Top Ten Lists of Eighties Movies

The concept is pretty easily, pick your ten favorite movies from the eighties. The hard part? I want JUST movies from the eighties, not movies you might have seen during the eighties. Also, try and avoid movies that came out after the eighties if possible, 1990 is pretty borderline, I won't scream too loudly if you add one that is from then...

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By: Brandon
By: keith
By: Emily
  • 10. They Live
    Horror film. Roddy Piper is the protagonist. He finds boxes of shades that reveals who the aliens are from the humans. Sort of like a satire of the post-modern world.
  • 9. Big
    Tom Hanks acted superbly on this film! great holiday film!
  • 8. Wallstreet
    Charlie Sheen and Micheal Douglas. A young ambitious broker get in cahoots with a professional bull rider in the business of scamming people.
  • 7. Legend of Billie Jean
    Helen Slater, Keith Gordon and Christian Slater makes a dynamic cast on this film! A must have for your collection!
  • 6. Can't Buy Me Love
    Patrick Dempsey is a geek and tries to be cool in high school. Turns out, he makes a cute geek boy.
  • 5. Class
    Andrew McCarthy and Rob Lowe. Story of 2 best friends seeing his best friend's mother. I love how a friendship can be torn by just one personal blow.
  • 4. Heartburn
    Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep worked great in this film! Excellent soundtrack too! A must have for your collection!
  • 3. Real Genius
    Val Kilmer, such a genius hunk.
  • 2. Top Gun
    He's hunky in this film.
  • 1. Rain Man
    Tom Cruise nailed the role of a greedy business man.
My list are based on what I deem is worthy of being in any 80s collection. Its all about great story and great performances.
By: Breta
  • 10. The Legend Of Billie Jean
    1985; Another one of those classics that you don't know why you love it you just do!
  • 9. Great Balls Of Fire
    1989; Without a doubt this should be on the list, and I can't believe no one mentioned it sooner!
  • 8. Mannequin
    1987; Kim Cattrall's best work, I still love her!
  • 7. Legend
    1985; What can I say, unicorns,elves, and Tom Cruise what else do you need
  • 6. Labyrinth
    1986; I still have this movie on VHS and I got my nephews hooked. It is timeless, David Bowie is too sexy!
  • 5. Hairspray
    1988; I was obviously a Ricki Lake fanatic
  • 4. Babycakes
    1989; One of my all time favorites, big girls rule!
  • 3. Teen Witch
    1989; "I'm hot and you're not..." I don't know why, it's cheesy but I still love it
  • 2. Pump Up The Volume
    1990; Actually it just barely missed the 80's but it's still a classic
  • 1. The Breakfast Club
    1985; Of course, every child of the 80's all time favorite
I have just discovered this site and now I'm hooked. There were so many favorites of mine but, I had to narrow down the list to ten. Special mention to Crybaby 1990, Caveman 1981, Cocktail 1988 and of course St. Elmo's fire!!!!
By: michael pieper
By: Jeremiah Mann
  • 10. Mannequin
    gotta love the plot
  • 9. Better Of Dead
    John Cusack...fav actor
  • 8. Class
    little known 80's flick but good none the less
  • 7. Willow
    Well Val Kilmer again...good action
  • 6. Real Genius
    Val Kilmer was funny as hell in this flick
  • 5. Spaceballs
    Can't get any funnier than that
  • 4. Pretty In Pink
    So i had a huge crush on Molly Ringwald sue me
  • 3. Back To The Future
    Run for it Marty....who the libians holy s****
  • 2. Breakfast Club
    Judd Nelson and Molly Ringwald nuff said
  • 1. Say Anything...
    Well there's alot of reasons why i mention this movie...It was a love story for all the guys who never thought they could.....We just described every great success story!!!!!!
Overall this may not be all my fav 80's flicks but hey it's a start
By: Mike
  • 10. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    How can an eighties movie list be complete with out this movie.
  • 9. Gleaming the Cube
    I really got in to this movie. I bought a skateboard because of Christian Slater. He was so cool in it.
  • 8. One Crazy Summer
    John Cusack was great in this one. He was also great in Better Off Dead.
  • 7. License to Drive
    It is one of my all time favorite movies. The Coreys are great in this one.
  • 6. The Goonies
    How can you not love Chunk doing the Truffle Shuffle.
  • 5. War Games
    I loved this movie cause of the story. It is also to see the state of the art computer system he has. Not bad fot the eighties though.
  • 4. Sixteen Candles
    Again Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall. John and Joan Cusack are also in this movie they are great.
  • 3. The Breakfast Club
    Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall. It was the classic high school movie of the eighties.
  • 2. Back to the Future
    This trilogy was great. I think it is Michael J Fox's best roll. I don't think it would have worked without Christopher Lloyd.
  • 1. Weird Science
    Loved this movie. I still think Anthony Michael Hall is the coolest.
