People Who Died

Those are people who died, died
Those are people who died, died
Those are people WHO died, died
They were all my friends
They just died - Jim Carrol

This page is a list of famous people from the 80s who have passed on. Please provide as much info as possible if you wish to help add to this page, and corrections are also welcome. This is NOT a list of people who died during the 80s, that is a seperate list.

Alec Guinness
8-5-2000 From Liver Cancer. Played OBi -Wan in 1st 3 star wars movies.
Submitted by: Dusty
Alexa Kenin
Alexa Kenin was in Little Darlings (1980) and Pretty in Pink (1986) she was killed by her boyfriend on September 10, 1985. At the end of Pretty in Pink you will see that the film is dedicated to her and Bruce Weintraub, who died not long after she did. She was just 23.
Submitted by: Tonya
Alfie Anido (Filipino Actor)
He died on December 30, 1981 (also his 22nd birthday) apparently from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
Submitted by: Jet Ramos
Amanda Blake
Miss Blake died of complications from the AIDS virus on August 16, 1989.
Submitted by: Martha Nell Modisette
Died 1988 drug overdose
Submitted by: Mandy
Andy Kaufman
Died of lung cancer in 1984.
Submitted by: Indy
Andy Koffman
Most famous for his role in taxi - Jim carrey plays him in a movie now 'man on the moon' he died in 1984 from lung cancer.
Submitted by: jo attenborough
Audrey Lindley
Played Mrs. Roper, died in 1997
According to Mtv he died of Aids at the end of the eighties sometime.
Barb Lansing
she died of brain tumer
Submitted by: Michele Hines
Bea Arthur
Submitted by: Jenifer
Beatrice Straight
Died of pnuemonia in 2001.
Submitted by: Movie
Beatrice Straight
The small psychic lady in Poltergeist died in 2001.
Submitted by: DAVID WRIGHT
Ben Orr - Singer/Guitarist - The Cars
October 3, 2000 Atlanta, Georgia, Former Cars' bassist Benjamin Orr, AKA Benjamin Orzechowski, born September 8, 1947 in Cleveland Ohio, has lost his five-month battle with pancreatic cancer.
Submitted by: MaryEllen Moody
Bernie Mac
Apparentley from complications of pneumonia, and a long time illness.
Submitted by: Dorma Hemley
Bill Carruthers
Bill Carruthers was the creator and excutive producer of the 1980's game show " Press Your Luck". He died in March 2003.
Submitted by: Matt Jicha
Billy McKenzie
Died in 1997 of a drugs overdose in Scotland. If you don't remember him, he was the lead singer of the great 80s band The Associates - they had hits with "Club Country" and "Party Fears Two". He had a really bizzarre voice and tended to wear suits and bowler hats. (Don't ask me why...)
Bob Fosse
Died of a heart attack on September 23, 1987.
Submitted by: Dancer
Bob Keeshan
Long Illness Jan 27, 2004
Submitted by: Zach Mueller
Bob Marley
Submitted by: Lewis
Brad Davis
Actor most famous movie was probably Midnight Express. From AIDS 9-8-91
Submitted by: dusty
Buck The Dog
Buck the Briard sheep dog died under mysterious circumstances on May 28th, 1996 at the age of 13.
Submitted by: Celeste
Cardinal John Joseph O'Connor
Archbishop of New York during the 1980s and a renowned papal "yes man", John Joseph O'Connor passed away on May 3, 2000.
Submitted by: zhulin
Cardinal Joseph Louis Bernardin
Archbishop of Chicago, considerably less reactionary than O'Connor, died on 14 November 1996.
Submitted by: zhulin
Carl Sagen
Born nov. 9, 1934, died december 20, 1996 at the age of 62, after a two-year battle with a bone marrow disease. the cause of death was pneumonia.
Submitted by: John Kuzma
Carroll O'Connor
August 2, 1924 - June 21, 2001 (Heart attack) aka Archie Bunker
Submitted by: Stephanie Jacobs
Carroll O'Connor
Played Archie Bunker in All in the Family and Archie Bunker's Place. Also played that police guy in "in the Heat of the Night". June 2001, Heart Attack
Submitted by: Josh
Carroll O'connor
i believe he died of a Heart Attack.
Submitted by: Jeff Eckholm
Cathryn Damon
Died of cancer in 1987.
