Top Ten Lists of Eighties Movies

The concept is pretty easily, pick your ten favorite movies from the eighties. The hard part? I want JUST movies from the eighties, not movies you might have seen during the eighties. Also, try and avoid movies that came out after the eighties if possible, 1990 is pretty borderline, I won't scream too loudly if you add one that is from then...

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By: Superfly
  • 10. The Karate Kid
    What can I say? They don't make em like this anymore.
  • 9. E.T.
    Phone Home!!!!
  • 8. Batman
    This sortof led into the 90s, but this is a classic.
  • 7. Cannibal Women in the Avacado Jungle of Death
    If you haven't seen it then get your hands on a copy, if you can find one.
  • 6. UHF
    "Weird" Al Yankovic, this is sooo off the wall that you can't bare to look away.
  • 5. The Terminator
    Although T2 was probably a better movie, you can't touch this original
  • 4. Wizard
    Fred Savage and Nintendo...things that will never leave the 80s.
  • 3. Lucas
    Great stars, great feel-good story.
  • 2. Goonies
    If you've seen it, there is no comment neccessary.
  • 1. Real Genius
    This is a REAL good time.
I want to also mention a genre of movies that I feel may never be erected again, and that is the great B-rated beach movies of the 80s that were so full of sex and nudity yet never ever took itself seriously. The innocense is gone forever.
By: Mark Jennings
By: candice
  • 10. Sixteen Candles
    Have to round the list off with yet another John Hughes classic
  • 9. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    Actually, this is probably higher on the list- around 4 or so.
  • 8. Cocktail
    Tom Cruise!
  • 7. Dirty Dancing
    With such lines as "nobody puts Baby in the corner" and "baby's gonna change the world", "oh- she's gonna decorate it!" And of course the tender love scene with Patrick and Jennifer
  • 6. The Lost Boys
    The soundtrack is amazing, the blood and guts are outragous, and the guys are all so hot.
  • 5. Top Gun
    Tom Cruise!
  • 4. Spaceballs
    The fact that Bon Jovi is playing in the opening scene is enough for me!
  • 3. St Elmo's Fire
    Pretty much the whole Brat Pack here, except Molly of course. Cool to see Judd Nelson play such a different role then Bender.
  • 2. Pretty in Pink
    Very close second to The Breakfast Club, the characters are the best! Come on...Duckie, and of course Blane's asshole friend played by James Spader!!
  • 1. The Breakfast Club
    Bender's smiles are enough to watch this over and over!
Other great ones, that also rival the top spots on the list:Say Anything Footloose The Great Outdoors Uncle Buck
By: Laura Thomson
  • 10. Book of Love
    "My mother thinks you'll be a good influence on me." "Earth Angel....... Chris Young!!!!!!!!! Anyone know what happened to him??
  • 9. Girls Just Want to Have Fun
    " Sorry I don't have anything smaller than a fifty."
  • 8. Tomboy
    Cheesy, I know but I love Betsy Russell.
  • 7. Breaking All the Rules
    "I want some Action."
  • 6. Private School for Girls
    The Beach scene with Phoebe Cates and Matthew Modine.
  • 5. Teen Witch
    " The real magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, anything is possible."
  • 4. Sixteen Candles
    " Long, Grandpa is talking to you!" "Where's my automobile?" "Automobile? Lake, Big Lake."
  • 3. The Allnighter
    That one significant romance!
  • 2. Dance Til Dawn
    "I just got carried away because Guss got eaten by the giant ant."
  • 1. Shag
    "This is the most fun."
The Runner-ups:April Fool's Day, The Breakfast Club, Adventure's in Babysitting, Hiding Out, Footloose, Pretty In Pink, Goonies, Better Off Dead, License to Drive, Say Anything, Karate Kid, Weird Science, Fast Times At Ridgemont High, My Tutor, The Lost Boys I'm only 17 but the movies from the 80s Rocked!!!!
By: Sasha
  • 10. Dirty Dancing
    I'm sick of it now
  • 9. Labrynth
    My fave childhood movie, I still watch it today
  • 8. Pump Up the Volume
    Christian Slater!!!
