Title   : Sounds Of The Eighties, 1982-1983, The Rolling Stone Collection
Label   : Time Life
Medium  : CD
TTime   : 76:26
Notes   : A small paragraph about each bands and a few pictures or Rolling Stone covers.
Reviewer: Charles R. Grosvenor Jr.
Paid    : $17
Rank    : 4 out of 5.

Track Listing
Title                                  Artist(s)
-=-=-                                  -=-=-=-=-
Burning Down The House                 Talking Heads
Let's Dance                            David Bowie
Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?         Culture Club
I Confess                              The English Beat
Jack &Diane                           John Cougar
The Look Of Love [Part One]            ABC
Empty Garden [Hey Hey Johnny]          Elton John
Sexual Healing                         Marvin Gaye
Avalon                                 Roxy Music
Sunday Bloody Sunday                   U2
In A Big Country                       Big Country
Back On The Chain Gang                 The Pretenders
Someday, Someway                       Marshall Crenshaw
Rock This Town                         Stray Cats
Atomic Dog                             George Clinton
Photograph                             Def Leppard
Ain't Going Down                       Eric Clapton
Blind Willie McTell                    Bob Dylan

        Like the previous disc in this series, lots of big name bands with big
hits from the top 40.  The only exceptions are the "Empty Garden" song by
Elton John and "Ain't Going Down" by Eric Clapton.  Neither one of these songs
were really big, the explanation for them being on the disc is that the Elton
John song was a tribute to John Lennon's assassination, since it was a big
event and the Eric Clapton tune was because it was the first song that was a
hit for him in the eighties.  Both artists had bigger and better songs that
could have been represented here, and the explanations just don't hold for a
disc you're supposed to listen to, not study.  This disc is cool for the fact
that it had George Clinton on here too, whose music I hardly ever see on

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