Here is a list of the 9 most succesful informercials, most of them aren't from the eighties, but are presented here for interest purposes anyways. (Source: Steve Dworman's Informercial Marketing Report).
  1. Jane Fonda: Fitness Trends for the Nineties (treadmill)
  2. Psychic Friends Network (1-900 line)
  3. Bruce Jenner: PowerWalk Plus (treadmill)
  4. Connie Selleca and John Tesh Growing in Love and Hidden Keys
  5. Jake Steinfeld: Body by Jake (hip and thigh exercise machine)
  6. Barbara De Angelis: Making Love Work
  7. Health Rider (fitness machine)
  8. Popeil Pasta Maker
  9. Anthony Robbins: Personal Power #4 (self-improvement)

Memorable Infomercials from the Eighties

  • Blue Blocker Sunglasses