Submitted by: Indy
Charles Bronson
Actor from Peumonia and ALzheimers.
Submitted by: dusty
Charles Rocket
The actor apparently cut his own throat
Submitted by: Zoey
Christopher Hewett
April 5, 1922 - August 3, 2001 (diabetes) aka Mr. Belvedere
Submitted by: Stephanie Jacobs
Christopher Reeve
October 10, 2004 of an infection from an ordinary bedsore. He was 52.
Submitted by: maatnofret
Clara Peller
The "Where's the Beef" woman.
Submitted by: STEVE
Corey Haim
Possible drug overdose and enlarged heart
Submitted by: Christa
Corey Haim
Starred in Lucas, The Lost Boys, License To Drive, and Dream a Little Dream. Died of a drug overdose on March 10th, 2010. He was 38.
Submitted by: Matt Jicha
Corey Ian Haim
Cardiac arrest from allegedly overdosing on perscription drugs.
Submitted by: Mrs. K
Cory Haim
Did not see him on the list and he played in movies in the 1080's.
Submitted by: Deborah L. ELkins
Cory Ian Haim
of cardiac arrest due to an allegeded prescription drug over dose.
Submitted by: Mrs. K
Dale Earnhardt SR
Dale Senior died of a bassilar skull fracture caused by a race car crash on 02/18/01
Submitted by: Celeste
dale earnhardt sr
it was a the grandest race of them all the daytona 500.nowhere else would the "intimidator"what to be there for eternity.
Submitted by: philip deneauvernet jr
Dana Hill Goetz
(Hill was her mother's maiden name). Died of a stroke July 15, 1996. She was 32 years old.
Dana Plato
Died of a drug overdose in 1989
Submitted by: Rohan Padiyar
Dana Plato
Drug overdose, May 8 1999
Dana Reeve
Lung Cancer 2006
Submitted by: Celeste
Dan Hartman
Dan Hartman died, April of 1994. After his big hit "I Can Dream About You" in 1985, he had a few unsuccessful followup singles, and went back into producing. At the time of his death he was recording a new album.
Dan Hartman
In May of 1994, Dan Hartman died of complications from AIDS.
Submitted by: Larcen Tyler
Darren Robinson, "The Human Beat Box"
Died of a heart attack on December 10, 1995 due his enormous weight (450 lbs.)
Submitted by: Oprah Taylor
Dave Williams
Williams' body was found in his bunk of the band's tour bus during the Oz Fest Tour in Manassas, Virginia. It was concluded that the 30-year-old singer died from cardiomyopathy, a disease of the heart muscle, the report said. Williams' condition, concentric left ventricular hypertrophy, prevents blood flow from the left ventricle to the right. Williams was never diagnosed with the disease, the cause of which is unknown.
Submitted by: Pamela Marie
David Graf
April 16, 1950 - April 7, 2001 (Heart attack) Starred as Tackleberry in the Police Academy Movies
Submitted by: Stephanie Jacobs
David McComb of The Triffids
Died on 3 February 1999, following a car crash. The death was related to long-term heart problems and, in turn, to years of alcohol abuse.
Submitted by: zhulin
Dee Dee Ramone
Testicular Cancer 06-05-2002. Two years after Joey.
Submitted by: Celeste
Denver Pyle
Played Jesse Duke on The Dukes Of Hazzard. Died of lung cancer.
Submitted by: Celeste
Denver Pyle
Uncle Jesse on the Dukes of Hazzard. Lung cancer.
Submitted by: Celeste
dimebag darrel
shot on stage by enraged fan
Submitted by: craig houle
actor/actress/diva in a lot of John Waters movies most notably Hairspray died 3-7-1988 in his/her sleep from an enlarged heart
Submitted by: Dusty
He died from an enlarged heart in Los Angeles, California, as a result of his obesity. He was 42 years of age.
Submitted by: Shaney Evans
Dominique Dunne
The teenage girl in Poltergeist was stalked and killed by an ex-boyfriend in 1982
doug fieger
lead singer of the knack, there biggest hit my sharona.Fieger underwent brain surgery in August 2006 to have two tumors removed. He had reportedly been diagnosed with lung cancer in 2005, for which he had undergone extensive chemotherapy and had one half of a lung removed. After battling cancer for five years, Fieger died at his home in Woodland Hills, California, on February 14, 2010. He was 57 years old.
