Title: Richard Blade's Flashback Favorites (Available at Amazon)
Label: Oglio Records
TTime: 66:01
Notes: Small comments on each group by the DJ from KROQ
Paid : $12
Rank : 4 out of 5.

Track Listing
Title                                  Artist(s)
-=-=-                                  -=-=-=-=-
Doot Doot (Extended 12" Mix)           Freur
Let Me Go (Extended 12" Mix)           Heaven 17
This Is The Day (Extended 12" Mix)     The The
Everywhere That I'm Not                Translator
Hey St. Peter                          Flash And The Pan
Der Kommissar (Long Version)           After The Fire
Say It Again (Extended Danse Mix)      The Danse Society
Love And Pride (Extended 12" Mix)      King
Dancing In Heaven                      Q-Feel
World Destruction (Extended 12" Mix)   Time Zone
Party At Ground Zero (Visual Mix)      Fishbone
88 Lines About 44 Women                The Nails

        This disc (and the rest of the series) is great for one reason,
extended and rare mixes.  Some of these songs are also special for the
reason that they received very little airplay, yet probably deserved a
little more than they received.  I only recommend these discs however,
if you're either from the L.A. region of California and heard KROQ play
these, or if you have a lot of compilations and are just looking for more
Big Eighties sound songs to play.

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