  • 7. Flashdance
    Used to fast forward to the dance at the end, thats all that I wanted to watch
  • 6. Back to the Future Series
    I used to love Michael J Fox
  • 5. Top Gun
    Yum scrum
  • 4. Goonies
    I still watch this movie!
  • 3. The Lost Boys
    Gave me nightmares
  • 2. Ferris Buellers Day Off
    Funny bugger
  • 1. The Breakfast Club
    The best movie of all time!
By: Savo Bojanic
Life in the 80's was much more real than it is today or it ever will be. People call it the decade of greed, but I call it the decade of fun.
By: Mark Whelan
  • 10. The Empire Strikes Back
    1980, Along with James Cameron's Aliens, this is one of the very few films that either is as good as or better than their originals. John Williams score (which includes the timeless Imperial March (Darth Vaders Theme)) is above and beyond the original which should have earned him an Oscar. Not only that this was one of the top five best films of 1980 but was denied Academy Awards attention because it was a sequel.
  • 9. Raiders of the Lost Ark
    1981, The second of Spielberg's finest films from the '80's. Harrison Ford's adventures are brought to breathtaking realism due to flawless technical achievements and grand performances from entire cast. A film many consider to be one of the finest achievements in film editing.
  • 8. E.T. The Extra Terrestrial
    1982, One of Spielberg's most memorable timeless family treasures has yet to be rivaled in both presentation and charm. Watching E.T. creates new emotions upon each viewing.
  • 7. Moonstruck
    1987, No spectacular technical filmmaking prowess here, just great solid storytelling with delightful ensemble (Cher is brilliant, but Olympia Dukakis is the real show stealer in this film). This is one of respected and admired director Norman Jewison's finest films. A real gem.
  • 6. Raising Arizona
    1987, Before Fargo there was one of the funniest and most inventive comedies ever conceived. The Coen brothers' off-beat and dark tale of a redneck Arizona couple that can't reproduce so they steal from a well off family that had five children (due to fertility pills) is second next to their more recognized achievement (Fargo). Nicholas Cage delivers one of his best performances and John Goodman and Williams Forsythe are a comic dream team! Great Barry Sonenfield cinematography put him on the map.
  • 5. Akira
    1987, Considered by many to be the finest in Japanese Animated cinema in this day of computer rendered images assisting (and in some ways replacing) old traditional cell animation; Akira still remains one of the most visually breathtaking animated films of all time. Undernieth its glitter and technical bravura is a emotional and involving epic with great characters and Kotsuhiro Otomo's brilliant imagination at work.
  • 4. Aliens
    1986, James Cameron filmed this stunning sci-fi thriller with only six alien models (but with flawless direction and the miracles of film editing we see hundreds more). One of the few film sequels that surpass their originals and boasts some of the most incredible (and realistic) visual effects even by todays standards. Cameron got his just rewards in 1997 for Titanic, but this film should have given him Oscar honors for director and picture (though the film was nominated in seven catogories including actress; Sigourney Weaver)
  • 3. Ran
    1985, Akira Kurosawa's final triumph (before his tragic death in 1998) explodes with colorful images (not to mention beautifully crafted Oscar winning costume designs) and heart pumping battle scenes (clearly an inspiration for Mel Gibson when filming Braveheart). Terrific storytelling (based off Shakespeare's King Lear) and a compelling ensemble.
  • 2. Born on the Fourth of July
    1989, Tom Cruise is unforgetable as Vietnam veteran Ron Kovic in the second chapter to Oliver Stone's Vietnam trilogy. Powerful and compelling from start to finish topped with a gorgeous John Williams score. Stone has yet to top this extraordinary achievement.
  • 1. Raging Bull
    1980, Scorsese's finest film should have earned him the directors Oscar (which went to Robert Redford). Fascinating on every level with some of the most eye-popping film editing and cinematography in cinema history. De Niro's finest performance to date as well (he is also surrounded by exceptional supporting cast).
By: Tommy Powers
  • 10. The Color Purple
    1985, All i can say is this movie has a special place in everyone's heart i believe. The movie will always remain as one of speilbergs best to many well it should.