Submitted by: martin jones
Douglas Adams
Douglas died unexpectedly in May 2001 of a sudden heart attack.
Submitted by: Thomas Skyt
Dudley Moore
Actor, mainly known for his brilliant roles in "10" and "Arthur", died on March 28, 2002 of Pneumonia pneumonia as a complication of progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP).
Submitted by: Christina Finley
Dudley Moore
Died in 2002 from complications to the rare brain disorder Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP).
Submitted by: Jennifer
Dusty Springfield
She lost her battle with breast cancer on March 2,1999
Submitted by: Celeste
Dwayne Goettell
Member of influential Canadaian industrial band Skinny Puppy (1982-1995), Goettell died of a heroin overdose on August 23, 1995.
Easy E
rapper/ complications from AIDS. Died March 26, 1995
Submitted by: dusty
Ed McMahon
Died on June 23, 2009 after many illnesses.
Submitted by: Sidekick
Edward Kennedy
Ted Kennedy died on August 25, 2009 after a battle with brain cancer.
Submitted by: Celeste
Eric Carr
Drummer for Kiss for ten years, Eric died of cancer in 1991.
Estelle Getty
about 3 years ago...don't remember how
Submitted by: Toni Bertolo
Eunice Kennedy Shriver
Cancer. 08/11/09.
Submitted by: Celeste
According to the press, Falco died Feburary 6, 1998 in a car accident involving a bus. He was living in the Carribean at the time, and finishing up his new album. He was 40 years old.
He definitely died at the time mentioned on this side. He was under influence of cocain when his car crashed into a bus. After his death he had several hits in the german top ten, which he just finished shortly before!
Submitted by: Henrik Langer
Fancois Mitterand
Farrah Fawcett
Complications from anal cancer at age 62 on 6-25-09.
Submitted by: Zach Mueller
Flo Hyman
Collapse and died during a volleyball game in 1986. It was revealed later that the 6'5" athlete had Marfan's syndrome.
Submitted by: Oprah Taylor
Florence Griffith Joyner
1988 Olympic track star died of Heart attack 9-21-1998 FLO JO
Submitted by: Dusty
Frank Tovey
Frank Tovey aka Fad Gadget died on Wednesday 3rd April 2002 at his home in London of heart failure.
Submitted by: Jani Rajam�ki
Frank Zappa
Musician, died in 1993 of prostrate cancer, co-authored the 80s hit "Valley Girl" with his daughter Moon Unit.
Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury died of AIDs in 1991.
Fred "Rerun" Berry
Died in 2003 after he suffered complications from a stroke
Submitted by: Celeste
Fred Rogers (Mister Rodgers)
Stomach cancer. Died February 27, 2003
Submitted by: dusty
Gene Anthony Ray
Was best known for the role of Leroy Johnson in the movie 'Fame'. He died on November 14, 2003. (Complications stemming from a stroke)
Submitted by: Sharon McCall
Gene Siskel
The skinny half of Siskel and Ebert, died 1999 of cancer.
George Carruthers
Submitted by: Sheronda Quinn
George Carruthers
what is his Birth Date/ Death Date
Submitted by: ANGLE REDMOND
George Harrison
The youngest Beatle died of cancer on November 29 2001.
Submitted by: Celeste
George Peppard
Died of Lung cancer in 1995. Was Hannibal Smith on the tv series The A-Team.
Gia Carangi
70's - 80's supermodel - died of aids in 1986! Angelina Jolie made her life story in the movie "Gia" in 1998.
Submitted by: Tiffany Davis
Gia Carangi
Nov 18 1986 Dies of complications from AIDS at 10:00 AM At twenty-six, she became on of the first women in America to die of AIDS, a hospital welfare case visited only by rehab friends and what re mained of her family.
Submitted by: mdobson
Graham Chapman
Died of spinal cancer in 1989.
Submitted by: Stuart Hutton
Greg Guidry
Singer/songwriter who recorded his only hit "Goin' Down" in 1982 before he burned to death at his home in 2003.
Submitted by: Indy
Gregory Hines
dancer/actor. Cancer 8-9-2003
Submitted by: dusty
Gregory Jarvis
Died when Space Shuttle Challenger exploded 73 seconds after liftoff on January 28, 1986. He was a payload specialist.
Submitted by: Jan G.
