Top Ten Lists of Eighties Movies

The concept is pretty easily, pick your ten favorite movies from the eighties. The hard part? I want JUST movies from the eighties, not movies you might have seen during the eighties. Also, try and avoid movies that came out after the eighties if possible, 1990 is pretty borderline, I won't scream too loudly if you add one that is from then...

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By: Jenny
By: John
  • 10. Stand By Me
    Rob Reiner directed from a Stephen King novella, and caught the essence of childhood perfectly in this movie. Just bought the DVD, and it is still a great, sentimental movie.
  • 9. Friday The 13th
    The movie that started it all, and spawned a million copycat movies, including its own sequels.
  • 8. Airplane!
    A totally silly movie that was totally hilarious!
  • 7. Summer Rental
    John Candy is awesome as always!
  • 6. Aliens
    Great follow-up to Alien. Space marines ready to kick ass!
  • 5. Back To The Future
    Awesome movie! Just got the DVD set for my birthday.
  • 4. Near Dark
    A great vampire movie! Reunites Bill Paxton, Lance Henriksen and Jennete Goldstein from Aliens as a pack of vampires in search of new blood.
  • 3. Breakfast Club
    Love it, not sure why....
  • 2. Maximum Overdrive
    Very cool soundtrack by AC/DC. Who made who?
  • 1. Trick Or Treat
    This movie rocks! I saw it at the movies and couldn't believe it! OZZY as a preacher that hates, and wants to ban, rock music! It's so bad it's good! Check this page for more....
Lots of good movies were released in the '80s. It was a great decade for movie fans!
By: Brendan Donnelly
By: Johnny
  • 10. Short Circuit
    Johnny 5 is alive!
  • 9. The Goonies
    I was the age of all the kids from this movie when it came out, so to me they were the coolest.
  • 8. Back To The Future
    Singlehandedly responsible for making DeLoreans and Huey Lewis into pure 80s icons
  • 7. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    Explanation unnecessary
  • 6. The Lost Boys
    The stuff dreams are made of
  • 5. Top Gun
    Invented the aviator glasses, moustache look that WAS the 80s for some people
  • 4. Ghostbusters
  • 3. Karate Kid
    Once again, I'm sure I'm not the only person in his 20s who STILL knows most of the dialogue from this movie by heart
  • 2. Teen Wolf
    Anyone who doesn't have fond memories of this movie simply didn't grow up in the 80s.
  • 1. Gleaming The Cube
    Possibly still the greatest skateboarding movie of all time, and without a doubt one of the main inspirations for so many of today's skaters / snowboarders.
These might not be the best movies of the 80s, in fact many amazing movies are obviously absent, but who can doubt that these were the movies that today's 20-30 year olds grew up on? Do you know the words to all of these movies by heart?
By: jfk
By: damon
By: Landon
  • 10. Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark
    This movie is really funny, if you like those lampoon type flicks. Lot of sex related humor in there, funny stuff.
  • 9. Better Off Dead
    This movie cracks me up, especially the dude from Revenge of the Nerds.
  • 8. Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure
    Whoulda thunk Keanu Reeves actually would have a decent career after this?
  • 7. Masters Of The Universe
    I am a HUGE, HUGE He-Man fan, but I was pretty disapointed by this movie. It shoulda stayed in Eternia, period. Now that He-man is back, hopefully they make another movie.
  • 6. The Breakfast Club
    Did I ever have that much fun in detention.....NO!!
  • 5. The Monster Squad
    Not many people remember this movie, but I sure do. I must've rented 100 damn times, it rocks.
  • 4. Rad
    This is another movie not really well-known. It's about a kid who dreams of racing in a BMX race in his hometown. The bike tricks are awesome, and the cast actually ain't bad, either
  • 3. The Karate Kid Part 2
    My favorite of the series. Don't try to karate chop ice blocks, that shit hurts!!
  • 2. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    Almost #1, this movie made everyone wanna skip school. I remember giving my principal hell like that too
  • 1. The Goonies
    "HEY YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!" This tops em all. How many of us went looking for treasure after seeing this? And I wanna know, whatever happened to the guy who played Chunk?
By: Jet Black
  • 10. Sixteen Candles
    first John hughes movie i saw and really liked
  • 9. E.T
    one of speilberg's all time classics
  • 8. Return Of The Jedi
    kick ass conclusion to star wars
  • 7. The Empire Strikes Back
    best movie in the whole series
  • 6. Fast Times At Ridgemont High
    american pie of the time in my opinion
  • 5. Stand By Me
    really good coming of age thing going on there
  • 4. The Lost Boys
    kick ass vampire flick, vampires looked kool in that movie
  • 3. The Terminator
    "I'll be back"
  • 2. Akira
    Kaneda: TETSUOOOOO!!!! tetsuo: KANEDAAAAA!!!!
