Title   : New Wave Dance Hits Of The '80s (Available at Amazon)
Label   : Rhino
Medium  : CD
TTime   : 78:35
Notes   : Descriptions with Pictures of the Groups
Reviewer: Charles R. Grosvenor Jr.
Paid    : $8
Rank    : 3 out of 5.

Track Listing
Title                                  Artist(s)
-=-=-                                  -=-=-=-=-
Lawnchairs                             Our Daughters Wedding
Papa's Got a Brand New Pigbag (Ext.)   Pigbag
Bostich (Ext. Remix)                   Yellow
Ball of Confusion (Ext.)               Love and Rockets
Rapture (Disco Mix)                    Blondie
Precious (Ext.)                        The Jam
Beat Box                               Art Of Noise
The Wildstyle                          Time Zone
The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight (Mix)    Dominatrix
Think (About It)                       Justin
Moody                                  E.S.G.
Cavern                                 Liquid Liquid
Too Many Creeps                        Bush Tetras
Konk Party (Master Cylinder's Jam)
  (Ney York City Club Mix)             Konk

        Very Dance oriented.  I don't recognize a lot of these, the
explanation for that would probably be that I didn't spend much time in dance
clubs when I was ten.  Most of the songs here are dance remixes, and while
I recognize the band Love and Rockets or Art Of Noise, I don't recall these
songs by them at all, let alone the remixes.

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