Hank Gathers
Died on March 4, 1990 of a heart-muscle disorder during a college basketball game.
Submitted by: Rocky
Harold Robbins
lingering illness due to a stroke and from a bad fall. Another one was Benigno Aquino, assasinated at the Manila International airport.
Submitted by: Ruel Mayo
Heather O'Rourke
"Carol-Anne" in Poltergeist , died from Toxic Shock Syndrome on February 1, 1988 before the third movie was released.
Heather O'Rourke
She died on Feb. 1, 1988 of sepsis caused by a ruptured, congentital intestinal blockage, while on the operating table. Not of toxic shock syndrome which is cause by a staph aureus infection (historically from super absorbent tampon usage).
Submitted by: Betsy Richardson
Herb Ritts
Famous Photographer of the stars. 12-26-2002 From Pneumonia/AIDS
Submitted by: dusty
Hillel Slovak
Overdose in 1987; he was the guitarist of the red hot chili peppers, also one of the best guitarist ever...
Submitted by: Simon
Holly Johnson (Frnakie Goes To Hollywood
Is most definitely still alive.
Submitted by: Terry
holly johnson frankie goes to hollywood
this person is not dead
Submitted by: joe
Hugh O'Connor
Shot himself in 1995 as a result of cocaine consumption.
Submitted by: Indy
Isaac Asmov
Prolific Sci-fi writer died in 1992.
Isaac Hayes
Submitted by: Duchess
Isabel Sanford
Submitted by: Russell Kay
J.J. Jackson
Died of a heart attack in 2004.
Submitted by: Rocky
Jaco Pastorious, bass player god.
Beaten up brutally by a bartender in a club after hours in Florida.
Submitted by: Bruce T. Bernardini
Jacques-Yves Cousteau
Died on June 25, 1997 of natural causes.
Submitted by: Indy
James Belushi
Overdose(speedball)just before Ghostbusters;Bill Murray will take his place
Submitted by: Patricia
Jason Mizell
Jason Mizell, better known as the D.J. for the THE LEGENDARY RAP GROUP , RUN-DMC & The D.J. also known as Jam Master Jay was shot to death by an unknown man in a New York RECORDING STUDIO ON OCTOBER 2002.
Submitted by: John Mickles , Jr.
Jean-Michele Basquiat
Drug overdose in August, 1988
Submitted by: Nicole Ramunni
Jeanette Pitts
She died of AIDS on September 23, 1990
Submitted by: Trudy Juliette Womack
Jeff Buckley
Jeff drowned after he went for a swim in the mouth of the Mississippi River. His body washed up on shore a few weeks later. He was thought to have committed suicide. He was just 30 years old.
Submitted by: Celeste
Jeff Porcaro
Member of Toto. Apparently he had a fatal heart attack in 1993 brought on by toxic shock syndrome caused by a reaction to a weedkiller he was using.
Jermaine Stewart
Died March 17, 1997 from a long term illness.
Submitted by: Angie Montpas
jerry orbach
Submitted by: vicki
Jim Henson
Died in 1990 of flu.
Jim Varney
TV & Movie Actor from "Hey Vern, It's Ernest" in 1988. He was also the second Jed Clampett from the Beverly Hillbillies movie (1993)
Submitted by: Wesley
Joe Strummer of The Clash
Died in 2002 of a heart attack. He was 50
Submitted by: Jake Morgendorffer
Joe Strummer
The circumstances are unknown, but people say he died peacefully. he died on december 23rd, 2002
Submitted by: Serena Santoni
Joey Ramone
Couple of years ago, I believe from cancer (2000?).
Submitted by: Chris Carter
John Candy
Actor died in 1994.
John Cascella
Died of a heart attack on the 14th November 1992, having been born on the 29th April 1947. Played accordion, keyboards and saxophone in John Mellencamp's band.
Submitted by: zhulin
John Denver
He died in 1998 after a light aircraft that he was flying crashed into the pacific ocean. He was killed instantly on impact.
Submitted by: Celeste
John Denver
Singer songwriter in a plane crash in Monterey, CA October 12, 1997
Submitted by: Dusty
John Henry Bonham
Accident - Choking
Submitted by: Robert Chavira
John Holmes
At age 43, John Holmes, from the porn movie "Deep Throat" died of encephalitis, a swelling of the brain, as a result of AIDS.
