Title: Sedated In The Eighties No. 4 (Available at Amazon)
Label: The Right Stuff
TTime: 61:54
Notes: Small description of each group and song
Paid : 12$
Rank : 4 out of 5.

Track Listing
Title                                  Artist(s)
-=-=-                                  -=-=-=-=-
Hanging On The Telephone (Live)        Blondie
Why Is It So Hard?                     Talk Talk
Passion Planet                         Thompson Twins
Trading In Gold                        China Crisis
I'm The One                            Missing Persons
Sense The Adventure                    The Fixx
Set The Killing Free                   Aztec Camera
Deeside(Live)                          The Alarm
Satellite                              The Tubes
Blue Period (Acoustic)                 The Smithereens
Killing Time                           The Motels
Pharaohs                               Tears For Fears
A Pleasure (Acoustic)                  The Railway Children
Please Please Please Let Me Get What
 I Want                                The Dream Academy
Private Revolution (Extended Version)  World Party
No More Words (Dance Remix)            Berlin

        Normally a disc that hasn't a lot of popular tunes on it, isn't
worth buying.  However, a lot of these songs are very good and very
unknown, even to fans of some groups.  The remixes of some of the popular
songs are also really good, though I personally dislike the live Blondie
song at the start of the disc, overall if you're a fan of even a couple of
these groups, this disc is worth owning.

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