Top Ten Lists of Eighties Movies

The concept is pretty easily, pick your ten favorite movies from the eighties. The hard part? I want JUST movies from the eighties, not movies you might have seen during the eighties. Also, try and avoid movies that came out after the eighties if possible, 1990 is pretty borderline, I won't scream too loudly if you add one that is from then...

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By: chrystaljean
  • 10. Back To The Future 2
  • 9. Back To The Future
  • 8. Lost Boys
  • 7. Never Ending Story
  • 6. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
    i must have watched that movie a thousand times already
  • 5. Labyrinth
  • 4. Princess Bride
    i loved they way her dress looks after she jumps out of the window and is falling.
  • 3. Dirty Dancing
  • 2. Fluffy Dogs
    such a cool cartoon movie.
  • 1. Care Bears
By: Corky
  • 10. Dirty Dancing
  • 9. The Lost Boys
    A KIK-AZZ movie...Very crazy sexy cool!
  • 8. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
    Next time you see Justin Timberlake, just think "can we say Alex Winter wannabe?!"
  • 7. Parenthood
    With a yound Joaquin Phoenix...where could you go wrong?! SO SEXY!
  • 6. Stand By Me
    I laughed, I cried, it's an all-around great movie!
  • 5. The Breakfast Club
    The movie of the decade!
  • 4. Sixteen Candles
    Another Ringwald masterpeice!
  • 3. Pretty in Pink
    Molly Ringwald is Brilliant!
  • 2. The Goonies
    Great movie!
  • 1. My Bodygaurd
    Gotta Love Matt Dillon! Great Movie!! I CRIED! :'{
Some close calls: Teen Wolf Grease 2 Gremlins Dream a Little Dream Silver Bullet The Shining The Karate Kid License to Drive The Outsiders Platoon Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey {that was 80's right?!}
By: corky
Close Calls: Gremlins Teen Wolf Karate Kid The outsiders Lucas Silver Bullet Grease 2 Dirty Dancing Dream a Little Dream The Shining
By: shannon
  • 10. Space Balls
    Mel Brooks has really out done him self this time!
  • 9. All James Bond Movies
    i know they are not all from the 80's but they all kick some major a*s!
  • 8. Willow
    i dont know what it is about it but i just cant stop watching it!
  • 7. Ghost Busters
    its a pretty good movie, very funny
  • 6. Dirty Dancing
  • 5. Fright NIght
    Scariest vampire movie ever! wish i hadnt lost it...
  • 4. The Princess Bride
    you just have to love the Spaniard!
  • 3. The Shining
    Im pretty sure it came out in the 80's... if not this is still the best Stephen King movie/book ever!
  • 2. Ferris Bullers Day Off
    sweet movie, i wish having that much fun was possible!
  • 1. Billl and Ted's Excellent Adventures
    this has to the #1 best movie of all time, even tho it doesnt make much sense it still kicks a*s! keano Reeves best performance ever!
By: Joel Breting
By: JoAnn
  • 10. Willow
    When Madmortigan stands confidently in front of the two headed beast, not knowing it is there, and he thinks he has scared the bad guys away himself
  • 9. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
    He no crazy, he nuts!
  • 8. National Lampoons Vacation
    Haven't we all wanted to put Aunt Edna on the roof?
  • 7. Dirty Dancing
    practicing lifts in the lake...can't get more romantic than that
  • 6. Stand by Me
    Have gun, will travel reads the card of a man...
  • 5. Big
    He's a grownup.
  • 4. Moonstruck
    Snap out of it!
  • 3. Top Gun
    Men in uniforms!
  • 2. Sixteen Candles
    Isn't Jake Ryan every girl's ideal?
  • 1. Say Anything
    Lloyd gets Lily Taylor to take a picture of him as he walks past Diane Court. How cute is that?
By: Tiffany
By: Jennifer
  • 10. When Harry Met Sally
    Billy Crystal is hilarious.
  • 9. Raiders of the Lost Ark
    I love Indianna Jones!
  • 8. Top Gun
    Great Soundtrack too.
  • 7. The Princes Bride
    Pits of despair, true love, and Wesley? Need I say more?
  • 6. Sixteen Candles
    Hilarious. I hope I never have a birthday this terrible!
  • 5. Some Kind of Wonderful
    Everything always worked out at the end of 80's movies!
  • 4. The Breakfast Club
    Hilarious. Again, one of the best 80's movies. I wish my detentions had been this good.
  • 3. Ferris Buellers Day Off
    You don't get any better than Ferris. I still laugh when I watch this.
  • 2. Pretty in Pink
    Perfection in one word: Blane. Also, a great soundtrack.
  • 1. St Elmo's Fire
    The absolute best movie of the 80's! Perfect Cast. And, who could not love Andrew McCarthy, Rob Lowe, and Judd Nelson? Yum!
Anything Brat Pack is cool.
By: John
  • 10. Return of the Jedi
  • 9. A Christmas Story
  • 8. Men In Black
  • 7. Back to the Future Part 2
    Made every one want a hover car, and hover board
  • 6. Back to The Future
  • 5. GhoustBusters2
    back for a second run
  • 4. GhoustBusters
    need i say more
  • 3. The Matrix
    Changed the way many action, and Sci Fi movies are made
  • 2. Saving Priavte Ryan
    Just another great war movie, and the first thirty minutes are incrediable
  • 1. Platoon
    After viewing this movie my life was changed
By: Midnite
  • 10. Gremlins
  • 9. Weird Science
    Man, I Wish I could make a girl....
  • 8. Ferris Bueller
    I stayed home from school many days and watched this
  • 7. Teen Wolf
  • 6. A Nightmare on elm st. 3:Dream Warriors
    My favorite of the series
  • 5. The Sure Thing
    Cusack is king of 80's teen movies!
  • 4. Short Circuit
    #5 is alive!
  • 3. Better Off Dead