  • 9. Clash of the Titans
    1980, All i have to say is this, if Hollywood ever decides to do a remake of a movie it should be this one. I cut it a little close with it being made in 1980 and all...But this movie is note worthy. I am a fan of greek and roman mytholgy and this movie is just every young kids dream. To imagine yourself as perseus flying on winged horses and fighting devils and stuff! That is fantastic! I could see billy Zane or Ben Affleck in the role of perseus if they decided to remake this film. With the advancements in special effects and a great story line....a remake of this film could sink Titanic.
  • 8. A Nightmare On Elm Street
    1984, Classic original horror in all of its glory! Just as the 80's were becoming flooded with clones of micheal myers along comes Freddy Krueger. All the sequels after part one sucked...but the first time was the charm and it will always rank on my list as one of the best!
  • 7. LadyHawke
    1985, Alot of people may not agree but i thought ladyhawke was a great movie. The whole night in shining armor thing was great not to mention the whole wolf and hawke deal. And the lovely michelle pfeifer.
  • 6. The Terminator
    1984, This has to be one of my all time favorite movies in the existence!!! This movie is just pure genius, the story and the acting were superb. Everyone talked about how arnold whats his name became a star in this flick; but it was Micheal Biehn who really shined in this movie! I could feel his performance in my teeth! Not to mention the whole story this movie is a gem in sci-fi. NUFF SED!
  • 5. The Breakfast Club
    1984, This movie not only summed up what it was to be a teen in the 80's it also summed up being a teen. period. The acting was great and i could so identify with the pain and insecurity of every character. No matter what race or background you are...teens just all relate to this film due to the fact that teen angst is universal.
  • 4. Sixteen Candles
    1984, Another hughes classic, not only was it comedic but it also showed angst ridden teens in all their glory. Molly Ringwald was excellent in this got cheesy at times but who cares?! its classic.
  • 3. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    1986, This movie will last from decade to decade just because it was so damn magical for some reason. This is truly a john hughes classic, No matter how bad godzilla sucked everyone will always remember matthew broderick as Ferris Bueller.
  • 2. Labyrinth
    1986, I was 9 years old when my mom took me to see this flick and i fell in love and am still in love with it!!!! It was most excellent, the music the characters and the great storyline and scenery just made for the perfect fantasy romp! When i was in 5th grade i used to rent it every weekend and could recite the entire movie word for word.
  • 1. Splash
    1984, With out a doubt this is one of my faves! It was a modern day take on the little mermaid. I find daryl hannah totally hot, Tom Hanks was great(as usual) not to mention i just have this fascination with mermaids. It was the perfect movie. I have it on video and i always watch it once a week. Not forgetting the late great John Candy!
By: Rio
  • 10. The Hitcher
    Pobably one of the scariest movies ever made...It really messes with your mind; one of those movies that don't scare you while you're watching it, but later, when you're trying to forget it...
  • 9. Tapeheads
    This is definitly one of the cheeziest movies I've ever seen, but it is incredibly funny...You really can't see how someone can write this junk...I love the "Babydoll video, though, and the Blender Children...I even have a friend we call Mr. MX-7...The only thing that bothers me is that the dancing chicken during the Roscoe's chicken and waffles commercial is sort of a rip off of the dancing hamburgers in "Better Off Dead."
  • 8. Say Anything
    Two words-John Cusack...This is one of only two movies I've seen my entire life that made me cry...Strangly, I saw it on Comedy Central...What's up with that???
  • 7. Breakfast Club
    I love Judd Nelson...I love Emilio Estevez...This has to be one of the funniest movies I have ever seen!!!I was wondering...Is the principal the same guy who plays the dad in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" or am I just seeing things?
  • 6. Labyrinth
    David Bowie is the king!!!!!I love David Bowie now because my dad had me watching this movie when I was two years old...My favorite character is the little white worm with the blue hair!!!
  • 5. Sure Thing
    Ok, if you actually try that thing where you stab the pen into the can and try to drink it, you end up with brain freeze...Trust me.
  • 4. The Outsiders
    This is the only other movie I've seen that has made me cry...I saw it in seventh grade, in my Language Arts class, and ever since it has been one of my favorite movies...C. Thomas Howell is so cute, and Matt Dillon and Rob Lowe are great...Inside joke to the wannabe Mrs. LeBon in Blythewood..."Shoes."
