Title   : The Big Takeover: Punk's Greatest Hits Vol. One
Label   : Nouveau
TTime   : :
Notes   : Song listing with copywrite info and a little background into punk
Reviewer: Charles R. Grosvenor Jr.
Paid    : $6
Rank    : 4 out of 5

Track Listing
Owner Of a Lonely Heart                Yes
I Wanna Be Sedated                     Ramones
California Uber Alles                  Dead Kennedys
Ever Fallen In Love                    The Buzzcocks
Blank Generation                       Richard Hell and The Voidoids
Do Anything You Wanna Do               Eddie and the Hot Rods
Personality Crisis                     New York Dolls
T.V. Party                             Black Flag
2-4-6-8 Motorway                       Tom Robinson
Damaged Goods                          Gang Of Four
Homicide                               999

  Almost all of these pre-date the eighties by a couple years, but since punk
played a big role in the early eighties music scene, I feel this CD fits in
pretty well in this list. It's a decent album and I can't really single out
any song over another that I would have wanted replaced, except maybe "I Wanna
Be Sedated" in favor of any other Ramones song, I see that one a little too
often on compilations.  It's all punk, so each song is pretty much playable
next to any other :). I liked it, and I needed some Dead Kennedys in my CD
collection to help round things out a little. Recommended only if you like
punk, especially the late seventies/early eighties variety.

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