Top Ten Lists of Eighties Movies

The concept is pretty easily, pick your ten favorite movies from the eighties. The hard part? I want JUST movies from the eighties, not movies you might have seen during the eighties. Also, try and avoid movies that came out after the eighties if possible, 1990 is pretty borderline, I won't scream too loudly if you add one that is from then...

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By: brent
  • 10. Rad
    little bit of a love story but just a great bmx movie
  • 9. License To Drive
    everybody wanted to be cory in the movie hot girl
  • 8. The Breakfast Club
    another great movie can watch over and over again
  • 7. Footloose
    dancing... fighting and a love story
  • 6. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    ditch school.. steal a car and and a love story
  • 5. The Karate Kid
    fighting.. a love story and and one hot girl
  • 4. Fast Times At Ridgemont High
    the bathroom seen... sean penn..
  • 3. Johnny Be Good
    FOOTBALL movie.... some dog crap and some real good laughs
  • 2. The Goonies
    hey you guys... the truffle shufle by chunk... and mikey
  • 1. Can't Buy Me Love
    come on!!! amanda peterson!!!!! HOT HOT HOT. and you can watch the movie over and over and over again and never get sick of it
All 80s Movies Are The Same You Have To Have The Love Story In The Movie To Be A Great One
By: Nancy
By: steve owen
  • 10. Rocky 3
    Rocky plus Mr T plus the best montage scene ever aided by eye of the tiger. Proper pant filler love this movie. Makes me wanna train and stuff
  • 9. Full Metal Jacket
    u can watch the first half hour every day pure gold
  • 8. The Breakfast Club
    Not as funny as i remember but its all about Judd what a legend
  • 7. The Lost Boys
    the best vampire movie ever even with that stupid sax guy
  • 6. Scarface
    U need people like me!
  • 5. Terminator
    Better than number 2 and lets not mention the 3rd
  • 4. Planes, Trains And Automobiles
    The green mile nearly made me cry-nearly. ET and bambi didint-this bad boy did, and its well funny. I wish john candy was alive.
  • 3. Bladerunner
    The directors cut without the cheesy voice over is quality. A visually stunning futuristic film noir
  • 2. Predator
    Half of the U.S government feature in this amazing film.
  • 1. Die Hard
    Pure blue coller gold
Ten of the best
By: melissa
  • 10. Beetlejuice
    A classic movie about a dead couple trying to scare the people who moved in out of their house.
  • 9. Labyrinth
    who could forget David Bowie as the villian and Jennifer Connely as the main character. She goes through a labrinyth to get her baby brother back. This is a great, cute musical film.
  • 8. Neverending Story
    This is a fantasic movie, a boy named sabasian, his mother died a while back and while running away from a group of bullies he runs into a small book store, only to find a book, The Neverending Story, he reads on in solitude about the world of Fantasia, where the nothing has started the process of destroying dreams and fantasies of children.
  • 7. The Wizard
    Starring Fred Savage, this is a very good movie about a boy who runs away from home with his older brother to go to california for the ninetendo videogame championships. This is one you should definately check out. It has that great song in it "Send me an Angel, Send me an Angel right now, right now"
  • 6. Ghostbusters
    Am not afraid of no ghosts, this is a classic forever. A great comedic team of actors come together to create the one of the greatest films of our time.
  • 5. Pretty in Pink
    Starring the great 80's actress Molly Ringwald, this is another great movie classic love story.
  • 4. Ewoks
    This is such a great movie, i didn't like the star wars movies too much, but this one is great.
  • 3. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    One day skipped too many, equals for a principal down your back, and the pressure of your parents finding out that your not their little angel anymore. This is a hilarious film that is definately a classic.
  • 2. The Breakfast Club
    Take a princess, a jock, a nerd, a rebel and an loner and what do you get?? A movie that is legendary and forever great!
  • 1. Footloose
    Kevin bacon dances up a storm and shows how when you believe, anything is possible.
By: melissa
  • 10. Heathers
    I love this movie so much! Just please see it if you haven't.
  • 9. Back to the Future Part 2
    This movie has everything!!!! Mostly funny and witty, though. And this list isn't necessarily in any kind of order, because if it was this movie would probably be 2nd.
  • 8. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
    I'll never get tired of this movie. Indiana Jones made me realize how cool non-stop action adventure movies are!
  • 7. Stand By Me
    My friends and I used to quote this movie and laugh like hyenas, because it's hilarious, but obviously it's a very sad movie at the same time. So, very good on many levels. And I love River Phoenix and Kiefer Sutherland.
  • 6. Lucas
    Awesome portrayal of what it means to be a geek
  • 5. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
    This movie is completely comforting for me. It's a great example of little kids as serious actors as well.
  • 4. The Outsiders
    Francis Ford COPPOLA directed this TEENAGER movie!!! And the story was written by a sixteen-year old girl, S.E. Hinton. Beautiful and heartwrenching is what this movie is!
