Top Ten Lists of Eighties Movies

The concept is pretty easily, pick your ten favorite movies from the eighties. The hard part? I want JUST movies from the eighties, not movies you might have seen during the eighties. Also, try and avoid movies that came out after the eighties if possible, 1990 is pretty borderline, I won't scream too loudly if you add one that is from then...

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By: Marty McFly
  • 10. Leathal Weapon
    First in a series of four great action films.
  • 9. Real Genius
    Another great '80s classic cold war comedy.
  • 8. Caddyshack
    All I can say is, if you haven't seen it, your missing out.
  • 7. Fast Times at Ridgemont High
    Best teen coming of age movie of all time!
  • 6. Raiders of the Lost Arc
    First in a trio of truly great action films.
  • 5. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    I would watch this movie everytime I was sick, or not (;, from school.
  • 4. Breakfast Club
    Great comming of age film. Great plot, don't make'em like that anymore.
  • 3. Better Off Dead
    Classic '80s movie with about a dozen plots going at once.
  • 2. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
    Keeping up with the time travel theme, but much more of a comedy than back to the future. Most excellent soundtrack!
  • 1. Back to the Future
    All time great '80s sci-fi/comedy film of all time! If you haven't seen this movie, then what planet are you from?
It was hard to decide an order, since I love all of these movies sooooo much. Party on dudes and babes!
By: Michael Taylor
  • 10. Days of Thunder
    That move at the end is enough to watch this movie and when that hooker police officer took off her shirt.
  • 9. Top Gun
    Maverick, Goose, Iceman, names you won't forget, you might remember Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, and Anthony Edwards too!
  • 8. War Games
    The first time i saw it, i didn't realize there was an internet.
  • 7. Footloose
    This movie shows that all people can dance.
  • 6. Die Hard
    Bruce Willis (before he turned soft) with explosions, guns, and no shoes.
  • 5. Flashdance
    Jennifer Beals, Enough Said!
  • 4. The Color Purple
    What can I say. It's the Color Purple
  • 3. Beverly Hills Cop I & II
    Both were funny, and both are still funny.
  • 2. Coming to America
    Eddie Murphy + Eddie Murphy + Eddie Murphy and throw in some in some Arsenio Hall and you've got a classic comedy with some classic cameos.
  • 1. The Last Dragon
    Who's the Master? This movie is, because this is the greatest movie ever!!
Many other films by Tom Cruise could have made this list, because he did alot of good movies in the 80's.
By: Jess
  • 10. The Neverending Story
    This movie is an extraordinary, mythical adventure for both kids and adults. I love Falcore and little Bastian!
  • 9. Weird Science
    "It's my creation, Is it real?" This is the best science-fiction/comedy ever made! Anthony Michael Hall is hilarious as ever, especially in the scene where he gets drunk at the bar. I also love the part when the song "Tenderness" is played in one of the closing scenes. Plus, Robert Downey Jr. is super cute in this movie:)
  • 8. Fame
    "I'm gonna live forever!" This movie does a fantastic job of mixing great music with great actors and storylines. The scene where all the art students run out into the New York Streets dancing and singing is picture perfect!
  • 7. E.T.
    "I'm keeping him!" Drew Barrymore, Henry Thomas, and C. Thomas Howell are all great in this film, and I love the musical score that plays throughout this movie.
  • 6. The Wizard
    If you love Fred Savage, this film is definitely for you!
  • 5. Soul Man
    C. Thomas Howell and Rae Dawn Chong are super-hiliarious in this movie! This film does a really good job of mixing humor with racial politics.
  • 4. Teen Witch
    "I wanna be the most popular girl." This film is so 80's! The clothes, the hair, the music, and the attitude are perfect; It's right on!
  • 3. The Breakfast Club
    This is the BEST teen comedy ever made. Anthony Michael Hall gives another outstanding comedic performance and Ally Sheedy is terrific!
  • 2. Pretty Pink
    I love the tone of this movie! Molly Ringwald gives, I think, her best performance ever, and Andrew McCarthy is so cute; also, James Spader is really convincing as the stereotypical rich snob. The scene where Duckie sing's "Try A Little Tenderness" to Andie is classic!
  • 1. Back to the Future
    "It's the Power of Love!" By far, this the BEST FILM I've ever seen in my life. This movie makes time travel cool! Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd produce amazing Chemistry, and Huey Lewis and the News does a superb job with the soundtrack!
I miss the 80's!
  • 10. Beverly Hills Cop
    funny,sacastic with plenty of action
  • 9. Friday The 13th Part 3
    classic,disturbing and scary
  • 8. Better Off Dead
    one of the funniest movies iv ever seen!
  • 7. Back To The Future
    cool car,funny,great and entertaining
  • 6. Aliens
    scary sci fi full of action and shooting
  • 5. Weekend At Bernies
    awsome very funny movie
  • 4. The Terminator
    awsome action sci-fi classic thriler
  • 3. Escape From New York
    great action thiller sci fi movie!!!!! "president of what"
  • 2. Rambo:first Blood Part 2
    awsome action and killing,as good if not better than first blood. "muduck,im comeing to get *you*"
  • 1. First Blood
    great action,great drama(more or less),great everything "they drew first blood.....not me"
these are not olny my favorite 80'S movies,there my all time favorites,exept for halloween,which was made in 1978
By: Dani
These are my ten favourite movies from the 80's! I love the 80's!
