Title   : Only Rock and Roll! 1985-1989
Label   : JCI, A Division of Essex Entertainment,Inc. by Warner Special Products
Medium  : CD
TTime   : 77:03
Notes   : Just songwriting credits and label information
Reviewer: R.T. Jackson
Paid    : $9
Rank    : 3 out of 5

Track Listing
Title                                   Artist
-=-=-                                   -=-=-=-=-
Freeway Of Love                         Aretha Franklin
California Girls                        David Lee Roth
Broken Wings                            Mr. Mister
Walk Like An Egyptian                   The Bangles
St. Elmo's Fire (Man In Motion)         John Parr
Head to Toe                             Lisa Lisa &Cult Jam
When The Children Cry                   White Lion
Keep Your Hands To Yourself             Georgia Satellites
Wild, Wild West                         The Escape Club
Tonight She Comes                       The Cars
My Perogative                           Bobby Brown
Obsession                               Animotion
I Want To Know What Love Is             Foreigner
Life In A Northern Town                 Dream Academy
Sea Of Love                             The Honeydrippers
When Smokey Sings                       ABC
La Bamba                                Los Lobos
Lean On Me                              Club Noveau
With Every Beat Of My Heart             Taylor Dane
Little Lies                             Fleetwood Mac

        You don't get much longer than this. This CD is better
than the previous one, but suffers from the same problem which
doomed the previous one: Poor song selection. There are only a
few bad songs on this one, in my opinion. "Head To Toe" is one
of those songs which you can't remember hearing, but once you
listen to it, you see why you forgot it in the first place.
"Freeway Of Love" is forgettable. "My Prerogative"...uh, no.
Songs 16, 17, 18, and 19 are just plain nauseating; 16 perhaps
more than the others. A long, painful slide from "Poison Arrow";
that's for sure.
        Put the White Lion song on at a party, and watch the
guests run for their cars.

From Greg:
JCI/Warner's first entry in the compilation category. Pulling from a good
sized library of eighties hits this one shows strong collectability. Strong
cuts include: Los Lobos "La Bamba", David Lee Roth "Calif. Girls", Escape
Club "Wild Wild West". Rating: 4.75

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