People Who Died

Those are people who died, died
Those are people who died, died
Those are people WHO died, died
They were all my friends
They just died - Jim Carrol

Deaths On This Day In History...November 26
1980,Rachael Roberts, actress (This Sporting Life), dies at age 53
1981,Machgielis "Max" Euwe, world chess champion (1935-37), dies at 80
1982,Dan Tobin, actor (I Married Joan, My Favorite Martian), dies at 73
1982,Juhan Aavic, composer, dies at 98
1982,Robert Coote, actor (Timmy-Rogues, Theodore-Nero Wolfe), dies at 73
1985,Ransom Sherman, comedian (Father of Bride), dies at 87
1986,Betico Croes, Arubian politician, dies in an accident at 48
1986,Scatman Crothers, singer/actor (Shining, Chico & The Man), dies at 76
1987,Emmanuel Bondeville, composer, dies at 89
1987,Thomas G Lanphier Jr, US WW II pilot, dies at 71