  • 1. Back To The Future Trilogy
    best trilogy of the eighties and one of the best trilogies in history Marty: "you built a time machine, out of a Delorean!" marty looking at his son "he looks just like me" later on in the cafe "He's a complete wimp" Marty talking to buford tannen "my name's Eastwood, Clint Eastwood." buford says "what kind of a stupid name is that." doc: "roads, where were going we dont need roads."
By: Matt Glassing
I like horror movies!
By: Karsten Finke
  • 10. Rain Man
    Barry Levinson
  • 9. Raging Bull
    by Martin Scorsese
  • 8. Aliens
    by James Cameron
  • 7. Gandhi
    by Sir Richard Attenborough
  • 6. Ordinary People
    by Robert Redford
  • 5. Fanny and Alexander
    by Ingmar Bergman
  • 4. After the Rehearsal
    by Ingmar Bergman
  • 3. Good Morning Vietnam
    by Barry Levinson
  • 2. Platoon
    by Oliver Stone
  • 1. The Color Purple
    by Steven Spielberg
By: Kevin
  • 10. A Christmas Sory
    Watch it every Christmas since I was 7! Makes me feel all warm inside!
  • 9. Coal Miner's Daughter
    The first movie I ever went to see. It was at an Oklahoma drive-in with my parents. I was 4 yrs old, and I swear I remember it like it was yesterday. This is what made me want to be an actor! I remember looking at the screen as the credits rolled and thinking, "I want to do that when I grow up!"
  • 8. The Outsiders
    Coppola's Rebel Without A Cause only lacked a James Dean, but made up for it with Diane Lane and Matt Dillon. Brimming with passion!
  • 7. The Breakfast Club
    Quintisential 80s teen flick! Classic!
  • 6. E.T.
    You can't mention the 80's without Spielberg and E.T.! You also get the first performance of Drew Barrymore! What more can you ask for, except a rerun of Poltergesit?
  • 5. Romancing the Stone
    There hasn't been a TRUE adventure made since this great slice of pie came out!
  • 4. An American Werewolf in London
    Ok, so the ending is a little abrupt, but this movie never loses its quality. David Naughtin is the definitive wolf monster! What else can you say for a movie that inspired Michael Jackson's Thriller?
  • 3. The Color Purple
    Operetic and beautiful! Masterpiece!
  • 2. The Goonies
    Wantes to be a Goonie when I was a kid! Watched it all he time, instead of studying for science tests.
  • 1. Poltergeist
    The best special effects movie ever! One of the few horror films that is intelligent and entertaining on all levels. Classic!!
I'm sure that ther are more classics that did not make my list, but these are the ones that come to mind whenever I think of the past.
By: Kimmie
I could probably listed 100 more that I loved from the 80's! Thanks for providing us somewhere to come together!
By: Bad Mother Krucker
  • 10. Revenge of the Nerds
    This movie is a breakthrough for anyone who has believed in themselves,and know that they can accomplish anything,what a funny way of showing it!
  • 9. Ferris Beuler's Day Off
    This is definitely a John Hughes classic that everyone who is sick of high school should get their ass to the video store!
  • 8. Nightmare On Elm Street
    As far as the horror/action genre goes, I have to give it to this movie. Wes Craven took to the limits that led to 6 sequals!
  • 7. Beverly Hills Cop
    Eddies best starts here with a hard hitting laugh your ass off action/comedy. Reccomended for anyone who likes a story about a good cop.
  • 6. The Breakfast Club
    John Hughes was a great director/producer, who reeased this classic drama/comedy about 5 strangers who realize they have more in common than they ever bargained for. See this movie!
  • 5. Lethal Weapon
    What a great start to a great series of action movies. For anyone who likes a good cop/bad cop tag team to hard pumping action, this is the movie for you!
  • 4. Major League
    I dont care what anyone says, this movie has the best baseball movie endings in history. A funny look at the major leagues, and all the homerun laughs along the way to the Hall of Fame!
  • 3. Big
    Tom Hanks, Academy Award nominee for this role! A heartwarming funny film about a kid with a big dream. See this for some Tom Hanks fun!
  • 2. Uncle Buck
    What a great movie with one of the greatest comedians in our time, the late great John Candy. See this for a good laugh and a touch by the heart from John Hughes
  • 1. Die Hard
    The role that landed Bruce Willis his carreer. In my opinion the greatest action movie of our time. An average Joe, or John McLane fights off the terrorists with the 80s style. See this blockbuster smash along with the two great sequals!
Mind you that these are just some movies off the top of my head. There are so many other 80s movies that are great!