  • 3. Better Off Dead
    I love John Cusack...Did I mention that already? Anyway, I love the dancing hamburgers, and the gooey slime stuff that his mother cooked... Also I have to say, "Keys" and "N-T...Big Difference."
  • 2. Fright Night
    Stephan Geoffreys is so funny it's not even funny...Shut up! Anyway, I love his parts the best, plus Roddy McDowall is one of the greatest actors of all time...By the way, did you know that if you play "Young Guns" by Wham! starting when then final battle scene begins that it will go with the movie perfectly..."Hey, sucker" shows the vampire, and "crazy ladies keep them on the run" plays when Charlie's running from his vampire girlfriend.
  • 1. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it." This is my ultimate favorite movie, and has been since I was four or five...If you ever really need to be cheered up, just watch Ferris run from Mr. Rooney!
By: Steve
  • 10. Stand By Me
    "What you gonna do shoot us all?" "no ace, just you"
  • 9. Gremlins
    "Thats a gremlin! theres a real gremlin in MY house"
  • 8. The Goonies
    "hey you guys!!!"
  • 7. Empire Strikes Back
    "chewie! There'll be another time, the princess you have to take care of her now, understand?"
  • 6. Aliens
    "I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit, its the only way to be sure"
  • 5. The Monster Squad
    "Hey fat kid! Good job!" "My name *shotgun cocked* is Horace!"
  • 4. Back To The Future
    "great scott!"
  • 3. Ferris Buellers Day Off
    "he'll just keep calling and calling. Fine I'll go I'll go. *starts car then stops it, gets out and starts jumping up and down*"
  • 2. The Breakfast Club
    "does barry manilo know you raided his wardrobe?"
  • 1. The Lost Boys
    "Your one of us Michael, let go"
Even though I was born in 1985, and still just a kid, 80's movies are the best through my eyes
By: GoGoGirl52
  • 10. Blue Velvet
    I didn't care for the movie too much, but Kyle Maclachlan looked SO hot!!! VERY 1980s!!
  • 9. The Never Ending Story
    I watched this movie all the time when I was little. What kid did not want their own Luck Dragon??
  • 8. Teen Witch
    LOVE this movie! Nerdy Louise discovers she's a witch on her 16th birthday. She casts some pretty rad spells! This is by far the one 80s movie that has the COOLEST clothes! Love the high-heels with socks!!
  • 7. Overdrawn at the Memory Bank
    Horrid PBS movie I saw on Mystery Science Theater. So bad, it was funny! Gotta love Raul Julia as Aram Fingal!
  • 6. Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
    I have been a fan of Mr. Herman since I was in first grade (1986)! This was my absolute favorite movie as a kid! I watched it over and over, until I had all the lines memorized! I remember talking about Pee-Wee with my friends on the playground during recess! Ahh memories!
  • 5. Pretty in Pink
    I love this movie! One of my favorites! I love that little Duckman! Not to mention the funky clothes and the cool record shop she works at after school!
  • 4. Lucas
    "Hey Lukaplacia" The funniest movie to ever come out of the 80s. My favorite part would have to be when little Lucas goes out for the football team! Poor guy!
  • 3. The Hidden
    Sexy Kyle Maclachan stars in this mega-cheesy 80's sci-fi flick as an alien cop searching for "The Hidden", an evil alien that invades the bodies of humans to commit horrible crimes to get what it wants. The highlight:when Kyle gets thrown into jail, they take away his little laser gun that supposedly will destroy "The Hidden". Upset, he asks the police "May I please have my weapon back?"
  • 2. Doin' Time on Planet Earth
    Mega-cheesy movie about a kid who's convinced he's an extraterrestrial from planet B-52; Adam West and Candy Azzara dress up as Fred Schneider and Kate Pierson from the B52s, and try to convince the kid his parents' revolving resturant is their spaceship! quote:"I'm a big girl Ryan. I have a real life. I don't have fantasies about blasting off into outer space in revolving resturants!!"
  • 1. Beetlejuice
    Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! I've loved this cool movie ever since I saw it in 1988 when I was 9 years old! It keeps getting funnier EVERYTIME I SEE IT!!