By: Jon Moore
I could do this list again tomorrow and probably it would be completely different. So may great movies from the 80's...
By: A
By: gina morilla
Dirty Dancing Too!!
By: Neil Jain
  • 10. Bustin Loose
    Richard Pyror made Chris Tucker.
  • 9. Conan the Barbarian
    Arnold...the ultimate in swordfighting. The music played while he's fighting is the best....forget Gladiator!
  • 8. Sudden Impact
    that beat and Eastwood......nothing better than that! The Atlantic City Boardwalk scene at the end.....Clint came through in a nick of time.
  • 7. Rambo First Blood Part II
    Stallone was on top of the world with this in '85. I'll never forget it...Rambomania was running wild like Hulk Hogan at Wretlemania!!!!
  • 6. Rocky III's all about Philly!!!! Just like Allen Iverson (Named by Time as the best athlete in America 2001)
  • 5. Superman II
    It made Christopher Reeve a houshold name and brought my comic book hero to life!
  • 4. Empire Strikes Back
    Vader beats up on Michael Jordan did to the NBA every night!
  • 3. Jaws
    Re-Released in 1978..close enough. It has to be mentioned. Chief Brody my hero!
  • 2. Raiders of the Lost Ark
    Made Harrison Ford the #1 Box office attraction and garnered Oscar nominations
  • 1. Return of the Jedi
    Skywalker defeating Vader..the best action sequence ever!
Movies today suck just like music and wrestling. Everything is stolen from back in the day.
By: Alanna Morley
Honorable mention: Who can forget Blue Lagoon!
By: Rick Smith
By: Chris
  • 10. Say Anything
    The definitive John Cusack movie.
  • 9. Teen Wolf
    "Give me .... a keg ... of beer." I also just downloaded the song "Win in the End" that's played during the last basketball match ... oh, the memories it brought back.
  • 8. The Karate Kid
    "Put him in a bodybag, yeeeeeeeaaaahhh!"
  • 7. Over the Top
    I just have to mention this ... I mean, that's a helluva accomplishment, to make an entire movie about arm wrestling. Great soundtrack too--Sammy Hagar and Kenny Loggins!
  • 6. The Beastmaster
    How dare they ruin such a great movie with such a lame sequel.
  • 5. Rad
    If you were a young boy into BMX bikes, this movie was a Godsend.
  • 4. Back to the Future
    Probably cast better than any movie EVER.
  • 3. The Goonies
    I had the privilege of interning in Richard Donner's office, where he has the model pirate ship, and the skull of One-Eyed Willie!
  • 2. Real Genius
    Val Kilmer at his comedic best. I still laugh my ass of when he rips on Kent. "THIS is ice ... this is what happens to water when it reaches it's freezing point."
  • 1. The Lost Boys
    Possibly the greatest vampire movie ever. (by the way, these are in no particular order ... I couldn't bring myself to rate them that way!)
By: Julia
  • 10. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
    how can you not love this movie with the whole bolder scene and all. it definately gave me wander lust.
  • 9. The Outsiders
    this movie had a major babe factor when i was in the 6th grade and it was the only book i read like 6 times.
  • 8. Ferris Beuller's Day Off
    okay this movie cracked me up..
  • 7. Pretty In Pink
    well, i just through this one on has the whole molly ringwald factor.
  • 6. Desparately Seeking Susan
    when i saw this i wanted to be madonna...she was so cool. acting was not a factor.
  • 5. Breakfast Club
    i have nothing to just rocks.
  • 4. Dirty Dancing
    okay it's cheesy but in a good way.
  • 3. 16 Candles
    if you were a teenage girl in the 80s how can you not love this movie with that total hot guy with the red car.
  • 2. When Harry Met Sally
    a real romantic comedy...funny and romantic without being cheesy.
  • 1. The Color Purple
    made a big impact!
By: Charmaine
By: Jay Duran
  • 10. E.T.
    My girlfriend cryied after this movie..and I bought a new bike expecting it to fly... Great Finger....ET....Don't forget to Phone Home...!
  • 9. The Breakfast Club
    No words to describe this one.....Please watch it you haven't...!
  • 8. Scarface
    "Say Hello To MY little Friend..." Al Pacino was Just incredible in this movie..
  • 7. Less Than Zero
    I bought my first car after watching this movie.....Topless and Red... The Bangles' Hazy Shade of Winter video also showed highlights of it.
  • 6. Say Anything
    This one is another 80's icon although it was made on the late years.. Good romance..great song by Peter Gabriel...What else do you want..?
  • 5. Pretty In Pink
    This is one of my favorite ones...Molly Ringwald was definitely the true 80's queen of low budget movies.....( So was Rob Lowe...male version..) Listen to OMD and New Order in this incredible soundtrack..
