Top Ten Lists of Eighties Movies

The concept is pretty easily, pick your ten favorite movies from the eighties. The hard part? I want JUST movies from the eighties, not movies you might have seen during the eighties. Also, try and avoid movies that came out after the eighties if possible, 1990 is pretty borderline, I won't scream too loudly if you add one that is from then...

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By: Jennifer
The cartoons rocked too! Jem, She-Ra, My Little Pony, etc! These are my top ten for the day...I love so many, it can change depending on my mood!
By: Natasha
  • 10. Adventures in Babysitting
  • 9. E.T
  • 8. Dont Tell Mom The Babysitters Dead
  • 7. Toy Soldiers
  • 6. Karate Kid
    Cos i did Karate and it's a classic.
  • 5. The Goonies
    Hey you guys! Cory Feldmen again!-ummm!
  • 4. Return of the Jedi
  • 3. Ghostbusters
    Watched over and over again when i was a child, especially the 1st one wiv the marshmellow man!
  • 2. The Breakfast Club
    Good music and very teen friendly.
  • 1. License To Drive
    G8t story, cute guys(especially Cory Feldmen), fast moving and loads of fun!
By: Dave
  • 10. Die Hard
    Hands down the best action movie. EVER. Bruce Willis fresh of his wiseacre days of Moonlighting. Back when he was unpretentious and had all his real hair. Come back to us Bruce!
  • 9. Empire Strikes Back
    My current favorite in the trilogy. Used to be Return of the Jedi, the Special Editions changed my mind.
  • 8. Trading Places
    IMO, Eddie Murphy's best role. Couldn't stand him in "Beverly Hills Cop". Love when he plays the crazy African guy
  • 7. Planes Trains and Automobiles
    Could there be a better pairing than Steve Martin and John Candy? "Six bucks and my left nut says we're not landing in Chicago"
  • 6. Back to the Future
    A movie I can watch over and over and never get sick of.
  • 5. Raging Bull
    One of Scorcese's best movies. DeNiro at his finest. Quotes: "You didn't get me down Ray, you didn't get me down." "Although I can fight, I'd much rather recite. That's entertainment, that's entertainment"
  • 4. Full Metal Jacket
    Kubrick's last great movie. (Don't get me started on "Eyes Wide Shut") Fave quote: "I bet you're the kind of man who would f**k a person in the ass and not even have the god-damn common courtesy to give him a reach around!" Also: "If I'm gonna get my balls blown off for a word, my word is poontang." Gotta love Animal Mother.
  • 3. Platoon
    Back before Oliver Stone went on a permanent acid trip and cranked out "NBK" and "Any Given Sunday" Here's another with great theme music
  • 2. Stand By Me
    The ultimate coming of age movie. Didn't see it until about a year ago. I remember ny friends in elemntary school laughing it up over the leech scene. "Leeeches!" Fave scene is when River Phoenix shoots off his dad's gun by accident. BOOM! "Jesus!"
  • 1. Top Gun
    One of the most hated movies by the U.S. Navy, it's some of the most intense movie dogfighting outside of Star Wars. Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer at their cockiest. Great rendition of "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" Love the theme music at the end.
It's too bad there's only ten spaces, there's so many films from the 80s that I love, I wish I had space to list them all.
By: Michael DeMars
By: Michael DeMars
I goofed up my earlier list-please publish this one. And please use just "Michael D." for the name. Thank you.
By: kim
80s movies are the best
By: Suzy
  • 10. Prom Night
    I don't know..I love all Prom movies..and add a little blood and gore? GOTTA LOVE IT man!!!
  • 9. Goonies
    I must have seen this movie at least 25 times (honestly), and it never gets old, mainly because I had a hug crush on one of the characters..(betcha can't guess which one..?)
  • 8. Gremlins
    I used to LOVE scaring the crap out of myself so this would be the one to do the trick for me!
  • 7. Halloween
    Jamie Lee Curtis and the cast scared the crap out of me with this one!!! Of course I was pretty young at the time, but it's still on my list!
  • 6. Flashdance
    AGH!!! I am obsessed with dancing so of course this awesome film gets on MY list!!!
  • 5. Breakfast Club
    This is the teen movie of the 80' has every stereotype...the nerd, the outcast, the punk, the jock, and the miss fave!!!
  • 4. Sixteen Candles
    Another teen angst movie...wonderful job!!!
