Title   : Sounds Of The Eighties, 1983
Label   : Time Life
Medium  : CD
TTime   : 74:41
Notes   : A small paragraph about a couple of bands and a few pictures
Reviewer: Charles R. Grosvenor Jr.
Paid    : $20
Rank    : 5 out of 5.

Track Listing
Title                                  Artist(s)
-=-=-                                  -=-=-=-=-
Cum On Feel The Noise                  Quiet Riot
One Thing Leads To Another             The Fixx
(She's) Sexy + 17                      Stray Cats
Come On Eileen                         Dexys Midnight Runners
Say It Isn't So                        Daryl Hall And John Oates
She Blinded Me With Science            Thomas Dolby
China Girl                             David Bowie
Time (Clock of The Heart)              Culture Club
Sexual Healing                         Marvin Gaye
Maniac                                 Michael Sembello
Always Something There To Remind Me    Naked Eyes
Our House                              Madness
Africa                                 Toto
Stand Back                             Stevie Nicks
Jeopardy                               Greg Kihn Band
Come Dancing                           The Kinks
Too Shy                                Kajagoogoo
True                                   Spandau Ballet

        Another great disc from Time Life, these guys are the ones you
measure other compilations against.  There's no radical choices here, all
very mainstream, top 40, instantly recognizable stuff.  If you were more
heavy into punk or new wave, forget it.  This is a radio playlist from an
eighties top 40 station from 1983, no doubt about that.  Fun disc for
background music at a get together (one of those "Oh wow, I haven't, like,
heard this song in ages" discs).  Most songs are on other compilations, the
only one I don't think I've seen elsewhere is David Bowie's "China Girl"
which I woulda thought was too big an artist to end up on a compilation, but
I guess not.

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