I have a gazillion favorite movies, these are just the ones that I can think of right off hand. I love everything about the 80s! The music, clothes, movies, tv shows. here's a suggestion:why not make a page like this for everyone's top ten favorite tv shows???
By: Mad Cyril
  • 10. Beat Street
    Great tunes, Great Vibe and I think we were all a little guilty of a bit of street art work after it were'nt we?
  • 9. The Blues Brothers
    If not for the Music, If Not for the Cast, If Not for the Script,If not for the Car chase through the shopping mall, then for the backflip the Blues Mobile does towards the end of the film
  • 8. For Your Eyes Only
    For the simple fact that 007 had to be represented and this is my pick of the 80's lot.
  • 7. Bachelor Party
    Extremely funny film.Too many good bits to list.Just have to see it
  • 6. National Lampoons Vacation/European Vacation
    Both very funny films.I slightly favour the European one.
  • 5. Beverly Hills Cop 1 & 2
    Eddie Murphy convinced me in his role of Axel Foley so well that I now find it hard to watch him in any other films.
  • 4. First Blood
    My favourite Stallone film without a doubt.
  • 3. Die Hard
    Just an awesome action film.And Does anyone else like the Let it snow Let it snow Let it snow song?
  • 2. Revenge Of The Nerds
    A Gem.Some highly memorable moments, and of course Dudley Dawson better known and as Booger.
  • 1. Porky's
    Not just a movie, an Institution.
Other notable mentions - Wildcats, Fraternity Vacation and Police Academy 1 & 2
By: Brianna and Jayna
  • 10. Weird Science
    Funny, and any movie in the 80's with Anthony Micheal Hall in it is good!
  • 9. Honey I Shrunk the Kids
    Cute and original.
  • 8. The Goonies
    It's so cute!
  • 7. Lost Boys
    Freaky, and we love Cory Feldman!
  • 6. Stand By Me
    It's so real. The characters are so natural, you almost forget it's a movie at times. It's one of our favorites!
  • 5. Labrynth
    Gotta love David Bowie in tights! Jim Henson's puppeteering is excellent too. It had a very cool and imaginative setting. The songs were good too.
  • 4. 16 Candels
    Almost as good as the Breakfast Club. Gotta love the freshman dork. He tries!!! Long Duck Dong also makes the movie!
  • 3. Dirty Dancing
    Classic 80's movie. Perfect for cuddling up with that one special someone! (Especially if you're both dance majors in college!)
  • 2. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
    The Wyld Stalions! Excellent, dude!
  • 1. The Breakfast Club
    It's awesome! You really get to know the characters and everyone can relate to at least one of them.
Honorable Mentions:The Karate Kid, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, and 9 to 5.
By: Jadis
  • 10. Parenthood
    Lots of very 80's and 90's stars in this one.
  • 9. Hoosiers
    This movie is so true to life it is scary. I grew up in Indiana and the town closes on friday nights to go the the high school games still. I can remember teachers pulling this movie out and showing it in early March just to prove if we cared enough and worked hard enough we could be cheering our team onto state. As a side note this movie is based on the real town of Milian Indiana. In 1997 the IHSAA inacted a rule stating there would be clss basketball and no more one class tournment like in the movie.
  • 8. Wargames
    This movie made hacking a common term, and a hacker someone you wanted to know!
  • 7. The Princess Bride
    "My name is Ingo Mantoya... you kill my fater ... prepare to die" need I say more?
  • 6. The Pirate Movie
    CLASSIC! A parody of the (over 100 year old) opperaretta Pirates of Penzance. I true feel good movie. It reminds us to make Happy Endings.
  • 5. Heathers
    My friends and I all called each other "Heather" for about a year after we saw this film.
  • 4. The Goonies
    The best adventure movie of all time! A MUST see!!!
  • 3. Ferris Beuller's Day Off
    Every guy wanted to be Ferris, every girl wanted to date him.
  • 2. Dead Poets Society
    This movie makes us all want to be teachers. As a matter of fact it HAS moved many people to go into education. All I can say is Carpe Diem!
  • 1. The Breakfast Club
    Growing up in the 80's you HAVE to love this movie. I dreamed I would be Molly Ringwald for years after I saw this!