  • 3. Some Kind of Wonderful
    Good characters... they dont just fit into totally simple stereotypes. Good revenge on the evil popular guy. Good redemptive ending!
  • 2. Ghostbusters
    This whole crew is great! The old movies by the Second City and SNL crowd are genius and this is one of the prime examples of that. Not only the dialogue and the characters, but the very premise of Ghostbusters is hilarious and original!
  • 1. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    This makes everyone's top ten, usually even top three, so obviously there is some movie magic going on and I don't need to explain anything more...
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Princess Bride, Footloose, Flashdance, Breakin', Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Pump Up the Volume, Mannequin, Mosquito Coast, The River's Edge, etc. and some early nineties movies as well could have gone on this list.
By: Claps
  • 10. Ghostbusters
    who u gonna call? ghostbusters!!!
  • 9. Gremlins
    they multiply in water and they love to party! and yet another corey feldman movie.
  • 8. Back To The Future
    this is a really good movie, i used to love watching it as a kid!
  • 7. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    This movie is a must see. SOOO fuuny!
  • 6. Poltergiest
    one of my absolute favorite "scary" movies.
  • 5. The Empire Strikes Back
    really, who doesnt love star wars??
  • 4. The Breakfast Club
    I love this movie! one of the best "Brat Pack" flicks.
  • 3. Weird Science
    Its one of the strangest movies ive ever seen, but its just awesome!
  • 2. The Goonies
    Plain and simple..the Goonies is a great adventure film with an awesome cast.
  • 1. The Lost Boys
    Great movie...i mean come on its got vampires,action,comedy and romance all in one movie. what else could u want?
By: mark
By: Kayla
I was born in 1990 and I <3 the '80s!!!
By: Leonardo
  • 10. Robocop
    Incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"Murphy, is you". "Dick, you're fired".
  • 9. License To Drive
    What the Corey's are doin' now? The best 80's couple. Please, Mr. Haim and Mr. Feldman do a new film.
  • 8. First Blood
    Sly biggest movie
  • 7. An American Werewolf In London
    So Fun, So Scary!!!
  • 6. Nightmare On Elm Street
    The first is excellent!
  • 5. Dr Alien
    U have to see this B-class movie. With the guy of PArker Lewis.
  • 4. Friday The 13th
    Jason rules!!
  • 3. Empire Strikes Back
  • 2. Can't Buy Me Love
    I loved this movie when I was a kid. And I loved Cindy MAncini.
  • 1. Pump Up The Volume
    By far the best of all time!
By: Tenita
  • 10. Raiders of the Lost Ark
    I was 7, and this was my first "Theater movie", they let me in!! No parents!!
  • 9. Ghostbusters
    I remember seeing this at 9 years old at the drive-in on a bad day, cheered me up a little!
  • 8. Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure
    "Most Excellent"
  • 7. National Lampoons Vacation
    "Real tomato ketchup, Eddie?"..."Nuthin but the best!"
  • 6. Weird Science
    Isn't it amazing how Anthony Micheal Halls looks have changed so drastically?
  • 5. Legend
    Tim Curry at his best.
  • 4. Sixteen Candles
    I wonder why they didn't break that table.
  • 3. Pretty in Pink
    "Isn't She...Pretty in Pink..."
  • 2. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    I drive the principles car! No kidding!
  • 1. The Breakfast Club
    My reason for getting thru puberty.
I have other favorites, but these are my ultimate favs. I miss the 80's. I wish I would have paid more attention to them while growing up. No other decade will ever compare. The movies and music was very entertaining. Not so anymore.
By: Chris
By: Abby Share
  • 10. Dirty Dancing
    Last but NOT least!
  • 9. Ghostbusters
    So much fun!
  • 8. Raiders of the Lost Ark
    Love Harrison Ford!
  • 7. Return of the Jedi
    How could you forget Star Wars! "Luke i amd your father"
  • 6. The Princess Bride
    I was just awesome movie! Wesley is hot!
  • 5. Pretty in Pink
    A girlly movie! Ducky is awesome!
  • 4. Back to the Future
    MJ Fox was awesome!
  • 3. The Goonies
    A kid fantasy movie!
  • 2. Sixteen Candles
    Molly Ringwald at her best!
  • 1. Breakfast Club
    Wow, great movie! BENDER!
The 80's has the best movies ever!
  • 10. The Fly
    Jeff Goldblum Was Great In This Flick
  • 9. The Howling
    This Movie Scared This You Know What Out Of Me
  • 8. The Golden Child
    One Of Eddie Murphy Best Films
  • 7. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
    I Still Love This Movie I Got It On Tape And Dvd
  • 6. Nightmare On Elm Street Part 3: Dream Warriors
    This Was One Of The Best Out Of All Of The Nightmare On Elm Street Filcks
  • 5. Mona Lisa
    I Know What Everyone Is Thinking Why Would You Out This Movie In Your Top Five?.because This Was A Great Movie Michael Canie As A Pimp Was Great.
  • 4. Stripes
    Anthor Bill Murry Film That Was Funny
  • 3. Caddyshack
    Greatest Golf Movie Of All Time.bill Murry Was Funny As Hell In This One
  • 2. Nine 1/2 Weeks
    This Was The Best Erotic Film I Ever Saw
  • 1. Mississippi Burning
    Great Movie Wilam Dafoe And Gene Hackman Were Great
By: Rick Deckard
By: tom
By: jkldjlksa

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