Submitted by: Allen
John Hughes
Died on August 6, 2009 of a heartattack while he was out for a morning jog.
Submitted by: Celeste
John Lennon
shot dead by Mark David Chapman in New York city, 1980
Submitted by: Pablo Perez
John Matuszak
Heart failure due to alleged steroid use on 06/17/1989
Submitted by: Celeste
Johnny Carson
Died from emphysema on January 23, 2005.
Submitted by: Indy
Johnny Thunders
He apparently died of drug-related causes, but it has been speculated that it was the result of foul play
Submitted by: Chad
John Ritter of Three's Company
The cause of death was a dissection of the aorta, the result of an unrecognized flaw in his heart. He Died September 11 2003 at 10:00 P.M. He was 54 years old.
Submitted by: CMD
John Ritter of Three's Company
The cause of death was a dissection of the aorta, the result of an unrecognized flaw in his heart. He Died September 11 2003 at 10:00 P.M. He was 54 years old.
Submitted by: CMD
John Robert Reitz (Robert Reed)
died in 1992 from AIDS.
Submitted by: Allen
John Schlesinger
7-25-2003 from stroke
Submitted by: dusty
Jonathan Brandis
apparent suicide still pending further tests. 11-12-03 Child actor in several 80's TV shows and Stephen King's IT
Submitted by: dusty
Jon Belushi
March 5,1982 died of ingesting a speedball which is a combination of cocaine and heroin.
Submitted by: Ryan Moody
Jr. Gibson
In 1987 they died in a caraccident
Submitted by: tiffany whisner
Judith Barsi
Father shot her in the head and burned her body along with her mothers
Submitted by: darrin hazelwood
Julian Beck
Kane from the second Poltergeist movie has also died.
Karen Carpenter
Suffered a heart attack in 1983 after more than a decade of anorexia nervosa (self starvation); her doctors' putting the weight back on as treatment stressed her heart.
Submitted by: Robin Fletcher
Keith Harring
Died in 1990 of AIDS.
Keith Whitley
Alcohol Poisoning
Submitted by: Em
Kenny MacLean
MacLean was found dead on November 24, 2008 of a heart related problem. At the time of his death, he was putting the finishing touches on his third solo CD, which is expected to be released in early 2009.
Submitted by: Heidi Richling
kevin debrow
found dead in apt
Submitted by: darren
Kevin Scott MacMichael
A member of the popular band Cutting Crew, he died of cancer on New Year's Eve of 2002.
Submitted by: Michelle
Kim Walker
brain tumor, 2001
Submitted by: Aideen Hurst
Kirsty Mccall
killed at the end of 1999 whilst on holiday with her family. she was hit by a boat
Submitted by: Jennie
Laura Branigan
"Laura Branigan, the Grammy-nominated singer who shot to fame with her 1982 anthem "Gloria," died of a brain aneurysm Thursday, August 26, at her home in East Quogue, New York. She was 47." written by Joss Grossberg of 'E! Online' News
Submitted by: Sharon McCall
Laura Branigan
August 25, 2004. She died in her sleep of a brain aneurysm.
Submitted by: maatnofret
Laura Branigan
Died of brain aneurysm on Aug. 26th,2004. She was 47 years old. Singer with the songs "Gloria", "Solitaire", and "Self-Control".
Submitted by: Matt Jicha
Lead singer of Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Heard he died of AIDS
Submitted by: anellagrey
Lux Interior
Died of aortic dissection on February 4, 2009.
Submitted by: Rocky
Marc Hunter
Throat cancer
Submitted by: Paul
martin ruane (giant haystacks)
He died of cancer on Sunday November 29th, 1998 at the age of 51.
Submitted by: martin jones
Marvin Gaye
Marvin was not killed in his sleep, as stated by someone on this site. He was killed by his father, on April 1, 1984, during an argument.
Submitted by: Cindy
Marvin Gaye
Shot by his father in his sleep.
Submitted by: Latonya Walker
Submitted by: Jackie
McKinley Mitchell
Blues Singer In The 1960's & 1970's & Mid-80's Dide Of Heart-Attack
Submitted by: Justan T. Adams
Melanie Appleby
Melanie Susan Appleby (11 July 1966 â€" 18 January 1990) was one half of the 1980s English pop duo Mel and Kim. She died in Westminster, London,[1] of pneumonia following treatment for metastatic paraganglioma on 18 January 1990. Appleby was first diagnosed with cancer in December 1985, prior to the success of Mel & Kim, when she had an operation to remove a large tumour on her liver. The cancer returned to her spine in mid 1987.
