Title   : Flashback Cafe Vol. 1
Label   : Oglio Records
TTime   : 65:54
Notes   : Song listing with copywrite info.
Reviewer: ?
Paid    : $13
Rank    : 5 out of 5

Track Listing
Advice for the Young at Heart          Tears for Fears
Don't Dream It's Over                  Crowded House
Life In A Northern Town                Dream Academy
Feels Like Heaven                      Fiction Factory
Shattered Dreams                       Johnny Hates Jazz
A Good Heart                           Feargal Sharkey
Cruel To Be Kind                       Nick Lowe
All Of My Heart                        ABC
Doot Doot                              Freur
Moments In Love                        Art of Noise
Always The Sun                         The Stranglers
Under The Milky Way                    The Church
Heaven                                 The Psychedelic Furs
Love Plus One                          Haircut One Hundred
Oblivious                              Aztec Camera

This is the best compilation of eighties music I own.  It has a lot of
songs that were popular then but don't get much airplay now, even on mix
stations and "Flashback" radio shows.  There were a number of songs on
this album that I hadn't heard of when I bought it, but there isn't a
song on it that I don't like now.  I've seen many of the songs on other
compilations, but most of those weren't as good as this one.  Definitely
a bargain!

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