Top Ten Lists of Eighties Movies

The concept is pretty easily, pick your ten favorite movies from the eighties. The hard part? I want JUST movies from the eighties, not movies you might have seen during the eighties. Also, try and avoid movies that came out after the eighties if possible, 1990 is pretty borderline, I won't scream too loudly if you add one that is from then...

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By: Bridie
By: Brianne Bergquist
By: Giesela Mendel
  • 10. Sixteen Candles
    Really shallow, but entertaining.
  • 9. Beverly Hills Cop
    Eddie Murphy is hysterical, plus some really good action sequences.
  • 8. Footloose
    Which brings me to this one. Another good dance one with a really great soundtrack
  • 7. Dirty Dancing
    I love this movie because of course, of the dancing.
  • 6. The Sure Thing
    Not a very well known one, but I like it because it has John Cusack and I love him. Very funny, I love the beer trick in it. Him and the girl have a good chemistry between them.
  • 5. Goonies
    My favorite movie when I was like 9, even though the skeletons scared the crap out of me. Now of course I understand the humor in it a lot better, and I enjoy it even more.
  • 4. The Breakfast Club
    The most quintessential teen 80's movie in my opinion.
  • 3. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    The funniest movie I've ever seen. Has great songs, such as Dankeshane and that one with the guy with the deep voice and all he says is "oh yeah!"
  • 2. Pretty In Pink
    Again, Andrew McCarthy, I love him!!! Also great is Duckie, I think he's hilarious. I love the scene where he dances to that Otis Redding song in the record store.
  • 1. St. Elmo's Fire
    No one I know has ever seen it, but I rented it once not too long ago and fell in love with it. I watched it two or three times in the same day. IT's a great movie, I think Andrew McCarthy is really cute. I like it because it's about real adults, and deals with deeper issues than other, typical teen 80's movies do. A great song is in there- "Give her a little drop more"
By: Scott Gautreaux
  • 10. Weird Science
    Yeah this movie was beyond stupid! But the two nerds whoop the bikers in the end and get to drive the big-haired chicks home in Porsches and Ferraris. And the evil brother gets turned into some um, er, uh...blob thing.
  • 9. Alien
    Forget Jason and Freddy Kreuger...Alien was the only decently scary movie to come out of that decade. I don't know if my eyes have been wider than during that movie...had to see it on television since i wasn't old enough to see it in the theaters. But if it's ever rereleased on the big screen I'm there!
  • 8. The Blues Brothers
    Illinois nazis...I hate Illinois nazis!" -Jake Early for an 80s movie but hey...They sing, they dance, they outrun hundreds of cops through Chicago in the Bluesmobile!
  • 7. Back to the Future
    Does anybody remember seeing Huey Lewis and the News IN THE MOVIE? Not just singing The Power of Love...yep they were in it. As was Michael J Fox, Christopher Lloyd and a DeLorean. This movie gave us two very bad sequels. And to think i could have spent that money on Star Wars action figures.
  • 6. Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan
    Ricardo Montablan's only significant role other than the dude from Fantasy Island and Chrysler commercials. (Riiiiiich corrrrrinthian leather!) Who can forget Bill Shatner whooping him at the end of the movie, and Khan being covered in barbeque sauce? hehe
  • 5. Ghostbusters
    It's the Stay-Puff marshmallow man..." Groovy special effects and Bill Murray make for a good flick. And a monster title track didn't hurt either.
  • 4. Top Gun
    Fighter planes rock...and Kenny Loggins records his best song ever. And of course the saying "I feel the need, the need for speed" is like my mantra.
  • 3. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    Bueller...Bueller...Bueller... -Ben Stein Wow Mia Sara was a babe in the mid eighties...and i like the Ferrari too
  • 2. The Empire Strikes Back
    Rebel laser pistols can't hurt an AT-AT, c'mon! Although Wedge Antilles takes one down with a Snowspeeder and some cable...oh yeah and Vader is Luke's father. But dad chops off son's hand first. Talk about your strict family upbringings...can we say dysfunctional?
  • 1. Raiders of the Lost Ark
    What a great movie...snakes and bullwhips and nazis oh my!
Honorable Mentions:Return of the Jedi:only one movie per saga allowed...and Empire didn't have teddy bears. easy choice there :) A Christmas Story:A truly great movie from the 80s, but I didn't get most of the true humor of the film until, well, now. Or at least more recently than when it first came out. But I will be watching it every Christmas for hours at a's tradition! Risky Business:Okay it was too grown up for me when it first came out, but the folks had showtime and i was a teenage boy and Rebecca De Mornay was 15 years younger (YUM!). Heck come to think of it, Rebecca De Mornay now is still YUM! And of course anything with the Brat Pack was cool too!
By: Carl
By: Lana
  • 10. Mystic Pizza
    A truly great movie. I think a lot of people avoid it because it has a stupid name!
  • 9. Satisfaction
    A guilty pleasure. The music was actually quite good. Justine Bateman is not a singer, but the one song- Mr Big Stuff- don't know who sang it, but I like it!
  • 8. Lethal Weapon
    Mel Gibson's butt. Need I say more?
  • 7. Pretty in Pink
    Another of those "wish it would really happen" movies. And I loved her prom dress! Annie Potts was hilarious!
  • 6. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    Too funny. Who didn't want to be him?
  • 5. Sixteen Candles
    Don't you wish it would work out like this in real life!?
  • 4. Say Anything
    The "In Your Eyes" scene still gets me everytime. One of the great moments captured on film! And who doesn't love John Cusack?