These are not in any order they are just the films I remember growing up with the most.
By: Tommy Powers
  • 10. LadyHawke
    Michelle Pfeiffer at her loveliest....I would have rescued her any day.
  • 9. Ghostbusters
    The theme song alon summed up the 80's!
  • 8. Big
    I am a tom hanks fan, the man can do no wrong.....The scene where they played heart and soul on the floor keyboards was classic!
  • 7. The Color Purple
    I loved this movie totally...speilberg at his finest.
  • 6. Sixteen Candles
    This movie is classic! nuf sed!
  • 5. St. Elmo's Fire
    Just a great film all around.
  • 4. The Breakfast club
    Teen agers 50 years from now will be able to relate to this movie. It was a realistic take on what you feel like at that time.
  • 3. Ferris Bueller's day off
    This flick is quintesential 80's highschool dramedy...if you have not seen ferris you are not an 80's child.
  • 2. Labyrinth
    I not only loved the whole fantasy aspect but I also loved Jennifer Connelly, and David Bowie has awesome music.
  • 1. Splash
    I love Mermaids.......and Tom Hanks is one of my favorite actors
Also Batman....Gremlins....ET......School Daze...and some kind of wonderful(anything by John Hughes from the 80's is great. All those movies just had a quality) Also Can't Buy me love.
By: Lindsy Aragona
  • 10. Weird Science
    Good 80's work
  • 9. Poltergeist (all 3 parts)
    All totaly awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 8. Girls Just Want To Have Fun
  • 7. The Monster Squard
    Great 80's horror for kids
  • 6. The Goonies
  • 5. Ghostbusters
    What can you say about a classic
  • 4. St Elmo's Fire
    A part of 80's history, 1987
  • 3. The Heavenly Kid
    Great 80's work, 1985
  • 2. Mannequin Pt.1
    Another great movie with andrew mc cartey and a great soundtrack, 1987
  • 1. Once Bitten
    One of the best movies with Jim Carrey, 1985
11- Sixteen Candles 12-Back To School 13-Back To The Beach 14-Jaws 4 15-Beaches 16-The Money Pit 17-Supergirl 18-The Breakfast Club 19-Night Breed 20-Can't Buy Me Love 21-Somegirls
By: Mike D
  • 10. National Lampoons Vacation(s)
    All of them are very funny, especially the Christmas.
  • 9. A Christmas Story
    1983, "You'll shoot your eye out kid" A must see every Christmas.
  • 8. Caddyshack
    1980, "Who sat on a duck?" Who thought a movie about golf could be so funny?
  • 7. Maximum Overdrive
    1986, Trucks gone nuts and things getting blown up...completely tasteless but entertaining.
  • 6. Fast Times at Ridgemont High
    1982, "Sir if you don't shut up I'm gonna kick 100% of your ass!" The Judge Reinhold masturbation scene is a classic.
  • 5. Animal House
    "NIEDERMIER....DEAD!!!" The main reason I wanted to go to college.
  • 4. Back to the Future
  • 3. The Heavenly Kid
  • 2. Mannequin Pt.1
  • 1. Ghostbusters
    1984, "NOBODY steps on a church in my town!"
List doesn't contain numbers 2-3.
By: Lee Bach Jr.
  • 10. Spaceballs
    This is a great Mel Brooks movie.1986-7?
  • 9. Blues Brothers
    This movie had a cool mix of music and comedy.Soundtrack is a must buy!1980
  • 8. Scrooged
    I saw this when I was young and it was a good Christmas/comedy.1988
  • 7. Who Framed Roger Rabbit
    This is a classic. It revived Disney. Still the best mix of animation and live action. Even better than WB&Nike 2 hour commercial.1989
  • 6. Ghostbusters II
    I know, sequals aren't as good as the first movie but this movie was good.1989
  • 5. Mannequin
    I know it's on the worst list, but the soundtrack rocks with Starship. And the ending is cool.1987
  • 4. Return of the Jedi
    Another epic!1983
  • 3. The Empire Strikes Back
    This is an epic!1980
  • 2. A View to a Kill
    Roger Moore rocks as Bond for the last time!1985
  • 1. Ghostbusters
    Plain Histerical,1984

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