Submitted by: martin jones
Mel Appleby
With sister Kim she was part of UK duo Mel & Kim. Died of leukemia, can't remember when..
Mel Torme
Taken by stroke complications in June of 1999.
Submitted by: C.T. Warren
Merrick Buttrick
Died of brain cancer due to the AIDS virus in 1989.
Submitted by: John Phillips Screwdriver
Michael Bennett
Died of AIDS-related lymphoma on July 2, 1987.
Submitted by: Dancer
Michael Crichton
Died of throat cancer on November 4, 2008.
Submitted by: Author
Michael Hutchence
Lead singer of INXS The lead singer of one of the best groups to come out of the 80s, apparently a suicide, right before their 20th annivesary tour.
Michael Jackson
Cardiac Arrest at age 50 on 6-25-09
Submitted by: Zach Mueller
michael Jackson
cardiac arrest died at 50 yrs. old june 2009
Submitted by: sam
Michael Schoeffling's career
The guy who played Jake in Sixteen Candles and was Winona Ryder's object of affection in Mermaids. He only made two or three movies after Sixteen Candles. Now he's a carpenter in Pennsylvania.
Submitted by: anellagrey
Nell Carter - "Gimme a Break!"
January 2003 Singer and actress Nell Carter, who became famous as the motherly housekeeper on the TV show "Gimme a Break!" in the 1980s, died naturally with heart disease and diabetes likely contributing factors, the coroner's office said. Carter, who suffered from diabetes and had surgery for two brain aneurysms in 1992, died unexpectedly Jan. 23, 2003 at age 54 after collapsing in her Beverly Hills home.
Submitted by: MaryEllen Moody
Nell Carter
on 1-23-2003 actress in best known on TV on sitcom Gimme a Break from probable effect of diabetes
Submitted by: dusty
Nick Van Eede
Singer/guitarist of British band Cutting Crew Nick Van Eede died in 2002 after battling with cancer for several months.
Submitted by: JérÃ'me
Norman Fell
Mr Roper died of cancer in 1999
Submitted by: Celeste
Norman Fell
Played Mr. Rooper on Three's Company, he died December 1998.
Onno Tunc
Drove his own plane into a mountain after the love of his life broke up with him.
Submitted by: Muzo
Patrice Rohmer
I have never been able to find out wheather Patrice Rohmer died of drug overdose - I got her autograph upon the late date part of 1989 - never been able to verify it or not ... could use anyone's help. I collect autographs 0f sports and movie/TV celebrities. Let hear from you at: Thanks, Roger e-mail:
Submitted by: Roger Dean
Submitted by: Jackie
Patrick Swayze
Pancreatic Cancer (fairly sure)
Submitted by: unlike_me
Patty Donahue
Lead singer of The Waitresses, died of lung cancer 12/9/96 at age 40.
Submitted by: quithappy
Paul Shenar
Died: October 11, 1989 of Aids, in West Hollywood.
Submitted by: Hilary Smith
Paul Young
Paul Young died of a heart attack at the age of 53 on 15 July 2000.
Submitted by: zhulin
Peter Jackson (rugby league star)
Peter Jackson, who played several Tests for Australia, died in 1997 of a drug overdose.
Submitted by: zhulin
Phil Hartman
Hartman was shot to death by his wife on May 28th, 1998. She was not his ex-wife as someone else reported.
Submitted by: Laura
Phil Hartman
Shot to death by his ex-wife in a murder-suicide in 1998.
Submitted by: Guest
phil lynott
complications from heroin use
Submitted by: tiny
Phil Tooley
Member of cult duo 'Private Show' - founded in 1985, died in car accident in June 1986
Submitted by: Ross Jenkins
Phylis Hyman
Apparent suicide
Submitted by: Yaminah Turner
Pope John Paul II
The longest serving Pope in Vatican history. He was Pope from 1978 until his death in 2005.
Submitted by: Indy
Princess Diana
Car accident, 1997
Randy Rhoads
March 19, 1982 After touring, the Ozzy band took a break and Randy and a stoned pilot and a hair dresser took a plane up, and pretended to dive bomb the bus. The plane hit the bus and a tree before crashing into a house.