  • 3. Pretty In Pink
    Molly Ringwald really outdid herself in this one!
  • 2. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
    I love dancing and this had all that plus lots of great 80's music!!!
  • 1. Labrynth
    Jennifer Connelly at only 15 did a remarkable job and this is the most phonominal movie ever...not just the 80's!!
I was born in '86 and was young or not even born when these films came out...but I love anything 80's! What can I say..? I'm an 80's baby!
By: Luke
These are subject to change daily. These films may not be the best of the 80's but i believe that they define 80's cinema best. p.s I may have forgotten one or two and the breakfast club just missed out.
By: Chaz Marley
  • 10. Karate Kid
    when karate was at its height and every1 wanted to do it!
  • 9. Nightmare On Elm Street
    the horror of all horrors, the 1st film that freaked me out,,,
  • 8. The Great Outdoors
    A classic comedy staring Dan akroyd and John Candy, always remember the bit where he eats the HUGE steak!
  • 7. The Three Amigos
    Steve Martain,Dan Akroyd and Martain Short make this film hilious..think back to the bit in the desert..
  • 6. Ferris Buellers Day Out
    A teen mitching of skool for a day of pleasure, stealing a car and crusing around the city!!!
  • 5. Labyrinth
    Staring David Bowie, with the help of goblins and strange creatures makes this an enchanting tail all the kids loved" Dance magic dance"
  • 4. E.T
    This was a great one when you where a child, magical
  • 3. Dirty Dancing
    The greatest male actor of the eighties, Patrick the hottest actor, a brilliant soundtrack to along with Jennifer Grey
  • 2. Back To The Future
    Narrowly missing out on the top slot, another classic staring Micheal J Fox+ doc , with an excellent soundtrack(the power of love)
  • 1. The Goonies
    What can i say, this movie is a classic, especially with chunk and slough!!!"Baby Ruth"
The return to Oz narrowly misses out on the top 10, a brilliant sequel
By: Mel
  • 10. Clue
    A great cast in a hilarious movie
  • 9. Better Off Dead
    Has some of the funniest lines of dialogue
  • 8. Raiders of the Lost Ark
    The first and best Indiana Jones film
  • 7. Ferris Buellers Day Off
    Very funny movie that should get a sequel
  • 6. Trading Places
    Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd are hilarious together
  • 5. One Crazy Summer
    Not the best movie of the eighties but still funny
  • 4. Lost Boys
    One of the better horror films of the 80's
  • 3. Empire Strikes Back
    I don't really like Star Wars now,but it rocked back in the 80's
  • 2. Strange Brew
    One of the funniest movies I've seen in any decade
  • 1. Midnight Madness
    The best 80's film hands down.If you haven't seen this,go to a video store right now.
I'd also like to mention In-Laws,one of the best comedies that came out in 79
By: Michelle Cooke
  • 10. Valley Girl
    Nick Cage.....he was cool before he became the big movie star, NICOLAS CAGE!
  • 9. Nightmare on Elm Street
    The original was the best. All scary creatures should have the sick sense of humor that Freddy has!!!
  • 8. Top Gun
    All the guys wanted to be Tom Cruise after this movie and all the girls wanted to be WITH Tom Cruise after this movie
  • 7. Breakfast Club
    80's Classic!!!!!!!
  • 6. Real Genius
    val kilmer before he became VAL KILMER.
  • 5. Sixteen Candles
    john cusak, molly ringwald, LONG DUCK DONG
  • 4. Purple Rain
    What is the 80's without Prince and Purple Rain!!!!!
  • 3. Dirty Dancing
    No one put's Baby in a corner.....
  • 2. Wierd Science
    no reason, just LOVED IT
  • 1. Better Off Dead
    I love John Cusak
These aren't in any order. I can't really say what my favorite movie of the 80's is. I LOVE John Cusak, Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall, Judd Nelson. There are so many movies I don't have on my list: Goonies, Pretty in Pink, Can't Buy me Love, Say Anything..., the list goes on forever.
By: The Master
By: Carly
By: Derrick Dishman
By: Greg Morris
  • 10. Rambo 3
  • 9. Rambo 2
  • 8. First Blood
  • 7. Once Bitten
  • 6. Toy Soldiers
    Cool scene with all the guys standing together in their underware.
