Title   : Rock of the 80's, Volume 11 (Available at Amazon)
Label   : Priority Records
Medium  : CD
TTime   : 34:51
Notes   : Track listing with year of release, running times, and original label
Reviewer: Charles R. Grosvenor Jr.
Paid    : $10
Rank    : 3 out of 5.

Track Listing
Title                                  Artist(s)
-=-=-                                  -=-=-=-=-
Puttin' On The Ritz                    Taco
Axel F                                 Harold Faltermeyer
Funky Town                             Pseudo Echo
I Wanna Be A Cowboy                    Boys Don't Cry
Pop Goes The World                     Men Without Hats
Where Are You Now?                     Jimmy Harnen With Synch
It's My Life                           Talk Talk
Peter Gunn                             The Art of Noise (Featuring Duane Eddy)
Cross My Heart                         Eighth Wonder

        This has to be one of the shortest compilations I have ever bought,
it does have "Pop Goes the World" which is a somewhat hard to find second
hit by the people that brought us "Safety Dance."  Overall the CD isn't
bad, just not great.

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