  • 3. Grease 2
    One of my favourites, ever. It breaks my heart that the actors are ashamed of it!
  • 2. Dirty Dancing
    How could you not love this movie. I have seen it far too many times, and still watch it every chance I get. The soundtrack was great, and still has a place in my CD collection.
  • 1. St Elmo's Fire
    The cast was perfect. I can't imagine anyone else playing Billy. Rob Lowe was every teenage girl's ideal man. (Till the whole video tape thing, but we won't go into that!)
I can't make this list without adding 48 Hours, Romancing the Stone, Die Hard (Bruce Willis in a sweaty muscle shirt- who can resist?), Real Genius (back when Val Kilmer made good movies!), Gremlins (What ever happened to Zach Galligan?), The Sure Thing, and Some Kind of Wonderful (I just can't resist John Hughes teen angst films!). I'm sure I've forgotten many of my favourites and I'm going to kick myself, but that's what came to mind right now! BTW, I love this website. It takes me back to my adolesence and makes me miss the "good old days"!
By: Amanda
  • 10. Hiding Out
    I just love the music. Especially,"Catch Me(I'm Falling)" One of the best.
  • 9. Lean On Me
    Very good. Makes you think of what really happens.
  • 8. Sixteen Candles
    Too funny. I love Molly Ringwald!
  • 7. Top Gun
    Tom Cruise being the good guy... again. Can't miss it!!!!!!
  • 6. Adventures In Babysitting
    It was funny and suspenseful. I loved it when I was a kid.
  • 5. Karate Kid
    Who could ever forget Ralph Macchio fighting off the bad guys with Elisabeth Shue by his side.
  • 4. Pretty In Pink
    You gotta love it.
  • 3. The Goonies
    That movie was so funny. When I watch it now, it still makes laugh.
  • 2. Stand By Me
    I just loved River Phoenix. He was the best.
  • 1. Somekind of Wonderful
    I loved all the characters and the story plot. Even though it was alot like Pretty In Pink. It's sad but shows a good point. I love Dunkin.
Almost all of the eighties music and movies were the best ever.
By: Haley Ausserer
By: junkyard72
  • 10. Sleep Away Camp
    this is my sleeper pick - will keep you on the edge of your seat - ending was brillant - and story line was great - long live angela
  • 9. The Toxic Avenger
    troma has to be in everyone top ten - great films - funny and wierd
  • 8. At Close Range
    sean penn at his best -
  • 7. Red Dawn
    nothing like an invasion on american soil
  • 6. Halloween
    man you cant say enough about this movie either - start of the babysitter murders
  • 5. Dawn Of The Dead
    best in series and best zombie movie around bar none - and all takes place in a mall - oh hell to the yes
  • 4. Without A Trace
    sad movie and very touching - a young boy get kidnapped and his mother truggles to pick up the pieces
  • 3. Warriors
    warriors come out to pl-pl-ay-ay classic gang movie - the gang with the base ball bats were awesome and ajax rocked
  • 2. Regaurding Henry
    loved this harrison ford movie -
  • 1. Texas Chainsaw Massarce
    you cant find a better horror movie than this - with dawn of the dead in a close second - everyone should see this movie
11. Eddie And The Cruisers 12. Transformers - The Movie 13. The Natural 14. Clockwork Orange
By: Ford Prefect
Honorable Mentions - Less Than Zero, Amadeus, Willow, Indiana Jones, Blues Brothers, Weird Science, Real Genius, Back to the Future, Better Off Dead, One Crazy Summer
By: Tommy G
Erich Hagen is the man!
By: Natalie-x-
  • 10. Dirty Dancing
    Yes.. another romance! but this is one supeb film I can watch these all againa nd again! and do!!!
  • 9. Licence to Drive
    Classic 80's teen movie, wish they made 'em like they used to!!
  • 8. Nightmare on Elm street
    Started horror films for me, one of the best!!
  • 7. The Lost boys
    Vampires, great story fab! love it to bits!!
  • 6. Manequin
    another silly romance I know but I love them!!
  • 5. The Breakfast Club
    Wonderful film, superb acting! tops!!
  • 4. Beetlejuice
    michael Keaton is brilliant in this! At his best! great film! love it!
  • 3. Overboard
    another timeless romance to watch again and again!
  • 2. Labrynth
    wonderful set..magical! David Bowie...fab..fab..fab!!!!
  • 1. Romancing the Stone
    THis has to be the best film ever created...romance...action...adventure...comedy..3 of the best actors and a wonderful location all rolled into one. Watch it again and see what I mean!
Loved the 80's! The films!.. the music! the best!!
By: Dawn Marie
  • 10. The Name of the Rose
    This one kind of dosen't fit too neatly into the theme of this list, but it is still awesome...a bit on the historical/adventure end of the spectrum,versus my usual tastes"
  • 9. Some Kind of Wonderful
    Another one heavy on the romantic end...but still one of my all-time favorite John Hughes flicks."
  • 8. The Hollywood Shuffle
    I can't remember when I've laughed harder...this one was especially funny late at night, kicking back with the friends"
  • 7. Less than Zero
    A real reality check!"
  • 6. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    Ferris Bueller, you're my hero..."
  • 5. Pretty in Pink
    What a great soundtrack"
  • 4. The Breakfast Club
    This is one that undoubtedly, every child of the eighties can identify with"
  • 3. Fast Times at Ridgemont High
    You've gotta love the characters in this flick...especially Jeff Spicoli"
  • 2. The Last American Virgin
    If you grew up in the the valley this is a comedic ride through a lot of memorable sights and hangouts"
  • 1. Valley Girl
    My favorite depicition of life and romance in the eighties"
By: Timmy Hall
By: Erin (Punk Rock) Fowles
By: Hayley B
If only there was room for Ferris Bueller, Pretty in Pink, The dream machine etc etc
By: Jayson
Movies of the 80s...Classic, Masterpieces!

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