  • 4. Karate Kid
    Ralph Macio and Pat Morita....Wonderful combination..Althogh I was not that impressed with those Karate Attacks..Bruce Lee kicks''
  • 3. Flash Dance
    Just a dance movie Icon after Saturday Night Fever..Amazing soundtrack and dancing as well..
  • 2. Revenge of The Nerds
    Never underestimate the power of the Lamda Lamda 's .... Great movie to see that some nerds are cool...
  • 1. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    Great School like behavior....My manual during the eighties of school conduct..
These movies are not in order of importance....I loved them all... There are millions of others left out..It's extremely hard to cut it down to 10..
By: jessica
  • 10. The Boy In The Plastic Bubble
  • 9. Critters 3
  • 8. Air Speed
  • 7. Porky's 1 And 2
  • 6. Trading Mom
  • 5. Toothless
  • 4. The Lost Boys
  • 3. Honey I Shrunk The Kids
  • 2. My Boyfriend's Back
  • 1. Save The Last Dance
By: Christian Stefos
  • 10. Any other movie with John Cusack in it
  • 9. Big
    this god damn movie is the ultimate, i love it
  • 8. Ferris Bueler's Day Off
    the ultimate stay home sick from school movie
  • 7. Say Anything
    two words : John cusack
  • 6. Indiana Jones 2
    sequel was better, all are pretty great though
  • 5. Goonies
    both corey's together. mmn mmn good.
  • 4. License To Drive
    get out of my dreams, get into my car.
  • 3. Back To The Future
    super hella good.
  • 2. Mr Destiny
    this movie can still make me cry, and its just really well acted
  • 1. Spaceballs
    the funniest movie of all time that never ever gets old, god bless ,el brooks
see above.
By: Spatch
this list is in no particular order, in my opinion they're all number one!
By: Alex Peroulias
  • 10. The Right Stuff
    I remember about the time this movie came out I wanted to join the Air Force and become a fighter pilot (fat chance) and this was the epitome of what I considered cool about jet fighter pilots. "Top Gun" had cool flight scenes I admit but it was a joke compared to this in all other areas (and I truly hate Tom Cruise as well).
  • 9. Breakfast Club and Say Anything (equal)
    Two great teenager movies which I had to include in the top ten. I graduated in 1985 so they both really bring back memories (especially Breakfast Club). There are characters in both movies we kids of the eighties can really relate to.
  • 8. Platoon
    Another great Vietnam movie (though not as chilling or haunting as "Apocalypse" or "Jacket"). Note: I DIDN'T like Charlie Sheen in this movie but I thought Tom Berenger and Willem Dofoe were brilliant.
  • 7. Moonstruck
    I love the whole feeling of this movie. Defining moment: (Lorettas' mother sees the love bite on her neck) "Your life is going down the toilet!!"
  • 6. Drugstore Cowboy
    This was a real surprise for most people but not for me - Matt Dillon can ACT people. This role proves that he wasn't just another brain-dead "brat-packer". My favourite movie about junkies (though "Trainspotting" comes close).
  • 5. A Fish Called Wanda
    Hands down the best comedy of the eighties. John Cleese is probably my favourite comedian of all time (nothing on TV comes close to "Fawlty Towers" for me)
  • 4. Full Metal Jacket
    I wish I could vote for "Apocalypse Now" but it's in the wrong decade so this - the SECOND best movie about the Vietnam War - takes it's place here. Kubrick was a true master of filmmaking.
  • 3. Raging Bull
    De Niro and Scorcese at their best (not counting Taxi Driver but that was in the 70s). Can you beleive this movie lost out to "Ordinary People" at the Oscars? Jealousy and sexual fear have never been portrayed as well as this and the fight scenes are simply incredible.
  • 2. Blade Runner
    Forget Star Wars (sorry George), forget 2001 (sorry Stanley), THIS is the greatest sci-fi movie of all time. The final scene (Rutger Hauer with the dove) is legendary. Makes you think about the "humanity" of humans. I doubt if "AI" (or any other sci-fi movie) will ever match this.
  • 1. Rumble Fish
    You have to ask why? Mat Dillon, Mickey Rourke (he WAS the Motorcycle Boy - the only significant role of his career), Nick Cage, Diane Lane (still the ultimate teen babe for me), Dennis Hopper and Tom Waites (with the famous "finger" scene) - incredible acting by all in this (sadly) forgotten masterpiece by F.F. Coppola. Great music by Stewart Copeland and fantastic B/W photography by I-don't-know-who. Remains my favourite movie of all time (I've watched it a zillion times since the mid-eighties).
Honorable Mentions (in no particular order or category): The Outsiders, Terminator and Terminator 2, Highlander, Raiders of the Lost Ark and the Indiana Jones sequel, When Harry Met Sally, Dangerous Liasons, ET, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, Amadeus, Lethal Weapon, Mad Max I, II and III, Legend, Down and Out in Beverly Hills, The Color Purple, Rain Man, Less than Zero, Born on the 4th of July (I admit Cruise was great here), Mississipi Burning, No Way Out, Peggy Sue Got Married, Scarface ("meet my little friend"), Working Girl and Excalibur...whew!!

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