There are so many more movies I want to put, but not enough room. If I could only put my top 50 or 100 it still wouldn't be enough.
By: tara
my entire life i'll watch these movies over n over! the 80s had the best movies ever!!!
By: Jim Baer
  • 10. Breakfast Club
    Too cool of a flick. The lipstick scene is awesome.
  • 9. Top Gun
    Before Tom became a head case and Anthony Edwards had hair.
  • 8. She's Having A Baby
    Every Dad to be needs to see this flick.
  • 7. Red Dawn
    I loved this movie, I was in the Army back then.
  • 6. Arthur
    Come on, Dudley rules! I still quote the lines when I have a few pops.
  • 5. 48 Hours
    Nick and Eddie, what a team.
  • 4. Airplane
    Surely this movie has to be included. Its included and quit calling me Shirley. Awesome movie.
  • 3. The Big Easy
    Great flick.
  • 2. The Goonies
    Classic, my kids love this movie.
  • 1. The Sure Thing
    I laughed so hard I almost blew chunks.
I wish I could have made a Top 25 list.
By: Lauren Reardon
love the eighties, i was born in 1982, missed a little at the start of the decade, but managed to catch up!!!!!
By: Johnny F.
  • 10. Top Gun
    "Yeee hawww Jester's Dead".....
  • 9. Raiders of the Lost Ark
    Harrison Ford as Indy is bad ass.....
  • 8. Weird Science
    Anthony Michael Hall makes this movie very funny and original.
  • 7. Lost Boys
    Keifer makes the scariest vampire ever.
  • 6. Ghostbusters
    Bill Murray is hilarious....."cats and dogs living's mass histaria!"
  • 5. Back To The Future
    Hello McFly......
  • 4. The Breakfast Club
    You can't get any more classic than this. High School all over again everytime I watch it.
  • 3. The Karate Kid
    The true underdog story...and a hot young Elizabeth Shue!
  • 2. Stand By Me
    A coming of age story that reminds me of my childhood and still brings a tear to my eye at the end!
  • 1. The Goonies
    Kerri Green as Andy, every young boys wet dream!
This list of movie reminds me of my childhood and always puts a smile on my face when I watch them...They don't make them like these anymore!!!
By: sally steve
  • 10. Weird Science
  • 9. National Lampoons Vacation
  • 8. The Lost Boys
  • 7. Rocky III
  • 6. The Thing
  • 5. Friday The 13 Part 3
  • 4. Halloween 2
  • 3. Porkies
  • 2. Losin It
  • 1. Last American Virgin
By: Henrique Lopes (Hita)
  • 10. Raiders Of The Lost Ark
  • 9. E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial
  • 8. Fanny and Alexander
  • 7. Once Upon a Time in America
  • 6. The Purple Rose Of Cairo
  • 5. Raging Bull
  • 4. Amadeus
  • 3. Hannah and Her Sisters
  • 2. Paris, Texas
  • 1. Ran
By: Felix
  • 10. Escape from New York
    If I could be Ferris Bueller by day, I'd want to be Snake Plissken by night. Issac Hayes' big acting risk is adding an eye-twitch. Lots of fun.
  • 9. The Thing
    I saw this in a theater back-to-back with "Alien" when I was 11. The only time I ever had a move-induced nightmare. Awesome! Good creepy score.
  • 8. Repo Man
    One of my favorite soundtracks from a movie.
  • 7. Romancing the Stone
    Any movie that can actually make Michael Douglas likeable and Kathleen Turner somewhat sexy is doing something right. Just pure fun.
  • 6. Night of the Comet
    Valley girls inherit the Earth after Halley's Comet wipes out everybody. Like, totally!
  • 5. Angel
    they just don't make good hooker movies anymore. Teen honor student by day and hooker by night story doesnt get much campier.
  • 4. Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • 3. The Terminator
    "I'll be back" should be put on Ah-nold's tombstone
  • 2. Wargames
    "Greetings Professor Falken." Reagan-era paranoia doesnt get better than this. Such a cool movie that ABC designed its election night studio after the NORAD war room. Added bonus: Ally Sheedy doing a split.
  • 1. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    who didn't want to be as cool as Ferris? I'm still wondering why Abe Frohman never showed up for his lunch reservation.
By: allison
  • 10. The 'Burbs
    who does not want to discover that their neighbor are killers
  • 9. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    save ferris
  • 8. The Sure Thing
    again john cusack was great
  • 7. Say Anything.....
    love anything by john cusack
  • 6. Modern Girls
    three great leading ladies and hot double character
  • 5. Sixteen Candles
    you can't pick your family is or who you fall in love but sam still made out okay and got the guy john cusack was in this which was cool
  • 4. St. Elmo's Fire
    this movie is about moving in and growing up all the cast wasnts to do survive to the next day with the help of thier friends
  • 3. The Breakfast Club
    an all star cast. the five sterotypes in this movie everyone could relate to one time or another
  • 2. Better Off Dead
    another john cusack. at first you want him to get back with beth then monquie steels your herat and his and want them to end up together
  • 1. One Crazy Summer
    john cusack as "hoops" is great you can not see anyone eles as him.
all this movies defind the movie industy of the 80's
By: Meagan A

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