Religion in the 80s

I have been asked about religious matters in the 80s a couple of times now. This is all I have come up with off the top of my head so far. I welcome any elaboration, additional info, etc. that you can think of. Let's try not to be opionated when sending in information and be objective as possible. It's the goal of this page to try and remain as neutral as possible on the subject since it does tend to be a touchy subject with people.

In 1987 Jim Bakker was caught in an affair with Jessica Hahn
The moral majority was a new Christian Right movement, which I believe has been replaced now by the Christian Coaliation... basically the same message, ban rock music, ban abortion, society is going to hell in a handbasket, etc. etc. They did succeed in enlisting Tippie Gore to help them with the pretty much mandatory now labeling of offensive lyrics... that was done through a group called the PMRC, Parents Music Resource Center.
The pope was shot in 1981
The Roman Catholic Church led the Filipino people in "People Power Revolution" to oust President Marcos in 1986.
Salman Rushdie in 1988 wrote the Satanic Verses, which challenged Islamic fundamentalists claim to a religion founded by an infailable prophet.... As a result Iranian leader Ayatollah Khomeini condemned Rushdie to death and promised heaven to anyone who was martyred in the attempt. He is still in hiding to this day, the bounty at one point was million dollars.
Scientology which had been around since the 50's became in vogue with the running of all the commercials for L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology books.. John Travolata and Kirstie Alley were two of the big names that became hooked up with those people... The founder of the religion, L. Ron Hubbard died in the 80s.
Shouldn't the whole Jimmy Swaggert mess be listed here too?
Shouldn't the whole Jimmy Swaggert mess be listed here too?
Sun Myung Moon "Moonies" married 4000 followers at once in Madison Square Garden in 1982
While I was only 14 yrs old when moving near here I had no idea of what had happened to PTL however, it was a great hangout for the teens.
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