    snorts nasal spray?
  • 2. Less Than Zero
    Maybe Robert Downey Jr. Could have learned something from this movie
  • 1. Back To The Future
    Marty and Doc made the perfect team
By: Travis Walker
  • 10. Weird Science
    "That's not a joke!" "That's a sever personality for Crists sake woulds you cover yourself?"
  • 9. Pretty in Pink
    "Hey, Andy, you've been replaced!"
  • 8. Planes,Trains and Automobiles
    Those aren't PILLOWS!"
  • 7. Trading Places
    "Those men wanted to have SEX with me!!"
  • 6. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    "Save Farris"
  • 5. Sixteen Candles
  • 4. Caddyshack
    "Be the ball, Danny"
  • 3. The Breakfast Club
    "impossible sir, it's in Johnsons underware"
  • 2. Labyrinth
    "Ello".."Did you just say 'hello'?".."No, I said 'ello' but, that's close enough"
  • 1. Back to the Future
    "I can't believe I have your car towed all the way to your house and all ya got for me is light beer?"
War Games,She's Having a Baby...etc.
By: Channon
By: Aaron
  • 10. The Breakfast Club
    classic 80's flick...gotta add this to the list
  • 9. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    I forgot how good this movie was until I watched it the other day
  • 8. The Lost Boys
    I love the style of this movie. The flying scenes, the carnival, and the chemistry of all the characters make this film great.
  • 7. LadyHawke
    the music is kind of cheesy in some scenes but still a great film
  • 6. Raiders of the Lost Ark
    classic adventure with some nazi bashing, gotta love it
  • 5. Batman
    Tim Burton, and Danny Elfman are both amazing
  • 4. Legend
    another one of Ridley Scott's great films of the 80's
  • 3. Goonies
    I love it when Chunk is telling the gangsters about how terrible of a kid he is.
  • 2. The Predator
    stan winston's creature still creeps me out, the concepts for this movie are still brilliant
  • 1. Blade Runner
    this movie is still beautiful, the music, the visuals...classic!
By: Keely
  • 10. Secret Admirer and Stand by Me
    Its a tie. C. Thomas Howell was such a cutie in this movie. Again one of those bitter sweet, touching 80's movies. Also STand By Me I love this movie it still takes me back to when I was ten and I saw the movie for the first Time and I wanted to go on an adventure with my friends like the boys in the movie
  • 9. Cant Buy Me Love
    This movie rocked when the first time I saw it and I still love it just as much today. Patrick Dempsey was awesome in this movie.
  • 8. Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, etc...
    This is my nod to the world of John Hughes. The 80's and John Hughes are synonimous. I love these sweet,funny and always entertaining portraits of youth.
  • 7. Lucas
    Can you tell I was a Corey Haim fan he he. I love this movie. Nerdy boy falls in love with his beautiful friend and trys to win her heart, its the stuff eighties movies were made of.
  • 6. Silver Bullet
    As you can tell I like scary movies. This one is the a classic.
  • 5. The Lost Boys
    This movie is slick, funny, and cool. Its one of my all time favorites.
  • 4. Back To The Future Trilogy
    What can I say, the ultimate adventure movie. I love all of the them. Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd rock!
  • 3. E.T.
    A classic. Heartwarming, and touching. I still cry everytime ET dies, and I know hes going to make it he he. Love this movie.
  • 2. The Sure Thing
    I am a huge John Cusack fan. This movie is hilarious. I love the simplicity in eighties movies.
  • 1. The Goonies
    This movie takes me back. Everytime I watch It I feel like a kid again. I feel like I can accomplish anything no matter how Big. Great Movie!
Man I know I have left out a bunch above so Ill try to name a few now. Real Genius, The Stuff, Dream A Little Dream, The Outsiders, Critters, Gremlins, Ferris Buellers Day Off, Dirty Dancing, Anything by John Cusack, The Last STarfighter, My Science Project, Girls Just Want To Have Fun, The Heavenly Kid, The Boy Who Could Fly, Beetlejuice, The Explorers, The Mosquito Coast, Flight of The Navigator and many more that I cant seem to think of right Now. Love and good memories, Long Live the 80's
By: Caroline
How can you pick just ten?
By: Rachel
  • 10. Lady Hawk
    I saw this one for the first time at camp last year, our drama director is obsessed with 80's flicks. I thought it was so awesome though the music was hilarious!
  • 9. The Princess Bride
    Yelling as you wish while rolling down a giant hill.. what a wonderful thing,,, hehe
  • 8. The Little Mermaid
    I remember when I was little, walking 6 houses up to my best friends house, to watch this movie every day for a whole summer.
  • 7. The Outsiders
    I saw this one last year in English class, and I just thought it was the greatest thing since chocolate.
  • 6. Valley Girl
  • 5. The Lost Boys
    I knew who was the head vampire before they did.. I knew I REALLY REALLY knew!
  • 4. Pretty in Pink
    Ducky... VERY cool.
  • 3. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    Bueller, bueller, bueller?
  • 2. The Breakfast Club
    Words can't describe how much butt this movie kicks.
  • 1. Dirty Dancing
    I saw this at camp for the first time 2 years ago and I've been an addict ever since. I absolutely love this movie.
Not only the movies were great but the tv shows too!
By: Sandy Sardar
By: Jessica Williams

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