Submitted by: Charles
Ray Combes
Hung himself in a psychiatric ward of a hospital in June, 1996.
Submitted by: Indy
Rebecca Schaeffer
Shot to death by a crazed fan on July 18, 1989.
Submitted by: Her
Richard Mulligan
Died of colon cancer in 2000.
Submitted by: Indy
Richard Mulligan
November 13, 1932 - September 26, 2000 (Colon cancer) Empty Nest Star as Dr. Harry Weston
Submitted by: Stephanie Jacobs
Submitted by: BYRON BENGUCHE
Rick McGraw Professional Wrestler
Died 11/1/1985 due to heart ailment - aka "Quickdraw" Rick McGraw
Submitted by: Gail Russell
River Phoenix
Actor, died in 1993 of drug overdose.
Robert Mapplethorpe
Died of AIDS in 1989.
Submitted by: T-Bone
Robert Palmer - White Soul Singer
September 2003 Singer Robert Palmer has died of a heart attack in Paris aged 54. The British star is best known for his hits Addicted to Love, Some Guys Have All the Luck and Didn't Mean to Turn You On. He had been in the French capital on a two-day break with partner Mary Ambrose, after recording a TV appearance in the UK.
Submitted by: MaryEllen Moody
Robert Palmer
On September 25th, 2003, Robert Palmer died of a heart attack while taking a break from television filming in Paris. He was 54 years old.
Submitted by: Larcen Tyler
Robert Palmer
The singer of such songs as "Addicted to Love" and "Simply Irresistible" died on September 26, 2003 of a heart attack in Paris. He was only 54 years old. :(
Submitted by: Patty
Robert Stack
Capt. Kramer from "Airplane!" and host of "Unsolved Mysteries", passed away after a heart attack in May 2003.
Submitted by: C.T. Warren
Robert Urich
Submitted by: Di
Rob Pilatus
"Singer"/Dancer in Milli Vanilli. Drug overdose.
Rodney Dangerfield
October 5, 2004 from complications due to heart surgery.
Submitted by: Todd Moore
Rodney Harvey
Tragically died on April 11th in 1998 from overdose at the age of 30 in the Barbazon Hotel, Los Angeles, California, in Room 222.
Submitted by: Tina
Rod Roddy
Died Oct.,27,2003 of colon cancer. Announcer on the show "Soap" and game shows Hit Man, Press Your Luck, and The Price is Right.
Submitted by: Matt Jicha
Ronald Regan
Actor in the 1940's and 1950's,President of The United States from 1981 to 1989. Died of pneumonia on June 5th,2004.
Submitted by: Matt Jicha
Ronnie Van Zant
Plane crash and he died on oct. 20,1977
Submitted by: Christina Jones
Roxie Roker
Died on 12/02/1995 of breast cancer the day after her grand-daughter Zoe Kravitz's birthday.
Submitted by: Celeste
Roy Orbison
December 6, 1988 (heart attack)
Submitted by: samuel gonzales
Roy Scheider
multiple myeloma died feb 10th 2008 little rock arkansas
Submitted by: william donaldson
Ryan White
A young Hemophliac AIDS Activist died on April 8th, 1990, which was three years in 2 days when he won the 9 month court battle to attend school in Russiaville, Indiana.
Submitted by: Elizabeth
Sam Kinison
Died in a car crash in 1992.
Scott Smith
Scott Smith, bass player for the popular arena rock group Loverboy, was declared lost at sea in a boating accident on 11/30/00. Details are sketchy. He was 45.
Submitted by: Woody
Selena Quintanilla
Her closest frind shot her!!
Submitted by: Caro
Selena Quintanilla
Was not shot by her closest friend as someone else reported. Selena was killed by the president of her fan club who she had also hired to run her boutiques, Yolanda Saldívar.
Submitted by: Laura
Shannon Hoon
Shannon Hoon, friend of Axl Rose & lead singer of Blind Melon was found dead of a heroin overdose in his camper van.
Submitted by: Michael A Hunter
Shirley Crabtree (big daddy)
Crabtree died of a stroke in December 1997 in Halifax General Hospital.
Submitted by: martin jones
Sid Vicious
Suicide by heroin overdose
Submitted by: Lisa Ellis
Skip Stephenson
Died of a heart attack in 1992.