By: Rustin Richtarik
  • 10. Return Of The Jedi
    Great way to end it all. Special effects were great. Brought closure to the series.
  • 9. Ghostbusters
    Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!!!
  • 8. The Untouchables
    One of Sean Connery's, Kevin Costner's, and Robert DeNero's best performances.
  • 7. Fast Times At Ridgemont High
    Who can't forget the pool scene?? Plus everyone knows at least one person that resembles Spicoli.
  • 6. The Goonies
    Great cast of characters, original storyline.
  • 5. The Breakfast Club
    This movie was the 80s, plain and simple.
  • 4. Who Framed Roger Rabbit
    Ahead of it's time in terms of movie making. Great movie for adults and kids. Not to mention Jessica Rabbit was hot..for being a cartoon.
  • 3. Empire Strikes Back
    Best 'Star Wars' movie. Story keeps you in the movie all throughout. Ending makes you want to see the next movie.
  • 2. Back To The Future
    Who doesn't like this movie? Enough said!!
  • 1. Raiders of the Lost Ark
    It got the decade off to a good start in terms of movies.
By: MaGGie
  • 10. Back to the Future
    "what are you lookin' at, butt-head?"
  • 9. Fast Times at Ridgemont High
    that movie is SOOOO awesome!!!
  • 8. Say Anything
    awww... SO SWEET!!! and the part where John Cusak played "In Your Eyes" outside of Diane's window-- total teary-eyed part!
  • 7. Better Off Dead
    4 weeks.... 28 papers.... TWO DOLLARS.
  • 6. Pretty In Pink
    Ducky is so cute!!! just an awesome film. but eww... Blaine looks like he is THE worst kisser! im sorry!
  • 5. Dirty Dancing
    any movie with the word "Dirty" in it is awesome. HAHAH!! nahh... but its just a cool movie.
  • 4. Ferris Bueler's Day Off
    hott car and Matthew Broderik.... enough said!
  • 3. Sixteen Candles
    another AWESOME movie with some of the Brat Pack! "could i borrow your underpants for 15 minutes?!" <~~ priceless one-liner! and who could forget the admired Jake Ryan?! that cutie still has a place in my dreams!
  • 2. The Breakfast Club
    it was realistic as far as characterization of teens goes: it had the jock, the popular/preppy girl, the smart nerdy type, the rebel, and the off-beat goth
  • 1. The Goonies
    hmm... let's see... an adventure, a fat kid, a deformed but sweet guy, ice-cream, sean astin, a chinese kid with funky inventions, one of the great Corey's (Mouth), diamonds and rubies.... WHAT NOT TO LOVE?!
other awesome movies of importance: Weird Science, Real Genius, Top Gun, Footloose, Princess Bride
By: Adam Vanderwielen
By: Marcus Corning
  • 10. Field of Dreams
    "If you build it, he will come" or they. With the seven words, Kevin Costner meets legendary baseball players like Shoeless Joe Jackson and others like Terance Mann and Doc "Moonlight" Graham. I'll always remember this one.
  • 9. The Karate Kid
    The best of martial arts! One of my favorite movies, with a New Jersey teen with problems with a karate gang in California, aided by a master (Mr. Miyagi) after a attack.
  • 8. Full Metal Jacket
    One of Stanley Kubrick's best and a great flick for war fans, including me.
  • 7. Platoon
    The best war movie of the 80s. Charlie Sheen with Willem Dafoe battles Villian Sergeant Tom Berenger, struggling in 1960s Vietnam, instead of "fighting the enemy", they "fight with each other".
  • 6. Die Hard
    Yippee Ki Yay! Bruce Willis in one of his best performances, tracking terrorists at the Nakotami Building in L.A. Also had some of the greatest stunts.
  • 5. Return of the Jedi
    Beats the newer ones (Episodes I & II) by a long shot. Had a great ending and the race with the characters pursuing the Ewoks.
  • 4. The Empire Strikes Back
    The best of the "Star Wars" series, with secrets revealed and newer characters, including Yoda and Lando.
  • 3. The Natural
    This movie was a classic and one of the best baseball movies ever! Robert Redford delievered a great performance with magic in his "wonderbat".
  • 2. Beverly Hills Cop
    Eddie Murphy instantly became a superstar with the performance of Axel Foley, a Detroit detective searching for his friend's killer in L.A.
  • 1. Scarface
    Movie was pretty good. I'm sure everybody remembers Al Pacino's performance of Tony Montana saying things like the memorable "Say hello to my friend" quote. One of the best films of '83.
Other great movies were The Outsiders, Taps, Ghostbusters, The Indiana Jones films, Hoosiers, WarGames, and one of the best movies, Raging Bull.

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