wanted to be her. "I can't believe I gave my panties to a geek!"
  • 2. Pretty in Pink
    no words will do it justice.
  • 1. ferris bullers day off
    Well this has been my favourtie movie since I was four, and only gets better with age. It's the reason I skip class, and dance on floats.
Crazy site, I spend many hours here. you should include the soundtracks too.
By: Dominic Wells
  • 10. Time Bandits
    A group of midgets befallen by many terrors on their quest for loot throughout time. It sounds too good to be true, but some genius has brought it to life. And it still has, easily the most bizarre ending to a film of all time.
  • 9. The Neverending Story
    Almost forgot about this one! This is flawless fantasy viewing. It even has a big flying dog, something a lot of movies are missing.
  • 8. Ghostbusters
    Genuinely shut me up when I was a kid, and now I can enjoy it on so many more levels. Utter genius for all ages.
  • 7. Willow
    Can't believe this isn't in more people's top 10s! It's fantasy adventure at it's greatest. Magic, evil witches, warriors, small people. Ingredients for a fantastic movie, all present and correct.
  • 6. Empire Strikes Back
    Best part of the best set of movies ever made! an epic.
  • 5. Days of Thunder
    Like Top Gun, but with cars, and I prefer cars. Easily the best feel good movie ever made. "This one's for you Harry!" It still gives me a tingle.
  • 4. The Goonies
    The type of movie they just don't make any more. No snazzy special effects, no useless side line plot, just pure deidcated heartwarming adventure. Who didn't want to be a Goonie after watching this? "Hey you guys" Chunk's love for him still brings tears to my eyes.
  • 3. Stand By Me
    A fantastic movie that meant so much more than you appreciated when you were 10. Has me near tears every time.
  • 2. The Lost Boys
  • 1. The Princess Bride
    Bloody awesome film. As it said on the box, it had it all. Still watch it regularly to this day. Andre the Giant was inspired.
By: Janet
  • 10. Police Academy
    Nothing like the original. I laugh every single time I watch this movie! Great quotes: "D is for Dirtbags." "I'm going to make you hate me for the rest of your lives!"
  • 9. Back to School
    Guaranteed fun for all. Best lines - "You don't lie to me, you lie to girls!" - "I'd like to tame her shrew!"
  • 8. National Lampoon's Vacation
    No "top 10" movie list is complete without this one. Famous lines not already mentioned here: "I'm going steady and I french kiss." reply ("so, everyone does that.") "Yeah, well my daddy says I'm the best at it."
  • 7. Real Genius
    Val Kilmer plays such a smart alec in this movie I can't stand it. He has tons of lines that will crack you up, but you have to pay attention or they slip right by you.
  • 6. Raising Arizona
    This movie is a must-see if you missed it in the 80's. My favorite line is 'Son, you got a panty on your head.'
  • 5. Moonstruck
    Nicholas Cage is totally hot in this movie. Memorable lines - "Bring me the big knife!" - "I lost my hand. I lost my bride. Johnny has his hand. Johnny has his bride." - "Huh, Sweetie?!"
  • 4. The Burbs
    I can't believe this one hasn't made the list for anyone else! Tom Hanks in rare form! Great line here: "I've never seen that. I've never seen a man drive his garbage to the curb and beat the hell out of it!"
  • 3. Fletch
    "Curiously enough, your wife says we're the same build. Well, from the waist up, that is!" - a total must see DVD
  • 2. Sixteen Candles
    "What's happening hot stuff?" "No more yanky my wanky, the Donger need food!"
  • 1. Better Off Dead
    Best lines ever - "Gee, Rickie, I'm sorry your mom blew up." - "Two Dollars, I want my two dollars!"
No matter how stupid a movie is, a few classic lines will jettison it to the top of my list! I love the 80s and wish more films would incorporate such great dialogue again. I had to punt Mask to get Police Academy on there!
By: Yolanda Lyle

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