Title: Richard Blade's Flashback Favorites Vol. 6 (Available at Amazon)
Label: Oglio Records
TTime: 58:47
Notes: Small comments on each group by the DJ from KROQ
Paid : $11.50
Rank : 2 out of 5.

Track Listing
Title                                  Artist(s)
-=-=-                                  -=-=-=-=-
Music For Boys (Remix)                 The Suburbs
X Ray Eyes                             3D
Computer Games (Ext. Mix)              Mi Sex
Universal Radio (Universal Dance Mix)  Nina Hagen
Harley David (Son Of A Bitch)          Bollock Brothers
In Shreds                              The Chameleons
Seriously Affected                     The Romeos
Cruel To Be Kind                       Nick Lowe
Eyes of A Stranger (Full Version)      Payolas
All Roads Lead To Rome                 The Stranglers
Talk To Me (I Can Hear You Now)        I Am Siam
Nemesis (Extended Mix)                 Shriekback

        This disc is a disappointment after the first five, and a pretty weak
ending to the series.  With the exception of Nick Lowe, most of these songs
got almost no airplay (except maybe on KROQ) and most of them deserve to stay
that way, I'm pretty sure I won't pull this one out very often as I really
don't care for many of these songs.

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