  • 5. Monster Squad
  • 4. Ghostbusters 2
  • 3. Over The Top
  • 2. Superman IV
    By far the best in the series with sub par acting and a villian who is very scary. Cool scene with statue of liberty flying over Metropolis
  • 1. My Best Friend Is A Vampire
    Great acting especially from the villians
By: Glenn Banks
  • 10. Rain Man
    Cruise and Hoffman together how can you go wrong
  • 9. The Last American Virgin
    yes, I laughed at the mindless sex and juvenile humour. Best soundtrack of all 80's movies and Diane Franklin is hot, too bad she fell of the face of the earth. You could also pencil Porky's in here except the soundtrack for Last american Virgin rocks
  • 8. American Werewolf in London
    Best horror movie, few good laughs much more than just a slasher film
  • 7. Teachers
    I just liked the whole story line
  • 6. Less Than Zero
    over indulgences of the 80's, geez the worst part was I thought Robert Downey Junior was acting
  • 5. Officer and a Gentleman
    Best Romance of the 80's
  • 4. Bad Boys
    The Sean Penn movie. Entertaining from start to finish
  • 3. Wall Street
    shows the yuppie greed of the 80's
  • 2. The Rivers Edge
    Keanu Reeves best role ever, Crispin Glover was himself(what more can be said). The most disturbing movie of the 80's and also based on a true story. I don't think it had a large viewing, excellent rental
  • 1. Fast Times At Ridgemont High
    Funny but still with serious overtones, Closest portrayal of my high school life I can rememeber. Sean Penn was incredible, and a killer sound track.
I know after I send this there something i missed. Was goodfella's 80's or 1990's. Hon Mention to Vision Quest, Mississipi Burning, Midnight Run, Elephant Man, Back to the Future, Sixteen Candles, Breakfast club, St Elmo's Fire, All the Right Moves, and many more I have can't think of right now
By: Destiny
  • 10. The Goonies
    I always wanted to be a Goonie! Gotta love that Troy!
  • 9. Nightmare on Elm Street
    Freddy still scares the hell outta me! My fave bad boy from 21 Jump Street is in this one...Johnny Depp!
  • 8. Sixteen Candles
    Don't tell me you guys, have never taken a sex quiz!
  • 7. Beverly Hills Cop
    Balkey (Perfect Strangers) is in this one! YES!
  • 6. Coming to America
    "Whatever you like"
  • 5. Can't Buy Me Love
    A lil Seth Green is in this one! And oh my LORD! Gerardo is in this one! Haha.
  • 4. Weird Science
    Classic AMH (Anthony Michael Hall) movie!
  • 3. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    You can learn from this movie! Wanna skip a day of school? MAKE IT WORTH WHILE!
  • 2. Pretty in Pink
    Beautiful and HILARIOUS love story! "You got a problem, friend?" Gotta love Steph! "I'm talking about more than just sex, here!"
  • 1. The Breakfast Club
    Ultimate Cult Classic! This is teen angst at it's best!
By: Ben Kester
By: Kirsten
  • 10. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    Launched so many careers, Matthew Broderick, Jennifer Grey, Charlie Sheen, and on an on!
  • 9. Back to the Future
    MJF is such a cutie in this, and it is just a classic and always will be!
  • 8. The Lost Boys
    My old roomate and I would watch it again and again....scary, and funny, and full of "cool" music, people, clothes!
  • 7. Can't Buy Me Love
    Just an adorable movie, and let me say that Patrick Dempsey has grown up HOT! (Did anyone see him in the Will and Grace/Banana Republic episode? MMMMM)
  • 6. Heathers
    Kinda sick, but again, full of classic lines! Meet me in the caf, pronto!
  • 5. Fast Times at Ridgemont High
    Had to sneak into this one as a kid - but Judge Reinholt is the cutest thing ever! And Sean Penn wasn't brooding yet!
  • 4. Risky Business
    Tom Cruise and those Ray Ban sunglasses - need I say more?
  • 3. Adventures in Babysitting
    Full of then un-knowns, it is definitely one of the funniest movies ever! The scene in the bar "the babysittin blues", and the little girl in that damn Thor outfit is too funny!
  • 2. 16 Candles
    Another movie that I will watch again and again, it has some of the most memorable lines and quotes of the 80's!
  • 1. The Breakfast Club
    Not even enough room to describe this movie! One of those movies you can watch over and over, even though you know all the words!!!! LOVE IT

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