Title   : New Wave Xmas
Label   : Rhino
Medium  : CD
TTime   : 57:49
Notes   : A small paragraph about each bands and a few pictures.
Reviewer: Charles R. Grosvenor Jr.
Paid    : $10
Rank    : 4 out of 5.

Track Listing
Title                                  Artist(s)
-=-=-                                  -=-=-=-=-
Thanks For Christmas                   XTC
Christmas Day                          Squeeze
Fairytale of New York                  The Pogues w/ Kirsty MacColl
Rudoplh The Manic Reindeer             Los Lobos
2000 Miles                             The Pretenders
Santa Claus                            Throwing Muses
Little Drummer Boy                     Miracle Legion
Xmas At K-Mart                         Root Boy Slim et. all
Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy      David Bowie / Bing Crosby
One Christmas Catalogue                Captain Sensible
All I Want For Christmas               Timbuk 3
...A Gun For Christmas                 Wall Of Voodoo
Santa's Beard                          They Might Be Giants
Christmas                              The Buzz of Delight w/ M. Sweet
Christmas Time                         Chris Stamey Group
Christmas Xmess                        Sun 60
Careless Santa                         Mono Puff

        This disc is billed as the companion to the Rhino New Wave series
(Just Can't Get Enough!) and it definately fits the series well as like
volume 16.  Just like the "Edge of Christmas" compilation from Ogilio
records, this disc has a lot of original recordings by eighties artists
instead of just eighties artists performing classic Christmas songs.  The
first two songs by XTC and Squeeze sound like normal XTC and Squeeze songs
with Christmas as the subject which is just really fun to hear. The Captain
Sensible song is also fun to hear and almost doesn't sound like it's even
about Christmas at first hearing.  It would be fun to play this disc and see
how long before anyone who was listening realized it was a Christmas album,
certainly not a Burl Ives Christmas!

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