Submitted by: Indy
Sorrell Booke
The actor who played "Boss Hogg" on The Dukes of Hazzard
Spalding Gray
Suicide by drowning.
Submitted by: Celeste
Stephen Bonner
:( Drowned on 4th march 1998
Submitted by: Cindy
Steve Clark
Steve Clark of Def Leppard died on January 8th, 1991, of compression of the brain stem due to drugs and alcohol.
Steve Gilpin
Singer Steve Gilpin of Mi-Sex died in a car accident in 1994.
Steve Howe
Was run over by his pick-up truck and died on April 26, 2006.
Submitted by: Baseball
Steve Shaw/ Eric Fairgate
He played eric fairgate on knots landing the soap opera from the 1980's that was a spin off from dallas. he was killed in a car accident before the show ended, not sure of the death date.
Submitted by: Rjohn
Steve Shaw/ Eric Fairgate
Steve shaw played eric fairgate on the soap knots landing was killed in a car accident in december 1991, not sure how he died on the show
Submitted by: Rjohn
Stevie Ray Vaughn
Helicopter crash in wisconsin 8-27-1990
Submitted by: Dusty
Stuart Adamson
Died in 2001, suffered from alcohol related depression, was found dead in Hawaii after disappearing from his house in Nashville. He was the lead singer and founder of the band "Big Country" who had hits with 'Look Away', 'Big Country', and 'wonderland'.
Submitted by: Nigel Swords
Stuart Adamson
Lead singer and guitarist of Big Country, he committed suicide in Hawaii on 16 December 2001.
Submitted by: zhulin
Stuart Adamson
Lead singer of the 80s rock group Big Country was found dead in a hotel roon in the Hawaii. His blood alcohol level was .279%.
Submitted by: Celeste
Stuart Adamson
Rock performer formally of the Skids, later formed the band Big Country, known for thier hit, "In a Big Country". Suffering from alcohol-related depression, he disappeared from his home in Nashville, to be found dead a few weeks later in a hotel in Hawaii. Suicide is the cause. He died in 2001.
Submitted by: Sarah Simister
Stuart Adamson
Stuart Adamson of Big Country. I think he died of a suicide in December 2001. The papers called it a "mysterious death."
Submitted by: Amy White
Stuart Adamson
Stuart Adamson, singer, guitarist and songwriter from the band Big Country hung himself in a hotel room in Hawaii on December 16 2001. He was 43 years old.
Submitted by: Richard Koppinger
Tammy Faye Messner
Former wife of fallen televangelist Jim Bakker, whose PTL/Heritage USA empire was ruined by a 1987 sex scandal, died after a long battle with cancer in 2007, only days after appearing on "Larry King Live".
Submitted by: Keith
Ted Knight
Died of complications due to colon cancer surgery on August 26, 1986.
Submitted by: Indy
Tim Richmond
Died of aids in 1989
Submitted by: Jim Johns
Tom Mees
ESPN anchor who drowned at his neighbor's home in 1996.
Submitted by: Indy
tom wolk - t bone
heart attck 28th 0f february
Submitted by: martin
Tony Thompson
Died on November 12, 2003 of kidney cancer.
Submitted by: Rocky
Tug McGraw
Died of brain cancer in January, 3004.
Submitted by: Sports
tupac shakiar
shotby some people
Submitted by: kimberly
Vincent Price
Actor, featured on Michael Jackson's "Thriller" died in 1993.
Walker Edmiston
Died of cancer on February 15, 2007
Submitted by: Celeste
Walter Cronkite
Died on July 17, 2009 at 92.
Submitted by: News
Walter Payton
football great died 11-1-1999 from a rare liver disease that caused liver cancer
Submitted by: Dusty
Wendy O'Williams
Suicide by a gunshot wound to her chest on April 8, 1998.
Submitted by: Celeste
Wendy Richard
Great Actress - Eastenders & Are You Being Served?Died 26th Feb 2009 - Cancer
Submitted by: Jackie
Wendy Wasserstein
Died of lymphoma on January 30, 2006.
Submitted by: Her
Wendy Williams
Lead singer for the Plasmatics shot herself.
Will Sampson
In Poltergeist 2, died in 1987 at age 52
Zelda Rubenstein
Played Tangina in all Three Poltergeist movies died of natural causes 1-27-2010.
Submitted by: Matt Jicha
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